Abebe Gellaw interrupted Obama, shouting, “Freedom for Ethiopia!”

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U.S. President Barack Obama has agreed with journalist Abebe Gellaw’s demand to support freedom in Ethiopia and help free bloggers, journalists and political prisoners jailed by the tyrannical regime.

While Obama was wrapping up his speech last night at a glitzy Democratic National Committee reception in San Jose’s Fairmont Hotel, journalist and activist Abebe Gellaw interrupted the president and called support for freedom in Ethiopia. The event jointly hosted by Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer and and Y Combinator CEO Sam Altman was mainly attended by Silicon Valley business and political leaders.

Abebe began his message with a positive note. “Mr. Obama, we Ethiopians love you. We demand freedom for Ethiopia,” he said.

The President, who was talking about winning both Congress and the Senate from the Republicans in the next election, replied “I agree with you although why don’t I talk about it later because I am just about to finish. You and me will talk about it. I am going to be coming around.”

But Abebe continued his message and loudly called for help to free jailed bloggers and journalists. “Stand with the people of Ethiopia, don’t support tyranny,” he said to which the president answered again, “I agree with you.”

“We have tyranny in Ethiopia,” Abebe said and added, “We love you!”

“I love you back,” the present replied and noted that his speech was kind of screwed up.

“That is okay. And we got free speech in this country,” he said before wrapping up his speech.

In a letter Abebe handed to the President at the end of the event, he noted that he wanted to take the rare opportunity to raise the voices of the oppressed people Ethiopia.

“Mr. President, as an exiled journalist and freedom activist trying to raise the voices of the oppressed people of Ethiopia, I can tell you that Ethiopians have genuine respect for this great land of freedom and your inspirational leadership,” he wrote.

“But it pains and frustrates me and millions of Ethiopians to see that for over two decades the United States has overridden its core values and forged a questionable alliance with the Tigray People’s Liberation Front, a terrorist group that has continued to oppress, massacre, jail, torture and displace defenseless Ethiopians.”

According to Abebe, the rare opportunity was another unmissable chance to demand our freedom and expose the tyrants at such a high profile platform of the most powerful decision makers in the world. “I am glad I took the chance though security was extremely tight. At the end of the day,we should consistently demand the U.S to the review its questionable foreign policy towards Ethiopia. That was also the heart of my demand,” he said.

  1. Anonymous
    | #1

    Great man! I love you

  2. Washington Dc
    | #2

    I highly doubt if President OBAMA political stand will be pushed around by mediocre journalists uncivilized manners and shouting. In White House any Political decision is made by logical and pragmatic approach not by emotionally challenged individuals irrelevant scream.

  3. temman
    | #3

    Once again Abebe Gelaw made it happen. The voice of freedom from the tyrrany of ethno-fascism of Tigre people liberation front is exposed in front of the world.

  4. Ohbama
    | #4

    i am very upset by this dude . common man change your style man, i am the leader of the free world ,and you interepted me? how dare you ! i know what you did to the former Zenawi, please have life. OK! I love you too.

  5. One Man Army!
    | #5

    I love Abebe too! I have no good enough words to express how much I appreciate, admire and proud of our true Ethiopian brother Abebe Gelaw. He is stronger than ten thousand soldiers. Abebe Gelaw, I thank you in behalf of all peace loving Ethiopians and specially the Ethiopians that are being locked up, beaten up, robbed, tortured and massacred at the hands of ruthless, merciless and hate-filled TPLF. May the loving God watch over you and your loved ones.

  6. kiffaqiff
    | #6

    Abai, thanks for showing the ultimate courage and gut in the fight against the fascists in Ethiopia. Our on-going struggle is as priceless as the voice of Abebe Gelaw. Abebe’s voice is the voice of all Ethiopians. All Ethiopians, fight the enemy until it is completely crushed to its defeat.

  7. Bertu
  8. Abi
    | #8

    Abebe, Great Ethiopian in exile! I can only imagine those great Ethiopian men and women who fall prey to the bullets of tyranny. Those who pull the triggers are also considered Ethiopian. However, if all Ethiopian people think united there could be a possible solution. Unite against all evil.

  9. Ethio Hidase
    | #9

    I know you that you were exported for the sugar plantation back in history. Ethiopia is independent country which lived up to know deserving its full sovereignty-no country will interfere in its internal affair. America, grate nation with many years experience of freedom, also knows that the act of interference/imposition is unacceptable by the international law. So you emotional slave what do you want America to do for you? In this modern times emotionality is not solution for your political benefit ……what is best is to come up with genuine idea and discuss round table. Emotion is not part of stages of democracy rather it is manifestation of ignorance. We fill this is not courage rather stupidity…..journalist with empty mind.

    You will never come to this green land and taste its soil..weather and everything .

    We are enjoying and practicing full democracy not less than America [your model]. Let me tell you democracy is relative I know there are countries practicing the highest democracy like Europe [Greek-home of democracy, Ireland, Sweden, Netherlands, Norway....].

    Emotionality on meeting will not have contribution to change Ethiopian policy….the best policy, strategy and democracy this country has will continue to benefit all its citizen except you wild animal.

  10. Suliman
    | #10

    Abebe Gelaw is indeed a hero for Ethiopians. Time and again he has showed us peaceful struggle is not just ta come to the internet on a daily basis and mud slide each other as this is what TPLF would us have to do indefinitely. Abe has been consistent and in my view he has done more than his share. Let us not forget he was instrumental, with GOD’s help, to put to sleep one of the chief enemies of the Ethiopian people. And to witness that wicked man Legese who deliberately made it a habit to abuse and curse our people thru aught his occupying time come to end is a relief. That moment that brought his case in to closure will never be forgotten in the memory of many citizens. It is up to us now to followAbebe’s lead by finding something to contribute tangibly. After all, action counts more .Let us not forget TPLF is fringe save its gun and power and the Ethiopian people are the majority .Victory for our people and more power for those who are contributing every day for the cause of freedom.
    [Washington D.C],
    You don’t seem to know what your are saying.it is unthinkable to see a Civilized state such as U.S doing business with an organizations such as TPLF who has stolen $11 BILLION from Ethiopian displaced farmers , the country’s minerals ,hides and coffee and yes the nations Gold reserve and stashed this money in oversees account. Why should the U.S support a terrorist organization TPLF that blow up a mini bus in Addis and blame it on OLF? This is reported Wiki leak report. Why should the U.S support a terrorist organization TPLF that incite violence among different linguistic groups of our people?
    The fact of the matter is the U.S Government need not and should not support a known terrorist organization TPLF by giving it legal status to butcher Ethiopian people. It is for his reason it is a just and right decision for U.S to end its support to the mafia group TPLF. In case if you don’t know the record of your terrorist TPLF is a well-known fact by Ethiopians and FBI, check these sources.



  11. Worku tesfaye
    | #11

    Ethiopia political problem is not solved by obama or ozers countries interruption.
    We hv observed many crises around ze world different countries.
    I hv nvr seen when American solving some countries internal problem.
    Instead zy complicated ze problem zan previous.
    Iraq,afgan,Libya Ukraine zis countries are enough eg.
    Abebe galaw dreaming is always dream.how can American solve ze problem of ethio?
    Internal problem can solved by discution of citizen.
    American is not world police.she couldnt manage ze crisis of Syria even zy pour fuel.
    U hv got chance to joined obama.
    If u are woried about ze x problem in ethio,come and start struggle.
    Western powerful states are no woried about any country unless distorting of zier interest.
    Are u crazy?mursi elected peoples.wy zy calm and provoke ze crisis?
    Sanction vs ethio who will face problem?we.
    U dont care bc u r in America

  12. mare
    | #12

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