Gunmen kill nine in western Ethiopia bus attack: state media

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(Reuters) – Gunmen ambushed a bus carrying dozens of people in western Ethiopia near the Sudanese border, killing nine and wounding six others, state-run media said on Wednesday.

There was no claim of responsibility and no group was blamed for the attack, but Ethiopia says it has thwarted several plots in recent years by Ethiopian insurgents as well as Somali al Qaeda-linked al Shabaab Islamist militants.

A handful of rebel groups are waging low-level separatist insurgencies in Ethiopia, while Ethiopian troops are part of an offensive against al Shabaab in neighboring Somalia.

The bus ambush on Tuesday evening – near the $4 billion-Grand Renaissance Dam – was the second attack on public transportation in the Benishangul Gumuz region in five months. Four people were killed by a bomb on a minibus in November.

“The bus was targeted while travelling 100 kilometers (62 miles) south of (regional capital) Assosa,” a report on state-owned Ethiopian Television said.

No further details were given, and officials were not immediately available to comment.

In September, two Somali suicide bombers accidentally blew themselves up in Addis Ababa while preparing to detonate explosives among football fans during Ethiopia’s World Cup qualifying match against Nigeria.

  1. Anonymous
    | #1

    Hmmmmmmm!!!!! Here we go again! It is a wonder if some strong members of the opposition party that believed in the unity of Ethiopia were in that bus. May be the flow of money that is coming from EU and US in the name fighting terrorism in Ethiopia have been cut. May be the same group of people that gunned down young Ethiopians in Addis, in Gambela and the same people that planted bomb and blew up innocent passengers in the minibus taxi in Addis are responsible.

  2. Aba Biya
    | #2

    Even if it costs life of innocents, the war against the murderer tplf must intensifies at any cost. The Ethiopians must wage war against tplf on all fronts, even cooperate foreign fighters.
    Ethiopia prevails.

  3. Suliman
    | #3

    According to TPLF run ETV,

    “There was no claim of responsibility and no group was blamed for the attack”.

    Indeed that is the case with this news! This has to be the work of the terrorist TPLF. It is becoming obvious by the day the un coached leadership of the TPLF pariah has already run its course. Their sisters enables have recently have raised concern about TPLF state sponsored terror. It appears, at this eleventh hour, Britannia went as far as attempting to coach the brutish TPLF security. What a political embarrassment for England! One thing is clear the entire public expects TPLF would use this moment to peacefully hand over power. Alas! TPLF is still living on her past glory .TPLF goons keep ignoring the pressing political economic and social problems and it will spell your disaster. Terrorist TPLF your resort to manufacture terror as a means of survival is bankrupt policy. Ethiopians are glued the news, and the diplomatic community is watching everything TPLF does is being closely monitored.

  4. Dany
    | #4

    @Aba Biya
    We do not have to let our hatred go beyond limits ,to the extent of cooperating with Foreign Fighters .Is any compatriot ready to be a Trojan horse of Egyptians ? Whatever evils TPLFs do to our country ,they are still part of us and we are also responsible to let them rule us .

  5. Ittu Aba Farda
    | #5

    Now this is a no-no. Killings of any civilian or any human being for political reasons should be condemned at all times. Also causing to any infrastructures should be considered off limits and deemed to be anti-development and therefore anti-people. After all said and done, infrastructures and their equipment including vehicles belong to the people who use them. This is a work of cowards whoever perpetrates them. This is the destructive actions used to be taken by former Eritrean and Somali insurgents(Those who fought Ziad Barre) in the 1960′s, 1970′s and 1980′s. They used to blow up oil refineries, roads and bridges most of the time for the sake of publicity or to just get a ‘high’ from it. They used to go in trance whenever BBC talked about it. I remember once when I was a college student in the Middle East during the late 1960′s when one of my friends Mehari, an Eritrean high school student, jumping up and down after hearing a BBC broadcast in which we heard Eritrean rebels ‘captured’ and destroyed a bus carrying civilians en route to Asmara. When I asked Mehari what was any good in destroying civilian bus, his justification was that the government has lost the countryside and it was then in control of the rebels. Go figure!!! If this is done by elements in the ruling regime or any one fighting it, someone is doing it by the playbook written long time ago by this self-proclaimed ‘Horn-of-Africa Redeemer’ hailing from Asmara. It is a shame that still even today some people are falling for his snare. I had said non-violence yesterday and I will say non-violence for today, tomorrow and from here to eternity.

  6. Anonymous
    | #6

    Yes, the home grown Eritrean terrorists that were trained by leftover Italians in Asmara had caused Ethiopia so much headaches and heartaches, and they are the main reason why Ethiopia held backwards. The same Eritreans are the ones that brainwashed and trained TPLF to be shameless, senseless, merciless, heartless, hateful-racist killers of innocent Ethiopians and mafia like looters. TPLF are the ones that decided to hand Eritreans every centimeters of the only seaport of Ethiopia with a bonus of a billion dollar of Ethiopians taxpayers money to show their gratitude to their Eritrean cousins. In the last 24 years, besides looting Ethiopia, TPLF are the ones that are locking up, torturing and killing our educated and intellectuals, literally handing the most fertile land of Ethiopia to foreigners and slaughtered over 400 Gambelans and unknown number of other innocent Ethiopians. Unless, the main mass murderers removed from power, Ethiopians keep on being looted, incarcerated, tortured, gunned down, slaughtered, blown-up and causing well hidden genocide by giving non-Tigrean Ethiopian women of permanent birth-control. The question is, what are Ethiopians going to do about it? How many people have to be locked up, tortured and killed? How much land and Ethiopia’s treasury have to be stolen and sold?

  7. Oakland, California Ethiopian-American community
    | #7


    Annonymous Opposition parties informants said the names and professions of the dead is hidden because they were working for the regional government as spies to deport other races specially the Amharas out of Benishangul Gumuz region . This is a retaliation for the continuous deportation of Amharas and potentially many other races out from the region.

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