Abugida Ethiopia American Television Network – Week of September 10, 2007

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  1. erimas_16
    | #1

    Happy Ethiopian Millennium for all Ethiopian in this planet, I wish you Love, Peace and Hope with in respect each other.
    I wish you the best all Abugida members for you hard work to bring the meaning of IT( information technology) to share free express in this massmidea.
    Happy Millennium for Abugida members!!!

  2. nanu
    | #2


  3. taye fekadu
    | #3

    happy new year every body

  4. abdulkadir Mohamod
    | #4

    happy millennioum abugidas and all ethiopians where ever we are!
    yours Abdulke

  5. Dreamer
    | #5


    this is not the flag we are fighting for.
    Please, there are also muslims in Ethiopia and the flag with the lion carring the cristian symbol is very backward and belongs to feudal gevernment.

    So, don’t be an abstacle for the progress to remove melese.

    Remove it soon.

  6. Assefa
    | #6

    Happy Ethiopian New year all Ethiopans!!!

  7. hababuba
    | #7

    happy millinium for all of us,lets be one ethiopia under ethiopianism.

  8. Ethiopian
    | #8

    Join the Festive mood…your clever attention diversion woyanne ways will not pay off these days…if you want to talk about Ethiopia’s flag…that blue pinacle TPLF put on our “kestedamena” currently is a symbole of seitanism…do you want to know more? go to google and search for seitanic symbole and click on images – you will see it.

    No one said we are fighting to put the lion with the cross on our flag, but it’s part of our deep history … so relax and enjoy the audamet.

  9. Tesfaye
    | #9

    Happy new year and millenium to all my Ethipian brothers sisters.Tesfaye from nl.

  10. | #10

    I wish for all abesha Appy new year and millenium!!!

  11. Andargachew
    | #11

    I wish happy new year and a productive millenium to all Ethiopians around the world.

  12. abraham k
    | #12

    cud cant celebration a millenium and shabia to

  13. Abera
    | #13

    Abraham…mehayim shifta…degue meserete timihirt alastemarehim ende?

  14. betty
    | #14

    betty says

    esty mesdadeb entewna lets love and support each other

  15. | #15

    berticqan medekes be cool you fast very so you are young respect medela Eng.hailu shawel
    unless your failur will be bad like ledetu
    Dr.nega/ohio university

  16. Pure Ethiopian
    | #16

    It is a shame that these people were handing out the Lion with cross flag to the people.

    Ethiopia should not have any symbol in the middle.

    Ethiopia is 55% muslim, dont you have any shame when you passed the flag with the cross out to the muslims???

    Happy Millenium to all Ethiopians
    green yellow red only

  17. hiwot
    | #17

    hi pure ethi, what i know from central statistics muslims are only 32.8% so please do not confuse us by your false propaganda.

  18. gege
    | #18

    pure ethio it is not even near. for sure u do not have info. from centeral statistics but i do have & it is only 32.8%.
    i think u are one of those people spreading false romers.

  19. Pure Ethiopian
    | #19

    You must be stupid

    Check CIA or any Ethiopian website it is 55% muslim in Ethiopia.

    Oromos,Aderes,Somalis,Sidamas they make up 50% Ethiopian population without even counting the other ethnic group.

    Stop being fools

  20. Wello Dese
    | #20

    gege and hiwot you must be wayaane

    Everyone know Ethiopia is majority muslim country

    only wayane tell america it is christian just for money

  21. | #21


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