Jawarian tragedy By Robele Ababya

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The narcissist political activist and orator (leader?) of the Jawarian ethnic clan trading in the name of the great Oromo Ethiopians told the world that there are 50 million Muslims in Ethiopia of which 80% or 40 million are Muslim Oromos. But the young blood thirsty demagogue with insatiable lust for power did not disclose his source for his wild claim of the numbers.

The fabricator of the divisive statistics has no one to blame but himself for the tragedy of political bankruptcy that is going to haunt him for the rest of his life and bring shame to his alma mater.

Notwithstanding my deep respect for the heroic Ethiopian Muslims for their peaceful and lawful struggle for their constitutional rights, I am bitter about the concocted Jawarian statistics being used to divide Christians and Muslims and poison their relatively harmonious co-existence spanning 1434 years.

I want to disclose that one of my close friends that stood at my wedding as one of the three best men at the celebration was a Muslim from Harar and me an Orthodox Tewahedo Christian from Shoa. We were friends for nearly 50 years when death separated us; and I wept stricken by grief recalling all those years replete with trust, sharing of secrets, rejoicing Christian and Muslim holidays, feasting at each other’s house, chatting in Oromiffa when our mothers were present for none of the duo spoke in Amharic. Interestingly we spoke in Amharic as soon as our Mums engaged in their private conversations.

A striking example which I will never forget! A jet airplane fighter pilot, named Ismael (Captain?), died in an airplane crash. As preparation for his funeral was underway according to the IEAF regulations, his sister produced a will expressing his wish to be buried at the cemetery reserved for IEAF personnel, a site located at the foot of the hill beneath Saint Rufael Church at the top overlooking the city of Debre Zeit and the Air Force Base. The Administrator of the Church declined to give permission on grounds of religion. The matter was brought to the then General Manager of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Christian Church. He too was unable to decide. The dispute was finally brought to the Monarch in His capacity as Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces. Emperor Haile Selassie made a historic decision with His immortal remarks rebuking the Church officials. In effect, He ruled that here on earth political expediency is dividing the living. There is no reason that this practice should affect the dead resting in peace. Go and fulfill the wishes of the fallen pilot.

So Ismael was laid to rest at the graveyard beside his fallen friends in the service of their country, Ethiopia.

The enormously resonant rallying revolutionary song “Tenesa Teramed” aired nationwide in 1974 was rooted in the culture of the Imperial Ethiopian Air Force (IEAF) that rebuffed divisive religious or ethnic issues among its members by affectionately embracing the role of unity in diversity.

Ethiopian Demographics relevant to this piece
The following statistics extracted from the CIA Factbook updated in 2013. The CIA follows the Ethiopian Central Statics figures in compiling its information.
Ethnic groups
Oromo 34.5%, Amara 26.9%, Somalie 6.2%, Tigraway 6.1%, Sidama 4%, Gurage 2.5%, Welaita 2.3%, Hadiya 1.7%, Affar 1.7%, Gamo 1.5%, Gedeo 1.3%, other 11.3% (2007 Census).
Oromigna (official regional) 33.8%, Amarigna (Amharic) (official) 29.3%, Somaligna 6.2%, Tigrigna (official regional) 5.9%, Sidamigna 4%, Wolayitigna 2.2%, Guaragigna 2%, Affarigna 1.7%, Hadiyigna 1.7%, Gamogna 1.5%, other 11.7%, English (official) (major foreign language taught in schools), Arabic (official) (1994 census)
Orthodox 43.5%, Muslim 33.9%, Protestant 18.6%, traditional 2.6%, Catholic 0.7%, other 0.7% (2007 Census)
91,195,675 (July 2012 est.).Country comparison to the world: 14

Deductions from the above data
The CIA Factbook estimate (2013) Ethiopian population is estimated at 91, 195, 675. Therefore:-

•The number of Ethiopian Muslims is 30, 915, 334. The 50 million Muslims in Ethiopia which the Jawarians claim, exceed the official number by 19, 192,130

•Orthodox 43.5%, Protestant 18.6%, traditional 2.6%, Catholic 0.7%, other 0.7% (2007 Census) add up to 66.1% or 60,883,145

•The fabricated Jawarian statistics puts the number of Ethiopian Muslims at 50 million, which translates to 54.945% of the entire Ethiopian people, a whopping difference of 21.045% from the official figure of 33.9% on the high side

•80% Oromo Muslims amount to 40 million – compared to the official estimate of 30,915,334 Muslims of all ethnic groups

Quite an array of numbers incentive for lunatic clan of warriors in the 21st century equipped with Machetes on a Jihadist mission to engender an Islamic Oromia state. These demagogues must be nipped in the bud for as the old adage goes “a stich in time saves nine”. Lo and behold, the nostalgia of Ahmad Gragn’s ruinous adventure is rearing its head in vain, but must be kept in check. I dare say that this generation has a responsibility to do so as descendant of Ethiopis, according to history lesson I was taught in class as a young boy during the Imperial regime.

The ethnic grouping overlooks the overwhelming majority due to mixed marriages. For example, if the mother is an Oromo and the father is an Amhara their child is classified as an Amhara – and vice versa. It is possible that siblings from an Oromo mother can be half-brothers or half-sisters and classified as Amhara or Oromo ethnic group. It would be a catastrophic scenario if such siblings fighting each other if at all the ill-conceived wishes of the myopic Jawarian clan succeed.

Menelik II was born of an Amhara father and an Oromo mother in Shoa, but classified as an Amhara. It is confirmed by written records and anecdotally that Ras Gobana Dacche under the Monarch was a famous Oromo persona who had made significant contribution to the development of modern Ethiopia.

In this digital age, radicalizing intra-religion, inter-religion, intra-ethnic or inter-ethnic division will aggravate the sufferings of the interests of masses living as slaves in abject poverty. What the Ethiopian people now need is a united leadership to bring the ongoing demonstrations to a thunderous climax of peaceful mega-demonstration nationwide to usher in an all-inclusive regime.

Finally, I for one am deeply grateful to my role model Emperor Menilik II and the famous Oromo persona, Ras Gobana under His command, for their foresight in the development of modern Ethiopia, preserving our independence during the era of the scramble for Africa. I pray that any attempt to discredit their legacy is met with vehement rebuff at all costs.
I close this piece with my daily mantra, which is: Demand the immediate and unconditional release of all prisoners of conscience including Andualem Aragie, Eskinder Nega, Bekele Gerba, Reeyot Alemu, Leaders of the Ethiopian Muslims et al!


  1. Bemnete Nerelegn
    | #1

    Dear Sir,
    Thank you very much for your critical factual information provided regarding Juharian lies.He is sick in the head.He needs psychiatric treatment.At the critical time of the country’s political and social crisis we cannot entertain such garbage.Forget him he will die a natural death.
    Thank you

  2. Garo
    | #2

    Who is doing the census? That is the problem.For one thing there is no actual census done except 1984. That was when the UN financed and hired experts and sent out people to almost every village. Once the counting was done the group gave the result to the DERG regime and UN asked the government to release it. The derg refused. From that time on we kept seeing the fifty percent figure on some US government websites.

    I don’t believe these figures came out of nowhere. It is very likely this information came from the actual census.It is possible the US government had access to this information. So the TPLF being aware of what those number mean came out with a different number. That is why we are seeing a new number.

    I repeat it is only one time in the history of that country that actual census was. The rest is just from samples taken and based on those samples projections were made.

    Census in Ethiopia is a very sensitive issue. whether we like or not those numbers mean something.That is why we see fighting over numbers.

    We can say with some degree of certainty that keeping the muslim number down gives a political advantage to the ruling elite which is mostly christian. So it is fair to assume there is some degree of number games.

    This issue is not limited to religion. It is not beyond realm of possibility to assume ethnic numbers are being tampered with. Some numbers are exaggerated some are under counted by putting certain groups with others although they are distinctly different. For example I belive groups like Qemant are under counted. Because having lived in those areas I know this group is bigger than is being reported. I believe the regional administration has kept the number down to keep other group up.

    So we know we really do not have the real number. We also know the oppressed group is very likely to be misrepresented. The number game is a part of political game. Like the politics of the country there is too much emotion involved. We know a lot of people don’t trust this government. I am surprised to see some of those people including this writer who don’t trust this government chose to take this number reliable.

  3. Bemnete Nerelegn
    | #3

    Dear colleague,
    Thank you very much for the commmentary on the distorted population statistics of Ethiopia.Correct information is power and excellent weapon for any one who want to use it.We need to concentrate on the wider issue instead of side trucking.It is disturbing that Gurages are 2 % of the population!!!Check your facts.God forgive for the sin,

  4. Anonymous
    | #4


    A stich in time saves nine: Thanks for this great write up Robele and showing the want to be scholar to be careful with his figures and misleading fictitious statements.

    Regarding Jawar I say


  5. Selam
    | #5

    Very interesting perspective on the following link:-
    ‘Are you Oromo First or Ethiopian First?’
    Posted on July 19, 2013 • Posted in Uncategorized • 1 Comment
    By Awol Allo

  6. GG
    | #6

    If we concentrate on what has happened in history, it won’t make us move forward – even an inch. The events that happened in the past were ‘right’ by the then standards and we can’t change them now. Whatever their strengths and weaknesses were our forefathers and fathers have handed us a country called ETHIOPIA. If the current generation is wise enough, our children and grandchildren will have a better Ethiopia – strong and united. It does not matter who the leader is (Amhara, Tigray, Oromo, Sidama, Somalia ….) but our focus should be on making a better Ethiopia. Otherwise, we will be blamed by the next generation just as were are blaming our ancestors. And for the OLF extremists, Ethiopia is too small to be divided into Ethiopia and Oromia. Remember the united Ethiopia will be much much better, any time, than the states the OLF is dreaming.
    Regarding religion, I personally do not really care what percentage is Islam or christian. Both religions are imported. And if they are to be the cause for our societal conflicts, I wish both religions go back to where they come from. There is no point in having them. Religions are created to bring ‘peace on earth’ and ‘eternal life after death’. And if they fail to fulfill the former one, there is also no guarantee for the later.

    Please, this song for all of you. IMAGINE – BY JOHN LENNON

  7. Kumessa
    | #7

    Mr. Issays Afeworki are you Eritrean or Ethiopian?If anyone can not be offended by my response that I am born Eritrean and I will remain Eritrean since it sealed in blood.Therefore,why is this hue and cry by some segements of society to deny Jawhar for being an Oromo and will remain Oromo till doomesday. It is beyond comprehension No one can deny they are the vast majority of the pouplation in East-Africa and owned 60% of the natural resources.So what is wrong with Oromos for taking a step to take their own fate in their own hands.Ethiopia is merely a social, intellectual and psycological constract.Yes, the histroy of Oromos are repleted with betryals:Menelik used Gobena,Haile Selassie used Hapte Gerorgis and Gersue Duki, Derg used Haile Fida and Senay Likki.The rest as they say:histroy.The young generation of Oromos are clamoring for freedom,which is their birth right.So why is this all negative energy to stifle the spirit of Oromos nationaliesm.Enough is enough.

  8. Shewa
    | #8

    I am not happy with the arrangement and movements that excluded me, as I am a person who cannot simply claim to be this or that ethnic group for several reasons. Of course, people could be within the umbrella of their ethnic identity and interest, but the right (political and economic) of any other person should also be respected.

    Which is first? The answer depends on the scale you are talking and also you are living in! First you are yourself, then your family, then your sub-clan, clan, Ethnic. Then, you will be country first then continent then world. For instance, are you Amhara or Oromo first? These are at equal level. At similar level within Arsi Oromos you could ask, are you Sebiro or Lode etc.. first? ??? Sure, we all born alone in to a family then the family form clan etc…! That is who you are..! But go to each Kebeles within your area/Harar or Arsi or Shewa or Amhara or Tigray/, what problem these things are causing as they are over and over highlighted.

    The challenge – which ethnic group to join? The question works well for non-mixed groups. If you are not mixed with Amhar or Tigre from Oromo then it is simple to reply. Sometimes you could be Hareri oromo who has already mixed with Somali, still you keep saying separate from this or that? for example a person like Jewhar or some of other Hareris are mixed with Somali – then they don’t like to separate from them Somali, but they donot want to see others. Still some in the town and rural village could reflect differently. But how about Shewas? Whoever ruling the country is dancing on. For many reasons, we are mixed with most. Well our grandfathers/ mothers/ community have suffered, left behind the economy and political game as they have to solve the language barrier. Now we are again doing the same to be active in Oromia politics and economy; of course I am not even legible for other Ethnic groups. The degree could vary but you could count in such incidence at all areas of the country (East to West, North to South) . The Shewa oromos in Gidole (Gamo Gofa) are systematically excluded from the political and economic run within Gamo Gofa; this remain the same for Shewas within Oromia (Bale, Arsi, Harer). If the father root is to be followed – the language could be a barrier, even if you overcome that – you are not fully accepted as you cannot 100% represent the specific ethnic group. I already learned the Harer and Arsi Oromos excluding me from being Oromo for the reason that I am Christian. Well the simple reason for most is, the Orthodox is from Amhara. Saying that but we don’t have reason to claim Muslim is ours (Oromias). We know how the protestant in Africa appear, however religion is not politics it is mind game through which you can get peace, that is why African still have the religion. So why you want to dirt others religion saying this came from here or there. I am not the only one in this country with such situation. First of all, the idea of Muslim dominated Oromo …ha ha..ha! Practically we saw the slaughtered Shewa Ormos in Jima along with others (non Oromos Christians) for the reason that they are non-Muslim – then what kind of muslim dominated Oromia are we talking!. Better to approach equality for all then sustainable peace and development could rain for all. Why not you all contribute for the sustainable solution of all groups questions for once and for all. A person who have experience through living and working know this.

    I hope in the future, all the political developments and movements will consider this sect of the mixed community. We are not small …. Imagine my grandfather, father have suffered to assimilate and speak the language that was imposed on them – they could not be active on the economy and political arena. Now again, I have to pass through the same! When do this sinusoidal effect on my community ends?. You can have two three four national languages, it is not because I can speak them but I need peace for myself and my grandchildren. Please .. please don’t try to solve only your interest which is part of the problem, your problem can be solved sustainably if you could try to answer the question of all.

    None of you will breathe the fresh air you are dreaming till all of the people are free. So always consider the other groups, the mix group, the other religion than yourself for optimum solution.

  9. GG
    | #9



    I understand what to say. But my concern is that peoples’ fundamental problems can’t be solved merely by having ‘independent state’ or ‘nationalist freedom’. There is no guarantee for peace among the people and prosperity to the ‘new state’. Yes, the Oromo people may have the same language and similar culture. But this is not enough for solidarity among them. No one can be sure that another new groups [say 'Welega or Arsi Liberation Fronts' ] won’t rise their guns against Oromia.

    So, my point is that we have to understand the root problems of the society – the Ethiopian society as a whole. In my opinion, like other African brothers, we are in a state of backwardness [poverty, illiteracy, overpopulation etc]. I think these are the main reasons that lead to the conflicts that we see on African soil. So, if we solve these sources of backwardness, we solve everything. There will not a nationalism or tribal issues. If you look in to the European history, they have passed the same stage that we are in now. Most European countries have hosted the bloodiest wars for religion, resources or for ideology differences. But now, when they solved their fundamental problems of backwardness, their issue is not about creating new countries – rather about creating a bigger/stronger country (European Union). So, the European history is a good lesson for us. We can create a strong Ethiopia without fighting. If we can’t now, our children will and what is expected from us is wisdom and patience!!!

  10. GG
    | #10

    GG :
    I understand what you want to say. But my concern is that peoples’ fundamental problems can’t be solved merely by having ‘independent state’ or ‘nationalist freedom’. There is no guarantee for peace among the people and prosperity to the ‘new state’. Yes, the Oromo people may have the same language and similar culture. But this is not enough for solidarity among them. No one can be sure that another new groups [say 'Welega or Arsi Liberation Fronts' ] won’t rise their guns against Oromia.
    So, my point is that we have to understand the root problems of the society – the Ethiopian society as a whole. In my opinion, like other African brothers, we are in a state of backwardness [poverty, illiteracy, overpopulation etc]. I think these are the main reasons that lead to the conflicts that we see on African soil. So, if we solve these sources of backwardness, we solve everything. There will not a nationalism or tribal issues. If you look in to the European history, they have passed the same stage that we are in now. Most European countries have hosted the bloodiest wars for religion, resources or for ideology differences. But now, when they solved their fundamental problems of backwardness, their issue is not about creating new countries – rather about creating a bigger/stronger country (European Union). So, the European history is a good lesson for us. We can create a strong Ethiopia without fighting. If we can’t now, our children will and what is expected from us is wisdom and patience!!!

  11. I am Oromo First
    | #11

    Truth is the only way out of misery!
    Mountains of lies, fabrication, intimidation, name calling, or hiding from truth will never save a nation!!!
    Very interesting points are raised by Robele to discredit, and ridicule Jowhar. But the article not only failed to discredit Jawhar, but rather exposed the lies, irrationality, chauvinism, and naked lies of the author.
    Unlike a reasonable, rational, commentator, Robele starts with libeling Jawhar, hurling unsubstantiated allegations against him, and even tries to intimidate him. He thus drags us into a murky crude mud that he gets stuck and sinks in. He tries to hide under the biased Abyssinian census that is fabricated and cooked and doctored up at Menelik’s palace in Arat Kilo, in his attempt to ridicule Jawhar.
    Leaving the fabricated and biased Ethiopian census alone for one, let me address some issues that Robele raised in his defence of Abyssinian hegemony and colonialism against the Oromo, Muslims, and other oppressed nations in Ethiopia, the country known as the “prison of nations.” Robele tries to blame Jawhar for the crimes, and injustices the oppressed nations like Oromos, Somalis, Sidamas, etc. were subjected to, and the religious intolerance and bigotry that existed in the past, and still exist today. Ethiopia was and still a country that Muslims are looked upon as a second class citizens at best, or as foreigners in worst case.
    I do not know which Ethiopia, and Haile Sellassie Robele is talking about. In Ethiopia, “The prison of nations, nationalities, and non-followers of Orthodox Christianity,” Muslims did not have any right. The imperial constitution clearly declares that the Tewahdo Orthodox Christianity is the official religion of Ethiopia, and no one other than a Tewahdo Orthodox Christians can be the king of that country. This is not only something written in the constitution of Ethiopia, but it is something that was strictly enforced. I ask Robele to go back and read the so called “Ethiopian constitution, and history.” Not only that Ethiopian kings or leaders cannot be non Tewahdo Orthodox (the religion Robele follows; there is nothing wrong with this religion or any other religion for that matter) they cannot even show fairness to members of other religions. A very recent example of that is the imperial coup against the legitimate heir and king of Ethiopia, “Lij Iyassu.” Haile Sellassie came to power by rallying anti-Islam forces, and dogging the Muslims in Ethiopia. Among the crimes listed by the feudal lords, Haile Sellassie, and the Orthodox church were that Lij Iyassu was very friendly with Muslims, sympathizes with Muslims, tries to see Muslims as equals with Orthodox Christians, was seen wearing Muslim clothing, etc. Being accused of being sympathetic and friendly to Muslims was a death knell, let alone being a Muslim in Ethiopia.
    As a young man, I remember a Naftanya brothel owner, or one of the million women (who are supposedly adherents of Orthodox christianity) known as “shermuxa,”telling an unexpecting Muslim passerby, “Agaru Ye Islam Messeleh Indee?” “ Agaru ye Amaaraa now iko! Ye Galla na Ye Islam ayimselih. Ante besbassa Galla, qix axabi Islam” But, in return if you respond or say “besbasa Amaaraa,” or exactly what she said, but substitute “Amaaraa”for “ Gaalla”, and “Orthodox/Amaaraa” for “Islam”, you will never see a day of light in your life again. They will take you to their kangaroo court accusing you of “kubur neka” or “defamation of the throne.” Meaning, you insulted Amaaraa, and Orthodox, the religion and ethnic group that the emperor comes from. Robele, which Ethiopia did you live in?
    Pre-Derg, the people in Oromo and other oppressed nations in the Ethiopian empire, paid three taxes. The first and the obvious one was to the government or what is known as “Mengist.” The second one was to “Riste Gulti” or Royal family of Haile Sellassie; and the third one was to “Bete Kihnet” or Orthodox church. I mean Orthodox church was a government within a government. They were king makers, and arbiters on the fate of Muslims and other non Orthodoxs in Ethiopia. I don’t know what kind of a “Muslim friend from Harar” that you had. He must be a brain dead Muslim from Harar. A self degrading, helpless soul with inferior complexity.
    It is hard for me to imagine a Muslim from Harar, who knows something about the history of his people, and what your role model, emperor Menelik did in Harar, would befriend a hard core, die hard Nafxanya like you. There is a church in the center of the city of Harar known as “Medhane Alem.” This church used to be a mosque before the Abyssian colonization of Harar. After defeating the Oromo and Harari Muslim at the battle of Challanqo, Menelik proceeded to the city of Harar. There, he entered the Mosque, and went up the minaret of the mosque. He then pulled out his genital infront of a French reporter and his servant and passed his urine in the mosque. And before his return to Shewa, he ordered the conversion of the mosque in the center of Harar to a church, that is known today as “Medhane Alem.” Not only that, Menelik also converted an Oromo shrine at Kulubbi to a church in commemoration of his victory over the Muslims and Oromos at Challanqo. The damn Abyssinian pilgrimage to Qullubbi in “Tahsas” is nothing more that the memorial of the Challanqo victory over Muslims and “Gallas.” I believe a day will come, when the Nafxanyas will be kicked out, and the churches at Kulubi, and Harar “Medhane Alem” will go back to what they used to be.
    Robele also came up with“breaking news” that deserves to be on BBC, CNN, Washington Post, New York Times, etc. if it is true. And that is, there was a Muslim Oromo pilot during Haile Sellassie that asked to be buried in a Christian cemetery. I seriously doubt this story, and I believe it is a fabrication of Robele to sweeten his story. There was a standing, confirmed, verified, and known policy that no Muslim, especially Oromo Muslim should be allowed to enlist in the police or military force of Ethiopia. The number of those allowed should be very limited, and that they should not be allowed to pass beyond non commissioned officers, lower than lieutenants (meto aleqa). I don’t know of any captain, or any pilot who was a Muslim in those days.
    At the time when Orthodox Christians can do anything and everything they wish, including sharing financial and political power of the country, the Muslims were denied to buy land and build mosques to pray in. Churches were built everywhere with the taxpayers money collected from including Muslims, and Oromos. Yet Muslims cannot build their mosques easily. There are areas that are off limit for Muslims to build mosques. One of these places is the town of Axum. Over the past sixty years or more Muslims there tried to build a mosque with their own money, when the Ethiopian government finances the building of cathedrals in this and in hundreds other cities. Muslims were attacked by Orthodox, and Tigre mobs every time they tried to build a mosque. On one occasion, the Muslim citizens of Tigray/Ethiopia went to complain about this injustice to senior Ethiopian and provincial officers, including Ras Mengesha Seyoun, a grandson of Atse Yohannes, and son-in-law of Haile Sellassie. It is reported that Ras Mengesha Seyoum told the Ethiopia Muslims that they are foreigners and cannot build a mosque. It is said that he said “Ye amora agaru warka; Ye Islam agaru Mecca.” Even to this day, the Muslims in Ethiopia cannot build a mosque in Axum. So, what Ethiopia, what tolerance, and what equality are you talking about? Actually, Jawhar was very conservative and did not tell you these horror stories that our forefathers faced in the past, and that we are facing now. Even now, in 2013, Muslims face a very stiff resistance and opposition if they try to build mosques even in places like Finfinnee (Addis Ababa.) Anytime Muslims communities in Addis Ababa try to build a mosque, churches would rally to oppose, and prevent its building. Check the news that were reported about religious conflicts, where Orthodox Christian mobs, burned mosques, and killed Muslims all over Ethiopia.
    I am not talking about Atse Tewodros, who declared that his three main objectives were: 1. To eliminate and destroy “the Gallas” 2. Fight the Muslims, and drive them out of Jerusalem, and 3. Unite Ethiopia ruled by Orthodox Tewahdo. Nor am I talking about Atse Yohannes, who massacred tens of thousands of Muslims in Wallo, and elsewhere simply for refusing to convert to Christanity. Thousands were pushed over cliffs to their death because they were Muslims, and not Ethiopians: as if the Orthodox Christanity introduced by the Syrian Arabs was an indigenous Abyssinian religion. Ato Robele, the history of Muslim persecution in Ethiopia, then and now is not something that can be written in few pages of this article. It is something that requires volumes of books. Had I not lived the miserable life as a Muslim in a country that was proud to label itself as a “Christian Island, Christian Kingdoms, etc” that denied the basic human, and citizens’ right to the Non-Orthodox Tewahdo Christians, I would have tempted to believe the fabricated fake stories cooked by Robele. A story as fake as his pen name “Robele Aba biya.” I lived in Ethiopia, in which an “Mo’a Anbessa ze’am negede Yehuda” that ruled oppressed the colonized nations and nationalities like the Oromo, Sidama, Afar, Somali, etc. A dynasty that targeted Islam, and the oppressed peoples as enemies. When in the Macha and Tulama Association of the Oromo people tried to organize themselves under Ethiopian state; they were forcefully crushed, and were labeled as criminals who wanted to replace, the “Mo’a Anbessa Zi’am Negede Yihuda” with “Mo’a Qotiyoo Zi’am negede Galla” Check your newspapers including “polis inna irmijjaw”, which published this fabricated story cooked to destroy Gen. Taddesse Biru, and other heroic Oromos; not traitors and enemy servants like Ras Gobena!
    The days of the emperors Tewodros, Yohannes, Menelik, Haile Sellassie, etc. are gone! Gone, never to come again!! The days of Oromo liberation is not far away!!! I strongly advise Ato Robele to let the nostalgic “golden age of Naftanya hegemony” go, and accept the reality on the ground. The reality that the Oromos, Sidamas, Somalis, Wolaytas, or for that matter any other oppressed group is on the verge of achieving their legitimate right of self determination, including seceding from Ethiopia and forming independent Oromiyaa, independent Ogadenia, independent Simdama, etc. If you think you can stop this tide by fabricating false stories that never existed, you are not fooling anyone; but only yourself. And unless you change soon, and accept the existing reality, you and your arrogance will be swept by the tide of revolution of the oppressed, against the oppressor or the Naftanya system, which you so much admire.
    Robele, you are a bigot and partial in your evaluation of history. You tend to imply that Gran Ahmed (Ahmed Gurane as Oromos call him) is a foreigner. If he is a foreigner, then you Naftanyas have no business in Harar, as Harar which he ruled is not Ethiopia as well. You cannot have it both ways, either both Ahmed Gran and Harar are Ethiopia, or both Ahmed Gran and Harar are foreign territory. If that is the case, please leave Harar alone, and go back to wherever you think you belong to. And if you think both Gran Ahmed and Harar are part of Ethiopia (I disagree on this), then you are not fair when you condemn Gran Ahmed and not Tewodros, Yohannes, etc. who were nothing, but Tewahdo Orthodox holy warriors, who openly declared war on Oromo, Sidama, Walayta, Muslim…, and massacred tens of thousands.
    Finally, I would say to you that the Ethiopian government, “Let the Oromo political prisoners, over 20000 of them, free! Let the peaceful Muslim leaders free!!! And let those journalists free!, Let all political prisoners free!” But as far as your Menelik, and the self hating Naftanya servant Gobana, I tell them “Go to hell, and burn forever!!!” Let God punish you for the misery you caused millions of people by selling millions into humiliation, subjugation and slavery. You would have loved Jawhar to be a Gobena. Unfortunately, he is a self respecting, intelligent person who does not shy away to tell the truth. And this is what you don’t like about him.

  12. Kato
    | #12

    Let the Oromo be Oromo first and find their peace of mind in that. Does that make the Oromo non-ethiopian? And then what? Are we now happy and fulfilled, our problems solved? Do we have at all a problem that is common to all? that needs to be dealt with. Or we find our fulfillment in regurgitating age old topics. Yes, people have been oppressed, mistreated etc. We all had our fair share.
    It’s about time that we learn from the past and stop disrespecting one another. What are the imminent issues that we need to focus on? provided we all agree there is one common problem that needs our attention. If we can’t solve the problem that is right at our door step how ate we going to solve that age old issue. Let’s move on and stop splitting hairs.

  13. Darkmanax
    | #13

    Too many differences!! Can we please stop for a second talking about our unlimited differences and talk aboutt our similarity, so that every individual can live together equally? I sometimes daubt weather you guys commeting on this forum are Ethiopin or ‘others’ with hiden Agenda? Ethiopia forever!!!!

  14. Oromumaa
    | #14

    You guys are as talking about something that happened years ago. And for the record the population you have posted here is from who? Who is CIA to know the demographics of that country. It is all fill in the blank paper given to ethiopian regime. They filled it up as they wish. I can tell you this no one has never did a census in the whole region I lived in that is one of the largest region. I am sure they are talking about Addis ababa population. It is either that or you guys did not travel around Oromo and other regions. Go and learn little more for what you said about Jawar you wish to be as good as him. He is the feature leader of that country.

  15. Kumessa
    | #15

    The Derg when in power dismally failed to implement the aspiration of Eritreans,Tigryans,Afar,Sidamas, Somalis and Oromos among major ethinic groups.The end result is the Tigryan when power since 1991 had only extended full sovernity to their ethinc and religious breathern, Eritreans. Who is to blamed for all this solveable problem is the Neftenas.They have identity crisis to identify themselves either as a Tigryan or Amharas. If you ask an Amhara from Northern Shoa,Wallo and Gonder they have no problem to identify themselves as Amharas. While those Neftenas born and reard eith in Jima,Sidamo and Wollega etc. they come under the guise of Ethiopia and being affronted if one asks are you an Amhara? What is even worse Neftenas have a definte views about the ablity of Non-Amharas and non_tigryans to rule themselves.That is why a lot people negatively reacted to Jawhar’s interview. I derided religious and ethinc extermeism but Oromos have alegtimate grivieviances

  16. dodo
    | #16

    Yes it is true that the proper census was made in 1984. The DERG refused to release it initially because the number of Amaras was SLIGHTLY MORE than the number of Oromos!!!! So the Oromos who were dominating the DERG were adamant that to release the figure would fortify the arrogance of “chauvanist Amaras” So it was DOCTORED AND THE NUMBERS WERE REVERSED, MAKING OROMOS SLIGHTLY MORE THAN AMARAS! this is a fact. Some senior employees of the Statistical Office who opposed the decision of the DEG have fled the country at that time and may still be around us with the correct figures

  17. Robele Ababya
    | #17

    What is more important at this material time is to place freedom of the individual ate the center of the struggle to bring justice, democracy, equality and prosperity in a united Ethiopia ruled by law of the people, by the people for the people.

  18. Robele Ababya
    | #18

    CORRECTION:What is more important at this material time is to place freedom of the individual at the center of the struggle to bring justice, democracy, equality and prosperity in a united Ethiopia ruled by law of the people, by the people for the people

  19. aha!
    | #19

    Amen to your to your # 18 remark, as being central to get rid of ethnic and secessionist politics and/or policies of the TPLF/eprdf regime of ethnic federalism, secessionism and totaliarinism and/or state capitalism, under the support of the teletafi (ethnic federalist) parties and loyalist opposition (ethnic federalist) parties of a constitution that gives precedence of ethnic and secessionist rights to individual rights, that of freedom liberty and equality and the right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and yet fighting the disgruntled OLF, which left the ruling party for armed struggle, lined up in its image as liberation front under the ideology of Ethnic nationalism and/or ethnic Islamism, now according Jawar Seid Mohamed, selling his agenda to the Middle East, contrary to the prevailing the movement Of Ethiopian Muslims, to say the least he puts his ethnicity ahead of Ethiopiawinet under the pretext of ethnic federalism, a division of Ethiopian land mass by major languages and/or ethnic groups, a fuzzy boundaries, serving as prelude to secessionism and future boundary conflicts as the case between Eritrea and Ethiopia, instead of leaving those original provinces in tact and forming federated autonomous states/provinces as in the united States.

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