I am Ethiopian first By Abebe Gellaw

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It has come to my attention that my brief Facebook comment regarding a few controversial statements made by Jawar Mohammed has been posted on ECADF’s website as an article. I had no intention of writing a series piece on the issue. Quite obviously, there is a big difference between a well-thought out lengthy commentary and a brief message in a particular context.

My intention was just to appeal for calm and harmony, a necessary effort lacking in our political discourse. Often times, a message without its context is open to misinterpretation and misunderstanding. So there seems to be a need to clarify.

Politics, as far as I understand, is a mechanism of managing conflict of interests. It is a means of building consensus through dialogue and compromise. Since the early 1960s, the major political conflict in Ethiopia has been between ethno-nationalists and nationalists. The forces on both ends of the political spectrum have not still found a middle ground that can bring them towards consensus and compromise.

My understanding is that Jawar is an ethno-nationalist. As an ethno-nationalist, he says he is an Oromo first. Unlike him, I am a nationalist. But that is not the major problem. The problem is the way he has chosen to articulate and present his views in question that have been widely perceived as inflammatory and divisive.

I firmly and fervently believe that I am an Ethiopian first. I do not wish to allow the ethnic origin of my predecessors and parents to define me as a human being and overshadow my Ethiopian identity.

Jawar said Ethiopian identity was imposed on him. On the contrary, I argue that such a position is fundamentally flawed. Nowhere in the world is anyone given choices of national identity.

The Chinese-American writer, Eric Liu, once said: “The next time someone uses denial of citizenship as a weapon or brandishes the special status conferred upon him by the accident of birth, ask him this: What have you done lately to earn it?” Our predecessors, who have bequeathed us a country called Ethiopia with all its faults, challenges and problems, have made huge sacrifices in blood and flesh so that we’ll never be stateless. We should rather make sacrifices to reclaim our country and make our citizenship more meaningful by winning our rights, as citizens, to live in our country with full dignity, freedom and equality. We should make Ethiopia a country where every citizen and ethnic group is equal.
Unfortunately, our birthplaces also define the major problems and opportunities we inherit. Ethiopia is not a perfect nation. Far from it, it is defective and faulty as a result of the age-old tyrannies and injustices we have been condemned to suffer collectively.

Like any nation, it offers unique challenges as well as opportunities. With all its problems and baggage, Ethiopia is a nation of 80 million people. Our destiny is intertwined. We are diverse and yet we are all Ethiopians, whether we like it or not. I believe that rejecting Ethiopia as our country is not a solution to any of the problems we are supposed to confront. We should rather make strenuous efforts to reconstruct Ethiopia as a country where all of its citizens live in freedom, harmony, justice, peace and prosperity.

In the new Ethiopia we envision, there should be no room for inequality, injustice and tyranny. It should never be a prison for its children, regardless of their political, ethnic or cultural backgrounds. No ethnic or political group should be allowed to impose hegemony at the detriment of the majority.

The worst challenges all citizens of Ethiopia, except the oppressors, face are political oppression, grinding poverty, indignity, inequality, injustice and discrimination, just to mention a few among so many. At this time and age, what has been imposed on us is not national identity but the tyranny of the TPLF, an extremist ethno-nationalist group whose aim was nothing more than seceding Tigray. That is why we should continue struggling to throw off this backbreaking tyranny from our shoulders.

As I have clearly stated in another Facebook post, addressed to Jawar, “No nation-state was formed through consensus and democratic deliberations. Nation-states emerged out of conflicts, conquests, occupations and colonialism. While almost all African states were created by the colonial powers, Ethiopia was formed through internal processes. It was a painful process but not even as painful as what Native Americans and Europeans, who had gone through two devastating [world] wars.”

“We Ethiopians do not need to be bitter about the past. We are not part of the old history. But we certainly need to preserve our country and make it a nation for all correcting past injustices and mistakes. We need to move forward with a united spirit. As long as we can bring about real equality, justice, freedom and democracy, we will be fine. That is what we should all fight for rather than dwelling on the past [and gnaw old bones]. It is the present and the future that really matter….”

While I called for unity rather than condemning each other, making such inflammatory and controversial statements that turned out to be divisive are not only wrong but also damaging to our common cause for freedom. I said Jawar had misspoken. The dictionary definition of misspeak is not to endorse or approve. It means, “To speak mistakenly, inappropriately, or rashly.” I think that should be clear enough. It was particularly wrong for Jawar to speak in such a divisive ethno-religious tone at a time when we desperately need to unify to overcome and overwhelm the divide-and-rule tyranny of the TPLF. That is where he misspoke, in my humble opinion, without completely disregarding so many positive contributions.

I was under the impression that calling for sanity and unity at this critical juncture in our struggle would not also be misconstrued as a sign of weakness. I always see myself as a moderate. Compromise for the sake of the greater good is at times a mechanism to avoid unnecessary conflict and feelings. Even if that was my intention, I believe that we Ethiopians should never compromise on anything that undermines our unity, freedom, harmony and peace.

After all, our aspiration is to rebuild a united nation that will accommodate every citizen as equal and guarantee the freedom of every individual citizen including those who believe that they are the byproducts of their cultural and ethnic heritage. For that to happen, we need to preserve Ethiopia, a country that we will all be proud of when we claim our freedom despite its troubles and predicaments.

Anyone is not entitled to apologize on behalf of Jawar. If any apologies are needed, no one but only Jawar is entitled to make. As far as I am concerned, I am nobody’s apologist.

That said, I will be disingenuous if I do not repeat my main message. Let us move on with a united spirit and focus on our just cause for freedom, equality and justice. That is much more important than the war of attrition and divisiveness that is derailing our gains. Whenever we have problems, we should first have the courage to address them in a civilized manne

  1. Kato
    | #1

    Amen to that Yilma.

    Let’s stop playing the victim as if only one particular group suffered. We all had our shares. We should know better and have a foreward looking spirit for the sake of all Ethiopians.
    Long live ETHIOPIA

  2. Kibrom
    | #2

    Very many Ethiopians fail to understand the difference between Oromo nationalism and Tiryan nationalism. The former has an element of inferiority complex while the latter is imbued with superiority complex.However, both claim to be Oromos and Tigrayans (Tegaru) first.
    Ethiopiawinet is secondary and trivial for the two schools of ethno-nationalism. When the TPLF routed our the OLF,the Oromo nationalists suffered ethnic traumas and got demoralised. Many even camr to the conclusion that the Oromos have little or no chance of winning the struggle against the TPLF.

  3. Ethiopia 1st
    | #3

    Let me ask a question which is totally out of this topic, the questions is not for Abebe rather for all “nationalist claimants”. Do you see any similarity and differences between Ethiopian prisoners? Oromo and Non Oromo. Everyone is advocate to free Eskinder and Andualem, forget/ less advocates or not asks about Bekel Gerba and Olbana. I am friend for both Eskinder and Bekel. I love both, my point is why Johar started to argue differently, and can’t we sense something? Both Ethiopian prisoners (Bekele and Eskinder) who are victims of the Ethiopian politics are treated different when it comes to right issue. This is rally ridicules. Please go back and read many articles produced around Ethiopian politics since Eskindir and Bekele’s imprisonment. My advice is for all. Healed from hatred politics, come back to you conscience, until you reach that levels of maturity, it is a must you have to stay under TPLF/ EPRDF yoke.

  4. Dessalegn
    | #4

    Well said, Abebe.

    As you say, democracy means be able to trust and work together with people with whom we don’t agree. I think there are too many of us, including myself, who have a problem with this. This is why we do not have democracy in Ethiopia.

    This is why the ‘Jawar episode’ is a good opportunity for reflection. Not because Jawar said what he did. He’s just a political commentator, and as you say, he has always made it known that he is an ethnic nationalist. But what makes this episode important is our (Ethiopian nationalists, including democracy activists) reaction to it.

    The reaction of many makes me wonder whether we would put Jawar in jail for his opinions if we actually had power and ran the country!! Is that what we imagine to be democracy to be? Are we still stuck on ‘my way or the highway’?

    I think we are, which is why the opposition, though having made progress, is still a long way from achieving full unity for democracy.

    I should mention the progress made – including Medrek, and Ginbot 7′s reaching out to the OLF, the OLF’s transformation, etc. There are a lot of people beginning to understand that the democracy movement has to be a huge inclusive umbrella, and democracy will mean allowing everyone to advance their views, including, unfortunately, ethnic nationalism and secession, freely. But we have a long way to go.

    In the end, I would remind all those who consider themselves Ethiopian nationalists that if we think we have the best vision for Ethiopia, then we should not be afraid to debate ethnic nationalists in a democratic context and let the people choose whom they want!

  5. Love 1st
    | #5

    No Ethiopia, No Oromiya! Love should come 1st, Cry for paradigm shift!!! It is only limitless love that won and brings fundamental change in Ethiopia. Be careful!!! No more spaces for calculative opportunity in this country, if you love you have no an eye for comment and criticism where the seed/ potentials of hatred is always hide. Read all articles, preaching’s all are about potential hatred (not on TPLF) with non TPLF group, how you can win your “enemy” if you don’t have love? Who believe you that you are better than your “enemy”??? quick to get healed.

  6. Asmamaw
    | #6

    Abebe, your naked hypocrisy is breath taking. A wise man once said: “When somebody says it’s not about the money, it’s about the money.” Abebe, your “struggle” and “mission” of your like is and has been based on you being Amhara. Look left and right to your friends and tell me how many non-amharas you see? But, as long as your amhara feudal s’ stayed in power you can preach about being a nationalist, who wouldn’t? Stop acting like a pop while working hard in your day job to divide all the Ethiopians between ethnic lines. At least, the guy has the audacity to say it out loud.

  7. ጉረኞች
    | #7

    It doesn’t seem that Abebe understood Ethiopians concern and anger. No body asked if Abebe believes if he is Ethiopian or not. It is rather the promotion of exterme elements such as Jawar. How can that serve the purpose of creating a democratic Ethiopia?

  8. Eriman
    | #8

    Mr Jawar Maximed does not want to be called Ethiopian. Please respect his views and identity. His people being discriminated from speaking their native language in UThiopia.

    Thank You

  9. Sam
    | #9

    Jawar have said what Meles has said a few years back: I was A Tigre before I was an Ethiopian. To me it is a silly argument. If you were born in a country called Ethiopia, you are an Ethiopian of Ormo ethnicity in jawar’s case, an Ethiopian of Tigre ethnicity in Meles’s case. There is another clear choice. Mr. Meles to say I am not an Ethiopian after all. And Mr. Jawar to say the same. Meles has passed without resolving his inner conflict. jawar might have a very hard time to sell this doctrine to oromos who live in Ethiopia. The belief that those of us who live in North America and Europe know it all attitude does not serve as a good political strategy, the way I see it.

  10. Darkmanax
    | #10

    @absolutely I do agree with you!

  11. Kumessa
    | #11

    The heckler-cum-scribbler Abebe Gellaw thinks that there is something inescapably sordid about Jawhar’s interview for Al-jezzera.In the ensueing interview,Jawhar said openly that he is ethinicaly and earthly an Oromo before he becomes anything else.I understand how the Amhara neftena felt it like a nuclar shock wave.More importantly, there is a tempetion to think that Jawhar could not have a true sense of loyalty to “Abbay Ethiopia”,a word that is derivied from TPLF ethos.Having said this, I want to say that societies based on conquest can not be sustained forever. It is a question of time.It is the failure to engage with Oromo question that is a serious short-coming from nationaliest Ethiopians like Abebe Gellaw who reserved a special venom for non-Amharas.Read for instance what he had written with malcious glee about the plageriest Tesfaye Habisso whereas,he kept a defeaing silience about Professor Abebe Zegye and the conteroversial infamous noveliest Nega Mazlekia who ashamed the Academy world.The whole point is I do not want double standard.

  12. በለው !
    | #12

    “ጫት ያባውንና የተከለውን ሴራ ጭብጨባ ይፈነቅለዋል!።እያነበቡ እየደነፉ እየተደራጁ እታጠቁ ስህተት? ክህደት?
    በግና ቀበሮ አብሮ ተሠማርቶ
    ማን ተርፎ ይገባል ማንን አስበልቶ?
    *ጃዋር ሜንጫ ተከታይ ተገንጣይ ሙስሊም ኦሮሞዎችን በደቡብ አፍሪካ ለቅስቀሳና ለብጥብጥ አሰማራ…ይህንን ፅሑፍ ማብራሪያ ብሎ ያነበበ እራሱ የተጠናበረበት ብቻ ይሆናል፤ ግን በበለጠ መልኩ አሻሽሎ የወደፊት የስውር ዓላማውን ገለፀው!ከፖለቲካ ተንታኝ ምሁር ‘አሮሞን ለእስልምና መጀወር!አክሱምና ፋሲል ግንብ ላይ መስጊድ ማለም ከወያኔም ከተቃዋሚም የተገነጠሉን በመጠጋት ውንብድናና የጭፍጨፋ ተግባርን ማቀድ ለተፈፃሚነቱ ነባር ጋዜጠኛንና ድረገፃቸውን መጠቀሚያማድረግ!!
    ** ለማናቸውም ፡ህወአት/ኢህአዴግ/ወያኔ ወይንም (ውሻ) በከፈተው ኢትዮጵያን የማፈራረስ ሴራ ያላቸውን ዓረቦች ይሁን ተላላኪዎቻቸውን ወይም (ጅቦችን) ከውጭ በመፈክር፣ በጦር ጥናትና ዝግጅት፣ ከውስጥ ኢንቨስተር፣ ዲያስፖራ እያለ አስገብቶብን ትውልድን አስበልቶ መፈርጠጥ የለበትም!!።ድሮ ያሰለጠናቸው ዛሬ ውጭ ሆነው መስበክ ጅምረዋል
    ***ጉበት ሲያድር አጥንት ይሆናልና “የድምፃችን ይሰማ”እና “የኦሮሞ ሙስሊም ነፃ ወጥቶ ነፃ ማውጣት የእንገንጠል አብዮት” በጭራሽ የማይገጥም !የማይጠቅም! ሀገርና ህዝብ አፍራሽ፣ ትውልድ አምካኝ፣ የራሱ የኢህዴግ አንድ አምሳል ሁለት አካል ሆኖ ቀርቧል። መልዕክቱ አቶ መለስ “ወያኔ ከሌለን ትበታተናላችሁ! ትጠፋፋላችሁ! ኦሮሞ ያርዳችኋል!ያሉን ይህን ነበር። አቶ አበበ ገላውና መስፍን ነጋሽ ጃዋር ሜንጫ አምልጦት ተናገረ የሚሉት ፉለላ ለመሆኑ ጋዜጠኛን የህዝብ አቋም አዋቂና ወሳኝ ማንአደረገው?ታዘብኳችሁ ለመሆኑ አቶ አበበ ገላው አምልጦት ሳያውቀው ነበር “ዲክታተር የሰው ፀር፣ ነፃነት ነፃነት ነፃነት እያለ በዓለም ፊት የጮኸው?ወይንስ የናፈቀው ነፃነት በጃዋር ቡድን በሜንጫ ሊያሳርደን ነበር? ለመሆኑ የማንም ፖለቲካ አባልና ደጋፊ ያልሆነ የፖለቲካ ፈላስፋና ተንታኝ ባይ የወደፊት መሪ እንዴት ሊባል ቻለ?እውነትም ኢትዮጵያ ከሀገር ወደ ወረዳ እድርና ዕቁብ ወርዳለች የማንም ውርጋጥ ይሞላፈጥባታል በለው!!ድንቄም ተንታኝ!በታኝ በለው!
    **አሁን ኢህአዴግ እራሱን ከወንጀል ለማስፅዳት ሀገርን ለመጠበቅ አስቸኳይ ማዕቀብን በዚህ የዓርብ ዓርብ ጩኽት ላይ መዝመት አለበት። ተሰላፊው ቡድን እራሱን እስኪያጋልጥና እስኪያጠራ ድረስ ትክክለኛው የሙስሊም ቁጥርና ድምጽ እስኪታወቅ የጋዋር ሙስሊም ኦሮሞ የጭፍጨፋ ቡድን የት እንደተሠማራ ከኢህዴግም ውስጥ ተጣርተው እስኪወጡ የሰላት ቀንና የድምፅ ማሰሚያ ቀን መለየት አለበት። በእርግጥ የኦሮሞ እስላም በሜንጫ አክሱምና ፋሲለደስ ግንብ ላይ መጅሊስ አማረው? አይመስለኝም! አላለሉም! ግን ጠርጠር በለው!
    **ጃዋር ሜንጫ ለሙስሊሙ ማህበረሰብ የውጭ ድጋፍ ሰጪ ታዳሚዎቹ በሰጠው የአሜሪካ የቡልጠቃ ትምህርት (የቡልጠቃ ተንታኝ፣ ምሁር) አይ የድሃ ሐሳብና ወሬ ” ክርስቲያኑን “በሜንጫ” አንገቱን ቀጠፍነው ብሎ የመሠከረ በእርግጥ የሰው ልጅ ከእነነፍሱ ገደል የጨመረው ‘ኦነግ’ ነው ለሚለው አሳማኝ ምላሽ ሰጥቷል። ሀረርን ጅጅጋን በደኖን ጠይቁ! አሁንም ሄዳችሁ ጎብኙ! ብዙ የኦሮሞ ተወላጆች ኦርቶዶክስ በመሆናቸው ቤተክርስቲያናቸው (አላህዋክበር!) እየተባለ እተፎከረ በፖሊስ ፊት ሲቃጠል አይተናል፣ ታዝበናል፣ አዝነናል፣ ተቆጭተናል፣የሚናገሩት በኦሮምና ነበር። ኢህዴግና የጃዋር የሜንጫ ዓላማ አንድ ነው አሁን ምንጩን አውቀነዋል።ስብሃት ነጋ አማራና ኦርቶዶክስን ማጥፋት ብለው የለምን!? “የማንም ፖለቲካ አባል አደለሁም ከወያኔም ጋር ቢሆን እሰራለሁ እያለ ለአባ መላ (ብርሃኑ ዳምጤ) የሚቀሳፍተው ጃዋር ሜንጫ ኦሮሞን ጀወረው ብንል አልተሳሳትንም!ኢሳትም ዕውቅና ሰጥቶ እየጋበዘ ሊያሰድበን አይገባም!ኅብረት፣አንድነት፣ መቻቻል፣እየተባለም መቀባጠር ለትውልድ አይጠቅምም!የውጭ ሀገር ድንፋታና ስብሰባ ለድሃ ልጅ ደብተር አይሆንም!እየተሰበሰቡም መደንፋት”ወሬ የድህነት ወታቦ ነው” በለው!
    **በዚህ የድንፋታ ቪዲዮና በተመሳሳይ የቃለ መጠይቅ ማረጋገጫ (ጋላ፡ ጨካኝ፣ አረመኔ፣ሰው በላ፣ወራሪ ጦረኛ ) ቢባል ለምን ያፍራል? ይበሳጫል? ይንጫጫል? የራሱ ልጆች መስክረውበታል፣አጋልጠውታል።
    ግን የትኛው ጋላ/ኦሮሞ? ንጋትና ጥራት እያደር ነው። ጃዋር ኦሮሞ በራሱ ቋንቋ ለመናገር፣ ለመጻፍ ለማንበብ በኢህዴግ ዘመን ችሏል፣ ሥልጣን ይዟል፣ መሬት አግኝቷል ይልና…ነፃ መውጣት አለበት ይላል፤ ታዲያ ቋንቋ የፈጠረለትን ፤ሲገድል፣ ሲዘርፍ፣ የኖረበትን መሬት ሁሉ ክልልህ ነው ብሎ በባንዲራ መብት ያጎናጸፈውን ወያኔ ጥሎ የት ሊደርስ ነው? ጎንደርና አክሱም ላይ መጅሊስ ካልሠራ አማራ ተጨፍጭፎ አላለቀም ብሎ ይፈራል? ኢህዴግ ከመፍረሱ በፊት ክርሰቲያኑን በሜንጫ ሊያጨፋጭፈው ነውን?ለመሆኑ የጠቀሳቸው የሌላው ብሔር ዱላ(ሽመል)ከሜንጫ እኩል ናቸው ማለቱ ነው?የሠፈሩ ድሃ ሕዝብ የአልቅት ውሃ ይጠጣል!ለቂጡ ጨርቅ የለውም! ለሆዱ እርሃብ ማስታገሻ ቂጣ የለውም ጃዋር ሜንጫ ተሸክሞ፤ አሜሪካ ጤፍ እንጀራ በክትፎ ይውጣል፣ጫት እየጋጠ ኮካኮላ እየመጠጠ፣ ህዝብ እንዲተላለቅ ዩኒቨርስቲ ገብቶ ይማራል? ይልቁንም ገዳ፣ ቢዳ፣ ፊዳ፣ቁቤ፣ እያለ ከሚቀባዥር የአቶ መለስንና የሟች የትግራይ ልጆችን ሀውልቶችን እየሰገደ በፋውንዴሽኑ ሥር አፈንድዶ መኖር አይሻለውም? ‘ሚኒሶታ’’ሚኒያፖሊስ’ዲሲ አሪዞና የኦሮሞ ክልል ይሆናል ብሎ ከተሸጎጠ ተሳስቷል፡ታዳሚውን እንደሌሎች ሀገሮች አገርህ ግባና ፈንጂ ጣል ያለውም ወደፊት በሕግ ይጠናል። ሜንጫ የተሸከመ ሁሉ ምሁርና ሀገር ወዳድ ሳይሆን… እራስ ወዳድ፣ አድርባይ፣ ሆድአደር፣ በቀቀን፤ የሰው ጠር ብቻ ነው በለው! ።
    **ይች ንግግር ብዙ ትርጓሜ አላት በጭረሽ ጊዜ መስጠት አያስፈልግም የሀገሪቱ የውስጥ ጠ/ሚኒስትርና የደህንነትና የኮምኒኬሽን ሃላፊው አቶ ደበረጺዮን ገብረሚካዔል ሙሉ የሀገርና የህዝብ ኅላፊነት ሥራቸውን መወጣት አለባቸው። ሀገሪቱ ባላት በጠቅላይ ሚኒስትር ማዕረግ (፩) የከንባታ (፩) የኦሮሞና (፩) የኤርትራ አማራ የኅብረት(የደቦ) አመራር በ(፩) ባለ ሙሉ መሳይ ም/ጠሚኒስትር ( ፪)የምክትል ጠ/ሚ ተመሳሳይ ማዕረግ የምትመራ ሀገር መላ ቅድሷ ጠፍቷል። ግን በቅርቡ ያቀረቧቸውን ባለሥልጣናት አጥብቀው እንዲፈትሹ እናሳስባለን!!። የዚህ የጃዋር ሜንጫ ድንፋታ ስብሰባ ተካፋዮችም፣ አዘጋጆችም፣አድናቂዎችም፣ ያጨበጨባችሁም፣ አጨብጫቢዎች ሁሉ ነገሩ ገብቷችኋልን? ከእንግዲህ ተጨቆንን ተመዘበርን፣ታሠርን፣ተገረፍን፣ፍትህ፣ ነፃነት፣ ድምፃችን ይሰማ የሚለው ጩኽት ፌዜራሊዝም ነው።
    *የኦሮሞ ሕዝብ፴፬.፬ ከተባለ ይህ የሚጮኸው ህዝብ ፴፪ ከመቶ የኦሮሞ ሙስሊም ነው ወይንስ ፪.፬ ጉራጌና የወሎ የአደሬ ሙስሊም ነው?ወይንስ ፹ከመቶ ኦሮሞ ሙስሊም ነው? ታዲያ ግንድ- ከቅርንጫፍ, ቅርንጫፍ- ከቅጠል ነው የሚገነጠለው?ወዴት? ለምን? ጉድ በል ሰላሌ ኢትዮጵያዊ አደለህም ተባልክ!!
    ***ይህንኑ ጉዳይ በማራገብ ዜና ለመሥራት የምትሯሯጡ ኢህአዴግ ተቃዋሚ መሳዮች ሁሉ ራሳችሁን የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ ጥያቄ ከሌላው የሥልጣንና የፀረሕዝብ የግል ጥቅም ጥያቄ ለዩ!!። የተቃውሞ ሠልፉ የሙስሊሙ ኅብረተሰብ ነው ሲባል ኢትዮጵያዊነት በግድ የተጫነባቸው ኦሮሚያ ፈረስት ናቸው? ወይንስ ንፁሐን የኢትዮጵያ ፍትህን መልካም አስተዳደር የሚሹ የኢትዮጵያ ልጆች? እንግዲህ ልባችንንም ሥራችንንም አሰላለፋችንንም እናጥራ በለው!መወጣጫ አድርገው የከፋውን ዘመን ለማምጣት ያቆበቀቡትን አጋልጡ!፣ህዝብ የማወቅ መብት አለው።ለመሆኑ አባ መላ የምን ኦሮሞ ነው የተገንጣይ እስላም ኦሮሞ(ኢትዮጵያዊነት በግድ የተጫነበት) ወይስ ኢትዮጵያዊ ክርስቲያን ኦሮሞ? እያንዳንዱና ሁሉም እራሱን ይፈትሽ!”ከኑግ ተገኘ ሠሊጥ ሆኖ ቅጥረኛ ሆኖ ሲያጭበረብር ሲያምታታ ቢታሥር ቢገረፍ እዳው የራሱ ነው።
    ሀቁ ግን “ለብቻ(ተገንጥሎ) መኖር የኦሮሞ ህዝብ ጥያቄ ቢሆን ኖሮ እንደ ኦሮሞ ህዝብ ጀግንነት እና ብዛት፤ ጮክ ብዬ እደግመዋለሁ እንደ ኦሮሞ ህዝብ ጀግነነት እና ብዛት፤ አርባ አመት ፈጅቶ አይኮላሽም ነበር፡፡” አበበ ቶላ ፈይሳ(አቤ ቶክቻው) ልብ ያለው ልብ ያድርግ ! ኦሮሞና እሰላማዊ ኦሮሚያ ከመገንጠል እሰከ ሀይማኖታዊ ሽብር አጣብቂኝ ውስጥ ነው። ለሁሉም ሠላም ይሁን በቸር ይግጠመን በለው!

  13. habete
    | #13

    Abebe, first let me start by saying that your intentions are good but your trust is very much misplaced. Jawar siraj Mohammed doesn’t share your vision about democracy and the rule of law in multi-national Ethiopia. He has been attacking any and all Oromo Ethiopian who aspires to work with other Ethiopians to make that a reality. So don’t lend your good name to give legitimacy to the most ardent anti- Ethiopian Muslim terrorist, who calls his Muslim brothers to use machete to cut of Ethiopians Christian head. He now says he was being sarcastic when he used “machete” at the time. No it wasn’t. it was Freudian slip of the tang. However, by approaching the Ethiopian opposition and by presenting himself as an intellectual who want to discuss Ethiopian issues with Ethiopians he was able to afford a platform to spew out his anti-Ethiopian sentiment without hindrance. There are many anit-Ethiopians of different hue all over the place – they have been using their own media – that is ok. But to use our media outlets to propagate this kind of anti-Ethiopian is unforgivable. For you to consider Jawar Sraj Mohammed as Ethiopian who misspoke at the meeting and come to defend him on that ground chips away your credibility. If you heard his speech carefully— He was agitating Ethiopian –Ormos to join hands with Somalis and others against the perceived enemies highland Christians. How that escaped you I have no clue. As you said we don’t need to be divisive amongst ourselves to achieve what we set out to achieve that Is to establish a just and democratic Ethiopia. That by definition though doesn’t include machete wielding the kinds of Jawar Siraj Mohammed.

  14. Dawi
    | #14

    Abebe said:

    [[..we desperately need to unify to overcome and overwhelm the divide-and-rule tyranny of the TPLF. That is where he misspoke…without completely disregarding so many positive contributions…]]

    No my brother you don’t understand. Jawar fully supports what TPLF accomplished in todays Ethiopia. He gives credit to OLF for being part of the transitional government and implementing all the associated benefits for the Oromo. Such things like the invention of Oromia state, the script for Oromiffa and cultural enrichments and so on and so forth are highlighted by him when ever he gets a chance.

    As a matter of fact, he has told everyone there is no going back from what is achieved so far under TPLF; even if OLF retires once and for all from politics from now on because of its continuous internal squabbles, he said it has accomplished what it set out to do and wishes it farewell for doing a great job! He and others will continue to finish the job; meaning, what Woyane/OLF started. Those are his words.

    Therefore, Abebe is delusional to talk of Jawar “misspeaking” or thinking the opposition can unite with such “ethno nationalist” as he puts it. That wishful thinking is what made many of you put Jawar on a pedestal and now a disappointment. It is your own making and you deserve it, if you ask me.

    The bottom line is Jawar has more in common with Meles as OLF had more in common with TPLF. They are both “ethno nationalists” according to Abebe. The only quarrel Jawar had with Meles is the fact that the latter developed the “developmental state” theory as it applied in the African setting, behind his back. :-)

    “Developmental state” theory is a pain to all ethnic demagogues who aspire to became warlords. I have to admit however, that Jawar is capable young man to be a great future Ethiopian leader. He is well read and fluent in the main national languages etc. In other words, he has what it takes except transforming himself to an Ethiopian national first and embracing “developmental state” as envisioned by Meles.

  15. Zerayakob Yared
    | #15

    the classical TPLF,የተነሳበትንና ግን ግቡን ሳያደርሰው በባንዶች አመራሩን ስለተቀማ የተጨናገፈውን አላማ, ከምብሓድሽ ባንዶችን አባሮና,አመራሩን ራሱው ይዞ ግቡ ያደርሰው ዘንዳ ብትተባበሩንና አብረን ለዘወትሩ በሰላም ለመኖር ያለውን ምርጫ ብንከተልሳ ምን ይመስላችኋል?

    ልክ የአሚእሪካን civil war በሰሜኖቹ አሸናፊነት ካለቀ በኋላ, ጦርነቱ አልቋልና ከእንግዲህ ወደህ ሁላችንም የአሜሪካን ዜጎች ነንንና አብረን አገራችንን እንገንባ በመባባል አገራቸው አሜሪካን አሁን ላለበትና ኢትዮጵያውያንም ለሚወዱት ቦታ እንዳደረሱት ሁሉ! ወይንም
    ፕሮይሰኖች ሌሎች ጀርመኖችን በጦርነት አሸንፈውና የጀርመንን አንድነት ካረጋገጡ በኋላ, ጠቅላላ ጀርመኖች ባንድነት ሆነው, ጀርመን አሁን ላለበት ደረጃ እንዳደረሱትም!

    ኢትዮጵያ ውስጥ አብሮ መኖሩ ይሳካ ዘንዳ ደግሞ ሌላኛው አስፈላጊ ነጥብ, ተበድለናል ባዮች የሚያሰሙት ብሶት በስነ ስርአቱ, በተለይም በድላችኋል በተባዮች ዘንዳ ተሰሚነት እንዲያገኝ ያስፈልጋል:: በስነ ህሊናም በብሶት ተሸካሚዎች ቦታ ዘንዳ ሆኖ ብሶታቸውን መገመትና አውጠንጥኖ መገንዘብም ያስፈልጋል:: እንደዚህ አይነት ተግባር ለመተቃቀፍና “ዛሬ ትላንትናን አርግዞ ይጓዛልን” ለመወጣትና, ዛሬ ትላንትናን ሳይረሳ ግን በትላንትናነት ብቻም ሳይወሰኑ (ዘወትር ትላንትናዎች ከመሆን ለመላቀቅ)ወደ ነገ እንዲንራመድ ይሳካ ዘንዳ ይጠቅማል:: ይሄ ሳይሆን ቀርቶ እንዲያው, ብቻ ኢትዮጵያ ውስጥ ያሉት ሌሎች ቋንቋዎች ሁሉ ጠፍተው, ብቻውን አማርኛ ይንገስ እንጂ, ሌላው ነገር አያሳስበኝም በባዮች ዲንቂራነት ከደረቅን, ውጤቱ ጥላቻና መራራቅ ይሆናል:: የዚያ ውጤት ደግሞ ምን ሊሆን እንደሚችል, እዚሁ አንዳንድ ኮሜንት ሰጪ ወንድሞች እየገለፁልን ነው:: ያ እስኪመጣ አንጠብቅ!! በርግጥ ብሶተኛ ተናጋሪዎች በራሳቸው በመተማመን መናገራቸውን አረጋግጠን ብቻ ነው የምንወዳጃቸው:: የባእድ ሃይል ተላላኪዎች ሆነው ካገኘናቸው, ውድቅ ይሆናሉ!

  16. 1-Ethiopian
    | #16

    We will never progress united as long as there is division along ethnic lines. That is not to say the ruling party had led without prejudice politically, economically and socially. The constitution is just a piece of paper that looks good on paper alone. Exercising those rights is something totally different. I believe this is the problem the Oromos, Amhara, and Muslims are complaining about. Unless this disparity in the law is corrected, I am afraid my country will remain divided along enthic lines and worse take up arms. I pray that does not happen.

  17. ጉረኞች
    | #17

    “The bottom line is Jawar has more in common with Meles as OLF had more in common with TPLF.” The only true statement you ever made. Yes, they have been advocating racist politics for too long. This has to change. Racist should not have any place anywhere, certainly in Ethiopia. Even EPLF has changed, why not TPLF and OLF? You should change too.

  18. Dawi
    | #18


    [[..The reaction of many makes me wonder whether we would put Jawar in jail for his opinions if we actually had power and ran the country!! Is that what we imagine to be democracy to be?...]]

    Off course we would. Are you kidding me??

    Let alone the once you call “Ethio-nationalists” even the fellow “ethno nationalist” to Jawar, the woyane had put the entire OLF army to jail and sent the leadership to exile.

    The Meles regime had probably used the utmost military power to put ONLF in check than the past 2 government combined.

    Then what Democracy are you talking about??

    Given that inter-group inequality in our country “democracy now” is not viable. Under these conditions promoting economic development like “the Asian Tigers” is the only fastest route to take.

    On this point we need to quote Aristotle:

    “Only a wealthy society in which relatively few citizens lived in real poverty could a situation exist in which the mass of the population could intelligently participate in politics and could develop the self-restraint necessary to avoid succumbing to the appeals of irresponsible demagogues”.

    In our case getting to be a middle income is probably a requirement. That is not much to ask. India is a middle income for instance.

  19. Dessalegn
    | #19


    Okay, how can I put this simply…

    I think you have a misunderstanding of what democracy is. There is no such thing as “democracy now”! Democracy does not happen because a government decides to hold elections! It happens when a lot of people decide that they want to live by certain civilized rules and settle disputes by some sort of majority consensus, instead of fighting it out all the time. If that happens, then nobody, no dictatorship, can stop people from formalizing their democracy. Until that happens, however, no election will bring democracy (see Egypt – where people are still working on the rules – for just the latest example).

    Some of us are interested in actually working towards democracy. This means advocating, educating, discussing, and above all living a ‘democratic’ life, and that way getting more and more people to understand, appreciate, and want democracy. We are not naive enough to say that democracy advocacy must wait till we reach middle income status!! Needless to say, there have been and are plenty of rich countries with no democracy and vice versa.

    Further, we are interested, by virtue of our consciences, in people’s individual God-given rights. We are not willing to ignore people being killed, arrested, and tortured supposedly for the sake of a project to achieve middle income status. Apparently some people don’t mind to see people being killed and tortured. All part of the big plan, they say like Stalin. But sorry, I for one think it’s immoral and has no justification. Obviously, one has to stand up for what is right, even when surrounded by wrong!

    I hope this is clear. If not, write again – I’ll be happy to answer your questions.

  20. በለውን ብለው?
    | #20

    ለማን ነው እንዲህ የምትለው? ወያኔን እያስፈራራህ ነው ወይስ ዲያስፖራውን? ወያኔን በቡድን አትስሩ ነው የምትላቸው?
    አንተ ሰክረህ ነው ታስረህ ወይስ ታመህ አላሙዲን ለልማት የወሰዱትን የትግራይን መሬት እንካንስ መስጊድ ከብት ቢያረቡበት አይቻልም የምትለው?

    ከተናገርካቸውን አንካሮቹን ለመጥቀስ ያህል

    1. መልዕክቱ አቶ መለስ “ወያኔ ከሌለን ትበታተናላችሁ! ትጠፋፋላችሁ! ኦሮሞ ያርዳችኋል!ያሉን ይህን ነበር።
    2. ለትውልድ አይጠቅምም!የውጭ ሀገር ድንፋታና ስብሰባ ለድሃ ልጅ ደብተር አይሆንም!እየተሰበሰቡም መደንፋት”ወሬ የድህነት ወታቦ ነው” በለው!
    3. **ይች ንግግር ብዙ ትርጓሜ አላት በጭረሽ ጊዜ መስጠት አያስፈልግም የሀገሪቱ የውስጥ ጠ/ሚኒስትርና የደህንነትና የኮምኒኬሽን ሃላፊው አቶ ደበረጺዮን ገብረሚካዔል ሙሉ የሀገርና የህዝብ ኅላፊነት ሥራቸውን መወጣት አለባቸው። … ግን በቅርቡ ያቀረቧቸውን ባለሥልጣናት አጥብቀው እንዲፈትሹ እናሳስባለን!!።

  21. yilmab
    | #21

    Dear Dawi, if nothing else I was inclined to admire your tenacity then I remembered that you are paid for what you do. For you this discussion is just another day at the office but for most of us here we take it seriously. You see TPLF is not another party but a killer gangster group that specializes in bringing harm to our people. In due time the prisons they operate outside of the state, the murders they commit will come out. Nothing stays secret. TPLF is Meles and Meles is TPLF. Meles was a disturbed individual prone to violence at the slightest provocation. That is why all his associates were afraid of him. Now the devlopmental index crap you are trying to peddle is not verified with any outside body. If you see economic papers written about Ethiopia there is always an asterisk at the end to warn the reader that the figures can not be verified. For crying out loud we don’t even know what Alamudi is doing in our country and with whose money. That is the statistics you are waving around not based on facts but TPLF cooked fiction. The reality is in front of us. Just ask any Ethiopian how he is coping and he will give you an ear full. You my friend calling Jawar a narrow nationalist is like the kettle calling the pot black. All i can say is Jawar learned from the best. You write a lot without saying anything of value except you use your knowledge of English to confuse, divert or bore to death.

  22. በለው !
    | #22

    ያልከውን ብታውቀው ባልከው ግን እነደፖለቲካው ኮፒ ፔስት አደረከው። *ለማን ነው እንዲህ የምትለው? ወያኔን እያስፈራራህ ነው? ወያኔ እራሱ ማስፈራሪያ አስፈሪ ሆነ አብልቶ አባልቶ ለጅብ ሰጥቶን ስለሚሄድ ማስጠንቀቂያው ለአንተም ነው።ለዲያስፖራው ነው ?ለሚለው ድንቄም ዲያስፖራ (ዲያስፖራ ማለት(ፈላሽ ማለት ነው። ተመልሶ ንብረት ሀገር ሕዝብ አለኝ አይልም ከበላ በኋላ ደረቅ አጥንት ጥሎልህ ይሄዳል ከጉንዳን ጋር ሰትታገል ትኖራለህ። (ትርጓሜው ካልገባህ የሚየውቁ ጠይቅ) አደራ!አላሙዲንም ሆነ ጃዋር አክሱም ላይ መጅሊስ ካማራቸው ትግሉ፣ ጪኽቱ፣ ድምጻችን ይሰማ ለዚያ ከሆነ እውነትም ታጋዮቹ ታገሉለትን ዓላማ አያውቅም ነጻነት! ነጻነት!ነፃነት!ያሉት ም ለማን? ለምን? እንደሆነ አያውቁትም ነበር? አፋቸውን አዳልጦት ነበር?

    አዎን፣ አቶ መልስ “ወያኔ ከሌለ ትበታተናላችሁ ያሉት ‘ለወሬ ሲቀመጡ አንድ ለዓላማ አለን ሲሉ ሲነሱ በዓላማ እንደሚለያዩ ከልምዳቸው ሰያካፍሉ ነበር። ኦሮሞ ያርዳችኋል!ያሉን በሜንጫ ሰው በላ በጉያቸው እንዳለ ስለሚያውቁ። ካለፈውም ጥፋት ነፍሰ ገዳዮቹን በራሳቸው ማስተማራቸው መመልመላቸውንና ማሰማራታቸውን ያሳየ ምስክርነት ነበር።
    **ይህ ያለፈበት የጠላቴ ጠላት ወዳጄ የሚባል ቱልቱላ ዋጋ ያስከፍላል። የጠላትህ ጠላትህ የተላትህ ወዳጅ ላለመሆኑ ማረጋገጫው ምንድነው?እዚህ የሚያሳየው ቦታ፣ ጊዜ፣ሃይማኖት፣ብሔር ይለየው እንጂ ‘ጃዋሪመለስ’ ነው።መለስን አስጠልቶ ጃዋርን ያስፈቀረው የትኛው ጥሎሽ ነው በለው!!ስለዚህ **ይች ንግግር ብዙ ትርጓሜ አላት…ስንል እደግመዋለሁ ውሻ በቀደደው ጅብ ይገባል ወያኔ እራሱን ሊፈትሽ ይገደዳል። በትግራይ አመራር የኦሮሞ ሙስሊም ሴረኛ ከሆነ በድምፃችን ይሰማ መገንጠላችን ይፅደቅ ከሆነ ጥያቄው ጨዋታው የማህል ዳኛው ማነው? አራጋቢው፣ ፉጨት ይሰማል። ጫጫታው ምንድነው መን ተገኝቶ ነው አጨብጫቢ የዛው ጎል ገብቶ ነው? አትቧደኑ አላልንም ቡድኑ ማንን ያካትታል? በቅርቡ ያቀረቧቸውን ባለሥልጣናት አጥብቀው እንዲፈትሹ እናሳስባለን!!።ስንል የግራዚያንን ሐውልት መቃወም ሀጢያት የሆነበት ሀገር ኢትዮጵያ ውስጥ የሞቱት ጅግኖች ለማን ብለው ነበር። መልሴ ትርጓሜ ካስፈለገ ካልገባህ አትስደበኝ!! ይመችህ በለውና ብለው…

    @በለውን ብለው?

  23. Dawi
    | #23


    [[..Democracy does not happen because a government decides to hold elections! It happens when a lot of people decide that they want to live by certain civilized rules and settle disputes by some sort of majority consensus, instead of fighting it out all the time…]]

    It is not true. No country developed Democracy by “people deciding” out of the blue; It originates from successful bourgeoisie revolutions in Europe and America. It is capitalism that surrogated it not the other way around. No country developed a capitalist society through some “liberals” gathering together because it was its product.

    So its natural social base is the liberal and progressive capitalist system and fast grown capitalists challenged by equally fast grown working class. So liberal democracy, urban society, middle class, fast prospering class and industrial economy are interconnected.

    No where in the world you find liberal democracy well functioning without these social forced in the background.

    BTW, Meles first competently studied and understood liberal democracy before he started criticizing it and formulating alternatives. So look at some of his writings.

  24. Dawi
    | #24

    For Meles, “the developmental state” is similar to steps of chewing before swallowing or crawling before walking.:)

    As I pointed out earlier given that we have inter-group inequality, and social instability and ethnic/religious demagogues prefer to do us like Egypt, trying to do morinic competition among themselves to take power, we rather have the present EPRDF under HD centralizing decisions making in general and dealing with our “special crisis” just as any other natural disasters that require quick decision makings and “some” diminishing of liberties, for out own good.

    Democracy is not viable in such situations as is showing in Egypt via election. Under these conditions economical development as in a “developmental state” is promoted just like the Asian Tigers because historic experience shows us that richer, more educated and more equal countries are more likely to be democratic.

    There was a study made a while ago that studied about 100 countries that found exactly that: that Political competition/democracy does have a significant effect on later rates of economic development; its influence however in the short run is to retard the development rate, rather than to facilitate it.

  25. Ethiopian from Minnesota, U.S.A
    | #25

    Bravo Dawi, you did it again. You have an answer on every article or commentary on this forum. Is there a time you can read an article or comment without giving an opinion? Or are you paid per piece of response? You are becoming a laughing stick? it is not important to sound or look knowledgeable all the time or does not bring you respect or admiration or adulation because you respond to everything. Oh! I am sorry. I forgot that you are paid to belligerently promote the inexcusable anti-popular, anti-democratic demagogue of the government that you work for. Should I apologize for my quick forgetfulness? Nah, I shouldn’t. You and your murderous regime are not worth of an iota of apology. Apology is directed to those who have the heart band soul full of love, not to those whose heart and mind have been full of atrocity and cruelty. I pray for your soul. It would have been nice for you if you live one day like alion rather than hundred years like a rat. Think about it, Bro!!!!!

  26. በለውን ብለው?
    | #26

    መልስ ስለሰጠሀኝ አመሰግናለሁ
    የጥያቄዬ ምክንያት
    ለማንኛው ወገን እንደቆምህ ከጽሁፍህ ግልጽ ስላልነበር ነው እንዲህ ብለው ያልኩት
    ለነገሩ የግድ ያንዱ ወገን መሆን ያስፈልጋል ሳይሆን ጽሁፉ ግልጽ አልሆን ስላለኝ ነው
    የጠላት ጠላት ወዳጅ ለመሆኑ ምን ማስተማመኛ አለው ላልከው ይስማማኛል ግርግር ለሌባ ይመቻል ብለው አባቶች ዘግተውታል
    ያም ሆነ ይህ ሆነ እናቴን ያገባ ሁሉ አባቴ ነው እንዳይሆንብን
    ሳንወድ መነጋገር አለብን

  27. Dessalegn
    | #27


    You’re a poster child for ‘a little knowledge is dangerous’. First, if you paid attention in school, you would know that there is no definitive conclusion on whether democracy is necessary for growth or vice versa. There are plenty of studies on either side. You’ll also find most scholars will tell you that the question itself is too simplistic, and that complex phenomena such as democracy and economic growth cannot be explained so easily. Any undergraduate should know this.

    Your position is not based on evidence, but ideology, or perhaps hero-worship. I suggest you don’t be so much of an ideologue. We’ve had enough problems with Ethiopians taking on suspect ideologies and following them with religious fanaticism. Meles and his generation for example.

    Now to answer your point – I did not say people decide out of the blue. It is like all social phenomena an evolutionary process. These revolutions didn’t happen out of the blue either, for that matter. People actually worked at it for a long time – decades, perhaps generations, but they did. They didn’t sit back and say: “We want freedom from our feudal masters, but the formula says it won’t happen until we get a bourgeoisie, so we’ll just sit and wait!” No, they advocated for what they thought was right. It’s quite simple really.

    You see, Dawi, you’re looking at Ethiopia like a disinterested bystander, analyzing the past, making predictions, and alas cheerleading political arrests, murders, and torture. Because it fits in with your ideology. Sadly, you are far from the first Ethiopian to do that. Indeed, that’s why I’m taking the time to write all this – you’re not alone. Communist Ethiopians thought nothing of sacrificing a few million for their utopia. Too many Ethiopians care far more for the abstract nation than for their neighbour. I hope one day you see how much of a morally bankrupt this type of thinking is.

  28. Dawi
    | #28

    Bro. Dessalegn:

    Well you are right, I like looking at a best systems that will get me to where I want to go. I don’t like sitting back and waiting for evolution to take care of me.

    You can advocate all you want but, will not get to where you want to go quickly. Yes evolution will take care of you but understanding social development helps you get to where you want to go fast. With all its fault that is what ESM wanted to do, speed things up. That is exactly what the Asian Tigers did and our off course our indigenous African theorist Meles did all his life same.

    Liberal democracy came to the scene in around 1668 after the bourgeoisie revolution snatched political power from the hands of the backward monarchical system in England as formulated by John Locke. Both John Locke and his liberal philosophy could never logically appear within a pre-capitalist society; (with all advocations you want) as this meant nothing but the child before the mother.

    Prof. Donald L. Horowitz of Duke University seems to have you in mind when he wrote about “democracy in poor states” that “..Liberal democracy in poor states is nothing but a ‘fantasy’ in which urban elites in the capital cities play casino games excluding the largest agrarian, illiterate and rural majority population…”. What else can it be??

    So the democracy seen in many developing states makes political power a goal in itself rather than a means/tool of rapid socio-economic development. Meles knew that therefore, developed the theory of “developmental state” for the African setting to by pass the “political power gamers” from wasting our valuabele time and move to the rapid economic development state we are now.

    The other thing Hororwitz said was, that ethnic relations undergoes significant improvements during an authoritarian [developmental state in our case] period that is very likely to improve the prospects for democracy.

    He goes on to give case in points:

    Relations between Thais and Chinese in Thailand and between Mainlanders and Taiwanese on Taiwan were hostile and even violent after World War II. Several decades later, those relations were far less prone to conflict, and rates of intermarriage were higher than is typical of deeply divided societies. These changes facilitated democratization in both countries, because they reduced the fear that each group had of the other. At the other extreme, most African countries remain severely divided, and ethnic divisions have proved a major impediment to the attainment of stable democracy all over the continent.

    As we were discussing Jawar’s attitude the above applies.

  29. በለው!
    | #29

    ያልኩትን አልከው!ያልከውን ብዬዋለሁ! ለወያኔም፣ ለጃዋርም፣ ለአበበም! አልወግንም የምናገረው ለዚያ ድሃ፣ ጨዋ፣ ኩሩ፣ ግን ያልተማረውና የዋሁ ለጠቅላላው የኢትዮጵያ ሕዝብ በመወገን ነው።አራት ነጥብ።አሁንም እደግመዋለሁ የሰሞኑ የአበበ ገላውጃዋር አፉ ዳለጠው!የመሰፍን ነጋሽ እንተባበር አቋም አልተመቸኝም!በአንድ ልቡ ወታቦውን ፈልጎ የመሸገው ዻዊት ከበደ ያሻላል። ይህ ከአሜሪካ.. አውሮፓ.. ብሎም ደቡብ አፍሪካ የዘመተችው የጃዋር ሜንጫ በዚህ የአንድነት የህብርት መፈቃቀር መተባበር ለመሠባበር ነው። “የቤቴ መቃጠል ለትኋኖች መጥፋት እረዳኝ” ያለው የዋህ ገበሬ በዚህም ትውልድ ሲንፀባረቅ ሳይ በጣም አዝናለሁ። ለማናቸውም ለጨዋ ጥያቄና መልስዎ ሠላም ይሁንልዎ!በECADF, አቤ ቶክቻው፣ማርች4ኢትዮጵያ ፍሪደም፤ኢትዮ ጉልጉል፤ ላይ ቀርበው እንመካከር አመሠግናለሁ።በሬ ከአራጁ መዋልም ማደርም የለበትም ሳይሆን በሬ ምን ቢያሽሞነሙኑት ቢዘፍኑለት ያው ሥጋው ለቅረጫ ቆዳው ለጫማ ነው በለው!የኢትዮጵያ ሕዝብ ካለፈው ሥህተቱ ተምሮ ይማር!የሙስሊም ኦሮሞ ዲያስፖራ ፉለላ ዳቦ አይሆንም! ከሀገረ ካናዳ በቸር ይግጠመን

  30. Yigermal!
    | #30

    The paid agent or one of Meles’s children Dawi, has every excuse in the book and beyond for the inexcusable crimes of Meles and TPLF. It’s obvious, that Dawi argues with himself using other names. There is no question that unknown number of Ethiopians have been incarcerated, tortured and killed, billions of dollars have been stolen from the country and stashed around the world, millions of acres of land have been given and sold to foreigners… these are the qualities, the likes of Dawi want us to accept and ignore the crimes of TPLF.
    Once again here is the value Dawi admires — the daughter of Meles, acting on the values she has learned from her criminal parents:


  31. aha!
    | #31

    The TLF/eprdf regime is composed of ex-liberation fronts, which fought for the liberation of nations and nationalities from the previous colonialist empire of Ethiopia of which the Eritrean Province, sought to secede independence from Ethiopia at the request of the late Prime Minister along with the ports. With TPLF as an the architect of the constitution, the teltafi (ethnic federalist) created a constitution with the ideologies of ethnic federalism, secessionism, totaliarinism and/or state capitalism built into the constitution along with the question about the flag and the sovereignty of Ethiopia and Ethiopians, with TPLF as the politbuerro running the country, with non-independent branches of government and party alignments along ethnic rather than national agenda to advance individual freedom, liberty and equality to super-cede ethnic and secessionist rights to create a democratic, rather ethnic rule of either ethnic majority (OPDO/EFDF/mederk/fdre) or the current ethnic minority rule of TPLF/eprdf regime, by returning to the original provincial boundaries of federated states/provinces and developing the country as a whole along ecological regions as the proposed solutions from previous commentaries. With the individual freedom for the silent majority of Ethiopians, Abebe Gelaws claim of “I am Ethiopian first affirms that notion or ideology of “Ethiopian Nationalism” engaged in a non-violent uprising for freedom with the goals for unity, territorial intgrity, the sovereignity of Ethiopians, contrary to Jawar Siraj Mohamed’s claim of “I am Oromo first” of “Ethnic Nationalism”, which hinges on the current party alignments of TPLF/eprdf regime, dividing the country by major languages and/ethnicity, to create “Ethnic federalism” and ethnic secessionist movements of disgruntled OLF faction, which were parts and parcels of the TPLF/eprdf regime that left the country for armed struggle as opposed to those engaged with the national agenda. Added to that “Ethnic Islamism to Ethnic Nationalism claim for the Oromo ethnic group to be announced through Al Jazera, but not with VOA, not in CNN, not in PBS or ESAT is only adding fuel to a fire, without denying the right of Jawar Siraj Mohamed ideological differences between the positive forces of integration, outside of the TPLF/eprdf regime and its implicitly supporting parties of the existing constitution and those with the national agenda for unity, territorial integrity, sovereignty of Ethiopia and Ethiopians, where the last item refers to individual freedom liberty and equality to have precedence over ethnic and secessionist rights to form a democratic government of the people by the people and for the people, where the government governs by the consent of governed but not ethnic dictatorship of ether the minority or majority ethnic rule, rather than democratic rule a matter to be resolved by Ethiopians alone by being loyal to Ethiopian tax payers, not to the parties and by reflectively thinking of ones claim of being Ethiopiawinet first and ones ethnicity second in order to recreate a democratic nation of Ethiopia as one country, one flag untainted and one language and religion with all other religions, independent, and free to advance their cultures and languages, with the understanding that “hager yegara nat, haimanot yegil new, yichin hagere ketifat lemadan abiren intagel” as stated by Haji Siraj Mohamed and that of the demand of Moslims are in direct contrast to Jawar Siraj Mohamed’s Ethnic Nationalism.

  32. ikanssa
    | #32

    Jawar has now clearly gravitated towards being a destructive an element by subliminally sending a message to the congregation through hate propaganda, and he then grab the golden power and lead his followers to an ongoing chaotic fight which eventually will harm the entire country and the people. This crazy chap must be stopped before he champions himself at the cost the lives of innocent citizens.

  33. Money talks
    | #33

    Any individual that overlooks the current unspeakable crimes of TPLF regime that has been going on for the last two and half decades and chooses to put all the blames on other ethnic group without solid proof is a TPLF agent, a well paid woyane that has sold his/her soul shamefully to the mighty dollar or a person that has been badly brainwashed by Isayas’ and Meles’ dividing agenda and simply unable to analyze and think deeply and critically to give a sound judgment.

  34. Dawi
    | #34

    AYEEE Yigermal!

    In the first place US Banks after Sept. 11 have restrictions on accepting not only such a huge (crazy) amount but even a lot less than a 100k.

    It is very astonishing to me how in the world you think Meles’s family are so stupid to deposit such a chunk of money using one check even if you believe they have such kind of money? It makes me more worried about your judgments skills than any thing else.

    BTW, the name on the check and signature don’t match. You don’t expect such errors for such amount of check.

    It would have been more believable if it was 1-2 million however, you can take it to world court and Ethiopia can recover the money if the check has any merit; so no worries there.

    I feel sorry for the Dr. who seem to be duped.

  35. Dawi
    | #35

    Bro aha:

    [[..The TLF/eprdf regime is composed of ex-liberation fronts, which fought for the liberation of nations and nationalities from the previous colonialist empire of Ethiopia of which the Eritrean Province, sought to secede independence from Ethiopia at the request of the late Prime Minister along with the ports…]]

    Aha – Your in “the beginning” stories sounds good to me. I don’t know why but it reminds of the bible story I like where it says that God on the first day ..Separated darkness and light to create day and night….On day 7 he rested and he took the sacrifice etc. I guess it is good to repeat such stories ad nauseam if your agenda is to promote only anti regime program.

    Even if that is the case you need to come up with working alternative first. The reason I say that is repeating the writing of the “rules of the game” from scratch for any nation, if you ask me is a exhaustive and waste of valuable time particularly when you don’t have any kind consensus or a serious agreement (united front) among opposition with an alternative system to take over the existing state and bring peace and prosperity. We don’t even have an Egypt like coalition of democratic forces. We have ethnic/religious tension that can go out of hand. So trying to change the “rules of the game” from the foundation is dangerous to say the least.

    Meles wear different hats. As a MLLT, TPLF, EPRF, Prime Minster, NEPAD chair and so on. The “vision” therefore to me is not the same as TPLF’s or even EPRDF’s in my opinion. Form theoretical point of view it is extraordinary and since EPRDF has “embraced” it and why not demand they follow it through??

    The vision said:

    {{..“The political and economic renaissance of Africa is an issue that continues to preoccupy Africans and non-Africans alike. Various methods of achieving such a renaissance have been proposed, mostly variations of the dominant neoliberal paradigm of development. My argument elaborated elsewhere is that the neo-liberal paradigm is a dead end incapable of bringing about the African renaissance..]]

    On his draft paper, titled ‘African Development Dead Ends and New Beginnings’, mind you, he didn’t even mention Ethiopia in it. We all assumed that was what he was talking about but, he knew how many hats he wears and didn’t want to go over the heads of folks who belong to one or the other organization he chairs. That was thoughtful if you ask me.

    Unfortunately, opposition politics in Ethiopia, except a few groups, is an anti-regime program, possibly unique and strange from many other democratization experiences.

  36. Yigermal!
    | #36

    TPLF denials and lies do not change the reality of the mass arrest, the human rights abuse, the tortures, the killings of law-abiding Ethiopians in Gambela and in every province, the selling of the country’s land, the looting, the lack of freedom of speech, press and religion and so on… If this one check is legitimate or not and made to fool Ethiopians, there is no question that the deceased mass murderer and the master manipulator Meles, his lawless wife and the rest of TPLF mafia have looted the country and deposited the stolen money in various banks around the world. There is no good enough excuse in the world for the late brutal dictator of giving a gift of a billion dollar Ethiopians’ tax payers money and every centimeter of the only seaport of the country to his blood cousin Esayas and leaving Ethiopia “Landlocked”. It is a given that only members of TPLF give a blind eye to their own horrendous crimes and looting and go back 40 years to put the blame on Haileselassie. Haileselassie was an Angel compare to the most racist blood thirsty dictator Meles and TPLF — there is no comparison between an elephant and a rat.

  37. aha!
    | #37

    Dawi ! The statement you cited from my comment is nothing more than a description of the political model of the party as TPLF/eprdf and as a regime ruling the country with the eprdf the teletafi parties signed on to ethnic federalism and Medrek party supporting it instead of state federalism of the original provinces in order to avoid the division of Ethiopian land mass by four major languages and five groups with conglomerates of ethnic groups, which serves as a prelude to secession and future boundary disputes as a way of divide and rule policy of ex-apartheid regime of South Africa. And that party platform/ideology of ethnic federalism, secessionism and totaliarinism and/or state capitalism is inscribed into the constitution along with the flag, the sovereignty of Ethiopia and Ethiopians, where the last item gives precedence to the freedom, liberty and equality of the individual ahead of ethnic and secessionist rights. The statement you cited serves as a premise among those lined up along the constitution with the ideologies of ethnic federalism, secessionism and totaliarinism and/or state capitalism, as an economic model, you are vouching for although irrelevant to the current topic of the distinction between Ethiopian Nationalism and Ethnic nationalism and/or Ethnic Islamism, not your State capitalism. Jawar Mohamed’s ideology of Ethnic Nationalism falls between those of ethnic federalism and those of ethnic secessionism with an added ideology of ethnic Islamism, which is in contradiction with the Islamist movement in Ethiopia. As far your hammering on State capitalism with totalirianism adopted from the Derg regime has denied the silent majority of Ethiopians economic and political freedom to say the least of economic and political strangle hold of the countries resources of the country by TPLF/political, TPLF/EFFORT, TPLF affiliated enterprises
    cadres and foreign corporations as well creating a havoc on humanitarian, economic, political and environmental and debt crises to the next generation of Ethiopians, along with the loss of loss of property ownership of the silent majority Ethiopians anywhere in Ethiopia. If you are thinking of being Ethiopian first and your ethnicity second and stand up for the Ethiopian tax payers, you would not have hammered on the rest of us of these bogus economic model that worked for East Asian countries with their own capital and one nation states in a country where their struggle between the forces of disintegration and forces of positive integration of the country with the goals for unity, territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ethiopia and Ethiopians and those with subset of agenda for human rights and justice, which by my account is putting the cart before the horse as anti regime, without specifying that regime and party governing Ethiopia is TPLF/eprdf, a coalition of ex-liberation fronts with ideologies of ethnic federalism, secessionism and totaliarinism, the non-independent branches of government and party alignment along ethnic lines, rather than national agenda as it exists in the western democracies, centering around individual freedom, liberty and equality along with the individual’s right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, as the root causes to the political and economic problems in Ethiopia today.

  38. Anonymous
    | #38

    Dawi is a shameless paid TPLF agent and one of TPLF that has been riding on the backs of non-Tplf Ethiopians for the last 22 years.

  39. Lubak
    | #39

    JAWAR SPEAKS the truth,he is OROMO FIRST.Stop hiding behind fake ethiopian nationalism while your real agenda is amhara nationalism.
    The only system which can hold a democratic ethiopia is like Switzerland confederation .One Passport and each nation has is official language.

  40. Anonymous
    | #40

    #39 Lubak, Ethiopians won’t be manipulated by TPLF like you!
    How do we know when TPLF run their mouths… when they start acting as an Oromo and put all the blames on Amharas. After 25 years of unthinkable hell under TPLF, NO Ethiopian in his/her right mind going to trust or believe TPLF ever again, period!

  41. damajja
    | #41

    Yes, today, everything and anything that is available below and above the lands owned, run, and controlled by the robbers who invaded Ethiopia in 1991.

    The founding father of EFFORT and the father of Semehal, the dead robber went to his grave with unforgiving sins and crimes. The dead robber’s daughter hauled $5 Billion into a cash depot unaccompanied and unescorted either by loved ones or by members of the crime family. When the dead robbers daughter reached home, she was greeted with a bouquet of flowers and had a kiss planted on her forehead. This is real, not like lies packed in mouthful of Jawar’s plitics.

  42. ለተማረው ነው?
    | #42

    ማንኛችንም በመጀመሪያ ግለሰብ ነን ግለሰብ ስንሆን የእናት የአባታችን አሻራ ይዘን እንነሳለን
    በአገር ስም ግን ይህ ደግሞ ማለት የራስን ጎሳ የሚያስክድ ወይም የሚያስረሳ ፓለቲካ ውስጥ መግባት ያለብን አይመስለኝም
    ባህል ቃንቃ የምንማረው በመጀመሪያ ቤታችን ቀያችን ነው ስለዚህ ይህንን ለማጥፋት ለማንካሰስ መሄድ ተገቢ ፖለቲካ አይመስልም
    በአንጻሩ አብሮ ለመኖር የሚያስፈልጉ ባህል ቃንቃ ህግ ስርዓት መማር ማክበር ግዴታም ይኖራል ምክንያቱም የራስ ደሴት ብቻ ያለበት አለም የለምና
    መከባበር ለራስ ነው የሚጠቅመው
    ባህል ቃንቃ የምንለውም አሁን ባለንበት ዘመን አንዱ ካንዱ እየተቀራረበ እየመጣ ልዩነታችንንንም ለማወቅ የምንችልበት ሁኔታ እየጠፋ ስለሆነ ነገሮችን በጽሞና መመልከት ተገቢ ነው

    አሁን ባለንበት ዘመን ለመሆኑ አንድ ሰው እንግሊዝኛ ባይማር የአገር መሪ መሆን ይችላል?
    የሚያጣላን ነገር ሳይኖር በወሬ እንረበሻለን
    ኢትዮጵያ ውስጥ ከሆነ እርስ በርስ ለመክፋፈል እንጂ ፈረንጂ ለመሆን የሚታገለው ይበልጣል
    ዓረብ ነኝ ፈረንጅ ነኝ የሚለው ይበልጣል

    አበበ ገላውም የጻፈው በእንግሊዝኛ እናንተም ብዙዎቻችሁ እንዲሁ ፈረንጆች ናችሁ
    ምንድነው የሚያጣላችሁ?
    እውቀት ሁሉ የተከማቸው በፈረንጅ ቃንቃ ነው የናንተ መፋጀት ለምኑ ነው
    በጭፈራ ጊዜ ከሆነ እንዳትጣሉ አሁንም የፈረንጅ ሙዙቃና ዳንስ ይበልጥባችሃል

    ድሃ ክሆናችሁ ልጆቻችሁ የፈርንጁን ፊደል እንዲቆጥሩ አርጉ
    በተረፈ ለድሃውም ለሃብታሙም ለተማረውም ላልተማረውም
    ሁላችንም የፈረንጅ እጅ አይተን መሳሪያ ለምነን ስልጣን ለምነን አንዳችን ሌላውን ለማስገበር ከሆነ ትርፉ አይታየኝም

  43. aha!
    | #43

    Lubak !there is Amahara ethnic party, except ANDM, the teletafi party in eprdf,as ethnic federalist, nor in armed faction in a secessionist movement consigned to ethnic secessionism and/ or ethnic nationalism, based upon the demarcated boundaries of ethnic federalism of the division of Ethiopian landmass by major ethnic languages, a divide and rule policy, a preponderance to ethnic boundary conflict and to secessionism and ethnic feudalism. Such scenario does not exist in the United States, Canada and your Swizerland, except to be able to communicate in major languages and perhaps free to maintain their languages and cultures, which is also true Ethiopian Nationalism, only maintaining the mosaic appearance of the eighty ethnic groups, where individual right super cedes ethnic and secessionist rights, a condition prevalent in the countries cited above. It does not belong to any ethnic group but to all Ethiopians as one nation, one flag and one Official Language.

  44. aha!
    | #44

    Correction Lubak, there is no Amhara ethnic party or organization except ANDEM ……

  45. Dawi
    | #45

    [[..Such scenario does not exist in the United States, Canada and your Swizerland, except to be able to ..]]

    Yeah – aha!

    Since the USA capitalist system was established by ethnic cleansing your scenario “does not exist in the United States”. The European immigrants killed all the natives and put the left overs in the reservations.

    The Native Americans had their own system which was more communal/group oriented not “individual right” & capitalist as you are proposing.

    Unless you want to kill us all as in the US, what the hell is your alternative then from the existing transitional federalism…….. is what I keep asking you guys day in and day out??

    Emotional type of answers like the [anonymous type] are plenty but are irrelevant because it won’t solve our problems. Even your proposal of changing from “state capitalism”,[EFFORT] to “private” won’t make a fundamental difference either. That is going to be all just cosmetic changes.

    The structural question of the distribution of surplus remains to be answered.

  46. aha!
    | #46

    Dawi! No comment to your #45 remark addressed to another commentator, you woud have been better off responding to Damaja #45 to fend off TPLF.

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