Amharas or Amharicans and who to blame in Ethiopia? By Admasu Belay

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This article is in response to the commentary “Ethiopia Anew: A Call to Amhara Ethnic People” which has shocked many Ethiopians around the world. We all respect the work of Dr Zelalem Eshete in trying to solve the maze that is Ethiopian politics. But his article indirectly vilifying and accusing Amhara people is misleading and historically inaccurate. Just like OLF’s best friend Wallalign Mekonnen, Dr Zelalem seems to have bowed down to the pressure and propaganda waged by the tribalists among us.

I will discuss how Dr Zelalem’s article asking “Amhara people” to confess and repent our so called “sins” defies common sense. First of all, we have to understand the different identities in Ethiopia and how they are created. Did the Amhara ethnic group or “Amhara nation” ever existed before? Ofcourse no. If the myth that an Amhara conquest/oppression of others (like Oromo, gurage etc) ever happened, then shouldn’t an “amhara nation” exist first? The truth is an “Amhara country” never existed. The only two times we see a resemblance of one “amhara nation” or geographic entity in history is during the brief Italian occupation and under the current TPLF rule. Having lost in their first war against Ethiopia, the Italians knew the only way they can weaken Ethiopian patriots was by divide & rule policy. That strategy eventually fell and we know the current TPLF/OLF aparthied system will also fail.

Dr Zelalem’s first mistake is in believing the “amhara” ethnic identity currently propagated by TPLF/OLF. While there are some people who label themselves Amhara, most of us never call ourselves amhara. For example, i am from Wollo and all my family members say they are Wolloye, all neighbors back home and all friends say they are Wolloye, never Amhara. What Wallalign Mekonnen said is actually better applied here because us Wolloyes have our own culture, own national dress, own dialect, own music and own identity. In fact, if our ancestors were studied some Wolloyes can’t be even associated with an Amhara identity since many originally belong to other ethnic groups but happen to speak Amharic. Even if TPLF/OLF imposed Amhara label on them, they are not amhara. Some “modern” politicians call these amharic speaking people of diverse ethnogroups “Amharicans.” The same way, there are many so-called “Amharicans” from every ethnic group in Ethiopia which happen to speak Amharic as first language.

As mentioned on another Ethiomedia article, Wallalign’s claim that Ethiopian nationalism is fake because Amharic belongs to Amhara and so many other “nationalities” exist, is also another wrong conclusion. As we can see even in the American example, German-Americans are majority population in the multi-ethnic USA but English is the official language due to convenience and to unify the country.

Anyhow, What does our people (falsely labelled amhara) in wollo who died in hundreds of thousands during the 20th century famines have to confess and repent about? What did we do wrong? We are the ones who suffered the most. The truth is we actually deserve apologies from the rest of Ethiopia, not the other way around. For example, since the time of Menelik, almost 80% of development projects and all types of advancements were planted throughout present day “Oromia” (in addis, ambo, adama, debrezeit almost everywhere in oromia!) while our Wollo people were starving to death! The Shewan rulers only cared about Shewa region, which is part of current Oromia. Even western historians like Donald Levine noticed this when he said “Amharic-speaking Shewans consider themselves closer to non-Amharic-speaking Shewans than to Amharic-speakers from distant regions.” He was correct and that takes us to another important point: when did Ethiopia ever had rulers claiming to be Amhara? There were many non-amhara Ethiopian leaders since centuries ago (like the Oromo Emperor Iyoas I in 1700s) but let us focus and look at our leaders the last hundred years between 1914-2014. —–
[1] — During the post-Menelik era, the most powerful figures were the army commander Mikael Ali (Oromo), Iyasu V (oromo) and Emperor Haile selassie (mixed including Oromo).
[2] –During the Derg era, the most powerful leaders were General Aman Andom (Tigrayan/Eritrean), Tafari Benti (Oromo) and Mengistu (Welayta/mixed). [3] — And recently we had Meles zenawi (Tigrayan) and Hailemariam Desalegn (welayta).
As we can see, most of our past leaders can be labelled Amharicans, but they could never be labeled as Amhara.

What TPLF/OLF had done is (just like the Italian occupiers) simplify our identities and divide our people by using only language as a sole defining tool of identification. But There is another elephant in the room that TPLF/OLF hides from Ethiopians. Since the 60s when marxism/socialism poisoned our politics, the only reason that we are always blamed and accused as oppressors in Ethiopia is because we speak Amharic as our first language. Nothing else, nothing more. The harsh truth that TPLF/OLF can’t swallow is that if we did not have our own alphabet and if the powerful Orthodox church (which was the state for centuries) did not use our more convenient language as its lingua franca, the roles could have easily been reversed in Ethiopian politics today. It is all by chance and there was no design to oppress others as Amharicans come from many diverse background and ethnicity, but simply share this language that was gradually adopted by all.

What is more unfortunate today is that the victims are the ones being accused and becoming more victimized in Ethiopia. Many crimes might have occurred over a century ago in the past. But in more recent memory, it is us Amharic speakers who are being oppressed and killed in Ethiopia. The slow genocide of Amharic speakers started when the OLF joined TPLF government in the early 1990s and massacred thousands of so called “Amharas.” This OLF/OPDO crime has continued in recent years in southern and eastern Ethiopia. Dr. Zelalem, This is what the current generation has seen first hand! This are the crimes that TPLF/OLF should confess and repent for!

In general, reconciliation is vital in Ethiopia but we have to separate the system/government from the whole group. We can not blame the whole Oromo people for OLF’s crimes or the whole Tigray people for TPLF’s crimes. We should not blame any whole group of people for the crimes of any Ethiopian governments.

  1. Ethioman
    | #1

    Well said mr Admasu! The politics of anger and hate should end
    We are one people against a system of division and dictatorship

  2. ጊታው
    | #2

    ምን አልባት ዶ/ር ዘልአለም የአለምነው ዘመድ ይሆን? ጎበዝ! የዚህ ሁሉ ችግር ምንች ወያኒ ብቻ የሚነግረንን ታሪክ መስማታችን ነው;; ጆሮአችንን ለታሪክ ሰዎች ቅድሚያ እንስት;; ፖለቲከኖችን በተለይ ጎሳን መሰረት ያደረጉትን አንከተል;;የህዝብ ልጅ መሆን ይሻላል;;

  3. Anonymous
    | #3

    One of our serious handcap of present day Ethiopians is our blind affinity to worship those who have/or say they have a PhD. It is not surprizing because education is highly valued in Ethiopia. Zelalem Eshete is a remarkably foolhardy idiot no matter what his cousin says about his narrow and artificial ‘scholastic apptitude’ Anyone with an elementary common sense would recoil with the idea or a suggestion of an Amhara collective guilt let alone offer apologies. We know that the extremly naive and foolhardy Welloye, Wallelign Mekonen, was manipulated by his Tigrean and Eritrean handlers and was idiot enough to publish what they wrote for him in his name. Once their purpose was achieved they informed about his hijacking of a plane to the Ethiopian authorities and his group was killed just after they left Bole airport.Better to get rid of the fool FAST. That is the Wallelign of the Tigreans and their “hero” Maybe his follower Zelalem may not even be aware of this and is expecting some reward from TPLF. But they know a fool inside out and know how to deal with his type. They will make him roll in their mud for some time first. We will soon see.

  4. dodo
    | #4

    where is my comment. If this is a free website all ideas should be entertained . Not pick and choose. One can challenge it of course. Otherwise it is like the TPLF press

  5. saaby
    | #5

    This guy called zelalem is not even using his real name. The guy is a Tplf cadre pretending to be amhara and doing the job which Tplf started in Dedebit 40 years ago to annihilate the amhara population. It is a campaign of genocide and persecution on the amhara population which is an openly known agenda of TpLF.

    The dead psychopath and fascist meles zenawi let the cat out of the bag when he said in 2005 that interahawme is coming to Ethiopia. He was reiterating his agenda of evicting, dispossessing, massacring, and persecuting the amhara.

    Make no doubt about it the fascist woyane are preparing the ground for more genocide and [ersection of amharas and we should not sit and watch from the side lines. Any one who has seen what the fascist Tplf can do and has done has to take heed.

  6. Gecho
    | #6

    This is quite an interesting angle. There needs to be dialogues about our identities based on facts and alternative approaches as to how to deal with historical injustices. The present day ethnic classifications have multiple problems with potentially deadly consequences for Ethiopia and all its citizens for several reasons. First, it is basically similar to the evil scheme of Italian Fascists as mentioned in the article. It is primarily meant to weaken the unity in diversity of Ethiopian people to make create divided and weak entities.
    Second, it is done with haste by unqualified groups without regard for several important factors in such classifications, such as geo-politics, history, economics, culture, religion, etc. The primary inspiration came from the writings and rhetoric of young people like Wallelign who were Leninist/Stalinist ideology proponents. Third, the visible driver for such undertaking was revenge for real, perceived, and at times exaggerated out of context, atrocities committed by a “class” of people who belonged to a cross section of ethnic groups. Revenge never rights the wrongs of the past but perpetuate them.

    The way forward should be paved by genuinely striving to come up with a better understanding of ourselves as people, our history without the distortions that are introduced for many reasons, our surroundings and outside interference (specially from the likes of Egypt who seems to be at the roots of every turmoil that besieged Ethiopia), and above all what is conducive for the well being of the people. unfettered expressions of our thoughts, such as the above, will create fertile ground for such all inclusive solutions. The past was full of in-fightings and alienation that led to countless conflicts that cost us to the point of bankruptcy as a nation and as people. It is imperative that we mature out of such disastrous affairs by involving the best in our midst optimally.

  7. derbi Kedjela
    | #7

    Since when stupid Wolyos are Amhara?
    Woloyes were banadas or traitors. What have they done to the Ethiopians will never be forgotten.
    The Italian fascist Major De Sarno trained, armed and lead huge masses of Raya and Azebo to attack the Ethiopian army on the left, and the right as well as from behind. Sarno was able to win the battle at Amba Aradom and Ras Mulugeta was killed by Raya askaries.
    Fascists have written that no other territory of Ethiopia was quite safe and loyal as in this region because of the services of Woloyes were rendiring to Fascist Italy.
    The people of Shoa were particularly targatedon by the Fascists and their askaries.
    Yes the people of Shoa, Christains and Muslims are patriotic Ethiopians.
    Amhara in Shoa means Orthopdox Christians such as Tulama Oromos Selale, Abichi, Gelan, Ada, Becho etc.), Gurages (Aymelel, Chiha, Inemor, etc) Sodo ,the people of Zwayi, Kambata, Hadia and Wolayitas. The Muslims are Afar, Argoba, Silti and others.
    Walelign Mekonen, a rascal from Wello was an agent. He was working fo ELF. He was the deciple of the Nazis of Austro Hungury Baron Prochazka
    who targated Ethiopia as a threat against White supremacy and White colonialism in Africa in the 1930s.
    This pseudo socialist had a boundless animosity towards the people Shoa.
    Little wonder when thses very usless and idle Woloyes are hungry they run in mass to Shoa and to Arabian peninusula to become a slave of the Arabs.
    And yet they are anti-Shoa stooges.
    At present the majority of collaborators of TPLF are from north Wello.
    Oromos from Shoa very patriotic Ethiopians. They are the ones who built modern Ethiopia. What is the contribution of the Wolloyes and the Gondres ? Nothing.
    Read the history of Abichu from Selale about Dejazmach Geresu Duki,
    Jimma Senbete, Bekele Weya, Zewudu Aba koran, Ras Ababe Argaye Lidji Haile Mariam Mamo, Gizachewu Haile etc. etc.
    Hell with TPLF, OLF, OPDO, EPLF

    Viva Shoa and the Shoans

  8. deriba Gotchu
    | #8

    “No, Revolutionaries” must repent
    In truth, it is the so called “revolutionaries” who should repent. They have grossly misrepresented the politics and aspirations of Ethiopian people for the last fourty to fifty odd years. Their analyses have largely been wrong. Their conclusions were as bad or even worse. They picked up a complex ethnic issue took it through a complicated thought process, when they hit the walls they come up with a very simplistic solution in the form of secession. To justify this fix they cut and paste f’..up Stalin’s gibberish or references from the man from the far corner of the world (Mao). You don’t need to have a PhD to work out that Ethiopia has very little resemblance to those countries conditions. Poor Ethiopia somehow was put on a par with the industrialized nations of Europe as a colonizing power who came in search of Labor and raw materials for their industries. How sillier and ridiculous could it get? No one ethnic group is immuned from dominating act and ill doing to other ethnic groups, in the past and even today. To paint a bad and good guy scenario was wrong and as we all know that only happens in Hollywood. The honest thing to do is to acknowledge our problems and formulate solutions to solve them with honesty and in fairness in a collaborative manner and move forward. No point exaggerating the problems beyond what they already are and run for cover in the form of simplistic cope out exercise (secession). Simply, the analysis we have been fed for so long lacked originality massively and totally ignored the aspirations of the Ethiopian people. It reads like this. “I have read it and it worked elsewhere. Accept it.” One should not dictate while championing Democracy. Because of this Ethiopia endured incalculable Human and economic cost. Thanks for the resilience of the Ethiopian people. In the face of all the hate propaganda, a call to rise up to send them at one another’s throat and divisions thrown at them they managed to stick together and have been riding the storm as best as they could. What one should do is help them to stick together and face the challenges in life as one and not disharmonize them.
    In the past year, a couple of prominent contributors, have put up separate apologies and thought that was a good beginning and hoped the different organizations will do the same but it is disappointing to see none following suit.
    The quest for repentance should be taken up by the “Revolutionaries” and not by any Ethiopian ethnic group.
    The writer should be commended for highlighting this fallacy.

  9. Ethio, Israel, USA, Saudi Arabia, ?
    | #9

    ፕሮፈሰር መስፍን አማራ የሚባል የለም ይሉናል ይሀ
    ፕሮ ዘላላም ደግሞ ንስሐ ግቡ ይላል
    ፕሮ ገታቸው ሃይለ እስላሙ ገለመለይ ይላል
    ፕሮ ኤርማያስ ሽማግሌ ነኝ ብሎ ያምታታል

    እነዚህ ሁሉ ለወያኔ ልእልና የቆሙ ናቸው
    እነዚህ ያበዱ ፕሮፈሰሮችን አንድ ላይ አስቀምጠናቸው ክጥምጥሙ በፊት ሕዝብ ማክበር እንዲማሩ ምን ማድረግ እንዳለብን
    የፈረንጅ ቅስና ሹመት ይዘው ከሚያሳስቱን ወግዱ ብንላቸው
    ምክንያቱም እንደ ተማረ ሰው ለአገር ሰላምና እድገት ለሕዝብ ክብር ይዋጋል ይባላል እነዚህ ዘረኝነትን የሕዝብ ንቀትን አድሎዋነትን የሚደግፉ መሆናቸው እያወቅን ማክበር አይገባንም
    ፕሮ መስፍን ትግረዎች አልተጠቀሙም አማራ የሚባል የለም ወደፊት የሌሉት አማሮች አሜሪካ ሂደው እንደሳቸውው ዘረኛ ሊሆኑ ነው ይችላሉ ብለው ሲናገሩ አያፍሩም በወያኔ ዘመን የመጀመሪያ የዲሞክራሲ ጭላንጭል አየሁ ሲሉም ወዳጆቻቸው አጉተመተሙ እንጂ ጽፈው በአደባባይ አልወቀሱዋቸውም
    ዘላለም ደግሞ የሌለ አማራ ይቅርታ ይጠይቅ ይላል
    ሁሉም ፕሮፌሽናል ወሮበሎች ናቸው የአገር ጠላት ናቸው ወገን አይደሉም

  10. ጉረኞች
    | #10

    Zelalem, Alemayehu and Admassu are the same person. It is all a childish game. I don’t understand how the website administrators did not dictate that. These people article should be removed. No serious person has written it. The mind set is the old OLF affiliated individuals, the present day Jawar’s stooges. None other them who think about Amhara day-in and day-out. Amhara don’t even think about Amhara like those people do.

  11. Konjit Kassa
    | #11

    Deja vu all over again!!! Wasting valuable time by focusing on the issue
    of AMHARA IDENTITY will not save ETHIOPIA from TPLF’s diabolical agenda of
    dismembering our homeland. First let us come together to break the backbone
    of “Tigray Peoples’Liberation Front”. After, we will have time for national
    reconciliation. People,we all need to wake up from the amnesia that enemies of ETHIOPIA has brought upon us. Finally,I have a loud message to those who
    purposely deny us,i.e,AMHARAS do exist and no matter what wont disappear as
    long as mankind lives!!!

  12. Jojo
    | #12

    Most wolloyes are muslim oromos converted to orthodox by emperor yohannes. These muslim oromos transformed into amharas when they adoped orthodox and amharic over the last 200 years.

  13. Anonymous
    | #13

    Once again, the master manipulators TPLF are at it again. While they are robbing the country, abusing and killing Ethiopians citizens, they are still working hard to change the focus from them by brainwashing some gullible Ethiopians. The saddest thing is that, even the so called educated Ethiopians are being persuaded by TPLF propaganda, even after witnessing the 25 years of TPLF regime brutality against Ethiopia and Ethiopians.
    To begin with, it’s the EPLF that started dividing Ethiopians by ethnic groups many decades ago in order to achieve their goal of separation from Ethiopia. Ertrians are the ones that started to demonize the Amhara ethnic group and created TPLF, OLF, ONLF, even the bloodthirsty madman Mengestu by brainwashing them with made-up history of Ethiopia Eritrians created to spread their propaganda. Eritrians knew that Amharas are a very proud patriotic Ethiopians that believe in Ethiopiawinet that bled and died for their motherland Ethiopia and for all Ethiopians — one of those millikons that were slaughtered during Italian war, was my own great-grandfather who was decapitated by the Italians. The Amharas provinces are the poorest and worst provinces when it comes to development. Haileselassae or Mengestu didn’t do a thing for Amharas. Till these days, there are some towns that don’t have schools and even small clinics. So many people die on the way to find some clinics or hospitals. Just because Amharic happen to be the national language of Ethiopia, Amharas haven’t gain or benefit more than others. In fact, it is the curse that everybody can understand what Amharas are talking about, but Amharas do not understand while others talking and plotting against them.

  14. Ewnetu
    | #14


    The ethnic division and political problem of Ethiopia started long time ago, before woyane existence or any other political organization, when the Amhara dominated governments for the past 100+ years systematically mass genocided Oromos and stolen Oromos land and subjugated Oromos to be second class citizens within their own territory.
    The Amhara Dominated Governments did not only mass genocided oromos but also mass genocided Tigreans and Eritreans and other non amhara Ethiopians through the stealth of nationalism and ideology.

  15. Anonymous
    | #15

    Ewnetu, wishetam!
    Typical shameless Woyane! Stop lying! Obviously, you are not Oromo! You are indeed one of those undercover Woyanes still spreading the propaganda EPLF/TPLF created to divide Ethiopians while Amharas, Oromoes and the rest of Ethiopian ethnic groups, including the patriotic Tigreans are being robbed, thrown in jail, tortured and killed as we speak by TPLF regime. Shame on you! People like you are totally disgusting!

  16. Arbaminch
    | #16

    I agree with Mr. Ewnatu’s comment,


    I blame King Menilike for selling Eritrea, for selling Somalia and for selling Dejibuti. The last two Amhara unqualified kings (Menilike and Haileselassie) were the most shameful leaders we ETHIOPIANS ever had. All the socioeconomic and political mess ETHIOPIANS facing can be traced back to these two DEBUB AMARA KINGS.

    SHOULD THE AMHARAS APOLOGIZE TO OROMOS,ERITREANS AND TIGREANS ? Apology is not necessary, as long as we get lesson out of it.

  17. Konjit Kassa
    | #17

    Some narrow minded approaches about WOLLO have minimal or insignificant
    historic evidence.Before the 16th century it was totally populated by
    northern Ethiopians.but following Ahmed Gragne’s invasion Ethiopians from
    the south and east came to the area and mixed with the indigenous people.
    Such momentous era although it destroyed churches,and killed hundreds of
    thousands of innocent Ethiopians, somehow,it also allowed numerous ethnic
    groups to come to the area and mix with the local population.That is the
    reality of nation formation.Therefore, all Ethiopians are of a mixed stock.Make no mistake,false history and false “identity” always fails.

  18. HARRER
    | #18


    How come all Addis Abeba’s streets and public buildings named After Amara names ? ?
    I mean FINFINE/addis Abebe is historically belong to Oromos not Amharas, of course that is till the amhara king menilike stole it from Oromos and gave it to his own amhara tribe with new name “ADDIS ABEBA”.
    How come all the statue in Addis Abeba glorifies debub amharas heroes only, where is King Tewodros’s statue and where is King Yohanses statue ?

  19. Worku tesfaye
    | #19

    Who were oppressed during ze king era?
    It is difficult to say amhara only.bc oromo,tigre or ozers were on power.
    wy no amhara but amharic speaker?
    Oromo has zier own language or gurage,tigre,welayta etc..hv zier own language.
    Where was ze root of amharic language?
    No and nvr language existed in ze world wz our origination of ethinicities.
    It is impossible to compare ethio and American.
    American indigenous peoples are red Indian.and conquered by British.
    German,italy,Irish Spain and etc were settled zer by displacement from Europe.current language English is ze print of England.
    Amharic is so different from zat.
    I dont know wy amhara ethinicities rejected zier language and saying no amhara but amharic speaker.
    Wy only amharic language absent of root ethinicities or original speaker among 86?
    Ze powers runers of kings era were different ethinicities but used amharic as state language.
    And dispersed ze speakers from central and north ethio to ozers area.walo is area name not indicate ze tribes.i am from harar means..somali,adere,oromo…
    Ze time 22century is globalization.
    Tribalizim conflict is un necesory.
    Amhara culture and orthodox is dispersed by previous regime.
    Zis mean not saying ziers own identity.instead accept it and

  20. Worku tesfaye
    | #20

    Ethiopia is is common agreement among entire ethinicities and created by human being.border and territory is man Ethiopia is man made territorial geographical not represent ethinicities.
    I am Ethiopian means no imply identify.and amharic language is not come to here wz out original peoples.
    If no Ethiopia,how can amhara peoples introduce zem self?
    Afar say,i am afar and from logiya.
    Gamo say,i am gamo and from secha…etc
    amhara say i am Ethiopia.and from tana,pls no Ethiopia tell me ur origin?
    Why we…hiding ze truz..due to ?l?

  21. Anonymous
    | #21

    I think we (Amhara) should dissociate ourselves from these ungrateful tribes all around us. If we tried to build our own nation over the past century or so, we would have been in par with European or at least Asian powers by now. Even the Tigreans are blaming Amhara for all the ills of Ethiopia even if they are ruling the country, so called the creation of Amhara. I think it is time to wakeup and get our acts together. The so called Ethiopian was not there to defend Amhara when poor Amhara peasants were slaughtered by olf/tplf cronies. Some fools are advising us to repent for being chased, displaced and killed just because we are Amhara. These are the worst enemy.

  22. Mamo
    | #22

    I think we (Amhara) should dissociate ourselves from these ungrateful tribes all around us. If we tried to build our own nation over the past century or so, we would have been in par with European or at least Asian powers by now. Even the Tigreans are blaming Amhara for all the ills of Ethiopia even if they are ruling the country, so called the creation of Amhara. I think it is time to wakeup and get our acts together. The so called Ethiopian was not there to defend Amhara when poor Amhara peasants were slaughtered by olf/tplf cronies. Some fools are advising us to repent for being chased, displaced and killed just because we are Amhara. These are the worst enemy.

  23. Southerner
    | #23


    How come Ethiopias national language is the Amhara’s Minority language (Amharic) ? ?


    The Amharas represent less than 23% of Ethiopias total population,on the other hand Oromos population represent 47% of Ethiopias total population, if that is the case then why should Ethiopia’s majority (Oromos) forced to speak Amhara’s minority language ? ?
    If there ought to be lasting peace, then we must democratize Ethiopias national language by cancelling and voiding Amhara’s minority language and replace it with majority Oromo language.

  24. Stop blaming the vicims!
    | #24

    Why in the world go back hundreds of years and start blaming others while you are in the midst of TPLF fire!? It has been 40 freaking years since the Emperor Haileselassae was chocked to death by an Eritrean general. Ethiopians, please stop being gullible, manipulated repeatedly and be a TPLF laughing stock! For the last 23 years, Woyanes have been urinating on Ethiopians and telling them it has been raining. And when Ethiopians start to wake up and smell the urine, Woyanes pull the race card again and start pointing their dirty fingers at one of the ethnic groups TPLF have been oppressed, the Amharas. Emperor Hailesellasie was Guragaie, Oromo and Amhara and that bloodsucker Mengestu was from Welayta, Oromo and Amhara. Neither one of them benefited the Amhara ethnic group, period! EPLF and TPLF have been blaming Amharas and using them as a bait to spread their racist propaganda against Amharas to Divide and Rule. All Ethiopians have been the victims of Derg and TPLF regime and have been living in Hell for the last 40 years. Ethiopians stop being kicked and pulled like a rug-doll by Woyanes that do not have the best interest of Ethiopians, but their own!

  25. A.R
    | #25

    @ Mr.Southerner.

    It is not the present gov of Ethiopia/ EPRDF who declared the National language of Ethiopia, it was forced on Oromos by the Amhara dominated governments (Menilike and Haileselassie), in order to oppress and enslave Oromos, and to oppress non amhara Ethiopians in general.

  26. Adama
    | #26

    Mr/Mrs. Southerner,

    I think your demand is very democratically speaking logical, we Ethiopians should hold referendum to cast our vote on the “official language” of Ethiopia.

  27. aha!
    | #27

    The overriding concept to the Articles by By Dr. Zellalem and Admasu Belay for all Ethiopians to think of themselves to think of Ethiopiawinet first and their ethnicity second with due respect to their citizenship to Ethiopia to counter the negative forces of disintegration of ethnic federalism, secessionism and totalitarianism and/or state capitalism that denies free market capitalism and individual right to the silent majority of Ethiopians. The division of Ethiopian land mass have been demarcated by major languages, while Amharic is an Official and National language spanning throughout Ethiopia, where the original provinces constituted an assorted ethnic groups, even including the four provinces the TPLF/eprdf regime calls an Amhara killil Mengistats, which in of themselves the seat of Ethiopian governments ruling the whole country with the goals for unity, territorial integrity, sovereignty of Ethiopia, that is not prevalent with the TPLF/eprdf regime. Dr. Zelalem’s view point plays into the hands of TPLF/EPLF and Admasu’s view point, although denounces the call for an apology by the Amhara ethnic group, to which I agree but not to the concept of Amhara and Amharicans, because there in Amhara ethnic group, but gondere, Gojame, Merabete, Menze, tegulete, Bulge, Wloye, yejue, minjare subethnic groups that puts them in par with the rest of the ethnic groups of ethnic diversity that make up make the mosaic of Ethiopia, that has been mixed by marriages, immigration, and zemecha to embrace the analogy of tree where by the Amhara or the Oromo are the roots, the Amahroa or the the oromo are the stem and the relatively lager ethnic groups are the bigger branches and the smaller ethnic groups constitute the smaller branches with leaves as parts of one Organism called Ethiopia, whose race is an amalgamate of the kushitic, Nilotic, hametic and semetic groups that have re-immigrated back to Ethiopia, to form a distinct race called Ethiopia as Nation and race, I presume. So, I believe in cherishing that evolutionary process, instead of linguistically demarcated fuzzy boundaries called Oromia, Tigrai, etc., which is a prelude to ethnic secessionism, future boundary conflicts and ethnic cleansing as opposed to keeping the original provinces with assorted ethnic groups with the ratification of the constitution of ethnic federalism, secessionism and totalitarianism and/or state capitalism.

  28. Brainwashed or a fool?
    | #28

    What a joker! If it was by majority of people, the entire world would be speaking in Chinese language — Mandarin. It is a given that YOU ARE NOT OROMO! By now, the majority of Ethiopians are aware when TPLF move their mouths, act as another ethnic group to continue to divide and rule. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you are not Oromo. If you were a real Oromo, you wouldn’t be pointing your finger, barking at the wrong tree and bashing Amaras, while your own and all the other Ethiopian ethnic groups in Ethiopia being denied freedom of speech and religion, our fertile land, coffee, and gold being robbed, innocent Amaras, Oromos, Gurages, Gambelans, Welaytans, Somali Ethiopians, even some Tigreans locked up in cold cells, tortured and killed by TPLF regime.

  29. abrham
    | #29

    what ever you call it Amhara or amharican .

    that system deliberately ruined the normal life, culture and existence of other peoples. you have to know that and it better to condemn the amharican or amahar according to our believe . when many people refer the chauvinists , it may not to specific ethnic but to the specific attitude and dreams to bring back the monarchy or supremacy and that wants to violets the rights of other people to speak their language and practice their culture and people . why many people finger to the amahras is at this time , it is the Amharic speaking people who are in favor of this unorthodox and superfluous attitudes and the above comments exactly show that is true . I is good at least the writer unlike the commenters admits the system was a true oppressive to the majority of the people.

  30. BEWARE!
    | #30

    For how many years and how many times someone has to keep on peeing on your head and tell you it is the rain or it’s somebody else? It’s beyond me, how these undercover TPLF still using their old tactics to divide Ethiopians by shamelessly pointing their fingers at straggling Amharas while Woyanes committing unthinkable crimes against Ethiopia, Amharas and the rest of all Ethiopians for the last 25 years. Millions of Ahmaras didn’t die for only Amharas during Italian war — they put their lives on the line for their beloved country Ethiopia and for all Ethiopians. BEWARE Ethiopians! Undercover TPLF come as Amharas, Oromos, Gurages, Gmabelans, Somali Ethiopians, Southerners and Northerners and so on TO DIVIDE AND RULE.

  31. Worku tesfaye
    | #31

    If so wy English language is a national lan for different Africa country?
    U are saying amharic is a language of all ethinicities.
    Any how i appreciate u for ur prediction and confirm my identity.
    Ethiopia,..not existed by past writter hx.
    but not included current
    Former Ethiopian…b4 minilik exclude ogaden.
    Ethiopia after minilik…include somali and exclude ertirea.
    King Haile Ethiopia also lose Djibouti and add ertirea.
    Wy Ethiopia?look ur ethinicities zat is ur identity.
    My personality or identity is rooted in ze my society.

  32. BEWARE!
    | #32

    Worku tesfaye,
    Are you for real!? Has speaking in English change your identity? You are one of those people that barks at the wrong tree. TPLF/EPRDF put people on their payrolls to change the subject of discussing about the horrendous-shocking crimes, robberies, tortures, mass arrests and murders they are committing to Amharic and Amaras. Every country has a national language, you name it China, India, Philippines, Vietnam, etc. I also want to remind you that all African countries with the exception of Ethiopia, were colonized mostly by Great Britain and the rest by Belgium, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Spain and Portugal. That is why most of these countries speak in English and the rest of them by the language of the country that colonized them. BEWARE ETHIOPIANS WHEN WOYANES MOVE THEIR MOUTHS AND POINTING THEIR BLOODY FINGERS AT OTHERS WHILE DOING THE UNTHINKABLE TO CONTINUE TO DIVIDE AND RULE!!!!

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