The Ethiopia in the heart of the Amhara! By: Menyelek

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I declare, “A house can stand divided!” the concern should be how long can the pillars hold, before the foundation cracks? The division in Ethiopia today is evident thought out political norms, social structures, individual rights, ethnic representation, personal development and freedom as a member of the state. In the state of anger following the current revelation of the continued and expanded Amhara cleansing “eviction”, anger may be the first reaction, …so what comes after the anger? … Silence? Fear? Ignorance? We must not fall in their trap to the ethnic federalist schema of the totalitarian governance manifesto, for they loathe not the Amhara, but the “Ethiopiawinet” with in the Amhara. This government has rewritten history, manipulated significant moments, changed proven facts to discredit the people, culture and identity of Amhara, for they always have stood defense of the true identity of Ethiopia. This defense has been a hurdle for this regime.

They cannot claim to govern with legitimacy in a federation of ethnic equality, if one of the groups within the state inherently refuses to identify it’s self ethnically, but rather with equality of the national state. Much has been said and asked of the reasons to why, this regimes actions towards Amhara people, and the hate they continuously display towards this ethnicity. There are two elements I will pinpoint, the first an ideological manifest, at the heart of this government from its inception and the other practical domination discernible of this government. First the hate of the Amhara/Ethiopiawinet and second the need to hold onto power at all cost.

Abraham Lincoln anticipating the direction of the cliff his nation was heading he stated, “A house divided against itself cannot stand. I believe this government cannot endure, permanently, half slave and half free”. In Ethiopia we have 1% slave owner, 99% slaves, kept in silence, ignorance and constant fear through the barrel of a gun. Yet, the pillars of the Nation are holding strong, collapse is imminent if we do not realize the damages and act with urgency. National identity is a column of incessant strength of a free state, internally and externally. This pillar is and has been held together by the instinctive believe and love of the nation of Ethiopia by the Amahara people. In opposition to all that has been done for the last two decades, it is in the Amhara DNA, to say, “I am Ethiopian first, Amhara second”, where other ethnicities have been manipulated into thinking the opposite.

Ethnic Identity

The ethnic identity of the Stalin doctrine, decisions made by one mind; implemented through the controlling class by unelected bureaucrats controlling state matters with farce elections, without real consequence and consent of the governed. In this structure ethnic differences keep the other ethnicities silent, giving the governing minority freedom to rule, through manipulation, fear and misinformation. National resolutions are solely the concern of the governing, the governed ethnicities/states/ minorities are to only compete amongst one another for their share, They are not to think at all on matter which have to do with National identity for that is shaking the foundations for the same political pillars on which the Nation is being controlled.

Power and greed

Uncontainable hunger for power and sickness for greed will shake the foundation but there are builders with in, who will move quickly to insure the culprits are no more. The governing class must expand and feed itself, to keep every member satisfied, saying “enough” or asking for a limit is out of the question. Individual powers protected by the state can be guaranteed on allegiance and cooperation.

Give them ethnic federalism

Governance through ethnicity has created more division than unity in any state. Ethnic federalism is the predecessor of the divide and conquer mentality of old, to govern already existing ethnicities within a national boundary. Offering the masses the illusion of national cohesion, while cementing a divided police state in which all ethnic groups are manipulated and encouraged to function on ethnic identity and not national interests. National interests are for the ruling entity, inherent from inability to share power. Inequality and social concerns and fundamental needs are second to total control of the state. Maintaining a dysfunctional, feeble, segregated ethnic groups unable to challenge the ruling elite.

Better the thief you know!
To maintain the state as status quo, the state must payoff, give a blind eye and push personal interests ahead of ethnic or national concerns. As much as it has to do with ethnic hatred it is also about greed and survival. The land taken from Amhara landowners (Ethiopians) is sold to multinational organizations, which can offer more money the corrupt administration. The idea of villagization would not have worked on these them, so forcefully evict them using the same ethnic theory to which they swore was intended to give equality to all citizens. . It is a centralized government structure as a monarchy state, which has regional representations without legislative power similar to a prince’ who would act as head figure for a region without a say on National issues and limited freedom on local decisions.

The Amhara and the Nation of Ethiopia
Another week, and another stellar story on this administration’s, position on the Amhara people. For this government, the mindset and existence of the Amhara, has halted its strategy of ethnic and religious fractionalization, mobilization of the citizens for the benefit of the governing and its legitimacy internationally. This regime from its days as a rebel movement has seen, Amahara as its challenger and the mind state has not changed today. It is their believe by destroying the Amhara Identity, they are destroying Ethiopiawinet. It is here, where they will will falter.

The problem is in their mind. It is how they think!

In a state of ethnic federalism, no entity can declare to be nationalist individually or as a group… Amhara is Ethiopian first! Ethnically based citizenships, nonexistent political representation on the national stage, decision-making and self-determination are prohibited, because the Amhara doctrine and blood of generations of Amhara (Ethiopians) will not allow today’s Amhara to accept a divided Ethiopia, there by allowing the house to collapse. Even if he fights under an Amahra decree, it is to once more unify the nation and not ethnic supremacy or separation from the state.
Not all but most ethically administered federal nations are centrally controlled to ease the work of untrustworthy regional leaders, if the Amahra is living, thinking and exisiting across the Nation, it makes it difficult to manipulate them because they will not support the giving of fertile Ethiopian land to foreign entities, so you remove them from the location entirely. Amhara from it’s name, has stood to defend and protect an identity of Ethiopia this administration has been unable to strip of their hearts. No other ethnic group overwhelmingly stands true to Ethiopia and the state as a united nation.

Do not think like them.

The Amhara people will lose the fight and lose our identity when we begin to think like them. To prevail we must continue to think Ethiopia, even when they attack us as Amhara’s. A house divided, systematically damaged and in need of structural adjustment is “ethnic federalism” by definition. The divided states are put in place to insure the entire political structure can not collapse, too busy holding on to the supporting columns they are unable to challenge the center. It is with this political philosophy, ethnic leaders keep everyone afraid of one another, “you let your column go and, and surely it will collapse on you, and the others are waiting to for that to happen to you”.

This regime is incapable of changing or adapting so it is critical we not follow in their narrow ethnic minded strategy towards national sovereignty, governance, social order and the struggle to change the system. The rise to unity must not begin with the preaching of ethnic independence or freedom but National sovereignty. The fight,today is about a freedom of a Nation, against a political agenda of self loathing burocratas. ethiopia needs the Amhara people, way of thinking and the conquering spirit of our ancestors reborn in us. As it always stood, the Amhara will stand to free Ethiopia, and the victory lead by the same people will be the victory of Ethiopia.

This article is not intended to diminish or degrade the contributions of other ethnicities with in Ethiopia. Many have fought and died, standing side by side in defense of this great Nation. These are the times we are living in, and our challenges are a reflection of us as a people and Nation. The persecution, displacement and targeted attacks on the Amhara people should be a concern to all. Tomorrow, they will come for you.

Author: Menyelek

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