Ethiopia in Danger! Is There a Way Out Without Our Mutual Destruction? – By Obang Metho

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If Ethiopia is to emerge from an “ethnic apartheid era of the TPLF)” with enough strength to meet the challenges of the future, the people of Ethiopia must seek reconciliation, genuine justice and a “changed mindset” that will shape the agenda. If Ethiopians, including the TPLF/EPRDF, refuse to give up our present “us versus them” mentality or our tribal-based, “winner take all” culture, we will set into motion a destiny more similar to Rwanda, Kosovo or Syria.

Our future as a Country is fragile, like a large clay pot filled with water that many of us want to quench our thirst.It is being fought over by many desperate families who could all have a drink if they so decided not to fight over who should carry it. Instead, as many hands try to snatch it away from others to gain control of the water, the clay pot falls to the ground and shatters; the precious water spilling out all over the ground. No one gets a drink.

What kind of future do we, the people Ethiopia want and what kind of choices will lead to it? Will we choose revenge or justice? Will we choose tribalism or feudalism or the affirmation of the dignity and worth of all Ethiopians? Will we choose hatred or reconciliation? Will we choose truth or deception; accountability or corruption; decency or exploitation; civility or ignorance?

The people of Ethiopia can stubbornly choose to continue an greed-based and immoral system that will perpetuate our present condition or choose a new future to a New Ethiopia by taking a different path—one that is life-affirming, justice-seeking and peace-building.

Without reconciliation between Ethiopians people, we will “break the clay pot.” Reconciliation is the only way out of this crisis, but will the TPLF and other Tigrayans see this? If they can see it, are they willing to do it? If they did, would other groups be willing to accept them or would these opposing groups want to defeat them as “the enemy” regardless of the costs?

Is it more about defeating the enemy or is it about “transforming the enemy”—whoever it is—for the betterment of everyone. We the people of Ethiopia must strategically think rather than emotionally react. We all have a lot to lose if we do it in the wrong way.

May God fill each and every Ethiopian heart, soul and mind with love, forgiveness and a ready spirit to admit and correct wrong towards each other so that we become a blessing not only to the living of today but to those in generations to come.

  1. Asefa
    | #1

    What is this guy talking about, What danger ? If course, The danger exists only in the author’s narrow irrational imagination.

  2. Worku tesfaye
    | #2

    I personal my mind guided me whether some thing wrong or right.wat u hv talked or wrote is blindly critize ze regime.if some ordered u do some wrong or in moral,u couldn’t apply it. As human we hv natural law and rule zat prevented us from illegal wat ever ze regime order or made law of imoral,no one accept it.ur fear probably ignorance of ze gov any activities secondary to need for ze citizens all peoples dream ze good and developed own country.
    But some part people made zem selfs zat zy are only perfect and consider ozers as layman.
    Ze image of Ethiopia vs individual’s attitude is different.
    Ethiopiawinet not created by force

  3. Birhane
    | #3

    We have to be quick to save this beautiful country for our children. Even though Ethiopians have been pleading for reconciliation, their arrogance did not allow them.Because power corrupts and Absolute power corrupts absolutely.TPLF should come to their senses soon. Time is running out. Ethiopia is for all Ethiopians.They have short memories
    How did they forget force and suppression are unsustainable from the Derg regime? We are seeing the anger boiling before our eyes. Few hard core TPLF members are leading this country to destruction. I am hoping and praying cool minds prevail bring us to reconciliation and unity. God Bless Ethiopia.

  4. Konjit Kassa
    | #4

    After a fish is caught,it needs to be cleaned and stored in ice to keep it
    fresh.Although, the idea of reconciliation is supportable,the group ruling
    Ethiopia today failed to keep the power they caught 23 years ago clean and
    fresh.They are on the edge and crossed the line already.It is true that it
    is time to”think strategically than react emotionally” i.e,TPLF and its
    supporters must be removed from their very roots without any condition.

  5. Abraham
    | #5

    There are bigger problems than ethnic disputes. Ethiopia has been the #1 exporter of human beings for over a decade now, that includes the Tigrayans youre condemning.

    “1.6 Million Ethiopian Refugees Have Illegally Entered Saudi Arabia since 2012, according to the Chinese government-owned international news agency CCTV.”

  6. a Better way
    | #6

    I see the danger the author is seeing but how to overcome the threat is an issue which needs all the stakeholders to sit and discuss. Of course stubborn does not describe the political stance of especially the Amhara and Oromo people. TPLF would not have been a problem if there is no such a stubborn stance between the two major ethnic groups.

    For me the best way at this stage is to build a country based on true federation … each ethnic groups form a region and each of these regions build its own region using their own resource. Each region is also responsible to contribute some percentage of their resource income to the centeral government. The centeral government focuses on building infrastructure of the country. This is a system similar to US except our states are based on ethnics. Each citizen has a right to work in all states as far as he knows the language of that state.

    I think this approach is a better one at this moment of the time when going back to no ethnic idea by itself is a more dangerous direction. Of course it needs implementation details and discussion with the people of Ethiopia.

    Good luck my country.

  7. Addisu Girma
    | #7

    This article’s author is too negative and too dark, the article does not represent the full story of Ethiopia’s social affair rather it concentrate too much on the negative.

  8. Sheferaw
    | #8

    True hero Ethiopians making the positive difference by building high ways,factories,universities,colleges,bridges,hydro dams etc…., while destructive people residing oversea bonded to their negative mentality wishing evil.

    May God Bless ETHIOPIA !

  9. Anonymous
    | #9

    I do not think the arrogant Asefa did not understand the country’s problem in very close distance. By killing innocents and putting in jails journalists,bloggers,politicians and oppositions supporters never bring peace in the country. But, using your mind properly and thinking wisely and respectfully will save the life of million Ethiopians. We can not deny we are now in the danger zone. @Asefa

  10. Love Ethiopia
    | #10

    I agree with Metho’s assertion that Ethiopia is in a “danger zone”. I actually go even a little further to say; Ethiopia has been in a danger zone for a while. I believe how we proceed from here will have significant consequence for generations to come. An ethnic based governance may lead to “group thinking”. A group thinking can lead to similar problems we observe with the current leadership. However, I suggest we adopt the form federalism that is practiced in the U.S. using regional boundaries instead of ethnic based. One of the commentator’s above suggested “Each citizen has a right to work in all states as far as he knows the language of that state”. I contend; why we deny an employment to anyone who can contribute to our society just because he/she does not speak the tribal language? Would you do the same to an American/European/Chinese or any foreigner if you need them for an important job on your ethnic/tribal zone? Almost every country has a national language that binds the people; ours happened to be Amharic and then English. We should try to get over of the tribalism and work hard to build an educated, free, and prosperous Ethiopia. Lastly, before everyone jump to conclusion, I happen to be an Ethiopian/American who is a fruit of an Amhara father and Oromo mother; I see both side of my heritage as equal and love them all dearly. Please, let us stop the “GROUP THINKING” and work hard for UNITED ETHIOPIA that is free from absolute power, corruption, disease, lack of education, poverty, and tribalism.

  11. Washington DC
    | #11

    I 100% agree with @ Mr. Asefa’s honesty, and I also agree with @Mr. Shafraw style of thinking “I love positive people.”
    I was in Ethiopia about a year ago, I can not believe my eyes what I saw, every were I go there is activities, buildings of all sort of developments, sky scrapers, factories,highways,you name it every thing is going on in Ethiopia when it comes to the economic activities and development. To be honest this is the best balanced and proactive government we Ethiopians ever had regardless of smaller challenges here and there, of course some may not see such great historical development that is unravelling in the front of them since they are self blinded by denial and senseless foolishness of opposition negativism. Considering all the positives, I am 100% convinced that EPRDF will be reelected once again with total victory and I am going to cast my vote to them without question.

  12. Solomon Desta
    | #12

    If the TPLF don’t want to share the rest of the wealth and if they continue to pursue their selfish elitist policies of Tigray first, then unrest may unfortunately ensue. Perhaps some of the EPRDF will eventually see the errors of their selfish ways and start to initiate a more all inclusive set of polices to alleviate poverty. The reality is they have made little attempt to include the other regions in any kind of pluralist dialogue. They aren’t interested in the little people. They are only after big business and international investors. The problem is the international investors may or may not have their investments returned. The present regime is too unpredictable. At the moment there are too many contestants amongst the rump zombie government Meles left behind; internal strife will persists among EPRDF party members behind the scenes, and our nation will suffer.

  13. ObeserVer
    | #13

    This article is nothing but the author’s reflection of personal “Introverted psychological confusion”, it is given Those who do not get things in their ways always assume that the world is going crazy and world is going up side down, such behavioural personalities always fail to investigate their own confused state of mind but always blame the external by viewing the world through the wrong end of the telescope.

  14. Sam
    | #14

    I am really tired of hearing equating TPLF with Tigreans as a whole. This is an absurd political tactic to begin with. Besides it is not true. The great majority of Tigreans are suffering like every Ethiopian with the regime’s prescribed ethnic politics. The other handicap of the argument is the lack of accountability to the leaders of the other three ethnic based fronts that constitute EPDRF. True, the TPLF politicians still have the lion share of the political power within EPDRF. Does that mean though the other three fronts’ leaders should remain blameless? When EPDRF came to power twenty-three years ago singling out TPLF as the only culprit might have made a little sense, if not adequate sense. Now, it is a dead slogan. Everyone of the ethnic politics promoters are responsible for the political trouble which will surely be unfold. It is time to stop it is the TPLF and the Tigreans who cause the trouble nonsense. It is the EPDRF.

  15. woyane is in crisis -politically and financially?
    | #15

    is Woyane on its death bed?????
    is that what you are saying Obang?
    or are you asking sporadic unity like Prof Mankelikiott?
    is money a problem? do they need money?

    Obang, tell us good and bad news!!!

  16. woyane is in crisis -politically and financially?
    | #16

    ሺፈራው ንገር ለአዲሱ ግርማ ንቅንቅ እንዳትል ክዛ ከዋሽንግተን ዲስ ጋደኛህ ጋር
    ሰውየው ያየውን አይቶ ነው የነገረህና አሜርካን ሁኖ ለወያነ መሪዎች አልቃሽ እንዳይጠፋ እናንተ እንካን ብትተርፉስ
    እንወዳችሁላነ ሕንሳ ስለምትወዱ ኑሩ ዲሲ
    ወያነ እንደጤዛ ታይቶ ሊጠፋ ነው!!!

  17. kentu
    | #17

    Abebe gelaw I feel great shame we Ethiopian never beg our freedom we didn’t expect from nobody except our self your speech gave wegane a great joke please we need our freedom byblood and sweat not fromforiegn. They are ready when we start not sitting in cofee house and. Beg

  18. kentu
    | #18

    I think Ethiopia looks good. From outside but it. Is empty like icrcream look stay for longtime but within. Second disappear federalism is not workings in Africa it creates a big problems you will see about Ethiopia after four years totaly out of map I can predict not only the land but the people

  19. Don’t cultivate civil war
    | #19

    Don’t demagogue innocent young Amhara descendants with a unitary dogma. It will never ever happen again in Ethiopia. You are blindly cultivating a dreadful civil in Ethiopia and the war will be between Amhara and the rest of Ethiopia. This comes from a descendent of one of the big 5 southern nations.

    | #20

    The true represenattive of Tigray and Tigray people is DEMHIT
    not woyane/TPLF which has expired long ago.
    DEMHIT is Ethiopian while WOYANNE is EIRTREAN.
    DEMHIT has link to original Ethiopian history
    where the country came into Existance in the
    Northwestern part of present day Ethiopia, WHILE
    TPLF’s legitimacy is linked not to Ethiopia but to
    Italian and other colonial rulers and fictional new
    histories in the Northeastern part of present day
    If we are familiar with Ethiopian history its ancient
    uninterupted history revolves around the Northwestern
    lakes and rivers of the country like ANSEBA,BARKA,TSANA,
    MEREB,TEKEZZE AND GOSHEN in contrast to denkalia, AFAR
    AND KWIHA areas which only came to be ressettled only
    recently with colonial occupation and dismantling of
    ancient hostory of Tigray or Ethiopia.
    Starting from MENELIK IST DOWN TO MENELIK IIND uninterrupted
    Ethiopia history and the people called Ethiopian only flourished
    in this part of the country as such legitimate inheritors of the
    original Ethiopian Kingdom.

  21. Anonymous
    | #21

    A@Konjit Kassa
    Agree wwith with you.Ethiopipa has still sons who are welling to fight for their rights.the tlp don’t know the language peaceful transformation of society . They think they defeated the we have to do tjhe same thing.

  22. Anonymous
    | #22

    It is clear you are one of them.

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