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I. No Thanksgiving to God or Man

Thanksgiving has been my favorite of all holidays that people in the United States celebrate. I even wrote an article on Thanksgiving titled “Thanksgiving: Thank You “the Good Old USA” exactly two years ago. In few days, we will be ready to celebrate this popular holyday in 2013. However, at this time there is no Thanksgiving for me, and I am not thankful to anybody. In fact, I am angry, very angry at my God too for allowing such “life and death” power to a group of people and their political leaders to hurt brutally, murder savagely, rape wantonly, and loot mercilessly God’s other Children (more like God’s step-children)—Ethiopians.

The recent atrocities, savagery, inhumanity of the Saudi Government and Saudi security forces, the terrorism of Wahhabi religious police, and the infliction of pain and suffering by Saudi ordinary citizens on Ethiopian immigrants are most deplorable and have violated every human norm and civilized behavior. Such brutality and barbarism goes against the many Covenants, Conventions, Resolutions, and Declarations of the United Nations. There is no question that the Saudi Government officials and Saudis committed grave, brutal and savage attacks, murders, rapes, and serious bodily injuries on a number of Ethiopians. Even though almost all of the victims of the atrocities were Ethiopians, there were also other people from other parts of Africa, such as Chad, Somalia, even Sudan, who suffered no less than Ethiopian victims. My heart felt sorrow for all who suffered, irrespective of their nationality or immigration status, in the hands of subhuman Saudis.

I have not heard or read any statement from any United States Government Official, or from any Senator, or Congressman et cetera condemning the barbarism committed against immigrants in Saudi Arabia. I have not heard, or read proper news coverage about such atrocities, from the major news media here in the United States, except the BBC and the Huffington Post. Shame on you all and I hope when you bite into your turkey and ham on Thanksgiving Day that it tastes bitter so that you may be reminded of the bitterness of life for some human beings who are enduring the barbarism of the Government and the people of Saudi Arabia.

II. The Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide

The Saudis have already declared Jihad against Ethiopians. The Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Asheikh has made on the same day on 17 November 2013 what seems to be contradictory statements endorsing in one hand the brutal crackdown by the Security Forces of Saudi Arabia that included murder and savage beatings and rapes on illegal immigrants, and on the other hand stating also that there should be no violence against those immigrants that are living under the protection of the Saudi Government. Although both the Saudi and Ethiopian Governments officially claimed that three Ethiopians were killed in the crackdown against illegal immigrants in Saudi Arabia, it seems, from very many eye-witness accounts and video reports, that more than three Ethiopian immigrants were butchered to death and several women and young girls were raped and some murdered. A number of detainees have stated also that their personal property, such as cash, gold, jewelry et cetera was taken by Saudi security forces without any receipt or record. Organized young men under the direction of Officials have systematically looted the homes of Ethiopian families once the Ethiopian men were taken into custody.

There is no question the Saudi society and the Officials of the Saudi Government are just a bunch of lawless, barbaric, savages who have no sense of honor, magnanimity, or empathy. They lack the rudiments of the lowest level of intelligence. One of the reasons the officials stress is that of the job situation. How does a low level immigrant worker from Ethiopia threaten the professional job of a Saudi? It is time that we campaign how these criminals could be charged for “crimes against humanity” under the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide of 1948, Articles 2 and 3. Any Saudi citizen or official could be charged wherever found even outside of Saudi Arabia under the Genocide Convention and local legislations of a Party State. Both Ethiopia and Saudi Arabia are parties to the Genocide Convention, Ethiopia ratified the Genocide Convention on 1 July 1949; Saudi Arabia did deposit its instrument of Accession of the Genocide Convention on 13 July 1950.

III. The Ethiopian Government

In an article that has become controversial creating its own dynamism now, I had suggested for those who are in opposition to the current Government of Ethiopia not to attack the Ethiopian Government, until we get all of the twenty three thousand (plus) undocumented Ethiopians (or with illegal status for overstaying or other factors) and deemed illegal by the Saudi immigration authorities. My caution was never an endorsement of the misdeeds and political crimes and blunders, as well as, treasons the Ethiopian Government Leadership had committed during Meles Zenawi’s period of leadership of twenty years. But first thing first, we are in political limbo and in a critical national survival challenge. Thus, I suggested that we regroup as one people even if it means around an insensitive, utterly despicable, irresponsible and corrupt EPRDF controlled Ethiopian Government. I did not think of the present Ethiopian Government Leaders as particularly bright or enlightened, even though I think they are cleaver enough for the sake of our survival and to bring home tens of thousands of Ethiopians who are in precarious situation in Saudi Arabia and other Gulf States.

The latest statement by a Saudi official is that all Ethiopians (over thirty thousand) who are illegally in Saudi Arabia would be repatriated by the end of November. I have read in some reports that about thirteen thousand Ethiopians had been already repatriated back to mother Ethiopia within the last two weeks. I encourage Dr Theodros Adhanom, the Minister for Foreign Affairs, to continue his effort to have all the Ethiopian immigrants in detention in Saudi Arabia or elsewhere in the Gulf States repatriated as soon as possible. I also applaud him for this substantial result so far, for I know how difficult and time consuming the process of documentation of illegal immigrants could be even in ones own country let alone in a foreign extremely hostile country. However, the complete absence of the Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn during this horrendous crime of the Saudis and the Saudi Government against Ethiopian immigrants is a national disgrace, as well as, both a puzzle and a great disappointment to me. True, I supported Hailemariam’s election as Prime Minister in order to give him time to work out his own political and economic agenda. So far, he had not come up with solid programs

With the new Ethiopian Government leadership of Hailemariam, I had hopes that we might be able to break away from the vise like grip of the TPLF and its highly regimented and parochial leaders without much disruption of the social and economic life of most Ethiopians. It seems that will not happen soon enough. As far as I am, concerned real people in difficult situations are far more important for focusing my attention and effort than all the rhetoric and personal ambitions of desperado politicians hiding in the West dreaming of Utopian political structure based on their undigested book-knowledge. Taking into account the economic situation in Ethiopia, The Ethiopian Government has very limited options in responding to the challenge by Saudi Arabia. My choice would have been to attack full force the Saudi Security Forces, but our limited air power compared to the Saudi’s highly modernized air power with over two hundred F-15s and other equally sophisticated war planes is something to consider carefully. I know some heap of weapon is no match to great warriors even with limited weapon. So we must first have our house cleaned, institute a popular leadership, build our security forces, cleanup the command hierarchy of our military of divided loyalty, bring back home our citizens from Arab nations et cetera, then we can do most anything we want to all those who hurt our Brothers and Sisters. Quiet diplomacy for now is not a sign of irresponsibility per se; it could be the quiet before the storm.

It is amazing to me to read from all kinds of writers, bloggers, chat-room philosophers and cyberspace political scientists who seem to propound the idea that poverty in Ethiopia is a new phenomenon of the last twenty years or so created by the TPLF. The fact is that we were very poor during Haile Selassie’s reign, and we were even poorer during the brutal Mengistu’s reign of terror. The national wealth in absolute terms before adjustments for corruption, capital flight, money laundering, embezzlement et cetera did improve during Meles Zenawi’s term, but that did not get us anywhere out of our dismal economic condition for it is all looted out of the country. Let me remind everyone in the Ethiopian Government the progress in road construction, expansion of the education system, the dam building projects et cetera are all bankrolled through substantial assistance from donor countries such as the United States and Britain. The local Ethiopian economy does not seem to have good solid foundation in a healthy local economy. I must also stress the fact of unchecked population growth as a far serious problem than the economy problem in Ethiopia. Ethiopian parents have failed to control the sexuality of their children and the Ethiopian society in general. The Ethiopian family system has been dysfunctional for decades now.

In a most destructive investment program of the last fifteen years, the Ethiopian Government has farmed out our natural resources such as huge tract of land, our gold et cetera to foreigners. For example, consider the case of individuals like Al’amudi with an initial capital of less than a couple of hundred million dollars has been looting our gold worth billions of dollars every single year for the last fifteen years or more. That is an economic crime that Meles Zenawi and Members of his Government ought to be held answerable for There are also produces such as coffee, hide, et cetera not properly accounted for affecting our inflow of hard currency. Poverty in Ethiopia has been with us for millenniums. Even if there is complete change of the people who are running the Ethiopian Government currently, replacing them with the Diaspora politicians, Ethiopia will still be poor, technologically backward, with tremendous human needs with no provisions to satisfy all that demand. The idea of some kind of Avalonian Ethiopia in the 19th and 20th Centuries is a fantasy that never was. On the other hand, Ethiopia was not a bleak country either through out its long history. There were epochal periods where Ethiopia had greatness, such one period was the Zagwe Dynasty of the 12th and 13th Centuries.

III. Demonstrations and Organizers

On a serious situation of the violation of the humanity and human dignity of tens of thousands of Ethiopians, protesters should be in hundreds of thousands not just scant hundreds. Ethiopian-New Yorkers have done much better job than Ethiopians in the Washington area. The problem seems to be that the individuals who are organizing the demonstrations do not seem to have inspired confidence and solidarity among Ethiopians in the area due to their political affiliations. Uncoordinated and at times infuriatingly with limited participation in terms of the numbers of protesters did not impact the tragedy of the last couple of weeks. It is ironic that in the land of freedom and social justice that I did not see any local people demonstrating in support of the Ethiopians out in front of the Saudi Embassy. Individuals from the Diaspora opposition groups and from other fringe organizations seem to jump ahead of everyone to call demonstrations, or meetings that end in a whimper. Take for example the demonstrations in Washington DC, only a few hundred (liberally estimated at three hundred) showed up at a city where a hundred thousand could have been mobilized. Such limited participation is mostly due to lack of coordination and the wrong type of people organizing the show. These people seem not to understand that Ethiopians at home and also the silent majority of the Diaspora (I count myself as one of the silent majority) have a much different perception of Diaspora politicians.

The Blue Party and others in Addis Ababa tried to stage some demonstration at the Saudi Embassy in Addis Ababa against the atrocities of Saudi Arabia against Ethiopian immigrants. No one would object to their reaction and patriotic response. However, rather than conducting the demonstration on their own, they should have consulted with the Government and should have sought some guidance how to proceed in registering their opposition to the brutality of the Security Forces of Saudi Arabia. On the other hand, I do not think the suppression of the demonstration by the Ethiopian Government with force was that necessary and it cuts a very strange impression on the world community and Ethiopians mostly. During a critical moment facing a national Government all opposition groups should act with great caution. In a period of great national tension, leaders of a government can be very unpredictable especially when groups try to take advantage of a national tragedy to promote their own political agenda. One must know one’s own strength and also anticipate all the possible reactions by sitting government/officials.

Let me give you some examples to show you the gravity of the problem we all are facing at this point. Suppose, the Ethiopian Government had reacted to the news of the brutalizing of Ethiopian immigrants in Saudi Arabia, by ng threats and strongly worded protests and some actions against Saudi interest elsewhere in the World. What if the Saudis start executing immigrant Ethiopians in mass as a reaction to such confrontational approach of the Ethiopian Government? There is nothing the Ethiopian Government could do to stop such atrocities by force. Ethiopia simply does not have the fire power to force the Saudi Government from executing Ethiopian citizens in Saudi Arabia. Nothing could have been done to stop such savagery through existing international procedures. I even hesitate to write any thing judgmental on Saudi Arabia, but for the fact that I am an insignificant individual in the scheme of things

IV. Muslim Ethiopians

In my past numerous articles, when it comes to discussing issues of a generic nature affecting the lives of very many Ethiopians across the Ethiopian demographic landscape, I have discussed issues in a holistic manner without any specially prompting, I find myself always thinking not just as an Orthodox Christian, but as a Muslim, as a Catholic, as a Protestant et cetera. If I hear about any news that is about a particular religious group, I investigated the news right away. When there was a crackdown on some group of Muslims almost a year ago, I did everything to establish the facts. I called home, talked to all kinds of people with access to the facts and learned that the crackdown was in fact far too late, for the harm that particular Muslim group was aiming at was as destructive as a terrorist group’s activities of the disruption of social order and peaceful transition. None of the people who claimed they were representatives of such “prosecuted” Muslims, who were getting support from the Diaspora politicians, uttered a word of condemnation of the savagery and barbarism of Saudis and their Governments against Ethiopians.

The only Muslim person who uttered any form of criticism against the savagery of the Saudis with some degree of caution was Jawar Mohammed. At least he has a conscious/conscience to feel the pain and humiliation of fellow human beings if not fellow Ethiopians. I have read all kinds of essays, blogs, chat postings by individuals without distinct Muslim names. I also know some with whom I have had discussions on subjects ranging from historic-Ethiopian Christianity and its interactions with Muslims. None of them uttered a word about the atrocities committed by Saudis and their Government on Ethiopians. If I hear one more diatribe by Ethiopia Muslims about Ethiopian Christian persecution of Muslims, I will just throw-up with disgust.

V. How Do You Account for Your Acts?

Poverty for Ethiopia is not a matter of the last thirty or fifty years, but a way of life that spanned thousands of years. Our lack of technical know-how is part of our social fact. We are not particularly innovative or democratic group of people—in more ways than one we are just like most other people of the world. However, our particular history has affected us in a very strange often self-destructive ways. For Example, the Saudi Arabs if it were not for oil, they would be far worse off than most people in the world and definitely a lot worse off than Ethiopians.

Under the current tragic situation, it might not be the right time to bring up some dicey issues in regard to the number of Ethiopian female immigrants who travel to the Middle East for work. It is often pointed out by several writers that the main agents who exploited such young Ethiopian girls/women are mostly connected with the officials of the TPLF and that they are Tygreans. That may indeed be the case. However, such situation will not exonerate the many Ethiopian families who were willing to send their young sexually mature daughters to a den of Arab men who seem to have ultra supper libido, who see women as sexual objects first and foremost. How could any family member be blind to the fact that their daughter is traveling unprotected by anybody to a household run by a male Arab who has absolute control over such a young girl? Look at your own participation in sending your daughters to Arabs. Do not play innocent now, all you parents, brothers, family members et cetera knew fully well such abuse would happen on your defenseless unprotected daughters or sisters. I do not find it particularly appetizing to bring up issues that will cast some shadow, albeit tangentially, on a victim’s characteristics. But this is not about the victims but their parents and the community at large.

I have read recently a chat statement in response to my article by a certain Dawi that was quite interesting due to an interesting analogy he was drawing between Mexican immigrants flooding the United States and Ethiopian immigrants entering Saudi Arabia illegal. I think his trajectory was very perceptive, but somehow he curbed the full development of his thoughts. I wish he had followed his angle of discussion to its logical conclusion. Whichever way we look, whatever excuse we may try to use in looking at our Ethiopian situation in order to ameliorate serious errors of Meles Zenawi and his Government, the fact remains that the political and economic policies and programs of the last twenty years have failed. The claim that no one else would have done any better is a logical fallacy for the simple reason no one can truly argue an “if” and a negation at that. The real issue here is whether or not we could have implemented far more humane and social oriented policies and programs. The price for our incompetence has led to situations ending in the Saudi brutalizing our brothers and sisters.


Let me state the obvious. The world we live in is a very complex one. Simply writing and talking on its own will have minimal impact to change the lives of people in desperate situations. No matter what, no matter the cost, we must preserve the survival of Ethiopia. Consider the fact that if Arabs, the least civilized group of people, treat us with such contempt, where they fully know that we have a country and a home to go to, can you imagine the atrocities they would unleash if no have no country or home to go to.

Let us all remember the triumphant ultimate fact that it took the Jewish people over two thousand five hundred years to get back their homeland after having been persecuted, murdered, tortured, imprisoned, shunned all over the World. Let us all identify with the great Jewish people. Our suffering is going to be long term and incrementally will get worse. Appeasement will not Work, turning the other check will only encourage more brutality from the surrounding Arabs. Let us make sure that every single Ethiopian understand that our reptilian single minded enemy is Saudi Arabia. Thus, let us choose our role models from the right nations and great heroes from our long history, such as the great Emperors like Kaleb and Sertse Dingle and invincible military commanders, such as Azmatch Dharegot, Azmatch Barnabas, and Azmatch Ze Selassie. History matters, Now is the time when we need to dig deep and connect with the roots of our long standing civilization, this is the time to call on our heroes, and also a time to invigorate and revive our basic values.

Tecola W. Hagos
November 24, 2013

  1. Blame TPLF
    | #1

    Wow! Ethiopians read carefully and read between the lines. As they say, “Old habits die hard” I don’t think Tecola can help it and realize how bias he is when it comes to TPLF. Once again, Tecola’s article left me speechless. I read every word of Tecola’s article and it is full of one controversy after another. This article is a good example when one talks on both sides of his/her mouth. His undying love for TPLF is very evident and confessed that he is still in contact with them.
    No matter how it is sugarcoated, sliced and said, let’s not forget that the members of TPLF are the root cause of Ethiopia and Ethiopians’ problems. One case in point: without the blessings of TPLF, people like Alamoudi wouldn’t be controlling the Gold mine and other Ethiopia’s natural resources. God help me, I’m ready to get sick!

  2. melka
    | #2

    when and how ethopian muslim didn’t condame saudi?? Mostly we muslim affected by saudi, With out this we condem any wrong dowing in this world

  3. Asfaw
    | #3

    I have never encountered such a silly, ridiculous and childish statement from a learned person in my entire life on earth, fifty two years to be exact.
    See what Tecola said: What if the Saudis start executing immigrant Ethiopians in mass as a reaction to such confrontational approach of the Ethiopian Government?
    Tecola Hagos,the lawyer, more than anyone else should have known that no such mass execution is possible in this day and age.
    Thanks God we live in a far more better world than in the one that resides in Tecola’s imagination.

  4. Alem
    | #4

    Tecola was busy protecting Tigrayan rule in his previous article [as was Ghelawdewos in Tigraionline]. Now Tecola is doing some promotional stuff for Tedros as the coming messiah [questioning the whereabouts of Hailemariam]. Earlier both Ghelawdewos and Tecola were for Seye [who the public simply trashed beyond repair]. You could say Seye does not need endorsement from anyone save his comrades and you may well be telling a fact of life in present-day Ethiopia. Tedros has no qualification as a diplomat; his language facility simply poor. Everyone [including Tecola] knows Hailemariam is there only temporarily until Tigrayan leaders regroup. Tecola’s problem is that he thinks everyone else, except himself, is stupid. Guess what? He needs to buy himself a good mirror and look and look until he discovers his real self.

  5. selam
    | #5

    Dr. Tecola,

    Do you support Greater Tigray? If not what do you think is the role between Shabia and Saudi? Since you have more leverage in finding out what really caused the Saudis to go bizerk, do you think there is some kind of Saudi and Shabia realtion? Just curious. You also don’t say much about the hard liners of Weyane who is freezing Ethiopia from any advancement soically and with our society. What are they afraid of? Unless they want the Greater Tigray, aren’t they better off supporting their base by ruling the right way at least under the name Ethiopia? Some tplf heart is with Eritrea some Greater Tigray this is the reason Ethiopains are facing danger today. We have leader that is anti Ethiopian. I hope to hear from you. Thanks in advance.

  6. Garo
    | #6

    Mr Hagos.
    You need to get your facts straight. You can’t be serious. Muslims of that country who reside in the US came out and condemned these acts like any other member of the society. They did not need to come out as Muslims because it was not a Muslim or Christian issue except for some people like you sir. Did you know First Hijra went to the Saudi Embassy to forward their protest in writing and some other Muslim Organizations also voiced their sadness of what happened to Ethiopians in the kingdom in writing and delivered it to their Embassies? I know you are trying hard to make the political waters muddy here, but I don’t think people will fall for your outright lie.

  7. Dawi
    | #7

    Alem and others:

    [[..Tecola was busy protecting Tigrayan rule in his previous article [as was Ghelawdewos in Tigraionline]…]]

    Some folks seem to have an addiction of starting all over again every time they feel things aren’t working in the way they like it to. It reminds me of a friend who married 4 times. What about the children, finances etc? I am telling you that because I get exhausted just thinking about it.

    Having said that let me think – We have overthrown our governments by uprisings more than 2 times in less than 50 years? And some are ready to do same immediately.

    Such notion is what makes some of you denounce those who don’t prescribe to divorce every time they face life challenges. I see Prof. Tecola or Gheawdewos for that matter being such kind of folks. I don’t see them protecting any ethnic group except trying to bring an alternative way of dealing with our predicament. They are trying to see any other way besides overthrowing it immediately and start from scratch all over again. We are not short of “arm chair” revolutionaries who prescribe to over throwing anyway.

    If Tedros is praised he deserves it in my opinion. He is in the forefront doing what he can do. He looks to be aging quickly lately dealing with the distress. He was not part of the arms struggle so unlike Seye he is less hard headed with less baggage to begin with. The same with Hailemariam; I see them as a new blood. Why not give them a chance?

    English you said?? Henry Kissinger, who was the master of diplomacy, spoke broken English with heavy accent. How about that?

    Tedros probably speaks 4-5 languages and his English is more than adequate by any standard in my view. He has been very successful in other fronts and a well received man internationally.

    Hailemariam delegating the Saudi issue to others and doing other thing is OK with me.

    Coming back to the Prof. he talked about the F15 jets the Saudi’s own and why we can’t fight them with arms because we don’t match etc. It is very funny to think in those terms because it is our people who “invaded” their country in hundreds of thousands and the Saudis are sick and tired of that and want to get rid of some of us albeit in a “barbarian” way.

    The best we can do is to ask for humane treatment and compensation for the victims of Saudi crimes. I don’t think we need military weapons for that.

    In conclusion I like the following thought of the Prof.:

    [[..such situation will not exonerate the many Ethiopian families who were willing to send their young sexually mature daughters to a den of Arab men who seem to have ultra supper libido, who see women as sexual objects first and foremost…]]

  8. John
    | #8

    Life’s most important question: Will you go to Heaven when you die? Here’s a quick test. Have you ever lied (we all have…), stolen anything (the value is irrelevant), or used God’s name in vain? Jesus said, “whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart.” Have you looked with lust? Will you be guilty on Judgment Day? If you have done those things, God sees you as a lying, thieving, blasphemous, adulterer at heart. The Bible warns that if you are guilty you will end up in Hell.

    That’s not God’s will. He sent his Son to suffer and die on the cross for you. You broke God’s Law, but Jesus paid your fine. That means he can legally dismiss your case. He can commute your death sentence: “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” Then Jesus rose from the dead and defeated death.

    Pray something like this: “Dear God, I repent of all of my sins (name them). Please forgive me God. This day I put my trust in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.”

    For evidence of the Bible’s divine origin see and

  9. Worku tesfaye
    | #9

    Every body has his own way to understanding some issue.personal idea toward common country issue is expected constructive.but what idea valueble i raised,inversely considered as valueless wz ozer person.
    My core point is we should be wise and mature,make our mind thinking global razer village.
    Tekola has right to wrote about his feeling,perception.
    Some things incredible for me.some northen amharic speakers live abroad always criticizing any given idea of ruling partys supporters comments.

  10. babb
    | #10

    Tecola says, Blue Party should have consulted with TPLF/EPRDF ethnicist fascist junta before staging a demo. That is what Shimeles Kemal , the woyane cadre said. Tecola must have been talking with shimels kemal. If anything the woyane junta should be leading the protest.

    Tecola then said, the demonstrations in the diaspora against saudi attrocities on Ethiopians was the work of opposition groups and for this reason was not a success. It is easy for you to point fingers and accusing people. what i would like to ask is, why did you not do anything about it. Why did you not help to stage a demonstration if you think it could be done better.

    Tecola, then showered adhanom, for helping in repatriating Ethiopians. Tecola however forgot to mention that this happened after the outrage taking place in saudi became so embarrassing to the woyane officers that they have to pretend they are doing something. It is a crocodile tear to cover their shame, nothing more. those ethiopians transported back to ethiopia, from what we know have been left in the streets to beg. No help whatsoever to resettle the deportees.

  11. Abiy
    | #11

    Dr. Tecola is known for producing lengthy articles in the process he exposes wavering stance on diverse issues, gloss overs and out right cover-up. Example in point is the first three paragraphs are full of emotional tantrum that even reaches GOD for what happened in Saudi. All this is unnecessary. What is required of us individuals is to have conviction and resolution about our values. Or else we will be shifting sands without being anchored on a relevant principle. Transferring blame from TPLF officials and her supporters to GOD is a laughable statement to read from a legal expert.
    Dr. You are unsparingly attacking diaspora protesters for what you say being few in number, unorganized and even sectarian in politics. Now, you told us time and again you are very concerned about what happened in Saudi.
    I know you reside somewhere in North America in the environs of D.C. If indeed you are truly affected with what continued to happen in Saudi how about considering being a part of the organizers for such a noble purpose. Instead I see you criticizing the event and organizers by standing from afar. You speak the need to unite yet even at this moment you don’t stop bashing diaspora? In particular, how do you want me to deal with this attitude of yours?

    “Individuals from the Diaspora opposition groups and from other fringe organizations seem to jump ahead of everyone to call demonstrations, or meetings that end in a whimper.”

    Dr. you rightly criticized the Saudi officials for their barbaric nature and savagery against the humiliation of our people which is still going on. However, the TPLF regime is directly responsible for what has happened to the country and our citizens. No one argued poverty is a new phenomenon in Ethiopia. However, no doubt had we had a government directly responsible to the people the problem can be mitigated. The problem we have in Ethiopia is if incompetence. Yet you argue,

    “Even if there is complete change of the people who are running the Ethiopian Government currently, replacing them with the Diaspora politicians, Ethiopia will still be poor, technologically backward, with tremendous human needs with no provisions to satisfy all that demand…”

    It become apparent you had in the past and continued to view Ethiopian politcs Diaspora verses TPLF. Such being the crux of your politcs it becomes natural and almost impossible to extract yourself the attachment you have with TPLF.

  12. dodo
    | #12

    The evil and cruel TPLF has no better advocate than Ato Tecola. He is a mole of Tigrean ruling elite in the Diaspora masquerading as an intellectual- a verbose and shallow one even at that. His irrevocable stand on behalf of TPLF is getting more blatant by every article he writes.

  13. Wossen
    | #13

    Asfaw, Alem and the rest: Please, read what is written rather than project your own thoughts on the objective and knowledgeable article by Tecola W. Hagos. I realize even more so in the last few weeks how well informed, intellectually honest, and patriotic this man Tecola W. Hagos truly is. A number of people call him brilliant and bold; I think he is a genius, a rare breed of individuals that combine booth knowledge and power of delivery. It is amazing how we often overlook our Ethiopian reality that truly matters and Tecola has been pointing out to us such facts of our national deficiencies, such as ignorance, illiteracy, cowardice, lack of functional family system, and loose moral et cetera in his numerous writings. The people I read in their responses never address such real national problems.
    Tecola probably hates Meles Zenawie and the leadership of the TPLF even more so than any opposition leaders and members do. But he is astute enough to see the value in maintaining the reality of an Ethiopian Nation-State. I agree with his approach that revolution or some kind of upheaval is not helpful to us at this crucial moment. We need to come up with something more workable and least destructive by working our way through existing structures and changing it from within. That certainly is much more acceptable to the Ethiopian people at home or even the Diaspora, than accepting money from Ethiopia’s number one enemy, Issayas Afeworki , to undermine the Ethiopian Government, ultimately Ethiopia herself.
    I love what Tecola wrote on the sovereignty of Ethiopia on the Blue Nile, and the current article and the previous one that he wrote that are uncompromising and in your-face type articles dealing with Ethiopian immigrants facing brutality in Saudi Arabia, especially comparing such articles with all kinds of wishy-washy comments by different people in a number of Websites. How could any reasonable person lose sight of the wisdom this brave and lone warrior is sharing with us? I know Tecola to a great extent. Because of his work that caught my attention years back when he was a law student and a great artist [The Ethiopian]. I knew his family, especially his brothers (freedom fighters, now deceased), from Dessie and his relations from all over Ethiopia. There is no better Ethiopian I can think of to defend Ethiopia even be sacrificed for Ethiopia than Tecola. We love, admire, and respect you Gashe Tecola. Long live Ethiopia!

  14. Zerayakob Yared
    | #14

    የምስክርነት ቃል, ስለ “ከዛውልነት” ወደ “ጳውሎስነት” መለወጥ (ዓሊን ወደ ሚካኤልም ማለት ይቻላል=in this case የክርስትና አባት ገዛኢ ሃይለሚካኤል!)በርግጥም ተአምር በቁም እያለን ለማየት ስለ መብቃታችን:

    “Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
    Gragn Ahmed
    Assta B. Getu

    I doubt that changing my name will make you happy. I from now on will not use this name.

    11/26/13 @ 12:59 ”

    አስታ በ. ጌጡ
    ” Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Member]
    5 stars
    Assta B. Gettu
    Gragn Ahmed (visitor),

    You wrote and promised:

    “I doubt that changing my name will make you happy. I from now on will not use this name.”

    If you change your name and your heart, I shall be very happy, but remember you are promising me you will change your name; however, if you break your promise, it will be okay with you because your prophet Muhammad had said: “If I take an oath and later find something else better than that, then I do what is better and expiate my oath” (Bukhari: V7B67N427). Because of this kind of words from the prophet Muhammad, I don’t trust you that you will keep your words, your obligation, and your vow or your oath. Anyway, I will keep an eye on you!

    11/26/13 @ 19:39 ”

    ውለታህን ምድረ ፅዮን/ኢትዮጵያ ራስዋው ትክፈልህ, እንደ እኔ ምኞት ከሆነ በራእሲ አሉላ እና በአቡነ ጴጥሮስ መሃከል ታስቀምጥህ, አሜን …………………….!

  15. against Tecola
    | #15

    I just wondered how this man claims Ethiopian, when we all know the facts that Wayane officials are behind all these crimes and an Eritrean foreign Minister is handling the whole issue because it is all lie. I congradulate the Prime Minister for not involving in this anti religious atrocities of the Saudi King. Me as a Muslim and many others denounced the Kings. Plus, it pains me a lot when the Professor acts like a child when he claims that there will be no sympathy if Muslims accuse Ethiopian christians. That is second class comment. When will the professor get the courage to come out and say that he disapproves the Wayane Kings??

  16. Kedija
    | #16

    Ato Tekola why are you trying to target Ethiopian muslim here. This situation has nothing to do with religion, this is about illegal workers. I am muslim and I am as angry as you are at what is happing to our people. For your information the Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia are Ethiopian Muslims and Christian. Are you trying to use this opportunity to divide muslims and Christian? What is your point ?

  17. boutique officiel ol
    | #17

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  18. Kedija
    | #18

    No thanksgiving to God really! Really! So stupid !

  19. Anonymous
    | #19

    I beg to differ with your conclusion, our enemy is not only Saudi Arabia. Our enemy is those who made it conducive for them to abuse our citizens, our first enemy is the tugs in Ethiopia who made it possible. Before I blame a barbaric regime for torturing my brothers and sisters, I will blame the Woyane regime who made it possible then and only then to the Saudi.

  20. Berhane
    | #20

    Moral Pollution: Should not Techola Deserve Better?
    For quite some time, I seem to notice that professor Hagos is being identified as a mole or prankster for speaking his mind as usual and giving his retrospection guide on Ethiopia and may be his opinions are taken out of context as it appears that some of the diaspora elements who happen to mix the chaff over the real purpose usually mixing politics with the background of the person irrespective his ideas or positions he is perusing for. Luckless me, I have never got a chance to see Techola Hagos as a person, but I have always hero-worshiped and respected him as a person and I was highly influenced by his unique ways of simplifying overly-complicated things not only as purely as a uniquely hard working, Ethiopian, academician who always strives to excel his leverage for the advancement of Ethiopia, but also, Techola is well known for his high moral and great standard set for himself.
    He has left his comfort to be around the TPLf/EPRDF lead by the late prime minister because he was probably the first person to have seen and suspected or wisely noticed how deeply things were twisted to the point of no return. Techola, on his profound hindsight fairly and squarely oppose and may be exposed the TPLF/EPRDF ante against all puffery and illicit works even before every one including the so called oppositions have got the slightest clue what the government was up to. Techola has probably gone too far for the sake of Ethiopia, to promote, reserve, justify and probably sanctify the policy frameworks that a country needed on his hindsight and scrupulous advice for the government to bash it or at best to overlook it despite his incessant effort. Against all odds, His very Ethiopian desire to win the devil has enabled him to stand firm against backdrop of tyranny come rain or shine. Only recently some of the government supporters used to ridicule Techola for his outright position and level him as a sell out and now from the polar opposites the so called opposition members and their disgruntled Diasporas are trying to name and shame him that he is promoting the government. Where is the middle ground for people like professor Techola? I presume Professor Techola argument remain carrying the vital armours to solidify Ethiopia and Ethiopianess with much ease and reverence within which one who mirrors himself with truth will defy the moral pollution that some are terminally dying for.
    The problem with professor Techola Hagos seems obviously, nothing else, but his Tigrian background.

    Berhane E Tesfay

  21. Ayele
    | #21

    Tecola’s article was full of lies and bias as he usually does in his past articles and statements. He claims that the number of Ethiopians who participated at the Saudi embassy rally were three hundred or less.I was one the thousands who was there that day. the number of people on that demonstration were about six thousand if not more. The number of Ethiopians who came to expresss their anger on Saudi Authorities on Monday on a working day with short notice was significant. No matter how Tecola tried to minimize the significance of that rally, it was proven to be very successful. He’s encouraging words to Theowdros adahnom was the most biased and dishonest to say the least. Unlike Tecola, Ethiopian would hold the TPLF tribl mafia group responsible first before holding the Saudi Government accountable for all the crimes commited against our fellow citizens. It is hard to Beleive how a man with such a high acadamic profile be come a victim of tribl identity and use his intellect to blind fold and mislead the public at large. You should be ashamed of yourself for intentionally ignoring the facts and spreading lies.

  22. Ittu Aba Farda
    | #22

    I read comments here by some readers that the author of this article is a supporter of the current regime back home. What is the problem with that decision? We have to accept the fact that that is part of his inalienable rights. If he is a card-carrying member of the TPLF, that is also his right. I find myself on the other side of the isle when it comes to violation of the human and democratic rights of those individuals like Obbo Eskinder and others like him who are languishing in jail. I disagree with the regime back home on the concentration of executive powers in the hands of one specific ethnic group. In the meantime, I will see no problem with many of its on-going and planned project that I believe will transform the country economically. I have said kudos to the infrastructure projects. I had exclaimed ‘Full steam ahead’ with the industrialization of that country knowing for fact the political dividends of such an economic transformation. I have also proclaimed that there is no religious persecution and the national question has been amicably answered. All of my relatives are Muslims and none of them were denied access to the mosques for their daily prayers or have been required to carry membership cards to do so. I have urged the author to start doing a detailed research about the slave trade to the Arabian Peninsula. I too have been wondering why we have not heard from those groups who have been screaming bloody murder about ‘religious persecution’ back home but not about the barbaric treatment of our countrymen and women by the Saudis. I will stop just shy of determining why they are not speaking out when all of us are crying foul. That is the way I see it and that should be acknowledged also as my inviolable right. Name calling and unjustified allegations have proven to be very costly to our society and we should have taken a bitter lesson from our own past experience. To critique the subject matter of his article is just and one thing but to try to figure out what is in his thought process is another matter which is very wrong. It is called SWAG in scheduling and planning. Those who are CPIMs or CSCPs are familiar with that APICS jargon.

  23. sisa
    | #23

    Once again, there are no TPLF Ethiopians government representing on the issue of Saudi. They show their cowardice internationally but show their muscles on Ethiopians. They rely the Ethiopians if and when war looms, it is Ethiopians who are burning in fire not these so call fanatic ethnicist like Dr. Tecola. If he is really sincere, why doesn’t he show his face interantionally on behalf of Ethiopians? So you must spit out such people and let us continue to do what we must. What FM Adanom and Dr. Tecola are doing is by pretending to be in solidarity, they are trying to make us not act so don’t buy into their crocodile tears.

    The other issue is that, be very careful not to us our full resources, the reason and the goal from this regime is to dry out any resources within and outside, especially the diaspora so that we will have no support for eachother if we don’t have money or any other resources. I encourage Ethiopians to try their opportunity where ever they are to keep continueing to develop skills, professions, bring finance for empowerment of Ethiopains. The futre is blick especially if you don’t have finance it will be exactly like it is happening today.

  24. Berhane
    | #24

    It is okay to moderate, but Which list do you think I belong so then, please?
    Looking forward to learn from you!

  25. Hizkias
    | #25

    Dear Abugida,Is your not publishing comments promptly intentional or is it just ineptitude? Did it ever dawn on you that you will be missing the whole purpose of why you exist?

  26. Gezaee Hailemichael
    | #26

    Ethiopia was/is an apartheid country where people judged by their ethnic only. Instead of attacking Prof. Hagos for his ideas, attacking him by saying he is TPLF? It is his right to be TPLF. This is what I hate most. People you need to liberate yourself and attack your opponents idea instead of attacking the people. If Prof. Hagos is TPLF? it is his right to be. Because you hate TPLF u do not want anyone to be TPLF? How is that possible? This is too narrow to be politics. This is not defend TPLF. People have right to be member of any organisation. You can only win them by reasons and take them to your side. No one is going to be with intimidators. I am not TPLF or I have never been, but it is my full right to be if I choose to be TPLF. The only reasons that keeps me away from TPLF is only my believes and ideology. You all crap people. you are not helping yourself because you are working for TPLF.You are pushing people towards TPLF by force. You are accusing him for being TPLF as if he is under your yoke? who the hell are you to tell him whom to support? I agree TPLF really in Ethiopia for business, not for Ethiopians people. I agree on this based on what TPLF has been doing all along. TPLF only wants the land in Ethiopia, not the people. But you idiots must stop attacking people for no good reason but only because you hate TPLF you vent your anger on Tigreans. Idiots, it is your who is giving TPLF a lease of more life. You idiots must stop attacking people because their ethnics. Racist,… why do you think you have a right to be racist? You can build a country by abusing people. Except insult and I do not see any argument against his ideas. Idiots

  27. aha
    | #27

    “Belefelefu yitefu mallet yilual yihe new”. I can not help making a comment when I read this statement apart from the narratives where you criticized everybody else except to what you call the Ethiopian Government. Here it is: “I had suggested for those in opposition to the current of Ethiopia not to attack the Ethiopian Government, until we get all the “23,000″ (plus)undocumented Ethiopians (or with illegal status for over staying or other factors) and deemed illegal by the Saudi immigration authorities”. First of all this advice is offered as a free lance consultant, not done in a secret communique to the opposition party leaders, if it was considered as a strategy not to offend TPLF/eprdf Officials, even though the protest was conducted by all Ethiopians led by activists not represented by any party in response to the cries and the events on the ground of killings, beatings, raping and rounding up of illegal immigrants in a concentration camp(S), similar to the rounding up of Ethiopians following the 2005 election, following the killings of 200 peaceful demonstrators, not to mention not getting the help from their TPLF/eprdf regime not to help them process their immigration status stipulated by the Saudi Government or repatriation process, which is being paid of by the Saudi Government now. The Ethiopians all over the world are reverberating those circumstances on behalf of the victims in Saudi Arabia to expose the subhuman treatment of the immigrants by the Saudi Government and the Ethiopian Government for not standing by them to the world. Your first advice was not to focus on protest but to bring the immigrant workers back to Ethiopia from the proceeds of gold mines. Now you are advising the opposition leaders not to protest against the Government, a government which disbanded, beat and detained the BLUE party leaders for protesting against the Saudi Embassy. As you may know a protest in a democratic government is to show disagreement over issues, the TPLF/eprdf regime has been prosecuting dissent over issues and protests as a pretext for overthrow of the regime and terrorism in its anti-terrorism law. Does this advice even for opposition parties or the Ethiopians responding to the crises in Saudi Arabia, which had been inflicted by both the TPLF/eprdf regime and the Saudi Government, hold water, if you don not hold the their own Government unaccountable on grounds of human rights violations, an additional dimension to the already prevent humanitarian crises in Ethiopia, let alone identifying yourself as an outsider of these opposition parties.

  28. yohannse Eshete
    | #28

    Dr.Tacola Hagos is real Ethiopian and he always stand firm and he is a protector of Ethiopia for long time, but some elements did not agree with his point of view and they are unguided missile and only preaching denigrating out standing Ethiopian scholar. And I firmly support Dr.Tacola Hagos nothing to do TPLF OR Northern Ethiopia. Keep on your article to teach this bias elements.

  29. Observer
    | #29

    This author is an individual obsessed with narrow tribal viewpoint who thinks that he can fool others. He is so s… that he cannot even realized what is wrong with him. Once he was Meles’s adviser but Meles, understanding his s…, did not even find him useful and disposed him like a garbage. But he never learns and keep on promoting the same ethnic ideology for selfish goal. Just pathetic and a waste of the Ethiopian tax payers’ money to keep him in school (nor educate him).


  30. Anonymous
    | #30

    Please in the name of the mother God, ask your TPLF contacts to deport all the Saudi business and landowner heartless criminals out of Ethiopia — if it is good for the goose, it is good for the gander.

  31. Haile
    | #31

    Though I don’t agree with some of Tecola’s assertion. I think mostly he is stating some facts. He deserves credits for doing so. We should read his writings with an open mind. We don’t have to agree with him but at least understand him. Then, we may debunk his opinions with a similar calibre and more expression opinions. Trashing and calling him names do not produce healthy conversation but reflects inferiority. Focus on the message not the messenger. Debunk the message not the messenger. Most of all, we need to respect the messenger for giving us talking points whether good or bad. How do you know the good from the bad, unless you experience both? There is no good or bad opinion, because they are opinions. But there will always be facts that wont’ change. You cannot conclude whether the fact is good or bad because it is a fact. However, the opinion about expression the fact can be good or bad. Tecola has the right to express himself and others have the right to form an opinion about Tecola. But calling him names is unwarranted and not intellectual.

  32. TAYE
    | #32


  33. Alem
    | #33

    Dawi, I suggest you get your facts straight before responding next time. Otherwise, readers will not take you seriously. The first thing for you to do is to read Tecola’s last article in Abugida and Ghelawdewos’s in Tigraionline. And then I suggest you listen to Tedros Adhanom’s several impromptu speeches before comparing him to Kissinger [that in itself is laughable and says more about you than Tedros's language facility]. So you really think you can compare infectious diseases specialist to H. Kissinger [the real diplomat]! I am surprised that you dragged Hailemariam in simply to justify you are objective and not siding with the three subjects who happened to be Tigrayans [nothing wrong with that because I am no alien either]. And so you actually heard Kissinger speak “broken English?” And you read somewhere that “We have overthrown our governments by uprisings more than 2 times in less than 50 years?”

    To Abugida Editor, Please publish comments in a timely fashion so commenters could have robust discussions; I believe moderating such discussions is your reason for running Abugida. Thanks for what you are doing. @Dawi

  34. Bad news!
    | #34

    What a slap on the face! Here is another disturbing news, TPLF regime has rewarded the Saudis with more land and other businesses after the Saudis have deported close to a million Ethiopian powerless domestic workers, abused, tortured, beaten and killed Ethiopian young men and women? When are Ethiopians going to stop being manipulated by TPLF and wake up and do something about it before Ethiopia is completely dismantled and owned by Arabs?

  35. Dawi
    | #35


    I have read both articles thank you but, unlike you these articles didn’t compel me to reduce Tecola to just one of his ethnic heritages.

    Besides you, I have read others somewhere else complaining of Tedros’s English; It is sad you even went to the extent of discrediting his respectful leadership achievement in the Ethiopian public health arena.

    I don’t think anyone will take you seriously for that misbehavior.

    His discipline as “infectious diseases specialist” may have helped him in ending up being a good leader in managing the public health and won’t stop him from becoming a great Foreign Minister now either. The public health arena has introduced him to the international scene in far reaching way.

    Remember, Lorenzo Taezaz Minister for Foreign Affairs (1941–1943) who came from north? I am sure you don’t have a problem with that. So move away from their taxonomy and deal with their ideas. That shall benefit all of us.

    Talking about “H. Kissinger [the real diplomat]!”, The following is how he thought of you and us in general.

    “Depopulation should be the highest priority of foreign policy towards the third world, because the US economy will require large and increasing amounts of minerals from abroad, especially from less developed countries.” – Henry Kissinger National Security Memo 200, dated April 24, 1974

    Hailemariam has his own weight in EPRDF. He hails from a multi national state. There was a reason why he was picked up by the visionary man because EPRDF needed a man like HM to continue the ideal of the developmental state to its conclusion. Unless HM fumbles big time no one will stop him from staying on and becoming a great PM in my opinion.

  36. TD
    | #36

    Tecola has made it clear to us that he is trying to rally support for Tedros against Hailemariam.

  37. etie
    | #37

    TECOLA STOP YOUR ISLAMOPHOBIA.Both muslims and christian were deported from tha evil country.Iknow you hate muslim and islam but ethiopia is more than 60% muslims .

  38. Alem
    | #38

    Dawi, I am glad you wrote back; now every one can see the bubble you’ve created for yourself.@Dawi

  39. Dawi
    | #39

    Bad news said “..TPLF regime has rewarded the Saudis with more land and other businesses..”

    C’mon Bad news! You can’t be serious unless you’re insane.

    You incriminate the government for human trafficking and blame them for not bringing over 100,000 quick enough back home when folks were deported and now you have the audacity to accuse them of “rewarding Saudis” by allowing FDI to create jobs?

    I say the government should even do more by going ahead and asking a large compensation in more investments/grants forms from Saudis for the “abused, tortured, beaten and killed Ethiopian young men and women” so that it create more jobs back home.

  40. Bad news!
    | #40

    “The love of money is a root of all kinds of Evil”
    You keep on making ridiculous arguments. Only you and the likes of you see nothing wrong of doing business with the same people that have chased out, dragged, robed, raped, beaten up, and killed innocent Ethiopians. It is obvious that, as a hired TPLF agent,you are here and everywhere to speak for TPLF regime and the criminals they do business with, no matter how ethically wrong they are and how gruesome their crimes might be. You try to come up with some excuse after another for TPLF and their business partners’ inhumanity, inexcusable and senseless crimes. You look the other way no matter how much money woyanes have looted, how many people they have locked up, tortured, beaten, killed, etc. Give up! Ethiopians have seen enough and have said BEKA! You won’t be able to manipulate Ethiopians as you have done it 22 years ago. You have lost your credibility!

  41. Dawi
    | #41

    Alem said:

    [[..every one can see the bubble you’ve created for yourself.]]

    The words of wisdom is “A child does not despise the bubble because it burst; he immediately sets to work to blow another one.”

    Come on! Don’t wimp out on me now

    What I wrote is not set in stone. I stand by what I wrote but don’t be shy to hit me hard and prove me wrong.

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