Irrigation Minister of Egypt: We will not recognize the Entebbe Convention

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Irrigation Minister Mohamed Abdel Muttalib said on Thursday that Egypt will not recognize the Entebbe Convention.

“The Nile in Egypt will not dry out, and Ethiopia does not realize the importance of the Egyptian proposals to resolve the outstanding differences on the Renaissance Dam,” he noted.

The minister also said the government has developed scenarios to face Ethiopia’s intransigence so as to ensure Egypt’s rights to the Nile water. “We will announce those scenarios soon,” he said.

“We will waste no more time on negotiations,” he said. “We will only talk again if Ethiopia has something new to say about our proposals.”

Egypt proposed to halt the construction of the dam until studies are completed under Ethiopia’s conditions within a year at the most. Also, international experts should follow the work of the Tripartite Commission of Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia that is responsible for the technical studies of the dam.

“Ethiopia did not involve the member states and started to build the dam unilaterally, exploiting the conditions Egypt has been going through since the January revolution,” Abdel Muttalib said.

He explained that The Nile Basin Initiative discussed the possibility of building two dams on the Blue Nile, namely the Border Dam to store 14 billion cubic meters of water and the Mandaya Dam to store 49.5 billion cubic meters.

Six states had signed the framework agreement in 2010 and 2011, namely Ethiopia, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi. They said that they sought a fair redistribution of the Nile water, as the downstream states of Egypt and Sudan enjoy the lion’s share as per an agreement signed under the British occupation.

  1. LM
    | #1

    Egypt will not recognize the Entebbe agreement? Well, Ethiopia and six other countries will not recognize the 1929 and 1959 agreements. These seven states are waiting for Egypt to say something new other than “historic rights” and “international agreements”. How about “the 1929 and 1959 agreements are unjust and obsolete and we, Egypt, formally renounce and abolish them”, but I won’t hold my breath.

  2. Ittu Aba Farda
    | #2

    Ok, Mr. Minister!!! What is next? You have another stubborn maniac on the other end and just as undemocratic and despotic as yourself. The difference is he sees you as a neighborhood bully and you look at him in contempt as a street ‘nigger’(Al-Khaddam) and all the other signatories of the Entebbe Convention as some easy push-over ‘niggers’(Khaddmis). In the 50′s, 60′S and 70′s it was ‘Ezreel’ and ‘Amreeka’ then and now you have found another war drum you call derogatorily intended ‘Habashi’. Go ahead!!! Do something about it. It has been a long drought since you took a licking last time!!! Go ahead and be up to it!!!! Or are you just rapping sugar drunk after gulping down too much halawa!!! Man up and do something about it.

    | #3

    በአማርኝችን ባቄላ ጠፋ ቢሉ ፈስ ቀለለ አደሚሉት ማለት

  4. Gezaee Hailemichael
    | #4

    This is Alula Wedi Agame. We told you people , Ethiopia, these are bastards of human being. They are a group of monkeys. Leave alone for you, they did not spare their own kinsmen and they slaugheteed their own men and women, 2500 so far. Not only Ethiopia, they would not mind wiping all human being on our planet if they have the capacity. But one things, they are desert rats who will not stand the gallant Ethiopians.We an army that smelling gonder powers. We will crash them and make sure they will never ever again talk about the Nile. I repeat again and again, hit the snane on the head.There is no other remedy. The remedy is to crack the head of the snakes.

  5. Alula Wedi Agame
    | #5

    I have been telling Ethiopians, it is waste of time to talk to this desert rats. The only solution is to pollute the water aand wiped them out from the face of the earth. They are world threat. I must convey a message, they have network all of the world, not only to destroy Ethiopia, but the entire human being. World be warned. These writers knows a deep secret. The world is underthreat. The western world does not know.

  6. dshifr
    | #6

    It is abundantly clear that all the Anglo-Egyptian treaties vis-à-vis the Nile waters were racist and in line with the other racist laws of the time, which considered black Africans as sub-human. I mean one really can’t forget that the Native Land Act of South Africa of 1913, which allocated just 7% of agricultural land for blacks, or Africans in spite of the fact that they comprised 67% of the population parallels the colonial laws that Egypt flaunts boldly which it claims provide it with control of Nile waters despite it not providing a single drop. I mean there are so many of these racist colonial laws in Africa that have targeted blacks and stripped them of their resources that I am ashamed that the whole world doesn’t call Egypt’s racist position what it really is, blatant racism!

  7. dshifr
    | #7

    doesn’t this sound awfully similar to what the Egyptians are pushing?
    “At a stroke, the passing of the Natives Land Act on 19 June 1913 saw the majority of South African land reserved for whites, or Europeans. Just 7% of agricultural land was set aside on reserves for blacks, or Africans, though they comprised 67% of the population.”

  8. dshifr
    | #8

    These Egyptians think that …..sanctioning Ethiopian ships through the Suez will get them what they want. If they go that direction, Ethiopia should fast track the building of a multipurpose dam and use the water for irrigation in the name of self-sufficiency.

  9. Getachew
    | #9

    Ethiopia does not share historical contract in any form or shape with Egypt regarding “Historical right” that the Egypt gov blubbering about, thus the primary rights and primary user of the water and the majority of the water should be reserved to Ethiopia, if Egypt refuse to abide by such rule then Ehiopia must divert every feeding rivers in the country to flow to other directions to use it for irrigations and build artificial water lakes without limits.

  10. Next call
    | #10

    This is the first time i stumbled on the fact that Egypt agreed to the two dams,Mandaya and Border Dams. While this is not bad news, on the surface, it is probably a ‘ delaying tactic’ by Egyptians for such project will definitely take more time and obstacles. I think Ethiopia should take up on the Minister’s proposal and build the Mandaya Dam for irrigation purpose without giving up the project underway. Considering the fact that Egyptian diplomats are courting major donors of Ethiopia, i am inclined to believe that there will be a compromise of some sort. This said, i still think it is important to set aside a water quota of some sort for Ethiopia given the scarcity of water in some of our vast country and the cost of building such channels has come down. If railways can be built in some of the toughest terrains in the World, i see no reason that water can not be diverted with ease. The Egyptians have already diverted the NILE OUT OF ITS NATURAL COURSE, SO SHOULD WE. How are we to divert these waters without claiming certain quota…… Any and all agreements with Egypt should stipulate Egypt to fetch alternative source of water like desalination and use of their massive aquifer.

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