Washington, D.C. reception report

September 10th, 2007 Print Print Email Email

Washington, D.C. reception report (video by ETN) and Washington, D.C. audio report (audio by EMF)

Washington, D.C. reception report (video by ETN)

Washington, D.C. audio report (audio by EMF)

  1. Peace
    | #1

    This is the way, how Ethiopians celebrates their Braves. I wish i were there. I love our Culture to show Respect who deserved it.

    Happy New Year to every Ethiopian all over the World!

  2. dula
    | #2

    heros we will continue until at the end of democracy to our country

  3. ayle
    | #3

    i hope meles he will get this kind of welecoming when he arive Asmara where he belongs to but not Ethiopian soil

  4. Arefe
    | #4

    ayle you are right. he belongs where he comes
    from we are not sure where is he going??????/

  5. Getachew
    | #5

    There seems to be a total agreement on both sides of the political divide to use this millinuem as a turning point in Ethiopia’s history, where political differences are to be tolerated and resolved in a democratic manner. For this to happen, it requires committment from all of us, not just those in political leadership. I therefore urge all my compatriots to express their political views cordially, without insluting individuals or groups of people. This is a major pre-requisite for political reconcilation in Ethiopia.

  6. belay melese
    | #6

    An excellent meeting.viva our leaders.Shaleka Yosef and his shareholders,motoalka Mirchaw,Taye,EPRP,you can not conveince the people of Ethiopia.we need openes,clear vision not hidden like you.you are docotors,specailly how to divide people specially genune leaders.All bandas will destroy.people can judge,not by bribe like you, we need our money that paid to Taye,the stolen money. Shaleka youse a causin of Hailu Shawel’s wife…. So the meeting was EXCELLENT.

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