Addressing the African Rulers By Belayneh Abate

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I don’t have to say dears because you are not our dears; neither do I need to say leaders precisely because you are not our leaders. If I must address you by a phrase, I would rather say the hated- monstrous rulers.

Are you really here to celebrate the anniversary of African Unity, the uncalled-for guests? Alas African Union! Is this congregation a problem solver or agony generator? Do you really mull over that you represent Africans? O Yah! You are remembering the African independence! Are Africans really autonomous and free? Do not Africans have now two layers of masters? Do not you and the multicolor non-African neo-colonizers constitute the first and the second layer of masters respectively? Are not you yourselves modern slaves? Do not you have masters who feed you like pigs so that you can allow them to consume African resources? Let me ask you this question again. Are not you just fat pigs who just follow the will of the breeders who takes care of you? Do not think outside! Just look at the roof, the wall, the floor, the chairs and the tables of the hall you have assembled in? Does it look Africa? It completely smells Chinese, does not it? My grandmother used to say “do not beg anything unless you are completely blind or all your limbs are amputated.” Are you disabled creatures with no functioning eyes and extremities? Or are you begging in the name of the very people you blinded and amputated?

On this day that you call “anniversary of African Union”, we should rather talk about your attires. Look at your ties! Nice ties; aren’t they? Who purchased them for you? Look at your suits! Marvelous! Where did you get them from? What do the labels scratching your posterior chunky necks read? I am sure, the labels do not pronounce made in Abuja, Kinshasa, Lagos, Addis Ababa and so on; do they? While considering yourselves as “African leaders” you are promoting the commodities of France, Italy, Great Britain, USA and others , and you are proud of it; Aren’t you? Anyways, who paid for these luxuries outfits? Look at your shirts! They are unequivocally classical; aren’t they? Allah wu a Kiber! Look at your shoes! Astoundingly archetypal and shimmering! Am I not correct? How much you shelled out for these distinctive shoes? What percent of the people, you disgracefully claim to represent, don these types of ties, suits, shirts and shoes like you do? Representation by definition is symbolizing the whole. Yes, representatives are samples of the whole. Do you really consider yourselves as samples of the whole?

I request each of you to look at each other for one moment. I believe you observed pumpkin cheeks, chunky necks and distended bellies; Didn’t you? I also demand that you compare the pictures you had before assuming your power with the current ones. May I ask what you regularly put in your plates in the palaces you luxuriously live in? Is it interfering in your personal life if we want to know the beverages you enjoy, the couches you park yourselves on and the beds you snooze in? What portions of the people in your tyrannical rule obtain access to one meal and a glass of water in a day? What portion of your general population is homeless? What proportions of the African infants, the young and the elderly die from man-made starvation? Unlike your mind, your flesh looks healthy; doesn’t it? Where do you get your quality health care services? Ehi… that is right! Even when you have temporary indigestion from gulping down too much, you dash to Europe, America, and Israel by chartered airplanes; correct? On the other hand, what portion of African population has access to the minimum health care services even once in 25 years? What fraction of African population dies from communicable diseases, which basically are turned to history and locked up in museum in western countries? What segments of African population still utilize stone-age technologies to farm, communicate and travel? Despite this colossal life style discrepancy between you and ordinary Africans, you still think you represent destitute Africans; don’t you? O lord! Even those of you who came from East Africa are raising your hands to profess that you represent your people! I shall say at this juncture that your conscience plates are either congenitally absent or surgically removed.

Please close your eyes and review your administrations (if you call them administrations at all), in silence. Do not your ministers, congressmen, senators and managers serve like water pipes that do not leak or rust whatever corrosive material you pass through them? Do not they convey your unholy orders and commands in their virgin format as long as you feed them? Do not you invest substantial amount of your budget to spy your own people? Do not you bridle your people like horses and mules? Do not you place your peoples under nonstop restraining orders to deprive them of using their sense organs and processing brains? Do not most of you beg on behalf of your people and exploit the baloney you received to strengthen your dictatorial power? Who owns the mass- media? Will your mass-media speak the truth ever? Do people believe even the date and the time portrayed at the bottom of your TV screen? Are not your people suffering from supurative chronic ear infections as a result of your eternal lies and irksome voices? Is not your people sick of watching you acting like experts in economics, engineering, agriculture, public health, medicine, journalism and other professions while you, in fact, employ your muscles as solitary organs of thinking. Don’t you hound, silence or put experts in exile if they don’t agree with your callous and precarious behaviors?

Do you mind looking at your own hands at this moment, please? Aha! Your decorated wrists and fingers with diamond and gold trinkets look soft and clean! However; are your hands really unsoiled and shiny as they appear in this bogusly garnished African peoples’ hall? How many of you have hands doused with blood? How many of you eliminated even your own colleagues and comrades, during your journeys and ascensions towards power? How often you direct your soldiers to kill your fellow Africans for no apparent reason? How many of you wreak ethnic fracas to stay in power? How often you coerce your flunky judges to rule in favor of your chair? How many million innocent people die, languish in jails, and suffer from torture under your wicked rules? How many children live under orphanage because you wiped out their parents? How many parents shed tears as we speak because you executed, arrested and locked up their children? Do people elect robbers, butchers and murderers? Do you still assume that you represent Africans? Shame on you!

I wish we had the opportunity to discuss concepts and ideas that foster development and annihilate misery in Africa. Unfortunately, however; what we see in this China made African hall are collections of heads engorged with lusts of power and material treasure. Sorry for wasting your WHISKY and STEAK time. Enjoy the Africans’ flesh and blood until you face the final call known as death-a natural conqueror that cannot be embezzled, tortured or exterminated.

With best disregards,
Belayneh Abate

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A note to the readers: This article is the modified version of the article published in 2008.

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  1. Hitman
    | #1

    Our African brother, Mister Eitman?My only response Sorry, I do not belive in that industry based on premodial basis of identity.My culture,belive system and my world view is uniquely different as day and night.Africa is the only continuent comprised of Arabs, Bantu,,Berber,Hmaites,Semites and Whites. Do not get me wrong that I have high regard for individuals like the late Sedat Senghor of Senegal and the late Julice Nyerrer, Chinua Achebe,Joe Salvo and Ruth First,Nealson Mandela, Robert Mugabe, Albie Sach, chief Justice of South Africa and Professor Issa Shiviji of Tanzania, among several others.Clearly I do not understand the purpose of AU. For decades, the black African leaders,who are incorrigably corrupted seems to have no sense of direction and the continunet is rife with civil-war and man made starvation.What is this AU celeberating while the continuent is doomed!Can someone remind these leaders to Pay their debt which is in thrillion.”Consume what it does not produce, produce what it does not consume”,how apt this remark by the late Micheal Manely of Jamica,given the current situation of Africa.Personally speaking AU is an ultimate jock I share your anger and frusteration about these black leaders

  2. Anonymous
    | #2

    በሲያትል ገብርኤል ያሉ ሐሳዊ መሲህ ካህናት ከፈሪሳውያን የተለዩ አይደሉም:: የዋሁንና ምንም የማያውቀውን ሕዝብ እነርሱ የካዱትን የእግዚአብሔርን ስም ተጠቅመው ምእመኑን እየዘረፉና እያዘረፉት ይገኛሉ:: በዚህ ምክንያት ይህን ቤተክርስቲያን ለፍተውና ገንዘባቸውን አፍሰው የመሰረቱት ግለሰቦች እንዲሁም ቤተክርስቲያኑን ያገለግሉ የነበሩ አባሎች በአሁኑ ሰዓት ደብሩ ውስጥ አይታዩም::

    ይባስ ብለው በዛሬው እለት ቤተክርስቲያኑን እንደግል ንብረታቸው በመቁጠር ሶስት ፖሊሶች አቁመው ሕዝቡን ሲሳደቡና ሲያዋርዱ ውለዋል::መቸም በፍቅረ ንዋይ ሰክረው ብልግናቸውና አለማፈራቸው ገደብ የለውም:: ከኬንያ ድረስ ተሰደው ሄደው በረሃብና በቸነፈር ሲንገላቱ ከከረሙ በኋላ ወደ ሲያትል አምጥተን አንቀባረን ይዘንና ድንቅ የሆነ ቤተክርስቲያን አሰርተን በአደራ ሰጠናቸው:: አዲስ መኪናም እየነዱ ነው::እኛ ደም ተፍተን ያልኖርበት ቤት ውስጥ እየኖሩ ነው::በጎንደርና በአዲስ አበባም ቤቶች አሰርተዋል:: የአረንጓዴ ታክሲ የሚባለውም ባለቤቶች ሁነዋል::

    እንዲህ ዓይነት መነኩሴዎች አይታችሁ ታውቃላችሁ? እኛ የምናውቀው መነኩሴ አንድ ጭብጥ ቆሎና አንድ ኩባያ ውሃ ጠጥቶ አምላክን አመስግኖ ድንጋይ ተንተርሶ ሲተኛ ነው የምናውቀው:: ከዚያ ከነፍሰ ገዳይ አሁን በሲኦል እየተቃጠለ ካለው አመጸኛው መነኩሴ ከወያኔው ከአባ ፓውሎስ በምን ይለያሉ? ባጎረስኩ እጄን ተነከስኩ ሆኖ አሁን ደም ተፍተን የሰራነውን ቤተክርስቲያን ገዳም ብለነዋል ብለው ሊነጥቁን በጥድፊያ ላይ ናቸው::

    በዚያ ላይ ዘረኞች ናቸው::ልክ እንደ ወያኔ ራሳቸውን በዘር አደራጅተው በእግዚአብሔር ቤት ውስጥ ዘረፋ እያካሄዱ የክርስቶስን ቤት የወንበዴዎች ዋሻ አርገውታል:: የዘመኑ የሲያትል ፈሪሳውያን ሆነዋል::ወንጌሉ መቀለጃና መነገጃ እየሆነ ነው::

    ይህ ሁሉ ሲሆን የሲያትል ገብርኤል ምእመን ምን እያረገ ነው? አስመሳይ ካህናትንና ዘመናዊ መነኩሴዎችን እስከመቼ በቁጭት ዝም ብሎ ይመለከታል? የአባትህ ቤት ሲዘረፍ አብረህ ዝረፍ የሚባለውን ዓይነት ተረት ነው:: ወያኔ ሲጫወትብ

  3. ግሩም
    | #3

    Time to read this article below in remembrance of Africa and OAU.

  4. gelam
    | #4

    Mr. Belayneh, You have mentioned many points which I also share with you. But you are such a dreamer and an idealist. You telling the leaders what you even can not do it at personal level. Try to look at yourself first. Do you wear Ethiopian dresses and shoes? Do you fly with Ethiopian Flights….? And I guess you may have a decorated house in Addis Ababa. How many of these household items are brought from abroad and how many are local products?

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