“No One is Indispensable” says Kinijit Leader, Eng. Gizachew Shiferaw – EZ

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Former Addis Ababa University Professor, Gizachew Shiferaw, Kinijit’s Head of Organizational Affairs, is part of the party’s delegation that will tour North America. EZ Post has a revealing inteview with him. (more…)

Former Addis Ababa University Professor, Gizachew Shiferaw, Kinijit’s Head of Organizational Affairs, is part of the party’s delegation that will tour North America. EZ Post has a revealing inteview with him.

EZ: Your upcoming tour has its critics. Why are you traveling abroad before all Kinijit prisoners are released?

Gizachew: The tour is part of the wider political activity we are undertaking now. We have to thank for the great effort and commitment Ethiopians living abroad showed both to the struggle for democracy and our release from prison. What Ethiopians abroad did when we were in prison was incredible. In 2006 and the beginning of 2007, there were massive demonstrations all over the world. They-children, the elderly, people with tremendous work and professional responsibilities- withstood the harsh weathers and made their points. They put pressures on host countries; made the media to pay attention. I haven’t seen or heard the Diaspora of other countries showing such commitment.
The Ethiopian diaspora is a force to be reckoned with. This is not only because of what it has done in the past two years but also because its potential is immense. We have a lot of educated people, people with money, people with connections, people with vigor, enthusiasm and incredible love of the country living abroad. Any political force in Ethiopia should be able to mobilize our Diaspora for the benefit of the country. Kinijit will certainly do that.

But our tour doesn’t exclude doing things at home. We have already established two committees which are entrusted with the task of getting the prisoners out. One is a data committee which gathers information about the prisoners all over Ethiopia. The other is a contact group which liaisons with the Shimagles. Part of our agreement when we were released was the release of all people who were imprisoned in connection to the election. The Shimagles are facilitating that and we are meeting them every two weeks. I think in our trip abroad we will also highlight their ordeals if they aren’t released by then.

EZ: But why wouldn’t you just wait here until they are released?

Gizachew: We can do a lot of things at a time. Our trip is short. The South African group stays for ten days. They will come and continue what we have started. We also have a lot of council members who won’t go abroad. They will also do the task. I don’t see any reason why we can’t do two things at the same time. We are a political organization. Our tasks are vast. We should be able to do a lot of things at the same time.

EZ: There are divisions in the Diaspora. Part of the reason for your trip is to solve that. How are you going to do it?

Gizachew: Our direction and vision regarding that is very clear. There will be no more appointments from Addis Ababa. It is a cliché; but I have to say it: Power belongs to the people. Ethiopians abroad will choose their own representatives for the chapters and kinijit support groups – at city, state, national and continental basis. It is each constituency which determines what its leaders will be.

EZ: That is for the future. But what about the past? There are serious allegations; allegations of embezzlement of incredible amounts of money collected in the name of Kinijit? Allegations of authoritarianism? Can you talk about the future without addressing the past?

Gizachew: We have started to address that. What we first did when we got out of prison was to take away the political powers of groups who were acting in the Diaspora on our behalf

EZ: Does it mean both KIC and KIL? Are they both disband?

Gizachew: Yes, both of them. Our task now is to investigate the allegations you mentioned in the fairest, transparent and accountable manner. The investigation will have policy and technical issues. On the technical side, for example, we have allegations relating to finance. The investigation will be done based on accounting rules, the laws of that country and other relevant rules. We will see that. On the policy side we will see issues relating to the respect of Kinijit’s democratic principles. People make mistakes when they do things. We will see both sides: The positive and the negative.

Finally, after the investigation, based on the democratic principles of Kinijit, the constituencies will decide what they will do with the people. So this is also part of what I said before. We are going to investigate the matter and send our results back to the constituencies.

EZ: Do you expect a fall out from this investigation?

Gizachew: I don’t. But if the constituencies, based on the investigation, decide that they don’t want the people, we accept that. The decision is that of the people.

EZ: Will KIC and KIL be formed again after the investigation?

Gizachew: No they won’t. Former Members will have to go back to their constituencies and be elected.

EZ: Which are the constituencies? In some cities in North America, there are two chapters representing different groups.

Gizachew: There is no reason that two chapters in one city should represent Kinijit. One of our tasks will be to solidify these chapters. I think the problem is not with the Kinijit supporters living in those cities. The divisions were created because of the alignment of the leaders. It is easy to bring the people together, and then they will elect their leaders. If one doesn’t accept that, that is one’s right. But one won’t be part of Kinijit if one does that.

EZ: If the Diaspora is going to be organized in the way you suggest and if the rules of party discipline are not applied strictly, who is going to represent you in the corridors of power in North America and Europe? Will you appoint special representatives?

Gizachew: We won’t appoint special representatives. The support groups can do it. The support groups may have party members and those who aren’t party members. We will encourage our party members to be active in those groups, to seek election and so on. But more than that, I think even though I said party discipline isn’t going to be strictly applied, it doesn’t mean the support groups aren’t kinijit. They are. They are Kinijit support groups and they will work with our foreign affairs committee in Addis Ababa. If they need expertise and political experience, they can hire professionals. But that is up to them.

EZ: There are civic groups who aren’t Kinijit but share many of Kinijit’s principles and objectives. They were doing a lot when you were in prison. There are some in the party who think that these civic groups should work under the coordinating umbrella of the party. There are others who think the party should completely be independent from them and vise versa. What do you think about your relationship with them?

Gizachew: They are different in nature from a political organization. They have issues which might overlap with ours. On those, I can’t see any reason why we won’t work together. We have to give them space. But that doesn’t mean one should be a subordinate to the other.

EZ: You don’t still have a legal recognition. What are you doing in that front?

Gizachew: We have agreed in principle that we should return to the status quo created after the merger. There are divided groups who were all part of Kinijit. We are trying to bring all of them together. Those who joined parliament have registered the name of Kinijit at the election board, but they didn’t receive the certificate. They have a problem of calling the general assembly because there is a division in them. But both groups say they want to hand power to the kinijit leadership. We are talking with them. But we are concerned about the delay.

So we are thinking of another option. If you remember, after the merger, we have applied to the election board for registration. We had then elected the president, the vice-president, the secretary. We have followed the electoral laws of the country. We believe that we are legal. What remained was publication, acknowledgement by third parties. That is why we applied for registration. We have now asked the election board to give us a response. Based on that response, we will proceed to the other steps.

EZ: What if both options fail? Do you have a fall back plan? Changing name for example?

Gizachew: We believe we have a right to the name. We will exhaust all legal possibilities before we think of other options. It is premature to speculate about name change now.

EZ: Before the merger, Kinijit was a coalition of four parties. Is there a possibility that you will return to that status?

Gizachew: That is unthinkable. The four parties are dead. We don’t think about them. Kinijit is the party of Ethiopian people. There is no way we are going back to the four party era.

EZ: Kinijit’s support comes for its stated commitment to democracy, economic and political liberty and Ethiopian unity. Without internal democracy, it is impossible to say that Kinijit will fulfill its commitments if it gets to power. Is Kinijit’s internal democracy reassuring? Rumors and gossips about the problem of democracy inside Kinijit are rampant.

Gizachew: Kinijit wouldn’t have committed itself to democracy in Ethiopia without being democratic itself. Our decisions are made collectively, and the principle governing us is the principle of majority vote. There are different opinions in Kinijit. The one with the support of the majority wins. Without having full internal democracy, we won’t even contemplate getting into power. If Kinijit doesn’t respect internal democracy, I will be the first one to oppose its working rules.

EZ: Are you talking about principle in the normative sense? Or are you implying that at this moment, there is internal democracy in Kinijit?

We are implementing them. Our attempts during decision making deliberations to reach at a consensus or to convice a dissenter before a vote shouldn’t be taken as a toleration of anti-democratic culture. It is a way of making people feel that their views are seriously taken, and that even though they have dissented; they are part of the decision. In the end, if those attempts fail, we will make decisions based on the principle of majority vote.

EZ: Election 2005 has created stars in Kinijit. People have a lot of confidence in them. They are the faces of Kinijit. When they play constructively, they have enormous positive impact. But there is a problem with stars. They have an equally enormous destructive capacity. Do you take them as threats to the internal democracy of Kinijit? Will the Lidetu phenomenon be repeated in Kinijit?

Gizachew: Kinijit has many stars. I don’t think it is only one. People may have different views about their role and status, but the truth is all of us in the leadership have one vote. As I said before, we try hard to accommodate different views, make people feel that they are part of a decision they even oppose. But if a person thinks his star shine brighter than other and tries to flout collective decision making principles, I think he is in a political football where he will certainly lose. In that sense, the Lidetu phenomenon will be repeated. No one is indispensable.

EZ: Two Shimagles were sent to America when you were in prison. There were a lot of people who were uncomfortable with the decision making then. Was that contrary to the principles of collective leadership?

Gizachew: That was decided under special circumstances. I was part of the decision. In addition to me, there was Hailu Shawl, Hailu Araya, Befekadu Degfe, Yacob Woldemariam and Tamarat Tarekegn in the decision making. All of us were in the same prison cell. I think we should have given it more time and included other people in other cells as well. Even though it was a special circumstance, we should have tried to get more views. The request for the shimagles came from the eight who were the majority then. So we thought if it wouldn’t hurt. So the seven of us decided to send Shaleka Admassie and Dr. Bezabeh. It is partially a collective decision, but not fully.

EZ: Do you regret the decision?

Gizachew: What I regret is that we should have stopped their mission when they failed to mediate.

EZ: What do you think was the point of no-return during the mediation? At what point should you have stopped their mission?

Gizachew: The role of the Shimagles wasn’t fruitful. We should have stopped them when we knew about it.

EZ: Did the Shimagles have clear objectives?

Gizachew: Yes, it was to mediate between the two groups (the eight and the four) in KIL.

EZ: Another group was formed after they arrived in Washington. Was forming it part of their objective?

Gizachew: No. Their role wasn’t to create a new forum. It was to mediate between the two groups I mentioned. They proposed that. But we clearly told that their role is different. We wrote a letter addressed to each of the twelve members requesting them to see the bigger picture.

EZ: Let’s see the bigger picture. Kinijit offered itself as an alternative to EPRDF. Now you are consumed with internal issues. What about your relationship with the EPRDF? What will the direction of your relationship be?

Gizachew: We have posed serious challenges for the EPRDF. When we debated about taking our parliamentary seats, we all wanted the seats. But we said what is the purpose of taking the seats if the questions of democracy, economic liberty and freedom aren’t answered by the EPRDF. The eight principles are the results of that deliberation. Media freedom, independence of the judiciary, human rights etc… are still Kinijit’s cardinal principles. So our relationship with EPRDF will be governed by our interest to see these principles reign supreme in the country.

EZ: Will your approach change? Do you think you were confrontational after the election?

Gizachew: Tone changes with time. But that doesn’t mean our tone will swing wildly from one end to another. In Ethiopian political culture, direct criticism is taken as confrontation. That has to change.

  1. Shumet Menywab
    | #1

    If today’s internet navigation 24/7 around the world was around 20 years ago, many opposition parties would have communicated better to become as one on opposition to Mengistu Hailemariam’s regime inhuman behavior, though the time then was different because of lack of internet world communication and democratic aspirations, thanks to the communist countries that kept many countries in darkness and hijacked the Ethiopian Revolutionary Movement too from search of a better than Hailesselassie’s decayed government system that was not letting itself to be bent for a change. As a result, Mengistu’s Militaristic regime and many intellectuals who were dieing for communism and nation nationalism took the popular 1974 Revolution of the Ethiopian people to go from a real change to today’s political turmoil. The sad thing is that that generation is still caring a diehard and undemocratic behavior that mixes the real issues to personal indifferences. As many of us who have an internet access opportunities know, many complain of many individuals that could not speak as one even within single opposition parties. This is the main out of the many problems that age the struggle for too long!

    By honest or by deceive or as a result of lack of free information flow, many followed a few for many years in the Ethiopian political process. But today, thanks to the Internet World that updates us timely, at least no blindly party followers shall support their leaders for many to die or waste their time without any credible leadership in the on going struggle for true democracy they are a part of.

    As the struggle for freedom continues, the difference between the government now and then is that Mengistu ruled the country simply by terror without systematically dividing the society by bowing himself to the Russian Super Power and becoming dictator and violent against his own people for a change. Contrary to this, after all he led many to die in the armed struggle on fighting against Mengistu’s regime, Meles is ruling Ethiopian society now by divide, ethicize and politicize the whole society with the help of the only remaining economically and militarily World Powers to keep the dictator leadership of TPLF/EPRDF as a status qua in the face of the Ethiopian people opposition against the system and double standard of the West’s self interest in the East African States. Like his predecessor, Meles also bowed to another Super Power of the World, the West and turned himself against “his own” people. ‘The quote “his own” is there for the purpose of Meles’s lack of patriotism for Ethiopia’.

    Mengistu’s militaristic power has been replaced and run for 16 years now and TPLF/EPRDF would like to be the only solution with the support of those who have economically interested mafias, ethnically motivated clicks, government power seekers, and out side greedy private investors of self interested groups and governments. That is another reason why today’s Ethiopians have a hard time even to come to opposition demonstration stages in unity knowing that Meles’s government is violating the many innocent Ethiopian civic rights in the country.

    It is increasingly becoming hard to speak as one Ethiopians today than yesterday. I remember in the 1980′s that all Ethiopian Diaspora demonstrations against the Ethiopian government were involved indiscriminately by all ethnic member of the Diaspora. But as time ripped to those who were in the business of ethnic politics, even demonstrators against one government began divided. It is becoming almost hard to find an Ethiopian man or woman who can even invite all kinds of ethnic affiliated Ethiopians in one social activity. This is the Millennium that brings Ethiopia in the 21st Century under the leadership of Mr. Meles.

    Today, we are more afraid of talking about Ethiopia and Ethiopian History than yesterday. Today, we are more becoming ethnically sensitive and afraid to inter act freely with other ethnic background brothers and sisters than yester day.

    If this is some thing for the TPLF/EPRDF government to be bragged as a host of millennium celebrator in the 21st Century of Ethiopia without acknowledging the problem and not being ready to find a reconciliation means, it must be out of political sickness!! We all must be responsible to cure this sickness and live as a new loving and caring family in the new Millennium of tomorrow’s democratic Ethiopia!!

    Because of our division, we are becoming more backward looking society than the society our forefathers lived on!!!

    We shall bring our unity and love of the county to live, to defend and to fight back together by all fighting for one solution that is Democracy for all!!!

    Whether the TPLF/EPRDF or other ethnically based political parties believe it or not, this Millennium belongs to the hundredths of thousands of freedom fighters’ for all Ethiopians who had chosen to perish their own lives by willingly standing against past oppressive government systems and the millions of sufferings before and after EPRDF/TPLF became oppressive of the Ethiopian people!!!

    Move yourself out of these freedom fights’ way earlier with dignity than humility like you yourself witnessed even theMengistu’s number one largest and may be superior military power of the Saharan States had vanished because of its own inhuman action on the many innocent Ethiopians’ lives!!! What goes around comes around and it is universal!!!

    Whether the indifferent individuals or groups or Parties in the Opposition Camps believe it or not, the same is true to act in the name of freedom to free your mass from the oppressive TPLF/EPRDF regime together but not to act separately by making yourself as part of the problem!!!

    The time is up for many genuine freedom fighters to carry their civic responsibilities and to bring democracy for all Ethiopian society and free the mass as one from the Meles’s dictator leadership despite the few that have personal egos or self-righteous and ill conceived mentalities on this process to block the way!!!

    As the new Millennium is taking 1000 years to come, the Ethiopian people’s demand for change has been part of this journey lately too from Belay Zeleke to Mengistu Neway to Professor Asrat to many before, after, in between and for front live committed patriotic individuals who can and will be free from oppressive rules and finally will soon touch down to give the winning freedom trophy to their people!!!

    One can stand and be a celebrity for these pages to close by having a moral authority to say enough suffering has been done in the past and today and this Millennium has to leave those sufferings behind us!!!

    Even Mr. Meles can be this celebrity after all what he has done a lot to become part of the past and present human sufferings if he is sitting down and thinking for a moment and call a public truce in Addis Ababa, instead of claiming himself a great leader to work and bring Ethiopia to the Axumite Kingdom of World status, if he chooses to!!!

  2. Yohannes
    | #2

    EZ is Andy!

    Gizachiew Shif? A leader? Where is Hailu Shawel? This Keste Damena group has no shame! They can’t even wait to open their mouth. Who the fuc#k is he to tell me what to do with my money?

    The KNA must immediately call a meeting and denounce this barbaric man who opens his mouth where ever he sees a US dollar paid by CIA.

    Gizachew, Where is Hailu Shawel? Damn it answer my question. Why can’t you wait for 10 days or even a month for him?

    You will get nothing from us!

  3. Chaltu
    | #3

    Ato/ Eng Shiferaw has a right to his opinion and so do We.

    So If Ato/Eng Shiferaw feels the Diaspora is more important than taking care of business at home. Then prison life has given him the hibigibi and his is in flight. Eng/Ato Shiferaw your priority seems ofo focus – We the Diaspora will be here a week from now a month from now a year from now etc.etc.etc. Your coming to visit us and to help bring clarity focus or peace would have been in order after you take care of buisness at home where it counts. As much as we appreciate your great desire to come and thank us… it is really not necessary and I am sure you could do more with the money spent on air tickets/hotel and misc. expenses in rebuilding much of what has been lost at home. Sorry you may not like my pushing the home front, but if you remember the whole inception of KINIJIT was about the home front and not the Diaspora. So please do not loose sight of where it all started how it started and what it took to get where we are today.

    We have also heard the great news that Eng Hailu has gotten his VISA so we say Chill out Sister and brothers and make the trip together..Why the rush to make it this Sunday it could as well be next Sunday – Enjoy sometime with the wife and the rest of the family mostly Enqutatashe.
    As stated no one is indespensible. I would say leave that to the people and please do not become to cockie this late in the game. We are all watching and hearing and are becoming quite amused.

  4. No name
    | #4

    Hailu Shawl has sent a message (Ethiolion) that he is in good health but forced to say he is ill and he is refused visa by US embassy.

    I think we respect Hailu Shawl, because he is a true Ethiopian. These days it is difficult to find true Ethiopian if you are recruited as spy against your mother land, they give you money, they give you PhD, they include you in their publication, they give you prize, then you do the dirty work against poor people. And forget your country.
    Just before the election they realized that Hailu is a patriot.
    What they need it to eliminate and marginalize him, if not divide Kinijit in to two (Divide and Rule, see Wikipedia)
    According to Hailu Urgent visit is not required as
    1) The existence of Kinijit is not approved by the government
    2) First we have to thank and give courage to the victims
    3) Prisoners should be released
    It is valid reason
    4) Need to take time.
    Our country is infiltrated by spy millions of dollar. It is better to give 1000 asylum and suppress 70 poor millions.
    Down with Woyane and Colonialist

    Meysaw Kassa in heaven God bless you!!!

    I have decided not to celebrate the New Year and it will be history

  5. blacklion
    | #5

    yohaness, is that why Eng.Gizachew choose prison than parlama? Is weyanes jail and harrasment the place to collect dollar?
    And for your baseless accusation on ex-kestedemena members,let me tell you Eng Gizachew was not member of kestedemena.

  6. Yohannes
    | #6

    In all due respect no one is answering the very important question asked by so many in the Diaspora. Why come with out the leader? Why is it so important to rush to NA with out him? We are here next week or next month. No urgency to come here. As we all know the US Embassy delayed his visa purposely. And the group who went to prison with him should have the gut to form solidarity with this humble man. Listen to Shaleqa Getachew Mengiste’s heart breaking interview on http://www.ethioandenet.com. If this so called leaders can’t wait Hailu’s medical treatment for up to 12 days then something is wrong.

    And obviously this Gizachew Shif. is not coming to resolve the crissis.This pig is now in the deep shit of Diaspora poltics, he is not going to get out of it. If it is not handled wisely the diaspora poltics will suck the hell out of you. Berhanu Nega is in the middle of us for almost one month, but he hasn’t said a word because he knows how hurtful it is. Of course Gizachew will get a dancing partner in DC, as Tamagne and cohorts are awaiting the occassion and plus the CIA dollar – at the expense of Ethiopia and Ethiopians.

    The KNA, the oldest support group in NA and the institution the leaders know before they go to prison should denounce the act of this deligation immediately and refuse to co-operate with them. No penny should be spent on this CIA insiders. Instead all attention and support should be given to the great Hailu Shawel.

  7. adie
    | #7

    i am sorry for yohannes your statement shows that your are in luck of argument you prefer to insult, discourage and make personal damages. it is clear that you dont bother about your motherland. for you kinijit something like company which must be moved by individuals you forget that it is a party which represents gruppe of people in the society. you have to update your self . you have better to reade more and more.you are one of the moraly degrade part of ethiopians in diaspora. stop your intetional personality damaging.
    i wish a healthy and posetive atitude towards whom you may not share their idea
    God bless our heroes

  8. freedom?.
    | #8

    “In all due respect no one is answering the very important question asked by so many in the Diaspora. Why come with out the leader? Why is it so important to rush to NA with out him? We are here next week or…”
    At least according to ER,
    Ato Muluneh himself will lead a delegation to Europe, while vice president Bertukan Mideksa will arrive in Washington DC on Sunday [1. see poster] leading a delegation of five.
    Originally, the delegation to the U.S. was to be headed by Kinijit president Ato Hailu Shawel, but this week he informed the executive committee that…..
    (it is too many twists and turns and spins)
    As a matter of fact, it is a good thing that he is not coming, since the delegation will now be led by Wzt. Bertukan Mideksa, a highly respected former judge who can do a better job of conducting a thorough investigation into the shaleqa’s corruption.
    Elias from Ethiopian Review
    The Vice Chair person if influential enough, could have requested to post pond the trip for up to two weeks. Another voice from the secretary, Muluneh E. could have joined his voice with hers to be considerate of the circumstances of Chairman of the party Engineer Hailu Shawel.

    To be honest, I believe some times Birtkan Demeksa get over used by the media and specially those who might have OLF’s and/or KIL’s best interest like ER and others. She comes through as much an opportunist who is not making an independent decision who is celebrated and over advertised to lead the delegation. Where is the “Kinijit Spirit”?. I think she came up with the idea of “Kinijit is a Spirit”. “Kinijit is a spirit of freedom’. She could have chosen between two kinds of freedom in this case. 1. To be free to lead the delegation and arrive in a rush with out the Chairman, or 2. To be free to make a decision to weigh out the implication of arriving with out the Chairman who was as well in prison with the rest of them for twenty months. She has chosen #1, and Andenet.com’s latest seems to stand firmly on principle, and support #2. It is to be seen.

    She is a self accomplished professional educated by Ethiopins tax payers in the country through the Addis Ababa U. and Ethiopia’s legal education as a lawyer and may be three to four years of seat as a judge in the judiciary. Her other contribution in terms of politics is a new comer out of the EPRDF’s legal system. She could have the potential for future leadership, but to be comfortable in stilling the lime light from the chairman is opportunistic and un wise at the very least.

    According to Andenet. Com, they do not expect the official arrival of the delegation until joined by the Chairman after a week.

  9. freedom?
    | #9

    Andenet web site, a link through kinijit.org

    Andenet.com is the radio’s broadcast link.

  10. No name
    | #10

    The world is based on Racism.
    The three worries of the West are Islam, Black population and China.Environment is minor. After colonialism now heavily trying to control these countries in fact this is a third world war. The objective being to make these countries like the Latinos so that they can screw as any time and establish a White supremacy on this planet.
    Heavy foreign investment in Ethiopia is to alienate the natives from Economic power.
    I think these Ethiopian leaders will not sell as like the biblical Joseph
    Heaven will tell!

  11. Ye Meskel Wef
    | #11

    There is always the potential for a scheme to divide in politics. What makes one leadership different from another is, to remain indivisible, not to be an access to a scheme by design or accident, to stand firm on principle and more. I think these are some of the qualitites that could draw support and trust from genuine citizens who are not ambivalent and of the best interest of a country and its people for peace and liberty of one’s country.

    Other wise, take up the economic struggle, be industrious, prosperous and influence with money, and hopefully for the betterment and best interest of one’s country.

  12. Tasew
    | #12

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  13. No One…?
    | #13

    “No one is indispensable”
    Engineer Gezachew Shiferaw
    ..Relevant with in Kinijit and Ethiopia’s politics?.

    Globaly speaking, some things appear INDISPENSABLE???????????????????????????:::????

  14. Belay
    | #14

    Kinijit is divided. The sad part is they are divided because of the Diaspora movement as if the struggle for freedom is in exile.

    The primary Diaspora group which is responsible for this division are:
    Shaleqa Yoseph Yazew, Andargachiew Tsigie and Berhane Mewa.

    The secondary group which is contributing for the conflict are:
    Elias Kiflie of ER/Abebe of Addis Voice & Dawit of EMF – listen to their interview with Muleneh Eyoel and you will understand how lowly and stupid they are. These are the people the Kestena Damena group want to dance with.

    One way or the other the rest of us are also responsible for the crissis.

    The helpless Ethiopian people has already heard the news of division despite the leaders insistent they are one. Eng. Hailu Shawel is sidelined by the opportunistics Keste Damena group who has its serious link with the US Embassy in Ethiopia and the state department. Where else in the world, a party leader will be sidelined by its entourages in the name of collective leadership. Which democracy they are talking about?

    Where is the Solidarity – when Hailu Shawel was refused the visa? When he is sick? Why can’t they wait for a month if necessary for him to join the delgate and try to resolve the crissis throughly?

    The CUD need each and every one of us – that includes those who has spent half of their life for the struggle.

    If the CUD mess up with Hailu Shawel and the Diaspora file then we will all look for alternatives.

  15. No name
    | #15

    What is the difference bteween Lidetu and Birhatu
    Berhanu Nega admitted that he is not an elected Mayor by saying that, he is not sure to run for next election confirming the remaining three more years for Meles.
    Do not you think that it is too long for Ethiopians!

  16. knawe
    | #16

    why don’t shout up your mouth loser, you don’t have a moral to talk about Birhanu or other his follow becuse you can’t work thier 1% percent as ethiopian , i know the only thing you can do open your big mouth every bar and starbucks with those loser EPRP, my advise for you please read more even if it took you to under stand long time”hodam”

  17. ayle
    | #17

    who is the next target for EPRP home work mean next to Dr. taye, i feel bad for him wrong time wrong place

  18. No name
    | #18

    We denounce DERG because of the red terror on EPRP. Is that not right .Or because the DERG fought against TLF and ELF ?
    You FAFA generation ass washer. People like you Solato. Now pro Woyane and DERG.
    Testa di gallina. Who is Birhanu, No body is indispensable we are equal to him as Ethiopians and I have the right to talk about my country do not create Kestedemenitis and divisionism
    Ethiopia is one Menelik the II

  19. freedom?.
    | #19

    Begram…. Nefese Bekegn……………
    According to the news sources, they have left from Boli airport of Addis Ababa.

    At this point, there is only the courtesy of Ethiopia hospitality and a cheerful welcome to be extended. After all, the four who will arrive at Dulles airport were as well in confinement for several months and they should only deserve a decent welcome with or with out the presence of the Chairman.

    Accept the moment’s occasion and opportunity to see them in person.

    You are wished a safe trip and a productive and pleasant stay and tour.

    soon, we hope you will be joined by Engineer Hailu and mayor elect Berhanu Nega (PH.D.) to have a collective effort and effect.

    | #20

    One way or the other the rest of us are also responsible for the crissis.

    The helpless Ethiopian people has already heard the news of division despite the leaders insistent they are one. Eng. Hailu Shawel is sidelined by the opportunistics Keste Damena group who has its serious link with the US Embassy in Ethiopia and the state department. Where else in the world, a party leader will be sidelined by its entourages in the name of collective leadership. Which democracy they are talking about?

    Where is the Solidarity – when Hailu Shawel was refused the visa? When he is sick? Why can’t they wait for a month if necessary for him to join the delgate and try to resolve the crissis throughly?

  21. freedom?.
    | #21

    The comments you have made and the video you recommend are contradictory.

    The theme of the video is,” Oromia shall be free” with the title, “Freedom is the key.”

    By the way, it is sickening to keep hearing this cliche, ” The helpless Ethiopian people”, “Our poor people”, “The poor Ethiopian people” and similar remarks thrown around from intellectuals, different segments of the Ethiopian diaspora and just from any one. Some times the labeled Ethiopian people might be a pass ticket for ” the struggle”, other times people know fully well that they can not generalize, as some % of the population is upper and middle class income. Even the lowest of income category can not be refereed to “our helpless and poor” just because one is abroad. The Ethiopians there enjoy good climate and do not forget that, no matter what, they are in their own country as first class citizens even with oppression.

    Those who have continued to stay in exile and got dispersed, lost their dreams, their roots and property ownership, got stack abroad because of political changes in Ethiopia, are as much poor souls if need be.

  22. tee
    | #22

    We are happy to meet all kinijit leaders of course including Eng. Hailu Shawel,the president of CUDP. He is the one who has to lead the visiting delegate. I do not think it is appropriate to come to US in hasty leaving behind the leader. The State Department gave visa for some of you but refused for Eng. Hailu. This is not acceptable among all Ethiopian Diaspora in the US. This partiality is not only targeting Eng. Hailu Shawel but all of us and especially you visiting Delegates and the party as a whole. If you (visiting Delegates) failed to fight this divisive action it will be a problem to stand together to struggle for democracy. If you ignore this matter happened to your leader and continue coming to America, it will make clear to us the rumor of the division in the leadership of CUDP between the left and the right wing. We want you to act together. This denial of visa is not minor issue. The people behind this matter are trying to create crack or division between you. You have to able to say NO TO DIVISIVE IDEA AND STAY IN ETHIOPIA UNTIL THE PROBLEM IS SOLVED.THERE IS NOTHING IN HURRY TO COME TO U.S LEAVING BEHIND THE LEADER. YOU HAVE TO RESPECT THE ELECTED LEADER. ANY LEADER DESERVE RESPECT AS LONG AS HE IS IN POWER OTHER WISE IT MAY OPEN A DOOR FOR ANRCHISM. It is clear that there is problem with in the diaspora Kinijit support group. The problem was lingering in the support group for almost a year since KIL was created illegally by the push of individuals with hidden agenda to put Kinijit under the controll of the left wing group. To solve this problem the presence of the president of the party is crucial. We want to talke to Eng. Hailu Shawel face to face. So do not be in hurry to come to U.S. Take your time. There are a lot of things to be given priority in Ethiopia. Listen to you leader and research why enterance visa was denied to Eng. Hailu!!! Thanks.

  23. freedom?.
    | #23

    To some of us, the reality and symbolism of the delegation ‘s and CUDP’s elected leader Ato Hailu Shawel is more than any thing else as well, in memory of his tireless camapign in Ethiopia and his success through the ballot and elected by the people. The vice chair Bertukan Medesa, no matter what her potential could be, was appointed and elected by the central commitee of CUDP. She is a favoured sister of some of the active pro media outlets. To the point that even the press liberal, so called activist ER/Elias who advocates for free expression is blocking and censoring comments that questions some of his reports he throws off on his web site for the public’s consumption. So in a way, when it comes to its own power and interest the media or some political wing is not what it glitters to be.

    Engineerr Hailu’s potential arrival is reported to be, may be on Wednesday or Thursday. Kinijit has lost some of its luster, however reasonable patience and consideration is called for to wish all for the road ahead to be better.

  24. No name
    | #24

    No body is indispensable even Buddha
    “Mengedun Cherk Yadrigilh”

  25. Belay
    | #25

    We will wait and see where all this extavanagza party will take us. A party for what? The Limousin and the adjectives used by the crowd “very” “execellent” “our great leaders” etc force you to think – what did this fellas achieved for the Ethiopian people?
    It is a disaster!
    Eng. Hailu Shawel is coming to NA anyways! The 5 delgates who rushed to NA to dance have made a very big mistakes. With out Hailu nothing will be achieved. He is the only person Ethiopia and Ethiopians can trust.
    The young Birtukan Medeksa seemed carried away with the fame that comes with going to prison.

    Only a fool can associate himself with Elias of ER. I think 5 of

  26. nanu
    | #26

    its funny how some of you idiots come out here and spewing your germs with out regard to the consequence. if you cant formelat a sentence without name calling or swearing then you are a sychotic and u need not be admited. now the question everybody wants to know is why did the group left hail shawel? here is my answer for you. kinjit is not run by indivdual its run by group. period end of discussion they did they right thing. there is a resean why this people left ethipian during the millenium b/c they know that godforbid if some sort of voilence breaks out in addis weyane will not hastate for a second to blame them and put them back in jail. they are briliant they left while they can. i am not a big fan of kinjit but i feel that somewhere down the line these people could bring a real democacy into our beloved country. so god help them


  27. No name
    | #27

    Character assassination !

  28. Belay
    | #28

    And you are calling others idiot? Look in the mirror buddy. Hailu Shawel is the leader of Kinijit who brought 70% of the electorate and 50% of the delegate to the CUD party which is struggling now to get a legal recognition in Ethiopia. With out him even if they get recognition (which is a remote possibility) there will be no Kinijit. Do you think the rotten Diaspora community is the detrmining factor in the CUD’s poltical future in Ethiopia? Oh my. Let Tamagne and Elias enjoy the day. A delegation is a deligation who comes here to visit and go back to report to the Head Quarter in Addis. If the Diaspora movement needs a major change or restructing then it has to be decided there but not here. That is why I called Gizachew the Pig head for suggesting he is coming to fix things. The KNA is an old institution and knows what it is doing. Over our dead body that a person like Andargachiew will ever be allowed to work with us.

    Unless the CUD chamber in Addis approved any decision and signed by Hailu nothing is going to happen. It is all a photo ops and enjoy your the party man.

    It doesn’t stop there – Hailu and the AEUP are capable of going it alone if it is necessary. We don’t see any reason why we should be working with the TPLF and CIA insiders.

  29. No name
    | #29

    There are some websites and individuals who would like to divide us if they get a victim in their trap. These days it is better to be slow and think twice not to create even a needle eye
    We are not in Africa Limousin is a normal taxi in NA and it is not luxury.
    I liked once again to see the tricolor honored
    cheers,Ethiopia is one, it is like volcano errupting.

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