Butcher of Addis freed about 17,000 more Kinijit and OLF Supporters – Abugida

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On the eve of the Ethiopian Millennium, Butcher of Addis freed about 17,000 more Kinijit and OLF Supporters. (more…)

On the eve of the Ethiopian Millennium, Butcher of Addis freed about 17,000 more Kinijit and OLF Supporters.

The release of the prisoners is due to increased International pressure.

In the aftermath of the 2005 election, hundred thousands, mainly youths, were arrested and imprisoned.

Zenawi is deeply distressed due to The Millennium Fiasco and International pressure. His failures are mainly attributed to arrogance and greed on his part, and sluggish officials like Bereket Simone, the Ministry of Misinformation.

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    hay abugida i rely like you guys and your programs, however, it is silly to post only the negative/opposite side of a good news. the release of 17000 more people means at least 17000 happy families in this millennium. i hope u guys start posting good news in this millennium. this millennium should be the time to start loving, respecting and properly opposing each other. i don’t like this government either but we have start giving credit for good beginnings especially for the sake of our poor people not for our selfish ego and political agenda.

  2. chaltu
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    This is rather good news.

    Let us now encourage the estranged PM to release all political prisoners and come to the negotating table with all political parties of the country in this coming New Year, if he wants to live peacefully after he leaves office come 2003.

    Happy, Peaceful, Prosperous and Fruitful Year for all of us!


  3. freedom?.
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    It is the best up lifting news and gift on this eve to the third millinnum, although most of the imprisonment might not have had to happen in the first place. I know no one in person who is imprisoned but the empathy from millions including my self is understandable. .

    When good gestures take place, it should be met with the right words and spirit specially with the holiday observing the coptic 2000 to 3000. I do not believe that the label on the title of this news fits properly for the day.

    Chairman Hailu Shawel’s delayed arrival and one of his reasons to have accepted the delay to look in to the release of prisoners has him see his dream before he arrives here on September 15, 2007.

    Dear Abugida info staff, affiliates and all Ethiopians,

    Happy New year and millinnium to all, and all over the world.

  4. Billal
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    Dear Abugida,
    Insha-Allah ! Soon, both of them will be deported to Eritrea.

  5. kill Zenawi
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    There is no good news. Meles released these prisoners not out of concern for the goodwill of the Ethiopian People. We don’t know yet if he puts them back to jail after the millennium. I am tired of his lies. So my sister, Don’t get your hopes so high. A devil is always a devil. Let’s see what happens after the millennium.

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    I think Democracy is in prison.I would prefer Democracy released,so the whole Ethiopian will be free.
    For those people who where in prison,It is just like transferring from small prison to the large prison since their freedom not respected when they released from prison.They are not going to get freedom for what they imprisonned.Very soon,they will find out that it is another hell or prison

  7. swift machine
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    come on let us think one thing the past was big mistake such as the death of so many innocent people, now better to rethink and let the innocent people from any abusive circumstance and prison so far this letting prisoner were very encouraging but the best will be think when they leave thire position where can stay we *(ethiopn) live evrywhere in the world what ever you ( wayana gang) do to day ,will be received to your offspring I think your gang group not have any children I want be sarcastic so you better think make peace with from the general people of ethiopia
    so wayana gang stop shear all the idea with the all population thank you
    I wish to all great Ethiopian nation TO have
    Love, Peace and good Hope GOD bless to ALL of you and have good new Mellinuim. c u loetter

  8. Dreamer
    | #8

    Woyane is run out of money to hold the prisnores.

  9. nardie
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    ha ha ha ha ha No Comment!!!!

  10. kirubel
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    ha ha ha ha ha No Comment!!!!

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    Look guys….let’s see things analytically. it doesn’t need to have an extraordinary IQ to understnand that the release of such amount of innocent people from horrible jails is so delighting. I am extremly happy. but the question is why Meles decided to free them on the eve of the ethiopian millinnium ?????
    Is it an old fashiond political calculation or that does Meles is starting to respect human right..?

    If the answer is the first one, …it means there is no need to waste time in fantasizing that meles is really came to its sense and that he is ready for political consilation….

  12. kebadu
    | #12

    i used to call you crime ministre but some body working on high official position in africa made a crime always but you have to learn from that crime and i apreciet what you
    did meles

  13. andualem
    | #13

    oh men please be that kind of person meles if you do good we don’t have any reason to hate you the people of ethiopia is expecting a lot from you if you think deeply you got a lot to for this meskin country

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    This is not what we the Diaspora expecting from Abugidainfo. What Meles did is great. We all should be very thank-full and appreciate. 17,000 needy Ethiopians are joining their family at the eve of the New Year. If Meles and his colleagues know to forgive, what’s up you don’t know how to appreciate or say thank you? If someone has a personal issue, it is wrong.

  16. Birhanu
    | #16

    Let’s forget what Meles’s purpose is but can’t we celebrate with the 17000 families that just got their kids home at the holliday? Or do the poor people in Ethiopia mean nothing to Abugida? What do you want Meles to do? To release prisoners? To make democracy happen? This whole trouble didn’t happen in just a single day and the solution isn’t gonna happen in just a day. It’s a process and relase of prisoners is a big first step. Can we appreciate good begginings? Can we be optimistic? Is it what you’re going to say if one of the released prisoners was your own Brother or Sister?

    Even Kinijit doesn’t want to extinction of Woyanne. It’s looking for an environment where all political parties will be working together. So why can’t you appreciate the good beggings?

    Abugida is being a trash talking site these days with the day today critics you talk about. What are you gonna talk about if EPRDF disappears if all you talk about is EPRDF? Are you gonna be like Ethiopia Radio which talks about Derg even 15 years after it lost power? Why don’t you talk about what our country should be doing economicaly, social issues and about the diaspora community. There’s a lot to talk about.

  17. Ewnetun Lingerew
    | #17

    Yes Goitom Bereket Hasn’t been the ministry of information for the last two years. But Goitom he was the missinformer(amakari) of Melese for the last two years.We know things more than you.Let me tell you other information about him. Bereket was kicked out by kinjit during 2005 election.Then he informed to meles so that they took their power by gun. Do you understood who bereket was? If you like to hear let me add one.Bereke always push meles to do mistake and pull him to lie. So He is the misinformer.

  18. Ewnetun Lingerew
    | #18

    Dear readers and Abugida I am very happy for those who released from prison. This is the work of God NOT Meles Zenawi. But we have to see everything carefully. For example Those woyanes are always liers.they inteneded to catch some diasporaswho fought themdiplomaticaly by showing that prisoners are released so come no problem……Please be wise Gobeze……Enesu eko aremenewoch nachew.

  19. tesfa
    | #19

    Good start. GOD IS GOOD.



  20. Nahom
    | #20

    I really Appreciate What Meles did.Pls let’s think things posetively.If we gide our mind always to think negative everything is negative.So what is wrong with Meles now? He relesed around 17000 prisnor,is it not fun?it is really fun for their family.We are human we can made so many wrong things so please specaily you media service don’t teach us to be voilant and teach us how to work and love each other and how to amend our self from past wrong.WE NEED PEACE WE DON’T NEED YOU TO TELL US ALWAYS TO HATE EACH OTHER.MELES IS A PERSON HE CAN’T FULLFILLD ALL OUR NEED.FOR TOMORROW DEVELOPMENT THE PRESENT GENERATION MAGHT SEVER ALOT BUT NEXT GENERATION WILL ENJOY.

  21. j.p.h
    | #21

    I propose a name change from
    “Butcher of Addis” to
    “Butcher of Addis and Mogadishu”

    And add some new ones:
    “The evil trinity” = Sebhat,Meles & Bereket
    Which is derived from “Geez”, meaning:
    Sebhat = The God father or “Abe, Abat”
    Meles = “Weld” the Son
    Bereket = “Menfes Kidus”?
    or better ” Menfese Ergum ”

    By the way I share with you guys a poem I read some time ago, And before I delete it from my files there you have it for entertainment,
    who ever is the author I found a lot of truth in it.Enjoy:

    Prayers of Meles !
    “Abate hoy, begehanebe esat yemetnor”

    My father who lives in the hell fire,
    Thank you for the gift – Somali war,
    And for the Parliament
    lambs you gave me so far,
    To be sacrificed for me,
    in need of other affair.
    I use them and throw when their time comes,
    They camouflage my daily duty of massacres,
    Give me my bread I beg from foreigners,
    ”For a country” with hunger while in excess,
    That gives me milk and honey,
    to become rich in Indonesian Banks
    In the name of the most I hate -
    The Ethiopian masses.
    O my lord the master of hell,
    Keep me away from the opposition leaders injail
    They snatched from me the peoples will.
    What is the death of 200 people?
    Even the hidden hundreds
    of thousands blood I spill?
    The Ethiopian wealth I stole?
    Hear me my hero of the hell.
    Give my “AGAZI Army” more time to kill.
    I put the youth in the “Nazi camps”,
    The old, the young, pregnant ladies,
    I killed their children and was pleased,
    Then journalism, Radio, TV, Internet closed,
    To make the news of my own to the world,
    Thank you my master for the Somali warlord
    But why can’t I buy the peoples will?
    When the spirit is kept in jail?
    Tell me Lord, king of kings of hell,
    Deceiving the US, the UK, and all,
    Is the support from UE, UN, AU, to fail?
    I lobbied many in the US as well,
    From the blood money of the poor I pile,
    Is that all to no avail?
    O Lord, I need courage
    in my future place to come,
    Why people scare me with A “COURT in HAGUE”?
    Is that where they kept Milosevic?
    Charles Tailor’s place?
    The place of justice,
    rule of Low my nightmare?
    But the scariest things of all to me,
    Facing the Ethiopian people – the enemy,
    I sold “my mother land” to sworn traitors,
    Fear of war at the East African borders,
    Abandoned by Amharans,
    Tigreans ,Oromos, Sidamas…
    Save me my master from the Unity of Ethiopians! AMEN my hell creator of all evils!

    (19/02/2007 Anonymous Ethiopian)

  22. Shumet Menywab
    | #22

    The good news is that at least a cocidarable amount of prisoners, in which most if not all preasoners should not have been arrested in the first place, are out of the prison. But the bad news is that TPLF/EPRDF still on its plan of my way is the only way. The reconcialation that has been called by Ethiopians for so long, for the only way to be out of the political mess, is not even in any window of posibility by the PM minister’s speach. The denial of political problem in the country is the main problem this millennium kicks off with. The major problem for Ethiopia remains untouched. Peace comes only if Ethiopians wait and see what the TPLF/EPRDF brings for them is the telling of its usual political work. The sad thing is that this dictator regime is living by its own denial. What ever it does because of pressure is being concidered as if its own willingness to do it. I wonder what would be its excuse when it is left without power?

  23. Wondimagegnehu Assefa
    | #23




    | #24

    give credit to realse from the nazi style conceentartion camp of TPLF ????? Amazing -this ppl should NEVER Ever been in prison to begin With for having an opposing view than that of TPLF — THE BUTCHER OF ADWA—NEVER release with deep understanding of reconciliation but to fool the world and donors of his usual milking campaign of wetserners .A credit for Zenawi for releasing EThiopians who should never been in prison to begin with is just a joke ,is a just a joke -I hope you ppl who belive weyanea deserved credit Think harder than you already did :-)

  25. | #25

    All Ethiopains are in prison if we see it in wide eyes.The release of prisonners is like “Ye Abayen woha ba chilfa”beleive it or not.

  26. | #26

    My brothers and Sisters, can we be civilized? Can we choose our words deplomatically? We all know that those people should not have been arrested in the first place. But, once it happens, it delightfull to see them out of dangen and join their family and be happy with them. I am happy and hope all be released soon rather than later. As an old Amhara Geez student, I do not expect from Abugida, (means biginner) to have mature intellectually chosen words. You could have use the word Dictator, Tyrant, as Melese is. There is the difference even between Bucher and Killer. When I hear the word such as Buther, it shivers my spinal.

    As far as Democracy and reconciliation is concerned, we, all of us should be ready to forgive and forget all deeds. Especially most of you who had been in Ethiopia during Zemene Derg, (except those under 25-30,) one way or the other have washed your hands with splash of blood. Let us forget that, and start a Peaceful, Free, Prosperous, and Happy New Year, 2000.

    Actually, I am disappointed by Meles Zenawi, Prime Minister of Ethiopia in his speech last night. If he wants, to live in peace and wants Ethiopia to be Democratic, and want Ethiopia to get out of poverty and have all Ethiopians, including his woyane gugsters a place to live in peace, he should appologize, for the Ethiopian people, release all political prisoners, reconcile with all political parties, and resign from office, like his counter part, the civilized Janpanies Prime Minister, Mr. Abe. I was expecting this to happen in his speech last night. What happenes is happened. Like they said, “Lalefe Kremet, Bet Ayeseram” Let us plan for our future, where all Ethiopian live in a Free and Democrtic, Ethiopia. Can we all live together with unity, integrity and civic duties and responsibilities. Sometimes, It seems to me that, Some of us, Ethiopian are Rude and Arrogant and we do not know how to compromise and reconcile. I consider myself a practicioner of politics in this country, USA. I believe, in politics, there is always zero game, there is give and take, let us give the previous leaders credit for what they have done right, and critize them for what they have done wrong. If it is possible bring them to justice, not to crucify them but to teach them lesson, so that the next generation will learn from examples and history. Otherwise, we will not have the Ethiopia we all wanted. Those who have come by sward will go by sward uless they repent. Let us all repent and have Free and Democratic Ethiopia. If I Offended some I appologize. Have a Happy New Year, ETHIOPIAN MILLINNIUMM. GOD BLESS ETHIOPIA AND THE ETHIOPIAN PEOPLE.

  27. solomon debebe
    | #27

    HI Abugida i really appreciate and proud of you since i came to USA, i am addicted to your program i spend almost half day with internate . every time i click your web.please i just want to say happy new year for all of you . see you Solo

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