Azeb Mesfin lost TPLF’s cash cow By Abebe Gellaw

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The Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) has quietly removed the late dictator’s widow Azeb Mesfin from the helm of EFFORT as Chief Executive Officer a few months after her husband’s demise, it emerged.

Azeb, widely known as the ‘Queen of Mega’ and ‘mother of corruption’ among Ethiopians, had snatched the reins of power within the Endowment Fund for the Rehabilitation of Tigray (EFFORT) from her bitter rival Sibehat Nega and Abadi Zemo. She was once the de facto second in command in her husband’s tyrannical regime.

The new boss appointed to as the Chief Executive Office (CEO) of TPLF’s multi-billion dollars business empire and corruption cash cow emerged to be Berhane Kidane Mariam Yihdego, a Central Committee member of the TPLF. According to informed sources, Berhane is a close confidant and business partner of Sebhat Nega, a multi-millionaire in his own right like most members of the TPLF ruling class.

Berhane, who enjoys multiple high profile positions as a privileged TPLF loyalist, was the former General Manager of TPLF’s propaganda mouthpiece Walta Information Center from 2006 up to last year. Besides being the President of the nepotistic and corruption-plagued Ethiopian Olympics Committee (EOC), he sits on the boards of Wegagen Bank, which is also owned by the TPLF, and Mekele University. The new EFFORT chief also claims to be the founder and Deputy Board Chairman of a private company called “Ethiopian Quality Award Organization,” according to his CV obtained by Addis Voice.

TPLF’s move to replace Azeb with the new loyalist was confirmed by Berhane himself who recently sent an updated CV and a profile to the Switzerland-based Association of National Olympic Committees (ANOC), where he represents Ethiopia as EOC president. In his profile posted on ANOC’s website, he listed his current professional position as “Board of Director and Chief Executive Officer of EFFORT Investment Group” since 2012. In spite of the fact that the exact month of his appointment was not mentioned nor made official, the ANOC website indicates that Berhane’s latest profile was updated on May 2, 2013. The French and Spanish versions of his profile web pages also carry exactly the same information.

Walta reported recently that Berhane Kidanemariam, the new “Director of EFFORT and TPLF CC member conducted a successful meeting with the Diaspora in Seattle.” The meeting, hosted by the Union of Tigrians in North America (UTNA), focused on how EFFORT is implementing its objective of developing Tigray and making it self-reliant, it stated.

Heaping praise on its former boss, Walta promoted the corrupt conglomerate’s new chief as eloquent, persuasive and visionary. “Berhane Kidane Mariam, with his eloquent and persuasive ability, spelled out the objective of his presence in Seattle and explained the development in Tigrai and the role of EFFORT to uplift the hope and aspiration of many Tigrians from poverty to self-reliance,” Walta declared.

According to an insider, who confirmed the reshuffle, Azeb is deeply resented and despised among high-ranking TPLF leaders and her fall from grace and power has been quick and spectacular. The only playing card at her disposal is her husband’s foundation, which is not even given attention by the TPLF bigwigs. “Without her husband, she is like a fish out of water. Her survival among her rivals like the wicked Sibehat Nega will be short-lived. Losing TPLF’s blood-sucking machine is a big blow against Azeb,” the insider said.

Sibhat Nega has recently been quoted as saying that Meles is being used as a cover and a bargaining chip by some who are exaggerating his success as a ruler. The veteran TPLF strongman has been critical of those who tend to heap praise on Meles, whom he slashed to have betrayed the TPLF and endangered its unity by enforcing his will through his secretive inner circle.

Meanwhile, Azeb is demanding huge plots of land around the metropolis in the name of the Meles Zenawi foundation. “All the best land goes to the TPLF as usual. It seems the TPLF has subverted the revolutionary slogan “land to the tillers” with “land to the killers.” All the corrupt TPLF generals and officials have scrambled for the best land all over the country,” Yalem Zew, a political commenter said.

The late dictator appointed his wife to control the immense wealth of EFFORT in early 2009. EFFORT, the biggest business monopoly in Ethiopia, controls vast resources and over 60 companies in Ethiopia but TPLF claims that it is the exclusive asset of Tigrians by virtue of their ethnicity. The corrupt conglomerate has been widely criticized to have multi-billion birr loans from state banks written off and for engaging in blatant tax evasion enjoying “nonprofit” status as an endowment.

Ethiopian activists often mention the parasitic EFFORT as an example of TPLF’s apartheid policies that have deliberately created huge economic and political disparities between the Tigrian ruling class and the oppressed people of Ethiopia.

  1. Anonymous
    | #1

    The salient point I take from this article is not whether TPLF is divided or the leadership for TPLF/EFFORT changed hands, but that TPLF/EFFORT along with TPLF/political, TPLF affiliated enterprises, cadres and foreign corporations in terms of land lease are engaged in exploitation, and political and economic strangle hold of the countries resources, making the silent majority of Ethiopians land less, while experiencing free market capitalism for themselves and acting much like the Dutch Boers of the then South Africa. As much as the ANC of south Africa were fighting for African Nationalism, so are the Ethiopians are engaged in a peaceful and/or armed struggle for Ethiopian Nationalism with the goals for unity, territorial integrity, sovereignty of Ethiopia and Ethiopians with strategies to achieve those goals. As such, the opposition parties with underlying ethnic agenda and alignment along ethnic lines in OPDO/Mederk/EFDF/fdre to unite under the national agenda to nullify ethnic federalism, secessionism and totalitarianism and/or State capitalism from the constitution along with the sovereignty of Ethiopia and the untainted flag to tip the balance from the negative forces of disintegration of Ethiopia to the positive forces of integration, upon their own reflective thinking of focusing on individual rights than ethnic rights. Whereas if the individual rights as an Ethiopian is respected the group rights follow based on the provision in the constitution of the right, liberty and the per suit of happiness and equality before the law of the land. There is no way one advance democracy under the current constitution, where ethnic rule of either the minority, now and ethnic majority latter as I fore see that from the set up of Mederk, a coalition/front of Tigrai-harena, UDJP and loyalist opposition parties with ethnic agenda, a mirror image of TPLF/eprdf, because there is no unity among the opposition parties unless that unity is anchored on the national agenda, whereby ethnic agenda focuses on ethnic federalism or ethnic nationalism and/or ethnic Islamism as per Jawar seid Mohamed’s assertion, devoid of Ethiopian Nationalism/Ethiopiawinet.

  2. justice now!
    | #2

    Mark my words, one of these days, tplf are going to rob this shameless woman blind and eat her alive to her death. I cannot wait till that day comes. May the heartless, the most ethically corrupt and unashamed Azeb experience the same ill treatments what her husband and tplf have committed to her own birthplace, to her relatives, to her ethnic group, and the rest of Ethiopians. As a mother, Azeb should have known better what it means to be a parent, but this wicked, remorseless and cruel woman stood and cheered when her brutal husband gave orders for the children of other mothers to be tortured, locked up in a cold rat infested prisons, gunned-down and young women to be sold as slaves. How barbaric one can get!

  3. ግሩም
    | #3

    It does not as such matter Azeb or whoever is in charge of being CEO of EFFORT as long as this systemically racist, looting and corrupt economic Empire is persevering intact. Very few Ethiopians have very seriously emphasized and warned about the globally pervasive system of Global Capitalism and its Neo-Liberal and Neo-Colonialism Imperialistic inner workings and projects. However the majority of very naïve and gullible stereotypical Ethiopian intellectuals and politicians have only focused on merely as usual hyping and inculcating the very shallow essence of party politics and its accompanied electoral democracy, indeed systematically funded and run by the same global Capitalism, while to the contrary totally ignoring the pervasively entrenched predatory economic structures nationally as well as globally emerging. Whether we believe it or not EFFORT is such a good manifestation of Global Capitalism and its Neo-Liberal and Neo-Colonialism Imperialistic inner workings and projects undertaken through surrogate stooge Client-Regimes and comprador elites like TPLF.I wonder and sometimes laugh at those who knowingly or unknowingly present TPLF as if it is really revolutionary democrat now days or MLLT in those old days as it claimed while it was in Dedebit jungles. This same predatory economic structures template or modus operandi of EFFORT exits in other 3rd world stooge Client-Regimes be it in Egypt or some where else with a different form through some sort of other class structures. Due to this for example the military junta in Egypt that is in charge of the recent coup has a well established similar predatory economic structures or economic empires like EFFORT even though it is not based on ethnicity. As we have already warned that as long as this predatory economic structures backed by security and military might persists intact then showy electoral democracy is just a mere bogus show or fiasco or in short just. So the real fight and chaos in Egypt is not as such a matter of mere party politics and electoral democracy like Morsi in power or Morsi out of power and it is indeed more intricate than this misrepresentation and disguise. I mean it does not as such matter who is who in office as long as the system of Global Capitalism and its Neo-Liberal and Neo-Colonialism Imperialistic inner workings and projects sustain. And the same scenarios shall be repeated in Ethiopia due to EFFORT and its accompanied systemic food-chain of the pervasively entrenched predatory economic structures nationally as well as globally emerging. While the majority of very naïve and gullible stereotypical Ethiopian intellectuals and politicians have only focused on merely as usual hyping and inculcating the very shallow essence of party politics and its accompanied electoral democracy then they have forgotten that they are confronting such a monstrous emerging Economic Empire like EFFORT. Even recently the only opposition representative in parliament the honorable Girma Seifu recently said some very funny and misleading thing about TPLF and Haile Gebreselasie based on Hailes’s political appearance. Girma Seifu said that Haile is a Capitalist and he can not be complaint with EPRDF. Yes Girma Seifu is quite right when he classified Haile as the newly emerging Capitalist class but the other side of the coin is that how comes Haile can become a capitalist alone while TPLF itself is not a Pro-Capitalist as well? For honorable Girma Seifu TPLF is the newly emerging revolutionary Democrat or that of the old MLLT. How funny it is for we think so like that. This all paradox and contradiction the way we view our nation and the world in general mainly arises from the very perverted indoctrinating and brainwashing of our mainstream media and academia of politics and economics which is very devoid of critical thinking and philosophical approaches that mainly hypes stereotypical party politics and the accompanied electoral democracy. Due to this the way we view and evaluate certain governance is merely and mainly based on this fashionable and bogus electoral democracy. Our yardstick for measurement for the quality of governance is so naïve, shallow and perverted in that it is merely and mainly based on Dictator Vs Democrat. Ethiopian politics for the last 22 years and in continuum has been dominated by this naïve, perverted and so shallow mentality of Dictator Vs Democrat. And indeed it is this same naïve, perverted and so shallow mentality that failed us to properly and wisely understand and explain events like those taking place in the so calked Arab Spring like Libya Egypt Syria and others. As far as I understand one of the matters of the fact is that most of Ethiopian intellectuals and politicians are knowingly or unknowingly committing political prostitution and betrayal in that they do not have class-consciousness, class-structures and hence they do not honestly identify and defend for what class they belong and stand for. I mean this is the very ABC of secular-politics.
    And well I am not as such inhuman class fanatic but and if we come to ultimate divine-politics, humanity uniting us all irrespective of earthly class-structures, well in that case the class and fight is based on Evil Vs Good. What I am trying to say is that let’s be honest and congruent in our political struggle and let’s not commit political prostitution under the disguise of bogus democracy. The majority of Ethiopian politicians and intellectuals are so confused and also so confusing in that on one side they demonize and and struggle TPLF on the other side they knowingly or unknowingly have sided with Global Capitalism and its Neo-Liberal and Neo-Colonialism Imperialistic inner workings and projects undertaken through surrogate stooge Client-Regimes and comprador elites like TPLF. Global Capitalism and its Neo-Liberal and Neo-Colonialism Imperialistic inner workings and projects are so complex and gigantic in that we can not simply naively and gullibly explain it through the usual Dictator Vs Democrat cliché. Remembering and properly scrutinizing predatory economic structures like EFFORT and its downward and upward accompanied Food-Chains is very important for our political struggle and freedom we aspire for. Politics and economics are just two inseparable sides of the same coin. They are like faith and deeds in religion. And due to this if there is no real Economic-Freedom then there shall not be real Political-Freedom and the converse is also very true. EFFORT is such a good manifestation of Global Capitalism and its Neo-Liberal and Neo-Colonialism Imperialistic inner workings and projects where in the Capitalist Bourgeoisie and the State it self becomes so mutually symbiotic and very difficult to differentiate them. That is why EFFORT takes monopoly control of any governmental projects and contracts with out due legal and transparent process of contractual agreements and bids. Actually there is no such a thing as a viable and big Private sector without the legal or illegal support of the State even in those capitalist nations of the West including the super power USA. Economic wealth accumulation for the private sector is usually under the opportunity coast of the misery and impoverishment of the majority mass, which is a Zero-sum-game, the State serving as an intermediary agent.So the crux of the matter is if there is no economic democracy for the mass then there shall not be political democracy. Therefore it is high time to seriously scrutinize EFFORT and its downward and upward accompanied food-chain. It does not matter as such who is the CEO of this corrupt, looting and racist Economic Empire.
    Well Global Capitalism also involves some sort of racial discrimination for its own inherent inner workings of Class-Structure formation (the law of the pyramid) and that is why EFFORT is also mainly ethnically based or racial. Well Divide and Conquer/Rule, division based on race, religion, sex, academic… is the motto of Global Capitalism and its Neo-Liberal and Neo-Colonialism Imperialistic inner workings and projects. And the very origins of ethnically driven politics and its consequential predatory economic structures like EFFORT in Ethiopia is due to this Divide and Conquer/Rule global phenomenon. However I personally support and appreciate supportive, honest and responsible private sector free-from EFFORT like predatory economic structures and its rent-seeking machination that is able to add qualitative as well as quantitative value to the society and the nation in general. There is no reason we advance and support blatant Free day light robbery under the disguise of Free-Market Economy. Any reasonable Ethiopian who has read all or some excerpts of books like “The Economic Hit Men” by John Hopkins can then understand what free-market economy can really look like sometimes. This so called Free-Market Economy of Global Capitalism has evolved to become such an illegal, immoral, unfair and unjust system but only given some sort of legal disguise and superficial cover-up of Electoral democracy to hail itself as if it has righteousness and legitimacy. TPLF is also doing same thing in Ethiopia in that it is misleading the naïve and gullible intellectuals and politicians under the disguise of democracy but behind the curtain it has been systematically establishing its own predatory economic structures like EFFORT. There is no such a thing as viable revolution without the proper mass awakening and enlightenment of Why/Who/How we fight based on Class-Consciousness, Class-Structures and Class-Struggle that also emphasizes about predatory economic structures like EFFORT. The entire political struggle has to be not just for the mere sake of bogus electoral democracy of who is who in power and has to be much much greater than this misleading cause. Party politics, mainly externally inculcating bogus electoral democracy, even in those nations of the West has failed as a system to meet the real demands and aspirations of the majority mass. The choice between Part-A and Party B has become like the choice between Pepsi and Coca and it does not matter which party is elected by the mass as long as every political party is supported, backed and funded by the same capitalist elites behind the curtain and accordingly works behind the curtain in the interest of these few elites and not in the interest of the majority electorate mass. And that is why I repeatedly raise such a critical question in that for which class the army of politicians, intellectuals and technocratic professionals stand for?For the very few affluent capitalist elites or for the downtrodden majority poor mass? It is some how a soul searching challenge. Unless we are honest for ourselves and answer this critical soul searching question then we can not talk about political struggle and party politics. Externally we shout as defenders of Democracy for the majority mass but to the contrary our deeds and hearts belong to the class we mainly get advantages and benefits.
    That is how leftist Labor Union and Labor party leaders in those capitalist nations betrayed the class they claim they stand for and sided with the Capitalist class.
    And now days there is no such a thing as Left and Right and virtually all have come to merge together in loyal service of Global Capitalist Class. And that is why time and again our fellow Ethiopian intellectuals and politicians failed in the opposition camp.
    Even recently the so called Semayawi Party leader has promised for Western diplomats that the entire ethnically organized and established TPLF security, military, Technocratic Bureaucracy and the predatory economic structures like EFFORT shall continue intact in service of Global Capitalism except the usual power transfer at the apex following the usual electoral democracy. In short this implies that another form of Hailemariam Desalegn but this time from another political party shall continue under the disguise of Democrcay. This reminds us the very saying that “The change is rather not to CHANGE”
    And by analogy misleading bogus revolutions are orchestrated in order to in advance prevent or thwart potentially real big REVOLUTIONS. And my greatest fear is that some opportunist politicians in the opposition may make bad deals with the incumbent and those MASTERS in the West so that the status-quo shall continue almost intact under the disguise of bogus electoral democracy. Any way the revolution in 3rdworld nation mainly depend on the revolution that shall inevitably or potentially take place in the West itself.
    Because the magma of revolt is not as such Democracy Vs Dictatorship and it is much much more complicated beyond this shallow paradigm setup. It is mainly class struggle between the downtrodden and impoverished majority global poor mass and the very few affluent Global Capitalist Elites. To whom does EFFORT really belong to? Who are the main beneficiaries of this plundering Economic Empire? How it has been working for the last 22 years and in continuum? Is it a legal entity and working legally? It is high time to scrutinize such predatory economic structures like EFFORT and its upward and downward food-chain rather than simply hyping bogus electoral democracy.ያለበለዚያ ሰዶ ማሳደድ ካማረህ ዶሮህን በቆቅ ለውጥ እንዲሉ በቅጡ ስላልገባን ዲሞክራሲ በከንቱ ስንራኮት የጥንት አባቶቻችን ብዙ መስዋእትነት ከፍለው ያቆዩልንን ሀገራችንን እና የመኖር ህልውናችንን ለባእዳን ሃይሎችና ለቅጥረኞቻቸው አሳልፈን እየሠጠን መሆኑን መረዳት አለብን፡፡ለዚህ ደግሞ ወያኔ ብቻም ሳይሆን እራሱን ወያኔን እቃወማለሁኝ እታገላለሁኝ የሚለው ነገር ግን ለራሱ በቅጡ ያልገባውንና ለእኛም በቅጡ ያልገባንን ዲሞክራሲ የሚባል ዘመነኛ ነገር በጥራዝ ነጠቅነት እንደወረደ የሚያቀነቅነው የተቃዋሚ ጎራ ጭምር ታሪካዊ ተጠያቂ እንዳይሆን መጠንቀቁ ይበጃል፡፡የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ ጥንትም ያልገባውንና ያላወቀውን በእጁ ያልነበረውን ዘመነኛ የባእድ ዲሞክራሲ አጣሁኝ ብሎ አይደለም እየጮኸ እየተሰቃየ ያለው የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ እየተነጠቀና እየተሰቃየ ያለው ታሪካዊ ሀገሩን ኢትዮጵያዊነቱን የሰውነት ክብሩን ተገፎ እራሱን የመኖር ህልውናውን ጭምር ነው ያጣው፡፡የተቃዋሚው ጎራ በዚህች ኢትዮጵያችን ውስጥ ዲሞክራሲ ዲሞክራሲ እያለ በጥራዝ ነጠቅነት ሲያቀነቅን ትዝ የሚለኝ አንዲት የፈረንሳይ ልእልት ህዝቡ የሚጮኸው ለምንድን ነው ብላ ስትጠይቅ ዳቦ አጥቶ ነው ስትባል ለምን ኬክ አይበላም አለች የተባለው ነገር ነው፡፡ስለምእራቡ አለም ዲሞክራሲ እንደወረደ የምናቀነቅን ከሆነማ እነ ኦባማ በራሳቸው በምእራባውያን መንግስታት ቅጥረኛ አገዛዞች የሚዘረፉት የሚሰቃዩትና የሚታፈኑት አፍሪካውያን ነፃነትን ሲጠይቁ የሰጡት ምላሽ የግብረ-ሰዶማውያንን መብት በቅጡ አክብሩ የሚል ነው፡፡በግሎባል ካፒታሊዝም ውስጥ ያለው የዲሞክራሲና የሰብዓዊ መብት ቅኔው ለብዙዎቻችን በቅጡ የገባን አይመስለኝም፡፡
    ወያኔም ለማደናገር የሚያወራውን እንዳለ ተቀብለን እኛም ወያኔ አብዮታዊ ዲሞክራሲ ነው የሚከተለው እያልን እያወራን በተቃራኒው ደግሞ ኢፈርት የሚባለው የኢኮኖሚ ኢምፓየር ትዝ ሲለን ግን ይህንን ተቃርኖ በምን እንደምናስረዳውና እንደምናስማማው ግራ የገባንም ለዚህ ነው፡፡በአጭሩ ኢፈርት በትክክል የማን ንብረት እንደሆነ ግልፅ መሆን አለበት፡፡ከዚያ በኋላ ተገቢው አጣሪ ኮሚሽን ተመስርቶ ያለአግባብ ያከማቸው ሀብትና ንብረት ሁሉ ተጣርቶ ለህዝብ ጥቅም በመንግስት ቁጥጥር ስር ናሽናላይዝ መደረግ አለበት፡፡ይህንን ለማድረግ ደግሞ ቅድሚያ በዘረኝነት በዘራፊነትና በቅጥረኝነት ላይ የተመሰረተው የወያኔ የደህንነት የሚሊታሪ የቴክኖክራቲክ ቢሮክራሲ የሚዲያ የህግና ፖለቲካዊ የአስተዳደር መዋቅር ሁሉ ህብረ-ብሄራዊ በሆነ መንገድ እንደገና መዋቀር አለበት፡፡ያለበለዚያ ኢትዮጵያም በተወሰነ መንገድ ዳግማዊ ግብፅ ነው የመትሆነው፡፡

    God Bless Ethiopia!!!

  4. Zerayakob Yared
    | #4

    ለጥቂት ቀናት ፈንተት ብለንበት ከነበርንበት ቦታ፣now back at home! Ha…Ha..Ha..!

    Mother of looting, mentor of ሰገራ “ዴሞክራቶች“፣ sponsor of the slave mentality ባንዶች and the hooker from Gedaref is now on the ቁልቁለት road !? እህህህ……..! Bravo Sebhat! And now that so called foundation and all the money all over the world ወደ መንግስት እጅ ማስገባትና፣ እንዲያ ከቀጠለ የባርባሪዝም ጎዳናን ትተን ወደ ታሪክ ሰሪዎች የሰው ልጅነት መንገድ የምናመራበት መስመር ላይ ለመግባት ተስፋ ሊኖር ነው ማለት ነው::

    Abebe Gelaw,
    “Sibhat Nega has recently been quoted as saying that Meles is being used as a cover and a bargaining chip by some who are exaggerating his success as a ruler. The veteran TPLF strongman has been critical of those who tend to heap praise on Meles, whom he slashed to have betrayed the TPLF and endangered its unity by enforcing his will through his secretive inner circle.” Abebe Gelaw, for the first time you brought a very good news! ስብሓት ነጋም የኢትዮጵያ ክሩሾፍነትን እየተለማመደ ነው ማለት ነውን፧ ትምህርት እድሜን አይወስንም እንዲሉት አይደል!! እንዲህም አርጎ የለ “secretive inner circle”፣ በጭንጋፉና በጎን የተለቃቀሙት ፀረ ትግራይ/ኢትዮጵያና ኪሳቸውን ብቻ ወዳጆች the Bandas and the ሆዳሞች!

    ነዞም ኹሎም እዚኦም ገፋፊጡን ሓንጢጡን ደብርዩስ፣ ህወሓት ዶኸን ናብ ናይ መበገሲ ዓላምኡ ከድህብ ኢሉ!? ከምኡ እንተኾይኑ…………………………………………………………………….!

    And the አቡጊዳዎች፣
    ቃልሲ መሪር እዩሞ ብቐሊሉ አይትኮለፉ፣ ገዛ ዓፂኹም’ውን ገዲፍኩምና ድኣ አይትትሓብኡ! ዓወታት ክነመዝግብ ጀሚርና ኣሎናሞ ግዲየብልኩምን ገዛኹም ኹሉ ጊዜ ኽፉት ይኹን!

  5. Dawi
    | #5

    The issue in any system is what happens to the SURPLUS generated by the enterprises. That is the excess over the cost of producing commodities.

    In EFFORT case a group of people there decide to distribute the excess. It was chaired by Azeb before now it is chaired by somebody else. We see a lot of the surplus is reinvested in Tigrai and other places within Ethiopia as well to do development. As described and written by some opposition they are doing a marvelous job particularly in Tigrai. I have read EFFORT invests in other parts of Ethiopia as well. It makes money and creates jobs etc. Off course some good amount of surplus is distributed to the top officials of the organization as is traditional with capitalist system and societies.

    I have not heard of them moving production abroad as they are not there yet. So as it is today, it is good such a local large organization exist to keep some of the surpluses generated in the country from going over seas. Down the line as Dr. Menga suggested a while ago such an organization can be converted to a publicly traded one where any one can buy stock.

    Off course, EFFORT uses surplus to shape and control political decisions they like as in TPLF/EPRDF, similar to other capitalist societies.

    So who cares if Azeb is not the chair of EFFORT anymore? What I like to see is if Abebe can provide some clear vision of an alternative system than Meles created??

  6. Dawi
    | #6

    Continuing the thought….

    South Korea’s economy was very small and agrarian about 50 years ago; to get out of poverty and realize rapid industrialization Park promoted large businesses after taking power in 1961. That was called the 5 years GTP.

    The policy directed in supporting CHAEBOL groups, similar to EFFORT kinds that were owned by families by guaranteeing loans for them.

    Chaebol played in developing new industries helping South Korea become one the Four Asian Tiger economies.

    Meles/Azeb are using similar “cat” with different color to catch the “mice” in my opinion. Meles’s vision is reaching a common purpose goal of Ethiopian Renaissance; Selecting HD as his successor is one reason to beleive that was his goal therefore, why oppose realizing such a nobel vision? Why don’t we support HD and help realize that vision.

  7. Dawi
    | #7

    ግሩም said,

    [[.. Ethiopian intellectuals and politicians are knowingly or unknowingly committing political prostitution and betrayal in that they do not have class-consciousness, class-structures and hence they do not honestly identify and defend for what class they belong and stand for. I mean this is the very ABC of secular-politics...]]

    I think they are conscious but would like to replace EPRDF and take over what ever is associated with it. It is harder doing anything else if you ask me otherwise, one can not say Meles had not made it clear that he is running a capitalist system.

    I have read in the past that the direction taken by Meles towards capitalism hasn’t been pleasing to President Negaso for instance. In his earlier days Meles proclaimed to espouse socialism that would favor the mass, he seems to have changed his mind somewhere along the way.

    President Negasso said that he was flabbergasted when he heard Meles say, “We have put socialism under a table, in order to get the Western nation’s assistance and also win heart of Ethiopians who have come to regard the system in a negative light because of the Derg.”

    When Negasso confronted Meles with the issue, his response was typical, rude and dismissive. “Anyone who failed to notice the policy shift in the 1992 program was an illiterate person who can’t even work out that two plus two make four.”

    My take is EFFORT today is likely to be more accountable to where the surplus of the enterprise goes than say an Al Amoudi or some individual corporations. So why make a big deal of EFFORT if you don’t have a better alternative of controlling surplus to serve the masses? The answer has to be for selfish reasons.

    As I understand Girum, until we come up with an alternative system such as “socialism” or workers managed enterprises to manage the distribution of surplus of labor in general, fighting to change boses/owners of enterprises today from one to the other is not to the benefit of the masses.

  8. aha!
    | #8

    Anonymous #1, should represented by aha! #1, consistent with my previous remarks of the prevalence of TPLF/political, TPLF/EFFORT, TPLF affiliated enterprises, cadres and foreign corporations particularly in terms of land lease as free market capitalism engaged in exploitation, political and economic strangle hold of the country’s resources and the silent majority, much in the same fashion as the Dutch Boers of apartheid regime of South Africa over on top of State capitalism economic model.

  9. dumucigga
    | #9

    As a member of the crime family, Azeb Mesfin, the widower to the dead robber, Meles Zenawi is adequately a multimillionaire thief and still gets the share from EFFORT revenue and will continue to amassing illegal wealth until she joins her dead robber husband in grave.

    Admit it, she!! the robber is locked in his coffin for eternity; no amount of sporadic gun fire or propaganda will bring back the already dead robber from his grave. Now, a year since the robber perished.

    Although Azeb Mesfin, an outlaw lost her position in the EFFORT, she still has a total care for herself until she meets her own fate.

  10. Peace
    | #11


  12. aha!
    | #12

    Thanks Peace #10 for bringing up tangible document to the English readers, what TPLF has conspired against the Orthodox religion and the Amhara ethnic group in the last 40 years and the constitution embracing the ideologies of ethnic federalism, secessionism, and totalitarianism and/or state capitalism supported the teletafi parties and the loyalist opposition parties and recentely UDJP and Tgrai-Hrena in the coalition called OPDM/EFDF/fdre, instead of engaging in an all out non-violent struggle for freedom to oust the TPLF/eprdf regime and dismantle the the constitution and the subsequent laws, thereof, a constitution standing against Ethiopian Nationalism, Ethiopian National interests, its sovereignty and territorial integrity and most of all the sovereignty of Ethiopians endowed with freedom, liberty, equality with the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Unless the opposition come together on this fundamental issues and unite under the goals and strategies for national agenda, it is like what the Ethiopian saying “alebabisew biyarsu barem yimelesu”.

  13. Anonymous
    | #13

    You must be graduated from EPRDF Civil Service College. Too much bla bla bla…..shut up, moron!

  14. Peace
    | #14

    Dawi, please stop peeing on Ethiopians heads and tell us it is raining. The godless, remorseless, hate filled racists and senseless professional TPLF criminals came to loot Ethiopia and kill Ethiopians, period!

    No matter how much they try to deny and hide their horrendous and shocking crimes, it is absolutely impossible to hide their despicable crimes they have committed and still committing on Ethiopia and Ethiopians for the last 23 years and as we speak. The Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International are well aware of the unspeakable crimes, repression and human rights abuse Ethiopians endure for 22 years and still endure at the hands of TPLF.

  15. aha!
    | #15

    For the silent majority what matters most is saving Ethiopia from disintegration, be it in the form of Ethnic federalism/feudalism. ethnic secessionism/nationalism or in combination where ethnic federalism is a prelude to ethnic secessionism and future boundary conflict, in tact as being handed to them by their forefathers in order to exercise their individual freedom, liberty and equality ahead of ethnic and secessionist rights, amenable to a truly democratic government.

  16. Dawi
    | #16

    aha said:

    [[...should represented by aha! #1, TPLF/EFFORT, TPLF affiliated enterprises..., cadres and foreign corporations particularly in terms of land lease as free market capitalism ... the silent majority, much in the same fashion as the Dutch Boers of apartheid regime of South Africa over on top of State capitalism economic model.,…..]]

    State Capitalism has given a giant leap to USSR, China and others; brought them from backward state to a modern one that gave Europe & US capitalism a run for their money.

    Off course it has shown not to solve the inherent capitalism problem of “surplus distribution” but, has proven to be a quick scheme to make countries middle income.

    State owned Ethio telecom is funding Ethio-rail network. If you ask me, I say that is probably the only reason China & others are funding a railway project of such length because they know Ethiopia can pay it. We need to develop and grow fast, no question about it.

    If the Telecom was owned by your fellow Mo Ibrahim, forget about it my brother!, he will sell it to the highest bidder before you know it, as he did the rest of his African network.

    The silent majority, masses you say? …..Would be left empty handed.

    The silent majority will benefit the most by controlling the surplus distribution not changing the bosses [ethnic or otherwise] that run the capitalist system any where in the globe. Look at your favorite South Africa today and you will see some change of the faces of the bosses (which is fine & dandy) but, the majority, masses are worst off.

    Talking about Land Lease? The government is taking or has taken Karatauri’s land and others. Karatauri had 100,000 h left but now he may even end up with just the 10,000 h according to the news.

    The Land Lease Agreement had teeth after all? US & European voyeurs and folks like you exaggerated the land grab issue to say the least no serious substance to back it up.

  17. hiffiff
    | #17

    Three decades ago, at 15, the lone widow to coward robber, Meles Zenawi was smuggled out to the Sudan and walked to the red-light district unaccompanied; there, in just two weeks she quickly completed apprenticeship, mastered pickpocketing, and gained varieties of hand and mouth skills. During the three days while roaming around the city, she met and fell in love with a horse thief, but was quickly heart- broken after a one night-stand.

    It runs in the family. All are liars and thieves. He was not put in a box; he was put in a coffin for eternity. “My father left me books.” The robber’s daughter announced few weeks ago before she hauled $5 Billion and deposited into a cash depot unescorted. When she returned home, she was cheered and showered with kisses by family members.

    Dead or alive the robber shall for sure stand trial and face the justice!!!

  18. Anonymous
    | #18

    A MUST READ ARTICLE! Every Ethiopian SHOULD read this well documented SHOCKING article:

  19. Anonymous
    | #19

    Some of the accomplishments of the disgraceful TPLF puppet HD:

    ” Hopes that other companies might get a look in were always optimistic. The prime minister, HAILEMARIAM DESALEGNE, has dubbed the telecoms industry a “cash cow” needed to pay for a rail link to neighbouring Djibouti. Ethio Telecom delivers more than $300m a year to the state coffers. Customers grumble that its slogan should be “Disconnecting Ethiopia from the future”.
    “…The country is one of the world’s last big untouched telecoms markets. The government could earn as much as $3 billion from auctioning licences. But the powerful security services have routinely objected. The Committee to Protect Journalists, a New York-based free-speech lobby, accuses the government of conducting a “systematic effort to control all forms of communications” after it passed laws imposing prison sentences of up to 15 years on anyone caught bypassing online censors. Yidnek Haile, a student in Addis Ababa, was arrested two years ago for showing customers at an internet café how to make online calls…” Read more:

  20. Zerayakob Yared
    | #20

    በርግጥ ጥቂት አመታት አልፈዋል፣ ግን እንዲህም ሆኖ፣ አንድ ህወሓት ስብሰባ ውስጥ የተገኘ ትግራዋይ እንዳጫወተኝ ከሆነ፣

    ባንዳው መለስ ዜናዊ ለክርስትና አባቱ ስብሓት ነጋ ምንም ሳያማክረው ውስጥ-ውስጡን የገዳርፍዋ hooker’ን ለEFFORT ገንዘብ ያዥነት ያዘጋጃትና፣ የህወሓት ስብሰባ የሃላፊነት ምርጫ ስዓታት ደርሶ ስያበቃ፣ ለEFFORT ጥቆማም ጊዜም ይደርስና፣ ስብሓት ያው እኔው ነኝ ብሎ ተዝናንቶና እርጎቹን አንፈራግጦ ሲጠብቅ፣ ከሆነ ጥግ ስብሓት ነጋን ሰማይ አውጥቶ ምድር ላይ የሚያፈርጥ ድምፅ ይሰማል:: ድምፁ፣ “አዜብ ጎላ!” ይላል:: ገና ድምፁን ሲሰማ አሻጥር እየተካሄደ መሆኑን የገባው ስብሓት፣ ቆልዓ ትግራይ፣ ካምፓችን ውስጥ ጠላት ገባ የሚለውን ድምፅ ከሰማ በርደግ በሚልባት ፍጥነት (ስንባደ) ቅልጣፌ አይነት፣ ስብሓትም ብድግ ብሎና በአንድ እጁ ጠረጴዛው ላይ ተደርኮ፣ “እንታይ ….!” ይላል::
    መድረክ ላይ የተቀመጠው ባንዳ የስብሓትን በርደግ አባባል ሲያይ መንፈሱ ይበረግግና በሁለት እጁ ሃፍረተኛ ፊቱን ይሽፍናል::
    ነገሩ እንዳመለጠው የተገነዘበው ስብሓትም ተመልሶ ቁጭ ይልና፣ ስብሰባውና ምርጫውም ጭንጋፉ ባሻጠረው መልክ መሰረት ይከናወናል:: ወድያው ጥይት መማዘዝ ጠቅላላ ጥፋትን ብቻ እንደሚያስከትል የተገነዘበው ስብሓት፣ በርጋታ ቀንን መጠበቁ የተሻለ መሆኑን ስላመነ ነው እንጂ፣ ………… ሊከተል ይችል ነበር:: በርግጥም ይሄው አሁን ቀኑ መጣ…..!

    እሞ እዙይ ኹሉ ኢልካኸ እንታይ ኣኸተልካ ንዝብል ለባም ወዲ ዓዲ፣ መልሰይ፣ ገና ነቲ ኣብዙይ ቀሪቡ ዝንሀ ፅሑፍ ከየንበብኩስ፣ ነቲ ኣርእስቲ ጥራሕ ምስርኣኹስ፣ “እንታይ…………..!” ስለዘበለንስ፣ እስኪ መጀመርታ ቁሩብ ክረጋጋእ እሞ፣ ምናልባሽ ዶኾን ዝኾነ ሓሳባት………!?

    In connection with “The Danger of Multi-Party Democracy and Free Elections in Plural Societies:” on TOL

  21. ግሩም
    | #21


    There is some similarities between both CHAEBOL of South Korea and that of TPLF’s EFFORT is that both are schemes and designs of Global Capitalism and it’s Neo-Liberal and Neo-Colonialism Imperialistic projects. Because the history of colonialism and imperialism is not that much different from the history of today’s emerging Global Capitalism.
    If we remind some history of the two Koreas then we find that their disharmony and consequential division traces back to old colonization by the then imperialist Japanese and then the new emerging super power imperialism of the West(USA).As is usual in any other countries there is diversity of consciousness and sentiments among different local societies regarding foreign aggression and colonialism. Due to these diversities some societies of a certain country are so submissive, welcoming and compliant to foreign aggression and colonialism while to the contrary others are so hateful and resistant against such foreign aggression and colonialism. This same trend of diversity towards foreign aggression and colonialism has been part and parcel of our Ethiopian history as well. Due to this historical trend during the colonization of the Koreans by then imperialist Japanese there were more opportunist and traitor Southern part Koreans comprador elites than among those in Northern part of Korea. North Korean elites and population were more resistant and nationalist than that of South Koreans when it comes to the issue of foreign aggression and colonialism. Due to this Comprador-Elites of part of Southern Korea make concessions with foreign aggression and colonialism by acquiring relatively better political and economic advantages with regard to the northern Koreas. Following world war-II after the end of colonialism by then defeated imperialist Japanese then the new subsequent victorious new super power USA followed same traces and foot-steps of the then Japanese schemes of colonialism. The so called you mentioned as CHAEBOL are giant private companies owned by those comprador elites of Southern-Korea who had made concessions with foreign aggression and colonialism in order to acquire relatively better political and economic advantages with regard to the northern Koreas. For me EFFORT is similar to those CHAEBOL in South-Korea in that it is the war trophy of TPLF for weakening and dismantling historical and anti-colonial Ethiopia and Ethiopiawinet in support of Global Capitalisms and its Neo-Liberal and Neo-Colonialism Imperialistic projects. However after the advent of Neo-liberal Global Capitalism in the 1980s then by the insidious schemes of predatory foreign capital and SAP(Structural Adjustment Programs) those CHAEBOL in South-Korea have been gradually consummated with Western Trans-National Companies.
    When we come to our nation as is time and again asserted by many Ethiopians those high echelons of TPLF and EPLF including your beloved boss late Meles Zenawi and others are remnants or descendants of their old ancestors who were opportunist and traitors siding with foreign aggression and colonialism like during the second invasion of fascist Italy. That is why time and again I assert that Ethiopia for the last 22 years and in continuum has been under surrogate Neo-Colonialism by using stooge Client-Regimes TPLF/EPLF and its comprador-elite guardians so subservient and compliant to Global Capitalisms and its. Neo-Liberal and Neo-Colonialism Imperialistic projects.The Predatory Economic Structures like EFFORT is the consequential inevitable results of such stooge Client-Regimes (TPLF/EPLF) and its comprador-elite guardians so subservient and compliant to Global Capitalism and its Neo-Liberal and Neo-Colonialism Imperialistic projects. For the last 22 years TPLF has been provided with ample foreign aid and loan not just because the West is so humanitarian or generous or we Ethiopians are so special that we deserve such special patronage. It is just mainly because TPLF is just their stooge to advance their Global Capitalism and it’s Neo-Liberal and Neo-Colonialism Imperialistic projects. Due to this foreign aid and loan has been systematically siphoned and channeled mainly to predatory economic structures like EFFORT and its accompanied well entrenched and established downward and upward food-chain. Rather than raising critical questions as to WHY in the first place the west provides such ample foreign aid and loan to such racist, looting and corrupt regimes like TPLF, rather we wallow in rudimentary complaints like foreign aid and loan is looted by TPLF. In short if the West or any other foreign power provides such undeserved and not transparent ample foreign aid and loan to such racist, looting and corrupt regimes like TPLF then we have to expect that such economic, military and security aid is inevitable from being systematically siphoned to predatory economic structures like TPLF and also the ensuing rampant mass impoverishment, oppression and human rights violation.
    And in short expect the sell-out of the nation in general. Most of the development like GTP as is hyped by TPLF is not only a political maneuver to stay in power bust also such a Hit-And-Run profiteering business schemes where in most of the projects lack proper quality and hence are not as such sustainable and reliable for generations to come. Following any foreign debt then destructive concession by the incumbent or the coming one is inevitable.
    What we see now days in those European countries like PIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Greek, Spain) and including USA/UK and other Western nations and others is that any loan, that lacks proper transparency and accountability, to corrupt regimes in service of global-Capitalist elites results in austerity measure, bank-bailout and other economic concessions that has resulted in massive impoverishment and joblessness which shall in turn results in political as well as social crisis. Today TPLF is boasting about its being Developmental-State, but which is mainly supported by foreign aid and loan, but tomorrow we do not know exactly what will happen following this type of predatory economic structures based upon such foreign aid and loan. However even today we are under concession in that vast strips of fertile land sell-out to foreign investors is the result of such foreign aid and loan consummated with predatory economic structures.
    With regard to the issue of Socialism Vs Capitalism, it is high time we better stop thinking and viewing such systems in black and white terms. So there is some sort of Socialism with in Capitalism and also there is some sort of Capitalism with in Socialism.
    So if we think in terms of viable and sustainable system then Capitalism and Socialism are two inseparable systems or subsystems though one may be as a subsystem subordinate to the other main system. The other better way to view and differentiate Socialism Vs Capitalism is in terms of “First-I” atomic-self maximizing individualism Vs “First-We” Collective Social well-being. However, even the so called First-I individuals based on their own ideology may make some social intimacy and form their own version of Socialism. Capitalism can not survive as a viable stand alone system without social support and social basis, in short without humanity itself. And like wise Socialism itself needs some special traits or tenets of Capitalism itself like private-property, Money-Capital and trade and the associated science and technologies. Here with the issues of Socialism Vs Capitalism and “First-I” atomic-self maximizing individualism Vs “First-We” Collective Social well-being, the one of the very solution to such quandary is just to wisely observe nature itself and then be abide by the laws of nature and God. So there is no survival of the mere individual alone without the larger domain of the collective entity to which the individual belongs to. Like wise the larger collective entity can not survive by itself alone with out the constituent individuals. Like the systemically built observable larger matter or object we see it is made of invisible smaller units of atoms and other constituent particles then the invisible smaller units are worthless by themselves unless they serve the very essence and purpose of the observable and systemically functioning bigger entity which is made of them. Like wise the observable and systemically functioning bigger entity can not exist by itself without the invisible smaller units of atoms and other constituent particles. So we have to honestly and wisely observe nature that is of God’s creation in its systemic hierarchy and order. So the entire creation belongs to the Oneness of God. So for me the main thing regarding the issues of Socialism Vs Capitalism is not as such stereotypical party politics and its ensuing bogus democracy but more than this is whether the system and its ideology or political philosophy is compliant to humanity, life, nature and God. So many knowledgeable intellectuals in the developed world and the West itself are warning that the newly evolving Capitalism (Global-Capitalism) in its new form of Neo-Liberal, Neo-Colonialism Imperialistic nature is heading for systemic malfunctioning and catastrophe.
    So there is no such a thing as viable and sustainable Arab-Spring Revolution or the likes of that in the developing world alone unless there exits radical and rational revolution (not some sort of emotional violence) against this system in the West itself which is the brain/motor or epicenter/crux of the system itself. Following the end of the official old Cold-War (now there is another phase of Cold-War) the Socialist/Communist block led by former USSR defeated temporarily and the West’s Capitalism led by USA/UK becoming victorious then Derg was toppled and TPLF and EPLF(Stooges of the West) managed to cling to power. Following this end of cold-war era culminated by the collapse of former USSR then so many other satellite socialist/communist regimes and nations collapsed turning into a new form of partnership with the West. Due to this the old MLLT-TPLF unmasked its true essence and then formed a new alliance with its MASTER/West becoming a perfect stooge Client-Regime serving the West and its Global Capitalism and it’s Neo-Liberal and Neo-Colonialism Imperialistic projects.
    The very inception of EFFORT is while TPLF is a gorilla fighter and not some new creation after coming to power. MLLT is just the misleading cover mask of TPLF to hide its true nature. If you admit what Meles once asserted to Dr.Negaso Gidada then it is such an appreciated act of honesty that serves as a lesson for those naïve and gullible Ethiopian intellectuals and politicians who approve the misleading claim of TPLF as that of the old MLLT or the new form of Revolutionary Democrat. Well for those naïve and gullible Ethiopian intellectuals and politicians who do not know that so many fake freedom fighters in 3rd world nations have been established, funded and backed by the same Western Capitalist governments and capitalist elites. Why? Well it is like devil quotes verses from the bible. They do this for two main reasons. Frist Socialism/Communism is theoretically such a good and acceptable social-order supported by the poor mass. So in those old days mentioning Socialism/Communism is like any political party today has to mention the fashionable word Democracy. Second those same freedom fighters who vow in the name of Socialism/Communism (including Derg itself) knowingly or unknowingly commit so many criminal activities and mass killing under the disguise of Revolution before and after they come to power. And in doing so they are becoming indirect instruments and pawns of the West in making and advertising Socialism/Communism such an inhuman demonized system. That is why we are so scary past about Socialism/Communism because it reminds us of the Derg regime. So it is better that we mainly focus on practical observable realities more than mere terminological play games and manipulation of words and ideas like Capitalism/Socialism/Communism. So to come to the point of Meles putting socialism under the table and unofficially waging capitalism as the order of the day for the nation is so pragmatic and expected reality for any sensible and reasonable person who clearly knows what cold war was all about and what. By the way following the end of cold-war Meles was not the first person to unmask his fake MLLT and become pro-Capitalist. Let alone Meles/TPLF even those strong Easter Europe nations like Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia have become not only pro-Capitalist as well but also have been doomed or rendered to be balkanized in advance by the West. When we see such global realities, the very point of my resentment and opposition to Meles/TPLF is not even with regard to Meles/TPLF being pro-Capitalist or dictatorial or undemocratic. The very point of my resentment and opposition against Meles/TPLF is because Meles/TPLF is such a perfect and unprecedented so racist, looting and mercenary which is also so anti-Ethiopia, anti-Ethiopiawinet and anti-Ethiopians stooge-Client- Regimes of the West and its Global Capitalism and it’s Neo-Liberal and Neo-Colonialism Imperialistic projects. And because of this nature of Meles/TPLF for the last 22 years and in continuum Meles/TPLF followed a policy of total and blatant weakening,destabilization and destruction against the historical Ethiopia and Ethiopiawinet and its peoples. No regime or power in history has committed such a destructive policies against its own nation irrespective of being dictator or democrat. Unless we are so naïve and gullible we can not as such explain or depict Meles/TPLF through the mere stereotypical yardsticks of Dictator Vs Democrat.
    Through the mere stereotypical yardsticks of Dictator Vs Democrat look Mugabe can be a sheer dictator but he is the one who confiscated vast strips of undeserved fertile farm land from white colonizing British descendants and transfer it to his own disenfranchised local citizens. What Mees/TPLF has been doing to Ethiopians? You know it. The symbiosis between EFFORT and foreign aid and loan is so insidious and very related to TPLF being stooge Client-Regime of the West and its Global Capitalism and it’s Neo-Liberal and Neo-Colonialism Imperialistic projects. EFFORT is in short such a racist, corrupt, looting and illegal Predatory Economic Structure or economic empire more harmful than useful for the majority mass and the nation in general. What makes political power for the incumbent TPLF this much a mater of life and death is because of such a racist, corrupt, looting and illegal Predatory Economic Structures like TPLF and its associated upward and downward food-chains. So EFFORT has to be nationalized. However in order to effectively nationalize EFFORT first the ethnically established military, security and technocratic bureaucracy of TPLF, which is in loyal service and support of EFFORT and its related upward and downward Predatory Economic Structures, has to be fists dismantled in advance. Finally every time when I say and support socialism I mean it the real or genuine socialism and not the fake one funded and backed by same global capitalism. Every time when I say and support socialism I mean it the real or genuine Socialism in support of “Fist-We” and that of First-Humanity in general as an end-game as my political philosophy. My yardstick whether there exists private enterprises or Governmental or Public or whatever is not based on who owns what alone criterion but rather what qualitative and quantitative virtues and values such economic structures eventually provide the public and the nation in general. And because of this a certain Governmental Economic Sector (like EAL, Ethiopian Telecommunication, EEPCO) can be virtually owned by certain racist and private comprador elites like TPLF and become in loyal service of such special interest groups as long as the political military security and technocratic bureaucracy is monopolized. But to the contrary a certain honest and nationalist private economic sector can serve the public loyally in such a responsible manner. The point is that the Economic Sector has to have its own Check and Balance regulatory policy by wisely allocating resources to all private, public and government in order to eventually serve the public fairly, effectively and constructively. So we need both wise mixtures and alternatives of Command/Planned Economy and real Free-market Economy. Because if there is no order then there is no freedom and if there is no freedom then there is no order. We have order in a certain domain of freedom and we also have freedom in a certain domain of order. So Free-Market Economy does not mean that anything is free and without order. Even in the West and even in USA things are not like that. And that is why the government intervenes constructively or destructively by using its own economic instruments like Bank-Bailout and Austerity-Measures. Why we need a meticulously well planned Command Economy is because just simply and logically resources on our earth are so limited and we have to wisely exploit it for the benefit of the entire population. Well on the other bad side of planned economy using what we call today Speculation or Bank-Bailout and Austerity-Measures in Global Capitalism is because few want to control and manipulate resources for their own selfish political and economic interest and advantages.
    Any way our ultimate evaluation regarding our established economic structures is based on mainly for whose practical benefit and well-being is the system running? For the majority mass based on “First-We” or for the very few based on “First-I”?

    God Bless Ethiopia!!!

  22. Dawi
    | #22

    Anonymous said:

    [[...HAILEMARIAM DESALEGNE, has dubbed the telecoms industry a “cash cow” .. Ethio telecom delivers more than $300m a year to the state coffers...“systematic effort to control all forms of communications” ]]

    Anonymous! Did you buy that Economist crap??

    The article was laughable to me because in order to do “systematic effort to control all forms of communications”, is not necessary to own the damn thing. It can also be done indirectly in equally the same way, if you ask me.

    Yeah – telecom is like having a money printing machine. The alternative economist provided for us is selling HD’s $300 million and soon to be a billion “cash cow” to some one like the Sudanese origin Mo Ibrahim for nickels and dimes.

    Don’t take me wrong, I love Mo. He is a brilliant African Engineer, a pioneer in mobile communications who ended up minting billions of dollars by selling the African telecom network he built from scratch to some Middle Eastern investors. I have no doubt we Africans are thankful to him for creating an endowment fund where he encourages good government in Africa by awarding African leaders some five or so millions dollars out of the billions he collected today.

    We can do better than that for ourselves. It won’t be easy but, we can get there.

    I also say thanks god, Meles has made a paradigm shift from neo-liberal to a developmental state because we at least have a fighting chance to accelerate development like there is no tomorrow by using some of the state owned “cash cows”.

    Ethiopian public investment is the third highest in the world as a percentage of GDP according to World Bank. Isn’t that something? Now you know where most of that money is coming from??

    You can choose to pray and wait for US or European Banks to give you some loans to do major Dams, rail networks or what have you but, I wouldn’t advise you to count on that too much because you may end up disappointed.

  23. Dawi
    | #23

    ግሩም let me at least say something on this one as your analysis is enormous.

    [[..Due to this historical trend during the colonization of the Koreans by then imperialist Japanese there were more opportunist and traitor Southern part Koreans comprador elites than among those in Northern part of Korea. North Korean elites and population were more resistant and nationalist than that of South Koreans when it comes to the issue of foreign aggression and colonialism...]]

    As General Park was an officer in the Imperial Japanese army’s elite Kwantung Army group in World War II, I will go along with your assessment.

    The TPLF on the other hand, hailed from a region that championed anti colonialist struggle where the battle of Adwa took place. So even if there were elements of “traitor” persuasion, they have ended up submitting & bowing down to the superior and dominant anti colonialist character of the region and the country as a whole where at the end, Meles himself ended up swearing by the three thousand years of our history and declaring his vision to be Ethiopian Renaissance/Hidase.

    He referred ‘Ethiopia’s Renaissance’ to mean the ‘rise of Ethiopia to the height of the ancient civilization of our forefathers’. He said this at his public address on the celebration of May 28 in 2011 at Mesqul Square.

    Our past Ethiopiawinet not only have beautiful and attractive features but also some undesirable traditions as well. So as I see it, the best of our history is what is envisioned in Meles’s ‘Ethiopia’s Renaissance/Hidase’.

  24. Anonymous
    | #24

    ግሩም, my brother,
    I hate to see your replies left unread. Keep it coming, but please try to make it short and to the point. Wish you well!

  25. Anonymous
  26. Anonymous
    | #26

    @ Dawi:

    I urge you to disengage yourself from delivering your monotonous statements regarding the regime you are so infatuated with to the point you have become blinded by it. The facts are out there but still you have that audacity to inject the same old stubborn arguments.
    No Ethiopian in his right mind is against good governance, but when there is none, then there is simply none. For the sake of clarity, I should add, it doesn’t matter who governs, be it an ethnic minority or majority or etc…. If there is no good governance then there is none which is simply the case with this regime.
    That said, I know that your understanding of good governance circles around:
    1) Democracy not important for present day Ethiopia, since the regime knows what is best for you
    2) Remain subsurvient until the regime gets the job done. Namely achieving middle class…and so until that day comes, stay put and shut up, crawl in poverty and this amazing regime will one day elevate you to middle class income citizen just like as Manna came down from heaven to the desciples.
    etc… etc… and so on
    Middle class just doesn’t work that way without an inclusive economical framework.Give the regime another decade or two, I will tell you this, the Ethiopian people won’t achieve even a quarter of that treacherous middle class.
    The regime might be able to fool some but not all.

    Repeated LIES will remain to be lies. Please do not repeat yourself because it is getting extremely boring.


  27. aha!
    | #27

    Dawi #16, you would have been better off responding to Hiffiff # 17 to defend the person for comments relevant to the present article. I set up my arguments with reference to this article that neither Azeb nor the new appointee to the TPLF/EFFORT, but what matters to silent majority of Ethiopians, the tax payers for you and me is the exploitation, corruption as well as the political and economic strangle hold of the country’s resources by TPLF/political, TPLF/EFFORT, TPLF affiliated enterprises, cadres and foreign corporations in terms of land lease, in the same fashion as the Dutch Boers of the then apartheid South Africa.

    With reference to that remark State Capitalism with reference to USSR and China and tried to justify the exploitation and ex-appropriation of sizable land mass by displacing the inhabitants and letting the land to environmental degradation as ominous agenda for Ethiopia only for these agro businesses to export the commodities to their home lands.

    With reference to State Capitalism, China had advised Russia/USSR not to adopt the western style of democracy and capitalism, I presume, but were identifying themselves as one-nation states, while Ethiopia is besieged by ideologies federalism, secessionism and totalitarianism and/or state capitalism.

    The State capitalism, free market capitalism and global capitalism operating in China are run by Communistic regime of China as a one nation state with its own financial and human resources, while the TPLF/eprdf regime run by TPLF/political or Politbuerro on the bases of the three ideologies in the constitution with non-independent branches of Government, with ethnic dictatorship denies the silent majority of Ethiopians, free market capitalism, Ethiopian Nationalism/Ethiopiawinet, the sovereignty of Ethiopia and Ethiopians, where individual rights supe cedes ethnic and secessionist rights adopting state capitalism with Western capital in terms of aids, grants, budget support and IMF funds in billions of dollars.

    The TPLF/political along with its constitution is also supported not only by foreign governments but also by the teletafi parties and its adminstrators and indirectly by the loyalist opposition (ethnic federalist) parties and ethnic secessionist fronts in terms of article 39 (1), who are now fighting the TPLF/eprf regime, composed of ex-liberation fronts for secession up to independence, using ethnic federalism as a pre-text.

    Furthermore, while China’s economic model may have advanced from the command control economic model to state capitalism along side free market and global capitalism, perhaps short of democracy and freedom, the State capitalism, free market capitalism is limited to the exploitation, corruption, political and economic strangle hold of the countries resources by TPLF/political, TPLF/EFFORT, TPLF affiliated enterprises, cadres and foreign corporations along sided the suppression of dissent by security and federal police forces by individuals political, economic and religious freedom as precedent for democratic government.

  28. Anonymous
    | #28

    Why even mention TPLF and Democracy in the same sentence? Who in the world believe that the most hated group of people that have sold the country, left the country landlocked, robbed the country blind, locked up hundreds of thousands, tortured, gunned down and slaughtered hundreds of thousands innocent Ethiopians would win an election by 99.9%? Laughable!
    Azeb lacks conscience and is beyond evil just like her husband was.

  29. Dawi
    | #29

    aha said:

    [[..Dawi #16, you would have been better off responding to Hiffiff # 17 to defend the person for comments relevant to the present article. ..]]

    Hiffiff #17 is a backward neocon who didn’t deserve an answer; but if you want me to I will say a couple of things on that.

    One reason often given as to why prostitution is immoral is that it tends to involve coercion. In most cases, people do not freely decide to become prostitutes. However, if a exploitation is acceptable then prostitution is too. If you ask me working for a fair pimp would be a morally acceptable job, just as working for Microsoft or MacDonald. Capitalism and prostitution are brother in arms. So I have no doubt Hiffiff # 17 has probably done more tricks here in America than what he scribbled about Azeb.

    [[.. capitalism and global capitalism operating in China are run by Communistic regime of China as a one nation state with its own financial and human resources, while the TPLF/eprdf regime..]]

    How much “communist” is China? Would the Developmental State scheme Meles set up can do a similar thing as in China?

    No one can guarantee you anything but for me when I see the amount of time and effort Meles put on the scheme and the theory behind it sounds great therefore, I think such quick development will help us overcome our ethnic differences and all the other things you are worried about.

  30. entikttik
    | #30

    Well, I guess, this all we can tell Azeb Mesfin. Your days is up and done. We can hardly wait Sibhat Negga forks you like Italian authentic spaghetti. Once you are in his digestive tube, you shall be shredded into flat, thin paper carbon.

  31. aha!
    | #31

    I can not help but notice Dawi’s response #7 to Girum, which nevertheless digressing from the narratives in the current article, who put emphasis on who said what scenario, rather than presenting their ideas from the context of economic and political system prevailing in the country, then and now. We all know the presidents in the Derg as well as in the TPLF/eprdf regime are figure heads, had little or no role in formulating the Shengo then and the constitution now with TPLF as the spearhead of ex-liberation fronts with ethnic agenda, with no participation of those with national agenda for unity, territorial integrity, sovereignty of Ethiopia and Ethiopians with ethnic federalism, secessionism and totalitarianism, built into the constitution. The totalitarian aspect of the ideologies in the constitution is a carryover from the Derg regime and TPLF’s own inclination to communism still alive well today in combination with state capitalism, TPLF/political has its influence, which is being corroborated by TPLF/EFFORT, TPLF affiliated enterprises, cadres, and foreign corporations as private enterprises supported by availability and capital resources. These kind of arrangement of totalitarianism and/or state capitalism and/or state capitalism along with exploitation, corruption, political and economic strangle hold of the countries reources does/do not a free market capitalism make of the silent majority of Ethioans, who are left out of free market capitalism of ownership of land and property as one of the means of production tied to the lack of economic, political and religious freedom. The relevance of what Negasso or Meles may have said need to be looked at from the perspective of the constitutional frame work, where the constitution is guide line for the operation of the economic, political and social life of the society, as much a computer system does not operate outside of the operating system, its utilities and tools. So what matters is not what Negasso Gidada and or Meles said, what matters is whether the constitution need to be ratified with respect to Article 2, the flag, Article 46, ethnic federalism, Article 39 (1), secessionism and Article 8, the sovereignty of Ethiopia and individual freedom, liberty and equality to exceed ethnic and secessionist rights and resorting to the original provinces, so that no major ethnic groups have no ill defined ethnic boundaries to squabble over both in the capital and the rest of Ethiopia as a one nation state.

  32. Dawi
    | #32

    #26 anonymous said:

    [[..I urge you to disengage yourself from delivering your monotonous statements..]]

    For you repeating the same “Arab Spring” Ethiopians have done in the past again and again, hoping it may produce a different result is the most EXCITING.

    If you ask me that is more “monotonous” than anything but, you don’t even know it therefore, you have to be insane. As Albert Einstein once said:
    “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

    [[..No Ethiopian in his right mind is against good governance..]]

    I think you took “good governance” out of context. That has to do with Mo Ibrahim giving award for such endeavor.

    Good governance is a work in progress after having some common purpose goals. First let us agree in some “developmental” scheme at least from a theoretical stand point ; then we will agree in something. I know you have none but Meles had something.

    If you say I have something better than the “Arab spring”, Mubarak out and now his General in type of idiotic scheme……… let us talk.

  33. Anonymous
    | #33

    I hate to say I told you so. Finally, Azeb is getting what she deserves. Her manipulative husband even made her believe that she was from Tigrea. But, now, the mother of corruption, the wife of the most brutal corrupted Meles is being kicked out from the circle of the most brutal corrupted tplf group. kikikikikihahahaha… May the Merciful and Loving God/Allah send Meles’s fate to the rest of the remorseless and heartless looters and murderers. What goes around comes around. God works in His own timetable and the godless tplf will get what they deserve. God has seen the tears and heartaches of millions of Ethiopian mothers’ and fathers’.

  34. tibaau
    | #34


    This is from the diary; indeed it is. In just three weeks she became the Madame of the red-light district. She sold rotten eggs and bad apples, and fake train tickets to a blind merchant and to a deaf elderly who walks on cane.

    Betting on her skill and a little bit of luck, she won the heart of a horse thief and took a one-night stand; the next morning she was tossed away half naked.

    Now, several years later, she was purged from EFFORT, Azeb Mesfin Golla, the widower of the robber who perished a year ago and buried in a grave measured 4 feet by 12 feet by 5 feet, completely lonesome beneath the tomb. Three decades ago, the robber promised her wealth and fame and he would then leave her alone to climb the mountain of the life ahead of her. She giggled and nodded yes.

    Worse, worse, and worse. The fate of Azeb Mesfin will be more ugly and worse than the husband she buried a year ago. According to the insiders and the rumor that is spreading around, Sibhat Negga, the grand and supper robber is quite ready to eat her minced.

    Dead or alive the dead robber shall definitely stand trial and face the justice; so will all the living dead robbers.

  35. Dawi
    | #35

    ግሩም said:

    [[..The so called you mentioned as CHAEBOL are giant private companies owned by those comprador elites of Southern-Korea who had made concessions with foreign aggression and colonialism in order to acquire relatively better political and economic advantages with regard to the northern Koreas. For me EFFORT is similar to those CHAEBOL in South-Korea ..]]

    CHAEBOL major shares are family controlled. As a matter of fact, in places like China the ruling party & children are known to control most of the financials. It seems initial development takes root in a definite way in such a way than say in a “democratically” distributed manner therefore, I don’t see EFFORT differently.

    The fact that our opposition can’t even have a one united front platform proves to me distributed type of schemes won’t bring quick development needed or anything else good for that matter in a short term. Long term, is perhaps a different story.

    So EFFORT shouldn’t be a major worry considering similar formats exist in all developmental states. A correction will come in time. As you know S. Korea is still dealing with the after effects of some of the negatives of CHAEBOL today.

    I have no doubt Ethiopians will end up doing same.

  36. Anonymous
    | #36

    Dawi, you can try, but you won’t be able to change the facts.
    FYI — the evil demented criminals Azeb, Meles and TPLF will always be remembered as the most heartless Evil men and women in the history of Ethiopia for generation to come, period!

  37. ግሩም
    | #37

    Dear Dawi

    I do not mind if the entire resources in Ethiopia are owned and run in the name of EFFORT but at the same time all Ethiopians are able to eat 3 times a day (as Meles once promised) and are still able to have a commendable degree of all their economic freedom and political freedom as an end-game. It does not matter who owns what or who rules as long as governance power is not corrupt and irresponsible very devoid of intrinsic human virtues and values. The problem is most of the time when you are deprived of your economic freedom then definitely inevitably you shall be gradually deprived of your political freedom as well. As is hyped by you and others similar, Meles and TPLF are not even as such depriving we Ethiopians of bogus Western style democracy in order to feed us 3 times a day and achieve a commendable degree of economic development and economic freedom. The blatant reality is they are depriving us of not only bogus Western style democracy but also more than that our own human dignity and historical Ethiopiawinet together with this sort of EFFORT style economic plundering schemes that has resulted in such type of massive economic impoverishment and the ensuing social crisis.
    Well in times of today’s Global capitalism while real and genuine things are becoming so scarce then in order to meet the demand of the mass bogus democracy is being presented and provided to the naïve and gullible mass to meet its fantasy of freedom in order to eventually deprive the mass of its genuine economic freedom and eventually its intrinsic human virtues and values. The real question is can the system, characterized by CHAEBOL or EFFORT like predatory economic structures consummated with predatory global finance capitalism, eventually meet the real economic as well as political needs and demands of the local mass?
    That is why I strongly assert that like the 3 known political pillars of Governance (Executive, Legislative and House of Representatives) serves as a check and balance to avoid abuse of power then like wise there has to exist similar check and balance mechanism for the economic structures a certain nation based on Private, Public and Government sectors that is able to provide the mass a fair and equitable economic services. Credit money of last resort has to be fairly and equitably available and allocated for all such sectors so that there exits a fair and equitable economic services for the majority mass. Absolute power corrupts not only politically but also economically. I mean if you have absolute political power then inevitably you will also have absolute economic power and that is what we see to day in Ethiopia when we see the consummated relationship between TPLF and EFFORT. Due to this symbiotically consummated relationship between TPLF and EFFORT backed by the ethnically established military, security and bureaucratic technocracy, the government sector is not even as such a government sector and eventually it is virtually the property of TPLF-EFFORT. There is no such a thing as State-Capitalism as long as the real essence and meaning of a State or government is not very clear or is manipulated. If the real essence and meaning of a State or government is government of the people for the people by the people then I can accept the essence and meaning of State-Capitalism. But if State-Capitalism is virtually plutocracy then I beg to differ strongly with State-Capitalism. We better stop manipulation of concepts and terminologies and become some how pragmatic as to what is really behind such concepts and terminologies. And if the communists control all resources of the nation not for the benefit of the majority local mass but rather for the benefit of their own secluded domain and their foreign Global Capitalist MASTERS under the disguise of State-Capitalism then I strongly oppose the communists. If the CPC(Communist Party of China) of china who rules the nation finally succumbs to predatory Global Finance Capitalism then its fate shall eventually turn in to like that of CHAEBOL. That is why the new president of China asserted that that they do not want to be so complacent and emphasized the threat of corruption that has the potential to thwart the essence and virtues of China’s revolution established by founding father Mao Zedong. Do not forget that China is a nation with a population of more than one billion and it is almost a suicide for the CPC to allow “First-I” Western style complacent and unchecked liberal democracy and affluent private property mainly acquired through corruption which will eventually destabilize the entire “First-We” nationalist social fabric of China. So as long as the economic sector that is of survival nature is fairly and equitably distributed for the Chinese peoples and the Chinese people and CPC become so nationalist as usual then China shall not be destabilized as such easily due to mere lack of complacent Western style Democracy. The lack of complacent Western style Democracy can be compensated by the national and citizenry pride of the nation in general. However, when you come to Ethiopia under TPLF that is not the case in that we are deprived of both Western style Democracy as well as our national and citizenry pride of the nation. I am not as such terminology or ideology fanatic but rather I am more concerned with what is the real motive and pragmatic reality behind the very terminology or ideology. So no one can cheat all the time all men with the fashionable words like Developmental-State or like that. You are not as such entitled or have the required righteousness and legitimacy to stay in power as long as you want just because you simply claim you are Developmental-State. You have to prove it practically and have to have practical support from the governed mass for your claims. You Dawi and the likes of you usually say that we need first economic development and economic freedom of survival nature more than Western style Democracy. I agree with you but are you doing that practically on the ground?Not at all. What TPLF has been doing for the last 22 years and in continuum is total sell-out and sell-off the resources of the nation in accordance with the advice of IMF and World Bank SAP(Structural Adjustment Program) economic medicine.
    You displace your own indigenous and other citizenry farmers and make them beggar at the towns and cities but at the same time you sell-out the same fertile farm lands of your nation for other corrupt foreign investors.
    You sell-out and sell-off all government sectors that give fair and equitable services to the majority mass to corrupt investors and then fire workers and make them jobless under the disguise of privatization and then you claim as Developmental-State?

    In so many occasions in this blog I strongly raised to scrutinize the very nature of Dictatorship? Is it a dictatorship against Political-Freedom or Economic-Freedom or both? Is the very nature of Dictatorship that of nationalist very loving, loyal and respectful of own nation or the opposite of the former as stooge Client-Regime of foreign powers? You can not simply put all dictatorship in the same basket. The very unattainable form of governance in Africa and 3rd world nation has been the commendable combination of Democrat as well as Nationalist. Africa and 3rd world nations are not as such very lucky to have such leaders except sometimes unusually as that of Hugo Chavez of Venezuela. For Africa and 3rd world nations, as a preliminary beginning, I prefer nationalist leaders to that of phony democrats who sell-out and sell-off nation’s resources and are stooge Client-Regime of foreign powers and global capitalism. When I come to Ethiopia and TPLF the very nature of dictatorship of TPLF is it is a dictatorship against both Political-Freedom and Economic-Freedom. The very nature of TPLF is some sort of ethnically based Fascism that is so anti-Ethiopia anti-Ethiopiawinet and Ethiopians and also very compliant to Global Capitalism and its Neo-Liberal and Neo-Colonialism Imperialistic projects. TPLF is neither the disguised MLLT nor Revolutionary-Democrat nor Developmental-State as it misleadingly claims. So I do not as such expect EFFORT to gradually convert in main service of Ethiopiawinet, Ethiopians and Ethiopia because at least the very name TPLF and EFFORT stands for ethnic Tigreans and not for Ethiopians. Why such ethnically established Economic empire is allowed to exploit and loot monopolistically all the resources of the Nation Ethiopia? ኤርትራ የግላችን ኢትዮጵያ የጋራችን የተባለው ነገር አሁን እንደ ኢፈርት ያለውን ነገር ስናይ በሂደት ትግራይ የግላችን ኢትዮጵያም የግላችን ወደ መሆን እየተቀየረ ነው፡፡

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