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We the people who recieved Ethiopia from our ancestors victorious country against NAZISM and CLONIALISM were extremly ashamed last time our brother fall victim on the Arab streets! He was sloughtered in day light and even his dead body was scolded as THE DOG, THE HABESHA IS DEAD! It was realy the highest national humiliation day among many other similar incidents. Was that the first time we had been forced to be depressed with such grave situation we have found our country under gun points? The answer is No. The beginning of Shamefull and unheard of atroscious perpetrations on Ethiopia as a country and its people as a whole started far beyond that.

The Ethiopian youth who was mutilated wearing the once proud and victorious flag of Abissinia (but still beeing honoured by standing high in different shapes and forms in several African countries & the Caribians) could be the pick event for us Ethiopians to say ENOUGH is ENOUGH. On the other hand, this particular sad event could represent the suffering of our Ethiopian refugees in tens of thousands who are wandering in the wilderness of Arab countries and around the Globe. Unbearable sadness surrounds us when we remember those who were eaten by hyenas on the land, Sharks in the sea, our beautiful young sisters who were sold everywhere like ordinary items, those who were robbed their internal organs and left to die in sever pain.The collosal suffering is still going on as we speak despite our brave compatriots have done huge demonostratios around the World with spectacular and positive effect , which is comendable and must continue!

All these: sever Human rights violations, harrasments, sever beatings, extra judisiery mass murders in our mother land were done in the name of fake BETTER LIFE , DEMOCRACY and ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT mocked by an enemy infested Government who preaches it stands for the BEHERS AND BEHERESEBOCH.The criminal Government who is in power now never mentions about bad governance, lack of democracy and basic Human right violations.The human trafficing and trading on our children by giving nice cover words like ADOPTION but in fact sugar teinted poison. All these were planned action and are part of the destruction and disentegration of a great country. It was, and still is a massive attack on the country implemented for the last several decades. Befor our Humiliation was started as people thanks to our forfathers struggle we were one of the two non colonial countrie throught the continent of Africa. The blood and bones of hundreds of thousands heros cementing our sovereighnity and boarders the beloved country was not only free by herself but also fought for the freedom of other. It was highly respected even by the standard of the WORLD POWERS and the UN. Please open these attachments and look into this fact for your:

We, the generations of MERET LE ARASHU and FANNO TESEMARA have seen three Governments with the opportunity to compare them all with each others. Most agree with many scolars who have described Ethiopia as having a long history of Wars, that our country has never get rest from War being fought after another War.We have not seen also a smooth transfer of power until now. When we describe these three, past and present, Governments THE LAST THREE, it is not meant to prefer one and reject the other, in fact previously and at present time most of our generation scholars were not satissfied with what is going on, most of us are still in the opposition camp throught these decades.

What this article is trying to express is that in every of the previous Governments we have seen more than enough atrocities, day light crimes, genocides and war crimes but we could mention some positive things in all the sufferings, and so we as people have to start keeping the good things of the past, if there were some left and transform power to the next generation if possible peacefully bearing in mind that many have lost hope of this method of struggle and were forced to go the other way. What we are seeing in every consecutive governments up to now is abolishing everything the previous had left, even the good ones and go back to ground ZERO or in other words start again from the scratch.

During King H.Selassie there were some good developments for the country at least in terms of foreighn diplomacy, as you have seen in the attachment above, education etc. But the negative events of the Welo/Tigray hidden famine wich was gradually revield to the World and also the relactance of the King not to transform his power even to his elder son led to his demis. We, the youth of those times, had some good slogans like MERET LARASHU, all those events were the main reasons for the late King’s overthrough. We have noticed that we have come from Bad to Worse.

During the DERG the Government started with YALE MINIM DEM ENKENWA YIWDEM, BEKENA MENFESE ETIOPIA TIKDEM, sent us the then youth to EDGET BE HIBRET ZEMECHA which had some positive aspect in terms of abolishing illitracy, but then we had to end up with ABIOT LIJOCHWAN TIBELALECH. It was true, the unfortunate youngsters and scolars were massacred in the RED TERROR, except some lucky ones who narrowly escaped the horror, 60 former higher officials including brilliant highly educated individuals like Aklilu Habteweld and Endalkachew Mesay were shot by the Derg fire squads without proper judiciery verdict!

Then came the WEYANE HARINET TIGRAY who never gave HARINET neither to Tigray nor to Ethiopia as a whole but Eritrea. They started with slogans like Democracy for all Ethiopians, YE BEHER, BEHERESEBOCH NETSANET and so, most people believed them and with the support of the masses they abolished DERG. At the end of the day not only Democracy disappeared except for a glimps of time, but the land which was promised would belong to the people was grabbed and cheaply sold to the Arab countries, India, China and any other bidder. Remember: one of the slogans of the BALE RA EYU MERI who stopped excisting was MERET YE HIZB NEW,AYISHETIM. MERET YEMISHETEW BE EGNA RESA LAY BICHA NEW. Anyway he by himself is a RESA now, let us leave him harmless alone as he is gone for ever.

EPLF in collaboration with its creation TPLF had a hidden evil Ajenda against our motherland from the beginning, and that was how to destruct the country, loot it to its bones and disintegrate as a country all together. They had been trying to implement it for over 22 years now and still are doing that.The only positive thing Ethiopia recieved from TPLF, if we call it positive with ASHMUR is: the low quality roads, buildings and some dams which are prone to leak befor even they start functionings, deliberately missusing the econmy for destruction in the name of building a country, eradicating beautiful forests and their Animals. That is part of thr betreyal and treason against a Glorious country. The PM who is no more, loved to accuse patriots with a strong word like TREASON, that was how he reversed the word to be applied on many Ethiopians who love their country.

Forget about the roads, buildings, and dams which are built by a minimal fraction of foreign Aid collected in Billions in the name of Ethiopian poor children and peasants. This is without mentioning EFFORTS billions in capital conglomerate which Ethiopian people never used or have seen. Remember about the fact that over $22 Billion in hard currency has been secretly stolen from the country and stored in foreign countries Banks, The countrys Gold and coffee productions are still at the hand of Rich investors, Mind you, not EFFORT or Ethiopian wealth in terms of Gold export had ever been oditted. On the contrary what Ethiopians as people have recieved from the criminal government is: joepardy of their sovereignity as a country, handing over the land as cheap as possible to any bidder, wars in every direction of the country, invading another country in the name of Ethiopia – SOMALIA, land locked country, destruction of the Biblicaly old culture and belief of Ortodox christianity, causing conflict among religions and ethnic groups, interfering in the Islam believers and imposing on them other sects against their will. So, as a result of EPLF/TPLF animosity against Ethiopia and her people we are left with: destruction, mass murder, commiting crime against Humanity, war crimes and misery to our people in general, BE ENKIRT LAY JORO DEGIF ENDILU – Land grab and Human trafficing was delivered to us also as a tip. To understand TPLF’s POLPOT style of mass extremination of millions of Ethiopians, one has to understand the so called MANIFESTO: Please open the folowing attachments about TIGRAY MANIFESTO OF THE 1976:

Ethiopia the Glorious symboll of the Black race is not only our mother land but the black race in general including Eritrea whether it preferes to live separated or in Unity, Federation or confederation. What EPLF/TPLF had conspired on Ethiopia would sooner or later backfire on the perpetratures of these Human sufferings, war crimes, genocide and crime against Humanity. Notice one more important thing, no one from ethiopia is allowed to participate among the government officials of Eritrea to rull, on the other side most higher officials in Ethiopia are pure Eritreans by blood or halve Eritreans by blood. WHY? In fact these two organizations should be responsible for the crimes commited on both Eritrean and Ethiopian side, they are the once who brought animousity of otherwise brotherly and sisterly two countries by todays standard who lived for thousands of years in peace and love. Another important thing people should analise is, to understand that TPLF/EPRDF never represents the people of Ethiopia ELECTION OF THE 2005 is sufice to remember. like wise EPLF dont represent the people of Eritrea.

Coming back to our foreign relations: the Black race in general still considers Ethiopia as their symbol of liberty, the symbol of victory over collonialism! The brutal and cruel Slavery system took place for terrible 400 years. The Black movements in America recognized Ethiopia as a great country for her spectacular VICTORY OF ADWA which was lead by the excellent leadership of King Menelik and Etege Taitu Bitul! Of course the war was fought by the entire people of Ethiopia. Today Every Ethiopian who loves his country should educate the international Black community activists what is realy going on in the country. We have to draw their attention inorder they also help in saving our motherland from destruction.We have to show them in what a dangerous condition is Ethiopia found tody. Our Jameikan brothers and sisters in whose songs always adore and praise Abissinia for her struggle against colonializm and slavery should sing some lyrics for the suffering Ethiopia of today.

Our African brothers and sisters whome Ethiopia had helped in the struggle to bring them out of colonialism in the 1950ies and 1960ies have to participate in the process of saving Ethiopia herself to come out of the Black colonizers being imposed by her oun betraying children! In general Ethiopia in the past known as Abissinia is at the verge of disentegration and total destruction due to continous attack by her internal and external historical enemies, hence we as people have to collaborate within the country’s patriots and external Black community movement including activists in general to liberate our country. For sure most of the struggle comes from within the country but it would not be wise to ignor the international support! Betraying the Glorious symbol of the black race should be stopped and the perpetratores of atrocities brought to face justice!

Ethiopia the symbol of the Black race should prevaile!
Our motto of the time should be:


  1. Minilik
    | #1

    Not really a symbol of black race, abyss. is a shame of all black race. Find out the truth. You get answers from both minilik ii and teferi mekonnon. Never proud being black, never accepted that they are black.

  2. selam
    | #2

    Same thing. What did the dispora do that is really tangible? I see Eritreans working and getting out of their comfort to be in every institutions working to disintegrate Ethiopia so that Eritrea can be the power in the region. Depression is not the answer. Depression means sitting still figuring out what went wrong when it is better to go out unite for Ethiopia’s agenda. You have to change with time. As for other Africans or black, they are struggling with racism let alone save Ethiopia however, black or white there are stil many who like Ethiopia, it is up to us to apprach them. It is up to us to put our differences aside and assign ourselves to save Ethiopia wherever they are.

  3. SEMERE.
    | #3

    There is one credible thing I learned in the last few years
    about Ethiopia.
    And it is though the people think they were struggling for
    democracy and rule of law at home, the one real struggle
    was by diaspora Ethiopians against the Tplf/Woyane regime.
    All the results of my research show that there is almost no
    real opposition to Tplf/Eprdf has taken place so far inside
    the country that really resists or opposes the ruling regime
    other than flowing in the direction which the regime wants it.
    Real opposition and resistance to woyane/Tplf has came only from

  4. Qeldegna
    | #4

    I never read a strange article like this one before where one is not sure whether the author is joking or serious. I also never read an article with so many spelling mistakes before, which appears to be intentional by the way.
    And what is this “ABBISINIA” ? Only someone with dubious motives would call Ethiopia that way. Didn’t a certain professor Haile Larebo say recently that that term was never used by Ethiopians to refer to their country ?
    To be honest I didn’t know that such articles are allowed to be published on this site, the issue is okay but not the article.

  5. aha!
    | #5

    WEGESHAW! Your narratives may be expressed in a modular context as TPLF/eprdf regime, a conglomerate of ex-liberation fronts, with ethnic rather than national agenda, which fought against oppression of nations and nationalities by the previous regimes. After the fall of the Derg regime, it created a constitution with the ideologies of ethnic federalism, secessionism and totalitarianism and/or state capitalism along with crony capitalism run by TPLF/political, TPLF/EFFORT, TPLF affiliated enterprises and foreign corporations particularly in the agro-industries, a free market capitalism available to vocal minorities with the silent majority denied the ownership of land anywhere in Ethiopia as one of the means of production as a cover up for free market capitalism, democracy, freedom, the humanitarian, economic and political and environmental crises perpetrated by TPLF/eprdf regime with massive budget support, grants and foreign aids by the donor nations, contributing to the two digits GDP growth that does not show for the per capita income of the population as a whole, to say the least about being sel sufficient in food production, let alone poverty.

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