Jawar’s behaviorial disorder can only be described as, ….! By Yegonchaw!

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I will be very brief, as all the headlines speak volumes, about Jawar Mohammed’s behavioural disorder.

Jawar was an unknown quantity, until recent years, in familiar Ethiopian Diaspora’s struggle against the TPLF’s dictatorial regime.

A couple of years ago, he egoistically took the opportunity to disguise himself under the cover of a young ‘researcher, intellectual and future generation’ of Ethiopia with a vision of 21st century. I am afraid he sunk into darkness and has already committed political suicide dragging a few along with him into gravely dug catacombs.

I, as with many compatriots, am concerned that he has gained centre stage in many of our fronts and could spoil or even poison those hard earned relationships and the progress made; if he is not challenged, rectified or stopped from his destructive conducts, sooner than later.

The Ethiopian Muslims’ courageous and peaceful resistance is one such exemplar front that we are so proud of and inspired by. This movement has won the hearts and minds of millions of people in and outside Ethiopia, regardless of the TPLF’s scaremongering. I for one wrote about it quiet frequently and am a strong advocate of it.

This genuine relationship and its momentum is growing day by day which signifies our (Muslims, Christians and others) century old shared core values, history and traditions which bonded us timelessly. Events and progress made in this respect are truly remarkable and attract everyone with courage and inspiration. But I am equally concerned that Jawar and his likes have gained full access and centre stage. I really do not know how else I could say this without being sensitive to our ‘reborn’ spirit whilst I am expressing my deepest concern and dismay not to jeopardise and damage our struggle. I hope and pray that our good ‘God/Allah’ shall protect it/us, but we should not look away with the full knowledge of recent and disturbing development by Jawar.

Jawar has been in the spotlight for the last couple of weeks being caught whilst playing his most destructive role. Firstly, during a television discussion on Aljazeera, he disheartened me and many others, by asserting himself as if he had the mandate to speak on behalf of millions of proud Ethiopian Oromo people, to suggest that their national (Ethiopian) identity is imposed on them and therefore he alleged that his views are shared by all Oromo people. This is in my view criminal assertions knowing that Oromo is the great people and the core of Ethiopia. How on earth can such a ‘little minded child’ dare to tarnish the identity, nationhood, history and much more of our sacred existence into turmoil?
Who does he think he is? A ‘little man’ from a ‘remote’ village who left Ethiopia in his early youthhood’ to venture into Taiwan, Indonesia, perhaps (though he didn’t say, Afghanistan?) before he landed in the US where he claims he is only ‘learning’ though he is indulging himself as accomplished scholar or even ‘Prophet’.

He has made the most atrocious and unsubstantiated allegations that his and the likes of him, whose birth names which have tribal meaning, were denied and forced to change them by officials into ‘Amhara/Amharic’ names. This is one deceitful fabrication amongst other hateful and madness claims. This is not from the learned and fertile mind, but from one that is full of bigotry, shallow and which is totally ignorant of its own history and reality. I was absolutely baffled to hear all these and no doubt these allegations are not without ulterior motives.

All Ethiopians, both at home and in the Diaspora, have suffered a great deal of human misery following on from the TPLF’s brutal and ethnocentric regime monopolisation of power in Ethiopia. Ethiopia as a country, our history, culture, religion and land have been eroded and tarnished. Above all, ordinary citizens have been tortured, jailed and forced to leave their beloved country in huge numbers where majority ended up in most tragic circumstances.

We have allowed TPLF’s brutal regime to be in power for so long whilst committing such dreadful act of barbarity and crime is not because it is strong but we collectively got weaker through internal divisions and every positive step made has been hijacked and dragged backwards by selfish groups and individuals for their sinister motives and we shouldn’t allow this to happen anymore.
Lately, I have been encouraged by the fact that most people and groups are getting back to their senses and strengthening our unity on the basis of shared values, principles and common goals to bring about sustainable change and democracy in Ethiopia. However; our journey to date is very costly and lengthy and we still have a long way to go. Thus, we cannot afford any more delays or destruction.
Jawar is constantly mutating like the expression goes as a ‘chameleon’ to advance whatever hidden interest that he may have.

Just a brief reflection on some of the incidents and events that I have come across since Jawar’s engagement into our struggle is quiet unsettling.

First of all, he exploits his current position as the so called ‘researcher and analyst’ in the US higher education institutional trade mark as a licence for his legitimacy and trustworthiness without earning any tangible credentials. Most of his rhetoric and mantras are mouthful, empty words and phrases with no substance in them at all.
A couple of years ago, he was invited by Adis Dimtse radio host, Ato Abebe to engage in a teleconference discussion with activist Tamagne on current situation in Ethiopia. Jawar aborted the discussion prematurely and abruptly following on from a rational comment to his commonly known, now hateful assertions. He behaved like an immature toddler who runs away with a massive tantrum because things didn’t go his way. Since then, Jawar’s name has left a sour taste in most people’s mouths. A great many people were very disappointed and even begged him to comeback, perhaps out of desperation and naivety that he was a young and promising future of Ethiopia, Not!

However; he has gradually made a comeback where he was not only welcomed but also given centre stage on many fronts of Ethiopians in the Diaspora’s movement including; ESAT, Ethiopian Muslims Peaceful Resistance and Adis Dimtse Radio.
Seemingly, he has been acting less controversial to suit his borrowed uniform and ‘straight jacket’ labelled as ‘expert and analyst’. Needless to say, most of his talks are hardly from a leaned mind’s rather mouthful words and fabricated rubbish. I am not a Psychologist, but ‘common sense’ tells me that in spite of his outwardly over confident actions, he might be suffering from some sort of disorder or he is an incredibly insecure individual who is crying out for attention at any cost.

In his most recent video clips, he was making unfounded historical fabrications when he was addressing Ethiopian Muslims in Minnesota (US), preaching to his fellow Muslims and Oromo people (whom he claimed are all Muslims) to liberate ‘fellow Muslims in Gondor, Axum….’ from Orthodox Abyssinians. Apparently for such a ‘learnt scholar’, the justifications for his animosity and ‘Jihadist call’ is based on a single reference, a ‘so called friend grew up in Gonder that he befriended with’. What ‘a compelling story’ which inspires the Great Jawar to call upon his fellows to ‘concur and restore’ history by building more mosques in Gonder, Axum, Lalibela?

Do you realise that this is a perfect recipe for TPLF to use it as a scaremongering propaganda tool against Ethiopian Christians. Here we go! ‘…. the great grandson of ‘Mohamed the left’ has declared a ‘Jihadist war’ against the Abyssinian Orthodox. …. Brace yourself!

I wanted to know whether Jawar had something ‘intoxicating’ in the bottle of ‘water’ that he was sipping to quench his thirst as he verbalised those hateful words which shall haunt him for many years to come.
What a maverick scholar! If he is one, he seems to be shifting his paradigm by the minutes;

As an activist, he preaches tolerance, unity and confidence.
As an extremist, he preaches animosity, division and vengeance.

As a ‘seasoned scholar’, he pretends to advance ‘expertise, knowledge and wisdom’.
Quite frankly, Jawar’s behavioural disorder and actions can only be described as ‘Intellectual Prostitution!’

United we shall win, divided we fail!

  1. tn.
    | #1

    how is it that “suddenly” jawar became a sick man to amharists?

  2. ጋዜጠኛ ብሆን?
    | #2

    ጃዋር በአልጀዚራ በተናገረው በተመለከተ ጥሩ ጽሁፍ አንብቤያለሁ
    የሰውዬውን ስብዕና ሳይነካ ሃሳቡን ተችቶ ያቀረበ ነበርና ቢያነቡት
    ሐሳቡን በተመለከት ትችቱ የታለ?
    የርስዎ አባባል ከያሬድ ጥበቡና ፕሮፌሰር ተኮላ የሚባሉት ከሰጡት ጋር ይበልጥ ይቀራረባል
    እባካችሁ ለፈጣሪ ስትሉ ሰው ከመስደብ ታረሙ

  3. Anonymous
    | #3

    He might looking funds for personal use inthe ne of freedom from terrorists governments

  4. Garo
    | #4

    Here we again! If an Oromo man can’t speak for himself who can? And where should one come from to speak on this topic? It looks like at least from this writer’s assertion only certain people from certain area may be with certain blood line can speak on this topic. I wonder who these people are and where they come from. May be from Ankober?

  5. Oromo
    | #5

    what a cheap writing. I wasted my time. You people are in denial. The way you are acting now, Oromia is gone forever not to be part of Ethiopia who harbor such a hate and fear against the Oromo people.

  6. Konjit Kassa
    | #6

    Jawar is a product of hate. His birth place is not far from Arbagugu and
    Bedeno, where OLF and OPDO carried out genocide against thousands of
    Amharas indiscriminately. This guy, grew up as an Amhara hater and none
    what so ever can change his narrow ethno – centric mindedness. There is
    a saying “a fish stinks more at its head”, that is who Jawar is all about.

  7. Abdata
    | #7

    So if someone has different opinions than you, he is your enemy? Is that what you’re saying? If you think he speaks for the Oromo minority, why do you care so much?

  8. Babu
    | #8

    Dear writer, who probably used a fake name; you piled up a word salad on the screen just to confuse the issues. I did follow the controversies from both sides. Things are not like you want us to believe, but Jawar stood his ground both for his ethnicity( Oromo) and religion(Islam). You must have a lapse of memory when you wrote your piece or may be you are what you accuse of Jawar. In this century one has to accept differing ideas even if they are not his or her liking. What Jawar said is espoused by many Oromos and progressive Ethiopians who see the need to acknowledge past grievance and work for mutual benefit and peaceful co-existence. He publicly claim he is first and formost an Oromo, period.He chose to describe himself that way. What is wrong with it?
    As saying goes ” old habits die hard” and I see an engraved distorted and and abnormal thought process. It may be your thinking development is arrested at the era of HIM.

  9. Anonymous
    | #9

    He is full of inferring himself

  10. Dawi
    | #10

    Jawar loves the ethnic federation as OLF wrote it?

    He has no problem with how Woyane started but has a problem where it has reached today because he wants to take his turn to run the Ethiopian state “replacing” Woyane in my view with OLF; hence, he can’t help having the big issue with Meles’s and now HD’s vision of “the developmental state” paradigm because that thinking ends (thanks god!) the lunatic dreams of all ethnic warlords in our country once for all.

    The irony is this guy was sent to learn [how they do it]in Singapore & Malaysia.

    | #11

    It’s not hard to figure out and it’s is a given that the people who blame other ethnic groups instead of TPLF are TPLF themselves. It has been almost 40 years since the multi-ethnic Ethiopian HaileSelassie died and still these brainwashed people still blame the Amhara ethnic group while TPLF looting the country, locking up and killing their children. Sorry, Abugida, your website is bombarded by the heartless woyanes.
    Sadly these days, not only in Ethiopia, but people around the world sell their souls to the mighty dollar. There is no doubt that the calculated, merciless killers and looters in Ethiopia spend millions of blood money to soulless people to spy on peace and democracy seeking Ethiopians. TPLF is united and it’s easy for them to operate to commit their dirty deeds regardless to breakup the opposition party, looting, killing or whatever it is. The opposition party MUST UNITE UNDER ONE UMBRELLA. THE UNITY OF ETHIOPIANS IS A NIGHTMARE FOR TPLF!

  12. Mehret
    | #12

    J is right he is first Oromo is there any problem?

  13. galeta
    | #13

    Let me make myself clear first. I am an Eritrean but not necessarily HGDF-
    Why are so many people (amhara elite) Barking at Jawar. The reason is that untill recently, the Amhara elite never crossed their mind that other peoplele from other ethnic Groups could be intellectuals eexpressing their views and feelings. Writing and discussing history seemed to be patented only to the Amharas. Now when the amghara bondage is gone andd we, the other people in the region express ourselves , they are getting bersek.We are not even allowed to write our history as told by our parents, and feelings.
    Of course, the amharic adage “ye wega biresa, yetewega ayream” is very relevant.
    If the Amhara elite want to keep the unity of ethiopia, first they have to learn to listen and stop to leacture us how stupid we are or how ethnocentric we are. Unity involves two or more actors, and that is the choise of the actors.

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