Breaking News: Kinijit Leaders have been granted U.S. Entry Visa

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Abugida has been informed that the High Level Delegation of Kinijit Leaders led by Eng. Hailu have been granted U.S. Entry Visa. (More to come)

Abugida has been informed that the High Level Delegation of Kinijit Leaders led by Eng. Hailu have been granted U.S. Entry Visa. (More to come)

  1. balager_00
    | #1

    I am very happy about this good news. thx. abugida

  2. david
    | #2

    What a news! Good news!!! We will at last meet them in D.C. and …..

    Thank You! Abugida!

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  4. kolegnow
    | #4

    what a shame criminals are going out of the country ere crimaloch nachew Hile showel chickened out he admitted what a great guy ato bedru well done not like shawel admit to weyane to get out of prison what a weak man shame to kinjit to follow haile shawul asafari.

  5. totaw100_2
    | #5

    Good news! Congratulation!!

  6. Beede Mariam
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  7. luv et amour
    | #7

    je suis trés content,,,,,, vive la kinjite,,,,,,,,liberité,, égalité et fraternité pour le etiopie,,,,

  8. andualem
    | #8

    we are gonna make every thing if we are one

  9. Jan Meda
  10. dani
    | #10

    me too very happy and well come our leaders

  11. | #11

    me to very happy. and wellcome our leadres

  12. modest_19
    | #12

    what a good news! I am really happy. We thank the State dept for the decision to grant our leaders a visa even though it shouldn’t have been a matter of doubt from the beginning. They should know that the TPLF gangsters who don’t have a mandate to govern Ethiopia are traveling in and out of the states in the name of the Ethiopian people.
    I can’t wait to meet our heroes.Thank you God.

  13. Samual
    | #13

    Thanks God.

  14. Dan
    | #14

    Sou muinto feliz. Parabens para to Ethiops.

  15. Degenaw
    | #15


    Bemiketilew gize be amarigina bicha hasabihin giles… ye englizigina kuankuawin atabelashw atichilimina.

  16. Abera
    | #16

    Here comes the leaders….what Shaleka gonna do now? No problem…he will just drink christal (PDD’s drink) with our money, get drunk and beat the hell out of “Dr” Seyoum.

  17. mamushe
    | #17

    Here it goes, my way is a high way, we can do any thing if and only if we can stand up with to gether, and rid of from the opperosers.

    | #18

    Do you know what Ato Bedru Adem is saying about DR.Berhanu Nega and “Keste Damena”. Please share us more information.

  19. chistaw
    | #19

    Where do you get your news? Do you even keep in touch with the Kinijit heads. Visa was never a problem!

  20. girna
    | #20

    This is the most good news in weeks, I am very happy to know that they might be coming to America.

  21. girna
    | #21

    very good news

  22. kiros
    | #22

    good news thank God.kinjit is the only way for poor ethiopian ppl. may God bless ethiopia.

  23. | #23

    thank you for good news ABUGDA .soooorrrryyy DED FISH woyannes .VICTRY FOR ETHIOPIAN

  24. Sew mamen kebro
    | #24

    What a sad story? Always in shock and awe? Visa should not be a big issue since merchant even can get it now a days.
    Rather go back to Ato Bedru’s interview and listen carefully, he unequivocally expressed that there was not any visa problem except that there is the issue of Eng. Hailu shawel request which states that “ there should be auditing in Kinijit before going to the Diaspora.”
    Is this for real or is it a to send a message warning Dr Brehanu nega’s cohort Brehane Mewa and the likes to drop the legal battle with Sahleka Yosef shall be seen.
    I am not sure of that but it is widely believed that a financial scandal in kinijit. Persons close to Eng. Hailu shawel were pointing fingers on Dr Brehanu Nega. They claim that he was amassing fund raised in Europe when he was sent there.
    is it for real or is it pre planed to send message time will tell as I mentioned it earlier, i know for fact that all documents were confiscated by federal police and auditing with out document is funny, hence why raise this issue?

  25. Assefa
    | #25

    ??? ?? ????!

  26. tesfa
    | #26

    great news, tnx abugida

  27. geda
    | #27

    of course they have to be granted,after all they are elected leaders of the country.
    I am surprised even by the delay, how on earth America hesitate to give visa to popularly elected capital city mayor and other elected leaders.

    US officials have to live to the standard of the American public and the value of democracy as seen by citizens of the US.


  28. Hagos
    | #28

    What a wonderful news! The real heroes and leaders of our country coming to Unit those of us live in exile. However, those tyrant Woyannes, would not trade by the name of Tigrians, my poor relatives any More!

    Kinijit – A party for All!
    Free from racist, bigots and those washed their hands with blood.

    United we’ll Triumph.

    Hagos, from LONDON>

  29. Robele Ababya
    | #29

    Great news! It is fitting that these illustrious leaders will be among their genuine admirers and supporters.

  30. tinsae ethiopia
    | #30

    A good news.

    The sucess of our leadrs is my sucess if not to get visa is not a big matter as my heart is with my beloved leaders

  31. meles zenawi
    | #31

    Woine Gude fela,

    I the leader of minority am shocked by this news. My wish for this Rigid leaders is to fail in getting visa on the way to fail to meet the exterem diaspora.

    The enemy at home already started honoring thier anti peace leaders in front of my Agazi the bucher.

    My second enemy, the dispora is also getting the opportunity my worest enemies.

    Woine gude fela zendro
    Woine my false cover millenium is also failing

    Woine gude fela

  32. belayqoaraw:
    | #32

    let us begging again disscussing about ethiopia and fighting weyane ,ethiopians people enenmy, to day in ethiopia no food,no water,no peace ,no job,no right,in general
    no every thing so we must struggle for this
    bullshet gov’t go on……WITH KINIJIT

  33. Kume
    | #33

    TO me it is good news but not BIG news because they don’t have to be denied in the first place. This is one of woyane’s tactics with collaborating US embassy to distract our heroes’ celebration. abroad. woyane knows and US embassy knows how much support they have in Diaspora. The same thing they told us many time the were released in the past but they change the day of our leaders release for distraction purpose. They new that thousands of supporters were waiting for them at the Airport to distract that they denied them visa for excuse.

    Shame on woyane and US embassy in Ethiopia

  34. sam
    | #34

    I am so happy they will come soon.But did we learne something from fernsaye legasion how they are commited before and after.Let we be unite

  35. | #35

    We have to prepare to open our wallets for the mayor of Addis,so that he would be prepared to take office.

  36. | #36

    It is a good news but why do they need to go abroad by this time? In my opinion they should have to celebrate the new year( I don’t say the woyanne millinium) with those poor Ethiopians who shade their blood and lost family members for CUD. They can meet the supporters out side the country at any time once the visa is on their hand.

  37. | #37

    OPDO Delegates Chased Away by Oromo Youth in Minnesota

    On Saturday August 27, 2007 there was a secret meeting scheduled to take place in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The delegates of the “Oromian Regional Government” were supposed to speak at that meeting. Although the meeting was claimed to be public, there was no publicity or announcement prior to the meeting. In fact it was rumored that the meeting would take place on September 1st, 2007 which was information released to mislead the public.

    However the cover of that highly secretive meeting was blown up when information leaked to Oromo youth activists on the evening of Friday, August 24th. Using all necessary means of communication, the youth rapidly transmitted the information and were well prepared to face the sellout delegates. Ready for the major confrontation, the youth marched to the Hilton Hotel in Bloomington and waited for the “delegates” to arrive. After almost an hour, the “delegates” arrived led by Faisal Abrahim, an agent working for the “Diaspora Affairs” at the Ethiopian Embassy in Washington DC. He took the lead and introduced his guests and their ranks within the surrogate OPDO government. In the meantime, tension in the room was raising, any observer could read fear and confusion on the face of the “delegates”. Especially the self-proclaimed vice president of Oromia Muktar Kedir was sweating bullets and staring blankly into the audience.

    Before the delegates said a word, the youth asked permission to comment on the agenda of the meeting. However Faisal refused to allow such comments and instead called the security just as he would do against unarmed Oromo students in Oromia by calling Agazi commandos. This led to confrontation between the audience and the delegates. The police arrived but stayed aside because the youth explained to them the reason for the stand off which was legal action without violence. It was at this time that the so called delegates realized that they were the only members and supporters of OPDO in the room while the rest of the audience was there to confront them. The debate became heated to the level where Faisal was forced to resign from chairing the meeting and the youth activists took over the meeting. One young audience member told the delegates that just as they the delegates, were made to take order from Melles in Oromia, now they should not refuse to take order from the Oromo youth.

    Scared by such development, the delegates ran out of the room. The youth followed them denouncing the OPDO and its master the TPLF. An attempt by the nervous dark suited delegates to attack a female member of the audience led to a brief moment of physical confrontation which resulted in the audience overpowering the delegates. The meeting was cancelled and the victorious Oromo youth showed their solidarity to their peers back home who are the subject of gross human rights violations by the wayanes and their surrogates. The latest information indicates that the humiliated delegates have cancelled their remaining tour to other states and have returned back to the country.

    One thing very obvious at that meeting was the absence of local OPDO members and sympathizers. The reason for their absence is that they didn’t want to be identified by the community due to fear of isolation. The most amazing of all is that just as they spy for the regime in Finfinne, they were also serving as double agents providing information against the delegates. This is an indicator of the nature of the relationships between the TPLF and its surrogates; a relationship based on mistrust and betrayal. This relationship is a positive development and advantageous to the camp of those who struggle for freedom, justice and democracy.

    This heroic action of the Oromo youth in Minnesota should serve as an example for all those who oppose the regime in Ethiopia. It is crucial that we stop the regime’s agents from dividing the Diaspora in the name of investment while in fact the regime is engaged in gross human rights violations and looting of national resources.

    Baker Ware- Freelance reporter, Minnesota

  38. Raza
    | #38

    Thanks God !!!


  39. | #39

    i am veary glad. estoy muy contento por este noticia que vengan aqui y que nos digan toda la verdad. viva ethiopia

  40. adie
    | #40

    I am glad to hear such informations.the time is coming to reveal every thing.Let us wait these heroes with out hastitation among us. we need peace we have to start with not damage personalities.
    God bless ethiopia and its heroes

  41. Ewnetun Lingerew
    | #41

    Dear fighters of woyane. Peace to you. Today I am Happy not only for the visa our beloved leaders got but also history revealed itself.Our leaders sacrified themselves.But those banda people are always there.Do you know Lidetu? Do know Bedri Adem? These people have common behavior. Both of these two people gave interview for reporter at the first time by complainning those true leaders. I don’t know why these people want to be hated by Ethiopian people. Let me tell you the truth Very danger time will be coming Not because of DR.Birhanu . He is a real symbol of true person. It is not because of Engineer Hailu.He is always A symbol of Patience,wise,committed and true leader. It is not because of Proffessor Mesfin,Birtukan ,Dr.Yakob,Engineer Gizachew,Birhane mewa or others. All these people are true leaders. But things are complicated when we think about Bedru adem and his followers. He is another cadry of woyane. Please Think about his coming from Jimma. There was no Woyane competor there before he was amember of keste damena.. Woyane sends him to kinjjit

  42. nahome
    | #42

    there is no real and not real leader same one called leader when he lead the only ok

  43. nahome
    | #43

    this ppl thay canot do any thing from now
    you now way just the will live in daspor in usa that is it just all of you rembere this ok

  44. j.p.h
    | #44

    Dear Nahome,
    English is not our mother tongue, we can do some mistakes here and there but not to such extent as you deed. This web site is loved one around the world and hence our messages are read by thousands of people, so you have to release your message after being corrected in case you did some errors and the content should carry meaningful thoughts. Ok now I don’t agree with your opinion labeled above because when we say true leaders we mean democratically elected by the people of Ethiopia. But the current government’s gross human right violation and undemocratically sticking to the power by the help of the criminal army is known to the world.
    Have a nice day and take some English lessons.

  45. j.p.h
    | #45

    I add one important opinion of mine which I forgot to mention above. When I reminded you, about the criminal army of Meles it includes only the “AGAZI”, because there are a lot of innocent army members who are waiting the healing of Ethiopia but are tightly looked after the brutal “security”

    Have you been for your English lesson?

  46. Muleta
    | #46

    Wow, this a nice news. No tyrant would ever be an everlasting oppressor. Truth always wins whatever it may delay. Our leaders are leaders at hear for the fact that they are principled and committed for the common good of the Ethiopian mass.

    May god bless the beloved leadres of CUDP!
    May God bless Ethiopia anfd its People!

  47. Selemon
    | #47

    I am not really sure, if Eng Hailu Shawel has got the Visa to the USA. Shame on the Embassy of the USA in Ethiopia for dividing and rule method in the Kinijit party. I am against any involvement in Kinijit Party form USA Embassy or from any other countries which is trying to divide the party leaders.

  48. alex malaku
    | #48


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