Delusion of Oromo and Pseudohistorical of Emperor Menelik By Rosa Abadir

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Unfortunately, this happen to be a typical culture among various racist individuals/groups where we have noticed that a chauvinistic Tigrian TPLF sympathizers are branding those innocent Tigrians who rejects the TPLF tribal dogma as if they are Shabia minions and so on, and the same thing with racist Amhara who doesn’t accept their hate towards others are branding anti-Amhara, and the same symptom appears on to the racialist Oromo’s who thinks that an Oromo is not those progressive rational Oromo’s who strives for equality, justice and freedom, but instead to them an Oromo is he/she that hates and insult Menelik, Amhara and Christian. No doubt I am automatically labelled as Amhara or other now just because I clash with their crippled tribal dogma.

The recent reckless attack on Emperor Menelik and the crippled approach to portray Emperor Menelik as a devil by using unjustified fabricated stories by relentless crusade Jawar Mohammed and his alike naïve few diaspora based Oromo’s is laughable but at the same time irritating. They are digging every possible hole and climbing every mountain to multiply their lies in order to deceive the undeceivable society by screaming all over the planet day in and day out. Indeed, so much they are incapacitated to differentiate the patriotic Ethiopians from the enemies. Regardless, in the eyes of most real proud Oromo Ethiopians these few toxic ill-mannered individuals are almost unknown.

At present, a few Diaspora gullible Oromo’s whose minds are infected by tribal virus are apparently blind folded by the carefully crafted deceptive agenda that is orchestrated by TPLF/Weyane mastermind leaders; are using to justify their hate and crime and intended to revenge the current Amhara and Christians who had nothing to do with it. They are still restlessly screaming purposefully or mistakenly with the intention to unearth Emperor Menelik and his cabinet in order to face justice; however what they are doing right now is unwise and damages the popular struggle and endangers the survival of their own people and will hurt their own future dream and multiplies their enemy. Their distorted unjustified debacle about Emperor Menelik seems very ridiculous and shows how much they are driven by emotion and prejudiced and a fresh product of the divide and rule politics of TPLF.

Their reaction towards Emperor Menelik with distortion and unjustified accusation is understand why these few naïve Oromo’s are in such extreme agony trying to find an exit from the house of lie they have been lied and trapped for so long. Just because the TPLF evil gangs have fed them bunch of white falsehoods about Emperor Menelik and install a disguising statue to easily deceive their retarded minds doesn’t mean they are able to alter the apparent reality about Menelik. Surly, we can’t force these bonehead elements the truth as the truth shouldn’t be forced on people, but it should be available to people who need it. First of all, people like Jawar and his alike have failed to realize that history is not a fiction or ideology that they could enforce it with gun point or MECHA to make the subjects believe, but it is a past happening need to be told as it is and transferred to the coming generation. Apparently, they feel that they could twist or fabricate history to fit their imagination or wishful thinking.

However since most of them are driven by emotion and act like a rabid dog they are embarrassingly failed to understand this simple fact. Thus, they have no shame to tell us 5 million Oromo’s were killed by Emperor Menelik while the fact shows that the entire Ethiopia didn’t have that much population during the reign of Emperor Menelik. They have been unsuccessful to recognize that they cannot be correct by thinking or saying that they are correct instead they have to prove it with supporting evidence and convincing data, otherwise regardless what kind of method they use to represent their own idea as if it is correct, doesn’t make any sense because wrong is always wrong no matter what. We have seen that those who are trying to twist the fact and rewrite history to fit their false claim never been successful, but their lie uncovered by those who have the firsthand experience. They are unable to know that a thousand lies cannot formulate one truth. These few sick minded retarded elements who are accusing Emperor Menelik what he had done are either ignorant about world history or their judgment is merely distorted by tribal dogma. Let us put their endless unjustified falsified accusation about Emperor Menelik to the side but every country or society around the world established by expansionist or those who are looking for better place to settle, so what Emperor Menelik did is not different.

Apparently, most of them are claiming that they are concerned to Oromo’s but the fact shows contrary to their words and they have been inactive in the struggle except coming out from their cage once in the blue moon in order to insult Amhara and Christians while their own people have been killed and tortured everyday by TPLF tugs. Even today the saddest part is that they have inadvertently still fixated to Amygdala politics (based on what happened in the past) and blame Amhara, Menelik and Teddy Afro while their house is plundered by the TPLF gangs. Seemingly, they are unable to see the reality behind the curtain and identify the sheep in wolves clothing character of TPLF gangs. Moreover, for these racist individuals who are driven by emotion, ego, vanity, megalomaniac and self-serving behaviours nothing is important except giving a temporary empty fantasy to their moronic mind. That is why they have been unable to defeat their formidable enemy TPLF/Weyane and have been moving backward instead of moving forward.

In addition, the other fundamental problem with individuals like Jawar is that they like to climb the saddle with the expense of others, instead of taking a risk and lead the followers by being example. As a result currently Jawar seems to be entertaining himself by being glorified by his naïve followers; and he doesn’t want to be challenged, but he tends to preach about democracy while he is the one who is destroying the possibility of democratic process as he publicly declared that he will be using any weapon including MECHA in order to slaughter anyone who doesn’t buy his tribal fiasco.

Anyway, Jawar and his backward alike are a kind of nonsense individuals who are making empty loud noise and expecting to collect the pot of gold at the end of rainbow and no one wouldn’t be misled by their nonsensical voice except a few retarded arrogant gullible Oromo’s who are unable to see the things beyond their tribal line and being acting like a freaking confused mad dog. And individuals like Jawar and Lidetu Ayalew; are not only confusing our people but they are very dangerous for our popular struggle. They speak with forked tongues, which is of course half-truth and half lie in order to mislead the citizens.

The truth is that we cannot change the past, or change the fact that people acted in a certain way by insulting Menelik except exposing one’s callout and savage character, but we should use the past to guide us in order to understand the present and foresee the future. The past is over, so we should not clutch tightly as if it solves our present problem. Thus, the remaining smart Oromo politicians should understand this simple fact and instead of focusing to the ghost of Menelik and intend to revenge the current Amhara, Teddy Afro and Christians the crime nothing to do with it, they should focus on the TPLF gangs who are sucking their blood and eating their flesh, and forced them to wretched of poverty in the mid of plenty.

Anyway, we all know that most Ethiopians including the vast majority of Oromo’s have identified their enemy and hopefully our struggle would focus towards the common enemy. Therefore, we should promote & encourage the real Oromo politicians to reevaluate their dogma in order to know that the current Christians and Amhara people are not responsible for what had happened hundred years ago, but what should matter it what is happening today and should stop repeating the same detested motto and expecting different result. Regardless of the unjustified allegation against Emperor Menelik, the truth is Emperor Menelik is highly considered as a wise leader for mobilizing every Ethiopians to fight and defeat the extremely modern weapon mechanized Italian foreign aggressor at the 1896 Battle of Adwa followed by a disputed treaty knows as Wechale. In addition, he was widely known for introducing the country to modernization.

Whether they like it or not, the ground fact is that the future of the Oromo youth is not different to the future of either Amhara, or Gurage or other Ethiopian tribes’ youth including the Tigreans; their future is in danger and of course the TPLF gangs who make life intolerable and dreadful are responsible. TPLF is deliberately creating as well as inflicting hate among Ethiopian tribes, otherwise it would not survive without dividing as well as weaken our power, so true and real Oromo’s should not fall in its trap by playing its part of divide and rule political schema. On the other side other Ethiopians should also show their willingness to work with them, instead of failing on TPLF’s divide and rule trap. We have common enemy so we should be able to coordinate our struggle instead of splitting words and widen the bridge among us. Apparently, we have spent so much time degrading each other as “Ante Amhara vs. Ante Oromo” and it would not important to continue as such, because if we do so the enemy would benefit more than anyone of us.

  1. Dawi
    | #1

    Rosa said:

    [[..their own people have been killed and tortured everyday by TPLF tugs. Even today the saddest part is that they have inadvertently still fixated to Amygdala politics (based on what happened in the past) and blame Amhara, Menelik and Teddy Afro while their house is plundered by the TPLF gangs...]]


    Aba Mela (radio show) said that their are more radical OPDO members than Jawar Mohammed. He disclosed that Jawar came to the US by a scholarship and lived in the Ethiopian Embassy and still have connections with them etc.

    Having said that, you and others don’t seem to realize it but your own “hate” or blame of Meles/TPLF is the flip side of Jawar/OPDO “hate” of Menelik/Ethiopia.

    If the blind” hate” stops and a redemption starts from home on Meles/TPLF, I expect a possibility of corresponding response from Jawar/OPDO, whose mother btw is an Amara Christian.

  2. Gigi
    | #2

    Roza, why would Minilic or some body would do all of thous fights if
    this misilim Ethiopians gives the land to the boold sucker Pakistan
    and Igypt his brothern at the end in the name of political democracy
    for the Ethiopian musilims?????

    Or do you people mean your democracy comes with Ethiopia in A packeg for sell to musilims, just like you didnt sell the people them selves yesterday and today?????????

    When some body is crazy enough to do it, we are not missing the point
    that of where your mind is. We just have a problem with it other wise.
    what i mean to you is, you are betting on our kindness to our people about it, Ethiopia to intertain all of this musilim bullshit about it.

    What is your belife supose to do to my country or me????????
    Do not even call it a conversation we are having when we know
    where musilims stand on the ground. Which is at war with even the whole world let alone Ethiopia.

    Other wise for some body a misilim on the issue of democracy and the right to govern, most people in the govenment are misilims besides
    they are doing the jobs of an Invadar. Amd we know Islam an Inveder
    just in care we treat you like. You have no right’s to Invade any body
    it is againest the law and wrong to all man who didnt do any thing to you. We do not celebiret evel in the name of religion when your people
    are out to take what is ours and to kill us or to tell us lies in the name Islam. What is Islam???????? We know God other wise. Remember we are christians. Yours sounds like a cow story from India to me. And I aint dieing for no Cow at least. Say some thing else next time mat be.

    What a sham!!!!!!!! No body sayed they are missing there cows or some thing. Did you?????? If you did honey, take it easy, it is just a cow.

    And stop calling God a Cow, the Cow even would be a shamed of it and wouldnt like you for puting the cow in that position. Not to say to say God would take it the cows job, when he knows well and well whose.

    He might even make him look like a cow for that if he doesn’t look like one already.

    I the mean while we are trying to live here, could you people please give us some peace???????

    people are Farmers and parents and so on, we do not have time for your games please if that is playing or some thing in your vocabilary may be……..some fun would be sweet like some body sweet. If you must
    engage some body like that I mean. War for some thousend years is honey
    a pain in the … no…..that is and must be some evel.

    And if you call this nice life, you are very wrong. what we got to do with war. Why distroying 7 Billions peoples life’s like it belongs to you?????? we have heard Imperializim befor other wise your just happens to be loving some killing. I slam is what you call hate. Because they came up with it hating some body no matter the religon to you. So you are just some hattion people, because that is what Islam make’s you…………. and Some people like Miilic can see it honey ‘your problem’
    it fights every ones diginity when some body is some hating like that.
    But people should know what Islam is befor they kill there own people in the name of it. Not to say I know how to save the day may be they new that any how and the people woren’t listoning. The proof of that is
    even what this misilim Ethiopian officils are doing to the coountry to day with out going far to find an evidence. That is what Islam is.

    Other wise, why then????????? you know. They are Ethiopians enough
    to know what the heck went on the land other wise.

    Just because we have seen some Papasat of the Kifile hagerat that doesnt mean they are Kings of Ethiopia. Not to say they are not Kings of their intitlement which is Papasat. And who many of our Papasat
    got murderd my the Invaders?, Well no Ethiopia said I have forgotten that.

    And I Gigi here, I wish we didnt had any enemy, and we wore talking about some thing else. It is easy for some body like Minilic who was a king to
    protect the nation, but while some body enemy is on power you what you had to worry. No matter what kind of Ethiopians they are if they are haters they are hatters.

    And they are hatters enough distroying Minilics name. No enemy likes Minilic. It is a world known Fact. and they are not suppose too…..we know that….take it eay….

  3. Imiye Minilik
    | #3

    dear Rosa,
    I share the sentiment and would have reminded people that if there was a slaughter of huge proportions in Ethiopian history most probably it took place during the Oromo invasion of Ethiopia in the 16th century. And the perpetrators were Oromo invaders and the victims were Ethiopian tribes in south east, south and south west Ethiopia. Do you know why the Harar wall was built ? They say to protect the people from the Oromo invaders. But it didn’t help and the Oromo invaders managed to conquer the city and are supposed to have committed there some of the worst atrocities.So it seems if anyone is to be blamed for past crimes it is the Oromos. We should always remind that.
    Finally when you say Oromo whom do you mean ? Ethiopian tribes in south east, south, south west and central Ethiopia who adopted the Oromo invaders’ language after the 16th century ?

  4. D
    | #4

    As we are all brothers as we all have blood line of oromo, amhara, gurahge, etc we must not be tempted to creat opinion difference into ethinic groups. So much said i love Emperor menelik. But not because as some evil minds portray him as a ruthless amhara christian ruler rather because he is a symbol of fairness, bieng soft hearted Ethiopian king who serve his peoples equaly, as a lion hearted African warrior who defeated white colonialist and establishe a strong unified Ethiopia. Long live the name of Menelik. Long live Ethiopia.

  5. abebe
    | #5

    Emperor Menelik was our hero who unified Ethiopia as a nation and beat all her enemies to dust. We are very much proud of all our past visionary leaders who put the very best interest of Ethiopia ahead of their own. Teddy Afro a young, and intelligent, musician who captivated the imagination of all Ethiopians and also put the best interest of all Ethiopians ahead of himself. He never sold Ethiopian honor for a chump change like other musicians are doing, even now speaking. I wouldn’t be wrong to equate him with ,or call him the new young generation Bob Marley of Ethiopia .
    To the spiteful Jawar Mohammed, I have bad news for you wishy washy copy cat. You are nothing but a denigrated, subservient lackey of the Woyane riffraff, who lack an ounce of decency in your blood , provided if you have one. You are a low down scum of the earth who can do almost any thing for which you have been paid for, to draw attention to your self.
    God gave you a mouth to eat with, unfortunately you are using your mouth to s–t with , your insipid malicious lies that can catch up with you some day, and you will regret for saying it. Until then keep wallowing in your own guilt like pigs wallowing in mud.
    God Bless those who have positive attitude about Ethiopia, and to hell with those who wish her ill.

  6. ዘውዱ
    | #6

    ባለገሩ አስቸገረን እንጂ ኦሮሞ ,አማራ ሳንል የሸዋ ልጆች ከማንም ጋር መኖር እናውቅበታለን!!የደንበጫ ባለገሮች ለቀቅ አርጉን : ባለገር ምንግዜም አይሰለጥንም!!

  7. Sam
    | #7

    I think Jawar’s influence is exaggerated. Not only he, everyone who claims that the Oromo struggle is under his belt, but living in North America or Europe, is not telling the truth. It is a different generation, young generation, who constitutes the majority of Oromos back home as the other tribes. I do not think Jawar and his likes speak the same language, when it comes to politics, as the kids back home do speak. True, jawar might get a standing ovation talking to the Minnesota crowd, but that crowd has a negligible to zero influence in shaping up Ethiopian politics. Leave the guy alone. Let him leave the rest of his life dreaming, and in the process probably feeling important, and you know the rest — it becomes a culture unfortunately.

  8. ዳኒ
    | #8

    ስም ከመካብር በላይ ነው እንዲሉ የ ሚኒሊክ ስምን ያተፉ የመሰላችዉ የበለጠ እንዲታወኩና ሞገስ እንዲአገኝ አረጉአቸው.
    ድሮም ለራሱ ክብር የለለዉና dirty ለላዉን ሲያኮስስ የሚገፅጽ ህሊና የለዉም.
    ሁላችንም ከመጋረጃ በስተጅርባ ማን እንዳለ አውከን ትግላችንን ማስተባበር ነው.ግንዱ ሲወድክ ጭራሮቹም አብረዉ ይሰባበራሉ.

  9. Ford Rajan
    | #9

    Insulting people in disguise takes you no where! NOWHERE AT ALL! Why don’t you come out and speak? Instead of analyzing situations and reality, mesmerizing the accumulation of old logic-barren lies is not different. Let me tell you one thing if you are really have some values for logic and facts. The Oromoo are indigenous African People, Proud Africans. They are Cushitic bread and surrounded by their brethren others: Somali, Afar, Agaw, Hadiya, Sidama, … and multiple others. But your history tells us that you are from Middle east. How on earth a right minded person speak about Oromoo invading Ethiopia if Ethiopia is really in Africa? Let us speak truth! Let us glorify truth!

    | #10

    Well said, my fellow Ethiopian. Only badly brainwashed fools cry and complain about what may have or not happened a century ago while in the midst of a burning house. Sometimes, it is hard to comprehend why some educated Ethiopians get easily manipulated and fell to understand the tactics and DIVIDE and RULE agenda of the merciless, and racist TPLF, specially, while TPLF are treating Ethiopians as second class citizens, harass Ethiopians in and outside of Ethiopia, deny Ethiopians their basic human rights, rob, abuse, lock up, torture, gunned down, massacre, chased out Ethiopians and given and sold their land to foreigners, use young women and little children as commodities, etc. No doubt, TPLF see the majority of Ethiopians as gullible fools for easily manipulating them with the false history of the leader of TPLF, the dead brutal dictator Meles and his mentor, the leader of EPLF, Essays manufactured to divide Ethiopians. I can see TPLF laughing all the way to the bank, while some easily manipulated Ethiopians barking at the wrong tree.

    | #11

    Outrageous and shocking what these godless TPLF are capable of. Regardless one is a Christian or a Muslim, every man and woman that believes in the Freedom of Religion must read this article:

  12. Merhawi Negassi
    | #12

    Dear Rosa
    Even from the begining it is because you didn’t know yourself and
    your place that has been a problem and an obstacle till now when
    you realized it very late what has been told to you many times.
    I think you are either a victim of controlled information supply
    or you were trying to be hard headed denial as if you will outlive
    us and as if you will change the reality by trying to be so.

  13. Negassi AMAN
    | #13


  14. Anonymous
    | #14

    Brainwashed and Hate filled demented people like Jawar are a threat to Ethiopians and to all peace loving people around the world. Such kinds of hateful racist people that won’t shy away to slaughter and blow up unexpected people in a matter of seconds, should be reported to International Organizations Against Terrorism. People that are so blinded by hate, don’t even take a second to examine and know the difference between the loving God/Allah and the master of hate Satan. Causing harm, terrorizing innocent unarmed people and blowing up women and children has everything to do with Satan, and nothing to do with the merciful God/Allah and only bring shame to their religion. God/Allah only ask us to love and be kind to one another, not to hate and blow up people. Why would God/Allah asks anyone of us to slaughter people, if we believe that God/Allah himself is capable of destroying the entire world in a matter of a second? Peace loving Ethiopian Muslims need to denounce and distance themselves from people like Jawar.
    A must watch video:

  15. mohamad
    | #15

    Ethiopians we are wasting our time:the solution is already there:
    Of course the economic and cultural subjugation by the Amharas and their junior partners the Tigres is a historical accident. Amharas are not dominant because of inherent imperialist tendencies. The Oromos could have done it, the Wellamos [Wolaytas] could have done it and history proves they tried to do so. But that is not an excuse for the perpetuation of this situation. The immediate question is we must declare a stop to it. And we must build a genuine national- state.

    “And what is this genuine national-state? It is a state in which all nationalities participate equally in state affairs, it is a state where every nationality is given equal opportunity to preserve and develop its language, its music and its history. It is a state where Amharas, Tigres, Oromos, Aderes [Harari], Somalis, Wollamos [Wolaytas], Gurages, etc. are treated equally. It is a state where no nation dominates another nation be it economically or culturally.”

    Walleligne Mekonnen NOV 1969

  16. fira
    | #16

    u guys are haters including the writer of this article, u dont know the real history of ethiopia, ethiopia stands for cushites in the bible even. u came from south yemen, this is the true history .try to believe in ur real history. dont try to hide it. oromos and other cushites of east africa deserves to be called ethiopians. n ur history of 3 thousend yr is full of fallasies. rosa u r hater , u hate all non amharas. u are top commentor on social medias but ur comments are full of hates and dont have logic. u r oromo phobic and weyane Phöbic . weyanes are the one who brings positive change in ethiopia , while there are some bad things in it. so try to write constructive comments rather than hates and ur hate n lies will take u no where.

  17. Yishaq Negassi
    | #17

    PART I
    In its 50 years of existance as an official UN member state,why did
    Ethiopia waste all this time in an ever widening crisis, conflict,
    civil war and finally disintegration and paralysis ?
    Among so many reasons one is:
    Because of the recklessness of warmonger regimes who can not see further
    into the future and the willingness of corrupt social culture and corrupt public servantswho choose to live for their self interests and
    are willing to cooperate and cover up the injustices done by the warlords
    and strongmen against the general public and the state.
    If we take only two examples.
    1- who and what the root cause of Ethiopia’s misery of 50 years ?
    Many corrupts still are in the cover up bussiness and unwilling to see
    or accept the true nature of the problem by pointing the finger to
    Eritrea and its struggle as their scapegoat….while in the contrary
    the Eritrean struggle was a just struggle to correct the mistake done
    by one or two of these corrupt regimes by challenging them on behalf of
    not only Eritrea but also Ethiopia and the whole Ethiopian people and
    ultimately lead the public to see the light and march to successes of
    1974 and 1991 against few illegitimate and corrupt regimes and their
    wishes to keep the people illetrate and servant of their warmongering

  18. Anonymous
    | #18

    fira said:
    “… weyanes are the one who brings positive change in ethiopia…”
    LOL! Before you call someone a hater, you need to look in the mirror and face yourself. You can act, lie and pretend to care, but Ethiopians have seen enough and have been witnessing TPLF’s Human Rights Abuse and unimaginable cruelty in every part of Ethiopia, including on patriotic Tigreans in the last 22 years. Ethiopians are well aware that people like you have no love, sympathy and compassion for Oromos and the rest of Ethiopians.
    Here is a fraction of how Woyanes have been treating Oromos:

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