Smelling another Round of Assaults By a patriotic and peace-loving Ethiopian

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About 2 decades ago the first round of assault was officially launched on Ethiopia by an invading anti-Ethiopia organization called TPLF. The assault was planned and executed with the help of foreign powers, primarily the US and UK, who have been salivating to use Ethiopia as a political and economic cow.

The preparation for achieving the first assault took many years and involved many steps, the major ones of which included the following:

-The systematic dismantling of the Derg regime, including making asylum arrangements for its leader, Mengistu, in Zimbabwe, during critical time.

-The weakening or elimination of popular patriotic Ethiopian organizations, like the EPRP (for example, the killing of 40 top EPRP leaders by TPLF in Gonder in 1991, as reported recently on Ethiomedia).

-Supporting and strengthening narrow ethnic-based anti-Ethiopia organizations, like the TPLF, EPLF, and OLF, by foreign entities.

-Creating an atmosphere of hopelessness, fear and mistrust among the Ethiopian population to cause instability.
After the TPLF took power in 1991, the plan was executed to accomplish the goal set by TPLF and its foreign backers. These included:

-Seceding Eretria from Ethiopia mischievously and illegally.

-Making Ethiopian landlocked mischievously and illegally.

-Creating further division, mistrust and conflict among the Ethiopian population along ethnic and religious lines.

-Conducting relentless assault on Ethiopian nationalism, including on the national flag, and the heroes/heroines of the country and its proud history.

-Selling large areas of fertile lands of the country to foreign investors by displacing the locals who own the lands and who depend on them for their livelihood.

-Owning most of the wealth of the country by TPLF elites and their collaborators, impoverishing the rest of the population.

-Allowing the take-over of many of the country’s other precious resources by foreigners in the name of investment and economic development.

-Suppressing democracy and freedom, and instituting absolute dictatorship and the reign of terror in the entire country.

-Promoting the proliferation of corruption, immoral practices and distractive behaviors in every level of the Ethiopian society.

-Unemployment, economic hardship and the associated effects on the majority of the population.

While all of these mean-spirited deeds were carried out under the disgraceful leadership of the late Meles Zenawi, Ato Dessalegn H. Mariam, as a successor, has also made his own share of contribution. We have been told that Ato Dessalegn would continue the work of Zenawi to fulfill his unfinished so called vision, and, unfortunately, that is exactly what Ato Dessalegn has been doing since he took office. The appointment of Ato Dessalegn as a care taker was a decision made by TPLF and its foreign backers. This way, the original plan of transforming Ethiopia into a “colonial” state is assured to be maintained.

Driving Ethiopia into a sad state of disarray and debilitation and still having control of the political machinery, presently, TPLF and its foreign backers seem to be prepared to execute a second round of assaults on Ethiopia. These assaults are designed to impact Ethiopia negatively from the exterior.

-Preparation is in process by the TPLF regime to give away part of western Ethiopia to the Sudan. Aside Ethiopia owning these lands, the decision to cede them was made secretly without informing the Ethiopian people.

-Representatives of the foreign governments who played major roles in putting TPLF in power in 1991, are now asking that Ethiopia and Eretria should start a relationship to work together to start business and improve their economies, knowing that such a relationship will only benefit Eretria while further harming Ethiopia.

-Along with the issue of establishing a relationship with Eretria, a discussion has also been initiated regarding the formation of some sort of confederation among East African countries, including Eretria. This topic was also discussed in some depth by US and Ethiopian politicians and scholars sometime before in the 1009s after the take-over of power by TPLF, but due to the lack of positive atmosphere for further consideration, the discussion was abandoned. The promoters of the idea now appear to believe that it is time for it to be revisited. Coincidental or not, recently, there was a piece of news from another source suggesting a renewed interest in confederation among the East African countries/states, but the proposal treats Ethiopia as an agglomeration of several independent states while leaving the other countries to participate in their present intact forms. Therefore, here too, sticking to the original plan set by TPLF and its backers more than 2 decades ago, the trend seems to promote the breakdown Ethiopia into pieces, behind the back of its owners, the Ethiopian people.

Because of its human and natural resource potentials for development, and the glamorous history and culture of its people, Ethiopia has been the envy of the world. Consequently, it has encountered numerous attacks by external forces to snatch away what belongs to her. The present so called rulers of the country are nothing else but implanted facilitators of the motives of the external forces. Any decision made on behalf of Ethiopia by the present regime cannot, therefore, be good for Ethiopia and the Ethiopian people should not accept it by any means. To have a free, democratic and prosperous country and move forward with the civilized world, it is essential that Ethiopians should get rid of the TPLF regime. That is where focus should be given and hard work should be sought at this very moment. The consideration of time factor is important here and it is vital to carry out what is necessary before it becomes too late and regrettable. A lot of time has already been wasted unnecessarily and a lesson should be drawn from that experience to do better. I ask you to think about it.

God bless Ethiopia and its beautiful people.

  1. aha!
    | #1

    Having defeated the Derg regime, they should have remained in their provinces and send delegation from Eritrea, Tigrai and other provinces to the central government to form a Provisional Government with the existing military, police and security forces intact instead of moving with their rag tag army of ex-liberation fronts and latter creating their own military, security and police forces aligned with what they call EPRDF party, which latter turned into a governing body, which amounted to nothing but an invasion of the central government.

    The latter scenario, dominated by TPLF and EPLF, has created a condition where TPLF as master architect of the constitution and party alignments along ethnic lines created a constitution with the ideologies of ethnic federalism, secessionism and totalitarianism and/or state capitalism without the full participation of those factions with the national agenda for unity, territorial integrity, sovereignty of Ethiopia and Ethiopians that could have been amenable to a democratic government, with a constitution free of ethnic and secessionist politics and/or policies and an economic model based on free market capitalism to ago along with social and/or liberal democracy, rather than totalitarianism and/or state capitalism combined with crony capitalism by TPLF/Political which occupied the central government Offices, TPLF/EFFORT, TPLF affiliated enterprises, cadres and foreign corporations particularly in the agro industry engaged in exploitation, economic and political strangle hold of the country’s resources much like the Dutch Boers of Ex-Apartheid South Africa.

    This article serves as the background to what has happened after the Provisional Government that resulted into the creation of ethnic federalism, secessionism and totalitarianism and/or state capitalism, with party alignments along ethnic rather than national agenda, that denies the silent majority free market capitalism, Ethiopian Nationalism and the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ethiopia, gave precedence to ethnic and secessionist rights than individual rights.

    Basically what the silent majority of Ethiopians are yearning for political and economic freedom, liberty and equality to super cede ethnic and secessionist rights, so I presume, with their major concerns with the previous monarchic regimes were about class struggle and workers rights and taxes.

  2. aha!
    | #2

    Correction: In the third paragraph the term “background” should read reinforcement to the description of the political model as TPLF/eprdf regime, where TPLF is politbeurro, now identified as being dominated by Eritreans by birth, controlling the killil administrators of self rule but separate development, seeking “yekilil mengistats iqulent mekeber”, seeking political space as if political space is a quantitative measure, and respect for ethnic rights, rather individual rights, the basis for democracy.

  3. Anonymous
    | #3

    The highest majority of Ethiopians are well aware that the homegrown TPLF terrorists hate Ethiopia/ns and they are worse than foreign invaders. Even the Italian dictator Mussolini and his army didn’t commit what TPLF have been doing to Ethiopia and Ethiopians for the last 23 years — TPLF have left Ethiopia landlocked, TPLf have been dividing Ethiopians for decades, TPLF have taken away the God given rights of Ethiopians, TPLF have been incarcerating innocent patriotic Ethiopians since they have been in power, they have been torturing, killing, looting, giving away and selling the most fertile land of Ethiopia, TPLf have been selling Ethiopian women and children for profits and so on… The few Ethiopians that have sold their souls for the mighty dollar like the TPLF puppet, the fake Prime minister–HMD should be held responsible for supporting the very people that are incarcerating, spilling the blood of innocent Ethiopians and destroying Ethiopia piece by piece. The mass majority of Ethiopians are well aware that the situation in Ethiopian under TPLF have been getting worse and worse… The question is, WHAT MORE IS GOING TO TAKE FOR ETHIOPIANS TO STAND UP FOR THEIR RIGHTS AND SAVE ETHIOPIA FROM HER DYING BED? WHEN ARE ETHIOPIANS GOING TO WAKE UP AND REFUSE TO BE LIED TO AND MANIPULATED BY TPLF? WHEN IS ENOUGH IS ENOUGH?

  4. Balcha Gebeyhue
    | #4

    Fellow Ethiopians, this is a true assessment of what is to happen next unless we’re organized as citizens and do something tangible to fight back.

    There has been enough discussion & meetings ….but sometimes they end up being sabotaged by well-paid TPLF cadres under the cover of ethnicity & federalism, etc sponsored by the TPLF mifia groupes. There is change in the air but to make a real difference let us contribute our time, money and energy to the patriotic Ethiopian fighters, wherever they are, currently engaged by any means necessary to stop tyranny and the humiliation of the citizens of Ethiopia in their own country.

    God/Allah bless Ethiopia.

  5. Shegaw Dejene
    | #5

    This article is full of lies and propaganda, it is waste of time reading it.

  6. Tamru
    | #6

    TThe megalomaniac small class of global elite knows very well on the continent of Africa, Ethiopia is perhaps one of the few places and may be the only nation where a black man can thrive and rise with unlimited potential to be a force to be reckoned by those who marshal the Anglo -European global war theatre. What is more these forces know well that Ethiopians for ages withered waves of foreign invasion and have proven to the world that they will not take their freedom lightly. Therefore , It will not surprise us to see the repressive forces to set aside our past achievements and try to revise our past by bringing a new yoke of slavery upon our people.
    Fortunately, for them they are there as king makers because they found very wicked and weak people in the first place who can be used for their enterprise. TPLF leaders are indeed docile servants who sold themselves in the service Anglo Europeans. Nothing has changed in the ambition and plan of these powers. Wherever they found willing servants they have in the past and will in the future deal business with. It is up to Ethiopians to put our priority first and come together to defend our very survival.

    [Shegaw Dejene], far being from the truth not this article but your statement is that is the one that is a BIG LIE.
    Check this out how TPLF is a hired servant of the west.

  7. Anonymous
    | #7

    Actually the article (if it can be called an article) has no substance and the writer is just venting his own self frustration

  8. Yilma
    | #8

    I am not sure what the author wants todo? It is too late, the ethiopian revolutionaries did this. Not only the TPLF, we do not have any choice we are in the mercy of TPLF

  9. Solomon
    | #9

    I just came back from Ethiopia last Saturday, my god ! Everything changing positively. Every where you go construction and devlopement.
    I can not deny that Ethiopia is in the good hand.


  10. Ante bilo Shegaw
    | #10

    So called Shegaw,
    What are you doing here? Do yourself a favor, go to AigaForum. Articles like these are not written for closed-minded, insensitive, remorseless, guiltless, and people that lack good logic and conscience.

  11. Anonymous
    | #11

    What a nerve! In the eyes of Woynes like Solomon, Shegaw and the rest of TPLF, Ethiopia is doing just fine as long us they eat and fill their bank accounts with money, regardless, millions of Ethiopians still trying to make ends meet, find their daily meal in the city trash dump, starving to death and countless number of Ethiopians incarcerated, abused, tortured, and massacred by the brutal TPLF regime:

  12. Observer
    | #12

    Thank you for reading my article. I particularly thank those who are concerned about our country and people and share their knowledge to teach us more about the problems with the TPLF and to complement my article (1,3,4,6,10). Yes, TPLF is a valueless, spineless and brain-dead organization put in place to serve its masters more than anybody else at the expense of the Ethiopian people. These traits of TPLF are linked to the backwardness, lawlessness and slave mentality of its members whose roots are anchored to the colonization of Eritrea by Italy. Ethiopians are free of all these and that is the reason why they did not expect what TPLF is doing to Ethiopia. Now it seems that they have learned a lesson and they would do whatever is necessary to free their country. This being the case, the main message of my article is to emphasize the urgency of the matter and appealing to Ethiopian to take action as soon as possible by considering the looming boarder issue with the Sudan and the floating idea of confederation of East African countries that are designed to kill Ethiopia.

    As to those who are not impressed by my article but by the buildings in AA , I am not surprised because there are always people who are hired by TPLF to do this. I was also in AA recently, and I have never seen such an inhospitable place anywhere in my recent life. It is a place where ordinary people are forced to live like animals/slaves toiling only for existence- it is sad to see their agony in their face. On the other hand, from what is seen on TV, etc., it looks the TPLF people are enjoying this agony of the people. Simply, there are no basic services of kind and it is like hell to be there. It is pure lie to talk about development by referring only to some wasteful, unplanned, offensive and useless buildings. Addis Abebians and others in the country understand that that something is wrong there and needs to be changed. I suppose that is answer to the problem.

  13. aha!
    | #13

    I have the same query to the author as that of Yilma #8, with “what the author wants (us) to do?”. It a rational question, since the essay should lead to some strategy to overcome, so we do not feel in despair as to say “we do not have any we are in the mercy of TPLF.” The way I understand it the author is trying list the causes/background for the creation of political model of TPLF/eprdf regime/current ruling party and its mirror image of OPDO/EFDF/Medrek/fdre with ethnic rather than national agenda. The national agenda embraces the goals for unity, territorial integrity, sovereignty of Ethiopia and Ethiopians. The TPLF/eprdf party/rgime is composed of ex-liberation fronts, which fought the Derg regime against oppression of nations and nationalities by the previous regime, different from EPRP engaged in class struggle against HIM’s regime and latter against Derg regime against Military dictatorship of the Derg regime to a civilian rule, which nevertheless was on the same page with EPRP with respect to the national agenda to maintain the unity, territorial integrity, sovereignty of Ethiopia.

    Having said that divides the political models fall into two political forces as the a) the negative forces of disintegration as TPLF/eprdf and its mirror image, b) the positive forces of integration as EPRP, KAUEP, and others to save Ethiopia from disintegration, maintain Ethiopian Nationalism versus those with Ethnic federalism and/or Ethnic secessionism/Ethnic Nationalism to perhaps follow that up with the ratification of the constitution with respect to Article 2, the flag, Article 46 ethnic federalism, Article 39 (1), Article (8), etc. reinstate press freedom, reverse anti terrorism to reflect strictly external terrorism, not the freedom fighters. So I think with background listings the author is speaking in defense of those constituents with national agenda and against those with ethnic agenda destined to disintegrate Ethiopia from its traditional one nation state into a multi-national states along linguistic lines and party alignment along ethnic lines and demarcation of Ethiopian land mass into major ethnic boundaries, fuzzy leading to future boundary disputes, a prelude to ethnic secessionism, on going ethnic cleansing rather than leaving the original provinces to create a federated states with individual freedom as the center piece of the constitution to form a truly democratic government.

    You are right about the Ethiopian revolutionaries are to blame for following a democratic revolution rather than Marxisist/socialistic revolution which have could have been a stepping stone to build up a constitutional monarchy similar to United Kingdom, where traditional system of administration to bring about changes in the class struggle, rather to play a zero sum game of destroying the past in the name of Socialistic revolution based on the oppression of nations and nationalities as manifestation of the TPLF regime and its mirror image OPDO/EFDF/Medrek/fdre with ethnic agenda, where the opposition has engaged in the contentions for ethnic rights, “yekil Mengistats iqulent Mebit mekeber, democracy and human rights, where human rights plays as common denominator for all ethnic groups.

  14. realistic
    | #14

    What I really don’t understand is that how is it everyone want a free ride without sacrificing anything? It is said that under Menilik 5 million were killed with poison gas. Here we are for the past 21 years we haven’t done zilch. In fact, I see Eritreans in every insituation in the diaspora working tirelessly to protect their country from Ethiopia and collaborating with foreigners to kill Ethioipia. It could be too late now… we had 22 years to do something about it and in 2005 CUD had a little breathing but was quickly killed. This is perfectly orchestrated by Tplf, Shabia and foreigners. What is worse is that being diaspora has made us hardly effective at all or use our resources to be able to form alliance. I remember there was a professor who gave a warning early the dangerous plan that Tplf and Shabia will be planning against Ethiopia. Many bashed him saying he doesn’t know politics. We deserve it. What is worse, we even allowed our own division in the diaspora.

  15. Southerner
    | #15

    The problem is, Ethiopias opposition will not materialize to be useful political opinion nor able to defeat EPRDF, since the oppositions top leadership post totally dominated by single minority tribe (Amhara tribe). If opposition is serious about politics, then must abandon their AMHARA TRIBALISM stance and join Ethiopias majority (Non Amhara Ethiopians), if not, the opposition will continue to be powerless joke.

  16. Observer
    | #16

    #15, southerner (?),

    Your Amara, non-Amara classification is the TPLF sick political game copied from colonial legacy that once prevailed in Eritrea. Refresh your knowledge and common sense. What we have now in Ethiopia is a pro-Ethiopia and pro-democracy group on the one hand and a TPLF-lead anti-Ethiopia and anti-democracy group on the other. There is no as such Amara domination in any political sphere in present day Ethiopia unless you consider pro-Ethiopia and pro-democracy is equal to Amara politics. If you don’t accept this, stay with you narrow and backward tribal mentality following you masters’ instructions. Sooner or later Ethiopians will win and live together in peace. This land called Ethiopia belongs to them.

  17. aha!
    | #17

    Demonizing, marginalizing, precede by genocide and an ongoing ethnic cleansing of the Amhara ethnic group, the vanguard of Ethiopian Nationalism along with all other ethnic groups had been the hall mark of TPLF, for it to prevail among the teletafi parties of ex-liberation fronts which fought against the Derg regime against oppression of nations and nationalities but not for class struggle for land reform, workers rights, which are based on national agenda than ethnic agenda. This sums up the struggle of the silent majority upon the constitution with the ideologies of ethnic federalism, secessionism and totalitarianism and/or state capitalism, that denies the private ownership of land, and ethnic federalism the denies them Ethiopian Nationalism and its sovereignty and gives precedence to ethnic and secessionist rights as stipulated in Article 39 (1),which fall under ethnic secessionism/ethnic nationalism, upon ethnically defined boundaries contrary to previously defined provincial boundaries with assorted ethnic groups. Basically, the struggle in Ethiopia is between the negative forces of disintegration: TPLF/eprdf and OPDM/EFDF/Medrek/fdre and the positive forces of integration: KAEUP and other opposition parties, EPRP and others in the Diaspora of which the Amahara ethnic group is in all of them, which in of itself is a problem to the Amahara ethnic group, driven by TPLF Politbeurro to the demise of those who struggle to regain Ethiopian nationalism and its sovereignty with independent branches of government with individual freedom, having precedence over ethnic and secessionist rights for a democratic rather than ethnic rule to prevail in Ethiopia.

  18. mohamad
    | #18


    Why do you want to dismantle ethnic federalism, when the majority love it? By now, dismantling ethnic federalism is equal to dismantling Ethiopia. I can tell you the moment ethic federalism is over, Ethiopia will be history! It is easier you use article 39 and make your killil independent if you hate ethnic federalism. It is simply too late to dismantle ethnic federalism. It won’t happen.

  19. Patriot
    | #19

    No where in the world people of one country are purposely/officially divided along ethnic lines by their own government unless that government is planning to destroy that county. It is an invitation by the government for the people to kill each other and destroy themselves and their country. This is the policy and plan of the TPLF-led so called government, which Ethiopians have so far resisted to fall into its trap. No wonder why the TPLF-led government is doing this to Ethiopia–all the key players in the government are Ethiopia haters whose ancestral origins are from Eretria. Together with their expatriate backers (mainly British and American politicians and corporations) they want to keep Ethiopia as a “colony” for exploitation of its natural resources. That is their bottom line. Most Ethiopians, both at home and here in the diaspora, have now come to understand this, and let alone accepting this harmful policy, are in the process of finding a way to get out of it as soon as possible. It will not be too long before this happens and Ethiopians begin to live together in a democratic country with freedom, equality and dignity.

    #18 above: It is clear that you are one of the supporters of the TPLF and beneficiaries of the system that sucks the blood of Ethiopians. It is shame to have such “human” beings in this 21st Cent in our planet, but I hope that it won’t be that long before they are totally eradicated.

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