In the Shadow of the Grand Dam and Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Blooms! By Tecola W Hagos

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There is no need for mudslinging in our discourse, and that we can be reasonably polite to each other in talking about some of the most complex political, legal, and economic problems facing our beloved Ethiopia. I have read the recent joint article “Misplaced opposition to the Grand Ethiopian Renaisance Dam” by professors Minga Negash, Mammo Muchie, and Seid Hassan in support of the GERD. I have also read “My Takes on the Ethiopian Dam and the Addis Ababa Master Plan,” the criticism of Prof Messay Kebede, the prolific writer and astute public intellectual. There are also no less important articles about Ethiopia using the waters of its own rivers, such as the article “The River Dam” by Prof Mankelklot Haile Selassie.

What we have here for our discussion are two extremely important issues concerning Ethiopia: the use of Ethiopia’s rivers and the issue of proper use of the police power of a sovereign state. Such national questions require proper, may be even enlightened, resolution. I wish my good friend Messay had addressed each of these issues in separate articles. I feel that having such important issues discussed in the same article “My Takes on the Ethiopian Dam and…” might have ended up leveling out each (other), rather than increasing the height of the political cusp.

Having a clear understanding of issues will help us see clearly the problems in connection with such issues. With the exception of Messay and few others who oppose the construction of the Dam because they see it as wasteful and/or provocative to Egypt, I suspect most of those individuals opposed to the construction of the Dam chose to oppose the project as a method of personal political power struggle against “Tygreans” presumed hegemony, despite having a clear understanding of both the legal and economic imperative that justify the construction of the Dam. Such opposition’s power struggle is not limited against those Tygreans in power, but against the entire ethnic group of Tygreans irrespective of the individual Tygrean political stand whether in support or against the TPLF/EPRDF.

How else can one understand the lumping and condemnation of highly visible public intellectuals, such as professors Gelawdewos Araya and Teodros Kiros, in the same pro TPLF boat of fanatics, and me (of less significance compared to the two esteemed intellectuals) who have been in opposition for decades against the EPRDF led Government of Meles Zenawi, as TPLF agents except for narrow ethnicism and hatred of a group?

However, most importantly, I was drawn to Messay’s clarion call in his article for the “unionists” “to become more aggressively engaged in favor of Ethiopian unity” and so to say to come out from the shadows and promote a unitary Ethiopian State. This stand of Messay is a courageous stand for Ethiopia that ought to be appreciated by all who value Ethiopia’s continued survival. I will focus on that call/point in the second half of my comment.

The Reality of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

The first part of Messay’s article dealt with the issue of the GERD, which he identified as the “so-called ‘Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.’” There was no need to belittle the Dam in such cynical manner, for it unnecessarily tainted his otherwise excellent article. Already close to forty percent of the construction of the Dam is completed, to the tune of over 30 billion Birr. In other words, most foundational structure is completed and the infrastructure is being constructed. As a matter of common sense, it is too late to decry the construction of the Dam at this stage and time. Although it might be a case of inattentiveness, Messay also adopted the use of the word “Nile“ in connection with the construction of the GERD as the IRN did, in reference to the use of the water of Abay River. Once again I will state with emphasis the fact that Ethiopia is not using the water of the “Nile” but the water of its own river Abay River. The distinction between the term “Nile” i.e., “the White Nile” and the “Abay River” must not be glossed over or overlooked, and such distinctive awareness is the condicio sine qua non of the whole regime of international law, international custom, treaties, diplomatic relations et cetera on rivers like Abay River that cross borders.

At this advanced stage of the construction of the Dam, I suggest that all those who oppose the building of the Dam change their focus from opposition to the construction of the Dam to some form of constructive engagement on how best to finish the Dam and how best to carry out the management and distribution of power from the Dam. There are a number of future construction and management challenges related to the grid system for the Dam, the allocation of power, and the day to day management of such huge project. The inputs from concerned Ethiopians and others that would be affected and also benefit from the Dam project should get involved in constructive discourse. Such concerned individuals must also suggest solutions, for criticism alone will not be of great help. For example, the issue of transparency as to the names and identity of all corporations and/or business organizations (joint ventures, partnerships et cetera) that are working as contractors and sub-contractors, as consultants, and/or in direct iron-work, concrete-powering, digging, earth-moving, et cetera.

Inductive vs deductive and propositional logic/reasoning

I am always worried about the force of seduction of inductive reasoning. It appeals to most anybody not particularly alert against such fallacious process of reasoning. Even the very best among us can be seduced by such reasoning because of its exacting existential appeal to what appears to be real and irrefutable. The seduction of inductive reasoning is truly overwhelming. The individual using such fallacious argument might believe in his reasonableness for the “factual” proof he needs to maintain his assertion seems to be there solidly tangible. The problem is that such alleged “fact” has no real/organic connection with the particular conclusion.

Messay used a classic case of inductive reasoning by writing that “[o]n the other hand, many Ethiopians are understandably apprehensive of the detrimental ecological and social impacts of such a huge project and are skeptical about its economic benefits, a skepticism based on the failures of the experience of huge dams in other African and non-African countries.” [emphasis in the quotation is mine] The problem with all inductive reasoning, as is the case with Messay’s statement, is the lack of causal connection between the alleged empirical evidence and the conclusion asserted or the absence of valid distribution within the premises/terms in the syllogism/propositions and the conclusion, as logicians would put it. Simply put, there is no organic causal connection between the premises and the conclusion. Just because there were several “failures of the experience of huge dams in other African and non-African countries” does not necessarily follow logically that the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam will fail too. This form of inductive reasoning based on past experience must be handled carefully. I see this form of fallacy very often being the case in those who oppose as well as those who support the Regime/Dam.

This form of inductive reasoning creates havoc in the minds of a number of Diaspora agitators whose ideas are as terrible as their English. There is an acute lack of rigorous use of logic as a proper tool of reasoning in most arguments I read by Ethiopian bloggers. Their fallacious reasoning goes like this: Meles Zenawi is part Tigrean, Meles Zenawi was a violent dictator, Tecola is part Tigrean, and therefore, Tecola is a violent dictator. One is not dealing here with distribution of terms or prepositional inferences, but with the alleged facts commonly shared among entities. David Hume challenged the philosophers of his time in that how a clear showing of causes and effects is impossible. To this day, in my humble opinion, no philosopher has refuted or disproved Hume’s challenge.

In this essay, I am not going that far in mystifying cause and effect, but warning us all involved in discourse/argument/debate on issues dealing with the political and economic life of Ethiopia to be extra careful in asserting conclusions that are not properly/organically derivable from the factual matters we claim to be the cases. The confusion of correlation with cause leads to fallacies as deceptive as inductive reasoning. The most obvious fallacy is identified as post hoc, ergo propter hoc, in a form of misapprehension of events not causally connected but appear in sequence or at the same time. Another equally misleading implication is also known in conditional statements as “affirming the consequent” wherein there is no causal connection between the antecedent and the consequent.

In the “Present Perfect” of the GERD

Of all the tenses in the English language “verb” system of conjugation, the present perfect tense is most intriguing and troublesome for both native and non-native speakers. The use of the “present perfect” with the situation of connecting Meles Zenawi with the illustrative of the problems may sound that I am trivializing a serious issue for many. To illustrate some of the problems of drawing the deceased Meles to the Dam, I quote here Messay again:

“. It is important that we resist the temptation of separating the dam from Meles’s megalomania if only because it gives the reason why alternative proposals that would be less costly and more in tune with the environment and the interests of surrounding people were discarded in favor of the Grand Renaissance Dam.”

An activity that started sometime in the past and ended before some other activity, such as the death of Meles, for example, is considered to be in the past perfect, meaning such activity is done with, and completely over. In other words, whether the Dam was conceived of as a result of Meles’s vanity, is in the “past perfect,” with no real connection with the reality at hand. The reality at hand is not the “vanity” of Meles Zenawi, but the hostility of our historic enemies the Egyptians, the Arabs in general, and our own political ineptitude.

Moreover, the problem of ethnic based federalism is the single most destructive legacy of Meles Zenawi that is in the “present perfect” unlike his alleged “vanity” in the construction of the Dam. I am not trying to drag out Meles Zenawi from his crypt in order to pound on him, but that his policies are very much alive in the hands of his successors that it is humanly impossible to avoid his shadow-presence in the current Ethiopian Government. I would have loved to leave him to his eternity to rest in peace. I cannot look the other way when his full-length portrait is right there in the Hall of Representatives, keeping an eye on his successors. And we are also bombarded by Prime Minister Hilemariam Desalgn in his nauseating reference to Meles Zenawi in public speeches “as our great leader.”

State Development and Sovereignty

Sovereignty of a nation is truly primordial as opposed to most other attributes of nationhood. When it comes to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ethiopia, Messay and I are on the same platform. My views on national unity is no different in concept than that of Messay. Article 39 of the 1995 Constitution must be abrogated first and foremost before we start to tackle meaningfully the de-Kililization of the nation and start the building of a nation based on individual political and human rights. Getting rid of Article 39 first is essential as a matter of strategy.

The recent tragedy of the loss of life during the several demonstrations by university students in “Oromo State/Kilile” is one serious warning of future disaster due to the political structure created by the 1995 Constitution. However, no violent action against student demonstrators is justifiable even if there was violence and looting on the part of demonstrators or individuals that are not students who took advantage of the situation. The proper crowed control of such destructive behavior could be through massive police/security presence rather than shooting at demonstrators/people. At any rate, the Federal Government should have anticipated such reactions from some dissenters and used the public forum to inform the public of its extensive development project of the planned integration of Addis Ababa (and not territorial expansion) with satellite urban centers and suburbia. If the issue was of territorial expansion and changing hither too agreed boundaries between States/Kilils one must follow the procedures laid out in the Constitution and secondary legislations. Nothing in the 1995 Constitution forbids the Federal Government of Ethiopia from reorganizing territorial borders between States/Kilils.

The 1995 Constitution is notoriously poorly written and poorly structured. There are numerous unresolvable questions in regard to allocation of sovereign power between the Federal and State/Kilil governments. For example, the removal of Ethiopians from particular State/Kilil on the basis of ethnic identity is nowhere authorized by the Constitution, even though the past administration of Meles Zenawi allowed massive uprooting of Ethiopians from their farms and homes based on their ethnic identity. The current Government of Hailemariam Desalegn started out by condemning such ethnic cleansing addressing the victims of ethnic cleansing who were removed by force to Bahr Dar. However, the Government of Hailemariam Desalgn seems to be retreating from such clear stand in the Ambo situation.

I am also concerned with the exorbitant amount of money being expended on Addis Ababa that tops billions of dollars while the rest of the nation remains mostly neglected and underdeveloped, where most of the population has no clean drinking-water or access to education, health services et cetera. Ethiopia has tremendous unemployment problems resulting in heart wrenching human tragedy of poverty forcing Ethiopians to flee their own country only to be met by brutality and violent death in the hands of Saudis and others in the Middle East. It seems the priorities of the Ethiopian Government are/were not properly mapped out with the people of Ethiopia in mind. Messay has eloquently and succinctly identified that serious problem in his article that I fully agree with.
“Why expand Addis Abba further when already its disparity with other towns is only too wide? Why not use the available resources to expand other towns that badly need to grow? This focus on Addis Ababa seems to be a continuation of the policy of make-believe, so dear to dictatorial regimes. It is more about impressing tourists, foreign visitors, and supporters than implementing a policy of development that really benefits the country as a whole. More importantly, the plan does no more than expand what Addis Ababa has effectively become, namely, the secluded island of exclusive enrichment for the cronies of the regime.”

I will not attempt in a short article like this one to decipher the convoluted provisions of the 1995 Constitution dealing with the scope of the power of the Federal Government as opposed to the scope of the power of the State/Kilil Governments. I intend to devote time writing on that particular problem in depth in a separate article. For the time being, I will leave you with the thought that Ethiopia as a nation belongs to all Ethiopians in its totality and in its parts equally. In other words the local administrative structure cannot override the principles of individual rights through the mechanism of State/Kilil governments bent to preserve their territories to ethnic groups to the exclusion of non-ethnic members of the State/Kilil living in such territories. There cannot be any privileged group in the 1995 Constitution in human and democratic rights provisions.


I write herein to my Ethiopian brothers and sisters that we are undergoing “our trial by fire” right now, I am hundred percent sure that we will come through our ordeal far stronger and more appreciative of our common history and our bond as one people of extraordinary beauty and courage. Our unity in our diversity is the secret of our national strength, not even religion at its worst would divide us. A people that have overcome entropic forces over thousands of years will not scum to third-rate political machinations of a handful of ersatz political theorists and esoteric “liberation” front leaders.

Our Ethiopia, the cradle of Mankind, the home of great warriors, the playground of incredible athletic World Champions, the incubator of world-class intellectuals and scientists, and the hub of beautiful people will still be there for generations to come, and also for us of the now and the present. Thus the issue for us ought to focus on how best we can use this great gift we have in Ethiopia. It is the responsibility of each of us to promote social harmony by separating the seed from the chaff, the constructive form the destructive, the unitary from the divisive. Our destiny is not around the corner, but right within our grasp in our own hands, and we mold our future by ourselves with the help of our faith in God who had never failed us. Long Live Ethiopia.

Tecola W Hagos
May 12, 2014
Washington DC

  1. Teodros Kiros
    | #1

    May I have the honor of being the first to comment on this beautifully developed and clearly written article that puts to shame those weekly columnists who writes pages to say nothing. I will in due time respond fully to the Dam project, an Ethiopian pride, particularly in the hands of the right leadership. Only Professor Tecola, a model of honesty and integrity, pointed out my previous article and my well known protest against the Dam in Cambridge, Ma. I will ask Abugida to reprint that article along with my picture surrounded by Cambridge police.

  2. Anonymous
    | #2

    Thank you Prof.Tecola Hagos

  3. Anonymous
    | #3

    Amazing article! A Well-constructed and focused article, written by proud Ethiopian Prof.Tecola Hagos! This article is lesson number one, two, three and so on for current and future generation of Ethiopia. This is the way, let us work together. In unity we get strength, in unity we get security, in unity we get prosperity, in unity we can lead.

  4. What is this solidarity about ?
    | #4

    Pro Tecola H
    1. Please answer to concerns, comments and questions in regard your articles. learn from Professor Kiros. it is a sign maturity and also a confidence issue. If you do not do that you are lecturing sth which you have no ideas about.
    2. You defended the statements by the three professors (Muche, Hassen and Mingshat). Why not not them?
    Are you suggesting they are not good enough to defend themselves? or is it a political positions rather than an issues for debate?

    3. Any new evidences?
    These professors did not add any new evidences to support the GERD except repeating what has already been mentioned by the government? if this is not political support for the government then what is that they have brought to the discussions?
    4. Diaspora Think-Thank
    Government has announced last week at Bahir Dar Univ that it has launched a campaign with the aim to recruit loyal Diasporas -academicians and experts. Please watch the video at Awramba
    Could you ask the professors if they are responding to this call or not?
    if ‘not’ then why now?

    5. Gov’t is in financial and political crisis

    The Government only wants money from diaspora nothing else.

    so considering professors areas of expertise and articles, these professors are not adding any thing to the project professional wise rather than fundraising for the project and getting political support for the government.

    if you think my analysis is wrong then convince me.

    6. Principle issue Vs Big project
    these professors have been campaigning against Woyane and its government based on principles for more than 20 yrs

    Are you saying by changing their mind because of big dam project makes them more Ethiopian than the rest of us or what?

  5. What is this solidarity about ?
    | #5

    My appology
    7. Pro Mesay and others

    ‘…suspect most of those individuals opposed to the construction of the Dam chose to oppose the project as a method of personal political power struggle against “Tygreans” presumed hegemony, despite…’

    I think you trivializing serious issues.

    Why are you painting these people as Tigreans- haters?

    Why are you supporting Tygreans hegemony over the rest?

    Are you saying Woyane represent oromos?
    Are you saying Woyane is representing Ethiopians?
    Where is the legitimacy of this government to rule us?

    Thank you for sharing your thought even if I do not like any bit of it.

  6. Tefera Getahun
    | #6

    I have great respect to all Ethiopians who contributed their positive and constructive criticism and articles, except for those who are too negative and sold their country’s interest to Arabs (Egypt’s money) such as Mr. Alemayehu Gebre Mariam’s (Egypt’s house nigger’s) article titled as “the White elephant” which objects Ethiopia’s interest and takes Egypt’s interest.

  7. Alem
    | #7

    Tecola presents his colleagues Ghelawdewos and Tedros as “highly visible public intellectuals.” Visible yes. Honest? No.

    See how Tedros has described Ghelawdewos [June 2011]: “In the heat of the Nazi era, when brilliant Jewish scholars feared for their lives, they moved to New York and settled at the world famous New School and developed what they appropriately called Critical Theory, and there they developed an interdisciplinary study of the human condition and originated a critical theory of society. From then on, the tradition is popularly known as the Frankfurt School of Critical Theory. In no small measure has Ethiopia’ s foremost educational theorist, trained at
    the prestigious Columbia University, a pioneer of his generation …” Read this and ask a simple question. First, you need to take the connection with Jewish intellectuals escaping Nazi Germany as fabulous. Tedros tends to suffer from exaggerations. Jewish escapees were already established intellectuals before arriving in America; not so with G. On the other hand, G’s effort to get good education is commendable. What about Tedros’s statement that G is “Ethiopia’s leading educational theorist?” First time hearing it! Just goes to show Tedros is ignorant. A “public intellectual” should never lie or twist facts. To now read Tecola say “There is no need for mudslinging in our discourse” makes one wonder if it is the same Tecola we’re dealing with.

    Someone would say we need to focus on the issues instead of on the person. Really? If someone is consistently dishonest it would be folly to not focus on the ethic of the person so as not to be misled or at the least to try to validate the claims made. Please check again the reviews and praises Tecola, Ghelaw, and Tedros swap among the three of them. I assure you you would find it most entertaining. At times it sounded like a resume-building project is underway!

    To salvage his credibility Tecola should allow access to contents of the website bearing his name – unless, of course, he has something to hide! Tecola also should publicly apologize for his heartless comments about Eskinder Nega. In the meantime, let us focus on most pressing issues facing our nation. These are: corruption [whatever happened to the billions illicitly transferred to overseas banks? Why are Zone 9 bloggers and journalist Eskinder and others in jail? Why are tens of thousands fleeing their country? Why should the public continue to suffer these twenty long years because of water and power shortages and soaring food prices? Why should minority Tigrayans hold key positions even when they are not qualified? etc]

    Tecola’s article above is designed to twist some facts a little and also show-off his mastery of philosophical ideas. Here is an example of a twisted argument: “An activity that started sometime in the past and ended before some other activity, such as the death of Meles, for example, is considered to be in the past perfect, meaning such activity is done with, and completely over. In other words, whether the Dam was conceived of as a result of Meles’s vanity, is in the “past perfect,” with no real connection with the reality at hand. The reality at hand is not the “vanity” of Meles Zenawi, but the hostility of our historic enemies the Egyptians, the Arabs in general, and our own political ineptitude.” In the end, we will be distracted to talking about abstractions when the real debate is how Ethiopians should ensure their human freedoms under minority rule.

  8. minnai
    | #8

    The recent killings of students in Ambo is a continuation of the tragedies that have been unfolding in front of our eyes as a result of the ethnic politics of Tigre people liberation front, Tplf.

    Tplf created ethnic enclaves based on language of people is a deliberate policy designed to create tension, separation, hatred , suspicion and eventual disintegration of Ethiopia and the effect of this policy is now manifesting its ugly face.

    The people have been polarised as a result of the ethnic policy of TPlf. oromo for oromo, ogaden for ogaden, muslim for muslim, tigre for tigre etc etc mentality is creating far greater blood shed and disputes between the various ethnic communities in our country.

    Tplf have been encouraging and excuting ethnic cleansing , evictions, displacements of innocent people through out Ethiopia , especially in the south of the country for 23 years.

    some oromo extrimists, encouraged by the ethno-fascist Tplf have been advancing slogans like ‘oromo land for oromo’, to the point of killing people who happen to be living in what the extrimists see as ‘their’ land

    this mentality has been nurtured and allowed to grow by Tplf, as long as it served the divide and misrule policy of Tplf. Now the issue is becoming out of control. extrimist oromos are now starting to preach oromo land for oromo even louder.

    These are dangers that the ethnic policy of Tplf have created and which have worse consequences than those we have seen so far.

  9. Garo
    | #9

    It is now clear the Tigrians are at the top of power chain, they like to it keep that way. They have tasted all the goodies that come with power. That is why it going to be very difficult for them to share power or to give up power if and when people want to.

    What is very puzzling is that these groups of people and their mouth piece Tigrian intellectuals who are incredibly dishonest are coming up with all kinds of propaganda to give legitimacy to an illegitimate government whose existence is a function of killings and massive incarceration of its citizens. No wonder things are so bad in that miserable country.

  10. Teklue
    | #10

    Non-Tigryans are already in occupation in Ethiopia. This is not something to be heard, we see it with naked eyes everyday. See the repression of Afars, Annukes, Oromos in Ambo, among others. What difference does it make if one is under Egyptian occupation or Woyane. The thing is it is the same dynamic force. The late Woldab Waldemariam and Usmaan Sabi were at one time under the safe wings of Jammal Abdul Nasser of Egypt. So if others allied with Arabs what is wrong with that ? More importantly Woyanne has no legitimate right on Nile, it belongs to Amhara Oromos, the people of Barro. In the log ruan who is the beneficiaries? I am asking Tecola this question?

  11. Kurabachew
    | #11

    Briliantly balanced and well written article.

    May God Bless ETHIOPIA !

  12. Ahadu
    | #12

    I humbly agree with the first commentor, Dr Tedros Kiros.

    Reading this article makes me feel sad about the many hours I have wasted on useless articles that neither enlighten nor intrigue me to ask serious questions and explore. This article reassures me that truth is both simple and beautiful – only it needs good narrator.

    Thank you dear Prof. Tecola Hagos. We have long missed such minds!

  13. Kimbsay
    | #13

    I have personally given up on the Tigrayan intellectuals because they are always found in the ethnic container of their late leader Zenawi. Integrity,fairness and justice are all scarce commodities in their TPLF world.

  14. B
    | #14

    Tewodros Kiros,

    Yayit Miskrua Dinbit.

    The fact of the matter is this article is NOT focused and it is full of dirt. It sways from one point to another. I do not understand why Tecola is always verbous. Tecola tries to advice others to be polite. Is there any writer more vulgar/Unpolished than he is?

    Tecola, please right like Messay Kebede

  15. Teshome
    | #15

    First, of all well come back again second article within a two week period. I agree with your opening statement, we need to show good conversation mannerism even if we don’t agree or support a person’s point of view. Personally,I don’t believe the issue of the dam is burning issue for Ethiopians at the moment. I have stated before the reasons why I feel this way. First of all certain political conditions must prevail that paves ground for national unity and for a necessary debate concerning the construction of the dam. Now,you don’t want to criticize the regime’s failure to call Ethiopians for dialogue over this issue. Yet, you think the best ting for us to do now is back this deal.

    I wonder why is it occurred to you the issue of this dam is the number one issue at the moment before there is any unity and peace amongst us if we want to see lasting peace? It seems to me some writers like you want to focus on this issue by ignoring the on going humanitarian disaster. That being the case , you avoid issues that are in in inconvient to you. Except in the case of what happend in Saudi you neverraised any concern about rights abuse of the people.That is reality.

  16. Dawi
    | #16

    [[.... the problem of ethnic based federalism is the single most destructive legacy of Meles Zenawi .....And we are also bombarded by Prime Minister Hilemariam Desalgn in his nauseating reference to Meles Zenawi in public speeches “as our great leader.”.. ..]]

    I don’t see how “ethnic federalism” becomes more destructive than say “pluralistic federation” in the beginning of our process of democratization when the country was just coming out of failed dictatorship or totalitarian rule?

    Meles/TPLF had differences with EPRP (pluralist) and EPLF (pluralistic?9 ethnic groups) organizations; they called them “chauvinists” of one sort or the other. And the two called TPLF narrow nationalist.

    With such circumstances if we started say with EPRP/EPLF led “pluralist federation”, we would have had an explosive anti “pluralistic revolution” during the process of democratization just as bad or worst than the “ethnic federation” of today. And considering the strength of military power was on the side of ethnic parties, “pluralist federation” would have initially fueled a more aggressive parochial and ethno-centric and chauvinist populist wars in the country that may have put us in the worst situation imaginable. So during the initial process of democratization “pluralist federation” may have encouraged even more conflict and violence than what we have today.

    If you look the recent discussion forum HD conducted in Dire Dawa city, you will see how in practice the economic component becomes the most critical factor in the success of the transition to a pluralist society. That is what matters the most. The elders in that region were rallying around Ethiopian Unity as I see it. HD emphasized the destructive nature of “chauvinism” and “narrow nationalism” in present Oromo student conflict and showed the way on how we should all protect Ethiopian Unity from such destructive forces in line with his predecessor.

    This time however, he didn’t mention the “great leader” in his speech. :-)

  17. Erba
    | #17

    Dr.Tecola wrote,

    “I suspect most of those individuals opposed to the construction of the Dam chose to oppose the project as a method of personal political power struggle against “Tygreans” presumed hegemony, despite having a clear understanding of both the legal and economic imperative that justify the construction of the Dam. Such opposition’s power struggle is not limited against those Tygreans in power, but against the entire ethnic group of Tygreans irrespective of the individual Tygrean political stand whether in support or against the TPLF/EPRDF”.

    I am not asking you where get the Evidence for your supposition. For it is obvious you pulled it out of the subjective data file you stored in you sored in the mind. So much lecture about inductive reasoning. While you, without any evidence, accuse most of us for being “against the entire Tigrian ethnic group”. Sir I strongly oppose and continued to do so the project of the dam. Because. I believe before any thing else there needs to be national reconciliation. In my view first of the heart and mind of all Ethiopian stake holders need to be one. There is no such political forum in that country.The last 21 years proved futile. On the other hand you seem to think the construction of the damn will some how bring unity of the people. Look, I m an Ethiopian, and when I die Ethiopian will be engraved in my tomb. You or any one else can not force me to take an ethnic identity. Any ways, I never thought you are a closet cadre, though you attempted to come across as such.

  18. በዓባይ ስም ዘረኝነትን መደገፍ ይቁም!!
    | #18


    1. ወያኔ ዘረኛ አይደልም ካሉ በግልጽ ይንገሩን?
    2. የወያኔን የበላይነት አለመደገፍ ወንጀል ነውን? የወያኔ የበላይነት ለእድገታችን ለምን ያስፈልጋል?
    3. የምሁራኑ ቡድኑ እንቅስቃሴ ለወያኔ የፓለቲካና የገንዘብ ድጋፍ ለማስገኘት አይደለም የሚሉ ከሆነ ያስረዱን በቂ ምክንያቶች ይስጡን?
    4. ወያኔ ርዳታ ባይኖር አንድ ቀን አያድርም ታዲያ
    በአባይ ስም ገንዘብ መዋጮ ከማድረጋችን በፊት ይህ በአባይ ግድብ ስም የሚሰበሰው ገንዘብ ወያኔን በስልጣን ለማቆየት አያገለግልም ካሉ ያስረዱን?

    5. ግድቡና ባቡሩ ለአገር ይጠቅማል ይህንን ማን ይስተዋል ይችላል
    ጥያቄው ከየቀው ህዝቡ ከአባት ከአያቱ መሬት ሲነቀል የግድቡና የባቡሩ ተጠቃሚ እንዴት ይሆናል? የወያነ የበላይነት እስካለ ዜግነት እንደማይኖር መገንዘብ እንዴት ተሳነዎት?

    ወያኔን በመርህ ደረጃ ማለትም ሕጋዊ መንግስት ባለመሆኑ ወንጀለኛ ስብስብ በመሆኑ የአገሪታን ጥቅምና ህልውና አሳልፎ በመስጠቱ ገንዘብ መዋጮ ለማድረግ የሚደረገውን ማንኛውንም እንቅስቃሰ በግሌ እቃወማለሁ

  19. Anonymous
    | #19

    Your name is “what is this solidarity about?”? Obviously you do not want to use your own name for what ever reason. At the very least, use a short identification. I do not want to answer your questions because they are not hones questions but rhetorical arguments. You have assumed, contrary to fact my position in regard to ethnicism and “Tygrean Hegemony.” I do not support as a matter of principle any political structure based on exclusive ethnic identities. How could I since all major ethnic groups are equaly related to my family background, and even importantly ethnicism or religion as a base for political organization is short-lived cannot have lasting socil and/or political

  20. Tecola W. Hagos
    | #20

    #4 What is this….
    Your name is “what is this solidarity about?”? Obviously you do not want to use your own name for whatever reason. Have courage and use your own name. At the very least, use a short identification. Simply as a matter of courtesy, I will respond to your demand that I answer questions from readers. I do not want to answer your particular questions because they are not honest questions seeking some enlightenment, but rhetorical arguments. You have assumed, contrary to fact, my position in regard to ethnicism and “Tygrean Hegemony.” I do not support, as a matter of principle, any political structure based on exclusive ethnic identities. When I joined the TPLF/EPRDF it was done after a family discussion where by since some of my brothers and close relations were part of the EPDM already, the family was of the opinion that I join the TPLF, in order to maintain lasting connections and unity countering the divisive political structure that Meles and his group were promoting at the time as their Marxist-Leninist political goals.
    How could I side with any particular ethnic group when I am related by blood/birth to all major ethnic groups equally? I grew up in Dessie as a Wolloie, my mother’s tongue being Amharic with a wonderful Ambasel accent. And my childhood and youthful associations essentially were the local boys and girls. I could hardly understand or speak Tygrigna, and to my great embarrassment I had to inform my relations from Adowa or Axume visiting with our family that my Tygrigna was horrible and that we talk in Amharic. Those relations from the North being gifted linguists, usually accommodated my request with some humor. Coming back straight to your questions, I do not support and never supported any hegemonic dominance by any ethnic group. I value individual human, democratic, political, social, legal rights et cetera.

    Tecola W. Hagos

  21. Belew
    | #21

    Hey ? Mr. Hagos said some think all tigreans have z same stand for/against TPLF. I think tekola summed it up regarding u and ur liking…their opinions are as bad as their English.

  22. bootyboo
    | #22

    You say you oppose the TPLF regime and yet you remain a wolf among diaspora opposition sheep; and you wonder: “why?!”. Frankly, It is no mystery. You have no problem with “Tygrean Hegemony”, as you put it. But many, if not all, oppositions have problem with that. That “hegemony” is dictatorship of the worst kind, tribal tyranny. The tragedy is, at an intellectual level, you understand how catastrophic the tribal politics has been. Yet, time and again, in all your comments, articles and treatise your tribal leanings are persistently and pitilessly depicted. Please don’t insult our intelligence by playing the “ethnic” card. You are not ostracized by the diaspora opposition just because you belong to a certain ethnic group. You know it is bogus accusation. You know better. In fact, as a person of mixed background, you have more in common with the opposition than the hardliner tribal hicks misruling the country.

    As to your puerile remark on the correctness of the term Abay vs Nile, all I have to say is, did you understand which river the discussion was all about? Then, be respectful, and let go. This is the kind of attitude you need to work on. How would it sound, if I, like juvenile jerk, tartly remark: no that river is not “Abay River”, as you said, but “Abay Wenz”?. See now how ridiculous this might sound to readers? It is just an informal discussion, it is not a legal argument. Can you just let yourself grow up?

    | #23

    “ጓድ” # 20,

    የባሰ ኣታምጣ kind of self disqualification, እንዲሁም መያዣ-መጨበጫ የሌለው የእናቴ መቀነት አደናቀፈኝ……! ቤተሰብ ተሰብስቦ የፖለቲካ እጣዬን ይወስናል አይነቱ የፊውዳል ምክር ቤት aka ሃይለስላሴና ተናኘወርቅ ተማክረው አስራተ ካሳን የኤርትራ አገረ ገዢ አደረጉትና፣ እርሱም ኤርትራ ሄዶ ከጀባሃ ቱጃሮች ጋራ ሁሉ ሳይቀር ውስጥ ውስጡን እየተገናኘ ሃብቱን አዳበረ፣ አይነት ፖለቲከኛነት እኮ፣ አንድም መሬት ላራሹ የሚለው መፈክር ኢትዮጵያ ውስጥ ከተነሳበት ጊዜ ጀምሮ በነቃው የኢትዮጵያው ህብረተሰብ ክፍል ዘንዳ ያለቀለትና፣ በየራስን እጣ በራስ መወሰን በሚለው መርሆ የተለወጠ፣ እንዲሁም በመንግስታዊ ፖለቲካ ጎኑም፣ ኢትዮጵያ ውስጥ ፊውዳሊዝም ሲገረሰስ (1974 ፈረንጅ) አብሮ ያለቀለት መስሎኝ ነበር::
    ኢትዮጵያን ከነ መለሳዊ ማርክሲዝም ነፃ ለማውጣት…..!? HA-HA-HA….!!!!????, መለስ ከምንም አይነት አይዲኦሎጂ ጋራ ግንኙነት አልነበረውም፣ ተራ ኩታራ ማፊዮዚና በምድሪቱ ውስጥ የተከሰተን ነገር ሁሉ እንስትሩመንታላይዝ ለማድረግ ወድኋላ የማይል ባንዳ የአስረስን ፈለግ ተከታይ ነበር:: በሂይወት ኖሮ መለስ ይሄንን ለማንበብ በቅቶ ቢሆን ኖሮ፣ “ታድያ እኔ እንደ የህሊና አለቃዬ ማንግስቱ ኅ/ማ፣ ለምሳ ያሰባችሁኝን ለቁርስ አድረኳችሁ አይደል?” የሚለውን ብቻ ነበር የሚመልሰው::
    ትግርኛችንም መጠነኛ መወላገድ እየተደረገበት፣ በሌሎቹ ዘንዳ የተቀበሉኝ ግድ የላችሁም አይነት እጅ መንሻ ባይሆንሳ…..! ይህ ቋንቋ የሚወዱትን ይወዳል፣ የማይፈልጉትን በሰላም ያሰናብታልና:: That TIGRIGNA proverb, “ኣብ ኩሉ ኣጉድ እሞ ኣብ ዝሞቐካ ስሓን”፣ is running in here. And it is very bad….!

  24. Kaleb
    | #24

    Dear Sirs-Tekola,Tedros and Gelawdewos
    Look the mistreatment you are receiving after you criticized the “weyane”. The only thing to do, in order to be credible to the opposition is to condemn your ethnic identity. Professor Tekola in fact hinted that by stating how he is really Weloye and does not speak tigrigna. The question is how can you really ask a tigrean to oppose TPLF? at least those in Diaspora have concluded the tigrean identity is the problem. It is the blood not the ideas. and they preach ethiopiawinet which according to them is minus tigreans. You are wasting your time. I am a tigrean I have fundamental differences with the ideology of TPLF. but I will not side neither with the opposition nor TPLF.
    Dear admin: don’t delete this pls, I am honestly provoking honest discussion.

  25. dodo
    | #25

    I am sorry you censured my comments. would you at least allow me to ask Tecola what, if any, is the contribution of EFFORT which has pillaged the wealth of Ethiopia,for the building of the Dam? Why is it that almost all the hundreds of sub-contractors of the Dam are Tigrean firms? Why are the Tigrean millionaires in the Diaspora not being asked to contribute? Isn’t this “white elephant, a ploy by your TPLF to pillage the non- Tigrean population of Ethiopia? Of course Teodrs Kiros, Gelawdewos Araaya and you are of the same ilk. -hard core Tigrean tribalists.

  26. Yohannes Ke Dallas
    | #26

    ማንም ዘርህን ሃይማኖትህን ቋንቋህን መሰረት አድርጎ በጅምላው ወያኔ ነህ ካለ ትልቅ ችግር አለ:: ስንት ጀግና የትግራይ ተወላጆች ስለሀገር አንድነት ስለሰው ልጆች መብት በእኩልነት በጋራ ብልጽግና ፍትህና ዲሞክራሲ በሚተገበርበት አንዲት ሀገር ለመኖር የሚታገሉ እንዳሉ ጤነኛ አስተሳሰብ ያለው የሚስተው አይደለም:: ነገሩ ወዲህ ነው::
    ተኮላ አኖኒመስ ብሎ #19 እና በራሱ ስም #20 ላይ ለአንድ የብዕር ስሙ ለረዘመበት ጠያቂ ” Have courage and use your own name. At the very least, use a short identification.” የሚል አንድ አይነት ሃሳብ አስፍሮአል:: ተኮላ ስምህን ምን አስደበቀህ ብሎ ራሱ #19 ላይ አኖኒመስ ባርቆበታል:: ይህ እንግሊዞች ሂፖክራት የሚሉት ባህርይ መሆኑ ነው::
    ፕሮፌሰሩ ከዚህ በፊት ለማንበብ በሚያሰላቹ ወደመጽሀፍ የተጠጉ ረጃጅም ጽሁፎቹ ራሱን የመሳፍንት ዘር እንደሆነ ሰዓሊነቱን የዓጼዎችን የሚኒሊክና የቴውድሮስን ነቀፋዎች የዮሐንስን ውዳሴዎች የሃይለማርያም ደሳለኝ መንግስት የተለየ ስለሆነ ግዜ ይሰጠው ማለቱን ከዚያ አልፎ እስክንድርን ተፈቶ ወደስደት እንዲያቀና ያለውን ምኞት የፑቲንን በዩክሬን መንግስት የወሰደውን እርምጃ አዳንቆ ከሰሞኑ ደግሞ ስለአባይ ግድብ ግራ ቀኙን እየዘለፈ መጻፉን ተያይዞታል ይሁን መብቱ ነው ዛሬ ደግሞ ራሱን በሙስና ከዘቀጠው ሀገር ገዳይ የአስገንጣይ ቡድን ለማራቅ ድሮም የተቀላቀልኩት በቤተሰብ ውትወታ ነው ብሎ አረፈው:: ከሁሉም ትልልቅ ዘሮች የደምና የትውልድ ዘር እያለኝ ትግርኛ እንኳን በደንብ መናገር የማልችል ነኝ ይላል:: እኔም እንደሌሎቹ የተኮላን ሃሳብ የምቃወመው ወሎ ስለሆነ ወይ የተንቤን መሳፍንት ዘር ወይ ትግሬ ስለሆነ ሳይሆን ከሚያመነጫቸው የተምታቱ ሃሳቦቹ ለሀገርና ህዝብ የማይጠቅሙ እንዲያውም በሚያለያዩ ነጥቦች የታጨቁ በመሆናቸው ነው:: ” How could I side with any particular ethnic group when I am related by blood/birth to all major ethnic groups equally?” አሁንም የሚሰራውና የሚያወራው የተለያዩ ናቸው በእኔ አስተያየት:

  27. suliman
    | #27

    The main point of Tuscola’s argument appears to be Diaspora is not marching in step when it comes to the issue of the Dam.

    First, He assumed for his argument the opposition is somehow divided on this issue. He cites as an evidence the writings of Minga Negash, Mammo Muchie, and Seid Hassan being in support of the dam construction. Well, if these writers do their home woks they should have known the government there just to benefit itself its cronies by all form of economic skim. Just one example is enough to mention here. Take for instance the diaspora investment. Many who reside oversees have been lured by the government to invest. Then, they travel, to the country, applied to invest, and submit their vision by paying the required fees. After such tedious process they discovered the plan does not work. In fact the system is so wicked, the corrupt officials either they sell or themselves use the plan and vision of diaspora applicants to run their own business. No had the above professors know the behavior of TPLF officials they could have seen who really benefit from the construction of this dam?

    Second, Tecola saw the need to discourage diaspora writers who believe the construction of the dam with no input from the public as irrelevant. Last week he took on Dr. Alemayehu. This article took on Dr. Messay. Obviously, tecola’s argument does not answer such questions. Who decides which companies are allowed to build this project? Is there any independent agency that oversees this project? In the past we know the reported incident about the Gilgel gibi dam right after it was finished. Who is to say the present project is free of corruption? I am not sure how successful he has been to persuade the opposition on this point?

    Third, Tecola seems to say without being concerned about the above points, he declared it is too late for diaspora to continue to oppose the dam. There is nothing too late to speak about the controversial nature, and the economic secrecy concerning of the shares of each company that is participating in this project. The issue has never been only whether the dam is near completion .It denies public participation ;therefore, it must have hidden agenda attached to it. I know you have the right to argue and debate about this issue. Whatever you do don’t over stretch the issue by saying to oppose some one’s idea is the same thing as opposing the person’s ethnicity. If you really believe TPLF represents the interest of the people of Tigray that is your prerogative. I know Ethiopians don’t entertain such idea neither I do. I oppose EPRDF because it is unaccountable and corrupt system tot he core.

  28. Drum dam drum dam
    | #28

    Pro Hagos
    1. Thank you for your personal details and stories.
    2. Focusing on your article, I am asking you
    a. you said that GERD is antidote to ethnic politics.
    could you explain how the mechanism works to bring unity?

    b. Gov’t is in political and financial crisis
    is your article not part of this campaign to raising fund for Woyane?

    3. Using my own name
    I read your article and asked for clarification. so I did not see the need to use my name.
    In your case it is different because it is your article with your idea. it is understandable if use your name and expect credit for it.

    thank you for sharing your thoughts on Dumy dum politics

  29. aha!
    | #29

    Prof Tecola Hagos, by highlighting on these articles in this article, instead of commenting separately in each one of them, you are attempting to serve as a platform for a dialogue with the objective stated in paragraph 1,your inclination to ethnic agenda in paragraph 3, and your counter position in on ethnic federalism in section: “State Development and Sovereignty”, revealing your conflicting position between two ideologies: that of the positive forces of integration for unity, territorial integrity, sovereignty of Ethiopia and Ethiopians by the silent majority of Ethiopians and the negative forces of disintegration with ethnic agenda with the ideologies of ethnic federalism, secessionism, totalitarianism and/or state capitalism built into the constitution, denying the silent majority of Ethiopians political and economic freedom and free market capitalism at least private land ownership as one of the means of production as well as Ethiopian nationalism to say the least about human right violations by the TPLF/eprdf regime.

    It is now apparent to me from this article you are calling for a normal discourse among the elites in the Diaspora, announced with English as a medium, to resolve “the complex political, legal and economic problems facing the beloved Ethiopia”, rather than a consortium for political leaders to coalesce over the national agenda for unity, territorial integrity, sovereignty of Ethiopia and Ethiopians, where the last item refers to individual freedom, liberty and equality to have precedence over ethnic and secessionist rights as a pragmatic solution to the confrontations between Ethiopian nationalism, and ethnic federalism and or ethnic secessionism/ethnic nationalism.

    Despite the differences of opinion among the elites you alluded to over specific issues, the complex problems you are referring to are nothing more than the confrontations between the negative forces of disintegrations with ethnic agenda and the positive forces of integration with the national agenda, where the former is not amenable to democratic rule, but ethnic rule of either majority or minority/ethnic dictatorship.

    On the other hand the view points by the authors you alluded to have been mentioned have been argued upon each on its own and you could have done the same, rather lumping them in your article to make a point over your support of the GRED in terms expressed in Paragraph 3 about the protests about GERD, and your statements under section: “State Development and Sovereignty”, it appears you are agonizing between the ideologies between the negative forces of disintegration with ethnic agenda and the positive forces of integration with the national agenda.

    As a pragmatic solution to the confrontations between Ethiopian Nationalism and Ethnic federalism and/or ethnic secessionism/ethnic nationalism, to restore a one nation state is to use your previous capacity as an advisor to call on the TPLF/eprdf regime to call for the ratification of the constitution with respect to Article 2, the flag, Article 46, Article 39 (1) and the individual rights as the centerpiece of the constitution or call for a consortium among the elites in the Diaspora around the goals for the national agenda as counter weight to TPLF/eprdf with strategies to achieve those goals. I can assure the opposition protesting are challenging the TPLF/eprdf regime and perhaps TPLF as the architect of the constitution with ethnic agenda and divide and rule policy with no opposition of the people of Tigray ethnic group as they may be inclined to Ethiopian nationalism than ethnic federalism and/or ethnic nationalism.

    In order to accomplish the goals for national agenda the logics to be adopted are not that of inductive and or deductive reasoning but that of flow system approach of organizational chart for administrative /governance and charting for cabinet positions and administrations and flow system modeling of the political parties along the national agenda, rather than ethnic agenda. As you know the inductive and deductive reasoning contribute to observing events or data and analyzing the data to create a model and/or validate, not as you alluded to in terms of the GERD project as being wasteful which falls into cost benefit analysis, which has been identified by IMF as putting a strain on the economic growth, as well as draining the pockets of Ethiopians subjected to rampant inflation, let alone the cost benefit assessment, let alone creating a national fervor, when the nation is in the process of disintegration for the last 23 years.

  30. Dawi
    | #30

    Kaleb said:

    [[..Look the mistreatment you are receiving after you criticized the “weyane”. The only thing to do, in order to be credible to the opposition is to condemn your ethnic identity. Professor Tekola in fact hinted that by stating how he is really Weloye and does not speak tigrigna…]]

    What is fascinating to me was how Prof. Tecola was able to join TPLF with such a heritage and not even speaking the language?

    How many TPLFites with similar heritage are in TPLF? Azeb is one Amara we know and all the top leaders are “accused” of being “Eritreans”.

    One can ask if Eritrea is part of Ethiopia, the problem was……?

    Be that as it may, my take is we should look at TPLF’s other factors besides the ethnic one. May be that is where its strength lies.

    The fallacy of opposition comes from looking only at the ethnic factor and dismissing the other factors that drives the organization. Reading Araya’s article in how TPLF destroyed EPRP, it showed not only the ineptitude of EPRP leadership but, that popular pluralist organization highly underestimated TPLF to the point many of its members ended up in the slaughter house. We can say the fate repeated with Kinijit; another popular pluralist organization, with similar lack of a united long term .

    By understanding & finding the other factors that makes up TPLF, opposition may find something more to it besides ethnicity.

    We already know HD & the rest see the other common factors in EPRDF.

    HD’s recent talk in Dire Dawa and Gambela gives a message that not only he promotes Ethiopiawinet as we know it but he talked about the grand vision of regional integration of the horn that includs Eritrea.

    Talking about integration? Did you read that Eritrea’s Isayas is going to buy electricity from Sudan? Sudan doesn’t produce enough for herself but she happens to be a customer of Ethiopia Electric Power Generation. How about that? :)

  31. Kaleb
    | #31

    Dawi, Aha and others,
    Lets be honest, it is not because his ideas are radical or misguided that Professor Tekola is the focus of criticism. Any fair minded person can see that overall his views are reasonable. Still one may disagree with his ideas. What is enraging in saying that we should support the building of a dam in spite of opposing the ruling party? Frankly, there is this conspiracy theory that every Tigrean is a closet operative of the ruling party. I have never seen any one disparaging the ruling party day and night like Abraha Belay…. many self-proclaiming activists don’t believe he is really anti-TPLF. I am a critic of the ruling party not because Tigreans are at the helm of power but for its policies sand actions; similarly I did not hate the Derg because the dominant ethnic group were Amharas or Oromos but because of its actions. Mind you fair representation is desirable but it is they way he leaders govern is more important than their ethnic identity which is the least important character of a person. But we know how easily many can forgive Derg but could not accept that EPRDF should build roads or dams. In fact, it is quite perfectly acceptable for some that the Italians built roads for us when they occupied Ethiopia; but how dare the wicked ‘weyane’ build anything? It is time that we change the backward ‘zemene mesafint’ mind before even pointing fingers at the ruling party. If we are all looking for a just society, we should show we are better than the people we are criticizing.

  32. Drum dam drum dam
    | #32

    Kaleb ጋለብክ – ዘረኝነትን አታራግብ- ማንም ትግሬን ጠልቶ የሰራው ነገር የለም
    እስቲ የት ነው ትግረን ሕዝብ አነጣጥሮ ጠልቶ የተቃቃመ ድርጅት ያየሀው? ሰዎች መብታቸውን ለማስክበር ተነስተዋል

    መልእክቴም የመንግስት ሃይል ምንጭ ናቸው ተበለው የሚታመኑ ክፍሎችን መጥላት አይቀርም ግን ትክክል ነው ማለት አይደለም

    ኢትዮ ውስጥ ያለ መንግስት ዋና ደጋፊዎች ናቸው ተብለው የታመኑትን ክፍሎች ተቃዋሚውም ሆነ ፓለቲካው መልእክት እነሱን ኢላማ አርጎ ሳይሆን ስርዓቱ ሃይል ምንጩ ናቸው ብለው ሲያምን ጥላቻ ሊያሳድር ይችላል
    የዛን ክፍል አባል አያምናቸውም ስለዚህም አብሮ የሚመጣ ሎጂካል ባይሆንም የማይቀር ነው
    ለምሳሌ በደርግ ጊዜ የወታደራዊ መንግስት ስለሆነ ብቻ ወታደሮችን ስው አይወደም ነበር ልይነቱ ወታደሩ ከሁሉም ጎሳና ህብረተሰብ አካል በመሆኑ ጥላቻው ስር የሰደደ አይደልም
    ሃይለስላሴን መንግስትንም ብንመለከት የፊውዳል ስርአት በመሆኑ ተቃውሞው ሁነ ሕዝቡ ፊውዳሎችን አይወድም ነበር እነሱም ቢሆኑ በየጎሳው ፊውዳሎች ስላሉ ጥላቻው ፊውዳሉን እንጂ ሕዝቡን አይደለም

    ወያኔ መሰረቱ ትግራይ ልጆች በመሆኑና ትልቁን የሰራዊቱ አካል ከነሱ ብቻ በመሆኑ ወደ ሌላው ክልል ሲሄዱ እንደማይወክሉት ያውቃል በይበልጥ ባለፉት 20 አመት ሁሉ ወያኔ የቀረውን ሕዝብ እንደወገን ባለማየቱ ጥላቻና ፍርሃት መፍጠሩ አየቀርም
    ስለዚህም ሃላፊነቱ ተቃዋሚ ላይ ሳይሆን የወያኔ አመራርና ድርጅት ቃንቃቸው ጨምሮ ማሻሻል አለባቸው መሳሪያው ገንዘቡ ድርጅትቱ በእጁ ነው
    በስልጣን ባልገው አድልዎ ዝርፍያ በደል ሲፈጽሙ ሰው ጥላቻ ማሰደሩ አይቀርም

    ስለዚህም ትግሬ ተበደለ ትግረ አልተጠቀም ትግራይ ውስጥ ምንም ጠቃሚ ፕሮጀክት የለም ትግሬን አትጥሉ ማለት
    አሁንም የትግረ ተናጋሪውን አጀንዳና የበላይነት ማራገብ ነው አቁሙ
    ጥላቻ እየፈጠራችሁ ነውና

  33. abchahu
    | #33

    “When I try to tell my critics that ethnicity is not worth match by giving them my family background being related to many ethnic groups,….”Tecola

    - Are you really truthful to what you say?
    - Then why you hate Arabs, Egyptian, Shoans, Muslims……?

    No wonder you will say tomorrow or might have said yesterday that how come I hate so and so, since I have heritage from so and so.


  34. Tecola W. Hagos
    | #34

    Greetings to all:
    As the saying goes the mirror of a human being is another human being. Those of you who see ethnic identity in others, you too are ethnicists in your approach. If you were not, it would not have mattered to you where a person is born, what language he speaks, even worse, how his name sounds. I have never advocated for the hegemonic dominance for any group. I have criticized such historical and current tendencies in some groups. Some of the comments I see posted here are very primitive and personal attacks from fearful individuals hiding behind fake names. All I can say to these pathetic individuals is that I will not hurt them and no need to throw dart at me from a dark corner. The rest of you who read my essays interested to share views, I am grateful to hear yours too. My concern is our national interest.

    I see all kinds of destructive and divisive insulting statements by probably some Shabia agents, some Ex-Red Terror participants hiding in our community, some former EPRP and Meison members who have lost their calling, even some Melesites et cetera. Just for ones in your lives be honorable and rational beings than wallowing in such dirty passé machinations. I have never received any money nor talked to any EPRDF/TPLF functionary in my refuge in the United States. Ever. I live on what I earn from the college I teach. Focus on the article on the issues I discussed. Most importantly have courage and face me as a human being. If I talk about my ancestors from all over Ethiopia, it is because I am proud of them and very many other families for creating and maintaining Ethiopia in freedom and sovereignty.

    Tecola W. Hagos

  35. Alem
    | #35

    Dear Tecola, If you sincere what you need to do is apologize for your statement concerning Eskinder Nega. Secondly, allow the public to have access to materials in the website bearing your name. People need to know what you stood for all these years – unless of course you have something to hide. Please also respond [as did Tedros] if you ever received financial support in variety of ways from Ethiopian rulers and any entity related to it. I also request that you try not to distract discussant from real and pressing issues. For example, the summary killing of over 70 university students in Ambo; the jailing of Zone 9 bloggers; the phenomenon of peaceful demonstrations taking place regardless; why minority Tigrayans should do business every where in the country and others are confined to their zones; why incompetent Tigrayans hold key posts to the detriment of national interests. How would you explain that DebreTsion is over the economy/finance/telecom/security/power? And Tedros over Foreign Affairs for which he is not trained or has experience? BTW, why is it that you, Ghelaw, and Tedros are always extolling each other’s virtues and opposing any you disagree with in concert? @Tecola W. Hagos

  36. aha!
    | #36

    Minnai #8 point of view of the viciousness of ethnic and secessionist politics and or policies built into the constitution and its effects on the silent majority, the tax payers need to take center stage in this dialogue rather than face saving response with respect to questions posed on the points made by the author. It is the impact of ethnic and secessionist policies and politics translating into ethnic federalism, ethnic secessionism and totalitarianism and or state capitalism along crony capitalism by TPLF/political, TPLF/Effort, TPLF affiliated enterprises and foreign corporations particularly with respect to land, and absence of free market capitalism in terms of private owner ship of land as one of the means of production by the silent majority of Ethiopians we need to concern ourselves with coupled with humanitarian, economic, political and environmental crises in the last 23 years, not only the opposition to GERD, with an economic model that of East Asian style, but not that of the western democracies the donor nations.

  37. Tecola W. Hagos
    | #37

    Dear Alem and the rest of you who are diverting the issues discussed in my article by asking irrelevant personal questions ought to apologize not only to me but also to all sincere readers who want information and rational discussions. If you have a topic you want discussed outside of the subject matter of my article, write an essay rather than divert the discussion by bringing in or asking questions that have nothing to do with the article on hand. Moreover, you are asking diversionary questions, questions you should address the Ethiopian Government leaders. My personal feeling is that Alem is a typical Shabia agent. In a perverse way, you might even be a TPLF agent. If you are not, state who you are and state fully your name and address et cetera. Get someone to verify your identity. If you do not do that, do not address me at all.

    As a reminder to all, my article deals with issues based on the problems raise on the economic and political significance of the construction of the GERD and how one must use logic in presenting ones point of view.
    Tecola W. Hagos

    | #38

    ለነገሩ 1/4ኛው የኤርትራው ህብረተሰብ(population) በሽረ/ትግራይ-ኢትዮጵያ በኩል አልፎ ጀርመን ከደረሰበት ጊዜ በፊትና በኋለም ጭምር, አውሮፓ ውስጥ ትግርኛ በብዛት የሚነገረው (normal…!) የአፍሪቃ ቋንቋ ሆኖ ይገኛል:: ግን እንዲህም ሆኖ በካሊፎርኒያው “ምርጥ የአፍሪቃው ቋንቋ” ካለ ምንም አብሾነት የሚቀጥለውን እንዳስተላልፍ ፈቃዳችሁን ልቀበልና;

    በማስቀደም “Greetings to all:”ብዬ አጠፌታውን እልካለሁኝ::

    ትልቅ አዳራች ውስጥ ሆኖ ገመዱን እንደ በጠሰ ዝሆን ወደኋላ ተመልሶ አዳራሽ ውስጥ ያሉትንና ክፉኛ መሰባበር የደረባቸውን ፖርሰላንስን (Porzellans)መልሶ ረግጦ ማድቀቅና መፍጨት ለፈውስነት እምብዛም ስለማያገለግል, ይልቁንስ ራስን ከመከላከል ጎንም, ከራስ ጋራም በመጠኑም ቢሆን ታግሎ ራስን ማወቅ በበለጠ ይጠቅማል የሚለውን ምክር ለሁላችንም ሳልለግስ ላለማለፍ እንወዳለሁኝ::

    Still with love and revolutionary greetings to ALL…………!

  39. andnet berhane
    | #39

    ተኮላ ሃጎስ ባባቱ የትግራ በናቱ ወለዮ ነው: በነእ በኩል ኢትዮጵያዊ በመሆኑ; ራሱ ለመቆራረእጥ ልምን እንድፈለገ የማይይገባኝ አንድ ትልቅ ጥያቄ አለኝ:ለምን ተማርክ ትምህርት ምን ማለት ነው? አይምሮን አስፍቶ አርቆ ማሰብ እንጂ ጠባብነት (ጨለምተኝነት)እንድልሆነ እንኳንስ በከፍተኛ ትምህርት በፊደል ቆጣሪዎች የማይጠበቅ ነው:የሚያሳዝነው አንዴ ደጋፊ አንዴም ተቃዋሚ መሆን ራስን አለማመን ነው:በመጀመርያ ለማስታወስ እምፈልገው ከውያኔ ጋር እየሰራህ ባለህበት ጊዜ የሽዋ ደብተራዎች እያልክ ስትወርፍ ነበር: ወያነእም እንድሸንኮራ መጦ ሲጥልህ የምትፈልገውን ስልጣን ሲከለክልህ: መቼም የኢትዮጵያ ሕዝብ የትምህርትን ጥቅም አውቆም ሆነ ሳይውቅ የከፈለው ግብር ዶክተር እንድትሆን አብቅቶሃል:ተመላሹ ግን ራስን ወዳድነት ሃገር ጭነት መሆኑ ያሳዝናል:በመጀመርያ የሃገሩን እድገት ብልጽግና የማይፈልግ ማንም እንደሌለ መገንዘብ ይኖርብሃል: ወያኔ (በስልጣን)ያለው ሀገራዊ ራኢይ ሳይሆን ጥፋት ለመሆኑ የሚሰረዱ ጥናት አልባ ሕዝብ ያልተሳተፈበት በግል ፍላጎት ለግል ጥቅም መሆኑን እንቃወማለን:አባይን ለመገንባት ወያኔ ያወጣው ጥናትና እቅድ እንዳልሆነ እንደሙህርንነትህ ማወቅ ይገባህ ነበር:ዘረኝነት በሽታ እንጂ ጤና እንዳልሆነ ተረዳ:ያንተ መለሳለስና ማንቆላበስ ተመልሶ ከወያኔ ጋር መስራት ፍላጎት ካለህ ዛሬ እንኳንስ ላንተ ቀርቶ በውስጥም ያሉት ብቃታቸው እየታየ የሃገር መምራት ስራ ተስኖአቸው እርስበርስ ስልጣን ለመያዝ ሽኩቻና አለመተማመን ፈጥሮባቸው መሪ አልባ ሆነው እያየናቸው በመሆኑ: ቢሆን ከሰፊው ሕዝብ በመደባለቅ የህዝብን ሶቆቃና የሃገር ጥፋት መከላከል በተገባህ ነበር: ከናትም ካባትም ስለመጣህ ሁሉንም በሚዛን ማየት ከሆድ ማደር ይሻላል: ኢትዮጵያ ወደ እድግት እየተጓዘች ነው ላልከው የቆሙ ሕንጻዎች ጌጦች መንገዶች ጠቀሜታ ቢኖራቸው ለሕዝብ ግልጋሎት ሳይሆን የሕዝብን ድምጽ ለማፈን ጋሻ ጃግሬዎቹን ማመላለሻ እንጂ: የኢትዮጵያን ሕዝብ የፈየደው በውሃ ጥም በውብራት በምግብ በማመላለሻ በሕክምና እጦት አበሳውን እያየ ነው: በየሆቴሉ ከመቀመጥ ወጣ ብለህ ሰፊውን ሕዝብ ቃኘው:ተቃዋሚ ድርጅቶች (ሕዝቡ )ተቃውሞ ለምን ልማት እድገት መጣ ሳይሆን እንደ ዜጋ በሃገሩ ተሳትፎ መብትና ነጻነት በማጣቱ:የበይ ተመልካች በመሆኑ: በገዛ ቀዮ ተፈናቃይና ቤት አጥ በመረጠው የመኖር መብቱ በመገፈፉ: ሀገርና ድንበሩ ሲቸበቸብ ኢትዮጵያዊ መልክ የተላበሱ ጠላቶቹን ሀገርና ክብር አሳፋሪዎችን ከነስራአታቸው መገርሰስ እንዳለባቸው በማመኑ እንጂ:: እስቲ መለስ ብለህ ልጆች ካሉህ ታሪካቸውና ምንነታቸውን በተጻፉ ታሪካዊ ሰነዶች ተመስጠው: ያንተን ቃላባይነት አመዛዝነው እንዳይወቅሱህ እንድያፍሩም ኃላፊነትክን ተወጣ ይህን የዘር ነቀርሳ ከራስህ አጽዳ:የትቂት የጥፋት ኃይሎች ሴራ በሕዝቦች ክንድ ይንኮታኮታል::
    ኢትዮጵያና ሕዝቦቿ በክብር ይኖራሉ
    ባአበው ጀግንነት አጥንት ደም የተገነባ ነጻነትና አንድነት ተከብሮ ይኖራል
    በሆድ የጥፋት ኃይሎች ሆድአደሮችና አሸባሪዎች ይንኮታኮታሉ

  40. woyane is in crisis -politically and financially?
    | #40

    Dear Prof

    You do not need to insult anyone.

    if you want to sell your ideas: it is like selling any products you need to know your target customers interest.

    This is a social media.

    Two things you need to know and remember of before you present/share your thoughts/ideas. More so if it is related to politics
    1. Do not expect people to like your article or agree with arguments
    People have their beliefs and assumptions, ideologies,

    2. Do not expect politeness and reasonableness
    This is social media. Many people do not give a damn about your feelings

    Thank you for sharing your feelings.

  41. Yohannes Ke Dallas
    | #41

    I am of high opinion about Abugida’s website and appreciate the people behind it who works tirelessly for creating such a marvelous platform for us to exchange ideas and learn from each other and sometimes air our frustrations on matters that concerns our beloved country. As this is a timely conversational exhanges among us, I urge Abugida to treat it as such and put all the comments in timely manner. In the field of media, time is the most important factor. But most comments are out after 3 days long wait. it looks like someone has slept on the switch. i understand that you guys have some other works to do but holding back these comments for days will let the information to expire. “YE WERE QUANTA”
    I like Abugida most than any other websites here and I want it to be that way in the future. Again, I commend you on your great job that you are doing for our community.

  42. Ale Gena Bezu Gud
    | #42

    Yengn Geta ! Please be in tune with current Ethiopian affairs. Forget TPLF has now made its final preparation to link its own enclave from two angles via rail:Port Sudan to Tigray, and from Djibouti to Tigray.

    TPLF is not just busy killing Ethiopians inside the country but now has started to kill its own members and diplomats on a foreign soil by throwing the diplomat from second floor story building. Right there in the nose of Sicily,the mafia enclave. about Nile dam for now. We will be concerned about it after freedom.

  43. tadesse
    | #43

    Thanks for the explanation.

    The problem is you past body work and private conversation clear evidence you have been and consistently worked against Amaras and in favor of Tigrians. I do not see the problem. You recently apologized for some of your transgressions. I visited your apartment in the mid 80s and I still remember your venom for Amaras, using the code word at the time “mehal sefaris”.

    What surprised me is not your support for the TPLF, we all know your issue with Meles as an individual, but you categorical accusation of all of us who reject Tigrian hegemony as anti-Tigrians.

    Sir, this difference will not be resolved on exchanges on web pages. We give primacy for liberty, we give priority for human right, we celebrate life. You along your Tigrian cohorts want us to be satisfied with food, and material gains. This will not happen.

  44. Alem
    | #44

    Nice try.
    1/ Let me restate it a different way. Someone claimed to be a surgeon; many he operated on died or were left with a lifelong disability. It was later discovered the fellow was an auto-mechanic. Do you get it now?>
    2/ I am raising a legitimate issue based on the information you and your friends publicly shared. You therefore need to provide information for your allegation that I am a shabia!and let the public be the judge.[Just in case you have doubts, people are smarter than you think.]
    3/ I only raised a question after reading your prior response to Prof. Alemayehu. Here is how it read: “… I will not dwell that much about his credentials that he [Meles] attended an open university, for such form of evaluation is neither here or there. Who is going to say Meles was any less intelligent because he did not attend the University of Maryland like Alemayehu did. If I were Alemayehu I would not care to mention the University of Maryland especially when I am in the company of individuals who studied at Harvard, Yale, Oxford, or Georgetown.” All I did was play by the rules of your game. It is only fair to ask you and Ghelaw to tell us where you got your PhD, in what area and where you currently teach.
    3/ I am glad you have not denied the horrible comment you made about Eskinder Nega; that he be freed but also exiled! go ahead and apologize because your honor is on the line.
    4/ Go ahead and allow the public access to materials in the website bearing your name. There is nothing personal about this request; the public needs to know what you wrote about at different times with what impact. My contention is that your later apologizing for a stand you took at a particular period won’t count; your input at the time continues to sustain the same destructive ethnic policy. So don’t think we will be fooled that your use of “mehal sefaris” in the early 1990s and later had no lasting consequence; your counting your lineage to Amhara will not change the facts. That is why I countered your statement that Meles is a “past tense.” Either you believe no one is as smart as you are OR you are gullible and undiscerning. In which case I can’t understand how or why Tedros could call you “master thinker.” Something is wrong.
    5/ Tedros should provide evidence for calling Ghelaw “the leading education theorist” or apologize for misleading the public. Many who read his claim will be fooled into accepting articles by Ghelaw as from an authority; the surgeon, alas, is a mechanic.
    6/ You need to respond to my query about why you, Ghelaw and junior Tedros [I say "junior" after him] have consistently produced material for public consumption a/ to confuse and distract debates b/ to attack, bully and humiliate any you don’t agree with and c/ selectively react only on those issues that matter to sustaining minority rule.
    7/ Let us cover the above questions and we may come back to the issue of gratuity. I encourage you to be cool and brave this time. @Tecola W. Hagos

  45. dodo
    | #45

    Thank you Alem. God bless you. there is an Amharic saying: roughly translated – “if you do not say that a leper is a leper he will attempt to eat with you from the same plate” (ie. will be able transmit his/her disease to you.) The old man Tecola is neither a professor nor a Doctor. His friend Meles was uneducated as well. A failure from medical college who then joined a rebel group, which propelled him to leadership. When the British gave as a gift to TPLF 600 MBA’s from the Open University Of London to be distributed among TPLF cadres, Meles took two of them. Harvard has also such a scheme for cadres of dictators from all over the world. A lofty degree is awarded after a six-month indoctrination course, It is an old trick of Western Powers

  46. Seifu
    | #46

    You are going beyond acceptable form of criticism and insulting a well respected and well educated professor who had written great articles and a couple of outstanding books. I can tell that you are not an Ethiopian from your vulgur statements. You are a Shabia agent. You go back to your hole you coward. You could not even begin to understand the rudementary ideas of your dictatorial master, let alone judge and belittle a great Ethiopian patriot like Prof Tecola Hagos. I know Prof Tecola for I was his student. Go back to your master and do not show your ugly self in our Ethiopian website.
    Abugidainfo, I object to you posting insults that has nothing to do with the posted article. Edit such garbage as Dodo. Thank you.

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