I am an Amara. “ene Amara negne.”- By Yilma Bekele

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“Ich bin ein Berliner.” – “I am a Berliner” Those words were spoken by President John F. Kennedy on June 26, 1963 in West Berlin. He said that to show solidarity with the people of Berlin after the East Germans with the approval of the Soviet Union erected the Berlin Wall to prevent their captive citizens from fleeing to the west.

The passage I like the most is when he said “Two thousand years ago, the proudest boast was civis romanus sum ["I am a Roman citizen"]. Today, in the world of freedom, the proudest boast is “Ich bin ein Berliner!”… All free men, wherever they may live, are citizens of Berlin, and therefore, as a free man, I take pride in the words “Ich bin ein Berliner!”

Today it feels me with so much pride to say all Ethiopians where ever we live say in unison “ene Amara negene” Injustice against any of Ethiopia’s children is injustice to all of her children. We feel each other’s pain. When one Ethiopian is marginalized, when a single Ethiopian is put in harm’s way it is an affront to each one of us and we all suffer. It was none other than Martin Luther King Jr. who took injustice to heart when he declared “he who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it.”

Tell me my fellow Ethiopian. What do you see in the picture above? It is a picture of people huddled together. It must be night time, what are they doing outside in the cold? Why are they sad? There is no mistaking that they are our people. I can tell that Ethiopian face from a mile away. Look at that slender chiseled face, kind eyes and welcome demeanor. They are our sisters, brothers, mothers or fathers sitting on bare soil, with no chairs and it is difficult to tell whether it is outdoors or inside. There is no question they seem to be confused, tired, and sad. Notices the young girl on the left with barefoot and looking resigned and observe the father on top right holding his chin and just seeming to wonder about the dire situation. I want you to see the child on his mother’s lap looking sad and his mother looking straight at the photographer not for pity but seems to be saying ‘take a good look, don’t forget my ace!’ I cried because I am human, I hurt because I cannot be there to hold their hand, rub their shoulders and ‘whisper it is ok, I am here to help.’ Oh my God the pain is killing me; it is tearing my soul apart. Why is this happening to my people? Why am I witnessing this suffering?

They are not just numbers. They are not statistics we refer to from some paper. They are living, breathing human beings. There is no Ethiopia without them. A house cannot stand without a foundation and a country does not exist without people. The people you see above are Amaras from the region referred to as Beneshangul/Gumuzl Kilil in Western Ethiopian that were deported from their own land to places they don’t even know. They are the homeless Ethiopians. They are stateless people within a country called Ethiopia. They are the surplus Ethiopians. How does such calamity happen? Was there an invasion by a foreign forcer? Was there some kind of natural disaster? Was there a civil war?

No they are the victims of a policy carried out by a rogue regime gone wild. Their plight is a calculated and thought out policy put in place by the regime in power. They are the recipient of a plan drawn by Meles Zenawi and his friends to keep our country in perpetual conflict and destroy Ethiopia from within. This is not an isolated event or an opportunistic move on the spur of the moment. No this is a plan drawn over thirty years ago same as Adolf Hitler’s plan of what he called to as the ‘Final Solution’ to annihilate the Jewish people. This is Meles Zenawi, Sebhat Nega, Seyoum Mesfin, and Abbay Tshaye’s and company nefarious plan directed at a single ethnic group. The ‘Final Solution’ against the Amara people.

Fascist Mussolini in his own evil ways knew that he cannot conquer Ethiopia without partitioning us. Thus he divided our country into six units as follows: 1) Eritrea to include Tigrai – capital Asmara 2) Amhara to include Begemeder, Gojjam, Wello and northern Shoa – capital Gonder 3) Galla and Sidamo –capital Jimma 4) Addis Abeba 5) Harar 6) Somalia-capital Mogadishu. Meles Zenawi and his Woyane party went further and created what we today call nine Kilils. He called it Federalism but in actuality it was South Africa’s Apartheid system in East Africa.

Musoloni and the Italians were in charge of the six units they created. The white minority government in South Africa was the boss of all the Bantustans. In Ethiopia Meles Zenawi with his Tigrai ethnic based Woyane party ushered a new era of abuse, conflict, civil war and the beginning of the destruction of our ancient land.

All Tigray’s are not Woyane. On the other hand there is no reason to shy away from stating the obvious-most Tigrais are the beneficiary of the system set up by Woyane warlords. They are the number one Ethiopians standing heads high above all others. This is not hate. This is not a figment of my imagination. Nothing happens in Ethiopia without the knowledge and consent of the Woyane party. This is a very painful statement to write down but why hide from the truth.

It is also true that Woyane agents and provocateurs planted among us are posing as Amara/Oromo among others and making ugly and hateful statements directed at our brothers and sisters from Tigrai ethnic group. This is the Way Woyane operates and we are all familiar with that mentality. We should also be aware of the fact that Woyane has been systematically attacking Ethiopian history, Ethiopian heritage and the concept of being an Ethiopian in order to carry out their goal of setting us against each other. They have convinced a few gullible people, uneducated and lumpen individuals that our country is not worth saving and separation and going your own way is an option.

We should all try harder not to allow any kind of hateful speech; any put down of each other based on ethnicity and should at no time and place tolerate such ugly and backward behavior. It is commendable to be proud of one’s ethnicity and heritage but it is not a license to attack and degenerate someone from another group. We do not have choice what ethnic group to belong to when born, we are what we are. No one decide ahead to be white or black, to be Chinese or Indian, to be short of tall or be female or male. That is all in the hands of a higher authority. Ignorance and pettiness is what makes us stressed and lash out against those we are not familiar with.

Then some evil people like our Woyane warlords use our weakness to divide us, to be suspicious of each other and plant the seeds of hatred in our society. It is a struggle not to be taken by such propaganda that is intended to make us feel better even with an empty stomach. Let alone our old and poor backward country even the industrialized and educated countries have not been able to tackle this cancer in their body politic.

But we Ethiopians are resilient people. The fact of the matter is over twenty years of hate filled propaganda by Woyane has not been able to accomplish their goal of setting us against each other. Proof in point being during Woyanes deportation of our Eritrean citizens it was heartwarming to see our ordinary people crying and being distressed following the buses that was hauling our brethren, it was a display of true Ethiopian love to see the citizens of Gurafereda washing their hands of Shiferaw Shigute’s ugly deed and today we are sure that our citizens of Bena Shangul do not agree with this current nightmare visited on them by the new Woyane warlords in Arat Kilo.

Do you really think puppet Shiferaw Shigute of Southern Region, do you for a second believe puppet Ahmed Naser Ahmed Of Beneshangul/Gumuz Kilil will carry out such ugly deed without the approval and consent of Meles Zenawi then and Debretsion Gebremichael today? No sir, this kind activity is carried out with the direction of the highest body of the party that is run by Debretsion and company.

It does not do us any good to speculate why they are doing this criminal act. Why would a government declare war on its own people is a question history always tries to answer. It is nothing new. It has happened before we have witnessed it unfold all around us. Rwanda was yesterday, Bosnia is still fresh in our mind and Gurafereda and Beneshangul are close to our heart. No matter how you put it in Ethiopia under the leadership of the Woyane Tigrai based TPLF party our country is turning into hell on Earth. Our Gambellan citizens are uprooted from their ancestral land, Sidama citizens are hunted like wild animals and the Amaras are the favorite target of these disturbed and sick individuals in charge.

Of course we can fight their hatred based criminal act with more hate. I believe MLK Jr. said it better when he wrote ‘Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.’ I do not hate Woyane. I do not want to be like them. Again I will quote you MLK when he said “I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too much a burden to bear.” My heart aches when I think of the dead Meles Zenawi, I cringe when I see the picture of Bereket Semeone, Debretsion Gebremichael, Sebhat Nega or Abbay Tshaye’s. They must carry such a burden with them how do they ever sleep at night? How do they function among the company of people with such overwhelming evilness engulfing the depth of their soul?

We all have responsibilities in our daily life. We are fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, cousins, neighbors and workers interacting with other fellow human beings. Sometimes our duties and expectations from those around us is a source of stress and uneasiness. Fathers and mothers worry about the welfare of their family, children are under constant pressure to perform better and our work place puts up so much demand on us we are driven to the edge. It is all because we all want to be loved, needed and do better for those around us. The ultimate satisfaction is when a job done comes out perfect and those around us appreciate the effort. That is the reward that feeds the ego.

Our leaders do not seem to understand that. Given the chance to lead and make a better world for their fellow citizens that put so much trust and faith in them they callously throw away the opportunity to excel. They choose the path of hate, divide and rule and the road of destruction. Instead of sharing the bounty that comes from all working together and lift everybody higher they choose to hoard little crumbs for themselves and those around them. They play with words to fool themselves. They try to manipulate reality to fit their myopic vision. They think calling famine nutrition deficiency changes the pain, naming their terror squad internal security wipes the blood of their hands or doctoring the book balances the account for real. It is a sickness with no cure.

I wrote down I cried and felt broken heart when I saw the picture of my people from Beneshangul then I thought about it. Yes it is human to feel their pain but that is not the answer to our problem. I went back to MLK to see what he tells me about mending a broken heart. How did the great leader deal with such ugliness in the world. This is what he said “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” It is true my response should be what am I going to do about this situation that is keep me up all night?

I am going to be proactive. I will not sit down and observe and take this abuse silently. I am in the USA. I will do my best to discuss with my people so we can find a solution that is sustainable. I will write and talk every chance I get to develop a culture of inclusiveness based on equality, respect and justice. I will support all those forces that are struggling to overcome this force of darkness by any means necessary. I will strive harder to learn from this negative experience and turn it into a positive experience so we can together build a better and just society. I will organize my fellow exiles to contact their Senators, Representatives, locally elected officials so they can pressure the US government to stop coddling such a criminal enterprise masquerading as a government.

I am also heartened by political parties, civic organizations and groups that are currently working under harsh conditions in Ethiopia to gather information, proof and documents regarding the ethnic cleansing situation. I also believe upon getting our documents in order we could be able to do a citizen’s arrest of all the mentioned criminals when they show up outside the country. We can as victims of government atrocity hold these despicable individuals and hand them to our local police. Armed with our documents we have every right as human beings to ask that they be brought to justice since they are breaking international law which our country is signatory of. It is just but another arsenal in our fight against injustice. Finally since information is power I give my word of honor that I do my at most best to strengthen and make ESAT the most powerful media in my beautiful homeland. I ask my fellow Ethiopians to sit down and think hard because indifference has not brought us any amount of measurable respite from this from this never ending atrocity by a regime one wild.

  1. DWSA
    | #1

    Dear Yilma,

    I understand that how much you felt down of what is going in Ethiopia, when the people judged by the language they speak by denying their deserved worth and dignity. That is an agony for us. Information is power. Education, well-constructed social capital, undistorted history and identity, common understanding between the people, and economy are vital for all the thing we are consistently shouting. Ok, my question is how can u declare their (people in Ethiopia) worth, dignity, and freedom regained, while we are (including you in America) in the outside world, where speaking, working, organizing, etc are a human right which no one can touch? I mean the peoples in Ethiopia are constantly developing helplessness and becoming submissive for the government, because the job they are looking, the education they are getting, the information they are receiving, the skewed economy inclined to single tribe, and after all the socio-capital being constructed is something they don know which constantly indoctrinated by tplf. Where is your and mine place, then my dear? For me all the lost freedom, dignity, and worth will regained if and only if, we all go and help them economically sufficient to say the powerful ‘NO’. They will not be a parrot anymore. አሮጌ ቆርቆሮ ሳይሆን አዲስ ቆርቆሮ ሲነኩት እጅን የሚቆርጥ ሲሆኑ ብቻ ወያኔ ያከስማል፣ ወዳጄ! ስለዚህ…

  2. Sam
    | #2

    Yilma wrote “All Tigray’s are not Woyane. On the other hand there is no reason to shy away from stating the obvious- most Tigrays are the beneficiary of the system set up by Woyane warlords.” Wrong. “Most” Tigrays are not the beneficiary of the system. To believe that is to say Ethiopians are fighting not only against EPDRF, but also with “most” Tigrays. No sugar coating change this unfortunate statment. If we believe they are beneficiary of the system, we also must believe “most” Tigrays support the EPDRF regime. If they are beneficary why wish EPDRF to go? I, however, have a hard time believing that. Compare to other ethnicities the Tigrays support for the regime is noticably higher. Why is that? Because the majority of Tigrays those support the regime believe the opposition opposed the regime only because Tigrays run the political show. TPLF has worked hard this belief to be cemented among Tigrayns. It has worked. Why? TPLF had unexpected ally to soldify the hearsay. Is Yilma is one of those, unconciously perhasps, who aid the TPLF propaganda? You be the judge.

  3. Amhara
    | #3

    I am Amhara, too.

  4. yilma b
    | #4

    Dear Sam thank you for your response I will try to answer truthfully since we are not beating around the bush here. The TPLF as the name signify is a a party based on ethnicity as the main requirement to belong to. TPLF is the premier party in our country. As far as I am concerned EPDRF is just the creation of TPLF. The so called leaders of ANDM, OPDO, SNNP blah blah are nothing more than a camouflage for TPLF hegemony (remeber Tamrat Laine, Abate Kisho etc.) Even the leaders were recruited from prisoners of war during the fight against the Derg and the leaders were assigned minders or baby sitters to make sure they stayed in line. Since they assumed power the TPLF party has made sure all important sectors of the economy, military, security, judiciary and government organs are under the TPLF thus Tigreans. All you I have to point out is EFFORT, Banks, telecommunications, number of ranking generals, courts, foreign affairs, etc all under Tigrai ethnic group. I also believe the lions share of aid, taxes, and other benefits are allocated to the region. All tigreans benefit in some way or another. That does not mean they are free. Their rights is trampled upon, a lot are killed or exiled and they have been under the boot of the mafia gang for more than thirty years. At least they eat good and have better education and opportunity. When they migrate to the rest of the country they have psychological advantage and always get preferential treatment. I have no idea if they support TPLF or not since no one has given them a choice so in that they are like the rest of us. To say that they support the regime because they don’t trust the rest of us is a little difficult to argue. If someone don’t trust me based on perception i believe it is not my problem. The person has to work his mental state and line of thought himself. You can not accuse someone based on your own prejudice. I do not need hearsay or propaganda by illiterate Woyane to make up my mind. I look at hard facts and proof on the table. Please answer my questions and prove me wrong based on solid data not on Mamo Kilo story. Ethiopians are fighting against injustice perpetuated by a few people of Tigrai origin that hold absolute power.That does not mean there are no other criminals such as Bereket, Addisu, Shiferaw Shiguate, Workeneh, etc. but the boss is always TPLF make no mistake about that. The demise of TPLF is the liberation of our country. Thank you and hope this clears matters.

  5. Kumssa
    | #5

    Make no mistakes.Tiny TPLF is in power because a lot of Amharas,Oromos, Ogadens but Somalis and Wolitas support them to the hilt. The puppet master (TPLF) is ready to give what does not belong to him. Land grant, mining and trade licence with a sweet-heart deal to anybody. Why do you severely condemend TPLF.It is the Amharas largely from Wollo.Gonder and Gojjam who crawled into bed with Woyane. Why blame TPLF for what is going on in the country? You have no valid reason. Woyane is for the destraction of Ethiopia from day one- the country is bleeding slowely to death.The end result is we will become very soon like our sister country the former Democratic Republic of Somalia. Mind you, we are not the exception.

  6. Dawi
    | #6

    [[..Since they assumed power the TPLF party has made sure all important sectors of the economy, military, security, judiciary and government organs .. EFFORT, Banks, telecommunications, number of ranking generals, courts, foreign affairs, etc all under Tigrai ethnic group.…]]

    Didn’t Meles recruit & trained his replacement to be non-Tigrean?

    For those willing to see, his vision was to change the present make up of all “important organs”.

    The fact that the best eulogy at his funeral was made by Susan Rice a non-Ethiopian, not another Tigrean, the highest amount of contributions for his foundation is made by neighboring countries governments etc. to me is an indication Meles was a global intellect that belonged to all.

    The problem with Yelma’s analysis is it is based on zero sum game. In other words, the gain of one player is offset by the loss of another player, equaling the sum of zero. Why not come up with a solution than just hate mongering is the question.

    I remember Dr. Menga once suggested to make EFFORT a public company so that shares are sold to all therefore, the existing beneficiaries won’t lose, may even gain more value but, other investors will be part of the game.

    Such games where there can be multiple winners are called non-zero sum.

  7. Kumssa
    | #7

    Who is Susan Rice? A reduction of a reduction.Does she know an African -American what is good for Ethiopians social wellfare when in fact, she has played a nefarious role for the destraction of Zair, downplaying the annilation of Tutsi as a race not to mention Libya. I think Senator Macaine understands more the nunanced history and cultural tradations of that beloved country.

  8. yilma b
    | #8

    I agree with Ato Kumsa that there are a lot of ‘bands’ that collaborated with the TPLF mafia, unfortunately there will always weak individuals that will sell their soul for immediate satisfaction that is life but they are victims we don’t blame the victim we hold the ring master responsible. It doesn’t make their crime any less but it gives it context. I am afraid Ato Dawi is into his old game again. He drags foreigners to prove his guy right. I have no idea why idiot Susan Rice makes a statement regarding the death and destruction of my country, where in the world did she become an expert about the plight of our people. I promise not to exalt or praise Strom Thurmond, George wallace (look them up) if she does the same about Meles or Mengistu. As for the neighboring countries you have the best witnesses I agree. The saying ‘sega tera bilut tafia and ale’ comes to mind really you bringing Al Bashir indicted criminal, Museveni still clinging to power and Kagame another ethnic cleanser as your defense witness? His foundation is an attempt to make the little tyrant into a theoretician and innovator but that is not possible because if alive his theory which he had time to put into practice did not work what makes you think it is of any value now? Ato Dawi prove Meles by his deeds not what others say about him. What did he accomplish in twenty years of rule? Please do not go to the 12% growth because there is no independent body that says it is so. Of course the IMF and world bank but they are not independent since they enabled him and gave him the loans and grants. I mean independent body that has inspected the statistics, looked at the data and concluded. There is none. I will tell you what we see, we feel and touch. Ethiopians are migrating out of their country due to lack of opportunity, the country is being leased to Indians, Saudis, Egyptians to get cash for TPLF, there is ethnic cleansing inside the country due to Kilil system of apartheid set up by Meles and his friends. Zero sum don’t work here since the few Woyanes and are gaining all while the rest starves. EFFORT is public company’s taken over by TPLF. It is ours and we will take it back and more. Meles ‘recruited and trained’ you said how true he did same with Tamrat Layne, Abate Kisho, Aba Dula Gemeda, Addisu legese, Kuma Demeksa etc. look what they are doing to their people on behalf of Woyane. How come we did not recruit any of the leaders of Tigrai or TPLF? I dont see any other ethnic group in position of power in TPLF or Tigrai why is that my friend? What is that mine is ours but what is yours is yours alone? Leave Haile Mariam Desalegene out of this, he is just an innocent bystander totally confused and at the moment lost. He does not know what is going on around him he does not have the power or authority to affect anything around him and he can not even go to the bath room without authorization from Debretsion. Let him enjoy making fool of himself peacefully until they decide he has outlasted his service then he might find himself in Kality where he will find the lord and become a preacher. No more Mamo Kilo stories please.

  9. Mesfin
    | #9

    Dear Yilma,
    We knew you are “Amara”. JFK didn’t say “Ich bin ein Berliner” to brag about him being a Berliner – rather it was said in solidarity to the citizens of the city of Berlin and by extension Germany. I digress. Reading your article it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that your knowledge of Ethiopia and Ethiopians is based on your narrow mindset of being “Amara”. An “Ethiopian” with all what that word entails, would have known the words “Tigray, Tigrai and Tigrays” are not interchangeable. That’s a sure sign of a person with limited or narrow knowledge of all the ethnicities of our beloved country. Sir, the people of Tigray or Tigreans are proud Ethiopians however you try to slice and dice them. Every fight they fought, every battle they undertook, every principle they stood and the pride they carry with them are the fight, battle, principles and pride of all Ethiopians. They very well know they sink or swim with those outcomes like every other ethnicity in the country. They fight a good fight for this noble principle and never did or will they settle for less. The word “Woyane” and its spirit is what they carry as their slogan while they fight the good fight. So, Woyne is not a dirty word for them, as you would like to make it sound. Your insult comes from your lack of knowledge and some arrogance. A good “Woyane” knows the difference between Woyane and TPLF – unlike you. I am sick and tired of people like you who are paper tigers and backwards who write on behalf of the poor people of Ethiopia while living your life to the fullest in the comfort of what the western countries have to offer. I get pissed off when good people like the late PM are judged by your narrow views of ethnicity and backwardness. I get mad when you try to brush off a proud people as bunch of nationalists content to destroy the fabric of the very concept of nationalism and federalism they long fought to achieve. You can believe what you want to believe, but it will be a hard sell for you to invent your own set of facts. World Bank (IMF) or not, the real progress is felt by real citizens of Ethiopia. Because you chose to be blind – it doesn’t mean everybody else is blind. The progress my country is making is for real and you don’t have a nickel to contribute towards it. Quite to the contrary! History will register you and your clones as the ones who stood by while the good people of Ethiopia fought the fight for better tomorrow while you bet against them. How many people do you have to insult before you come to your senses and realize that the country is on the path of no return for business as usual. Wake up and be counted. The genius of Meles is not yet told fully. The brevity and sacrifice of the Tigray people is not told yet. The reason you keep this tired list of Tigre here Tigre there is because you know exactly what that it entails. Your problem, I suspect, is not that generals who happen to be from Tigray rather those very generals stand for something and understand what their oath requires of them to lead the military. They are strong and very principled that’s almost impossible for you to shake them. Deep down you wish they were like the ones we witnessed during the king’s time or Mengistu’s regime. I can go on and explain all the individuals whom you are trying to demean, but that will be a waste of time. I will discuss them when you start to judge those people by the content of their work rather than by their place of birth. Then, and only then, you will do justice to the person you seem to quote at every turn – MLK.

  10. Dawi
    | #10

    […I am afraid Ato Dawi is into his old game again. He drags foreigners to prove his guy right…]]

    For starters don’t forget you started the article by a “drag” of a foreigner, JFK with some German phrase. What do you call that? :-)

    [[..I have no idea why idiot Susan Rice makes a statement regarding the death and destruction of my country…..…]]

    You call Dr. Susan names because her remark at Meles’s funeral contradicts your that says “..same as Adolf Hitler’s plan of what he called to as the ‘Final Solution’ to annihilate the Jewish people. This is Meles Zenawi…. The ‘Final Solution’ against the Amara people…”

    You know damn well that one person or a small clique is widely acceptable means or methods used to solve problems & emergencies in modern societies. The crisis Ethiopia faced and is facing now is the same thing. Meles taking the responsibility as an “authoritarian” and making development possible by taking swift and efficient decisions in fighting POVERTY is to the benefit of Ethiopian masses.

    You by denying our crises and not coming up with an alternative solutions but resorting to Ad Hitlerism and dismissing all the achievement of Ethiopia, recognized by world bodies as bogus is way out of line if you ask me.

    On the question of political freedoms, Meles considered it to be desirable for its own merits but, it is not part of the concept of development. It even have the potential to undermine sustainable development by bringing improper incentives specially in a country like ours with low level of development where “political liberties” can’t be used the correct way because of the many “political demagogues” actively becoming detractors from the people fighting the real enemy [poverty] and coming up with hundred’s of ideas or parties. We have seen what such phenomena did to Yugoslavia, USSR and other countries. So don’t be a dmagogue and a detractor is what I ask.

  11. ene Amara negne
    | #11

    What is happening to Amharas, Gambelans, Oromos, Ethiopian Muslimss and the rest of our fellow Ethiopians in Ethiopia is inexcusable and Heart wrenching, to say the least. I am one of over 80 millions Ethiopians who believe that God is the one who removed the hate-filled racist, master manipulator and the mass-murderer dictator Meles and that fat fake patriarch in just a few weeks of sickness. We must pray everyday so that God delivers the same fate to the Evil doers. I am not one of those religious fanatics, but I try to pray and read a Bible verse every morning on line. Today’s verse reminded me of the ruthless TPLF.

    — Ephesians 6:10-18 —

    Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand. Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in place, and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace. In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one. Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.
    And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people.

    In the Christian life we battle against Satan and his rulers and authorities (the powerful evil forces of fallen angels headed by Satan, who is a vicious fighter – 1 Peter 5:8). They are not “flesh and blood” but they are demons over whom Satan has control. They are not mere fantasies — they are very real. We face a powerful army whose goal is to defeat Christ’s church. When we believe in Christ, these beings become our enemies, and they try every device to turn us away from him and back to sin. Although we are assured of victory, we must engage in the struggle until Christ returns, because Satan is constantly battling against all who are on the Lord’s side. We need supernatural power to defeat Satan, and God has provided this by giving us his Holy Spirit within us and his armor surrounding us. If you feel discouraged, remember Jesus’ words to Peter: “On this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it” (Matthew 16:18).

  12. Kasu
    | #12

    “Your problem, I suspect, is not that generals who happen to be from Tigray”

    For you it isn’t a problem to have all generals come from Tigray. Hey, who would be mad at you if you feel that way for you have been raised by narrow ethnic ideology? Those generals are your brothers, cousins and relatives who had fought for supremacy of Tigreans over Ethiopia. For the majority of Ethiopians what you’ve got there is a Tigrai Republic in place of Ethiopia.

    “Those very generals stand for something and understand what their oath requires of them to lead the military. They are strong and very principled that’s almost impossible for you to shake them.” blab bla bla,

    Don’t flatter yourself with fantasy. If you really want to know who you are, I can recommend you to look back. Just look at the history of your people. From Yohannes to Meles your people have been disloyal to the nation by working for invaders and colonizers.

  13. Kumssa
    | #13

    I went to General Winget school, too and had a better grade than the “illusterious” leader of the TPLF, Legesse/Melese Zenawi. At least I should deserve a bronze bust in the city of Adowa for being fair, better looking,tall, sharp and always on my feet and with a good sense of humor if not a statue, for that matter. More importantly I do not have a cultural baggage nor a paralizing sense of inferiority complex unlike those narrow nationaliest who are running my country forcefully since May 1991. Emperor Menelik II, Haile Selassie nor Fitawrari Hapte Gerogis need a PR. I know a lot about Meles. Please I do not want to hear anymore about him

  14. ጉረኞች
    | #14

    Mesfin said”
    “We knew you are “Amara”.” ሞኝና ወረቀት የያዘውን አይለቅም አለ ያገሬ ሰው:: What will matter if Mesfin the Tigre knows Yilma the Amara? Mesfin, you have not change a bit even after you get a chance to mix with people. Hate was what the midget dictator Meles Zenawi has been indoctrinating the poor peasant militia. You are still singing the old song of hate against Amara. For most of us, it doesn’t matter if Yilma is an Amara or a Tigre foot soldier. He succinctly describe the corruption and incompetency of woynae, that is what matters!!

  15. “ene Amara negne”
    | #15

    As the saying goes: “fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me”. After over 25 years, Ethiopians are well aware that it’s the few Meles’s trained killer soulless TPLF dogs that fooled Ethiopians with a fake olive-branch and now using the RACE-CARD blaming Ethiopians of hating their patriotic Tigrean brothers and sisters. It’s the late brutal bloodsucker Meles and his staunch TPLF followers that have slaughtered the patriotic Tigrean brothers and sisters who believed in Ethiopiwinet. It’s obvious, this is the TPLF mafia desperate tactics to find support from peaceful Tigreans. I hope, the patriotic Ethiopians from Tigrea province don’t fall for this scheme and be used as scapegoats by the TPLF courier criminals that have the blood of hundreds of thousands innocent Ethiopians. TPLF will never be able to hide their crimes against humanity not only in Ethiopia, also in Somalia. The Ethiopian Hitler Meles and his trained TPLF Nazi killer dogs have shown their deep rooted hate towards Ethiopia and Ethiopians by selling Ethiopia’s fertile land, looting the country, incarcerating, torturing and massacring hundreds of thousands innocent Ethiopians. The dead tyrant Meles and TPLF are worse than foreign enemy. TPLF have brought misery and shame to all Ethiopians including to our patriotic Ethiopians from Tigrea. DO NOT BE FOOLED BY TPLF AND IMMERSE YOUR HANDS IN THE BLOOD OF HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS INNOCENT ETHIOPIANS.

  16. Gizachew
    | #16

    @ Mesfin

    Mr. so- called Mesfin is a Tigre Banda.
    That means he is an Askari.
    Woyanes were and are Italian Facist running dogs.
    When Facist Italians were defeated by the Ethiopian patriots in the eve of the second World war, the Woyanes were given all kinds of weapons by the Italians to destabilize the Ethiopian government. Thus Woyane means an Italian Askari.

    Since when are the Tigrees “proud Ethiopians” ?
    The majority of Tigreans never ever were and are for Ethiopia. They are very parocial puppets. That is it. TPLF is a stooge.

    Aboyi Mesfin! you better stop your animosity towards the Ethiopian people in general and to the Amhara people in particular. Otherwise your days are counted.We will bury TPLF and all traitors by any means necessary.
    For sure Ethiopia wil Preveil!
    Once the the great Amhara people start total mobilization TPLF will melt down like a mornig frost. The time is not far. It will be beginning of the end of TPLF tugs.
    All Askaris shall perish.
    Mesifin is a Tigre surrogate.
    He will be dealt with.
    Death to Woyane TPLF!!!
    Viva Ethiopia!!!!
    Viva the Amhara people!!

    Aluta Contunuwa!!!!!!!!!!!

    The Black lione of Ethiopia.

  17. We are Amarawian
    | #17

    @ Mesfin

    Since 50 years, the EPLF and TPLF have killed and uprooted the Amhara people from all over Ethiopia including Eritrea. For us (Amarawian) it is a payback time. Wherever you meet this mercenary group Tigre, remove them from your surroundings. The Tigres are lairs and chriminals. Never trust the Tigres.

    The best solution for Ethiopia is to remove the Weyane-Tigres with their ideology and send back to Mekelle where they come from.

    Ethiopia without Eritrea and Tigre is the only and best solution economically and politically!

    God save Amhara and Ethiopia.

  18. Aboneh
    | #18

    Kasu, your comment comes from your lack of understanding what the role a military is. Instead of insulting Mesfin you should have responded to his valid points. This is what uninformed person does. Let’s stipulate all the generals are Tigre. And let’s further assume all Tigres are Ethiopians – in my dictionary they all are. Now, what is the point of you arguing a military is led by Ethiopians who happen to hail – for historical reasons – from one part of the country. Do you think Ethiopia is in any danger of being invaded by foreign forces because of weak military led by those generals? Do you also believe all the experts who say the Ethiopian army is among the most disciplined, most qualified and strong army in Africa if not the world to be false? If it wasn’t for the most talented and principled army the continent have ever seen, Somalia still will be in disarray, Rwanda will still raged with killings and genocide, Sudan will be a war zone, and yes, Mengistu will be killing innocent people left and right. So, please be specific and say what ails you exactly. The Ethiopian army is a force to reckon with not only because of its strength, rather its unique nature of the people from the people hierarchy. If precedent is any lesson, we saw what happen to those generals which adhere more loyalty to their place of birth or ethnicity rather than their oath. Does it ring a bell? That is why your diatribe does not mince words about the incompetence of those military (TIGRE) officials. Because there is none. It’s just sad you still choose, voluntarily, to exist in the darkness of human backwardness. So, as to me, I sleep well knowing that my country is safe and will remain safe because of those gallant generals I called brave Ethiopians! Leave with that! As an assignment for you – please try to find out how many generals are from the State Maine in the US Army? HInt – the answer is: Who cares!

  19. Ene Amhara negne
    | #19

    Woyanes who are ruling the country with iron fist and live life to the fullest with plenty of food and expensive wines, stolen money, multimillion dollar homes, etc. go around the world and on all Ethiopian websites 24/7 to hide and deny their crimes. IN THE LAST TWO DECADES ALONE, TPLF HAVE PROVEN THEMSELVES TO BE RACIST, HEARTLESS AND REMORSELESS LOOTERS AND KILLERS. WOYANES DO NOT CARE THAT MILLIONS OF ETHIOPIANS LIVE IN FEAR, CHASED OUT OF THEIR HOMES, HAVE LOST THEIR JOBS AND BUSINESSES, LOCKED UP, TORTURED AND KILLED.
    “Sociopaths have no heart, no conscience and no remorse. They will lie, cheat and steal from you and then tell everyone that it is all your
    The courier criminal and looter woyanes are a classic case of sociopaths.

  20. A democracy money can buy
    | #20

    Mesfin#9 said:
    “…I get pissed off when good people like the late PM are judged by your narrow views of ethnicity and backwardness…”

    “…The genius of Meles is not yet told fully…”

    “…Deep down you wish they were like the ones we witnessed during the king’s time or Mengistu’s regime. I can go on and explain all the individuals whom you are trying to demean, but that will be a waste of time. I will discuss them when you start to judge those people by the content of their work rather than by their place of birth…”
    Wow! It’s incredible how people like Mesfin view the late brutal dictator Meles and TPLF. Mesfin completely disregard the endless crimes of dictator Meles and TPLF mafia and accuse Ethiopians of hating Meles of his ethnicity, really Mesfin? You’re really out of your mind and lack of judgement. Ethiopians don’t have any quarrels with their Tigrean brothers and sisters. FYI: Dictator Meles would have been the beloved son of Ethiopia if had loved the people and the country, but unfortunately, he was found to be a subhuman that was full of hate and rage and much, much worse than the other bloodsucker dictator Mengestu. Every Ethiopian including myself hated/hate Meles for his character flows of being a coldblooded killer, a racist, a brutal, heartless, and a merciless killer, etc.
    In the minds of Mesfin and the likes, there is nothing wrong governing 90 million Ethiopians by only one small ethnic mafia group without freedom of any kind…. Selling the country’s fertile land to foreigners… Locking up 70 t0 80 thousand law abiding Ethiopians like Eskinder Nega, Aryot and the likes… Slaughtering over 400 Gambelans… Gunning down over 200 innocent young men and women in the streets of Addis… Selling tens of thousands women to be enslaved in Arab countries without representatives… Looting the country blind…etc.
    Mesfin, if you think ruling 90 million Ethiopians with iron fist and without freedom, is Democracy, I hate to see and hear what you think of Dictatorship. Ethiopians only ask for real Democracy where the Human Rights of all Ethiopians from every ethnic groups are respected, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of the press, Freedom of religions and where the freedom to organize peacefully is allowed. Mesfin, I’m afraid you’re badly and totally misinformed, probably intentionally to prove your flowed points.

  21. ene Ethiopiawi negne
    | #21

    Gizachew#16 and We are Amarawian#17,
    You two must be instigators from Eritrea. Peace loving Ethiopians do not generalized and hate their patriotic Tigrean brothers and sisters. Stop insulting the entire generation of the Tigrea people. The problems of Ethiopia is the undisciplined courier TPLF criminals who have also killed their own Tigrean brothers and sisters.

  22. Kasu
    | #22

    Mesfin, Aboneh or whoever you call yourself next,

    You said, “Let’s stipulate all the generals are Tigre. And let’s further assume all Tigres are Ethiopians – in my dictionary they all are. Now, what is the point of you arguing a military is led by Ethiopians who happen to hail – for historical reasons – from one part of the country.”

    Your pathetic argument based of invalid premises cannot convince anybody except your likes. You want us to believe it is all good “to have all generals to be Tigreans because Tigreans are Ethiopians.” What a hypocrite. What about the other ethinics? Are they not Ethiopians enough to lead the army like the Tigreans? That biased thinking precisely shows how manipulative you people are. Didn’t you allege and fought the Menilik, Haileselassie, and Dege as Amhara governments? Shall I quote Zenawi’s description of TPLF’s vision to end “Amhara domination” on his interview with Paul Hanz? What do you think we are?

    “Do you think Ethiopia is in any danger of being invaded by foreign forces because of weak military led by those generals?”
    No sir. She has already been invaded since 1991.

    “So, please be specific and say what ails you exactly.” Well, we’ve said it time and again. You are just not getting it. It is the apartheid system you’ve got in Ethiopia that sickens everybody.

    “That is why your diatribe does not mince words about the incompetence of those military (TIGRE) officials.” We sure did saw their competency in killing innocent children on head point blank during the 2005 election.

    “It’s just sad you still choose, voluntarily, to exist in the darkness of human backwardness.” This kind of my way or the high way thinking doesn’t work here. Take it to Aigawoods where your cohorts feel entitled to harass anybody that doesn’t agree with their retard thinking.

    “please try to find out how many generals are from the State Maine in the US Army?” Now, you want to play ETV. How on earth would you want to compare a democratic state to that of most backward apartheid government? “GDP is growing 14%, Ethiopia has become a #1 economically growing country in the World, nation and nationalities are fairly represented but we’ve made all generals to be only Tegreans and that is OK b/c they are Ethiopians….” All these is BS. Just because you forcefully controlled state power and hold the nation hostage that won’t make you legitimate. Advice: think about your audience before making this sort of fallacy argument. Try to give reasons that will be appealing to most people.

  23. Belay
    | #23


    The act of amassing the military brass under the leadership of people from a minority ethnic group has been tried once under the South Africal Aparthied system. We know what the result was. Ethiopia is now the second country although not officially declared as that of South Africa. The TPLF had secretly organized all the financial, transport, military and public offices under the leadership of Tigreans from Tigray. There is no argument about the net effect of the action. They do not even want others to know about it. because it generates anger. The white South Africans that ruled under Apartheid were South Africans. That did not give them the carta blanche to secure all the poower centers to themselves. The justfication that they are Ethiopians is sick to the core, for if they were, they would have thought about doing the right thing. Mengistu was not a narrow ethnicist. To him all were equal and treated equally for good or bad. The tigreans waged a war of independence from the central government and he had to defend the country against the cessationists. I have a wake up call for you. I am not a Mengistu supporter, but his was far more reperentative government than your lie filled Federal government. The facts are stuck against you guys.

  24. Kasu
    | #24

    May I ask why my reply to Aboneh not posted?

  25. Alemayehu
    | #25

    Aboneh : Let’s stipulate all the generals are Tigre. And let’s further assume all Tigres are Ethiopians – in my dictionary they all are. Now, what is the point of you arguing a military is led by Ethiopians

    A colonizing army is lead by the colonizer people.
    A colonized people do not lead the army that is colonizing it.
    Since all generals in Ethiopia are Tigreans, then the other ethnics are not leaders in the army.
    Thus, it is safe to say that Tigreans are colonizing the rest of the people in Ethiopia.

  26. Sebagadis
    | #26


    Your old trick to divide among the Amharas does not hold water. There is no any evidence to support your assertion

    ” It is the Amharas largely from Wollo.Gonder and Gojam who crawled into bed with Woyane.It is obvious what you are trying to convey is that “Bereket Simon, and Helawi to be taken as represenatives of Amharas. In fact, all the ethnic based EPRDF members are handpicked and EMBEDED by TPLF. To the question you raised,

    “Why blame TPLF for what is going on in the country”?
    It is because TPLF created those teletafi organizations after her own image for the sole purpose of prolonging her grip upon the population. Get this fact together the Amharas have never been never will be divided on the issue of who TPLF is. So you are wasting your time in here.nn

  27. አለነ
    | #27

    ይገርማል ይደንቃል;; አማራ ማለት እንዲህ ነው ለካ በጣም አፈርኩባችህ::

  28. kentu
    | #28

    I am very sory to say that I adm reay about situation wright now I am changing my baby diaper but to tell you truth we are leaving in a ilosion world . still we need a lot vto work by know there is no freedom with out sacrifice not drinking in straback talking about weyane go to jangle and fight for good

  29. Kasu
    | #29

    Ok. I got it. You don’t want to post my reply to the Woyane Mesfin/Aboneh. If you are woyane; good job- you decieved me and many others; If you are not woyane, I say you better wake up. You’ve got to give us the freedom to speak. Woyanes have many media to post their anti-Amhara propoganda. They have aigaforum, tigraionline, etv, and now abugidainfo.

  30. umdda
    | #30

    Yes, indeed! Dead or alive, Meles Zenawi shall definitely stand trial and face the justice for the despicable crimes that he committed and the sins that he made. The fugitive robber, known by the name Legesse, name at birth was on the run for years; one fateful day, death cornered him against the sins that he made and the crimes that he committed and now is in eternal sleep off khat and alcohol.

    Nothing but son of a Banda, Legesse was born to the most disgusting and disrespected family in one unfortunate time in between dusk and dawn and was not given a meaningful name until he became 11.This banda hates Ethiopians, but admired Fascist Italians for the crimes that they committed while attempting to colonise Ethiopia. Most of his distant relatives gave themselves as a gift to Italian Masters by throwing themselves down into their dark grave seven feet below the dead Italian Masters graves either to live in hell or to die along with their masters.

    Zenawi suffered years of emptiness floating around in thin air just like directionless a kite due to identity crisis and went to his grave with this chronic and stubborn disease to not to come back to the land he entered with disguising identity.

    In 1991,the robbers came into Ethiopia with a lot of guns and bullets to loot and murder Ethiopians and were fully supported by Ethiopia’s natural and historical enemies. They did not waste time; they dispatched themselves across and all over the land that they invaded and moved into towns, villages, cities, and neighbourhoods broke into homes and vandalized the lives of families. All robbers were born to Banda and Askari families. The fate of the living-dead robbers is for sure going to be worse than Meles Zenawi, and it going to be much uglier than the fate of the dead robber, Zenawi.

    The criminal robber, Zenawi, if thinks through the devil’s brain and is immune to standing trial, he is fooling his own dead soul; well, dead or alive, Zenawi will stand trial and face the justice.

  31. Dawi
    | #31

    [[…I hate to see and hear what you think of Dictatorship. Ethiopians only ask for real Democracy..]]

    Let me tell you what Dawi thinks,,,,:)

    There was a study that surveyed about 100 countries and it concluded among poor countries, an authoritarian political system increases the rate of economic development while “democratic” political system appears to be a luxury that hinders development.

    Meles played the “authoritarian” as an expert in developmental state theory to bring rapid economic development. Having known that most “Dictatorships” have the incentive to achieve inter group equality to avoid the people from rising up against them, his grand vision included “group equality” in Ethiopia. So let us not waste our breath talking if Meles favors one ethnic group.

    Those of us who praise Meles’s vision and the visionary himself when he was alive are aware of the draw backs of the “horses” he came to power with; an army mostly lead by Tigreans with a core TPLF in center. What is to be done then? As the saying goes, “you can’t change a horse in the middle of a race”; but you work on preparing for the next one. That he did his best. For starters he recruited the brightest among EPRDF as a leader to replace him. So talking of Meles’s starting point “draw backs” ad nauseam will not take us anywhere.

    If Yelma and others read his writings, listened to his many speeches, his vision included to make the Army and everything else to reflect the nation. Here, I can incorporate references of videos & other material that shows Meles clearly stating his vision on this subject except to do so would be redundant to the forum.

  32. Waldiba
    | #32

    I expect this from TPLF, but Why in the world SOME of the non-TPLF evangelical Ethiopians are trilled on the mistreatment of Ethiopian Orthodox and Muslim Ethiopians at the hands of TPLF? May be I missed the Bible verse, where is it written in the Holy Bible that it is okay to rejoice and cheer when innocent people are being tortured and killed? which part of the Bible teach us to be insensitive, inhumane, to be cruel and cause harm on innocent people? I heard some of them blaming the Ethiopian monks for holding the country backwards. There is no question about it, denying people to worship and causing them harm is a work of Satan, not God. Don’t these people know that the source of Love and Compassion is God, and the source of Racism and Hate is Satan? What is happening to Amharas, Gambelans, Ethiopian Monks in Waldiba, to Ethiopian Muslims and in other parts of Ethiopia is based on satanic pure hate and racism. One cannot hold the Bible on one hand and hate on the other. Let us be Godly and Stand and speak for the voiceless and defenseless among us. Many thanks to Ato Yilma Bekele and the likes, God bless you all.

  33. aha!
    | #33

    I am in total agreement with your portrayal of the TPLF/eprdf regime of ex liberation fronts which drafted the constitution with ideologies of ethnic federalism, secessionism and totaliarinism built into it in the likes of the Italian partitioning of Ethiopia to nine ethnic federalism “(ethnic homelands the killil)”, as divide and rule policy similar to the Italian and the South African policy of the Dutch Boers. Unlike South Africa, where the Apartheid System was built on the existing defined boundaries, the partitioning of land in Ethiopia was redrawn by the external Italian invaders, the god father of internal invaders to take over the central government with pretext of their struggle against the oppression of nations and nationalities by the colonialist Ethiopian regimes by drafting a constitution that denies individual right ahead of ethnic and secessionist rights, Ethiopian Nationalism, territorial integrity and sovereignty as well as drafting laws in its non-independent parliamentary, and jurisdiction in its non-independent Judiciary, under the TPLF Politbuerro. And is constitution is supported by then opposition parties some of which are signatory to the constitution like Professor Beyene Petros.

    Your appeal to our senses is excellent and I commend it, but a radcal change of attitude need take place with the individuals with party alignment with ethnic agenda to think in terms of Ethiopiawinet first and their ethnicity second with due respect to ones citizenship of Ethiopia, ratify the constitution with individual rights to pre cede ethnic and secessionist rights, revert to old provincial boundaries of 14 with assorted ethnicities in preference to “ethnic homelands-the killil”(ethnic federalism to State federalism, each with its own constitution) by virtue of which there is no land of arbitrarily defined boundary to secede from as well as having alignment of parties with the national agenda rather than ethnic agenda focusing on “yekil mengistat ikkulent mebit mekeber and seeking for political of political space, power sharing with the TPLF/eprdf regime, while maintaining ethnic federalism, secessionism and totaliarinism does not help to create a democratic government of the people by the people and for the people with independent branches of government, where the government rules by the consent of the governed.

  34. Dawi
    | #34


    [[.. Mengistu regime prepared for a further reorganization of regional administration. ...twenty-five administrative regions and five autonomous regions were created ...The autonomous regions consisted of Eritrea (broken further into three subregions in the north, west, and south), Aseb, Tigray, Dire Dawa, and Ogaden. ...regional planning bodies, would have been eliminated and replaced with new planning agencies in the various regions. ......initially endorsed to pursue a Soviet-style approach to the nationalities problem. ...the regime was trying to organize regional administration along ethnic lines....]]

    Mengistu regime tried to organize regional administration along ethnic lines as well. Woyane increased the autonomous regions from 5 to 9 and decreased the administrative regions from 25 to 2.

    How fast we pursue the common purpose economic goals is what is going to strengthen the existing melting pot nation of Ethiopia.

    I don’t see by just going back to the old administration as you continue to insist in this forum has any advantage or value except the feeling of Deja vu.

  35. “ene Amara negne”
    | #35

    You just don’t get it. You only see your abandonment life. I have no doubt that, you know darn well that Ethiopians are being thrown in cold-cells, tortured and killed with no valid reasons as we speak. There is no Democracy without human rights, freedom of speech and press, period! Sensible people in their right mind who believe in the merciful and loving God/Allah do not think torturing and murdering people is democracy. Nothing is human about tyrant Meles. I hate to tell you the bad news, but your late father dictator Meles was indeed the Ethiopian Hitler. He was born with the head but not with a heart. He was filled with rage and hate. He was a master manipulator with no conscience. He was a brutal dictator that denied Ethiopians their God given rights and chosen to rule them WITH IRON FIST for 21 years. And now, sadly, his legacy continues by his trained TPLF cadres. He is the one who gave orders for law abiding Ethiopians to be locked up, tortured and thousands to be murdered. Leaving the country landlocked…, Chasing away and gunning down Ethiopians to Sell their land to foreigners to grow flowers is not Democracy, it is inhumane. Selling more than half a million Ethiopians to be slaves in Arab countries is not what sensible Ethiopians call Democracy. One murder is way too many, let alone the murder of countless number of innocent people. Looting, torturing and killing is the qualities of Lucifer, not the merciful loving God/Allah.

  36. umdda
    | #36

    But underneath the grave there is a devil resting in war between his soul and body; it is devil’s mere bone turned into tenuous dust, and inside from his grave is crying for more blood. During his ride, Meles Zenawi,death took him quick to his grave to never come back to the land that he filled with the blood of his victims that he swallowed them alive.

    Zenawi’s soul has been wounded and never will heal. Moment before his death,Zenawi got chocked on the blood of his victims and quickly plunged to his death deep into the bottom of hell that he is now in the inferno.

  37. Aboneh
    | #37

    @ Kasu and Belay

    Belay, you believe Mengistu was good for Ethiopia? Really! I hit a dead end with you just by that absurd claim. I don’t think it makes sense to engage with somebody who believes Mengistu was good for our country.
    Kasu, you need to chill a little, buddy. You seem to take yourself too seriously. That’s unhealthy. Did you notice how you start barking at the hosts of this site for all the wrong reasons? You ASSUMMED, as usual, that they withheld your comments from posting because they were trying to protect “the Woyane Mesfin/Aboneh”. I cannot blame you for being technically challenged in not knowing the website was not updating itself – for whatever reason – but I can tell the source of all your arguments are based on ASSUMPTIONS. Assumptions are just that. So, first don’t assume that I’m one day Mesfin and the next day Aboneh for the sake of it. There’s no limit to the number of comments I can post under the same name as far as I know. For that reason there will be no reason for me to change my name. It’s just that your mind is playing trick with you to be this pathetic. The comments I post, the ideas I believe in, and the arguments I raise are my own and I stand by them no matter how loud you try to shout. It’s typical of you and your Kool-aid drinkers to attack the messenger instead of the message. Despite of you categorization of me as Woyane/TPLF – hence not Ethiopian – I am as an Ethiopian as it gets. Live with that. Now back to the point of your claim:
    You wrote: “Your pathetic argument based of invalid premises cannot convince anybody except your likes.”
    Well, the argument you are talking about is my assertion that all Tigres are Ethiopians. Now, if you think – even for a nanosecond – this is not true, and then we are not talking about the same Ethiopia and need to stop the conversation. This is not a “premise”; this is a fact you cannot erase no matter how hard you try. Come to your senses and accept this bitter reality (a wild guess) and we might be able to get somewhere. This should be the basis of an intelligent discussion. Otherwise, it’s just hate mongering and to use your word, pathetic. After that you ask “What about the other ethinics?” My friend, diversity is very healthy unless your understanding of it is as screwed as you make it sound. Are you advocating a legal discrimination, affirmative action or a quota? Is that your sense of equality? It’s a very well established fact that the militaries’ upper echelon is consisted of the old freedom fighters of EPRDF (or as you like to call them TPLFites). In my younger days I could have said to the victor go the spoils and concluded my argument. Thanks to wisdom I acquired with age I will try to enlighten you with some hard facts – the stubborn facts. EPRDF fought tooth and nail with Derg for long 17 years. Derg, as we know was not your average civilian government. It consisted of generals and a military brass that fought hard to annihilate EPRDF by all means necessary. The reason for its demise – militarily speaking- was not lack of gears or numbers. The reason the military was dealt this humiliating defeat was a combination of the following facts:
    1. The military never had or tried to get a popular support from the general public.
    2. The people never bought the idea of the civil war or its purpose.
    3. The Derg’s brutal killings and kidnappings took a toll in the patriotic feelings of its’ soldiers it tried to lead.
    4. It executed and imprisoned tens of thousands of military leaders whom seen as opponents without trial.
    5. The military in general and its’ generals in particular were as corrupt as it gets and were so undisciplined.
    Now, are you telling me that the EPRDF shouldn’t have abandoned those very generals and instead promote them? If you ask me – they deserve kudos for their handling of the situation. They very well could have given them their own medicine – you remember what Derg did as its first act upon assuming power – and kill them indiscriminately. To their credit they let them go – mostly – and go about their own business. This, of course, led to the increase of the populace in the Diaspora but nonetheless a courageous and wise decision. If you follow this logic – not a wrong premise – then you have to come to the conclusion the newly formed military will look more like the winners – EPRDF. Since TPLF was disproportionately represented from all EPRDF member parties during the struggle, it is only natural the new-formed military will reflect that. If you knew how many TPLF veterans were let go to just satisfy the ethnic balance, you would be amazed. This was not done to appease you or to please the naysayers, but this what TPLF and Meles believed in. For me, I would rather see the best and brightest lead the military instead of this arbitrarily political correctness. So, before you open your mouth and say something you don’t have a clue – I want you to get into the habit getting your facts straight. By the way, EPRDF fought the government and what is represented not the their ethnicity. As to the “Amhara domination” you better dig deeper and find out what it meant. I can assure you one thing – Meles was a shrewd politician but not a stupid one. May be one more assumption on your part?
    Thank you for reminding me Ethiopia is invaded since 1991. I agree with you. Ethiopia is invaded by brave Ethiopians who are determined to end poverty, who dream big dreams, who are not afraid to fail, who like to walk the talk and so on….
    Ethiopia is under apartheid? Again, in my younger days I’d have said to go back to school and read the history books but – you know the rest by now. Sir, are you telling me the more than 150 countries, which have diplomatic relationships with Ethiopia, are dealing with an apartheid government? Which athlete is being boycotted because he is competing for an apartheid government? Where are the economic sanctions for an apartheid government? All the praises, tributes and awards amassed by the late PM Meles were for his apartheid job? This is sad, very sad.
    Stubborn fact: the military was not involved in the 2005 incident.
    My friend, there are many instances where the EPRDF has failed to advance a good cause or show strong leadership. I believe they will the first to tell you they can do better in so many areas. EPRDF by its nature is democratic. For a movement who came to power by the strength of their military victory, they showed a great deal of acumen dealing with their opponents. They didn’t start by shooting at them indiscriminately but rather by inviting them to sit in a round table. The grape turned sour when the “opposition” demanded not only to have a piece of the pie but the whole pie. I can go on and tell you what else did they do all right but that will be a waste of time if you can’t see the advancements and developments our country is undertaking. God help you to get out this group think cult and see things for what they are.

  38. Kush_Kush
    | #38

    I wish the title of the article was ” We all are Amharas.” What JFK said is a historical fact,but it is irrelevant to our situation . Our country is divided and it is a matter of time that we will have painful and ugly crises like the Somalis . Before I go to my other point let me say something about Somalia . In Somalia there is one language and one religion . But the Somalis divide themselves in to many clans : the major clans are the Merihan and the Mejerteen and the Yisihak and the Haweeye . Of course there are other small clans like mine the gedebursee etc . So what happened after they overthrew Siad Bare ? In simple term bloodshed and failed government and the country is breaking apart and fragmenting . Case in point . We are at the foot step of our cousins the Somalis . Our best solution is to fight all the tribal organizations in what ever form they are . Let us not fool ourselves and never give even a lip service to the so called national movement . We Ethiopians learned the lesson the hard way . By the way in the 1970′s I was pro Isaias Afeworke . What I thought was he was the right person to liberate Ethiopians . But I was dead wrong and I always regret about it . What I am trying to get across is this : Let us fight the narrow ethnic movement and ridicule them and show them how ignorant and how criminal they are . Let us join any party that bases itself on the people of the FOUrteen Provinces and nothing less and nothing more . The other thing which turns my stomach badly is the writer is advising us to call senators and the house of representatives . In the first place we Ethiopians do not vote that is including me . Besides, this is specifically the Ethiopians problem and is not the American government problem . Those who try to call senators and representatives will be a laughingstock . If we give up the fight ,it is better to leave it to the Lady of the Arusi Emebet . Do we gain anything by putting ourselves in illusion ? If we believe in other forces what ever name it may have , it is the same as asking mercy to the lady of the Arusi Emebet . So what is the remedy for our illusion ? Once again let us fight any tribal organizations and uproot the head of the tribal de fac to government TPLF/EPLF. In the end , the writer in his latest article blamed ESAt news about major Mengistu”s death . I do not even under stand why the writer spend all his precious time on un necessary thing . Who cares whether Mengistu is dead or alive ? The point is the writer is a little bit sensitive and tasty politician . Finally , mr writer if you do not like my comment, please disregard and let us move on . Selam Tena Yestiligne !

  39. Ethiopiawi negne
    | #39

    Poor Dawi,
    You will never succeed no matter how much you desperately want to erase the horrendous crime history of the bloody hand tyrant Meles and TPLF. There is no argument that Mengestu was bad, but Meles and TPLF are the worst.



  40. aha!
    | #40

    Dawi!, You brought Derg into the equation to blur the discussion centering around the partitioning Ethiopian land mass along ethnic/linguistic lines as divide and rule policy much like the colonialist Italia and the ex-apartheid system of South Africa for the most part, upon which TPLF and its supporters drafted the constitution. This constitution has the ideologies of ethnic federalism “(ethnic homelands -the killil”), secessionism, and totaliarinism built into it. BY putting Derg into the equation you are putting Derg regime the brain child for the TPLF as the master architect of the constitution supported by the teletafi (ethnic federalist) and the loyalist (ethnic federalist)parties, which now known as Medrek, and lately ODF, which do not adopt the goal for unity, territorial integrity, sovereignty of Ethiopia and Ethiopians, where the last item refers to the individual rights to suer cede ethnic and secessionist rights. Derg has no teletafi and loyalist opposition parties in its shengo and yet has adopted totaliarinism in addition to its Military dictatorship and humanitarian violations of the highest proportions in extra judicial killings, the TPLF/eprdf regime, the TPLF/eprdf regime has adopted totaliarinism from the Derg regime plus its own inclinations to Marxisism and Lenilism, and has been invoved in human right violations of similar magnitude both in extra judicial killings and using the constitution and the laws derived from it to falsely put them in concentration camps and prisons to have them languish for life. While Derg regime may be credited for being engaged in a war with Somalia and in a war with Ex-liberation fronts to maintain unity, territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ethiopia, the TPLF/eprdf regime is engaged in the disintegration of Ethiopia, supported by the teletafi and loyalist opposition parties, the security forces, military, federal police forces, etc. under reign of terror, while the opposition in OPDF/Medrek/EFDF/fdre are negotiating with the TPLF/eprdf regime for yekillil mengistat ikulent mebit mekeber, open political space, power sharing, etc. with constitution of of ethnic federalism, secessionism and totaliarinism intact with goals for respect ethnic rights rather than individual rights, human rights ,and justice, as if to expect as the saying goes ” keibab yergib inkulal indemetebek”. As long as the opposition parties do not unite/merge along the same goals for unity, territorial integrity, sovereignty of Ethiopia and Ethiopians and resorting to the original not old vs new, where two wrongs according to your assertions, however not true do not make one right.

  41. aha!
    | #41

    Dawi! Furthermore, listen to the editorial commentary in Finote Democracy of 8-05-2013 as the background narratives in support of my arguments to your response.

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