Four killed in bomb blast as Ethiopia raises security alert: official

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Four people were killed when a bomb blast tore through a minibus in western Ethiopia late on Tuesday, at about the same time that the government warned of imminent attacks by militants, an official said.

The official, speaking to Reuters on Wednesday, said nobody had claimed responsibility for the blast.

Addis Ababa put its security forces on heightened alert on Tuesday night after receiving strong evidence that Somalia’s Islamist al Shabaab group was plotting assaults.

It was not clear whether the blast occurred before or after that warning.

“The bomb exploded on Tuesday inside a minibus travelling in Segno Gebeya,” government spokesman Shimeles Kemal said, referring to a region bordering Sudan.

“No one has claimed responsibility yet. The case is under investigation.”

The warning came three weeks after officials said two Somali suicide bombers accidentally blew themselves up while preparing for an attack on football fans during Ethiopia’s World Cup qualifying match against Nigeria.

Al Shabaab has warned Ethiopia of revenge attacks for deploying troops inside Somalia to fight the al Qaeda-linked militants, alongside African Union forces from Uganda, Burundi and Kenya.

The National Intelligence and Security Service also urged the public on Tuesday to inform police if they encountered “suspicious” activity, and urged hotel staff and private landlords to verify the identity of visitors.

Al Shabaab gunmen killed at least 67 people in September when they raided a mall in the neighboring Kenyan capital of Nairobi.

Addis Ababa says it has foiled several attacks in the past few years planned by domestic rebel groups and Somali insurgents.

There have also been sporadic explosions in recent years. Thirteen people were wounded when an explosive device ripped through a bus in the north in 2010, while a bomb explosion near a court in the capital injured two in 2011.

  1. koster
    | #1

    I will not be surprised for what happened in a Country ruled by ethnic fascists. They are the al Qaida of the Horn of Africa and will continúe to be a great menace for the years to come. Like al Qaida, TPLF is bred and fed by the US/UK and their allies. Please say no to woyane ethnic fascists, ethnic cleansing and state terrorism in Ethiopia.

  2. Anonymous
    | #2

    ይህ ችግር ለድሃ ሃገር .,…..

  3. Anonymous
  4. Worku tesfaye
    | #4

    All state or sovereigns concluded zat alqaeda and ozers alliance belongs to terrorism.
    Is Ethiopia militarys invade Somalia or requested by Somalia gov?
    Our gov and militarys hv responsibility and accountibily to sustain ze sovereignty of ze country.
    US and UK may support our gov.why?for ze seek of zier benefits.our military are not in ze afghan.zy are struggling and fighting alshabab.alshabab is messenger of our enemy.
    I am living and working in different area,like somali,afa,souz Ethiopia,oromia and so on. I hv got opportunity to contacted administration,social service,observe sociocultural aspect of society.
    What always ambiouse written comment i read is weyane racist. Each districts and kebels in all area are administered by zier own person.even in some area gov not interrupt zier traditional administration system and zy hv full right to decision making.
    Zos people lost power and money,previously are now provokes conflict and saying weyane ???

  5. Abyadi
    | #5

    The reminant of TPLF chorts unawerese of their actions ,this time arond, are digging their own grave. First of all ,it seems to me, The sword of the living GOD is already suspended on the neck of each weyane chort though un seen by each of them.Second,just look acros the country any direction you want Kenya,Southern Sudan,Somalia or Eretria and see if there is any sheeding any tears for their demise. This is it ! that critical time hasalready arived! Their empire is taterring,and the last card on their hand at the moment is terror aginst the civilians.Perhaps, if they terrorize the bublic they may be able to push back the resistanceat at least for a moment.

    Nevethless, such futile exercise at the eleventh hour matters little.Ethiopians have already crossed the threshold with unwavering determination to liberate their beloved country from the remaining TPLF clique. As I speak weyane is hand tied and paralized with such consuming fear.It can not declare war on any of her neighbors ,specially on her northern border, because she is not shure about the moral support of her troops.And the best it can do at the moment is wekbia against the citizens in an attempt to gain support.Mark my word the majority of Tigrians are aginst you,and every other non tigrian Ethiopianis agisnt you. The time is on the side of the people and TPLF is about to be a morning cloud.

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