Abugida Ethiopia American Television Network – Week of August 31 2007

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  1. Dreamer
    | #1

    Happy Millenium for all and happy “Alicha millinum” for those who travel to ethiopia.

    P.S.: Alicha Millinumm because berbere is very expensiv.

  2. Central Europe
    | #2

    Hi artist Kuribachaw Woldemariam!

    You are a fantastic artist. I love your way of expressing life with music and dance.

    God bless you Madam!


  3. abdulkadir Mohamod
    | #3

    It sounds the author of that poem is Ato Bedru of the Norway NOT Yemisrach Abebe. In that case, it is NOT approprate for Yemisrach to pretend as if she is the author of it. Please rewind back your media player and listen as she said, “The naririator and the author of this poem is, me , Yemisrach Abebe”
    Yemisrach need to appologize her audiance. Other than that it was such a nice program , keep it up Abugidas!!
    thank you!! yours- Abdulkadir.

  4. Abera
    | #4

    What the hell is Abdulkadir talking about? It “It sounds?” idiot…you are a TPLF supporter trying to divert attention and pre-occupy the Abugida yungsters from doing their service!!

    Keep your dirty bandit comments for your self.

  5. | #5

    Kuribachew is the one & only.

  6. abdulkadir Mohamod
    | #6

    Oh my god Abera! I can belive you are such a judgmental. First of all, I would like to tell you that I am not TPLF’s supporter. I really really hate woyane and I am a big supporter of abugidas. I am also a big fan of Yemisrach Abebe, but that doesnt mean she doesnt deseve negative but constructive comment. You need to keep in-mind that criticism is the only civilized way in cultivating young amatures for them to be more credible so they can maintain more accurate journalism approach when they perform their dedicated service. Unlike your assumption, the purpose of my comment on that particular performance is just to make Yemisrach Abebe more carefull proffessional on her job NOT to demoralize her and that’s what critics is matters and that’s all about it. Abera, where did you find that “Idiot and dirty bandit comment” you’re talking about?
    yours- Abdulke

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