Minim Yelem

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  1. weynedo
    | #1

    Weynedo weyane

    Ethiopian should rise up and fight woyane Tigre.

  2. selam
    | #2

    Minimyelem is not for real Ethiopians it is for woyane

  3. Arefe
    | #3

    when you donot Give something to eat &drink in 750000 people. who told teach you Ethiopian calander is in millinium “denkeme millinumn”
    please learn your country, culture,dignity of poor inocent people. there thirst is not to
    count the years.except to see the difference!!!!!!!!!mo,QC

  4. gebre
    | #4

    i am the supporter of this is not the millinium ot ethiopia people but i am tigre
    weyane is not struggle for tigre now we can see
    the situation brifly blease don’t comment all tigre is woyane if you are ethiopian i can understand this kind of bad comments from weyane
    tank you gebrekidan

  5. seblewongel
    | #5

    Stupid Woyanne regime did not even bother to come up with an Ethiopian word (Cushetic,semitic or other)for the phenomena it is set out to celebrate.
    What does the word millennium has to do with Ethiopia;what a Looser! Two thousand cultural celebration without a word.

    God bless Ethiopians for coming up with the word “minim yellem”.

    God bless Ethiopia!

  6. Peace
    | #6

    Dear weynedo,
    please try to differentiate Woyane and Tigrians. Do you think that someone from Tigre criticizes and the woyane regeme wellcomes it.I don´t think so. For your information i am not tigre and i believe tigrians are misused for TPLF-Leaders purposes. They have reached their target money, power, etc.

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