Record set straight on Ethiopia’s Oromo people

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Ethiopia is one of the most historic nations on the face of this earth, but writers are creating a stream of confusion about the breakdown of Ethiopians, particularly the Oromo people, and many are losing site of the truth, experts say.

Professor Feqadu Lamessa, a former Adama University professor and writer, says Qatar-based al Jazeera has published several articles concerning the Oromo people of Ethiopia. Praising the coverage, Lamessa believes it forces Ethiopian authorities to address human rights abuse in the country and to let them know that the world is watching.

“Oromos and other Ethiopians have been struggling for equal rights and democracy for decades. While it is important to report about Oromo people’s background and historical perspectives, it is however vital that we report accurate information. Instead of benefiting us, reporting inaccurate or biased information can actually harm our struggle for democracy. Instead of creating national consensus and peace, it can instigate bitterness and anger.”

Lamessa says there are some general inaccuracies that are reported frequently. For example, it is generally believed that between 1868 and 1900, half of all Oromo were killed, approximately five million people. The professor says this is not true, and that in fact it was a case of ill-equipped soldiers from the south fighting better-equipped forces from the north with a larger European influence. Lamessa says it was not genocide.

He also says Oromo people have never been a predominantly Muslim, yet it is frequently reported today that they in fact are, “The latest official 2007 census showed that around 48% of Oromos practice Christianity (Both Orthodox & Protestant) while around 47% of Oromos practice Islam.”

Lamessa says it is widely believed that Abyssinians labeled Oromos with the derogatory word ‘Galla,’ and that for many decades, the falsity has been used by Oromo separatists to build emotional resentment among Oromos against Semitic Abyssinians, which include Amharas, Tigrayans and Gurages. “The fact is the derogatory word ‘Galla’ was first used by Arab and Muslim Somalis to describe Oromos as ‘gal’ meaning ‘outsiders’ and ‘Pagans.’”

Lamessa says the label was used by Muslims during Oromo migration because Oromo people had their own religion which the Muslims believed was paganism. Over time, the derogatory word was gradually adopted and used by other Ethiopians.”

There are other points that Lamessa has addressed, including the popular claim made by secessionist Oromo politicians that Oromo people were colonized by another ethnic group.

“This claim is popular among the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) organization and consequently among some Diaspora Oromo nationalists living in America and Europe. While a different version or a re-arrangement of the wording might still be true…in general, the Oromo nation as a whole was never colonized by another Ethiopian ethnic group.”

Straight Talk African viewer and guest Tedla Asfaw, says the opposition is gaining ground, and that the rallying cry is change. Asfaw says numbers are being “produced” about Ethiopian ethnicity and religion and the fact checkers are asleep at the wheel.

“I heard Dr. Megersa on Oromo TV in Minnesota telling us the ‘victims’ of red and white terrors in Ethiopia — eighty percent of them were ‘Oromos’. Eighty percent of Ethiopian Muslims are ‘Oromos’ according to the ‘book’ of Jawar Mohamed. Where did they get those numbers? Journalists pick such figures and confuse the public. Both Megersa and Jawar are biased actors, their claim is not supported by local/Ethiopian as well as foreign historians.”

Asfaw says Professor Fekadu Lemessa has done his part to counter the numbers. When it comes to red and white terror victims, there are studies and websites who compiled the names of the victims of the red terror. It is time to rebuke the claim of Dr. Megersa.

Writer Kiflu Hussein, originally from Ethiopia, also backs Lemessa. He says the renewed interest in clarifying truth about his native country is crucial.

“I am glad that another Ethiopian started to expose the falsehoods being propagated by gun touting and machete wielding narrow-minded ethnic liberators out of whom some succeeded to divide Ethiopia into two and occupy palaces in Addis Ababa and Asmara. Are we Ethiopians going to let that happen for the second time and see our country be further divided up and weakened by tribal power mongers? I don’t think so, not when more and more courageous voices like Feqadu Lamessa start speaking up and get involved actively.”

“We are living in a fast information age where numbers are used rightly and wrongly,” Tedla Asfaw said. “Numbers are used by anti Ethiopia elements for ‘propaganda’ to divide Ethiopians by ethnicity and religion, create tension according to the designers. They could care less for the people they claim they are speaking on their behalf because they are living sound and safe in the West with their own families and cannot be impacted by their action.”

He reminds readers that in a civilized world there is always a census every ten or so years to study communities where numbers are used to address legitimate issues. In poor country like Ethiopia where ethnicity is the force to rule by division, journalists have to check their facts.

Asfaw added, “Professor Fekadu Lemessa’s ‘Oromo 101′ helps foreigners as well as locals/Ethiopians interested to educate and empower the people of Ethiopia, including Oromos.

  1. tola
    | #1

    I had been teaching at Adama University for more than 6 years before I came to the US for school. But I have not known any professor by this name. This is another attempt to throw one more stone at the Oromo people. I dont think the way forward is this. What one writes should not target one particular group of people. Too much has been written by outsiders about the Oromos. Especially, in a counter productive way. What some people are writing these days, only confirms the rift between Abyssinians and Oromos. I am 100% sure, what the Habeshas tell us today is not going to be bought by today’s Oromo generation. We are going farther apart as each and evry single day passes by. What we need to do to understand each other?

  2. mohammed
    | #2

    Oromo scholars and Oromo people know the history of oromo and oromia.
    Somalis never use the world galla for oromo. It is highlanders and amara who used this word. What is sure is that we and Oromos are under colonial rule ,we will write our true history .

  3. Anonymous
    | #3

    ethiopia is one

  4. Shewa
    | #4

    Hate will not take us anywhere, may at some point lead us hating own-selves. Love and respect people, swallow reality and march forward for common enemies “illiteracy, Poverty, inequality”. Blaming others for they had led you once in history, and now you advocating for leading others don’t work. Such revenge ideology cannot be practiced and will not be sustainable even if it incidentally happen in this era – instead move forward and sing for equality, democracy, better life “Be Mandela of the country”. Sure, you can. Believe me you can do it. Go for that!
    This time around we are having less and lesser number of figures as pan Africanist, innovationist from diasporas of our country, why? Because most are busy working at very small scale(Religion, clan, geography etc) and the remaining are reading and supporting such works. I acknowledge few who are working for sustainable peace and development.
    The degree of the positive contribution could defer, but all have contributed in making and shaping the history of the country and the people for what we are today. If the history book does not reflect these realities, let the responsible scholars discuss and rewrite it. But, our recent and future demand is to live like human being (with all the basics), enjoy the minimum that our world have been enjoying, learn from bad experience and work hard to be competent in the world. If all of us contribute the very minimum portion from our small scale unproductive work to solve the real challenge of our people, we would have gone far.
    It sound all have studied politics and history….., we keep blaming other for our small to big failure, in other hand without contributing anything (except negative sum). Tell for your family when possible your community – how they can improve their health system, how they can manage their money and resources, write small book that can assist your farming community how they can improve their traditional farming, tell for your community(with their own language) how they can fish etc.. It sounds small but our communities still cannot properly do it – go to your village and check it. For most of us, the only change to our community is to make them leave the country…..! Well we are getting older and superannuated without any positive input even to our poor community/locality. We spread unrest and hate to our community mind, we will pass and they will pass but postponing poverty, illiteracy and hater for their generation. At the end who will loss? Their neighbour who do not have diaspora family; they are neither benefited in the country development nor they are diaspora. They will be solder for the rebels and die fighting the giant. For sure the country and the people will breath, live and develop unequally and slowly, though you keep contributing hate and intolerance; but we could grow faster, evenly and catch up the rest if you either contribute positively or at least be silent which the later help our community to have their share from the country system. Thanks!

  5. Samuel
    | #5

    This shows that oromos have been in abyssinia over 400 years ago so northern oromos are themselves abyssinians.

    This fact should shut up OLF once and for all

  6. Aklilu
    | #6

    I remember this professor when he was in Adama. he was very calm and nice person but he was fired for his political views against the government. the Adama university adminstration is fully controlled by woyane agents

  7. jirudaba
    | #7

    Well over two hundred years ago Oromos themselves must have been imperial people.
    In a continental reality like our Africa, it shouldn’t be so hard to work out that people living in close proximity always fought and conquered one another either for economic reasons or simply to assert their dominion over others. The Oromos simply cannot be any different. Oromo History did not begin a mere two hundred years ago. One could argue it has been there at least for a millennium or so. Hence if we go further back in History, perhaps we may discover that the Oromos themselves were mighty imperial people who defeated and took territory from others. That must be the only plausible explanation for the vast swath of territory they inhabit today. A good deal of it must be land acquired throughout History through conquest of neighbours by means of their superior might and overwhelming population. Please don’t waste your time to invent tell-tell story to convince us otherwise. If anyone wants to refute that please come up with some hard facts and not hearsay as usual. Please stop playing the perennial victim and painting own self as a do no wrong saint.
    Thank you to the writer. He has done good job to clear out debris out of a lot people’s mind.

  8. Girma
    | #8

    Thank Shewa!
    Most diaspora are childish. All they talk about is Religion, Ethinicity, and Geography. And yet you are living in Great Nations like Canada, USA, Australia and EU. If you can’t learn the benefit of Unity from these countries then we are heading for doom’s day.

  9. Tazabi
    | #9

    Actually any person has a freedom to express his or her opinion in a rationale way. However, a person’s freedom of expression should not mount up to poisoning the air that the society breathes in or should not compromise freedom of the others, especially at racial or ethnic level. I have read several topics posted by Tedla Asfaw that are too hostile against the Oromo ethnic group. If any piece is posted about the Oromos and it seems to have some positive aspects about them, this man is the first responder to rebut it. One of the topics he posted, as I remember was, “Liberating Oromo Muslims from Christian Ethiopia?” He is too swollen and close to be exploded with hatred against Oroms. Maybe he has developed allergies against them. The unity of the people and the sovereignty of the country can be benefited not from the social poison makers like Asfaw. The Oromo history was made by the Oromos and Asfaw can not make up a history for them. All people who believe in the unity should condemned this divider. Tazabi

  10. Anonymous
    | #10

    Here we go again, the TPLF are at it again to take the focus from them for controlling the country and abusing their power in unimaginable ways. The fact is clear that Meles and Isayas had done everything under the sun to divide Ethiopians and rule — the two calculated and merciless evil cousins hated Ethiopia and Ethiopians and had brainwashed especially the Oromos to believe that their number one enemy is the Amhara ethnic group. The Amharas never had/have easier life than Oromos now or ever. The multiethnic Ethiopian Haileselassie didn’t do much to benefit the Gondar, Gojam and Wollo provinces as Meles had done to his birthplace Tigrae province. In fact, many people from Amhara ethnic group have been hanged to death during the 50 yrs of Haileselassie regime. It is indeed sad to see that millions of well educated Ethiopians still believe the made up stories of the evil demented hateful racists of Isayas and Meles. How can anyone believe a word that has no meaning in Amharic vocabulary can be created by Amharas to insult their Oromo brothers and sisters? My friends, let us not be distracted by TPLF that are doing everything to create division and animosity between Ethiopians and take the focus from the very people who are responsible for robbing the country, incarcerating, torturing and killing our innocent Ethiopian brothers and sisters in every province in Ethiopia. Come on people! DO NOT BE GULLIBLE AND BE EASILY MANIPULATED ONCE AGAIN BY TPLF!

  11. Dawi
    | #11


    [[ are living in Great Nations like Canada, USA, Australia and EU. If you can’t learn the benefit of Unity from these countries then we are heading for doom’s day...]]

    Ah…If you can learn what??? Menew Shewa!

    The problem is USA for instance was established in 1776 on ethnic cleansing off Native American. Thomas Jefferson who owned slaves drafted the US remarkable Constitution.

    The question is what are you telling Shewa to learn from that?

  12. berhan b
    | #12

    TPLF is alive because Ethiopia doesn’t have oil.

  13. Anonymous
    | #13

    The last twenty five years is a validation that tplf are the greatest threat to Ethiopia and Ethiopians.

  14. Anonymous
    | #14

    Republic of Oromia, shall rise from the ashes of ethiopia. till then keep on hating OLF and oromo.

  15. Anonymous
    | #15

    #14 Anonymous, how laughable!
    You got it all wrong — you cannot fool sensible Ethiopians — we have seen and heard enough. We know when TPLF talk pretending to be one of us to continue their looting and crimes and creating division between Ethiopians. Even a small child or a mindless person won’t believe tplf’s tactics after the 23 years of awful, heart-wrenching and shocking crimes on our motherland and our fellow Ethiopians from East to West and from North to South of Ethiopia.

  16. mickey
    | #16

    guys please we are one that’s all.

  17. Anonymous
    | #17

    This is a replay of the old but failed ethnic politics. Why don’t you unite to grow together instead of wishing destroying each other? I think no one will be a winner with ethnic politics.

  18. Dawi
    | #18

    Anonymous said:

    [[..Republic of Oromia, shall rise from the ashes of Ethiopia. till then keep on hating OLF and oromo…]]

    That is probably the result you get from supporting & allying with any ethnic/religious demagogues in that country of ours. ESM/EPRP had seen that result by over tolerating TPLF and more or less supporting EPLF. Studying whether Eritrean question was colonial or national perpetually ends up by default supporting the devil EPLF and now we have the Ethnic demagogues running Eritrea.

    On the other hand in practice & the way I see it, TPLF [particularly the top leaders who were Marxists like Meles] had transformed themselves into a true Ethiopian Nationalist organization at the get go and after taking over Arat Kilo. However, no one should be surprised that it is going to take a process to make a complete transformation from a regional to all Ethiopian national mind set for all the followers. Meles & CO. IMO were solving that Marxian contradiction step by step and very carefully making sure they don’t go over the heads of folks who joined and signed by accepting the minimum program of TPLF.

    The same applies today; if you ally with the Taliban/separatists or what have you, you are required to honor the agreement later.

    When a country is going through a civil war or has internal tensions escalating, a developmental state run by semi authoritarian like EPRDF can resolve these conflicts in a more definite way than in electoral “democracies”. Because under a democracy the minority/Taliban can wait until the conditions are met for them to come to power and once they do, take revenge on other groups, thus escalating the conflict between all the factions.

    Today under EPRDF, the PM or HD has “total power” and hence, there are no more power quotas to fight for anymore.

    We have seen that in Argentina, South Korea and others places. As the matter of fact supporting the military of Egypt for a long time is probably the only option left for Obama to do today??

    In other words, don’t take “Anonymous” with the “Republic of Oromia” slogan lightly. He is not kidding!

  19. aha!
    | #19

    Mr. anonymous, in the name of setting the records straight about the oromo ethnic group is missing the strife of ideological differences among the TPLF/eprdf regime in association with its supporter OPDO/EFDF/Medrek/fdre interms of ethnic federalism and ethnic secessionist engaged in armed struggle in collaboration with Ginbot 7 or alone in support of ethnic federalism with former two and ethnic nationalism with respect to the latter, with offence to the oromo ethnic group versus those for Ethiopian Nationalism under the goals for unity, territorial integrity, sovereignty of Ethiopia and Ethiopians, where the last item refers to individual freedom liberty and equality need to have precedence over ethnic and secessionist rights, where individuals rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is center piece of the constitution, not the Oromo, the Amhara or the Tigrai ethnic group, etc. rights and or domination of one ethnic group over others with the ideologies of ethnic federalism, secessionism and totaliarinism and/or State capitalism built into the constitution.

    So I say to you Mr. Anonymous, give us the excerpt of the History of Oromo people that is different than the one expressed by Dr. Fikre Tolossa. So, instead of posturing as ethnic federalism and/or ethnic nationalism we need to focus on saving Ethiopia from disintegration by the negative forces of disintegration by TPLF/eprdf against the positive forces of integration for Ethiopian Nationalism under the goals for unity, territorial integrity, sovereignty of Ethiopia and Ethiopians, as the major goals with strategies to come up with the same result of one nation, one flag untainted, and one Official language and religion with the notion that “hager yegara nat, haimanot gin yegil new”, and free of government interference, signed on by all opposition parties and armed factions with ethnic nationalism and/or ethnic Islamism.

  20. Anonymous
    | #20

    Dawi, quit making up stories as you go! That evil bloodsucker Meles never knew what love is and never loved Ethiopia or the people — that is why he robbed the country and slaughtered Ethiopians. He was in it for the money to build his birthplace. Thank God he is 6ft under and rotting.
    OLF is created by Isayas and Meles to divide Ethiopians. In many ways TPLF and OLF are very similar in many ways — a single minded group of people that are hateful and racists.

  21. Justice now!
    | #21

    You can deny and lie the reality of miserable life in Ethiopia caused by TPLf, but the facts are impossible to hide. TPLF resolve any kind of conflict by pulling their gun and slaughtering innocent Ethiopians, even small children. The deep rooted hate TPLF have towards every ethnic group in Ethiopian is very obvious and in the open to see. You and the likes of you leave comments everyday acting as an Oromo, but it is impossible to hide the sins of TPLF and their hate, disrespect and no value for the lives of Oromos and all other ethnic Ethiopians.

    My friends, please also notice how dirty the streets are in this Oromo town where innocent people gunned down in the broad day light. watch and compare to Mekele that is built with the stolen money and the backs, sweats and the blood of Ethiopians:

  22. Anonymous
    | #22

    Here is a good laugh for Ethiopians, Dawi’s the number one staunch supporter of TPLF or possibly, the son or daughter of the bloody hand Meles trying to manipulate Ethiopians:
    “…On the other hand in practice & the way I see it, TPLF [particularly the top leaders who were Marxists like Meles] had transformed themselves into a true Ethiopian Nationalist organization at the get go and after taking over Arat Kilo. However, no one should be surprised that it is going to take a process to make a complete transformation from a regional to all Ethiopian national mind set for all the followers. Meles & CO. IMO were solving that Marxian contradiction step by step and very carefully making sure they don’t go over the heads of folks who joined and signed by accepting the minimum program of TPLF…”
    On the other hand in practice & the way I see it, TPLF [particularly the top leaders who were Marxists like Meles] had transformed themselves into a true Ethiopian Nationalist organization at the get go and after taking over Arat Kilo. However, no one should be surprised that it is going to take a process to make a complete transformation from a regional to all Ethiopian national mind set for all the followers. Meles & CO. IMO were solving that Marxian contradiction step by step and very carefully making sure they don’t go over the heads of folks who joined and signed by accepting the minimum program of TPLF.On the other hand in practice & the way I see it, TPLF [particularly the top leaders who were Marxists like Meles] had transformed themselves into a true Ethiopian Nationalist organization at the get go and after taking over Arat Kilo. However, no one should be surprised that it is going to take a process to make a complete transformation from a regional to all Ethiopian national mind set for all the followers. Meles & CO. IMO were solving that Marxian contradiction step by step and very carefully making sure they don’t go over the heads of folks who joined and signed by accepting the minimum program of TPLF…”

    Hard to believe this individual called Dawi who is here to lie, to brainwash, to make excuses for Meles and TPLF crimes and manipulate Ethiopians.

  23. Dawi
    | #23

    Folks – I said the way I see it; didn’t I? Let me say a little bit more.

    Ethiopian Student Movement (ESM) is a gathering of multi-national Ethiopians. The folks who started EPRP came from ESM. Meles and others who started TPLF came from ESM as well.

    EPRP tolerated TPLF’s narrow view even though the group was weaker than them and started later on organizing in the same region/field area. The reason EPRP tolerated them was because of the principle of supporting all national liberation movements. They did same to EPLF as well; not only that but didn’t bother to take a clear stand on whether the Eritrean question was national or colonial?

    Well, TPLF jumped the gun and took what I call an opportunist stand and called the Eritrean question Colonial. That probably strengthened TPLF in general and weakened EPRP to its eventuall demise and being kicked out from the area they were operating side by side with TPLF.

    Meles the practical man, not just academics like many, decided to take the TPLF route to become the top dog of Ethiopia and succeeded.

    If you disagree let me know.

  24. Juctice now!
    | #24

    If you weren’t in denial, an arrogant heartless TPLF and have a bit of conscience you would notice that, over 80 million Ethiopians and millions more around the world who stand for Human Rights, Democracy, and Justice for all DISAGREE with you and TPLF wholeheartedly.

  25. ጉረኞች
    | #25

    Dawi @#23
    The success of TPLF is mysterious and one of a very rare occurrences. You can not associate these kinds of chances to practicality. Note also the objective was to liberate Tigray not rule over Ethiopia. የጅብ እድል ነው የገጠማቸው::

  26. aha!
    | #26

    Dawi! In retrospective, here the way I see the student movement initially with TPLF and others as the liberation fronts with the pretext of oppression of nations and nationalities, perhaps documented in the TPLF manifesto among other plots against HIM’s and latter the Derg regime, while EPRP was engaged in class struggle for land reform and workers right perhaps in a democratic and/or socialistic revolution against HIM’s regime and latter on against the Derg regime military dictatorship to a civilian rule, which probably connotes democracy with no ethnic orientations embracing all ethnic groups, which to my analysis should not be lumped with the liberation movements. Although, EPRP contributed to the fall of the Derg regime as being the sacrificial lambs during the Red Terror, the greatest tragedy in terms of human rights violations, that is being shared by the TPLF/eprdf regime of ex-liberation fronts, which set up the frame work of the constitution of ethnic federalism, secessionism and totaliarinism and/or state capitalism built into the constitution with TPLF as the spearhead as the spearhead of the that constitution and the loyalist opposition parties supporting it, while EPRP, AAPO and others have no part in it, to say the least about the sovereignty of Ethiopia and Ethiopians and the flag lined up along Ethiopian Nationalism. From that perspective it hard to pay attention to your comparative analysis of the Ethiopian Student Movement (ESM) and the factions within it, where one side is geared towards what has transpired as ethnic federalism and or ethnic nationalism as with the secessionist movements and the other side with Ethiopian Nationalism has no part in either secessionist and/or ethnic federalism, which connotes self rule and separate but unequal development under TPLF control, with no balance of the branches of the government with ethnic minority rule now, with ethnic majority rule in the future with democracy supper imposed over ethnic rule does not a democratic government make, until the constitution is ratified to give precedence of individual freedom, liberty and equality to pre-cede ethnic and secessionist rights and the division of Ethiopian land mass by major ethnic groups and alignment of parties along the national agenda instead of ethnic agenda and coalescing along Ethiopian Nationalism with goals and strategies for unity, territorial integrity, and sovereignty of Ethiopia and Ethiopians to save Ethiopia from disintegration into ethnic nationalism and/or feudalism.

  27. Anonymous
    | #27

    Regardless, how the Hitler of Ethiopia started his journey, still, it doesn’t change the fact about Meles that he was indeed one of the most evil, manipulative and a coldblooded killer that was born without conscience, without an ounce of kindness and without mercy. Meles is responsible for leaving the country landlocked, sell its land, robbing the country blind, incarcerating, torturing and massacring countless number of patriotic Ethiopians. Tyrant Meles will always be remembered as one of the most evil-demented subhuman that died with the blood of unknown number of innocent Ethiopians on his hands. May Meles be haunted for eternity by the souls of the hundreds of thousands of innocent Ethiopian and Somali victims that have been tortured and slaughtered needlessly.

  28. Dawi
    | #28

    To continue a little bit more in talking about why I think the way I do…

    ESM or Ethiopian left in general lacked the theoretical depth required to complete a successful revolution. TPLF with all its draw backs at the beginning succeeded in coming to power.

    As others had observed, TPLF/Meles leadership were deeply rooted in the realities of Ethiopia. “They didn’t measure their record or their policies against external standards; on the contrary, they evaluated outside precepts against their own experience and logic”..

    “..World leaders have lauded Meles’ economic achievements without acknowledging their theoretical basis. Human rights organizations have decried his political record as though he were a routine despot with no agenda other than hanging on to power. Reviewing his writings on the developmental state, this essay shows the unity of his theory and practice…”

    For ESM at the beginning Marxism-Leninism was a Dogma but Meles, took it a step further and used it in practice as a rigorous method for assembling evidence and argument, to be bent to the realities of armed struggle and development.

    “..Meles was primus inter pares in the EPRDF’s collective leadership and chief economic theoretician. In an episode made famous by Joseph Stiglitz, Meles objected to the IMF position that international assistance was too unpredictable to be incorporated into national budget planning purposes, with the absurd consequence that national spending on infrastructure, health, and education could not be increased in line with foreign aid flows. Meles produced arguments and data and forced the Britton Woods Institutions to rethink…”

    The EPRDF took power in 1991, amid international predictions that Ethiopia would go the way of Somalia but didn’t. In my opinion, it wouldn’t have mattered who came to power among the competing groups then. Any one of them could have done as much or worst blunders as TPLF because they all didn’t have what takes to do the job.

    Yes the TPLF started as a narrow group however, it has come a long way; as Teng Hsiao-ping once said “it doesn’t matter whether the cat is black or white as long as it catches the mice”. I think they are in the right track to catch the mice. I thought the latest Sebhat’s interview on Awramba to be a very good one. He is not known to be the most articulate individual but this one is very good.

    It may be hard for this forum’s zero sum adherents to look at things from out of the box but, such extraordinary achievement by fellow ESM individuals and groups is something we all should be proud of regardless of our differences.

  29. Dawi
    | #29

    Going back to the Oromo issue:

    We heard Jawar pissy, defensive, upset and fuming…or all of the above, talking to some Amharic Radio show after being denounced by many of his “admirers”. I heard for a few minutes and turned it off because for me the manner he was upset was annoying and not worth listening any more. It sounds like Jawar still has a whole lot of maturing to do!

    He was complaining how Oromos such as Aba Dula [EPRDF] and others were treated unfairly etc. by Woyane/Abyssinians. They get the label of corrupt” rather quickly regardless of their high status in the society.

    Hello! I don’t think any other ethnic origin that the authoritarian system decided to be labeled as “corrupt” would fair any better either.

    So even if what he is saying has some merit, it is not a major issue or worth our time defending & analyzing discriminations at this juncture.

    What he is saying in the way I see it is, you threw me off the pedestal because I am an Oromo; if I wasn’t you would have taken your sweet time and given me the benefit of the doubt period.

    Again, he may have a point there but, one expects more from some one like him. He needs to come up with some theoretical understanding of the whole problem and tackle our country’s main enemy rather than wasting time and tackling the symptoms here and there.


  30. Justice
    | #30

    Sensible, peace loving Ethiopians recognize absurd poor thinking and judgments, especially of those who love and admire brutal dictators like Meles that have no value for human life.

  31. Anonymous
    | #31

    Disagreed in deed!
    Only delusional people with the same mindset as Meles love despicable barbarous subhumans like Adlof Hitler, Stalin, Meles and the likes.
    “Meles Zenawi (Ethiopia), 1991-2012
    Total Deaths Responsible For: Upwards of 1,000,000 through genocidal wars he conducted in the Ogaden and Gambella regions of Ethiopia; death by disease in concentration camps; blockade of food; ordering the shooting of unarmed pro-democracy protesters; deploying human wave tactics in the war with Eritrea; invasion of Somalia where over 10,000 Somalis slaughtered, countless died of starvation and disease, over 2 million became homeless…”

    Once again, the TPLF regime savagely attack women, children and the elderly:

    Did the born-again Christian and the fake Prime Minister gave orders for Ethiopians to be savagely attack indiscriminately? What does believing in the merciful God means to this powerless Prime Minister? Where is this man’s humility and responsibility? Is HMD’s conscience buried with Meles with no return?

  32. ጉረኞች
    | #32

    The whole philosophy of liberation fronts including TPLF and OLF is rejectionism, therefore backward looking not forward looking, always condemning the past in all things. In case of Jawar and his likes they even go as far as 3,000 years to reject everything under the sky about Ethiopia. Therefore, it is hard to talk and agree in anything as the root of the problem they have is more of psychological not political. The midget Meles was the same, all actions he takes were influenced by psychological disposition he was suffering from, always planning how he could undermine the larger Ethiopia and promote the narrow region of Tigre. That is the reason he preferred to die than making any arrangement with any multinational groups who have either progressive or conservative philosophy. He got his wishes, he died before he sees Ethiopia’s progress. We expect fellow Tigres like you re-evaluate and join multi-nationals not to perpetuate the same backward psychology.

  33. aha!
    | #33

    Dawi!, You are again missing the target by assigning the liberation movements of TPLF and its associates/liberation fronts was centered around the Marxicist and Lenist revolution, rather than oppression of nations and nationalities against the Derg regime, which upholds the same type of revolution based on class struggle for land reform from balabats, royals and landlords, making it different from the Derg regime and that of EPRP engaging the Derg on its military dictatorship to civilian rule, which connotes democracy, a rule by the people for the people and of the people. Your are still leaning on the notion that ESM is engaged on the economic model of totalitarianism and /or state capitalism, which has been inherited from the Derg regime, but leave out the ideologies of ethnic federalism and secessionism as the main part of the political frame work built into the constitution, emblematic of divide and rule policy of nominal self rule, that the teletafi parties in eprdf and the loyalist opposition parties are scrambling for yekili mengistats ikulent mekeber, and opening up of political space as the linch pin of TPLF/eprdf regime, in addition to your totalitarian and state capitalism economic model, inseparable from the political model. While the former denies the silent majority of Ethiopians individual freedom, liberty and equality to have precedence over ethnic and secessionist rights, as precedence for a democratic rule and democratic government, the latter precludes the individual from economic freedom, that of ownership of land and property anywhere in Ethiopia as one of the means of production in a free market capitalism. whereas, you continue to hammer on the silent majority of Ethiopians, outside the TPLF/political, TPLF/EFFORT, TPLF affiliated enterprises, cadres, and foreign corporations, enjoying free market capitalism under the auspices of TPLF/political, when it has to be a steward of the resources and environment and have public domain for reclaiming land for conservation and public uses of lands, not monopoly of Ethiopians land mass in the name of self-rule under ethnic federalism, instead of State federalism of the original provinces, which does serve as a prelude to secessionism and future boundary disputes, as the case was with Eritrea.

  34. Dawi
    | #34

    Jawar seems to have made a come back with his latest Ethio-tube interview. This time he looked collected and as usual very articulate.

    What was amazing was he sounded like the young Meles pre 1991 reincarnated. Talking trash! :)

    Blabering about “100 years history of Ethiopia” and how Federalism for Ethiopia written by the good old OLF was the best thing since sliced bread.

    He even declared that there is no going back …ever and ever to the old unity etc. The thing is, he is practically defending EPRDF’s achievement minus the Woyane. Why I am not surprised?

    Br that as it may, if Abebe G & others have any doubt, Jawar has made it crystal clear that he will be thrilled if TPLF is replaced with OLF; nothing more.

    The irony however, is Meles before he passed away was talking more of our common purpose goals like the Ethiopian renaissance, our 3000 years of history and the renaissance Dam etc. But die hards don’t listen!!

    Jawar said he is an expert of the region; if that is the case, then Meles must have been Einstein! :-)

    Seriously though, I think Jawar has what it takes to be a great leader down the line. He has to do a lot of work.–August-03-2013

  35. Dawi
    | #35

    I hear you aha!

    Ethiopian Nationalism as great as it for many of us, there are those groups particularly in the peripheral of our country who have resentment therefore, we have to take a different route to arrive to the same destination you talk about and “save Ethiopia from disintegration into ethnic nationalism”.

    As I quoted Hororwitz on another thread, he said “ethnic relations undergoes significant improvements during an authoritarian [developmental state] period that is very likely to improve the prospects for democracy” and gives case in points.

    Relations between Thais and Chinese in Thailand and between Mainlanders and Taiwanese on Taiwan were hostile and even violent after World War II. Several decades later, those relations were far less prone to conflict, and rates of intermarriage were higher than is typical of deeply divided societies. These changes facilitated democratization in both countries, because they reduced the fear that each group had of the other. At the other extreme, most African countries remain severely divided, and ethnic divisions have proved a major impediment to the attainment of stable democracy all over the continent.

    I know you don’t like to hear this but, Meles had found the way to do it already. The developmental state theory of his will do the job.

  36. Anonymous
    | #36

    Dawi: “…understanding of the whole problem and tackle our country’s main enemy…” Amazing to know how this Dawi still thinks that Ethiopians are the same people that have been manipulated almost 23 years ago. Dawi is one of TPLF that thinks Ethiopians are too dumb and ignorant to notice the horrendous unspeakable crimes of TPLF in the last 23 years. In the history of Ethiopia, even the unintellectual, the hot-headed and the coldblooded killer Mengestu, didn’t hate the country and the people of Ethiopia as TPLF have. The members of TPLF are the biggest problems of our country that have left the country without seaport, looted the country, selling the country and torturing and killing the patriotic and the law-abiding Ethiopians in every province for over two decades. The despicable crimes of TPLF continues as we speak:

  37. Dawi
    | #37


    I suggest you quit playing the blame game! Just consider the possibility that your lots [opposition] somehow contributed to your current situation; abject poverty and country’s backwardness. This does not mean no one else played a part; it just means perhaps you did, as well.

    You forget that EPLF & OLF were active then; OLF wrote federalism and EPLF is also responsible for taking the seaport to say the least.

    Mengestu may not hate the country but he was incompetent.

    You didn’t have a better alternative then and you don’t have an alternative today except riding the Muslims as a horse. You don’t even have a clue where you are going??

    What you are doing is pathetic if you ask me.

  38. Anonymous
    | #38

    You are one of many delusional, SENSELESS, SHAMELESS AND PATHETIC TPLF that assumes Ethiopians can be easily manipulated and fooled once again by TPLF. You can try to manipulate and deceive Ethiopians, but Ethiopians form East to West and from North to South know who is LOOTING THEIR COUNTRY, killing their children, parents, family members and friends. Your lies and denial cannot change the reality of human miseries TPLF have brought to Ethiopia. You can try to put all the blames on other ethnic group that haven’t been in power for over a century, but TPLF’s inhumanity and cruelty on Ethiopia/ns for the last 2 decades is recorded in the history books for generation to come by Ethiopians who are still experiencing the injustice of TPLF as we speak, and by Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International. The Ethiopian Christians and Muslims that have been living side by side for thousands of years cannot be easily duped again by you and the likes of you. Ethiopians know the difference between Rain and when members of TPLF pee on their heads continuously and tell them otherwise. There is no good enough excuse in the world for one innocent Ethiopian to be tortured and killed, let alone massacre hundreds of thousands of peace loving and law abiding Ethiopians. You kinds are pitiful, illogical and evil-demented at best!

  39. aha!
    | #39

    Anonymous #31, your comment embraces one as aspect of the humanitarian, economic, political and environmental crises, supported by documentaries, perpetrated by the TPLF/eprdf regime, supported by the teletafi (ethnic federalist) and the previous loyalist opposition (ethnic federalist) parties, security, federal police forces, Killil adminstrators in terms of the constitution carrying the ideologies of ethnic federalism and totaliarinism and/or State Capitalism, where TPLF is a Politbeurro, manifesting ethnic minority rule, from which the Prime minster evolved as authoritarian and ethnic dictatorship, and TPLF evolved from the inception by extinction, expulsion and now division within the remaining party, where all adhere to ethnic federalism, secessionism and totalitarianism and/or State Capitalism, economic model, supported by TPLF/political, TPLF/EFFORT, TPLF affiliated enterprises, cadres and foreign corporations in exploitation, political and economic strangle hold of the countries resources in a free market capitalism, denied to the silent majority of Ethiopians as negative force of disintegration of Ethiopia against the positive forces of integration for unity, territorial integrity, sovereignty of Ethiopia and Ethiopians.

  40. Dawi
    | #40


    You still don’t have an alternative od what so ever.

    You are just repeating the song “Muslims & Christians living side by side”.

    The question is how do you maintain such Harmony when it is being assaulted by the Egyptian chauvinists and other petro dollar sources?

    If you have any doubt just look at the Copts in Egypt and talk to an Egyptian Copt in your neighborhood here in US and find out.

    You have no clue in what can happen and nothing to offer except talking about unsubstantiated “massacre of hundreds of thousands”.

    On the other hand, after the “developmental state” paradigm shift, the data had indicated how Ethiopia can protect herself from interference waged against our way of life; mainly by fighting the root cause.

    Between 2002 and 2010, the health coverage increased from 60 percent to 89 percent. Within eight years the nation has managed to increase its health coverage by 29 percent;

    In the education field too, the year between 2002 and 2010 witnessed massive construction of education facilities and increased number of student enrollment. The number of students in higher education has increased from 30.5 thousand in 1995 to 77.1 thousand in 2002. . The number of students in the higher institution reached 260 thousand in 2010. Just within eight years the nation’s higher educational enrollment number increased by 130 thousand students. Such increment in student enrollment in the higher institutions is achieved by the active involvement of “the developmental state” to increase access to higher institutions in the country.

    During “developmental state” time, the nation managed to reduce poverty incidence by round 20 percent.

    In the same way despite the regular cycle of droughts in parts of the country, the number of emergency beneficiaries has dropped from 15 million in 2003 to a maximum of 5.6 million (USAID, 2012).

    Within seven years of the paradigm shift, the country managed to construct 166 new health centres.

    Therefore, talk is cheap however, Meles already showed us the light at the end of tunnel. If you don’t have a better plan than that to solve our monumental problem I say you’re wasting yours and our time.

  41. Anonymous
    | #41

    You are the one who is wasting your useless time to convince Ethiopians that no other political party is better than the killing macine TPLF mafia. Literally, you are here to tell us to shut the hell up and accept the TPLF abuse of power, the looting, the mass arrest and murders of innocent Ethiopians. You have been so brainwashed to think that the deceased brutal merciless killer who was responsible for looting the country, incarcerating, torturing and massacring millions of innocent Ethiopians was the best leader ever. Tyrant Meles and members of TPLF mafia were rejected by 90 millions of Ethiopians, but their voices were denied and taken from them twice by TPLF mafia that is armed to their teethes and trained to kill at any given moment. Over two hundred young men, women and even children as young us seven and fourteen were beaten and gunned down by Agazi army the day after the election in May 2005. You are so fixated by your senseless killer father Meles, that committed horrendous crimes against the country and on countless number of Ethiopians you are unable to differentiate right from wrong. It is obvious that you do not care about the Human Rights abuse, the looting and the senseless tortures and deaths of hundreds of thousands of Ethiopians as long as you and the likes of you have plenty to eat and drink and fill your bank accounts with the stolen money. Only TPLF like you think it is fine and dandy to rule the country with iron fist to solve any issue by creating terror, fear and shutting people up by beating them up and gunning them down. How barbaric! If Ethiopians have a choice, I have no doubt that they would prefer to bring back the other madman bloodsucker Mengestu that didn’t loot and sold the country in addition to his other crimes. TPLF are buying time to loot more and build THEIR GREATER TIGREA. In the meantime, paid agents as Dawi, go around pretending to be Amharas, Oromos, Christians and Muslims to divide us and spend time 24/7 to tell us it is okay to be looted, incarcerated, tortured and slaughtered. Ethiopians wake up and stop being gullible.

  42. Anonymous
  43. Anonymous
    | #43

    #39 aha!,
    Thank you for clarifying and adding to what I and over 80 million Ethiopians have been talking about the despicable crimes of TPLF and their racist agenda.

  44. JFK ላይብረሪ?
    | #44

    ዲሞክራሲ በድህነት ላይ አይመሰረትም ድህነት ለማጥፋት መተባበር መተሳሰብ ያስፈልጋል እናንት ለዚህ አስተዋጽኦ እያደራጋችሁ አይደለም
    1.ምርት ሳይኖር እንዴት መካፈል እንዳለብን ታወራላችሁ በዚህም እኔ ልበልጥ እኔ ልበልጥ ትጣላላችሁ
    2. ጫካ የገባ ሰው ራሱን ከስልጣኔ ያሸሸ ነው ታዲያ እንዴት ስለልማት የሚያወራው? ከሕዝብ የራቀ እንዴት ሕዝብን መምራት ይችላል? 17 ዓመት ክሕዝብ ርቆ እንካንስ ኢትዮ ትግራይን ሕዝብን መምራት ይችላል?
    3. ምንም ቆራጥ ብትሆኑ ጦር መሳሪያውን አታመርቱም ማምረት እንዳለባችሁ እንካን ማሰብ አልጀማራችሁም ግን ጦርነት ታውጃላችሁ?
    4. ባህል ገለመለይ ትላላችሁ የምታነበንቡት ሁሉ ባህላችሁን አገራችሁን አቅም አይወክልም

    ስለዚህም አገሪታ የሌላትን ሕዝቡ አቅም ያላገናዘበ ነውና መጨረሻው የመሳሪይ ልመና እህል ልመና አይቀሬ ነው
    ኦሮሞ አማራ ትግሬ ….. ብላችሁ ተክፋፍላችሁ ብትዶናቀሩ ለሕዝቡ ያው በገሌ ነው

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