EPRDF in panic due to demand for peaceful change By Robele Ababya

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Deep sorrow

I am, in my personal capacity of a concerned Ethiopian, enraged and deeply aggrieved by the beastly deeds that culminated in loss of lives, spilt blood, bodily injury, psychological trauma inflicted on universities students at Ambo, Alem Maya, Jimma, Lekemt et al. These heinous crimes were and are being committed by the EPRDF security forces under the direct command of the minority leaders camouflaging as citizens of Ethiopia. They are hell bent on destroying the cultural diversity of the Ethiopian people plotting from their hideouts in our nation’s capital Addis Ababa and in Tigray – the cradle of our civilization. In the same breath, I most sincerely wish to share the pain of parents and relatives who have lost their loved ones in the heinous cold-blooded murder of their sons, daughters, and all demonstrating residents victimized by senseless act of brutality by government security forces.

Addis Ababa is the melting pot of our diverse culture; Tigray is the citadel of our glory when Ethiopia was one of the four powerful countries on our planet Earth. Inclusive politics must take this into account beyond the fall of the reclusive TPLF regime.

Persistent gun politics in the era of TPLF misrule

The TPLF leaders at the top echelon are reverting to politics by the gun – the game they know best to cling on to power for another 40 years as openly declared by Abay Woldu. This moron from his hideout as President of Tigray is a self-proclaimed guardian of the rotten legacy of his former boss, the butcher of Addis Ababa. The moron and his followers and confidants with parochial views are in their wildest dream busy building the personality cult as “The Great Statesman leading Africa”. But this is not going to happen!!!

Apartheid politics is unnatural

Tigray belongs to all Ethiopians. It is the cradle of civilization of all the descendants of Noah: – Ham, Shem, and Japheth. Cush being the first born son of Ham is credited for establishing the Cushitic Kingdom later succeeded by the Axumite Kingdom. Is this not sufficient justification for averting and condemning in the strongest terms the internecine bloodshed and killings in cold-blood unleashed on universities students singling out the Oromos in particular? I bet the cobra going by the names of Abay Woldu is in trance savoring the blood of the young university students with a broad smile quietly. The victims were exercising their constitutional right of petitioning the brutal ruling regime in a peaceful protest; unfortunately they paid a hefty sacrifice trying to reason with a regime that has shut the door to dialogue.

Our inheritance and invaluable assets

Our sterling achievement is that the Judaic, Christian, and Islamic faiths lived together in relative harmony for centuries. Our greatest gifts are our industrious people, our waters, and vast arable fertile natural resources. These three are our invaluable assets indispensable to our survival as people. We have every right to utilize these assets in a way others can count on us as their breadbasket and source of electric power available for sale. Our water tower is safeguard of last resort against those who wish us ill.

Our ancestors have shown their indomitable spirit and fighting prowess on the international scene sacrificing their precious lives and shedding their blood for the territorial integrity of Ethiopia, freedom and dignity. The present generation is no less determined to assert its resolve to reclaim its freedom and dignity from the tight grip of the TPLF warlords. .

The widespread youth movement by tertiary and secondary students has come at a defining moment. For Ethiopia is bound to lose her invaluable assets under the apartheid policy of the brutal regime meddling in religious affairs; stifling democracy; grossly mismanaging natural resources; blocking private landownership and suppressing the initiative and creativity of individuals; and discouraging self-reliance. The peaceful protest must elevate to the level of civil disobedience and spread like bush fire throughout Ethiopia for the sake of securing freedom and dignity for all citizens as well as restoring stability in the troubled region of the Horn of Africa.

The contentious Addis Ababa Master Plan

Ethiopians should be braced for the mushrooming of new cities and expansion of the present ones into metropolis and megacities gradually. This phenomenon will release rural lands for large scale commercial farming as people migrate to the cities seeking greener pastures by investing in business enterprises of their choice with the money acquired from sales of their private farmlands.
In highly industrial nations, less than 10% of their populations are engaged in farming. They feed more than their population require for food and the rest of the farm produce are exported. For example only 2-3% of the USA population is engaged in farming; the farmers produce more than needed for domestic consumption and the rest is exported flooding the world market and building the image of the USA as food basket of the world.

So the contentious issue of the expansion of Addis Ababa Master Plan should be resolved in view of the above. This can be done only by an inclusive democratic government following national reconciliation.

People must come first

Abject poverty is biting deep through the skins to the bone marrows of the masses while elites are failing to unite to ease their sufferings. The struggle initiated by Oromo university students must continue and gather strength across the ethnic divide. Peaceful struggle is already scarring the trigger-happy EPRDF regime to death!!!

In all our endeavors, the principle of putting people is the best policy. Buildings and wide roads constructed with borrowed money do not feed hungry people and develop them to repay the loans let alone increase prosperity. The repressive EPRDF regime has ignored this principle and is therefore well on its way to catastrophe for it has lost the trust of the people. The people know that the despotic ruling regime is causing unrest to rig and secure election 2015 in advance rather than go through the spate of protests that ensued in the aftermath of election 2005 which it lost but kept it by force; it wants to justify to the world that it fairly won election 2010 and hide the fact that it unilaterally declared garnering 99.6% of parliamentary seats.

The EPRDF regime is gripped with panic; it must revisit its failed strategy of robbing elections in broad daylight by accepting the inevitable scenario of peaceful transfer of power to the Ethiopian people.

Tribute to Immeye Menilik

The policy of imperialists was that black African workers should abandon the center of the cities every evening leaving their working places immaculately clean including residential houses, streets and public squares for the enjoyment of their colonial masters; their children were not allowed to study beyond 4th grade.

Ethiopia under Menilik with His stalwart warriors comprising all the mosaic ethnic groups were vehemently opposed to the dehumanizing policy of colonialists and paid a heavy sacrifice fighting for freedom and dignity and set example to all black people in Africa and in the Diaspora.

The ancestors of Amharas and Oromos were singled out for extinction by Fascist Italy; their descendants must therefore at all times stand together in self-defense; otherwise, the TPLF copycats of Italian Fascist’s policy will leave no stone unturned to divide and enslave them.

Urgent call in earnest on the EPRDF cadres, security & defense forces

Members of Security and defense establishment are supposed to defend the constitution. Unfortunately this has not been the case since the TPLF-dominated regime came to power. This costly gross blunder will hold you accountable sooner or later as it did the members of the security and defense forces of the fallen Derg regime. You will face the same fate unless you change course and stand on the side of the people without delay. You must say no to the EPRDF government, which is unabashedly lying through its teeth about the viability of GERD and double-digit GDP growth contrary to single-digit growth of 6 to percent forecast by the International Monitory Fund (IMF and the World Bank (WB).

So I make this urgent clarion call in earnest on the EPRDF cadres, security & defense forces to mend their ways and force the EPRDF party to come to the negotiating table with all opposition entities and civil societies and together pave the way to genuine national reconciliation by weeding out criminals by means of an independent court.

In closing

As the old adage goes” A house divided against itself cannot stand. Unity is paramount to defend, preserve and protect our invaluable human and natural resources.

The EPRDF is in panic because it failed to put people first in its development policy; it arrogantly snubbed inclusivity in matters of paramount national interests such as the GERD and the expansion of the Addis Ababa Master Plan. The reclusive regime is reaping what it has been sowing in all the years it has been in power; EPRDF is now in panic due to self-inflicted wound arising from its fear of people seeking peaceful change. All tyrants fear the people they misrule!

The EPRDF government must be held accountable for the heinous crimes unleashed on the Oromo students. The Prime Minister should take the lead in bringing all involved criminals to court or resign

One country, Ethiopia! One person one vote!
Release all political prisoners immediately and unconditionally!


  1. Sam
    | #1

    Robele wrote that in USA 2 to 3 Percent of the population are farmers. That is true. Any country economic dynamism is measured by the ratio of its urban and rural population. Even in Africa the countries showing economic progress have relatively more urban population. That said what EPDRF is boasting to do is not the mirror image of what have been done in other economically successful countries. Those who are evicted from their lands– what the EPDRF says the government land– will not get enough economic compensation to make a career change. There are no industrial companies which could absorb the farmers. The companies which are owned by Chinese and Turks are a few. And they are relocated in Ethiopia seeking cheap labor. Even those companies could not create jobs for the tiny fraction of city dwellers. The government might argue those evicted might resettle in other farming lands. That has a huge problem. The population of Ethiopia is increasing in number significantly. There is no virgin lands to be given to them elsewhere. Even if there are virgin lands the EPDRF government prefers to give it to the Indians for free for a hundred year contract. Then where do these farmers will be relocated? Do not forget unless the farmers are relocated where the farmers are speaking the same ethnic language as they, being treated as foreigners is not unexpected. Ask the Amhara farmers who are chased away from every regions for that to be the rule than the exception.

  2. Oda Tulu
    | #2

    I like it when you say “One country Ethiopia; one person, one vote!

    Indeed the TPLF/EPRDF brutal regime is in panic because the days have come to answer for its gruesome crimes in all the years it has been in power.

  3. kiffaqiff
    | #3

    As the criminal Meles Zenawi, the archenemy of Ethiopians brought his fate and left this world in death and buried dead for eternity, so will the rest of Hiwhat criminals. It is inevitable that the death the enemy is around the clock. All Ethiopians, as the forefront fighters, remove the enemy from the surface of the lands it held via invention

  4. Hailu Anteneh
    | #4

    EPRDF is blaming the report made by Waasinternational.com for the unrest within the Oromo people.

  5. Lemlem Tsegaw
    | #5

    ነውና ነግ በኔ ጭጭ አትበል ወገኔ
    የትግሬው ነጻ አውጭ (“ሕዝባዊ ወያኔ ሓርነት ትግራይ”) እንዲያመቸኝ ብሎ
    ለመግዛት ከፋፍሎ
    ከሃያ ዓመት በፊት፤
    ለንደን ከተማ ውሥጥ እንዲያ ሲደራደር
    የኤትዮጵያ ነጻ አውጭ ምን አቀረበለት?
    ወያኔ ተቀምጦ በነጭ ፈረስ ላይ
    መብትን ሲያክፋፍል
    ለጎጠኛው ሁሉ
    እንዲት ቢያታለው ነው
    ከሃያ ዓምት ኋላ እንዲህ የፈነዳው?
    እባክህ አዳምጠኝ ነውና ነግ በኔ፤
    በቃ በለው ዛሬ፣ ጭጭ አትበል ወገኔ!
    ያ “ወያኔ ሓርነት ትግራይ”
    በለንደን ከተማ እንዲያ ሲደራደር
    የተራቆተውን በድህነት ይዘት፣
    በጎሣ ከፋፎሎ አዋጅ በማስመታት፤
    እንዲህ አትቶለት፤
    ከዛሪ ጀምሮ ላንተ ይሁንልህ፣ መንደርህ፣ አገርህ፤
    መሆኑን እወቀው ወርቁ ጎሣ ያንተ አማራም ጠላትህ።
    እንዲት ቢያታልለው ነው
    ከሃያ ዓምት ኋላ ፍሪውን ያጨደው?
    ካለፈው ተምረን ዛሬ እንነሣ፤
    የሰው መብቱ ይቅደም አንበል በጎሣ።
    አዳምጠኝ ወልቃይት ሌላው ይቅርና
    አዳምጠኝ ነቀምቴ ሌላው ይቅርና
    አረ ተው ጭጭ አትበል ኢትዮጵያ ወገኔ፤
    እንዲህ ከቀጠለ፣
    በልምድም ከሆነ
    ይደገማል እንጅ አይቀርም ነግ በኔ።
    © ለምለም ፀጋው፣ ሚያዝያ 26፣ 2006 (May 4, 2014)
    በ አምቦና በሌሎች ከተማ ሰላማዊ ሰልፍ በመውጣታቸው ለተገደሉት ሁሉ
    መታሰቢያ የተጻፈ. ሁናቲውን ከታች በተዘረዘሩት ድረ ገጾች ያንብቡ።
    http://ecadforum.com/News/olf-press-release-on-tplfs-mass-killings-of- the-oromo-students

  6. Dawi
    | #6

    Sam said,

    [[..That said what EPDRF is boasting to do is not the mirror image of what have been done in other economically successful countries….]]

    And your suggestion is?….let me say it for you…. it is the same thing that left the opposition weak; that is to continue the same neo-liberal ideology that failed Africa in the past; the same old economic policy for the African governments to remain as a night watch men.

    I think such idea is already rejected by anyone with some “development” sense because such polcy ties the government’s hands from building sugar plantations or GERD for that matter. Who is going to do it for you?

    Majority Ethiopians know the private sector is weak therefore, they agree with the state intervention in such endeavors. We can argue in how to build the settlements & so on but, unless you have a better altenative for fast development to get us out of poverty things like Sugar plantations, METEC and other startups by the government will continue to win the majority support in my opinion.

    It has proven to work in South Korea and other developmental states.

  7. Suliman
    | #7

    As usual very good article

    First of all my condolences goes to the families, relatives ,and friends of the Ethiopian students who are senselessly murdered by agazi forces. It is heart rending to see such a senseless blood shed against our citizens. One wonders why the regime decided to use such deadly force against peaceful protesters? There is no doubt about it, As you have rightly pointed out the regime is in panic. Or else it could have used tear gas or plastic bullet to dis pressed the protesters. How the regime reacts in this fashion is beyond my comprehension. One thing is clear the longer it takes for political parties before they make up their mind to stand up together to make a difference, we might as well look for ward the likely hood of such events to occur. If the leaders of different political parties want to remain credible they need to use the present crisis as a stepping point for national unity.

  8. Abraham
    | #8

    Tigray is meant to rule Ethiopia. Stop hating on us!

  9. Fun
    | #9

    Mr Robel , you do not need to call names (moron,snake,this and that) it makes you look unprofessional and comical. Just present your argument professionally.

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