History 101: Fiction and Facts on Oromos of Ethiopia By Prof. Feqadu Lamessa

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History 101: Fiction and Facts on Oromos of Ethiopia

By Prof. Feqadu Lamessa

July 30, 2013

A guide for foreign journalists on Oromos and Ethiopian history) Oromo, Ethiopia Courtesy: ayyaantuu.com)
(ADAMA, Ethiopia) – Recently, the Qatar-based media al Jazeera has published several articles concerning the Oromo people of Ethiopia. It is the first international media outlet to extensively report on our people and it should be praised for bringing our cause to the world stage.

One of the benefits of this exposure is it forces Ethiopian authorities to address human rights abuses in the country and to let them know that the world is watching. Oromos and other Ethiopians have been struggling for equal rights and democracy for decades. While it is important to report about Oromo people’ background and historical perspectives, it is however vital that we report accurate information. Instead of benefiting us, reporting inaccurate or biased information can actually harm our struggle for democracy. Instead of creating national consensus and peace, it can instigate bitterness and anger.
One of the reasons al Jazeera reported inaccurate information about Oromo history is because it depended on one-sided sources, especially from members or supporters of Oromo groups outside of Ethiopia (diaspora OLF, OFDM etc). But nobody can blame al Jazeera media because most people inside Ethiopia would be too scared to speak or contribute. The only option al Jazeera or any foreign media has is to use diaspora/refugee/external sources outside Ethiopia. This is a dilemma all foreign media outlets face while reporting about third-world countries like Ethiopia.

For educational purposes, some corrections are provided below to fix inaccuracies reported on al Jazeera media regarding Oromo history and our struggle for democracy. The corrections below are supported by non-political scholars, but they might be rejected by biased politicians (both from ruling party and from opposition party) for the obvious reasons. However, they are based on historical textbooks, European authors and scholarly accounts.

Fiction #1:

“Between 1868 and 1900, half of all Oromo were killed, around 5 million people”

Fact #1:

This is one of the most repeated inaccuracies, usually told by Secessionist Oromos, radical ethno-nationalist politicians outside the country or pro-OLF history revisionist websites like gadaa.com et al. However, the undisputed fact is that even the total Ethiopian population (the sum of dozens of ethnic groups) was much less than 5 million in the late 1800s, let alone one ethnic group being 10 million. So claiming that 5 million ethnic Oromos were killed by Emperor Menelik’s forces does not add up. The truth is several thousand Oromos were in fact killed during battles of that era. It was not a “genocide” as some politicians claim but it was a massacre of the ill equipped southern forces defeated by the Shewan military of Emperor Menelik which had more European weapons. Throughout those decades, the truth is more Oromos were killed by other Oromos than by non-Oromos because competing Oromo Clans often traded for weapons to have an upper hand against their local competitors, who were often their fellow Oromo and Sidama neighbors. And it was not the first lop sided victory of that era in Africa because various communities from all corners of Ethiopia had attacked one another during the “resource battles” and whichever group had more modern weapons had the upper hand. To summarize, Professor Mengistu Paulos of Jimma University said it best when describing right-wing Oromo liberation philosophy:–

“Most fictional accounts of ‘Oromo history’ blindly accepted as facts by some misled people are manufactured by former politicians turned Pseudo-historians like OLF writer Asafa Jalata, who is renowned for abuse of paraphrasing, often with out-of-context citations. For example, while quoting the 19th century Russian Alexander Bulatovich (who provided an ‘educated guess’ of annihilation of almost half Ethiopian population by disease, famine and war, including internal conflict between Oromo clans and with Abyssinians), the OLF-writer Asafa Jalata infamously claimed half Oromo population was killed by ‘evil’ Amharas. This was purposely done by Mr. Jalata to create a foundation for ethnic hatred between Oromos and Amharas. Ironically, even Mr. Bulatovich himself never had the capacity nor the legitimacy to do a reliable census, as he spent just a couple of months walking around Oromia and hunting elephants in 1890s.”

Fiction #2:

“…. largely Muslim Oromo people”

Fact #2:

This is a phrase seen in some media outlets but not most. Oromo people have never been a predominantly muslim people. In fact, both Christianity and Islam is not our ancestral religion because we have practiced an indigenous traditional religion for centuries before. Gradually, Islam and Christianity were both adopted (during Oromo migrations) by us and imposed (during conquest of our lands by Abyssinian/Christians & Somalis/Islam) on us thru out history. Even today, both the two major religions have equal representation among Oromos. The latest official 2007 census showed that around 48% of Oromos practice Christianity (Both Orthodox & Protestant) while around 47% of Oromos practice Islam. Yet, word on the ground is that the Islam population might soon surpass Christianity among Oromos in the future because Orthodox Christianity is decreasing inside Oromia.

Fiction #3

“Abyssinians labelled Oromos the derogatory word ‘Galla’”

Fact #3:

For many decades, this false statement has been used by Oromo separatists to create emotional resentment among Oromos against Semitic Abyssinians (Amharas, Tigrayans and Gurages). The fact is the derogatory word “Galla” was first used by Arab and muslim Somalis to describe Oromos as “gal” meaning “outsiders” and “Pagans.” Muslims used this label during Oromo migration because Oromo people had their own religion which the Muslims believed was paganism. Nonetheless, this derogatory word was gradually adopted and used by other Ethiopians.

Fiction #4:

“Oromos were colonized by Emperor Menelik”

Fact: #4

Another popular claim made by secessionist Oromo politicians (and usually repeated by foreign journalists) is the fiction that Oromo people (as a whole ethnic group) were colonized by another ethnic group. Usually, the slogan goes “Abyssinians colonized Oromos” etc. This claim is popular among the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) organization and consequently among some Diaspora Oromo nationalists living in America and Europe. While a different version or a re-arrangement of the wording might still be true…in general, the Oromo nation as a whole was never colonized by another Ethiopian ethnic group. To start with, even a united one Oromo nation did not exist at those times. All non-political historical textbooks show the existence of battles between multi-ethnic BUT monolingual communities for many centuries through out Ethiopia. Even in northern Ethiopia (traditional “Abyssinia”) Oromos have migrated and mixed so much with Tigrayans, Amharas, Afars etc for centuries that the “Abyssinia” state itself was never a one-ethnic state. In fact, even around the 1700s, Rayya Oromos and Yejju Wallo Oromos conquered and dominated a portion of Amharas and Tigrayans; and thus made Afan Oromo the official language of Abyssinia for that brief period. Meaning: clans and ethnic groups have mixed up in Ethiopia for over a millennium but the dominant ethnic group always imposed its language since it was convenient. This linguistic domination however was not always as exploitive and as vilified as it is today; because many of the ethnic groups living along trade centers and trade routes often spoke the languages of other ethnic groups already, because there was financial or commercial incentive to do so. This is the background of the region. Therefore, when it comes to the Emperor Menelik era, all historians have argued that it is more factual to say a predominantly Amharic language speaking community gradually conquered a predominantly Afan Oromo language speaking community in the 1800s. So this does not mean an Oromo ethnic group was conquered by an Amhara ethnic group. In fact, just like Amharas of the north were divided,Oromos were also divided and in conflict among themselves. The obvious evidence for this comes from the fact that the Amhara Emperor Menelik was imprisoned by other Amhara regional kings when he was younger. And when he was freed, Oromo clans were also in fierce battles amongst each other, so much so that the Tullama Oromo, Limmu and Macha Oromos created an alliance with the Shewan Amharas of Menelik, leading to the infamous battles of 1880s that led to this said alliance easily crushing the non-allied Oromos in various bloody wars. In short, Oromos as a one whole were never colonized by exclusively non-Oromos. In fact, the original founders of the OLF organization themselves never believed it so they did not emphasize the word “colonization” in the beginning. But in the mid-1970s, OLF leaders needed to mobilize Oromos against Emperor Haile Selassie (who was half Oromo himself) and to justify the call for “Oromia independence” from “colonial Ethiopia.” Therefore OLF had to create a bad cop-good cop scenario for their convenience and simplified history for their people to create national resentment. This helped OLF to portray Oromos as suddenly being colonized by this foreign ethnic group (Amhara) that we (Oromos) have never came in contact with before. This is common tactic used by national liberation movements around the world. The truth that most Ethiopians know is that Shewa based Oromos and Amharas (ethnically mixed Ethiopians) were the main creators of modern Ethiopia. In his book “Who are the Shoans,” the historian and anthropologist, Dr. Gerry Salole once summarized that: “In terms of descent, the group that became politically dominant in Shewa (and subsequently in Ethiopia) was a mixture of Amhara and Oromo.”

In Conclusion, the above are 4 of the main issues that create confusion for foreign journalists who report on Oromo people and Oromo politics in Ethiopia. While it is vital that al Jazeera and other media outlets cover the current suffering of Oromos and other Ethiopians, it is necessary to report responsibly. Otherwise, creating confusion and resentment between the younger Ethiopian population causes more problems than solutions. In reality, not just Oromos, but all Ethiopians have suffered under several governments and the only way they can achieve freedom and lasting democracy is when united, not when divided by tribes or not when being polarized by historical lies presented as truth. It is important that foreign media outlets make corrections or report accurate information to avoid inflammatory statements that are destructive and counter productive against Oromos and all Ethiopian people’ ongoing struggle for democracy, development and justice.
– Feqadu Lamessa is a former Adama University professor and writer

  1. Lemessa Fiqadu
    | #1

    The liers are always like that. And this one seems from Abyssinian propagandist.

  2. amha
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    thank you prof. you have illuminated my historical ideas abaout the OROMO PEOPLE but there is a problem
    and the prolem is a quation and the quation is


  3. Ethioman
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    Very well written! This oromo professor has single handedly destroyed all the OLF propaganda that poisoned our oromo brothers and sisters for years

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  5. Lij Ras
    | #5

    Well done my brother for your history lesson. I hope for the sake of the next generation of Ethiopians, people of good, will stick to the historical facts and not made up ones. Let there be justice and equality for all the people of Ethiopia. United we stand and divided we will fall.

  6. Waaqoo
    | #6

    Thanks professor Fekadu for digging the truth. There are forces who use lie as a means to influence public discourse. But a lie can never hold truth. A nation established on the foundation of distortion will never gain nationhood. Eritrea is a living witness. One can’t make a drop of good out of an ocean of evil. And lie is the archbishop of evil.

  7. ቶክቻው
    | #7

    ታሪክን አጣመው መጻፍ የሃበሾች ዘመናትን ያስቆጠረ ባህላቸው ነው:: የፈለጉትን በመጻፍ አንድነትን መፍጠር ቢቻል ኖሮ እስከዛሬ ልዩነታችን እንዲህ ጎልቶ ባልታየ ነበር:: ሃበሾች በሚጽፉት ዝባዝንኬ የሚረበሽ ወይም ማንነቱ ላይ ጥያቄ የሚፈጠርበት ኦሮሞ ቢኖር ምናልባት የአእምሮ ችግር ያለበት መሆን አለበት:: ሃበሾች መረዳት ያቃታቸው ነገር ቢኖር ስለኦሮሞ እንደፈለጉ ከመጻፍ ምን የሚያገኙት ጥቅም አላቸው? አንድ እውነት ግን አለ:: ማንም ኦሮሞ ሃበሾች ስለህዝባችን ያላቸውን ንቀትና በአንጻሩ ደግሞ የኛም አጸፋ ምን መሆን እንዳለበት ጠንቅቀን እናውቃለን:: ያልሆነ ስም በመስጠት ህዝብን ማጥፋት ቢቻል ኖሮ ሃበሾች ባለፉት 100 አመታት ውስጥ የኦሮሞን ህዝብ ከምድረ ገጽ ያስወግዱት ነበር:: ነገር ግን ያተረፉት ነገር ቢኖር ትውልድ የጎሪጥ እንዲተያይ ትልቅ ጠባሳ እያሳደሩ ይገኛሉ:: አሁንም ቢሆን አማሮች ለሌሎች ህዝቦች ያላቸው ንቀት/ፍርሃት ምንም የመርገብ አዝማሚያ አላሳየም::
    በጽህፍ ብዛትና በፓልቶክ ግርግር ለውጥ ማምጣት ቢቻል ኖሮ አማሮች ወያኔን ከረጅም ጊዜ በፊት ከስልጣን ያስወግዱ ነበር:: ነገር ግን ሚሊዮን ጊዜ ስለኦሮሞ ህዝብ ብትጽፉ ብትለፍፉ በፍጹም ኦሮሞ ዘመዳችሁ ይሆናል ብላችሁ እንዳትለፉ:: እናንተስ ብትሆኑ ከኛ ጋር እኩል አይደላችሁም እያላችሁን ዝምድናችንን የምትሹት ምን እንዲሆን ነው? ለዘመናት ስለኦሮሞዎች ስትጭሩ የኖራችሁት ታሪክ እኮ በየአብያተክርስትያናችሁ ለታሪክ ተቀምጠውልናል:: በተለያዩ ገድላትና ድርሳናት ሳይቀር ኦሮሞ ጠላታችሁ መሆኑን ስታስተምሩ ኖራችሁ ዛሬ ስለአንድ መሆን ላንቃችሁ እስኪሰነጠቅ ብትነግሩን ማን ሊሰማችሁ ነው:: አንድ አባባል ላስታውሳችሁ “ጊዜ ማንኛውንም በሽታ የሚፈውስ ጥሩ መድሃኒት ነው”:: እናንተ ባገኛችሁት የጊዜ አጋጣሚ የምትችሉትን ነገር አድርጋችኋል (አገርንና ትውልድን መግደል ብቻ ነው ያሳያችሁን):: እኛ ደግሞ በጊዜያችን ላለፉት 100 አመታት አባቶቻችሁ ያወደሙብንን እሴቶቻችንንና ማንነታችንን መልሰን ለመገንባት ቆርጠን ተነስተናል:: እርግጠኛ ነኝ ይህን ብናደርግ “ጠላቶቻችሁ” ሊያስብለን ይችላል ብዬ አልገምትም:: ምክንያቱም የናንተን ነገር: ክብራችሁን: ማንነታችሁን እንዲሁም ባህላችሁን የሚጎዳ ነገር አላደረግንም:: እኛ እኮ ዛሬ በሁሉም መስክ ራሳችንን ችለን እንደህዝብ መቆም የምንችልበት ደረጃ ላይ ነን:: ስለዚህ ከበደ ወይም ገብረማሪያም ተነስተው ያልሆነ ታሪክ ስለኛ ቢጽፍ ትዝብቱን ለራሱ ለታሪክ ትተነው ወደአንገብጋቢው ጉዳያችን እንመለሳለን:: ለጥቃቅን ነገሮች ጊዜ አንሰጥም:: የሚያሳዝነው ግን አንድ መቶ አመታት አብረን ኖረን አለመተዋወቃችን ነው::
    እውነት አምላክ ያለን ህዝብ ነን የምትሉ ከሆነ ለምን ለነገው ትውልድ እድል መስጠትን አልፈለጋችሁም? እናንተ የምትመኙአት ኢትዮጵያ እኮ በፍጹም ልትኖር አትችልም:: አንዱ በልቶ ሌላው የሚራብባት ኢትዮጵያ ምን ትሰራልናለች? አንዱን ክባ ሌላውን አንገት የሚታስደፋ ኢትዮጵያን ከቶ ማን ይፈልጋታል? በሙስና የተጨማለቀችና ኢሰባዊ አገዛዝን ባህሏ ያደረገች ኢትዮጵያ እናትነቷ ከቶ ለማን ነው?

  8. Boja
    | #8

    I salute his clear writing. I am Oromo myself, and I like the way the truth is told by Fekadu. Nothing to add… Bravo Fekadu

  9. wes
    | #9

    Good lesson prof. We need more of like you. We are all one

  10. Gudissa
    | #10

    AH! Algezira that’s funny to worry for our history and present it in the media. we are not foolish we know why they are doing this. i will tell them to mind about your own business and the middle east!

  11. ጉረኞች
    | #11

    ጉርባ ቶክቻው
    ከጽሁፍህ እንደተረዳሁት ብዙ ነገር ተደበላልቆብሃል:: ኢትዮጵያዊነትህን ብቻ ሳይሆን ኦሮሞኖትህንም አታውቀውም:: የታሪክ አዋቂ ለመምሰል ትሞክራለህ:: የፖለቲካ መነገጃ በራሪ ወረቀቶችን አንብበህ የታሪክ ጽሁፎች እየመሰሉህ ስብእናህን አስቶሀል:: ለመሆኑ አንተ ሃበሻ የምትላቸው ለዚህ አመት ሙል ሲገዙ አንተ ኦሮሞ የምትለው የማንን እግር ያጥብ ነበር? እኛ ኦሮሞ የምንለው እንደማንኛውም ኢትዮጵያዊ በአገሪቱ መልክአ ምድር በመኖር በፖለቲካዎም በኢኮኖዊም ሲሳተፍ የነበረ ህብራተሰብ ነው:: እንደሌላው ኢትዮጵያዊ እኩል ተረግጥአል እኩልም ገዝቷል:: ይሄ EPLF ሲደረድርልህና ሲያሟሙቅልህ የነበረው የዱሮ ሶሻሊስቶች የጭቁን ፕሮፓጋንዳ በአሁኑና በወደፊቱ ትውልድ ተቀባይነት አቷል:: ከኤርትራ ነጻ መውጣት ጋር ተቀብሯል:: ተመልስህ ወደ ጋርዮሽ የሚሉት የኋላ ቀር ህብራተስብ አደራጃጀት መሄድ ተፈልጋለህ? አንተ ኦሮሞ ከምትላቸው ጥቂት የደንቆሮ ስብስቦች በስተቀር ሌላው ህብረተሰብ ታሪክን በፕሮፓጋንዳ በራሪ ወረቀት አይማርም:: ታሪክን የሚያስተምር በእውቀት በበሰሉና እውቀታቸው የተመሰከረላቸው; በመጽሀፍና ተጽፈው ከታያዙና ትክክለኛነታቸው በምሁራን ከተረጋገጡ ብቻ ነው:: ዝም ብሎ በደፈናው አባቶቻችን ታሪካችንን በቃል ነግረውናል ብለህ ታሪካችን ነው ብለህ ማውራት የሚያመለክተው ሞኝ መሆንህን ብቻ ነው:: ፈቃዱ ለሜሳ የተባረከ ፕሮፌሰር የነገረህ ቀላል ነገር እኮ ነው:: ፕሮፓጋንዳና ታሪክ ለዩ ነው:: ኦሮሞን አዋርዳችሁ ሌላውን ምሁር ኦሮሞ አታዋርዱ ነው:: እንዴት መረዳት ያቅትሀል? ኦሮሞ የኢትዮጵያ ታሪክ ውስጥ ድርሻ አለው:: አልምቷልም አጥፍቷልም:: ዝም ብሎ አንተ እንደምትቀባጥረው ኦሮሞ ተዘፈዝፎ አልኖረም ነው የሚልህ:: ይሄ ደግሞ ከጥንት ጀምሮ ታሪክን እየጻፉ ካኖሩልን ደብተራዎች አንስቶ እስከአሁን ድረስ ባሉ ምሁራን የተመዘገበ ነው:: መጃጃል መብትህ ቢሆንም አዋቂ ለመመስል የምትለቀልቀውን እንቱ ፈንቶ አስቂኝ የጅል ስራ ነው:: መካሪ ከሌለህ ብየ ነው::

  12. dtaba
    | #12

    Let us get this lesson to all of us

  13. jirudaba
    | #13

    Oromo radicals suffer from a chronic disease cold “Oromatism”, a bone disease which says HATE individual amharas PERHAPS some TIGRES,you ‘ll be in power in no time and ‘ll be able to subjugate their will power & u’ll b a hero, it is good yeah!!

  14. geremew
    | #14

    It is an interersting article from professor Feqadu.
    OLF(Echat),TPLF,ELF,Meason,EPRP,Wezlig,Malerid,Derg,etc. The product of PLO (palastine libration organization) which was supported by Soviet union directly or indirectly. These communists contributed a poverty for horn of africa. Still they never learn from history.

  15. Tokichaw
    | #15

    You are absolutely right, because that is all you have been taught in your churches and monasteries, chauvinism and hatred. You, for that matter, have no any moral ground to tell me I was wrong. Let me tell you that we the Oromos and you, the Amharas have nothing in common. We have completely different world view, religion, culture, and way of life. You guys couldn’t even feed yourselves. Your fathers invaded our nation (Oromo land) aided by Europeans to ensure that they get food security. They brought famine, corruption, injustice, their dirty religion etc, in order to keep us back from moving with the rest of the world. You guys are a curse to that empire. That is why every citizen of the ethiopian empire hates the Amharas.
    ” The Abyssinians claim, ‘ the Oromos came in hordes and disrupted our magnificent civilization’ a civilization which didn’t exist.” Dr. Gemechu Megersa.

  16. ቶክቻው
    | #16

    ይህንን የደብተራ ጭንቅላት ነው የጠላነው:: ስለኤርትራ ለመናገር አንተ ማን ነህ:: ሂድና ደጀሰላም ይህን የመሰለ ወሬ አውራ:: አንተን ብሎ ባለታሪክ:: ትለብሰው የላት ትከናነበው አማራት የሚባለው እኮ በደንብ ይገልጻችኋል:: እድሜ ለመለስና ለኢህአዴግ አማራውን አፉን ያስያዙልን:: የደብተራ ደቀመዝሙር!

  17. Damenu
    | #17

    I think Prof. Feqadu has done wonderful job. All the facts he brings to light is valid. The only thing I want to comment is, it would be better if he includes who is behind in such distortion of history. The fact We are living in highly volatile region gives us a clue that there are always imported interests. I don’t think aljazeera is innocent. I think they are purposely slanted to give more weight to their purpose. Ethiopians including so called secessionists should know that there are groups that are bent on bashing anything to secure their interests. One of the mechanism has been manufacturing useless and hateful stories to misled people. I suspect so called OLF and some other groups have got much of their hates from other sources.To this end, TPLF and Shabia contribute a lot to these distorted and cooked stories of Oromo Amhara relations.

  18. ደርቤ ቀጀላ
    | #18

    ዉድ ፕሮፌሰር ፈቃድ ለሜኤሳ
    ዉብ ድንቅ ስራ
    ሐቁ ነገርካቸዉ::
    ርቢ ሲሃኬኑ::
    በኣሮሞ ስም መነገድና ማወናበድ ያብቃ::
    እነዚህ ሙጅሪም ዉሾች ወላ ገደል ይግቡ::

    በጣም እናመሰግናለን::
    ጆሌ ወበራ

  19. ጉረኞች
    | #19

    Although there are few Oromos blinded by hate and consumed by inferiority complex that forces them utter which otherwise is a despicable lies, in your case, it is not that hard to guess that your are either Shabea or Woyane. You are not a genuine Oromo. After pretending as Oromo for few minutes, you can’t help it, you finally came ou as a defender of Eritrea. ሆንክም አልሆንክም ልክህን ትንሽነትህን ከመንገር ወደ ኋላ አልልም:: ምክንያቱም ንጹሁን ኦሮሞ እናስቀይማለን በማለት የማንናገረው ነገር ላንተ አይነቱ ኦሮሞ ከሆንክ አንኮላ; ወያኔ ወይም ሻቢያ ከሆንክ ተንኮለኛ እባብ; የመሽነፍ ምልክት ሆኖ ስለታየህ ትንሽ መስመር ይዘህ እሷኑ ትደጋግማለህ:: አንተ ተሳድብኩበት ብለህ በጅል መንገድ አጣመህ ያመጣህው ነገር እኛ የምንኮራበት ጉዳይ ነው:: አማራ የተጠላ የምትለው እድሜ አለምህን እስካሁን ድረስ አማራን ለመሆን አይደለም እንዴ የምትጥረው:: ድሮም መናቅና ትንሽነት መንፈስ እንዲጠናወትህ የሆነው እኮ አማራ ለመምሰል በመፍጨርጨርሽ እኮ ነው:: ሌላ ምንም ምክንያት የለውም:: አማራንማ ለመምሰል ሳይሞክር ሰባዊነቱን ጠብቆ የኖረው ሰፈው የኦሮሞ ገበሬማ እንዳንተ ስሙን ሳይቀይር ቶላም ቶላ እንደሆነ ገመቹም ገመቹ እንደሆነ ከአማራው ጋር ህብረተሰባዊ ኑሮውን ከጥንት ጀምሮ በሰላምና በፍቅር እየኖረ ነው ያለው:: እንዳንተ አይነቱ ጅላ ጅል እኮ ነው በስራው ሳይሆን በስሙ ለመከበር የሚፈልግ ስሙንም ሆነ ሰበእናውን የቀየረው:: አሁንም ይሄ አማራን እሳደባለሁ ብለህ የመንደር ስድብ የደረደርከው ትንሽ self confidence የሚያዳብርልህ ከሆነ ይመችህ:: ተጠቀምበት:: ለቅልቀው:: አንገትህንም ቀና አድርግበት:: የተናገርከው ግን ውሽት እንደሆነ ልቦናህ ስለሚያውቀው በራስህ ውሽት የምትደስት የለየልህ አንኮላ ካልሆንክ ለሚያነበው ሰው ግን ጅልነትህን ያሳያል እንጂ ከቁም ነገር የሚቆጥርልህ የለም:: ይችን ብቻ ልበልና ላሁኑ ላቁም:: አማራው ወደ ደቡብ ሲወርድ አገር ለማቅናት በሚል ለመልካም ተልእኮ መሆኑን አትዘንጋ:: መቼም በዛን ወቅት እንዲህ አይነት መልካም መልእክት ይዞ መዝመት የሞራል የበላይነትን ብቻ ሳይሆን የሚቀናው አገር በምን አይነት ሁኔታ እንደነበር መረዳት አይቸግርህም:: በዚህ ላይ በሰፈው እንመለስበታለን ብየ ተስፋ አደርጋለሁ::

  20. ሶሮ
    | #20

    መልካም ስራ

  21. Deriba Guru
    | #21

    I don’t seem to have enough of reading this article. It was an excellent presentation for which millions will thank you for it, I must say. This was a subject which either had been ignored or shied away from being discussed. Some had made the effort but with mixed and twisted outcome. One may argue the intention was opportunist political expediency. It was a sad thing to have happened. This was an attempt to point out rather that some were conspicuous passing themselves as self appointed authority on our politics for the best part of several decades. One would be reasonable to be skeptical whether the subject has been confronted and factually discussed which may have been a reason which led to the playing field being left open, as a result, to a few extremists who used it to misinform and radicalize with their irrational and perverted views of looking at History and Liberty. Look at the bulk of the respondent’s comments to the subject at hand throwing personal irrational diatribe and vitriolic insult at the writer. It appeared all the extremists are here in force; literally they may not number any more in existence than those who responded to these factual accounts. They sure made a lot of noise but nothing plausible to be heard. The flood of irrational response has been astonishing. Sadly, all they could come up with was challenging the writer’s credentials as professor at the college he claimed he taught or whether he used his real name none of which in anyone’s imagination, had anything to do with the factual accounts he presented. Anybody endowed with similar high level writing and presentation skills could have published this article, for that matter. The main requirement would have been truthful knowledge of the History on the ground, unlike that half manufactured views aired by news agents, al je zera, et al. It begs to ask the question also whether such an agent(s) could be worthy of quoting in support of claims made on such matters of importance. This should worry any rational person if all that these individuals could come up with when they got confronted with hard hitting truthful reality was: hurl hatred filled insult as counter-response without presenting any evidence. One should emphasize, instead of resorting to cheap shots and outright denial of Historical facts, wisdom says ‘take deep breath and try to see the facts outlined in this commentary’. If they don’t, one should hope one day “the truth just might set them free”, as they say; that is, before it gets too late for them to turn back from the brink and see the positive values in reasoning when trying to put ones points view across.

  22. ግሩም
    | #22

    For ethnically trapped Ethno-Nationalist political and intellectual elites Nation-State Ethiopiawinet has become or has been presented such a bigger threatening monster imposed and swallowing their ethnic identity. However, such elites have failed to figure out the other biggest monster, very larger than Nation-State, which is insidiously self-organizing, perpetuating and lurking in the background. Any way rather than only getting entrapped in the two-dimensional Ethnic-Identity VS Ethiopiawinet it is better we also read things like the following additionally in 0order to grasp the 3rd dimension as to whether we have to argue like Ethiopia-First or Ormo-First.


  23. Anonymous
    | #23

    Very interesting observation. Well presented.

  24. Macca Raaa
    | #24

    A Response to the Fictitious Professor Feqadu’s ‘Guideline for History of Oromo and Ethiopia’

    From: Dhugaa Waaqaa, Professor of ethnology at Oromo-Cush University of Ancient Africa, Department of Deconstruction of Habashean Falsities and Reconstruction of Cushite Plausibility Structure

    Fiction #1
    “…reporting inaccurate or biased information”
    Fact #1
    Prof. Feqadu Lamessa, which no doubt is a pseudonym of an EPRDF-Woyane ‘professor’, wrote what he calls “a guide for foreign journalists on Oromos and Ethiopian history”. In this article, where he tried to teach us not just his own but also of his kindred ‘history’ of “our people” and “Ethiopia”. He began by accusing Al Jazeera for “reporting inaccurate or biased information”, but praising this amazing-lifeline, voice-of-the-voiceless, without which I personally can neither sleep nor feel full-humanness, viz., Al Jazeera, the antidote of Prof. Feqadu’s ETV, which is the mouthpiece, basket-of-lies, with which his tyrannical state not only ‘rape’ the voice of Ethiopian peoples but also prostitute ‘democracy’. Although I cannot speak for any media, as addict to international news channels, I can guess that when Al Jazeera invited the Oromo scholars, what it did was carried out its usual universally noble task—empowering humanity, giving voice to the voiceless Man, pulsating more the pulse to freedom, disclosing the mystified truth. Fiqadu accuses Al Jazeera of transmitting “inaccurate”, “biased” based on “ members or supporters of Oromo groups outside of Ethiopia”, but those young, brilliant scholars like Jawwar Mohammed were but thrown out by Prof. Fiqadu’s Wayane gov’t—relatively luckier than those thousands of university and high school youths whose corpse were fed to hyenas by the same human evils. In other words, they narrated to Al Jazeera, real lived experience of suffer, slavery, torture, etc., in the hands of bloodthirsty, savage Abyssinanist hooligans. What exactly is accurate, non-biased information to you? Prof. Fiqadu’s accusation must remind us the insults Habasheans puked to Jonathan Dimbleby of the BBC and Sorious Samura of the CNN for their “crime” of unveiling the secrete veils of the Habashas—starving millions of children and mothers to death, a grandiose project in the eyes of the evil Habashean mentality. Of course Fiqaadu Lamessa might be a white pharaoh—especially Abyssinico-Semitist–in disguising himself in the name of Oromo.
    Fiction #2
    “…our people…” and “…our cause”
    Fact #2
    Prof. Fiqadu, we do not need to buy a history ticket from “European authors” to write a piece of article about “our people”, a history of events that happened in the 1880s and early 1900s. Either you simply talk to your grandfather—if at all you have—or as usual try to extract from your dabtras—Orthodox Church sorceress ‘writing’ for us Abyssinian chronicles or, rather, “history of the future,” to use the pejorative term of Prof. Asmarom Legesse, the genius of African historical anthropology. Needless to remind, the Oromo has, as the great scholars like Paul Baxter and Eike Haberland confirm, very advanced, ancient and complex techniques of recording, storing, and transmitting historical, epistemological, cosmogonal, genealogical, astronomical, calendarial….you name it….knowledge not over centuries but across millennia. Still your effort to tell us what happened about “our people” just ‘a minute ago’ is appreciable!! By the way the Habashean mentality of “our people” is totally different from the rest of the world; it is objectificating humanity—meaning equivalent to saying ‘our lap top’, ‘our slaves’, etc. Never can a Habasha admit the transformative power of humanity, never does he give value to human being but the abstract God and gods like the abstract Abune Gebre Menfes Qudus!!!!!Virgin Merry!!!!
    What is Prof. Fiqadu’s “cause”?? Simply, rule-by-falsity-and-gun. This is what only the most stupid Oromo can do, but is real and day-to-day profession of the Habasha.

    Fiction #3
    “the total Ethiopian population was much less than 5 million in the late 1800s”
    Fact #3
    Prof. Fiqadu, although hard to know which Ethiopia you are speaking about, in this statistics you are gonna tell us that by 12th century Ethiopian population was a few hundreds while during the erecting the Axumite Stela, they were 10 people, if not negative 10?

    Fiction #4
    “Oromo migration”
    Fact #4
    The most recurrent term in Prof. Fiqadu’s “guideline for Oromo History” is ‘Oromo migration.’ By reading this, one can easily understand the social origin as well as the value of the Prof. simply, he is either one of the last vestiges of Ullendorff’s or Marcus’s “miseducated Ethiopians” or the bankrupt white pharaoh, a little brother of the latter partimers in “Emperor” Haile Sillassie’s College—the British Museum guards that turned out to “professors” of Abyssinian History, aided by the sorcerers of the Orthodox monasteries like Tekle Tsadik Mekuria, Hable Sillasie, Tadesse Tamirat, to mention a few of the beggared ‘historians’.

    Prof., from where to where did Oromos migrate? Have you ever read Chiekh Anta Diop? Martin Bernal? James George? Drussila Dundee Houston?Christopher Ehret? Ayele Bekerie? Or you only red Fikarie Mariam? Or, The Organ of the Virgin (see Monroe)? Most probably only the last two. If you read the former, you could have gotten the clue to the fact that the Black African Oromo-Nilo-Cushites ruled over the three Old Continents of Africa, Asia and Europe before your Son of God was born out of Virgin Mary!!

    Prof., do you know that it was the Amhara-Tigre Semite that migrated from, according to the White Abyssinianists’ conjure-ups (read your Ullendorff, Harold Marcus, etc.) that migrated from “Babylon” downwards to South Arabia, then cruised over the Red Sea (by American Aircraft Carrier??) passing into Africaland in the 4rth century AD??? Do you know these wandering, landless wanderers?? Never did Oromo migrate, great African historians mentioned earlier can assure you!!!! The Abyssinico-semi-white ‘jistorians’ like Tadesse Tamirat, Makuria, Alaqa ???, the embarrassment to African history—forget them!!. Yours is by far better!!!Indeed, you are moderate historian, but a little bit naïve.

    Fiction #5
    “all historians agree” that… “a united one Oromo nation did not exist at those times(1880s)”

    Fact #5
    This needs no response but it is sufficient to guide the grat Prof. Fiqadu to reading—if you can—the amazing complex, advanced and ancient socio-philosophico-political traditions of Gada System and Gada Calendar (Cerulli, Asmarom Legesse, Haberland). Popular discourse in the contemporary Habashean mentality is, as also reflected in Fiqadu’s, retroductive population-size-reduction for the “migration” and “nomadic” discourse ascribed to the Oromos, the Somali, the Afar and other Cushites has irrevocably lost credibility for, as it was, it is empty-balloon word display first drummed by the dogmatic Orthodox slave sorcerers serving their European white colonial masters.

    Fiction #6
    “Oromo clans were also in fierce battles amongst each other”
    Fact #6
    Prof., here you might be right, but tell us your time frame. If you are speaking of Oromo before 19th century, you’re wrong. Oromos have had Gada philosophies of conflict resolution since time immemorial. In the first place, Oromo does not have “clan” or you define it. Oromos have had (1) super-moieties or Badd’aa (nation states under common nation, you can take the Ancient Black Cushite States called Badd’a Sadeen ‘the Three Fertile Nation-Lands’, if you like, take Ancients Ethiopia+Nubia+Egypt), (2) moieties or Oda (=confederal), (3) sub-moieties or Qaallu (=federal states), (4) semi-federal sub-states (Warra), etc. until the nuclear family of again Badd’a ‘Husband+Wife+Child’.

    Let me congratulate you that, indeed, since Habashean interference of 18th/19thcc and up until now we are killing one another—‘a Sacred Oda tree doomed to growing beside a cactus tree ‘weeps’ (=bleeds) for life’, says an Oromo epistemic adage.

    Fiction #7
    ““Galla” was first used by Arab and muslim Somalis”
    Fact #7
    Here, you are muddying up some truths. In the first place, there is no difference between Somali ‘gal’ and Oromo ‘gal’ in semantic, since we are friends of common root by genealogy, too. All the Cushite family refer by Gal-tu (deformed systematically to gult (system) in Abyssinianist history) apropriately referring to ‘adoptees (societal)’ allowed to settle for they’ landless-penniless’ (=tenants) through Guddifacha System, but historically known to have turned to intruders and looters. Before Minilik, this word referred to different groups—no surprise, with shift of power structure, semantic structure also shifts. Oromos are compassionate people—but it is unfortunate that that excellent, humane quality backlashed them—what an ugly negative dialectic of reality!

    When it comes to “Arabic”, I don’t know what source you and your kindred rely on. Both of you since you suck up to Arabs or Europeans, you ascribe everything to them. How can we believe you?

    Prof. Dhugaa Waaqaa, currently professor of ethnology at Oromo-Cush University of Ancient Africa, Department of Deconstruction of Habashean Falsities and Reconstruction of Cushite Plausibility Structure

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