Kinijit Leaders To Arrive Sunday, September 9, 2007 – The Ad Hoc Committee

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The Ad Hoc Committee coordinating the Kinijit Leadership Delegation visit to the U.S. is pleased to announce that the Leadership Delegation will be arriving in Washington, D.C. on Sunday, September 9. (more…)

The Ad Hoc Committee coordinating the Kinijit Leadership Delegation visit to the U.S. is pleased to announce that the Leadership Delegation will be arriving in Washington, D.C. on Sunday, September 9.

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Ad Hoc Coordinating Committee for
Coalition for Unity and Democracy (CUD)
Leadership Delegation Visit to the United States
September 06, 2007

For Immediate Release
September 5, 2007
In English and Amharic


The Ad Hoc Committee coordinating the Kinijit Leadership Delegation visit to the U.S. is pleased to announce that the Leadership Delegation will be arriving in Washington, D.C. on Sunday, September 9. The Delegation will include Kinijit Vice Chair Birtukan Midekssa, Dr. Hailu Araya (Spokesperson), Ato Brook Kebede and Ato Gizachew Shiferaw. Dr. Birhanu Nega, Mayor-elect of Addis Ababa, is already in the United States having left Ethiopia earlier on personal matter.

Kinijit Chairman Ato Hailu Shawul is not expected to arrive with the delegation. He has not received an entry visa from the U.S. Embassy as of the date of this press release. The Committee is informed and believes that even if Ato Hailu were to receive his visa at the present time, he will be unable to join the Delegation on a U.S. tour due to ongoing health care needs. The U.S.-bound Delegation fully supports Ato Hailu in his decision to attend to his immediate medical needs. The Delegation is hopeful that Ato Hailu will regain his health speedily and join them on the tour.

As indicated in a previous press release of the Ad Hoc Committee, the Leadership Delegation has specific objectives during its visit to the United States. The Delegation is eager to express its deep appreciation and gratitude to all Ethiopians who have worked and prayed for the release of Kinijit leaders since November 2005. The Delegation looks forward to confer, consult and deliberate with its support group members, and dialogue with the broader Ethiopian community during North American itinerary.

The Ad Hoc Coordinating Committee has been working closely with Kinijit support groups that have been willing to cooperate with it on the basis of the Leadership’s authorizing directive. The Committee encourages and welcomes the participation of all support groups and their members in ensuring a successful itinerary for the Leaders.

The Ad Hoc Coordinating Committee is grateful to the support groups and their members for providing financial and planning support the Delegation’s visit. Support group members who wish to resume their cooperation with the Coordinating Committee are cordially invited to do so.

The Ad Hoc Committee will make further public announcements on the events and activities organized for the Delegation.

Ad Hoc Coordinating Committee

Prof. Alemayehu G. Mariam
Ato Tamagne Beyene
Dr. Solomon Alemu


  1. mekonen mulugeta
    | #1

    kinijit leaders they come or not they don’t make any difference.woyanes they come by force they gonna go by force.kinijit leaders they need to change thier stratege.they need to organized young patriot ethiopian to face woyane.this means they don’t need to go remot area or desert addis ababa is best place to fight woyane.avery traffic light,enfront off there office and there door step take dowen one by one woyanes official including thier family members and relatives this is the best way to wine war with woyane.

  2. matias
    | #2


  3. Girma Bekele
    | #3

    Unknowingly or deliberately the Ad Hoc Committee is engaged in further dividing the North America Kinijit Support Group by taking sides with one group over others. This is not only a traversity of fairness but also a shameful act. Political differences are wholesome. It’s political indifference that hurts.


  4. Woube
    | #4

    It is a great news. We are eager to see our leaders. We Ethiopians living in DC metro area will make a history in dullas airport. DC will see a kind of crowd never witnessed.

  5. Demese
    | #5

    Why are they coming to NA with out the chairman? For what?

    I am devastated?

    So the Indian Ocean News is right in its intelegence assessment of the sitauation with Kinijit. Now the state department is joining hands in the open with the TPLF government to kill our nation.

    What the hell is this delgation going to do in North America with out the leader? Dance with Tamagne Beyene? Is it betrayal or sabotage? I don’t want to see their fuck#en face here with out the chairman Hailu Shawel.

    Do they think we are stupid enough not to figure out why he has been denied the visa? Where is the solidarity from executive commitee? The usually noisy ER and Ethiomedia here in Diaspora seems very happy with the arrangment. No single comment or complaining is done for what happen to Hailu Shawel. I am totally lost.

    What a catstrophie!!

    In all eventuality – the former memeber of the AEUP has to be ready and wait standby for what to follow. If necessary the AEUP will be pulled out from Kinijit in one stroke. Thanks to Hailu Shawel the AEUP has its grass root organization accross Ethiopia & the support group accross the globe. So it is a matter of changing a logo.

    I am afraid for the life of Hailu Shawel. It seems to me that he is targetted like Asrat w/s for his love of Ethiopia.

    If I ever come across Andy, I am going to blow his face.

  6. andualem
    | #6

    kelay yalachhu weyanewoch whats wrong with you
    oh men i feel sorry for you are you getting crazy .i just wanna know how old you perhabs you are 5 years old if it is not you are getting in great shame how could you think you
    are gonna fool us oh men so funnny .
    what ever you say we are gonna be divided by this kind of foolish joke try to a little bit wise we know our leaders they are not your kind try to joke this on your type of freind .
    hailu shawl is one strong part of kinigit
    yes he gave you the reason why he is not going
    i think that is your right name
    the AMERICAN diaspora show them this papets how much we love our leaders.we didn’t got no money from this bloved leaders just for the future of our country ok MAMUSHEYE .

  7. adie
    | #7

    i am realy very happy to hear this news. although it was our desier to see all members of the supposed deligation it is good to see the end of the begining i mean our heroes travel to their strong supporters.
    let us accept the decision of the party if we are realy supporters of this party. the so called “technical problem” should not devide us,because all of we feel it sad.
    I wish them successful travel for our heroes
    God bless them

    | #8



  9. Aradaw
    | #9


    I agree with you 100%. Where is the solidarity from the exec committee? However, let’s not assume this temporary obstacle will to be the final outcome of the situation. Ethio Zagol just reported that Hailu Shawel is getting his visa tomorrow. But I still wonder why the so-called representatives here in DC didn’t raise an alarm about the visa denial to Hailu Shawel..If Hailu Shawel is sidelined from Kinjit’s leadership, thousands in Diaspora and millions in Ethiopia will stop supporting Kinjit. I not only stop supporting Kinjit but also will fight the group that attempts to function in the name of Kinjit.


  10. Ewnetun Lingerew
    | #10

    Dear brothers and sisters Think over it. who wrote the above dividing sentences?There is no division in kinijit. But woyane always dream division. So please think over it. Do not feel emotionallly. Engineer Hailu our beloved leader will not come soon. But surely he will come. we will ask and know the real cause why the chair person would not come. But dividing sentences are always woyanes. We have to show that we are not emotionl for them.Kinijit is thinking about our country. It is not a party of individuals. It is a party of the whole Ethiopians. Once again our leaders are not classified. Our party is not divided. This is just the ambition of those people like Lidetu and EPRDF(woyane)

  11. Tigist
    | #11

    I agree with most of you guys that the Kinijit executive committee wasn’t suppose to rush to come to US with out Eng. Hailu Shawel. They were together through the think and thin and they should remain together. Without Eng. Hailu Shawel presence, I don’t see that they would accomplish anything any way. I believe they have still time to reconsider their plan or at least Eng. Hailu Shawel has to explain why he is not joining the executive committee on this historical tripe and gives his blessings to them. After all we don’t need to forget his unwavering steadfast leadership to bring our peaceful struggle to its pick level. We all know that we don’t have that much of fearless and courageous leaders these days, and we have to show our respect and appreciation for the once that are around us.

  12. Aden
    | #12

    Regarding: the controversy on travel visa to the honorable and elected CUDP’s Chairman, Engineer Hailu Shawel.

    Some times, when God’s will supercede man’s plans, in every twist and turn, there is a reason. The days to the millennium is getting so close, and according to KIC’s latest news, there is no visa issued yet. The next for to five days before the millennium, Engineer Hailu might as well settle in and connect with Ethiopians in the country, your family, friends and other Kinijit members in the country. At this point, I am convinced that there is a reason for every season and that looking back on historical records in the future, you happened to be the leader who witnessed Ethiopia’s eve millennium, and welcome the future among your own people and in your own country. If the millennium is observed and celebrated well abroad, the one in Ethiopia is as well the Ethiopian peoples turn of a century and not necessarily only the current regime’s, who happened to be in power at this turn of time period.

    No matter what the condition of the release of the prisoners, many hoped that “prisoners of conscience” will be released before the millennium and that has taken place with the will of God.

    The internal scheme of political parties and the world at large could have its own equation, but from a sincere Ethiopian residing in N.America, this is my view and best wishes to all who have Ethiopia’s best interest and will be able to be practical and productive.

  13. Aden
    | #13

    Regarding: the Honorable former member of Ethiopian parliament, “prisoner of coscience” who got released on his own account of legal representation and did not sign the conditioal agreement, Ato Adam Bedru

    He is another of Kinijit’s members who will be in the country during the millinnum. Ato Adam Bedru, getting to know him from his interviews, is coming through as a very promising, level headed, articulate, energetic, fair, honest, trasparent Ethiopian member of CUDP. Add the charisma to that and his past efforts, he is a good asset for this Ethiopian political party.
    Best Wishes.

  14. Eskinder Degene.
    | #14


    We hope that evrything will be smoth and all we pray for his health Eng Hailu Shawel to come togethor from those honrable Ethiopian leader.After a one year suffring and struggling in dark room in diffrent means in preason never and never in history such a peascfull and full of patiency struggal and Finally to winn it is fact the winner is the Ethiopian people world remind it the horn of Africa winner in a peasful struggel and it is a great lesson for all Africans counntry.Still Knijit is stil an Ethiopian leader no doubt for peasfull Devlopment and over all groth of Ethiopia for all nation and Nationality.

    Even it was a moment for Ethiopian people to hear the write Defntion of Democracy but fortunately we can not teste real democracy may be after a few years struggel.When i say thise the propaganda also occupied by indivduals who rand what they wont as the interst of few numbers not the majority of Ethiopian people intrest.they manipulate as they wont.

    wish you best in your life we are too egar to see all of you thankes to God.we all Ethiopian have a good leason from the priviuos struggel.

    Agian wish you best all honourble Ethiopian leaders.

  15. wondwossen
    | #15

    It is a good NEWS. Let us think and remined ourselves that Kinijit is not and would not be a one man party. There collective decision is a key for unit and victory. They respect the rule of law and are governed by the law. As long as Kinijit as a party take a forward step I accept it as a decision made not by an indivigual but by the party itself. So let us not stick ourselves to indiviguals. Remember “Koratu meri Mengistu” We should appreciate our leaders but not worship them.

    Five people will come the rest 32 will stay there. that is OK for me.

  16. No name
    | #16

    Hailu Shawl has sent a message (Ethiolion) that he is in good health but forced to say he is ill and he is refused visa by US embassy.

    I think we respect Hailu Shawl, because he is a true Ethiopian. These days it is difficult to find true Ethiopian if you are recruited as spy against your mother land, they give you money, they give you PhD, they include you in their publication, they give you prize, then you do the dirty work against poor people. And forget your country.
    Just before the election they realized that Hailu is a patriot.
    What they need it to eliminate and marginalize him, if not divide Kinijit in to two (Divide and Rule, see Wikipedia)
    According to Hailu Urgent visit is not required as
    1) The existence of Kinijit is not approved by the government
    2) First we have to thank and give courage to the victims
    3) Prisoners should be released
    It is valid reason
    4) Need to take time.
    Our country is infiltrated by spy millions of dollar. It is better to give 1000 asylum and suppress 70 poor millions.
    Down with Woyane and Colonialist

    Meysaw Kassa in heaven God bless you!!!

    I have decided not to celebrate the New Year and it will be history

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