Keep your eyes on the prize. By Yilma Bekele

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We are witnessing a flurry of news from the TPLF party that calls itself the Ethiopian government. Why is the Woyane party so busy and why is the party pushing its cadres to be super active is a good question. That is what piqued my interest and I was forced to look around to figure out what exactly is happening both in Ethiopia and the Diaspora community to make the illegal regime work overtime.

I did not have to look far to see why the government is acting very nervous. It looks like for a change the progressive forces are on the attack and the reactionary regime is on the defense. Believe me this is a rare occurrence and shows the realignment of forces in our country. I will try to explain why later on but let us look at what is causing this shift. A few weeks back the regime carried out its ‘ethnic cleansing’ activity in the Beneshangul Gumuz Kilil. It was not the first time the TPLF led regime has done this criminal act but what was different this time around was our collective indignation. We were able to carry out a sustained and well organized push back from around the world. The opposition in Ethiopia cooperated by boldly demanding action and tried to collect evidence from the affected areas.

First the hapless regime paraded its toy PM and made him give some half ass explanation and dumped the crimes on their Kilil dog. The fact that the previous ‘ethnic cleansing’ activity was carried out in the South Kilil where the PM originated from was not lost on us. This rehearsed mea culpa did not impress anyone. It was back to the drawing board for the regime. Next In the clueless regime tried to divert our attention by planting rumors about the death of that other tyrant in Zimbabwe. We did not bite. After the failure of that story they again tried to engage us by removing the monument dedicated to our Holy Father Abune Petros. Again we showed our unhappiness but did not take our eyes of the ‘ethnic cleansing’ crime. We were focused and relentless. We were just simply not crying but talking about taking the matter to the International Court of Justice and the UN.

After lots and lots of postponements and dragging the regime brought our political prisoners and decided to hand down their useless justice. We were supposed to drop all other activity and concentrate on Eskinder Nega and Andulalem’s miscarriage of justice. Something odd happened here. We did not follow the script. For the first time we were able to connect the dots and see the whole picture. The progressive forces decided to link ethnic cleansing, Abune Petros and our Political prisoners’ situation as one.

I was waiting for the next drama with heightened anticipation. What would they try now was a common question asked by students of Woyane theatre. Invading Somalia was out of the question since they have already learned their lesson. The demonization of Eritrea was becoming stale. Playing the ethnic card is what brought about the problem in the first place so that was a no go zone. What would the ‘great visionary’ leader do under the circumstances was in the mind of all TPLF cadres in leadership position. They dug deep, traveled back in their criminally ladened history and came up with ‘cannibalism’ as the way out.

So with great fanfare they went about arresting anything anybody they could find. The injustice Minister was hauled away. The guy with dark glasses that sat behind the tyrant in Parliament was arrested. The Revenue and Customs guys were escorted to their won prison with a few selected business people to add flavor to the drama.

I guess all this activity is supposed to impress us. A criminal arresting another criminal is meant to fill our soul with hope for the future. They are so clueless they don’t even know that the news is taken with such amusement that a soccer game between Buna and Giorgis garners more anticipation than their cheap drama. Why would anyone think that Melaku Fenta that spineless individual sitting under Gebrewhaid Giorgis is capable of making any decision let alone steal big? Like most sycophants that are serving as the face of their departments Melaku was just another mannequin for show while the TPLF boss under him runs the outfit. That game is played all over Ethiopia and in the Embassy’s outside. I bet you cannot find any worthwhile governmental body without a TPLF deputy in charge.

This new drama is meant to keep us guessing what in the world is going on inside the TPLF party. We are supposed to guess which faction is up and who is down. The disinformation campaign by Debretsion keeps manufacturing different versions of their supposedly internal turmoil and some of us love nothing more than being instant experts in the inner workings of the mafia group. To hear some of our people go on the minute details of the party is mind boggling and a testimonial to the hopelessness of a few of our family and friends. They might have their own differences but do you really think that will stop them from their common goal of staying in power no matter what? Do you for second think they will not close ranks when threatened? Then why in the world are you wasting time and energy whether Azeb is fighting with Berket and if Sebhat is is not in good terms with Seyoum? Now if they really want our attention the best way to do it will be arrest Azeb or Abay Woldu not Sebhat or Seyoum since they already are near death.

The biggest joke of all is the claim that Hailemariam Desalgne was cleaning house. Let us see the PM that was handpicked by the dead tyrant and schooled in the art of servitude to TPLF, the PM that does not have a power base, the same PM that cannot even pick the guards outside his office is exercising authority on TPLF officials? Who would swallow such Mamo Kilo bed time story is a good question. Yes there are a few especially here in the Diaspora that are trying to put some lipstick on this pig of a story.

Some opined ‘EPDRF supporters speaking out’ while others declared ‘EPDRF undergoing profound changes.’ Well, well let see us what is giving these Woyane coddlers new life? What is different today that was not there yesterday is a good question. I read their writings very closely and tried to see what they were basing their new found euphoria on. I wanted to know what arguments they were bringing to the table to see if there was any validity to their conclusions. I couldn’t find any. It is all wishful thinking, self fulfilling prophesy and confused theories that is trying hard to fit a square peg in a round hole. The ones that are trying to see light at the end of the tunnel are the same people that advised wait and see attitude when Woyane conquered our capital and were willing and ready to serve the criminal organization. Their last miscalculation caused twenty years of misery to our people and country and here they are again advising us the presence of a non entity called EPDRF that is supposed to usher a new era of peace and prosperity. Give it a rest gentlemen and do not waste our time with your unfounded optimism. Why peddle a worn out theory this late in the game?

I am emboldened by three factors that have been added to the equation of fighting injustice in our dear country. The first and very significant addition to our arsenal of fighting for freedom and democracy is no other than our beloved ESAT. It has given voice to the voice less and opened our eyes to the reality that is what is ailing us. ESAT is the main reason Woyane misinformation campaign is falling on deaf ears. ESAT is the main reason the cry of our people in Ethiopia is getting a hearing. No matter what no sane Ethiopian can ignore the voice of our people coming thru the airwaves loud and clear. The tenacity and diligent reporting by ESAT that refused to fall for Woyane diversion kept the ‘ethnic cleansing’ criminal act in focus and thwarted their attempt to derail us.

The second factor is the gallantry of our Moslem citizens that have against all odds persevered for over a year their quest for freedom and independence. The many attempts to divide and splinter them by the illegal Woyane regime has been repulsed and the Moslem community is still standing together with one voice and one aim of protecting their right to run their religion free of government interference. It is a lesson to the rest of us to keep our eyes on the prize and not to let our organizations be the play ground of Woyane operatives.

The third factor that is emerging from Ethiopia is the beautiful new voice of Semayawi Party that is clear, clean and void of any clutter of the past that has been hindering our forward movement. From what I can observe from afar Semayawi is not encumbered by our past failures, weighed down by unnecessary dogma and geared to act and try newer stuff. That is what the doctor ordered. Why use beige and gray to paint when you can use bright blue and bring warmth to the canvas. The call by Semayawi Party to dress in black and show the discontent of our people during African Unions 50th anniversary is a bold and timely call. That is all peaceful resistance is about. It is our duty to follow the advice of the Party and tell our family and friends to cooperate in showing their grief by dressing in black. Those of us that believe in peaceful resistance this is our chance to practice what we preach.

As times go by it is becoming clear that the regime is feeling the loss of the evil person in charge. For over thirty years the prince of darkness Meles Ashebari Zenawi has been the brain and body of the mafia outfit that has been masquerading as a political party. I am willing to give him the credit as the personification of Satan on earth. He has earned the title. His death has left the TPLF party void of someone to fill his shoes no matter how small it is. It is not the absence of idiots or sycophants that is lacking in their midst but they just seem to suffer from the mistrust the evil one has left them with. That deficiency coupled with the emergence of new and daring Ethiopians schooled in the art of confronting the regime head on is what is causing headaches to the downgraded TPLF.

Life is beautiful. Our new found unity and purposeful march to the future is a hard won victory. The fact that it is Woyane in disarray and we are becoming hip to their many attempts to distract us is testimonial to our ability to learn and apply the lesson. There are still many voices that are constantly trying to derail our movement but the fact that we have matured and are able to separate the chaff from the wheat is our new found strength. We are not there yet but with all those strong and tested groups and individuals joining our movement there is no reason to doubt we are bringing the dark days to an end and new bright sun will rise up over our mountains and valleys. A luta continua-the struggle continues.

  1. Dawi
    | #1


    [[..It is not the absence of idiots or sycophants that is lacking in their midst but they just seem to suffer from the mistrust the evil one has left them with...]]

    Why is the above quote reminding of Susan Rice’s comment? That Meles had little patience for fools, or “idiots,” as he liked to call them. I am not sure. :)

    Be that as it may, the following is what your similar demented wish brought to the Libyan people and country.

    “.. Human Rights Watch last month produced a detailed report on the ethnic cleansing of the town of Tawergha where 40,000 people were forced out of their homes and subjected to “arbitrary detentions, torture, and killings”. The largely black population has been targeted as supporters of Gaddafi by militias from Misrata. HRW used satellite imagery to record the destruction of Tawergha, most of which has occurred since the end of the 2011 war when some 1,370 sites were damaged or destroyed. Fred Abrahams, a special adviser to HRW, said that the satellite images confirm that “the looting, burning and demolitions were organised and systematic destruction was intended to prevent residents from returning”.”

    ‘ethnic cleansing’ .”gallantry of our Moslem for…independence”, “Semayawi Party .. void of any clutter” is making your … ‘

    HD dealt with ethnic cleansing squarely so it is a not an issue anymore.

    You wrote a whole piece for Abuna Petros temporarily being stored in the museum for road upgrade (that one was a waste of your time); I didn’t know “our moslem”.. wanted independence? From who? Why are you unhappy Woyane is tackling corruption? or why not demand for more instead?

    Why do you wish apocalypse to take place in our country? I don’t get it.

  2. Semaw
    | #2


    You said, “That is what piqued my interest and I was forced to look around to figure out what exactly is happening both in Ethiopia and the Diaspora community to make the illegal regime work overtime.” Well, if you truly believe that to be the fact, what don’t you show us your guts and fight the US government for working with “illegal regime”? If you can start the fight in where you exist, your lecture and bravado about replacing the EPRDF government doesn’t hold much water. It’s time for you to come to your senses and fight the good fight of ideas instead of this blubbering. This is all hate mongering – nothing more nothing less. The current PM cannot pick his own security you said – in what kind of democracy are you fantasizing to have the government head to pick his own security? Your suggestion seems to imply that a “Tigre” PM needs to have Tigre guards whereas a “Kembata – by implication” PM needs Kembata guards. That backward thinking is – thanks to the brave Woyane/EPRDF fighters – buried and gone to no return. Yelling, shouting, hollering and demonstrating is just for your own ego’s satisfaction – not something the government gives a bad night sleep. They are busy building a nation and nationalities – something You and the likes of you failed for centuries to do.

  3. yilma b
    | #3

    My dear friend Ato Dawi, did you actually read what you wrote? Is is your contention that the Amharas from Beneshangul Kilil were not expelled due to their ethnicity? I mean they were real, we saw them, they were interviewed and the Kilil head admitted his crime. My dear sir don’t you have any humanity? At least your toy replacement leader admitted and asked for the people to be relocated. Why are you talking about Libya? If you are an Ethiopian then you should protest any kind of attack on others based on their ethnic origin not make excuse for such ugly deed by the leader of the Kilil. So HD dealt with it and it is not an issue, Great for you to say but those that were deported from their homes have no homes to go back to, their cattle have been taken away and their homes destroyed and HD never talked about compensation and bringing those that did the crime to justice. Just because he gave some written explanation does not mean the problem is solved and made never to happen again. You sir is a heartless cadre void of any empathy. I doubt if such ugly crime happens to your people you will be so generous with your explanation, because what goes up has to come down sooner or later but some of us will still stand up and protest no matter who does it. As for Ato Semaw I suggest you write your real name why hide if you come up with such brilliant idea. But I bet you knew what you wrote really don’t make sense. For your info I write to our local Congressperson and Senators regarding the illegal mafia group in Ethiopia. I have marched in DC and signed petitions supporting our political prisoners. Pointing out injustice is not hate mongering, the crime is done by TPLF remember the rest of us are victims. I would ask you to at least let us protest with out calling us haters. Regarding HD the pretend PM picking up his guard that is supposed to be a form of irony look it up in dictionary. We did not fail to build a nation for centuries my dear friend our country is the only nation state in Africa since the 4th century. The country your evil TPLF mafia group is trying to destroy, lease, sell, undermine has been there for eons and that is exactly why they are failing in this criminal act. The more they try to divide us the closer we get. It looks like the only thing you have picked in the English language is to insult, call names and demean your own people, I guess you are taking over from that dead leaders of yours. Not a good idea at all it only makes you look unhinged and balege. I will of course pray for you and your kind to get a little bit of humility and respect for people and country. Leave your rant home when you are with civilized company, remember we are not all from Dedebit.

  4. Dawi
    | #4

    Dear Yelma,

    [[.. At least your toy replacement leader admitted and asked for the people to be relocated. Why are you talking about Libya?..]]

    Yes – HD admitted the crime was committed and the perpetrators shall be brought to justice; the rest should be left to the court system is what I meant. I also heard Sebhat Nega on a radio saying such (ethnic cleansing) will never happen again. So there seems to be a will to stand against sectarians.

    I mentioned Libya because in the past you were a chief proponent of that uprising and was trying to point out that your present wish on us can bring similar crises. We already have few uprisings in our life time. How about doing some thing different?

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