The Bay Area ….It is! (ESFNA)

January 30th, 2014 Print Print Email Email

It is with great excitement and fanfare that the Ethiopian Sports Federation in North America (ESFNA) proudly announces the beautiful bay area cities of San Jose and San Francisco as hosts of its 2014 annual tournament.

The bay area with its perfect scenery, landscape and weather; and close proximity to communities with large Ethiopian population is anticipated to be a most memorable experience for Ethiopians visiting from around the world. The Executive Committee, members of the host clubs and Board Members extend their warmest invitation to you and your families.

Please check our website ( or follow us on facebook ( and twitter ( for more detailed announcements regarding hotel accommodations, rental car deals, stadium, and vendor information. Thank you ESFNA

  1. tsedale
    | #1

    I am not happy how angelina joli wanted to make the first movie to air into the world about the negative part of our history after that practice been demolished, why not the positive side of our history why allways negative about us, how come she did not make movie about how men in this county rape their daughter do you know 1/3 of the women is raped by familly member and men also 1/7. Does she like us to do movie on their history what they did on black people in this country and air to our people, we have video to show, my people stop accepting this negativity onto your leaders and history.

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