The Hypocrisy of the West By Messay Kebede

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The West is deploring the referendum in Crimea and threatening to apply economic sanctions against Russia, believed to be the instigator of the unfolding Ukrainian crisis. Some Western politicians even go the extent of advocating direct military aid so that Ukraine can oppose military resistance to the Russian aggression. The referendum, which is supposed to lead to the reintegration of Crimea into the Russian Federation, is characterized by the West as illegal. From what I was able to gather, the reasons why the referendum is considered illegal include the followings. (1) Ukraine is an independent and sovereign country; (2) the referendum takes place with a strong presence of Russian military force in Crimea; (3) the referendum does not offer Crimea the choice of remaining within Ukraine.

What beats everything is that the West did not raise any concern about legality when Eritrea seceded from Ethiopia in 1993, even though all the reasons enumerated to contest the referendum in Crimea were also present in Ethiopia. Thus, ( 1) Ethiopia is an independent and sovereign nation; (2) the referendum was conducted in the presence of the victorious EPLF army; (3) The choice to remain part of Ethiopia under a new political arrangement was not offered to Eritreans, nor was Ethiopia given the opportunity defend its legitimate position and interests, except through the TPLF government. The latter had no legality other than the power of arms and was already dead set to expel Eritrea from Ethiopia as a dangerous rival to the TPLF hegemony in Ethiopia. Yet, though conducted under such faulty conditions and in direct violation of the sovereignty of Ethiopia, the referendum was declared “fair and free” by the UN Observer Mission.

One thing is sure: we Ethiopians should remember the Western condemnation of the Russian initiative. If, as says the West, the conduct of a referendum in a situation preventing free expression and in an independent and sovereign country is illegal, then undoubtedly the rejection of the referendum in Crimea equally questions the legality of the Eritrean secession. The flaws that make the secession of Crimea illegal are also those that disqualify the Eritrean referendum. This is not to say that Ethiopia should start a war to recover Eritrea, but that it is not compelled to accept its independence so long as it believes, now in accordance with the West, that the referendum was illegal.

Surprising as it may seem, the West is saying that the feeling of the concerned people does not matter as much as the legality of the process. Even if Crimeans in their majority want to be part of Russia, they cannot do it in violation of the national sovereignty of Ukraine. Of course, what explains the application of different criteria is that Russia is a rival superpower while Ethiopia is a poor and weak country. Everything must be done to stop the expansion of Russia. By contrast, nobody should lose sleep over the fragmentation, in direct violation of its national sovereignty, of a country as weak as Ethio

  1. aha!
    | #1

    Well said. I have been framing that scenario in a modular context that the TPLF/eprdf regime as a conglomerate of ex-liberation fronts along with disgruntled ethnic secessionists/nationalists and its constitution was centered around the ideologies of ethnic federalism, secessionism and totalitarianism built into the constitution with party alignments along ethnic lines with ethnic rather than national agenda with non independent branches of government. Add to that the letter written to UN Secretary General by the late Prime Minister according to account documented in Tekle Yeshaw’s book for the Eritrean Province to secede from Ethiopia along with the ports. Yes the resistance by those factions for unity, territorial integrity, sovereignty of Ethiopia and Ethiopians, where the last item refers to individual freedom, liberty and equality to super cede ethnic and secessionist rights. That paradigm made the distinction between the negative forces of disintegration and the positive forces of integration. What I understand reflectively the negative forces of disintegration has been receiving support from the west all along including the secession of Eritrea, I presume, to the demise of those factions with the national agenda and subset of the national agenda by act of suppression and tyranny of the TPLF/eprdf regime, supported by the teletafi and loyalist opposition parties, security forces, federal police and armed forces. What I am asking is where is the resistance by the opposition around the goals for unity, territorial integrity, sovereignty of Ethiopia and Ethiopians, along with strategies to achieve those goals, despite the foreign policy surrounding the similarity of referendum for the secession of Crimea and Eritrea from Ukraine and Ethiopia, respectively and the foreign policy of the Western democracies denouncing it.

  2. Dawi
    | #2

    [[..The latter ......was already dead set to expel Eritrea from Ethiopia as a dangerous rival to the TPLF hegemony in Ethiopia.]]

    Even if we assume TPLF tried to avoid the long tired war by expelling the separatist EPLF out of the picture it still didn’t make the war go away. Did it?

    It is like you’re damned if you do, and you’re damned if you don’t!

    [[..This is not to say that Ethiopia should start a war to recover Eritrea, but that it is not compelled to accept its independence so long as it believes, now in accordance with the West, that the referendum was illegal...]]

    Putin declared that the Soviet collapse made Russians “the largest divided people in the world.”

    “I have heard residents of Crimea say that back in 1991 they were handed over like a sack of potatoes,” he said. “What about Russia? It lowered its head and accepted the situation, swallowing the insult. Our country was going through such hard times then that it simply was incapable of defending its interests.”

    In the same talking Derg’s collapse made Ethiopia lower her head and divided. Eritrea was given like a “sack of potatoes” to EPLF therefore, when we get capable of defending our interests we aught to do what Russia did.

  3. Gigi
    | #3

    Crimea sounds like krimlin to me. They are mojority wise Rusians
    any ways not to say may be some body els isnt, most great Rusian countrys
    are diffirent states of the people of Israel who settled on those lands
    long time ago and with the Sabians (east Asia)some even the states of Israel to begin with. So not to say
    the citizens of this lands are only Israel because it is Italians and
    some body els may be, people should choose how to work it best for every body.

    When we know some people have resentiment about Rusia some how it can indenger the people who are regarded Rusian’s in this matter, they should be able to safegard their people and every body. weather Rusia
    say’s I got some fish to kill.

    Dont forget there is a war againest Israel. And those who spareted Eritiria from Ethiopia are the Enemy’s of Israel. What ever we got to do to keep home safe, I would say is very exceptable or nesesary.

  4. MeTezaZeb
    | #4

    Lij Messay, when are you going to stop comparing apples and oranges? By the way, it took you a week to change your colors from Reconciler-in-Chief to a cheerleader for war. That is what happens when you based your arguments based on hatred not principle. I cannot wait to see what color the zebra wears next.

    | #5

    ኤርትራ ከም ክሪም….!? ሓዘንኩም ኣይትረስዑ ዓይነት እንታይዶስ ከመይዶስ ………!

    ምኒልክ ስልጣኑ ንኸምዓራሪ ክብል ሸይጥዋ, ማሌሊት ድማ 1. ስልጣና ንኽተምዓራሪን ከምኡ’ውን 2.ምእንታን “ኤርትራውያን” ካብ slave mentality ንኽላቐቑ ናይ ተራፒ እዋን ዕድል ክረኽቡ ፈልያታ:: ካብቲአን ማሌሊት ዝወሰደተን ተግባራት ሓንቲ ትኽክለኛ ስጉምቲ እዚኣ ናይ 1991 (ፈረንጂ) ስጉምቲ ኤርትራ ኣመልኪትካ እያ ነይራ:: ብዘመነ ባድመ ግና ማሌሊት ሙሉእ ንሙሉእ ገይጋታት ስጉምትታት ወሲዳ:: ንወደፊቱ ግና እቲ ውሽልኽና ተሸካሚ slave mentality “ኤርትራዊ” ምስ ሃለቐ, ብወዲ ፅዮንነቱ ዝኾርዕ ሓዱሽ ትውልዲ (ተላ ዕቑቢታዊ) ኣብ ማዕዶ ማይ ክመፅእ እዩ:: ብድሕሪኡ መላ ባሕሪ ኤርትራ ግዝኣተ ፅዮን ኮይኑስ, ዓባይ ትግራይ ካብ ኣለ ውሃ ምላሽ ክሳብ ዳህላክ ክኸውን እዩ:: ባፅዕ ናይ ንጉሰ ፅዮን ወዲ ምርጫ እዩ, ኣዱሊስ ድማ ከም ቀደሙ ናይ ኣኽሱም ወደብ እዩ:: ብኸምዙይ ኢትዮጵያ እትዕወተሉ እዋናት ርሑቕ ኣይኮነን…..!

  6. Dany
    | #6

    Thank you Prof as usual .
    You rightly hit the nail on the head !!
    A glaring example of double standards !!

  7. mohamad
    | #7

    Mr Messay

    The referundum of ertra was held with the full support of ethiopian and ertra governments while in Crimee only Russia support the referundum making it illegal.

    Independace of ertra came after haile selasse cancel the federation ,replace etra flag by the ethiopian,impose amharic language official instead of the official arabic and tigre language. Then 30 YEARS WARS started ELF led by etrean mulim Osman saleh sabee and finished by independance with EPLF.

  8. ሰላማዊ ኤርትራዊ
    | #8

    አቶ መሳይ: እና አሁን ምን ይጠበስ?
    ቀልዱን ለተውና እስቲ እውነቱ እንነጋገር: ለመሆኑ የኤርትራና የክረሚያ ታሪክ አንድ ነው ወይ???

  9. wedinakfa
    | #9


    The Ethiopian Professor is myopic to his own histroy and as every decent person knows the educated and the vagabond leaders they had before and now are keep changing the real history to fit their ill ends; so all you can say is, with this kind of man, who consideres him self to be educated however, (god knows what he studied to be a Professor) he might read and write but he is obliviouse to the reality on the ground and or he is simply burying his head in the sand like an ostrich, at best he is arrogant or simply an educated Professor IDIOT!!!

  10. wedinakfa
    | #10
    teret teret lam beret aye Agame seletenku blo hulum yzebarqal; Mr anchient Yeha, you night consider your self free man however it is sad to see that you have an ancient mind to comperhend the reality. Keep dreaming about Abay tigray, let along abay tigray just watch your ass in 2015 you will be history with your agame mentality.

  11. tsegaw
    | #11

    despite the double standard of westerners it is exactly the same situation.But Putin plays the role of a patriot and Melese the role of a treacher.

  12. Te Mariam
    | #12

    Dear Ancient !
    I agree with you and your vision for the future.
    It is right that is the GOAL
    But my question to you and others who write on this forum is
    What is the methodology to reach there ?
    What is the principle each and everyone supposed to do and follow ?
    Yes the GOAL is ther but how do we reach there ? AND/OR
    What is required of us to pay to reach there………..?
    Expect to hear from you and othersconcerned.
    with due respect.

  13. Nebiu
    | #13

    Dr. Messay, thank you for your this shot piece. As born again stated it bellow, it is true there is a deep seated bigotry towards Africans. Perhaps if possible thy might even prefer to have it their way their way. That is erase or deny any achievement or contribution made by Africans. There need not to be any surprise here. On the contrary what the great surprise is the continued insistence of Ethiopians on blaming the power brokers. There is a great need to discuss on what action to take to secure our freedom rather than dwelling on blame. After all the issue to the west is strategic interest and it is not a moral issue of either sincerity or hypocrisy .

    | #14

    Te Mariam,

    ዓባይ ትግራይን አስመልክቶ ብቻ ሳይሆን እንዲያው ባጠቃላይ አሰርቱ (10) ቃላቶቼ እነሆ:

    1. ምድረ ፅዮን ኢትዮጵያ must be extremely attractive to any Human being.

    2. We have to destroy ጭሰኛ/feudal elements from the Ethiopian society.

    3. All MLLT cadres must be neutralized, for because they are ከሰው ልጅነትም በታች, እስከነ ሆዳሞቻቸው.

    4. TPLF is a very backward organization from the first day of its birthday in DEDEBIT. It is not an organization for ሓርነት, it is an organization for ሽም ምፅላም, ከም ኣቡኡ ሻዕቢያ. ስዮም መስፍን and his የጀብሃ ሊስትሮዎች እና የሻዕቢያ ገረዶች ነበር ካድሬዎቹ are synonym of ሓሳድነት ፋሕሻዊነት, ሚልያርድስ ቢሰርቁም ወዝ የማይጠጋቸው, አሕዋትና ኣምሓሩ ብርግፅ’ውን “መናጢ ትግሬ” የሚልዋቸው:: ስለሆነም ትግራይ/ኢትዮጵያ ከእንደዚህ አይነት Elements ታጥባ መፅዳት አለባት::

    5 በተለይ በተለይም በቅድሚያ ትግራይ, ባጠቃላይም ኢትዮጵያ laundry ውስጥ ገብታ ከBANDAነት መታጠብ አለባት::

    6 ወሰን የሌለው ምስጋናና አድናቆት ከናቅፋ እስከ ህንድ ውቅያኖስ ለተዋደቀው ጀግናው ቆልዓ ትግራይ:: እነዚህን ጀግኖች ወልዳ በማስረከብ አምስት-አምስት ልጆችዋን ላሰዋችውና, በመጨረሻውም ካምስት ልጆቼ እንዲያው አንዱም እንኳን አልተመለሰልኝም? ብላ ጥያቄ ስላቀረበች ብቻ, ኣይተጽምማና…! የሚለውን ባንዳዊ የዘለፋ መልስ ለተሰጣት, በተለይም ለዓድዋዋና ባጠቃላይም ለትግራይ እናቶች, በሂይወት ካሉም ባያሉበት የምድሪቱ አጥናፍ, በምድር ከሌሉም በሄዱበት መንግስተ ሰማያት ዘንዳ ጥናቱን ይስጣቸው::

    7. እነዚህን ነጥቦችን አሟልተን ስንገኝና, አጋስስትነትም ሲለቀን, ወደ የሰው ልጅነት ወደሚወስደው ጎዳና ስለምናልፍ, ያኔ ለኢትዮጵያ ብቻ ሳይሆን ለጠቅላላው የሰው ልጅ አስተዋፅኦ የሚኖረው ታሪክ እንሰራለን::

    8. እስከዚያን ጊዜ ድረስ ግን “ፎቲኽን’ዶ ንጉስ ትምርቓ” በሚለው መፈክራችን መሰረት, ዘራፍያን ማሌሊቶችን ልንታገስ እንገደዳለን, ምክኒያቱሳ ቢባል, ቁም ነገር አላቸው ተብሎ ሳይሆን, ግን ቢያንስ ጭሰኝነት/ፊውዳሊዝም ኮተቱን ሰብስቦ ተመልሶ በምድረ ኢትዮጵያ እንዳይስፋፋ ይከላከላሉ በሚል, የየጨነቀው እርጉዝ ያገባል ስልት መሆኑ ነው ….!

    9.ራስህን እወቅ, ከራስህ ጋራም ታገል, ሌላውንም ራሱን እንዲያውቅ አሸንፈው!, is the methodology to reach there ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,!

    10. ይሄንን መስመራችንን እንደተከተልን የነገ ሰው ይበልን, ከዚያን በኋላ everybody wants to be only ወዲ ፅዮን…..!

  15. Ittu Aba Farda
    | #15

    Eritrean issue was very different bowl game. Successive regimes in our own Ethiopia had squandered the goodwill and desire of the Eritrean people by pushing a policy of force and devastating warfare. They relied on bringing a solution to the crisis by violence means instead of diplomatic ones. By 1991 Independence seekers in Eritrea were already in control of the entire province. More than 90% of Eritreans had lost some one in their family during the crisis and did not have any desire to stomach the idea of staying with the status quo in any form or fashion. And the rest of the Ethiopian people were also sick and tired of an endless war. But Crimea is different. There is no war waged by any liberation front and the referendum was hastily conducted after it was taken over using military force by a foreign country, in this case Russia. Putin just went in grabbed it by force. It is a reckless behavior by a neighborhood bully. This does not mean that I did not prescribe a different solution for Eritrea. They could have remained in the union by way of a well defined and UN supervised federal arrangement. We have learned a bitter lesson since then that independence alone won’t cut the mustard. It does not bring the dough home. We now see a personal fiefdom in Eritrea whose leader is convinced that democratic and human rights we see in the West are part and parcel of a sham way of governance. He kills and jails whenever he feels like it. He locks up individuals who stood up to him in metal containers in one of the hottest spots on this good earth. He has proclaimed a liberator of all Africa by recklessly proliferating weapons of sheer violence in the region. He sees himself as a redeemer of Somalis, Ethiopians, and anyone one who would ask him for boat loads of Kalashnikovs and RPG’s. Ladies and Gentlemen! Brothers and Sisters!!! David Koresh of Branch Davidians has manifested and somehow reincarnated himself in the Person of The Prophet Isaias Afewerke!!! Please rise up because OLF is doing so!!!
    Al-Shabaab is doing so!!! A few Ethiopian opposition groups have done so!!!! All Glory To Him they have proclaimed!!!! Someday he will somehow finds to patch things up with his kin and kits in Addis and only God knows what he will do with these bootlickers!!!!

    Do me a favor. Please name and count any territories newly founded by so-called liberation fronts using violence that have become democracies of our time. Just look at what is going in South Sudan, Kosovo, Eritrea and company. They have become fiefdoms of groups of demons and dens of thieves. And these vice results are not the works of the West. The West has nothing to do with vile behaviors of the leaders of these new personal coffers. Just like most African countries after gaining independence in the 1960′s. Poor Africans were really being had by smooth talking killers and connivers. Don’t even try to tell me the West had to do with the vice choices of those leaders. Bokassa and Idi Amin just popped up from nowhere to have breakfast French toasts of humans. They did get their recipes from the West. Among those devils, there were very few righteous individuals who looked at the newly found independence from a different perspective. Botswana is an excellent example. Senegal can be cited as another one. But the rest were countries whose leaders pillaged and killed like there is no tomorrow or ethics. I think The Dear Professor knows that very well.

  16. Hayal
    | #16

    There goes the good Professor just writing for the sake of writing. Totally unrelated scenarios but who cares just spin it as you wish. Ethiopia is at peace with itself and moving forward. You just miss the time when you used to blast everyone else in your classrooms. Pompous and egoistic as usual. You never change.

    I was your student by the way if you cared to know.


  17. wase
    | #17

    The number of comments shown for the article in front page list is 14 whereas what’s provided is only 9! What’s going on: Abugida? Please pay attention to your website.

    | #18

    # 10፣ ስምህን ሳጥናኤል ይጥራውና፣

    ጌጋድኣ ይኽልኣለይ’ምበር፣ Long ago, የኮንጎ ኪንሻሳውን ሞቡቱን ወርቅ ዝቆ ወደ አውሮፓ የተሰደደውና በመሃከሉ ግን አሁን ከሞተ ብዙ ዓመታት ያለፈው “prince mike of Düsseldorf ዘ-ኢትዮጵያዊው” የፕሰሪያ ዳንስ ቤት ውስጥ እንዳለው አይነት ነገር እየሆንክብኝ መስሎ እየታየኝ ነው::የ’Mike ማስታወስ ጉዳይ እንደሚከተለው፣
    መልከመልካሙና ባለባበሱ ተወዳዳሪ ያልነበረው፣ በማስመሰልም ቢሆን ተወዳዳሪ ይገኝለት ያልነበረው Fake Prince Mike ፕሰሪያ ዳንስ ቤት ውስጥ ገና ከመግባቱ፣ አንዱን ሌላውን አፍሪቃዊውን ያያል፣ አይን ላይንም ይጋጠማሉ፣ የቃል ሰላምታም ይለዋወጡና፣ አጭር smalltalk ውስጥ ይገባሉ:: ከዚያም Prince, “brother where are you from?” የሚለውን ጥያቄ በአህጉር ወንድሙ ላይ ያቀርባል:: የ’Mike የአህጉር ወንድም ለቀረበለት ጥያቄ፣ “ቡሩዳር አይ ኦም ፍሩም ኦሞሪካ” የሚለውን መልስ ይሰጣል:: ማለትም የአፍ አቀዳደድ ነገር አስቸግሮት ነው እንጂ፣ ቢሆንለት ኖሮ፣ “Brother, i am from America” ብሎ “የሰለጠንኩኝ” GI ነኝ ሊለው አስቦ ነው:: እንዲህ አይነትን ነገር በማብጠርጠር ከማንኛውም ኢትዮጵይዊ ከፍ ያለውን ቦታ የያዘው mike’ም ጠቅላላ የየአህጉር ወንድሙ ተውጦ የሚገኝበት ከሳኮሎጂ ጀምሮ እስከ አህጉራዊ ሁናቴ ስለታዘበ፣ ነገሩን ሁሉ ማሳጠር ፈለገና የመደምደምያ ቃሉን በአማርኛ ሲሰጥ: “አንተን አውቄሃለሁኝ፣ ጋና እንኳን አይደለህም ናይጀርያ ነህ” ብሎት የስንብቻ ሰላምታ እንኳን ሳይሰጠው ጥሎት ሄደ….!

    አንተም አጋሜው ዓጋመዋይ፣ የማሌሊቱ የገንዘብ አጋሚዶው፣ ምናልባት አይታወቅም ቁጥር 14 ላይ በተገቢ አልተስተናገድህ መስሎ ከታየህ፣ ይሄው በአስርቱ ላይ ላንተው ለብቻህ ልዩ ምራቂ:
    1. “ኤርትራዊ” መስለህ አልታየሄኝም, ከሆንክም ከማሌሊትነት የገንዘብ አጋሚዶነት አታልፍም…!
    2. እንዲህም ሆኖ ግን እንኳን ለዚህ አበቃህ ………….!
    3.ብቻ እንዲያው ለወደፊቱ ባዝላት ተንጠልጥላ ቀረችነት አይልመድብህ
    4. ደግሞም፣ ስምህን ራስህም ልትጠራው ለድፍረት ስላበቃሁህ ለእኔ ምስጋና አቅርብ
    5. አለበለዚያ ለወደፊቱ ራስህን ታውቅ ዘንዳ የሚለገሰውን ትነፈጋለህ
    6. ቻልኩበት-ቻልኩበት ስትል ደግሞ 2015 ሲመጣ ውስጥ-ውስጡን መከረኛዋን መፈክርህን “እቃ ወደ ቀበሌ፣ ትግሬ ወደ መቀሌ” ህዝብን ለማናከስ ስትል ከመሳብያህ አውጥተህ እንዳትበትናት::
    7. ሓሳድ ነህና ተከታይ የሚባል ነገር አታገኝም፣ ሊስትሮዎችህና ገረዶችህ ሁሉ ሳይቀሩ ዛሬማ ከድተውሀል፣ ለዚህም ነው የማናከሻ ችካሎችን በየመግቢያውና መውጫው በሮች ውስጥ ለመቸከል በገዛ IDENTITYህ ጭምር ሁሉ ሳይቀር መቀለድ እየጀመርክ ያለሄው:: አንት መንፈሰ ድሃ፣ ከዘረፍከው ሚልያርድስ እስኪ አምባርጩቃ ቢጤ ግዛና ተቀባ፣ የተፈጥሮ ወዝ የሚባል ነገር እንደሆነ ኖሮህ አያውቅ………………..! ምህረቱን ያውርድልህ……..!

  19. Ittu Aba Farda
    | #19

    Please read this in my previous comment as: “They did not get their recipes from the West”.

    And also this one as: “Someday he will somehow find ways to patch things up with his kin and kits in Addis and only God knows what he will do with these bootlickers!!!!


  20. aha!
    | #20

    Dawi #2, you used the term “expel Eritrea from Ethiopia as a dangerous rival to TPLF hegemony”. You are blurring issues by using the term expel Eritrea as opposed to expel Eritreans after secessionism was adopted by the UN Secretary General at the request of the late Prime Minister and put forth for referendum by Eritreans but not by all Ethiopians. The author is drawing parallel between Crimean and Eritrean case in terms of the foreign policy of the west. Instead of contesting or supporting that notion you used the term “expel Eritrea” in place of expel Eritreans which took place after Eritrea seceded from Ethiopia with respect to the charter and letter of acknowledgement for the late Prime Minister along with the ports. Since after the independence both EPLF and TPLF could not work together with one dominating over the other over issues exploiting Ethiopia and Ethiopians against dissent by the late Professor Asrat Woldeyes, and assertion by TPLF member who label the incident as “lebotch siserku yitebaberalu sikafelu gin yitalalu, as the major cause for the expulsion of Eritreans, not the expulsion of Eritrea. The expulsion of Eritrea, in your own assertion has to do with disregard to the unity, territorial integrity, sovereignty of Ethiopia and Ethiopians to participate in the referendum and assert their individual rights over issues that determine the fate of the counry as a whole.

  21. watawa
    | #21

    ya! There must have been something crucial for the Russian Government that they took a quick and drastic measure to keep their interest intact; of course, Americans and the west took their own measure to keep their interest regardless of what damage their decisions resulted in; therefore, regardless of who shouts about what, in the end, it is the big power with everything big that dictates the result.

  22. Dawi
    | #22

    aha said,

    [[...The expulsion of Eritrea, in your own assertion has to do with disregard to the unity, territorial integrity, sovereignty of Ethiopia..]]


    My take is, MLLT was a Marxist Leninist group. With that philosophy not only do they mind including Eritrea under their one party system but wouldn’t have objected for Djibouti, Somalia, Sudan and the rest of Africa for that matter to come under their fold. I have no doubt in my mind it is not the desire of Leninist group MLLT to allow Eritrea to secede; if that was practical at the time.

    Meles as a student of Lenin knew Lenin had to let go of Poland to secede while forming the Soviet Union because the Polish narrow nationalists wouldn’t budge. Lenin was very sorry to do that but obliged to the separatists at the end. Once MLLT understood EPLF was a reactionary force and would do more damage to the cause than anything else, they decided to let it go/expel because they didn’t think they can handle Isayas’s crazy maneuvers within Ethiopian revolution and survive staying at the top. Once that was known Meles went ahead and implemented the party’s mandate and kick Eritrea out of the fold. That was it.

    For Meles ethnic federation etc are organizational methodology/tactics to go where he wants to take the country, that is to a middle income of the East Asian Tigers row.

  23. Dawi
    | #23

    I want you to know my opinion above was based from what is available to the public.

    As you figure, I am more than sympathetic towards Meles/TPLF for the undertaking shown to more than make up for the wrongs they have committed in the past towards their country by expelling Eritrea from the fold. Meles evolved and eventually became an expert of developmental state theory in the African settings and worked on that to his last breath. That was probably his greatest accomplishment and contribution towards Africa. Onother of his successes was caging Isayas out of the power play of the region and allowing secessionist of Eritrea to see the light and preparing them for the final kill.

    He has off course done that to Egypt’s dominance of the region after signing a toothless agreement with Mubarak. Ethiopian Renaissance dam is on the horizon.

    After all is said and done, I still consider their action of expelling Eritrea out of Ethiopia’s fold was opportunistic to come to power but, that is history and now the question becomes how do we Crimea Eritrea? :)

  24. aha!
    | #24

    Dawi! Thank you for making it clear about the economic and the political model the late Prime Minister on behalf of TPLF with the inclination to Lennism, with the late Prime Minister being “a student of Lennin”, implementing Totalitarianism and or State Capitalism and ethnic federalism as “organizational methodology/tactics” rather than a divide and rule policy built into the constitution by major languages to “take the country to the middle income of East Asian Tigers”, with massive budget support and grants by the western democracies to advance the above mentioned economic model, rather free market capitalism with private property ownership as the center piece of free market capitalism for the silent majority of Ethiopians, available to TPLF/political, TPLF/EFFORT, TPLF affiliated enterprises, cadres and foreign corporation only to advance ethnic rule and or ethnic minority rule now or ethnic majority rule in the future. Does the approach adopted by the late Prime Minister has even a resemblance of the East Asian Style or a mixed bag of that of Dutch Boers of ex-apartheid of South Africa, Totalitarianism and/or State Capitalism from the TPLF inclination to Lenninism implemented with western capital and IMF funding, but not with East Asian Countries to implement their economic model.

  25. Europe and America ?
    | #25

    ጅብ ከሄደ ውሻ ጮህ አይነት ነውና ከንቱ ትንተና ነው
    ወያኔና ሻቢያ ኢትዮ ሲያደማት አንድም ምሁር ደጋፊ አልነበረም የሌለ ፓለቲካ ማውራት እንወዳለን
    ድሮስ ቢሆን ከማን ነው ኤርትራውያን ነጻ የሚወጡትና ነው ነጻ ይውጡ ገለመለይ ሲል የነበረው ምድረ ምሁርና ኢህአፓ ተብዬ
    ባይሆን እኛ ነጻ ወጣን ከነሱ ፓለቲካ ጭቅጭቅ
    ፕሮ ሁሉ በሰአቱ ነው
    ድብልብል ይሁን ነጠላ ድሮም ውሽት አሁንም የውሽት ፓለቲካ ነው

    ምሁር የማይጠቅወን የገጠጠ ውሸት ጊዜያችሁን አታጥፉ
    መስዋእት መክፈል አልተማርንም በወንበር ተቀምጠን ወሬ እናቦካለን

  26. Seyoum
    | #26

    The safety and development in general the future of Ethiopia depends on how well the Ethiopian diplomats are doing their jobs right now. Despite the claim of TPLF that the federal system has equally protected the rights of ‘nations and nationalities’, the political and economic power is fundamentally controlled by Tigayans who use the cultural differences in the country to their divide and rule strategy. In the past, Ghinbot 7 and Esat Television were exposing the Tigrean monopoly of almost all positions in the Ministry of Defence, security apparatus and foreign diplomatic missions. Exposing the people who are in control of real power in the country helps to increase the awareness of the public about the nature of the apartheid like regime in Ethiopia. Ghnbot 7 and Esat as well as other democratic organizations need to continue working on this important issue. One of the federal institutions that are entirely controlled by the Tigay elites is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Among the top fifteen departments of the ministry, Tigreans control at least eight of them. Does it mean that there are no Ethiopians from other ethnic groups who can carry out such responsibilities? Where is the diversity that TPLF cries day and night?

    New appointments in Ethiopian Cabinet

    1. Tewodros Adhanom, Minister of Foreign Afaairs- Tigre

    2. Berhane Gebre-Christo, State Minister of Foreign Afffairs-Tigre

    3. Ambassador Negash Kibret,Director General for International Organizations-Tigre

    4. Ambassador Grum Abay,Director General For European Affairs- Tigre

    5. Ato Mihreteab Mulugeta ,Chief of Protocol-Tigre

    6. Ato Zewdu Gebreweld,Head of the ICT Center- Tigre

    7. Gebremichale Gebre Tsadik ,Director General for Plan and Budge-Tigre

    8. Dr. Desta Woldeyohannes, Head of the Office of Women’s Affairs-Tigre

    In conclusion only TPLF got the power to sink Ethiopia or to save Ethiopia. No diasporas dollar will mean anything unless TPLF diplomats handle the case in hand in a civilized manner.

  27. Worku tesfaye
    | #27

    Separation from already stated country might not bring ze dreamed democracy and justice.
    Ze acters of ze game always saying..ur are oppressed,fight for ur soil,u are hero,ur flug damped,…and zy hv somany words to change ze mind innocent peoples.a.
    Many died,many destruction?l?
    Zen ze stupid mind acters declare freedom on paper only.
    Raising flug,…memorial celebrity for zos died.ze expected
    Democracy and justice,dumped again at new emerging country.
    Few dirty mind always existed around ze world.
    many life lost,nothing change.but new flug,small area,ze same dictators.
    Wy human kind kill each ozer?if we use resource properly,wz kindly maner,no problem.
    Ertria separated by lost of 200,000 from boz.Sudan too.
    What total summation?
    If possible,wy any nation separate wz out bld?
    Game stupid acters..
    All peoples in ze palace are dirty and playing game by human kinds life.eizer Africa or American almost ze same dirty mind.
    Wy man kind died?bc ze dirty minded acters in ze palace each country.

  28. Dawi
    | #28

    aha said:

    [[..rather free market capitalism with private property ownership as the center piece of free market capitalism for the silent majority of Ethiopians..]]

    That is what EPRDF is doing if you ask me. They understand of working to provide a good economy to keep citizens happy as in China. They also know free market economy works best.

    I don’t know why you don’t get it aha!…..For me it is clear that Meles chose a different path than the Mengistu’s of the past where they come unglued when the Soviet or Western aid shrinks; their economies tremble as if it is built on sand. You will not find Meles’s party going like that; not so fast at least. “TPLF/political, TPLF/EFFORT, TPLF affiliated enterprises” are there to protect for that not to happen.He has learned from the past and chose not build on sand.

    Seyum said:

    [[..New appointments in Ethiopian Cabinet..]]

    The test should be who will be adherent to the “developmental state”

    Remember TPLF/EPRDF won power by force of arms. The present Ethiopian Army answers to the party not necessarily to the government or the nation for that matter as Ginbot 7 pointed out. So any change is going to be gradual. As HD took over Meles’s job others will do same but, folks have to have the ablilty to honor the sacrifice of Meles and others while tearing down the ethnic barriers. One thing is clear to me; those who don’t honor Meles’s “vision”, no matter which nationality they belong to can not be part of the cabinet or in any leadership role of what so ever.

    If you are still asking why not? You have to be an idiot.

  29. Southerner
    | #29

    Mr. Seyoum,

    Ethiopia is belong to all not only AMARAS as used to be.

    You must be one of those foolish desperate Amara who hate to see non Amhara Ethiopians (Oromos,Tigre,Gambela,Sidama,Eritrean..)from assuming office, unlike the old Amhara era today Ethiopia belong to all Ethiopians, Prime minster from Sidama,President from Oromo,Foreign minster from Tigre, parliament speaker from Oromo etc….,

  30. Ye Gonder Jegna
    | #30


    Let us not be too negative.

    We Ethiopians do not care, whether the prime minster is from sidama or the president is from Oromo, or the foreign minster is from tigre region, the only thing we Ethiopians care is that they are doing great job up lifting up Ethiopia from poverty and making Ethiopia the land of hope and progress, and by the way thanks to this gov we ethiopians do no have no more civil war in Ethiopia.

  31. Dawi
    | #31


    I hope you understand in what context I mean by “honor Meles”; off course his vision today is one of the fastest in the globe for development; it may even surpass South Korean’s speed in our case reaching middle income but, even when the system he set up needs to be changed in time and a different direction is taken we still need to learn and have the abiltiy to honor him I will say to continue a sustainable economy. We can learn from China on that. They still honor Mao even though the economy he set is torn down. Putin coming to power as Prof. Azar Gat showed was the “appeal of the China Model to Russia”. I think that increased assertiveness of Russia is what Prof. Tecola is honoring as well.

    So honoring thy father and mother in general is a good thing. That goes to all of them not just the current ones.

    So “honor” of the ones that brought a leap forward for a country is beneficial; the personality cult worry is secondary.Cuba is another country that is studying the China model to have a soft landing from Castro’s leadership.

  32. aha!
    | #32

    Seyoum #26! You are challenging the TPLF/eprdf regime from the standpoint of ethnic minority rule of the current administration as being dominated by TPLF officials, without even mentioning the fact those top officials are Eritreans by Birth and in support of the constitution of ethnic federalism, secessionism and totalitarianism and/or state capitalism as the salient points/ideologies for contentions of ethnic and secessionist politics and/or policies prevailing in Ethiopia, in addition to scrambling for cabinet positions in the TPLF/eprdf regime with the TPLF serving as the politbeurro running the country with the support of the teletafi and loyalist opposition parties upholding the constitution, the security, federal police and military forces along with TPLF/Political, TPLF/EFFORT, TPLF affiliated enterprises, cadres and foreign corporations running free market capitalism in a mix with totalitarianism and/or state capitalism. You are now telling us not even challenge for power sharing but to succumb to TPLF to sink or save Ethiopia in their approach to running the economy in a mix of socialistic and capitalistic style similar to the Dutch Boers of ex-apartheid South Africa.

  33. Sambusa
    | #33

    Dr. Messay, Dr. Almeayehu,Dr.Aklog,Dr. Saed Hassan,Dr. Getcetchew and the others.Many of you who continue to comment on Ethiopian political events have over done it. At one time blaming the TPLF junta for not allowing democratic participation, at other criticizing the U.s and the west for being in consistent in their foreign policy.

    However, the fact of the matter is this: You writers know clearly that the west is always led by their own economic, geo politic and security interest. What is more, you also know that TPLF is an Ethnic fascist organization and ,in her history, knows not a democratic principle.My question to you is. I sense some of us more than others exhibit a credible crises as to how to solve the nation’s complex problem. Either way we see it, the mere notion of wishing internet politics will one day free the nation is only the day dreamers wish. The truth is the enemy is SAFE at home as Alemsehaye in her poem “ENGANEN” said it is just that. Fortunately for us we are thousands of miles away, from home so why worry about it Ethiopia and her people.
    Yet Ethiopians at home know very well her peoples’ enemies are her own so called foreign based “intellectuals’. They are the one’s ,from the get go ,who said to the people yes to ‘democracy’ and no to armed struggle. Others who are pretending waging armed struggle are actually major road blockers to freedom. My appeal is to people such as, Tekle yeshaw,Hale Melse to call those who want to make difference for a face to face conference. Enough of internet politics where there is no accountability we are the biggest losers on this end.

  34. Anonymous
    | #34

    Well said my brother! Not only ESAT and Ginbot-7, but every Ethiopian in and outside of Ethiopia has the responsibility to tell every man and woman he/she meet at any place and time about the 400 Gambelans that have been slaughtered, about the 200 innocent Ethiopians that have been gunned down in Addis, about the Ethiopians that are being evicted from their land, about the countless number of innocent prisoners that are rotting in jail as we speak, about how the country being robbed, about how small Ethiopian children being used as commodities, about how the regime dividing Ethiopians by demeaning one ethnic group and so on. Ethiopians need to share with their church members and their co-workers about the brutality of TPLF. Ethiopians need to ask people to pray for their fellow Ethiopians that are being abused by TPLF regime and write letters to their State representatives and Senators.

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