Demonizing Ethiopian History ALEMAYEHU G MARIAM

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The regime in power in Ethiopia today is orchestrating a full-court press demonization and vilification campaign against Atse Menelik II, the Nineteenth Century Ethiopian emperor whose centennial is being celebrated this year (Ethiopian calendar). The campaign is conducted largely through regime lackey-proxies, stooges and puppets. Through its minions, the regime has used the most loathsome words, inflammatory rhetoric and repugnant imagery to describe Menelik’s alleged brutality in his quest for territorial conquest. The regime’s servile drones have been all over social media parroting historical lies, distortions, fabrications, disinformation and falsehoods. The agitators have tried to whip up a propaganda frenzy in an attempt to caricature, demean and demonize the great Ethiopian leader. One hundred years after his death, they have tried to resurrect him as the devil incarnate. Barely two years after Meles Zenawi’s death they want to resurrect him as the savior of Ethiopia.

One need not be surprised by the volume or vehemence of the propaganda attack on Atse Menelik or the regime’s methodical and organized campaign to incite hatred and ill-will by trotting out Menelik’s Ghost. The fact of the matter is that the real issue is not about the demonization (making a devil) of Menelik but about the canonization (making a saint) of the regime’s late capo di tutti capi(boss of all bosses) Meles Zenawi.

Demons Demonizing Atse Menelik II

The vehement demonization propaganda campaign being waged against Atse Menelik II is a futile attempt to re-write, miswrite, overwrite and un-write Ethiopian history with the hagiography (tale of sainthood) of Meles Zenawi. They want to unwrite Menelik’s history and write up Meles’ history as the greatest African leader of modern times. They want to mythologize Meles, the “new breed of African leader”; Meles the bringer of developmental state democracy; Meles, the African leader on Global Warming and Climate change; Meles, the African leader who rubs elbows with leaders of the G-8, the G-20; Meles, the chairperson of the Beijing Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation; Meles, the destroyer of Somali jihadists and terrorists… By demonizing Menelik, they want to canonize (make a saint) Meles. Why demonize Menelik? Because he created a modern African nation from petty feuding fiefdoms, kingdoms, princedoms and chiefdoms. He is demonized because he stood up and whipped on the battlefield one of the great European imperialist powers and permanently secured Ethiopian independence and sovereignty. He is demonized because he was a true African leader. By defaming Menelik and degrading his legacy, they seek to give fame to Meles and sanctify his legacy.

The regime wants to completely overwrite the history of Atse Menelik. Menelik was the first African leader to build a railroad. They want to overwrite that history by claiming Meles was the first to bring a magnificent long distance and light rail system to Ethiopia. Menelik was the first African leader to introduce the telephone and telegraph on the continent. When the first telephone was installed in Menelik’s palace in 1889 thirteen years after Alexander Graham Bell patented his “apparatus for vocal sounds”, anxious clergymen asked him to remove it as the work of Satan, which he declined. Within a decade, Menelik had inaugurated a telephone line connecting the capital with the eastern city of Harar. They want overwrite that history by claiming that Meles brought the most modern communication system to Ethiopia. The truth of the matter is that the first African country to have telephone and telegraph service today has the worst mobile telephone and internet service in Africa. Last week, The Wall Street Journal reported that while farmers in Ethiopia have cell (mobile) phones, “The trouble is, they have to walk several miles to get a good signal.” Ethiopia has the second worst internet service in Africa.

They want to miswrite history by depicting Menelik as brutal king who lopped off women’s breasts. When it comes to brutality, is there anyone more brutal and cold-blooded than Meles Zenawi? Meles personally ordered the massacre of hundreds of unarmed protesters in 2005. Meles’s own hand-picked and appointed Inquiry Commission reported that police and security officials under Meles’ direct personal command and control intentionally and deliberately massacred 193 unarmed protesters and severely wounded 763 others. Meles personally ordered the massacre of over 400 hundred civilians in Gambella, in western Ethiopia in 2004. Meles personally authorized the bombing and strafing of villages in the Ogaden. Under Meles’ personal command, his troops in the Ogaden committed gang rapes, burned villages, conducted “demonstration killings” including public hangings and beheadings intended to terrorize the population. Steve Crawshaw, the United Nations advocacy director for Human Rights Watch described the crimes against humanity committed in the Ogaden as “a mini-Darfur.”

They want to rewrite history by depicting Menelik as an enemy of the Oromo people. There is more than sufficient evidence to prosecute Meles, if he were alive, and members of his gang for the untold and unspeakable crimes against humanity they committed against the Oromo people. The international human rights organization Freedom House in 2012 reported that Meles and his regime engaged in widespread discrimination and repression against Oromo people. Meles has banned the Oromo Liberation Front and jailed untold numbers of suspected members and leaders without due process of law. According to former Ethiopian President Negasso Gidada, when he left office in 2001 “roughly 25,000 people were in prison on OLF-related charges throughout Oromia and in Addis Ababa.” Meles’ former comrade and defense minister Seeye Abraha ironically observed: “Kaliti Prison speaks Oromiffa, and 99% of one of the camps housing hundreds of inmates at Kality Prison are Oromo. Many of the detainees don’t know their charges but have counted years as OLF suspects.”

Meles invaded Somalia in 2006 on the bogus pretext that jihadist were taking over that country and that he had been “invited” by the Somalis to intervene. In a televised address Meles said, “Ethiopian defense forces were forced to enter into war to protect the sovereignty of the nation and to blunt repeated attacks by Islamic courts terrorists and anti-Ethiopian elements they are supporting.” On December 27, 2006, Meles’ troops and tanks stormed into Mogadishu. By August 2007, Meles’ troops were bogged down in Somalia and the human cost was proving to be horrendous: Tens of thousands of Somali civilians had died and over 870,000 were forced to flee their homes in Mogadishu, a bustling city of 1.2 million people in 2006. After Meles’ invasion, international human rights organizations described Somalia “as one of the worst humanitarian situations in Africa.”

Menelik fought defensive wars against Europe’s imperialist aggressors and won. It is undeniable that Menelik was the first African leader in history to decisively defeat a mighty European power in battle and send them packing back to Europe with their tails between their legs. Menelik whipped the Italians at Amba Alagi and Mekele and delivered the final blow at the battle of Adwa in 1896. No European could have imagined that an army of “black African savages” could defeat a mighty European imperial power. Menelik was a brilliant military tactician and despite his extreme disadvantages in modern weaponry, tactics and resources, he prevailed triumphantly crushing once and for all the ideology of white superiority and supremacy. Through trickery and deception, various European imperial powers sought to carve out pieces of Ethiopia as colonial territories. In 1889, Menelik concluded the Treaty of Uccialli with Italy with respect to certain territories in the north of the country. When he found out that the Italian language version of the treaty, in stark contrast to the Amharic version, had rendered Ethiopia an Italian protectorate, he denounced the agreement.

They want to rewrite this history by showcasing Meles as the regional and international leader who made Ethiopia a regional power. They want to portray him as the man who defended Ethiopian territorial integrity and sovereignty. The facts show otherwise. Meles fought the Eritreans in 1998-99 over a border dispute in Badme, secured a military victory at the cost of 80,000 Ethiopian lives and promptly agreed to turn over Badme to the Eritreans in international arbitration. Never in the history of warfare has a victorious army turned over its victory to the vanquished so willingly. After defeating the socialist military junta in 1991, during transitional negotiations moderated by the U.S., Meles refused to accept the port of Assab on the Eritrean coast as Ethiopia’s outlet to the sea. Meles is singularly responsible for making Ethiopia a landlocked country. Through secret treaties Meles has given away Ethiopian territory to the Sudanese without so much as perfunctorily consulting his rubber stamp parliament. Meles has pawned off millions of hectares of the most fertile land in the country to underhanded fly-by-night operators.

Menelik united Ethiopia and inaugurated the modern Ethiopian state. Meles brought the illusion of modernization. He built hospitals without doctors or medicine. He once said we don’t need doctors. He built universities without competent professors, books, libraries or modern technology. He built buildings without sewers. Menelik opened Ethiopia to Western civilization. Meles took Ethiopia back to Oriental despotism with his ludicrous theory of the “developmental state”. After taking power in 1991, Meles fragmented the modern Ethiopian state and promptly proceeded to balkanize the country into so-called kilils, or apartheid-style bantustans or kililistans. Despite Meles’ completely bogus claims of double-digit economic growth and 3xhortations of “fastest for a non-oil exporting country in Sub-Saharan Africa”, Ethiopia became the second poorest country in the world as I documented in my commentary, “Why is Ethiopia Poor?”

Menelik was a “renaissance” Ethiopian leader. He took important steps to strengthen and modernize his country. He eagerly embraced modern technology and brought new communication systems to the country. Menelik introduced the telephone and telegraph and a modern postal system. He introduced electricity to Addis Ababa. He imported the first motor car and even tried to introduce a modern Ethiopian currency replacing the Maria Theresa thaler, the silver bullion coin that had been used in world trade at the time. Menelik always placed Ethiopian sovereignty above all else. In 1894 Menelik gave the French a concession to lay rail lines from Djibouti to Addis Ababa. The same year, the European imperial powers held the Berlin Conference and carved up Africa for European colonialism. When the French tried to pull a fast one to divest Ethiopian sovereignty over the rail line, Menelik shut them down cold and relented only after reasserting Ethiopian sovereignty in 1906. They want to rewrite that history by writing a bogus narrative of Meles, the Renaissance Leader, the Builder of Hydroelectric Dams Unseen in African History, the Builder of Bridges, Roads and Railroads…

Menelik may have presided over a feudal kingdom. He is an African leader who did what he could under extreme domestic and international conditions. He left a legacy of an Ethiopia, one nation under God, under Allah. Meles’ enduring legacy is that he created the first true thugtatorship in Africa. As I explained in my Huffington Post commentary, “If democracy is government of the people, by the people and for the people, a thugocracy is a government of thieves, for thieves, by thieves. Simply stated, a thugtatorship is rule by a gang of thieves and robbers (thugs) in designer suits. In a thugtatorship, the purpose of seizing and clinging to political power is solely to accumulate personal wealth for the ruling class by stealing public funds and depriving the broader population scarce resources necessary for basic survival.”

The fact of Meles’ thugtatorship is amply documented not only in the records but also in the eyewitness testimony of his former comrades-in-arms. From the inception in the bush, Meles and his comrades set up a kleptocratic system of administration. They diverted tens of millions of dollars earmarked for famine relief in Tigrai region in the early 1980s to buy weapons and enrich themselves. Recent reports have shown that over one-half of the Ethiopian economy is controlled by Meles’ officials, supporters, cronies, friends, comrades and others. Corruption and theft of state resources is so endemic in Ethiopia that the World Bank singled out Ethiopia as a case study of corruption in its nearly 500-page report entitled, “Diagnosing Corruption in Ethiopia”. Thugtatorship shall be the lasting legacy of Meles.

They just love to hate Menelik

Hate is a symptom of a terminal sickness of the soul. Hate is irrational. The scientific literature on hate shows that haters hate because they are afraid, insecure, jealous; or because they hate themselves or want to become the very object of their hate. Above all haters hate themselves because they feel inadequate, powerless, hopeless and helpless.

Mandela said, “No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate.” When I think of those in power in Ethiopia today, I wonder and ponder if Mandela is right in his philosophical assessment. He added, “If they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.” I really want to believe that Mandela’s principle would apply to those in power despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

As a matter of principle and practice, we must strive to live by Gandhi’s rule: “Hate the sin and not the sinner.” When we hate the haters, we become their mirror images. We are who we hate. If we hate Meles or his gang as a human beings, we become them. If we must hate, it must be their acts and not them as human beings.

Hate is a powerful force. The hate spread by the Nazis destroyed entire nations. Hate in Rwanda destroyed the lives of millions of Rwandans. In Darfur, hate destroyed the lives of millions of Sudanese. Thousands continue to die in Nigeria and the Central African Republic because of religious hatred today. We must never, never give into hate.

I believe there are two types of people in the world. There are those who follow the golden rule “love thy neighbor as thyself.” There are others who live by what I call the “copper rule”, “hate thy neighbor as thyself.” Haters think they can overcome their own helplessness, insecurity, guilt and inability to change their circumstances by hating. They hope to raise their feelings of inferiority and low self-worth by hating others. Those who hate Menelik do not really hate Menelik; they hate themselves and wish they could be Menelik and whatever he symbolizes.

I pity those in power in Ethiopia today. I really do. I feel sorry for them. They think they can sanctify their late leader and their two-decade history by demonizing great Ethiopian leaders and tearing down Ethiopian history. They think by tearing down Menelik and Haile Selassie they can build up Meles. They think that by removing Menelik’s statutes from public places and plastering cheap posters of Meles at every street corner they can elevate Meles to a status of a deity. Meles fought tooth and nail to make sure H.I.M. Haile Selassie’s statute would not sit next to Nkrumah’s on the grounds of the African Union in Ethiopia. Yet Nkruma himself said there would have been no Organization of African Unity but for the relentless efforts of H.I.M. Haile Selassie.

Despite prolonged reflection on the nature of the hate practiced by those in power in Ethiopia today, I find no rational explanation. Most people fear and are apprehensive of the future because it is unknown and unpredictable. I cannot fathom people who fear the past, the distant past, the Nineteenth Century Ethiopia. In my professional experience, I have learned that the only people who fear and dread the past are only criminals fearful that the crimes they have committed in the past will eventually catch up with them. I have also come to the conclusion that those in power hate to cover up and conceal their abuses and misuses of power and use hate to divide and rule. They use hate to create fear and loathing among Ethiopians of different ethnic groups so that they will not be the object of scrutiny and accountability. Hate mongering is used to distract people from their economic problems.

Love thy hater as thyself

The golden rule says, “love thy neighbor as thy self.” I say, “love thy hater as thyself.” It is better to love than to hate. Hate is like a boomerang. It goes out and comes around to the hater. To paraphrase Mandela, hate is a poison of the soul. When haters hate, they are drinking poison and expecting those they hate to die. There is also a strange dialectics to hate that those in power should heed. Hate often transforms the hated into an object of love and admiration. Those in power in Ethiopia today should learn from the experiences of their apartheid soul mates in the old South Africa. The apartheid masters sought to diminish Mandela’s humanity, leadership and reputation for decades. They put out all sorts of propaganda about him as a terrorist and communist and never released a single photo of him during his years of captivity. However, the law of unintended consequences prevailed. As time passed and the anti-apartheid movement grew, Mandela’s invisibility only added to his mythic status and helped transform him into an international icon. The lesson is that the more they try to demonize Menelik and Haile Selassie, the more Menelik and Haile Selassie will be popular in the imagination of the younger generation. The more the older generation will reassess its views about these leaders as they become the objects of unending and relentless campaigns of vilification.

We must go beyond hate to love. Dr. Martin Luther King and Mandela have taught us about the unconquerable power of love (agape) of humanity and community; the power of healing a society afflicted by the cancer of racial, ethnic and religious hate. Mandela had every reason to hate and exact revenge. For 27 years Mandela’s name was Prisoner no. 46664. When he emerged from the prison gates that February morning in 1990, he beamed with that million dollar smile of his. He did not have a single hateful thing to say about the masters of apartheid who jailed him for 27 years and separated him from his family. He taught us a great lesson: “As I walked out the door toward the gate that would lead to my freedom, I knew if I didn’t leave my bitterness and hatred behind, I’d still be in prison.” Mandela was never a prisoner of hate. The prison was apartheid hate itself and the inmates were the wardens and masters of apartheid. Mandela left prison to liberate the real inmates of apartheid chained behind their walls of hate, fear and revenge.

If those in power in Ethiopia today continue with their hate, they will find themselves in much the same situation as those who were in power in apartheid South Africa. The free whites during apartheid stayed up all night thinking about what the black Africans they had repressed for so long could do to them when inevitable majority rule comes. The hatred they had for black Africans not only denied them sleepless nights but also destroyed their heart, minds and souls, their humanity. They became zombies; the walking dead unable to enjoy the comforts of their wealth; their exclusive neighborhoods became virtual prisons gated and surrounded by electric fencing and prison-style razor wires. They live in virtual armed camps.

There is a better way. Rather than responding with more hateful vitriol, we should be more determined to find out the truth. We should bring out the truth about Atse Menelik II, Atse Haile Selassie, Colonel/President Mengistu Hailemariam and Prime Minster Meles Zenawi. Let us learn from their mistakes not to hate them but to make sure we the living do not repeat them. Let us learn from their errors not to engage in recrimination but to find ways of reconciliation and to correct their mistakes. We should band together with Ethiopia’s young people to build the New Beloved Ethiopia where no man or woman has to identify him/herself by his/her ethnicity but humanity, Africanity and Ethiopianity. Let us build a New Beloved Ethiopia where no man or woman feels so secure in his/her powers that s/he can order the massacre of unarmed citizens and innocent civilians and get away with it. We must work together to create a society that respects the dignity and rights of every individual regardless of his ethnicity, faith or language. That is how we must build a future, not by tearing down a past that has long faded into the fog of time.

Let us not get offended or angry by the rhetoric of hate. It serves no useful purpose. Let us expose the demonization campaign, debunk the myths, and defend against the demonization and molestation of Ethiopian history. Let’s us not throw ourselves in the mud and muck with the haters. We should never forget George Bernard Shaw’s admonition, “I learned long ago, never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it.” Exchanging hateful words with professional, and possibly born haters, haters is like wrestling with pigs in the mud.

Changing hate to love

Let the haters hate and lie. There is not much we can do about that. What is within our power is the ability to change ourselves from hating to loving; we have the capacity to transform negative energy into positive energy. We should change from hating to loving not because it is easy but because it is exceedingly difficult. Love, whether of self, others, community or nation requires a lot of work.

Let us learn from Gandhi and his way of Satyagraha or “truth force”. Gandhi explained “Truth (satya) implies love, and firmness (agraha) engenders and therefore serves as a synonym for force.” The aim is to convert the hater not to coerce him or her. In practical terms, the aim is to convince the hater that the hate in his/her heart, mind and soul will destroy him/her; that his/her only salvation is love of self, community and nation. Let us use Satyagraha to make lovers out of haters.

We should learn from Dr. King: “Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” He taught that “we must develop and maintain the capacity to forgive. He who is devoid of the power to forgive is devoid of the power to love. There is some good in the worst of us and some evil in the best of us. When we discover this, we are less prone to hate our enemies.” Forgiveness and reconciliation are the antidotes, the cure, for hate.

We should even learn from the greatest comic of modern times, Charlie Chaplin: “The hate of men will pass, and dictators die, and the power they took from the people will return to the people. And so long as men die, liberty will never perish.” Liberty will outlive all haters. Let us close ranks regardless of ethnicity and reaffirm our basic humanity in our Ethiopianity and Africanity. Let’s leave no room for haters; we should crowd them out.

Message to those in power in Ethiopia today

My message to the hate mongers in power in Ethiopia is simple. The hate you propagate today will boomerang back to you. Today you smile and snicker at the statute dedicated to show Menelik as a breast lopping brute. Those who are told to hate Menelik today will be told to hate Meles tomorrow. The day is not long when your great visionary leader Meles will be commemorated in stone and marble as the Second Coming of Rodolfo Graziani in the Ogaden, Gambella, Addis Ababa and elsewhere. Those you hold as friends today will be your mortal enemies tomorrow. Those you demonize as your enemies today will be your friends tomorrow when the chips are down and you are on the receiving end. That is the dialectics of history. Learn from history.

Atse Menelik II was neither saint nor demon; he was neither divine nor a demigod. He was an African king who tried to unite and modernize Ethiopia when the rest of Africa was on chopping block of European imperialism being sliced, diced, spliced, priced and sacrificed. Let Menelik II be judged by only one measure: The Truth. Historians should tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about Menelik. In his centenary commemoration, I submit the testimony of the Belgian explorer, Baron de Jarlsburg, given to the New York Times in 1909 as part, only part, of the historical evidence to be used in pronouncing judgment on Atse Menelik II:

Menelik has since accession to the throne, twenty years ago, transformed Abyssinia from a semi-barbarous power to a State modeled on the lines of a European constitutional monarchy… The sovereign, who styles himself somewhat pompously, Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Juda, Elect of the Saviour, King of Kings of Ethiopia, shattered Italy’s colonial ambitions by his victories at Amba-Garima… When Menelik was crowned Emperor of Ethiopia on Nov. 4, 1889, after King Johanne’s death, he was far from being the accepted ruler of all the States which constitute the Abyssinian empire. It was only after much hard fighting that Menelik finally succeeded in subjugating those rebellious chieftains who did not recognize him… Since then, Menelik’s one aim has been to introduce European civilization into his country. The Emperor, after abolishing the feudal laws still extant in the empire, and emancipating the slaves, established compulsory free education throughout his dominions. As a result in another generation education will be as widespread in Abyssinia as in several European countries.

Menelik is himself an altogether unique figure among African potentates. As a diplomat, as a financier, and as a soldier, he can hold his own with the most up-to-date of his brother sovereigns. As a soldier and a diplomat, he showed his worth at the time of Italy’s defeat by the Abyssinians. In late years, however, it is particularly as a financier that Menelik has distinguished himself. He had a natural bent for finance, even as a young man, before his accession to the throne, and at that time went for stock speculation on the Paris Bourse to a considerable extent. These youthful speculations proved successful, and were only interrupted by the events which followed Menelik’s accession… The Abyssinian ruler has extended the range of his financial operations to the United States, and is heavy investor in American railroads. With his American securities and his French and Belgian mining investments, Menelik has a private fortune estimated at no less than twenty-five million dollars.

The most striking fact about Abyssinia’s dusky ruler is his versatility. An accomplished linguist, he speaks French, English, and Italian fluently. Notwithstanding all the time he is compelled to devote to state affairs, he still finds the opportunity to keep up in current European literature, and is rarely at a loss when a new author is mentioned. At Adissaba Palace – to give him the title by which he is known to his subjects — he takes particular pride in his library of ten thousand volumes, collected by himself. Menelik’s chief hobby in the way of books are works dealing with the ancient civilizations of Africa and Asia.

Offering Menelik haters a square deal

I offer Menelik haters a square deal: If they stop lying about Menelik, I will stop telling the truth about Meles!

  1. Arbegnaw!
    | #1

    Al mariam!

    You never told the truth about Meles-only the lies. FYI We don’t deal with losers!

  2. Samson
    | #2

    The good Al reminds me of my elderly neighbor in her late 80s. I must admit I love her as my neighbor – which makes me not a hater according to the Al’s prescription, despite our generational age difference. This poor lady stays inside her house most of the time for a lack of companionship with the exception of the time when her help will show up now and then to do some errands with her. So, any time she sees a human being walking around in her proximity, she unleashes a barrage of statements without being concerned weather the other person on the other end is paying attention or not. Her goal is to spit out as much of her hidden thoughts as possible in front of real person. I have even seen her talking to little kids, as young as three , for hours without soliciting any reaction or even expecting one. The moral of the story is, in my opinion the good Al is experiencing similar kind of isolation and loneliness, perhaps psychological, just to pour his thoughts without considering his audience’s reaction or willingness to go on with the conversation. Anybody who is in the position to read his article would not need a history lesson about Meles one way the other. Though his contribution to society, brevity, leadership style, commitment, love of country in general and his legacy in particular is still evolving, majority of people can see and sense where he stands in the hierarchy of Ethiopian leaders. Al can try to put him at bottom of that ladder as he wants, but he cannot possibly do that for the rest who thinks otherwise. So, this futile attempt to compare a former King who passed away hundred years ago to a leader who in a fresh memory to many is just talking to yourself. The only argument I found convincing from Al in this article was his admission to the inhuman treatment towards the Oromos – he just shrugged that off by saying Meles did that too – how convenient. In conclusion, Al by wanting to defend his almighty Menlik, he forgot to apply even his own “Copper Rule” to others. He just gave his adversaries the what I called the “Wooden Rule” if you know what I mean?! Go keep on talking, friend. I thought after witnessing a rising young politician in Yilikal – Semayawi Party – talking about current affairs without fearing for his own life when he returns back home, would give him a second thought about the space and political freedom afforded to those who disagree with the government – which you like it or not is the creation of, yes, Meles.

  3. Ewenetu Tessema
    | #3

    Dear Editor,

    I would like to thank Prof. Almariam for his wonderful article. I have read almost all of your articles, but this one is by far the best for me. I will keep this one printed and posted on my wall. So that every time I get upset with what MZ did to my country, I will read it again and again. Reading will give me at least and relief knowing that all of his crimes are at least depicted in very a good language in one article. I just want to thank you for your relentless work and your devotion to the cause of Ethiopia. Trust me, Your work will inspire a lot of young Ethiopians to do public good in the future. Please keep doing that.

    As for Melese Zenawi, history will remember him as mother of all traitors who has time and time again betrayed Ethiopia. He fought for Eritrea to make his own country landlocked, instituted corruption and created Bantustan in Ethiopia. He committed genocide several times. He has done everything in his power to deny Ethiopians their human and basic rights. Torture, summary execution, imprisonment, and mass deportation were a daily occurrence throughout his rein in power. In the name of economic growth, he brought misery to majority of Ethiopians, while making sure his-tribe-mates are the only one who are economically empowered people in Ethiopia and at the expensive of the rest of the population. He took the county to a stupid war for barren land (an estimated 70000 of the youngest of our country men perished in it). He sent troops to Somalia to engage in a war of choice, playing Russian roulette on the life of young Ethiopian soldiers. He gave Ethiopia’s fertile land to Sudan. He leased/sold virgin land to the Saudis and Indians at dirty cheap price for 100 years and the water free of charge. To do that, he conducted a forceful villagaization. For me, the most despicable crime he has committed is the ones he has done while he was a guerrilla leader. He, together with his comrades in arm, bought weapon with drought relief money given for starving children of Tigray by donors. The second one, the way they massacred young guerrilla fighters. They first asked who wants to go back to his home for break from the war, and those who showed an interest to go back to their parents was massacred in coldblooded way.
    He, together with Berket Simon, instituted liar’s academy in Ethiopia. All of the big people in the top echelon of power exercise their skill to lie at ease without problem; Shemiless Kemal and Berket being the masters in it. In current Ethiopia, It is as if you need to be good lire to get a good position in power. People (like HD) who says that they are conservative, charismatic evangelical Christian, who swears in the name Jesus day and night, spend a good deal of hours praying to God commit all sort of sins including lies without being force to do so. All of the well-known good virtues like loyalties to friends respect to elders, speaking with good manner, speaking the truth, allegiance to a cause, trust and keeping promises, which are good attributes of the average Ethiopian, were strange to Zenawi. He killed his comrades mercilessly and without hesitating and he went to their funeral shading crocodile tears. He was such racist person he could not even constrained by the highest office he was holding from lashing out repulsive racial slur about his countrymen from other ethnic group in big meeting . He was such a jealous and insecure dwarf; he could not tolerate any intelligent or popular person next to him. That attribute in him made such sadist person so much so, .He first would allow his opponents to grow in popularity, he would do everything to humiliate them in public, so that to enjoy on their misery he put them. For instance, He had to send Burtukan (the leader of a toothless party then). That was not enough for him; he had to keep her in solitary confinement for six months. He surrounded himself with losers and losers so that to standout and feel better about himself. When He sometimes brags openly about the fact his ministries does not need educational background to run an office or Ethiopia does not need an educated MDs to run health services, that was the dwarf and jealous in him talking. No amount of re-branding would clear such a dark legacy of Zenawi – a man with twisted personality. He himself was aware of his own bad legacy. A few months before he died, probably knowing that he would die soon; he went on TV to compare himself against giants like Atse Tewdors, Atse Minilik and HIM. He tried to diminish their contribution to our country hoping that it will put him in better position, but to no avail.

  4. Gigi
    | #4

    What do you think Adolf Hitler is gonna do for us people? or is he suppos
    to love us or some thing? Eritiria holds a palistinian kind of flug
    and Pakistanee’s and Egype is what they are and the same color flug code and so is Germen’s flug after it was invaded by Islamist
    persians in the 14th century and gave birth to Hitler and so on who is hulf Pakistanee or Bungal Germen. And Where is our Eritirian people
    Bungaleeness and so on?????? which lying mirror told them they are Pakistanees or palistinians???? except Islam.

    We should know this is not a doing of our own people not to say they are not doing it (Nazi to their own nations and people) and Nazi has a wepon called Islam fabricated and run by pakistane and bungal type Indians who managed to make Arabs and so on a musilim.

    And they didn’t for give the old invasion of Kushiatice Ethiopian rulers
    of the African continent(south Sudan)out of Egypt invading their expanded persian kingdom a long time a go
    and they are still killing us and invading us all todays and yesterdays
    Ethiopians and Israel and made at England that they know Israel Ethiopian and not to say we know that historicly except similarity of Ge’eas and English and Agaw languej and that they look like israelee;s and Sabians ingeneral and we are Sabians and Ethiopians and Israel most of the time. Saba is the name of our ancent people queen was the east Asian dynasty after the great wall of china where we come from so we say we are queen Saba (the Sabians from Queen dynasty Asia) ( Koria Japan Mongolia and east China and so on).So when we know?……well….I would say we know.
    So we just have to know and keep knowing……..their is even a Qunu trib in South Africa where our Late great leader Nalson mandela comes from and hey also lookes like Asian and African mix people including Nelson Mandela him self….Arabia and some part of India also is our Sabian people and land…Makeda was the last queen of the kingdom after its transfer to the Solomonoc Rull by her own son Minilik the first ruller of Saba and Israel And the Native Americans is also Sabians or east Asia
    and Israelite Rusians and east Africans Rusia and most of the great Rusia is also Saba and Israel and some time African.

    Other wise the devil send some body this morning
    to rap me while I was sleeping
    and standing on my throt of yelling
    And I am not here to tell this to a man
    and take me for a wiked women
    and say ‘you should know animals and the animales doing
    bother me next time when you a story of man like concerning’

    God only knows what lay’s below the animales kingdome
    but I see Hitler and his brothern crolling to govern the sealing
    while their bodys dipping blow the ground
    and I dont have the wisdom of understanding
    their evil bound of killing and taking of what is mine.
    they mind all day long
    not to expect some thing else from Setan.

    a’nt no hell low enough as haven goes high
    what a strange distance I might say
    not to miss the cry’s of hell
    well..good by then ohhhh well ohh well
    I wouldn’t even go fishing that deep
    if you was ill.

    Thanks Dear Alex. keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!! Zimebileh erisaw beleh yikelengal. sewoch siyihonu zegee negeroch ebbetoch, shintibetoch
    yihen aregu melet yihonibinal. Sewochu Eritirians nachewu. Woye lela
    ohoo ohoo lela…………Meles ye Issayas zemed new. Lemin Yalitefa tefan????

    Lemin yihen yiseralu belo meteyek yikelel. Melisu tefan saihon, makom
    alebachew. We cant take this abuse no more. like they say. there will be blood…..a gun is a gun it is not Issayas afe workee.

  5. Assta B. Gettu
    | #5

    Truth always triumphs over falsehood: In this case, who is telling the truth with clear and convincing evidence?

    The good Professor has accurately outlined the facts about the two leaders, if, in fact, Meles is considered a leader rather than a village gangster. Menelik II was more than a leader: he was a caring father, a caring mother, and a loving person throughout his sovereignty. His subjects described him “እምየ ምንሊክ” (my mother Menelik). I have never heard any person describing Meles Zenawi “እምየ መለስ.” I have heard hundreds of people complaining that Meles Zenawi was a brutal dictator, and he had demonstrated his brutality in May 2005 as the Professor has explained to us in detail.

    Menelik’s pyrrhic victory at Adwa overshadows everything Meles Zenawi had done in Ethiopia for over twenty years. There is no comparison to Menelik’s impressive achievements in the continent of Africa. And no one can reverse the history of Menelik II for his or her own selfish motive. Menelik’s history had been recorded in the history books of the civilized world, and no one can alter it or add an iota to it. Those who hate Menelik II are the enemies and the destroyers of Ethiopia’s histories. Disparaging Ethiopia’s kings is disparaging Ethiopia’s glorious histories.

    Thank you, Professor, for telling the truth that Menelik II was a great king and that Meles Zenawi was a person who died without making a good history for his country, Yemen or Ethiopia.

    Can anyone tell me the cause for the death of Meles Zenawi? I know he didn’t die in Ethiopia being treated by the Ethiopian doctors and nurses, but he died without a priest at his death bed. Too bad!

  6. Gigi
    | #6

    What a mud they have taken us?????? sweet Ethiopia a pice of land to even
    our own people Eritirians????? My Ethiopia????? My Saba???????? My Israel???????? not to forhet their interst of Rusia Ingland, France and so on…..

    Why dont they grow the tomatos on their bodys if they think people are some land?????? They don’t have a soil enough for some body a soil?????
    No matter how much you rush some body’s grave, it it not like you don’t die soon after. What a job they have got there. Busy doing the done deal
    to the end of the world like a fool. But I would say that is a dengeriouse fool and we need to keep away…..

  7. Abegaz
    | #7

    Well said Prof. Alemayehu!!

    From Menilik hater, can anybody educate me how free Oromia survives if Menilik were not to unite fragmented Ethiopia? If colony is real that means Ethiopia would have been divided among three superpower: Britain, Italy and France. Can you imagine The whole of present day Oromia being under Italy or England or France? The truth is they will be partitioned into three parts and the so called free Oromia is an illusion. In a way we are debating on a nonexistent Oromo issue. Let us see the free Oromia issue from this point of view. A good example is Oromos in Kenya not being part of Ethiopia’s Oromia.

  8. yohannse Eshete
    | #8

    some of the elite northern Ethiopia deny the real history King Menlike and many western scholars and educator documented and wrote many books and I read most of the books. King Menlike known by western countries like France,Germany and Britain called him a white Black man because he united all Ethiopia’s people to defeat the invaders.Why they called him a white black man? Because a black man defeat the white man never in the history of the continent.
    Please read books by Harlud Marccus
    and by RAYMOND Johnson and Sean McLACHLAN AND You will learn and you will give him a credit and acknowledge him.

  9. NEGA@G7PF
    | #9


  10. Wanag
    | #10

    “Hate is a symptom of a terminal sickness of the soul. Hate is irrational. The scientific literature on hate shows that haters hate because they are afraid, insecure, jealous; or because they hate themselves or want to become the very object of their hate. Above all haters hate themselves because they feel inadequate, powerless, hopeless and helpless.” Interesting that the author used this quote, but yet could not hide his hate towards Meles. Things that make you say … hmmmmmmmm!

  11. Wanag
    | #11

    Gigi, what’s your beef with Muslims? remember the quote above about ‘hate’… and learn from it.

  12. Dawi
    | #12

    [[.. Meles took Ethiopia back to Oriental despotism with his ludicrous theory of the “developmental state”...]]

    The idea of economic development received more attention after World War II when the gap between rich and poor got wider and wider. Economic development refers to the reorientation and reorganization of an entire economic system for improving the welfare of the society.

    In his famous thesis released by Columbia University, Meles argues that, the neoliberal paradigm is dead end incapable of bringing about the Africa renaissance. To this effect, he forcefully recommended a fundamental shift in a new paradigm and the need for African states in general and Ethiopia in particular to move towards becoming developmental state. Among the things he worked on are Ethiopian Renaissance, NEPAD, Green economic development for the region.

    Meles’s “developmental state” is to shape the economy, redirect rents and ultimately defeat poverty in Ethiopia as in the Asian Tigers.

    He made sure Ethiopian state actively participates in or even dominates large corporations such as the telecommunications, heavy industry and the thriving EFFORT and similar (endowment Funds) group of companies and areas they consider necessary to stimulate or to own in order to capture and redirect rents. For instance according the NBE (2012), the sector obtained 6.9 billion birr profit in 2011 that will be used for rural development in the country.

    [[..Menelik takes particular pride in his library of ten thousand volumes, collected by himself. Menelik’s chief hobby in the way of books are works dealing with the ancient civilizations of Africa and Asia..]]

    I will say Menelik and Meles have more things in common than anything. They lived under the same roof loved reading books liked finance/economic development that applied to the era they lived in.

    This is what Meles said on the Ogaden allegations of repression of secessionists : “We know how insurgencies succeed and how they fail. We may not have been the most evangelical of human rights advocates in the world, but we are not stupid either.”

  13. banda
    | #13

    Al-mariam is runing he talking about hate……and is number one hater of Tigray…

    keep dream AL menelik will come back to rule and kill ethiopians again lol

  14. Divide and Rule
    | #14

    As always, many thanks to Professor Alemayeu for another well researched educational article. Ethiopians like you give me hope. At the same time, lately, the calculated TPLF have been doing everything to change our focus from them by going back over many decades and pointing their blood-socked dirty fingers at our great Ethiopian leaders to change the subject and to divide Ethiopians. Beware Ethiopians! Don’t fall for TPLF Divide and Rule tactics. Always watch out for the poisonous snake in the grass. TPLF regime will always be the worst inhumane dictatorship in the history of Ethiopia. Not one leader in the Ethiopian history left Ethiopia landlocked, sell Ethiopians as slaves to Arabic countries, kicked out, incarcerated, massacred innocent Ethiopians, sell and give Ethiopia’s land to foreigners and no leader in Ethiopian history ever robbed Ethiopia as TPLF have. The crimes of TPLF are endless and there is no comparison between our great leaders with country-hating-mass murders TPLF. Even the unintellectual mad man bloodthirsty, Mengestu was much better in many ways than TPLF. At least, he never hated his country, did not give away Ethiopia’s only seaport and land to foreigners like a piece of candy.

  15. Zerayakob Yared
    | #15

    ፈረንጆቹ eklektisch የሚሉትን, እኛ በትግርኛ, ትንሽ ጠምዘዝ, አጠር-መጠን እና ጨመቅ አድርገን “ዶርሆስያ ሓንቲ ደርፋ , እንታይ?, ካኽ-ካኽ!” እንለዋለን::

    እንደ ልማዳችሁ ኢትዮጵያን ከድታችሁ በግብፅ ጎን እስካልቆማችሁ ጊዜ ድረስ, ሁላችንም እንዳሻን “አማርኛ እንዳገላበጡሽ ትገላበጥያለሽን” ማካሄድ እንችላለን:: ይሄንን ታሪክ በሚመለከት ደግሞ, ትግራዋዩ, ኤርትራዊው, ኦሮሞው, አንኮበሩ, እንዲሁም ወዘተ ወዘተ, ወይንም ደግሞ በሳይንሳዊነቱ እንጂ በየመንደርተኛነቱ የማይተማመነው ታሪክ አቅራቢ በተለያየ መልኩ ያቀርቡታል:: ሁላችንም ሙሉ ለሙሉ ከፊውዳሊዝም እስክንላቀቅ እና ታሪካችንም በጣሙን ቀረብ ያለውን ትርጉም እስክታገኝ ጊዜ ድረስ ሃቅ እንግዴህ ጊዜዋን መጠበቅ ሊኖርባት ነው!!

    ታሪክ እንደየተፈለገው ተተረጎመም አልተተረጎመም ግን, ዋናው ነጥብ, ኢትዮጵያ ውጥረት ውስጥ ስትገባ, ራሳችንን ብቻ ማስቀደሙንና ከግል ጥቅማችን አንፃር ብቻ ተነስተን መንቀሳቀሱ ለዘወትሩም እንዳይለምድብን………..!

  16. በውነቱ
    | #16

    ፕሮፈሥኦር አለማየሁ,

    የተናገሩት ትክክል እና የሚያሳዝን ነው:: በተለምዶ እንደሚባለው ” EVIL SUCCEEDS WHEN THE GOOD DO NOTHING.” ይህ ነው እየሆነ ያለው::

  17. Dawi
    | #17

    Another striking similarities between Meles and Menelik was they both signed off Eritrea after they won their battles.

    Their reasoning is as a poor country they will not be able to sustain holding that territory by continuing the war. As colonial influence done some damages to some Eritreans the Meles group figured out you “can’t live with them or you can’t kill them all” therefore, he decided to put Isaias in a cage and build the Psyche of the “sick” to HONOR THY FATHER AND MOTHER.

    In my opinion that strategy has shown positive results.

  18. Gigi
    | #18

    Good quetion Abegaz, Kenya is Ethiopia dear people.

    kukuyu’s Ethiopian’s, the Mesayas Ethiopians, the Oromo’s Ethiopians
    So who say’s Kenya is not Ethiopia???? They are Asiatic Africans (Sabians)
    and Israeliee mix some time even with blu eye’s just like Ethiopia but
    I think they dont know how that happend just like Ethiopia. we luck
    some wisdom about who we really are except what ever we know a little bit.
    But the truth is in your eyes some time and all over our Historical names
    like Queen and Saba Ethiopia and so on…..and also our semetic and all kinds of langueges and Asiatic and Israely looking faces tells us the whole
    truth of who we are (the Quenu Tribs) even Israel known Semetic
    since Same is Asia. The Sabian’s and Ethiopian people are the root of Israel from the gate going because The Sabians migrated to the land we call Judia and
    they wore called Cananaiets or cenean. cenan or kenan means the one
    that went or the imigrant in Agew(semetic)lungueje and they wore mixed with Nimrodic races (white people) and they have been known as Cananaiet.
    And living with the White people on the land and they all became Israeliet. And some of the Sabians was also African mix people they lived with Africans (Ethiopians) even in thous days just like today and how we live in Ethiopia and how we are Ethiopians but we are Sabians also and our Ethiopia is a teritory of Saba but after we wore invaded by Ethiopian rular of Black Sudan (the Ethiopians)( Ethop is son of Kush I think) based on the bible if I am not wrong so Ethiopia is our black people in the east not to say some other black people came from some were else but I dont want to say what I dont know for sure just in case Nohe had another black kid, but our Ethiopian’s are who invaded us and we became Ethiopians they also invaded persian babilon. Even though to day the some black Ethiopians them selves lookes a bit Sabians no matter how black
    their skin color I think we are all mixed up wether it was always like that or no. But what I know for sure is Ethiopians always lived with Sabians in the east Africa where we all live and still together as always no matter all kinds of east African country’s we call it Kenya Ethiopia and so on…….its been always like that and we are all the people of the land. And old Saba out of India invaded Babilon long time ago and that could be Minilik the first son of king solomon and Makida
    who became the ruler of all Saba and Israel that invaded babilon and they call him ‘Abu Beker” Beker in Ge’eas implay the ‘First” or Bekur
    like yebekur lig (yemegemeria lig) so Abu beker might say the first king
    and what we still call him or regard him as the ‘FIRST KING’ to a point of we calling Emiye Minilik the second one or Minilik the SECOND.

    We wouldnt be saying that if there wasnt the FIRST one or ‘ABU BEKER’
    or Minilik the First. Anu beker means first king also in Aramic old Israel languje and Arabic with Is Aramic mixed with Bungal or Hindu languej. The Aramit kingdome of Yemen and Oman is also the kingdom of Israel and Saba and the land is Saba. The whole Arabia was land of Saba
    and they are also Sabians and Israelys and Ethiopians. And also some of the Aramit king dome Migrated to Europe we are talking about pritty much nomadic people and it became Scotland and Irland I think
    all of Ingland Scotland and Irland and France was Ethiopians or Sabians
    I dont know what the heck they are doing in Europe, some time I know they wore sold Slaves by the Bungal and Pakistan who broth Islam and by also the Roman Impire who is a Babilonian who lost its Babilon to Abu
    Beker ( Minilike the first) and who had a lote of angush againest Israel and Saba because of it even some time until today. Not to say they are too hate full, they are not infact they just Love Israel
    and they want Abrihams Chilidirens to come back to Babilon and so on because Abiriham is a prince of Babilon he is son of King ASA of Babilon
    or Bebel. and they know Israel looks white and Babilon is the white people so they tought they should just live with them and Israel didnt agree because of the Babilon belifes of what they tought of who GOD is
    or what they suppose to worship and they wore asking the Israelys to worship their belive not in god of Abriham so they kept on fitting each
    other to the point of that, not a whole white people on the land other wise every body white comes from that area and none of them are barly
    there not to say they dont have what they have.

    Snice the story of Aster the Israely Lady who killed Nabukedenetsure
    we have been ingaged by Babilonians to the point of them distroying the Axmit king dome of Saba and Ethiopia and they created the Roman impier
    and put a seas on our sea ‘s and like childerens that grow in diffirent hous’s we dont know each other. Other wise childirens know every body chiliderens, it doesnt take them a second to even pick a fight out of the friendship already.
    besides the Israeliets didnt like that and at end to take Babilon any how or to live in it and that was the problem. I would say people did
    what ever the hake it was or people did what some body did to them so
    better to just move forward and take the world for what its and make it better and we should live together when ever we could. We do not profit
    from from pushing each other like that for no reason. All that takes is respecting some body and allawing people to do what they want to do as long as they don’t bother some body else. But some time people are selfish to a point of their own distraction but this things are so much human rather than some davile but we should learn enough from all of this not to do it again like Meles Zenawee who end up doing the Megistu
    Hile Mariam. what was TPLF’s war on Mengistu then??????

  19. Gigi
    | #19

    And also English or Englees mans an ge’eas or the Ge’eas speaker in Agewunga Agew even though most of the Inglish words are Agew it self
    it has the Ge’eas as the main sours of toung as of the The this and ‘THE’
    that… Ge’eas would say ‘Ethiopia ‘THE’ hagere Mariam’ and Enlish
    would say ‘Ethiopia ‘THE’ country of Marry.

    Agew languge is close to also the Japanies langueg because we are east

    Asians. Japan says ‘Areegato’ to say thank you and Agew says Aree Aree Areegatoo to say thank you. Oromos say Aree as well.

    So AREE my dear Agew people ‘Areegatoo’ for letting me know who I really I am by just being your selves all of this years….. what in the world!!!!!!!!!

    I l o v e my people but I would say we must be crazy….not to know that always based on the matters we have got. if we didnt got some matters may be but what the hake do you that????? lord have mercy…..

  20. Gigi
    | #20

    You can google Abu Beker of Babilon Honey Which tells the story of
    The first king or Minilik the FIRST let alone the second one. not to say
    they dont know who we are. SABA and ISRAEL my dear. and we invaded old
    Babilon the fist Minilic did it ‘Abu Beker’ ‘The first King in Aramic and Arabic and Ge’eaas.

  21. Gigi
    | #21

    Englees means the Ge’eas speaaker in Agewu. a lot of words in the Inglish
    langueg is Agaw. words like

    an (the soficx)
    and so on and also Oromo’s also speak a lot of Agaw, Words like
    Galaa in English for many and Aree for thank you just like Japan and Agew that says
    Aree Gatoo for thank you. Aree also means Hot or very sunny and there comes the name Arisee and Aresee or Arusee is the very hot place in Ethiopia. Not to say I know what Gomogofa means,but may be next time

    or ask the Agew Midir or Axum (the wack shum) Waka Oromo, warka Ameharic
    or the warka tree simbolic of the tribes and there geneses so we say
    Axum or Wak Sume to say Elect of the Tribes Of Saba and Israel, Axum
    the seat of the elects and Capital of the tribes of Saba and Israel and
    Ethiopia what that means even though Oromos think Waka means God they are talking about the simbolic tree, its got nothing to do with a Warka tree it is Simbolic of The Tiribs and Tribs are not
    God except may be if old Saba was worshiping its official’s like Egypt
    there is no explanetion of it why they think Waka means God when the true
    meaning of it is or its intention is ‘The Tribes’ or ‘The people’.
    That is some Crazy……they even put the warka tree on the Oromo flug.

    Well they didnt go any were but Ethiopia any how or Axum allover again
    with that story. Ones you are some body some time you cant get away from it I would say. So dont have any truble for the Wake sume or the Axum we are…….and so on and extra and extra……..

    Aree Aree ‘AreeGato’ for your Atention.

    Frenchess are Agew too from Feres Bet. Its all kinds of Agewawee Zone
    we have got here. even from the gate going Israel is Some body Sabiaan and Ethiopia who went to the white peoples areas and DUBED the The Canean. Which means in Agew the one that went or the Imigrant. Migration is I think the neture of the Sabians they are Nomadic people
    including Egypt which are some Sabians as well and Caneaniet some time.

    Scotland comes from the Aramit kingdome of Oman and yemen which is Israel so is Ingland Irland the same people who comes from the Sabian
    and land recently even though we dont know for sure how they ended
    up in Urope unless may be we had though Ilands as well most of the
    Ilands wore in a posetion of Saba.

    Arabia is Saba but also dubed Arabia letter on A stand for Abriham
    Reb in Ge’eas means maltiplyed or ‘Eribata or yerebu’ in Ameharic
    So we say Arabia. Other wise the land was the teretory of Saba even thou
    I think it wasn’t inhabitated by the Sabians early own so it is known Arabia in most of its history. And Arabs look like hulf Sabians and hulf Israel. Most of the time they have black soft hair, That means
    they are half Asiatic Sabians as well as Ethiopians.

    Thanks for your Atention Again. Aree Gato.

  22. Gigi
    | #22

    The other meaning of Aree is Rain insted of hot infact in Agew so we say Arisee.
    The rainee. May be it rains in Aresee of Ethiopia. Nairoby they say also means Rain in Oromonga.

    How about Shoa???? I know there was a king of Japan named Shoa No matter the meaning. Jimma and MiyaJimma of Japan and Iyiwa Jimma of America is all
    telling some thing as well. Chilee too named after the Arctic the the natives experianced and ended up at the Arctic on the other side in the south.

  23. Mohamed
    | #23

    Thanke most exceedingly Professor Alemayehu for your piercing insight about Menelik II. When one thinks with ugly mind, one sees things with ugly eyes. At least his decaptiaed head did not end up in Omdruman Musim, in the Sudan, fighting on behalf of Queen Victoria against Mhadi and his own benfactor, Tewdros. Had it not been for Menelik II and the Khalifa Abdulahi of the Sudan, the black race in modern Africa history would have been relegated to the dust bin of footnotes. I am not one of those people who side with the victor. I like Menelik because he was the one and as a matter of fact the only black-man who put the fear of God in the imperialist mind. I can understand why this psycotic rant directed against Menelik by the sore losers.He punished those who side with Italians in 1896 in Adowa.Amharans, Oromos from Shoa and Sodo Guragees had to fought with no logistices from the great grand father of Meles Zenawi unfortunately the birth place of that brutal Meles Zenawi. Eat your heart out Menelik II like Mustafa Kamal and Nealson Mandela would live in the imagenation of “conciously” freedonm lovers. If I have a son I will name after Menelik II.

  24. Zerayakob Yared
    | #24

    BTW, can somebody tell me where OMO, that former top commentator of that “ግለት-ሓተላ”.com is…..? ክምሃሩ ኢለ መመሪፀን ነንኢደን ዘዝሰደድኩዎምስ, ለካስ እንዳመልመሉ መመሊሶም አንፃረይ ንኽንቀሳቐሱ’ምእንታን ኣብ ውሽጠይ የስርጉለይ………..! በለት “ማሌሊት-ዘላሊት”::

    ምናልባሽ’ዶኾን “ባሶ-ነብሶ” of that “ግለት-ሓተላ”.com, ብዛዕባ ሃለዋት OMO’ን ከምኡ’ውን መሰላቱን ዘበስረና ነብሲ ዘለዎ ነጥብታት ይህልዎ ይኸውን…….!? HA…..HA…..HA………! ንፋለጥ ንማለጥ በለት እንታይዶስ-ከመይዶስ……! Reflection is gold, dogma is ቅርሺ(ብር) ጥራሕ ከይኮነስ, dogma is ምናልባሽ’ውን ነሃስ……..!

    “ምንድነው ችግሩ ? ትርፍ ካመጣ መሽጥ ነዋ” እንደተባለው….! ህሊናንም ጭምር……….!?

  25. Dawi
    | #25

    Mohamed said:

    [[..He punished those who side with Italians in 1896 in Adowa.Amharans, Oromos from Shoa and Sodo Guragees had to fought with no logistices from the great grand father of Meles Zenawi unfortunately the birth place of that brutal Meles Zenawi...]]

    Any system punishes those who rebel against it or break the rules of the system. Menelik gave the offenders “appropriate” punishment deemed at the time after Adowa war. Well and good.

    However,I don’t understand why you and some other morons make it sound as if somehow, such “punishments” given by a king are coded on the genes of the “punished” and passed to their off springs?

    Otherwise why are you guys bother to talk about the “great grand father of Meles “bandaness” etc. in such tone of voices?

    What does Meles or anybody else got to do with their parents ills directly?

    If anything his great grand parents experience may have helped him know what errors not to make in life or how to deal with it better than anybody else, if faced with similar situation.

    A good example is General Park Chung-hee, who was the father of South Korea “developmental state”, happened to be formerly an officer in the Japanese Manchuko Imperial Army during the time of Japan’s brutal colonial occupation of Korea.

    It is like Menelik being an officer in the Italian army and afterwords switching to become the king of kings of Ethiopian Empire?

    What that tells you is that let alone the son Meles, who doesn’t have anything to do with Italians, even his grand father the “capo di tutti capi (boss of all bosses)” of the Italian army himself under certain circumstances could have switched sides as some Eritrean Bandas did during Menelik’s time and could have ended up to become a great Ethiopian hero?

    So I am sorry to say but, you are talking about Much Ado About Nothing.

  26. Abegaz
    | #26

    Misguided Oromos think “present day Oromia will be born out as an independent nation if Menilik did not unite us.” The bottom-line is if Oromos were not to be part of Ethiopians, they would be part of Kenya, Sudan, Somalia and Djibouti (divided into four countries ruled by Britain, Italy and France). That would be the legacy of colonialism. The notion of free Oromia is fake. They must thank Menelik for uniting them under Ethiopia. Otherwise no oromo would have communicated with one another in today’s ethiopia. Take Kenyan oromos. They do not have any link with Ethiopian oromos.

  27. Abegaz
    | #27


    Thank you for the detailed analysis. My argument is about this one greater Oromia statehood concept if Menilik did not unite them under Ethiopia. If Menilik did not do that present day Oromia will be shared among four countries: Djibouti, Somalia, Kenya and Sudan. That is what the colonialist were going to do. So the concept of Free Oromiya I fake.

  28. Anonymous
    | #28

    Ethiopians, regardless you are Afars, Amharas, Gambelans, Welaytans, Guragaes, Oromos, non-tplf Tigeans, Ethiopian Somalis and the rest of Ethiopians must unite and demand to be freed from the racists TPLF Dictatorship and build Democracy for all Ethiopians. The same freedom and peace we wish for our own ethnic group, we should also wish for all Ethiopians. No one will have peace, unless we all have the same peace. The golden rule of every religion teach us to treat others as we wanted to be treated by others.
    “Do unto others what you would have them do unto you; this sums up the Law and the Prophets”–Christianity.

    “No one of you is a believer until he desires for his brother that which he desires for himself”–Islam

    “Hurt not others in ways that you yourself would find hurtful”–Buddhism.

    Please people do not hold hate, selfishness and racism in your heart and at the same time, act as believers of the Merciful and Loving God/Allah.

  29. mohamad
    | #29

    To Abegaz,

    What is exploding now on the face of abyssinia is : menelik incorporate to the christian land many nations by brutal conquest and Haile Selasse came with his brutality to impose Amharic to the newly conquered nations. About Oromo. I agree that Oromumama would not have been lost if ethiopa and Oromia were colonised by white people. During the occupation period 1935-1941 the ztalian edit of 1938 divided Ethiopia into six administration units of the East Africa Empire. Amharic in Amara, Amharic and Afan Oromo in Addis, Harari and Afan oromo in Harar, Oromo and Kafficho in Oromo Sidama ,Somali in Somalia.Oromo and others were able to learn and practice ther culture ,identity,language,value,norms history…..etc whiche legally forbidden before the occupation by the Ethiopian king.If we compare what the Italians and Abyssinians had done in term ofOromumma and others it is observed that the southerners appeared to be lost under Abyssinians.

  30. Gigi
    | #30

    Well. Abegas. That is true. Ethiopian peoples mistake is always a luck
    of understanding of who the other Ethiopians on the rest of the land are.
    It is all the same people speaking even the same lunjueges spoken a bit
    diffirentlty like Most of the words of Amarenga or Ameharic comes from
    or is the same like Morominga but the Oromos. Ethiopia or Sana is Biblicly known Nation of people with divercity of races and culture
    We just have to know that of our truth and live in peace together
    because it is not some body else we are talking about it is us all Ethiopian Sabians who have been together from the gate going. Just
    because Sidamo or Tigray thinks Gojam is some one else it doesnt mean
    that is true. We look alike and we have the same root lungues and
    we live in our country and we have the same culturs and dont have any other history except our common Ethiopian and Sabian Israeliet history.

    So Minilic is wright asking Oromos to live with there own people Ethiopias or the rest of the county and what the Oromos was objecting
    was the new system of rull by one king any ways there worn’t saying they are not Ethiopians my dear.

    And Somalia and Gybuty is also Ethiopia or Saba. Minilic didnt sign
    a wrong paper on the wrong people honey. He had to make a tirity
    with the Freches about Gybuty because it concerns him. Or should I explain more??????

    Why in the world Minilik would make a deal with France if Gybuty wasnt
    Minilics country????? come on man…..

  31. Gigi
    | #31

    Why Ethiopia had diffirent kings all over the place is because that was
    there way of governing them selves.

    They believed if all states take care of their own affairs things are easy
    insted of some body in another stat or in a long distan’s. They wore safe
    in that system of governians even though some time that broth some invasion to take place one stat or power invading the other. But they new
    they wore better of in that system and that is why the Oromos still
    think Minilic did some thing wrong to the stat of Oromo’s.

    What they have forgotten is the rest of Ethiopia that also had its own Kings who also so some time had a problem with Minilic and Tewodros.

    But early own by the time of Yohanis we wore invaded by Musilims and
    the Musilims killed most of our kings and their familys I beilve
    the ones I know of Is Yohanis him self and King of Gojam Tekilehimanot
    and so on…killed by Musilim invadas who mad Gybuty Harar and so on a Musilim.

    So Ethiopian kings or Tewodiros must have united the country under one king because the known kings wore dead. And he didnt want to make some body out of no were a king of Oromo some thing which can put the peoples security at danger.

    My great great grand Father Tekile Himanot, King of Tigray and Sidamo who letter on the Ethiopian king was captured and Dicapitated and killed
    by the musilim invaders to the point of Ethiopia beulding a Tekile Himanot Hospital for the Disabled and Dicapitated in his memory.

    So the musilims really tested Ethiopia with all kind of agration. Let me tell you some thing, you dont do that to a king to begin with and if you do well, them expect some some….

    If minilc didnt care enough about Gybuty honey he can be scard of the musilims for even his life let alone what they do to the Ethiopian Army
    when cupturd. and Minilic inhareted the kingdome from all of this murderd kings of the land he had to do what he had to do to protect the people. I know Harar is mad at Minilic as if Minilic suppose to hate
    his leg’s or some thing. Musilim peoples eyes are blind when it comes to looking at them selves. But all of this Came from Pakistan and Bungal
    who made it is way in the seat of the Persian impair Befor the Kushiatic Ethiopians invaded them in Perisa and Ethiopia became there
    enemy and the kushiatic ruler invaded Axum and called the land Ethiopia
    So they wore out to get us all.

    And Gybuty is under thouse Bungal or Pakistanee’s. They are blacks
    so some time you might mistake them for some body African but they are not. They are the invadars who did that whole thing. Even thou Sabians lived with Bungal people because of where India is and some time there are black Indians in Ethiopia or Saba always, this ones are not friendly, they even see India as a wrong people at a wrong place.
    They know India is Sabians even thou to day its all mixed up
    with Israel and Bungal and Ethiopia (Black) they think we took their spot and created India. But thous people have been there as far us they remember. Seeing China next door should tell them some thing other wise. If they dont end up saying China is wrong too no matter which sky they think we are from. Some are selfish honey…..

    China also Invaded the Queen portion of Asia not to say they are not Asians and we are not the same people, there is no Queen Dynasty no more
    They use to be called ‘Yin’ Asia, But fter there invasion of Queen Asia or the east or Saba, they be came Cha’yin’hha or China which means the concoring ‘Yin’….. We have been Invaded ladys and Gentile man….

    We are all the same people who Shares our History and langues and traditions. Minilc was doing the right thing no matter who sayes what.

    Ethiopian Musilims sufferd because of what there leaders wore doing
    Islam is such a sad news to all of us. Which costed us all our lifes.

    But If people learns how to respect and specialy your own people and country you are mostly safe other wise you know the rest……

    Why all of that for some body who wants to kill us all at the end of the day???????? Enemy is Enemy honey it is not a friend and you dont harm your own people in the name of Islam and its interest Shaming
    our nation and people and killing. No body gets rewarded for that honey

    Yohaness did not Invade Arabia or some thing for some body to cute
    his head out honey, if they have one may be they whould do some thinking with it. unless you turn stupid when you turn musilim I dont
    know. Some things do some things to people. And unless they turn stupid
    why would Meles and Issayas do that to Ethiopia? no matter inven if they
    think they are Arabs. Why would an Arab would that? or to its own people????? For what????? What is Ethiopia to this people?????

    Some time you would think that is all they know other wise, even in speaking of thee Great Tigray Manifesto. But then I think they have a
    just wrong friends whi made that whole thing a musilm any ways, you know. That is the problem I think, other wise they wouldnt do this to
    Ethiopia not even for one minit. Trust me…..That shit is some wrong
    where comes Meles’s pride and so on……and they luck a great deal of wisdom about who the Ethiopia is or some thing……and they also may be don’t know where Islam comes from.

  32. Gigi
    | #32

    By the way Most of Jordenians and Lebanees and Some of the Pasisitinans are also
    Israel and Saba. The truble makers are I think Pakistanees and Bungal
    Musilims who are creating all of this wars and Islam it self and Invaded the areas long time ago for all of this truble.

    Jordan and Lebanon and Palistaien is the Land of Israel. And full of Israel and Sabian people,
    and also the Historical findings on the lands are all History of Israel.

    Including Abrihams berial Place or grave found in Plistain portion the land which sayes what they call palistien is Israel or Canean. that is Not Palistaien. King David had a war with the Filistemiet people
    to take Jerusalem because he knows that was canean where Abriham was.

    They lost the land to thouse Filistam because they wore taken Slaves in Egypt so they Had to get it back when they reterned from Egypt. That is
    what they David’s crime. He didnt do any crime intermes of asking the land on to of that they wore giving thous Israelies a lot of truble.

    Not to say David went with out regreting what he had to do to thous people. But there is no Israel called Palistien. Israel never took
    some body elses land. It never did. Insted they are the one people take
    lands from all the time and people don’t like it when you confront them.

    And Israel is intitled of its world. They dont need a Bungalees permition about it. Specialy not after they killed them all of that
    number in the name of God knows what…..what the hake was that?

    Unless may be they wore blaming them for Ingland colonising there area.
    and They know who the Inglish people are (The Ethiopian Israel). I think that is may be what it is not to say they didnt may be make them British people to begin with sailing them slaves to Germens and so on.

  33. Gigi
    | #33

    Thanks Abugida. By the way Germens wore invaded by thous musulims by the time they took thous people out of Ethiopia and so on. You can call it Slaving Ingland, scotland and so on out of Saba and Ethiopian teritory.

    This must be a long time a go, and not to say they maneged to do that to all Israel and saba. But you would see some picturs of white salves along
    Habesha looking people
    sold in Markets in Sudan by Misilims in the 16th century even. I think they wore doing that for a long time. I have seen this picturs in a book titled ‘Ethiopia’ that a got in a store in Addis. But no body talks
    about this story and why. our skin color didnt come from a tree you know.

    Better to let people know the truth. Most people dont even know why
    we look diffirent than African people. a story of king Solomon having
    a chiled from makida does not explain it even if they thought Makida was black and solomon was white. You know a lot of Israel migreted to the
    Sabian kindom with the Arc of the Covenent. And Israel was no more because of Babilonian invasion so it must have been that most of Israel
    Migreted to Saba and every were close to the Sabian land and people including Russia. I think they went to Russia so they stay close to Saba and East Asia. Other wise Russia would be too cold for Inhabitation
    but I am sure they had no other choice.

    And that must have created over population of Saba beyond its capasity
    of land and so on. And China start to give trubles to Saba or Queen
    in saying they wore to manny people crossing their nation back and forth to go to their kingdoms of Saba in the east and Saba in the west
    (India and Arabia and Ethiopia) So they beuild the great wall of China to stop it. They didnt trust the Sabians and there friends.

    So after china blocked the way and the Roman Impier put a seas on the lands and sea. some of our people was forced to migret to America
    and they are called the Native Americans. I think they wore speaking
    Agew too just like also Ingland who is mixing Ge’eas Agew and Gerimenic
    or onglo.xason and Ameharic and and so on Not to say our langues are so diffirnt from one to another when it comes to Ethiopian or Sabin languejs.

  34. Dawi
    | #34


    [[..The notion of free Oromia is fake..]]

    I think we should not be disrespectful of our compatriots. Eritrea, South Sudan, Somaliland etc. have become “free” or can be “free” if they choose too. Oromo as the core of Ethiopia chances are they won’t choose to do so.

    It is like white people in the United States fighting for independence. Such notions are mostly a “minority” issue. Oromo is probably the majority in Ethiopia therefore; they have the votes to take the country in the right direction or where ever they see it fit.

  35. Gigi
    | #35

    Kibe Beribere, Shiro, Engera, Tela, Teg, Arekee, Siljo, Metata,

    Ye Ethiopia Bahil migiboch Enilachewalen.

    Guragey Kitifo yene new yale endehon, Wolega, Kitfo kemishe alakim alalem.
    Wolega yekibewu balabat sihon, kitfo yesu adelechim newu? Kitifo endehone
    yalekibay lela atakim.

  36. Dawi
    | #36

    Continuing on Oromo, I like what I heard on Deutsche Welle’s Interview with the ODF chair man Lencho Leta on him and his party wanting of going home for good. That is a good start.

    Lench said, unlike others his party supports individual freedom and group freedom at the same time. Interesting!!

    We already know he is one of the architects of the present Ethiopian Federalism.

  37. Gigi
    | #37

    Ethiopian Egypt worra
    Ethiopia begalawo gebach
    Galingawunim Temarech

    Keziam hager selam huno
    beyekeyewa temelesech

    Man huna bitilung
    Galinga yetemarech

    Ge’eazu, Tigirengawu tedenagratina
    Amaringawan lekekch

    Oromonga ena Ge’eas min yasichegiral Alech
    Eko Amara neng chink yewoledeng
    Ethiopiawee new engree lela yehonkut yeleng

    Min tenagerku min aworahu
    Enay endehon Gala neng
    eney endehon Tigray neng
    Endihum enay hagray
    Emiye Ethiopia negn

    Amara nech Tebalech
    Tebalech, beka Amaranech
    Amara malet nigus nech tebalech
    Amaran amara bigeza
    eswa yema chigir nech

    Amara Amara sihon
    Ethiopia/Saba Engee
    Lela yewotat Alech.

    Hageren sitebik Amara honkulachihu
    Sew Ayanagireng yelwu
    engidihe man neng libelachu
    Eney Ethiopia neng angee
    yemirun Amara yemibal meselikuachihu?

    Tadia Amaran Kawokachihu
    minewu ayawukay honachihu
    Hageru sa tefabachihu?
    Enase awokut enanite neng
    enanitessa enemanachihu?

    Ager tebakee neng ena ebakachihu
    endee manineten Atitalut
    enem edalitalachihu
    Hageray hagery natina
    echin siming ebakachihu
    derisachihu telat new mitilung
    eney ethiopia sihon
    adelem enday telatey mehonachihu

    Yalisemachihut Amaringa benore
    momeker new endenay
    enkuan amaringa litefang
    tekingeechebetalehu kiney

    yesome ena worku getta
    ye ethiopiawu Anibesaa
    asirun ayisedebim
    Balekelet Kossassa

    yeminorewu be anbayenwu
    Be emeay hagray Ethiopia
    eko amara nehe sitileng
    yetefahe Amaringa newu???

    sinitewawok emma andiyawum ewuketih newu.

    Tadia minewu aderekeng
    afihe amaringa kalichegerwu
    alitegibabanim endanil
    moyam yelen, endihu nigigir new.

    Woye Amaringa, woye hageray
    yasamerikushin denbirey
    min sim yatefal yihey
    tigiringa yelebet yimesil
    Gala neshim keone
    Yalitetalng Gala yele

    Amaranech newu woray
    Hulua anduan tawora yimesil
    Yaworachim Enidehone
    Agewunga nech enibel???

    Sikelim ayiker. Lemin enmutewu. Karegut aregut new.
    Mine enihunewu yemil hiszib endehone, some time…..

    Ethiopiaweenewtun Eshee kalewu
    Amaringa endet bilo tetalawu????
    Ayitalut yelem zendiro……
    Atanagrunim kehone, man esun anagerwu????
    Amaringa silemivhil essu rasuu new yegebawu.

    Tadia man newu bezhee teteyakee yesu Joro engee
    Amaringa yegebawu
    guraginga biwora
    yemigebawu guragay
    Tigiray ayidelhum Alalikuhim
    woyim ayidelehum Agew
    kezeray kehone chigirih
    Amaringawun atirisawu.

    Yawokut ayatefamina….bitawukewum ayidel emistifew. Woye bamaringa
    benebere?…Guday hageru geba neber…..lemiyigebahe englizengam yihonal
    geezayen yemakatilwu…..yegizen neger tadia adera…..betam newu yabakenikewu…..ayilimedibih jall…..kamara beyaworu bamaringa newu engee yet yigeball….Gil Atihun…..Gil eko yamemewu newu…..woy
    tebelun memoker newu…..Awokish atibeleng engee……worehe tenam adel…….woy himem bihon newu…….Tadia yamemewu sewu mech bager guday gebawu tilalehe?…..beziawu kere engee negeru……Yetemengut
    mech yihonal zendero…………Yehonutinim mehon newu engee minyaregal?

    Amaram kehonum zimebelwu Amara mehone newu. Yalihonut ayikon. Mehon newu engee yalikerewun…..leziawum eko Amaringa kuankua newu, min yehonu meselwo, sewochum ketebal, sewu endaworawu kehone yetemechwo geta ne’wo. Tadia min Amaranet chegerwo??????

    Zemed yelewotim endey mimekirwo?
    Ere yesuw yalesh, sewuyewun gib belaw
    tenenefisu betenawu….
    yih sew Ethiopian endet bilo Anagerwu tilalachihu?
    sewu yaworawu endehu Amaringa
    Oromingan yet Awokwu
    Tigirengan yet tenagerwu?

    Ketenagerewum Amaringa engee
    yet bota mulich yale Galinga newu?

    Ere Tewu???????

  38. sadie
    | #38

    profesor alemayewho mention that we should not try to change government from hatred. I do not understand the statement you make, are yu asking their hatred towards ethiopia or amhara? otherwise you better not mention hatred because that is what tplf and eplf practice for a long time even for some of us not aware the conflict, so what you mention is out of place please ask for appology for us who is hurt by your statement

  39. Zerayakob Yared
    | #39

    BTW, ን’20 ዓመታት ዝኣክል እዋናት መሪር ኣንፃር ኮሎኒያሊዝም ቃልሲ ብምውዳቕን ካብ ዶጋዕሊ ጀሚሩ ክሳብ ዓድዋ ብምዕዋትን, ALULA will stay for ever as the undisputed “SECOND HANNIBAL” or the “NAPOLEON of AFRICA”! እቱይ ኹሉ ድማ, ቁጥር የለሽ ባንዳታት እንዳሐንኮልዎን እንዳዐንቀፍዎን:: ነቲኦም ብፀጋማይ ኢዶም መፅሓፍ ቅዱስ, ብየማናይ ኢዶም ድማ ጠመንጃ ሒዞም ዝመፅኡ “ፈላጣትኩም” እውን ብዛዕባ ዝ’ጉዳይ’ዙይ’ውን ኣረድእዎም ኢኹም!! ብዝተረፈ ግና ደቁ ንኣሉላ ከምዝበልዎ: “ሓምሊያ ብዘኽረመስ ዱባ ቀውዒ ፈከረ” ኣይትኹኑላትና::

    ህወሓት ብዝምልከት እንተድኣኾይኑ ድማ, ብፍላይ ህዝቢ ትግራይ, ብሓፈሽኡ’ውን ሙሉእ ህዝቢ ኢትዮጵያ ንወደፊቱ ኣብዝበፅሖ ሙሉእ ናፅነት ንኽምርሽ ሓደ ስጉምቲ ኣሰዲሩ እዩ’ሞ, ሱቕ ኢልካስ ሙሉእ ንሙሉእ ሓዋዊስካ ዝውገዝ ኣይኮነን::

    ነገር ኩሉ ዝተበላሸወ, እርይራይ ባንዳታት በቢጎኒ መሕበርቲ መኾሳቶም እንዳለቓቐሙ ነቲ ኣመራርሓ ምስዓብለልዎ እዩ!

    እቲ ወግሐ-ፀብሐ ድማ, “minority” ዝብል ዱጓ-ማርያምኩም ጠጠው እንተተብልዎ ይሕሸካትኩም:: ሸውዓተ ሚልየን ኢና, ኣድላይነት ምስ ዝነብሮ ድማ ክሳብ ዓሰርተ ክልተ ሚልዮናት’ውን ክንበፅሕ ንኽእል ኢና!! ነዙይ ኹሉ ብምምዝዛን እውን ኢና ብትግርኛ’ውን ክፅሓፍ ኣለዎ እንብል ዘሎና:: ምኽኒያቱስ እንተተባሂሉ, ደርጊ ክስጎግ እንተሎ ደቂ ሓሙሽተ ዓመት ቆልዑ ካብዝነበሩ ጀሚርካ ክሳብ ብድሕሪኡ ዝተወልዱ ኹሎም, ማለት’ውን በዚ እዋን እዙይ, ብቑፅሪ ዳርጋ ፍርቂ ናይቲ ሕብረተሰብ ኣካላት ዝኾኑ, ብዘይ ትግርኛ ካሊእ ቋንቋ ኣይዛረቡን እዮም:: እዚኦም’ውን ኣብ ሕብረተሰብ ክሕወሱን መሰሎም’ውን ክሕለወሎም ብጣዕሚ ኣድላይን ግቡእን እዩ:: ካሊእ እዋን ትምኽሕተኛ ዝኾነን ኣድላይነት ዘየብሉን ቃል “ፈተኻ-ፀላእኻ, ኣነ እየ ወለተ ኣዴኻ!” ዝብል ዓይነታት ዘለባታት ከይድብረየኩም! (ተለኻኺምና ከይድብረየና?) እውንስ ሕሰብሉ ኢኹም!!
    ብሰናይ ብጥዑም ኣፍን የራኽበና……………….!!

  40. Gigi
    | #40

    Andu Ethiopiawee karegehe Arifehe Mehon new lek endeney.

    Ahun eshee enay yetetalahut ale??????….Hagerish yet new silu
    Ethiopia new emilew. Arfo yehonutin mehon new….Banihonew eko anihonewum neber…….lepoletica sicheneku mader…….sew kenesimu yiwoled yimesil.

    Demo yehonutinm mehon new. Andeyawom yehonuten….lela alihonu neger…
    wodew yehonutem new. tegedew sayihon. angdee mehon newaa…..
    Embee bilum eko….yesim guday new…..yawu yersewo hager

    Egypt new engee….ere saliteyikewo, Kale gibttom Ayarissum neber???

    Gebst sibal eko Gibbtoo mehonu new…….Gojamey ena Gibtton man
    leyayitot kedimowuns.

    Gibto nefsuu nat wondimey……elim yelewo Gojamey new new milih…

    Balitefa Gibto tadi animuamuat……Leziawum mitigelut Gijamen….
    Kerras ayiwordu yilual…..

  41. NONE YET
    | #41


  42. tsedale
    | #42

    I am most shocked on ambasador shinns statement, well who is he to make that statement on the ethiopian land, Can ethiopian ambassador do the same in usa? I want ethiopians to be aware all usa ambasodor have been taking a lot of gold bribs from ereterians for so long and eriterians are the employee in us embassy in ethiopia for a long time.

  43. Anonymous
    | #43

    Ayeeeeeee yewoyane negere… tsedale tigermalehe/sh! I advice you to look in the mirror and think deeply before pointing your finger at someone else.
    Who do u think it is that handed the only Ethiopian Seaport to Eritreans? Even though, the worst racist hatemonger Essays is the one that brainwashed, groomed and trained dictator Meles to be the most merciless, heartless looter and murderer, at least, Essays and his brainwashed Eritrean followers didn’t stay in Ethiopia and robbed Ethiopia blind, tortured, incarcerated, slaughtered innocent Ethiopians and sell Ethiopia’s fertile land to foreigners.

  44. ABATE
    | #44


  45. fikir
    | #45

    @yohannse Eshete

    I am interested when you said some of Northern Ethiopians opposing Menilik. I am very suspicious that could some Tigrayna, Eritreans and Amaras may have aligned in secret against Menilk because the crown went to Center instead of remaining North? I doubt Amaras are not fooish but remember who was Negde Gobeze who brought the issue of “Nations and Nationalities” isn’t he Amara? If this is the case this could be the reason to destroy the name Ethiopia for the sake of Abyssinia which foreigners could brainwash the Northern Ethioipa as better looking than the South. This is my suspicion and I don’t think Amaras except the gullible ones will buy this unless they maybe given ultimatum that unless Amara accept this then Tplf and Shabia could disintegrate Ethiopia. In fact this could be foolish because the reason the crown was centered was because the previous emperors lacked how to play right diplomacy and fight even though they did sacrifice for Ethiopia. Like Tplf and Shabia, it is possible, some Amaras could be brainwashed by foreigners even act like tplf and Shabia wich the whole issue is about ethnicity. This is the most dangerous thing because without uniting we will be a perfect game for foreingers. We are in hot zone where both Arabs and West want to take interest. I doubt even OLF would act that much towards Menilk. I think the rhetoric against Menilik is coming from Tplf and Shabia to divide Oromos versus Amaras. if you can elaborate what you know will be greate

  46. fikir
    | #46



    Well why are you explaining about Meles now? Why did he give away and land locked us? By the way, know history, Italy under Ase Yohannes occupied the region by the tiume Menilik took over, Eritrea was already lost to Italy and let alone free Eritrea, Menilik was fighting to free the entire Ethiopia and adwa. But we keep hearing the same borning worn out propoganda from tplf and Shabia how Menilik signed off bla bla.


  47. fikir
    | #47


    You ahve interesting history to tell, can you post information about this to read the origin of Saba, Ethiopia etc? thanks

  48. fikir
    | #48


    YOu are fool, or you are doing this on purpose, the reason for Kilil is prelude of the destruction of Ethiopia and he is the architect

  49. Shegaw Dejene
    | #49

    I do not understand, Why is this Author always misrepresent and exaggerate too much ? ? His articles always shows he is desperation and weakness.
    Please next time when you write an article, please do not forget and undermind your readers, since most of us aware and knows the facts what you are trying to mislead and confuse.

  50. Shegaw?
    | #50

    Shegaw Dejene,
    Ante bilo Shegaw? LOL!!! More like Wishetam sociopath! You can try, but we Ethiopians know when shameless and remorseless Woyane criminal mafia group disguise and pretend as Amharas, Oromoes, Christians and Muslims to mislead Ethiopians and continue robbing the country and other criminal activities. In the last 22 years, Woyanes have looted and committed despicable crimes against Ethiopia and Ethiopians — you won’t even be able to mislead mentally challenged people, let alone well informed Ethiopians…

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