Mandela: The Good That Concurred Evil Belayneh Abate

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Writing about a remarkable man who scarified his life for the well being of others is challenging since no words could describe him fully. At any rate, I feel a sense of responsibility to express gratitude to the everlasting- honorable teacher, Nelson Mandela.

Our teacher Mandela has accomplished something no existing scientist, religious leader or other “noble” man has accomplished. He repeatedly concurred evil. He defeated evil because he is good. The good is something which is universally considered good. You will encounter even a pathological liar informing you that truth is good; a mass murderer telling you that justice is good; a prejudiced advising you that fairness is good; and a merciless teaching you that mercy is good. These facts herald that the good includes truth, justice, fairness, freedom and mercy. All these fundamental concepts are the traits of Mandela. Because Mandela is good, even the evil doers are attesting that he is good. Those who imprisoned and tortured him; those who called him terrorist; those who voted to keep him in prison; those who sought his demise and those who attempted to kill him finally admit that he is good.

Unfortunately, however, those technologically advanced countries who voted against Mandela’s long march to freedom are still supporting wicked- African dictators who are imprisoning and torturing Mandela’s followers. If the West and East really confess that Mandela was GOOD, they should immediately stop supporting the evil acts being committed on Mandela’s followers in African and many other countries. The super powers should firmly exert their supreme power on heinous dictators to set free Mandela’s flowers in Ethiopia, Uganda, Sudan, Rwanda and many other countries if they really cherish the legacies of Mandela. The war on terror should not be an excuse to keep freedom seekers in infested prisons and torture chambers. Otherwise, the diplomatic condolence- statements, signatures, and funeral attendances should be considered as crocodile tears. I believe Mandela did not walk the long freedom march to recruit world dignitaries for his funeral.

Teacher Mandela- the good! You have successfully defeated evil. News papers on their front pages may read “Mandela dies.” But as time goes on, you will look younger and younger, not older.

May God bless you! If not you, who else may he bless?

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