Mr. Mulluneh Eyoel

September 7th, 2007 Print Print Email Email

Mr. Mulluneh Eyuel, The Secretary General Of Kinijit Interview With Kinfu Assefa(EMF), Mr. Elias Kifle (ER), Mr. Abebe Belew (Addis Dimtse) and Mr. Alem (Netsanet Radio). Mr. Mulneh Eyoel

  1. Guenet
    | #1

    A very interesting interview. Thank you.
    CUD should hire a lawyer. Any big organization has one.

  2. Yeruksew
    | #2

    It has been only a month and may be a few weeks since the KINIJIT leadership had been released from prison. Why do we have to confront the Secretary General with such difficult questions at a time when they are trying to fix problems that were created in their absence. Let us give them some time to rehearse among themselves.


  3. Abakemaw
    | #3

    Mr. Eyuel, my hat is off to you, I’m proud of you. you handle the interview very well.

  4. Menelik Asfaw
    | #4

    Dear Mulunhe, I am proud of you. You are the true fighter in the establishment of democracy. You deserve my utter respect. I keep praying for you.
    Menelik Asfaw

  5. mike
    | #5

    Dear muluneh,

    As usual as leader or part leader from developing country there is no clear reply for what u r asked, there is more confusion. For the future, please make clear and be to the point cause the journalist u facing are well trained and prepared.

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