Ethiopia slams International Rivers organisation for supporting Egypt (Ahram Online)

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Ethiopia’s National Panel of Experts linked to the Renaissance Dam project dismiss as biased to Egypt criticisms of the dam levelled by US-based environmental group.

The National Panel of Experts linked to the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) has slammed the International Rivers Network (IRN) for criticising the Renaissance Dam project, accusing the body of being biased and supporting Egypt against the dam.

The panel accused, in a statement issued Thursday, the US-based environmental organisation “of subverting Ethiopia’s efforts to develop its water resources and lift its vast and growing population out of poverty.” It accused the IRN of being paid by Egypt in order to lobby against the Renaissance Dam internationally.

“Again, the IRN never loses opportunity to lobby for its Egyptian paymasters. Not only does the IRN talk about the ‘oversize’ of GERD, but also about the Egyptians’ negative emotions over GERD: anger and fear.”

The IRN issued 31 March 2014 a statement about Renaissance Dam along with a leaked version of the report of the tripartite technical committee assigned to study the probable impact of the dam on Egypt and Sudan issued last year.

“One international dam expert who has seen the report states that it shows that construction on the project is proceeding on an aggressively accelerated schedule with little room for adjusting key elements of dam design to reduce harm or prevent problems,” the IRN said in its statement.

The environmental NGO called on Ethiopia to halt construction of the dam until studies on the impact of the dam on the downstream countries are continued.

The IRN added that it would work on keeping international donors from investing in the GERD project while providing alternatives to Ethiopia for water and land reclamation.

Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan formed a tripartite technical committee to study the probable effects of the Renaissance Dam. But the committee’s discussions were thwarted in December when Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir announced his support for the dam during a meeting with Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn.

Talks between Ethiopia and Egypt broke down in recent months. Yet officials from both countries insist they will continue to hold talks in order to solve the dispute over the dam. Earlier this month, the foreign ministers of both Egypt and Ethiopia held talks in Brussels on the dam.

Founded in 1985 as an international NGO, the International Rivers Network is an environmental anti-dam organisation that aims to protect rivers and local communities that depend on those rivers. The US based organisation is known internationally for its stances against dams in general.

  1. ቱልቱላ
    | #1

    If the Egyptian-ARABS support the the minster he will be let go free since Egypt needs

    to get in good terms with the Egyptian arabs to tackle the Ethiopian-Arab spying Egypt.

    . Ethiopia’s good for nothing Defence Minstry military will loose only if the current Egyptian government looses it’s support from the Egyptian Arabs.Because all Ethiopia can do is weaken Egypt from within the only thing this so called Ethiopia’s defence minstry good for?
    Let us bring up the Badme Ethio/Eritrean war for instance all the Ethiopian defence minstry did was provide weapons and bad leadership. Even the Defence Minster ended up in prison for his bad leadership upon returnfromEthio/Eritrean war with a fake victory.. Ethiopia lost almost double the amount of human lifes than the Eritreans due to the Commander in Chief and Defence Minstry strategy to send soldiers into war without adequate training. Ethiopia got three times more injured soldiers than Eritrea which the defence minstry do not even acknowledge them let alone give them any disability assistance till this date. All the minstry did was provide propoganda to recruit , pay them good salary which made the poor very initiated eventhough the salary was discontinued by the end of the Madmen war in 2000 and later on the TPLF Tigray race generals started a Metals & Engineering Corp., an Ethiopian military-run corporation which is in desperate need of markets to sell it’s products. Ethiopia was hoping Egypt will buy weapons from Ethiopia until the Nile river dam issue arose.The Defence Minstry is filled with one race which represent less than 10% of the totalEyhiopianpopulation.The Defence Minstry’s members whole family had been geting free food (for their whole family for the last decade or more) to prepare any war they might encounter fromtheother races within Ethiopia., The Tigray race also had been geting paid good for just siting on their bottom and investing in EFFORT and/or the Weapon corporations while other races suffer.The Ethiopianeconomy ismonopolized by the Tigray race while Ethiopia’s land is shrinking in the rate not seen in a century Tigray general kids are getting to Egypt to create caos and misinformation from within Egypt. Some are there as a refugee others are there with Middle eastern passport as Meles Zenawi himself was a Yemeni passport holder. Tigrayans are saying this time around unlike the ethioEritrean war they wiul send the highly skilled Tigrayan kidscollege kids to the war rather than the weak Ethiopians poor.

  2. Kiflu Hussein
    | #2

    As Egyptian used to call some of our people which are against the government “Bargaining Chips”, they might got it right that help them by posting their trashy.

  3. Abebe
    | #3


    Since 1960′s The Egypt government had pumped millions of dollars into OLF,ELF,EDU,EPLF and still secretly financing like ESAT its main members and also MR.Berhaue NEGGA had accepted financial assistance from Egypt.

  4. suliman
    | #4

    In the past, when the new wantbe president of Egypt threatened to invade Ethiopia if elected, I stated I will fight against Egypt. Now what I have before me is the TPLF cadres’ attempting to deflect the political crisis their party is suffering at the present both at home and abroad. This time, around own the enablers of TPLF are questioning the wisdom of continued support for the rogue regime.

    By the way, who are this so called experts?

    “The National Panel of Experts linked to the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) has slammed the International Rivers Network (IRN)…..”.

    Really, this is weyane’s way of saying I am play the Nile card in order to deflect a political crises at home. It will not work weyanes. The Ethiopian people have unbreakable bond for millennium and need not anyone to tell them what to do in the moment any foreign enemy threatens their security. This uneasiness towards our traditional enemies is so ingrained in the national psych the gusto to rise up in unison will come alive in the moment that threat occurs. Be you warned Weyanes! Time to stop and reflect if there is any sense of decency in some within TPLF. I feel sorry for you Dr. Adhanom

    Time to loosen up now before it is too late or else the ghost of 1974 is hovering over the cloud of Ethiopia. By then no one will say Ethiopians have not patiently born the TPLF regime.

  5. Zelalem Mekurai
    | #5


    Egypt government officially and unofficially financing anti Ethiopian government elements and organization, the bigger receiver of Egyt’s money so far goes to ESAT and ONLF.
    ESAT and ONLF officially accepting EGYPT’s money, what if funny is ESAT preaches pro ethiopia stance for PR reasons but in the mean time accepts hundreds and thousands of dollars from Ethiopias deadly enemy (EGYPT), there is no question that we all knows that Egypt is anti Ethiopian interest and trying to interrupt the construction of the hydro dam project in Nile in order to colonize Nile.

  6. addis
    | #6

    any one try to desteracte us what we are doing, this is the mentality of arbs and hate, because they do not like us to develop and grow. we are not arbs or arbs leag, we african. we w’ll not stop this, the water belong to us and it’s our right to do what ever we like to do with it. if you have problem with it find solution for it, but do not come in my land or country tel me what to do.

  7. Anonymous
    | #7

    You are Shabia; you think you can use the Egypt saga to defeat Ethiopia? no ways, badme is in our hand for 14 years now after you were driven out? what are you doing ? Askaris

  8. deriba Gotchu
    | #8

    Many may remember the influential former Prime Minister of Malaysia Dr Mahathir Mohammad. His vision like Prime Minister Lee of Singapore was responsible for the transformation Malaysian economy. I leave here his a famous quote from his speech in Rio in 1992. It is stuck in my mind.

    “When the rich chopped down their own forests, built their poison-belching factories and scoured the world for cheap resources, the poor said nothing. Indeed they paid for the development of the rich. Now the rich claim a right to regulate the development of the poor countries…As colonies we were exploited. Now as independent nations we are to be equally exploited.”

  9. Alemu
    | #9

    I understand why ONLF takes money from Egypt, because ONLF is an Islamist extremist separatist organization. But what I do not understand is why is this corrupted Amhara dominated Organization (ESAT) taking money from Egypt ? ?Maybe some of ESAT’S members pocketing the money to enrich themselves.

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