AMBO By Imru Zelleke

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I am deeply saddened by the tragedy that happened in Ambo and the loss of precious lives, and the senseless destruction of properties belonging to people who have toiled a life time to obtain them.

If it is to be believed, video interviews made later with the President of Ambo U and students it appears that no student was killed or maimed, in fact the students had protected students from Amhara other ethnic groups that were hiding in local Churches in fear of being slaughtered by the rioters. It seems that the riots had been carried by other elements, although the students had started the demonstration. The regime admitted that eleven people were killed during the riot, which number is likely to be more. Who made the riots and destroyed buildings and pillaged properties is still a mute question.

It has also been reported that the students demand was not only against the expansion of the City of Addis Ababa but also the eviction of all Amhara from what they call the Oromo area, allocated to them by the TPLF regime; tantamount to an ethnic cleansing of Amharas, and the establishment of a racially pure Oromo territory.

I believe that the vast majority of Oromos know well their history, and have not been deceived by these false historical tales, neither by the nefarious scheme of the TPLF to divide the people by ethnic politics. Actually all these problems have been created by a minority of self appointed Oromo elite sustained by foreign interests. Unfortunately, the victims of all these plots are the very young generation of Oromos who have been confined from knowing the truth by ethnic seclusion and fabricated versions of Ethiopian history. It would be helpful if the Oromo students ask by name about who was Emperor Minilk’s mother, Emperor Haile-Sellassie’s grandfather, who were Minilik’s great commanders, who were the Generals, the commanders, the Ministers, the Ambassadors, the Governors, the professors, bankers etc. during the Monarchy? From which ethnic group were the head of state, the prime minister, the high officials and commissars during the Derg? It might enlighten them about the part of Oromos in Ethiopian history and their background in the age long trail of Ethiopia’s chronicles.

Like all Ethiopians citizens, whatever their ethnic roots, we Amahra believe that Ethiopia is our country and the land is ours, and it is our inherent right to live, move, work, own property anywhere in the territory of Ethiopia. We don’t believe in segregating anyone by gender, culture, language or faith. We are one Ethiopian family that has lived and survived together since ancient times, we are not itinerants in the land but perpetual inhabitants. The unfortunate conditions prevailing in the country at the present is merely short-term; together we have overcome many tragic events and crisis in our long standing history, and we shall do so now and in the future.

My advice to the TPLF leaders is to stop their despotic rule, they have been in power for over two decades, they must have learned something about governance. Have they not seen the fate of the Gadafi, Mubarak, Assad, Mengistu and other tugs? Governing by the point of a gun, killing, imprisoning, terrorizing and looting a nation are a dead end road. Do you think that the Americans, Chinese, British, Europeans and other entities that have made heavy political and financial investments in Ethiopia, do not know of the crimes, utter corruption and misdemeanor of your regime? Where do you think the money that is siphoned out of Ethiopia ends up? They have a long experience of your kind of regimes, they know that it is a matter of time before they collapse in their own rot. Momentarily you are convenient instruments at their bid, although you are also becoming an embarrassment with their own public opinion. Ultimately they know that they have to deal with the Ethiopian people.

Persecution against the Amhara population was initiated during the Derg with the formation of a special anti Amara armed units (Yethiopia Chiqnoch Abyotawi Party) with the full support of the Marxist parties of that time. This ensued with the killing, raping, chasing and enslaving Amharas around the country especially in the South and South-West. This could not be news to the former revolutionary cadre that live amongst us. After the fall of the Dreg it has also been an overt policy of the regime and its allies. Evictions, killings, ethnic cleansing in the guise of population control, depravation and derogatory actions against the Amhara has been carried on indiscriminately. Sebhat Nega a leading TPLF cadre was boasting recently saying “we have broken the back of the Amharas and the Ethiopian Orthodox Church”.

To the Amhara my advice is to stop being weak-kneed victims of daily abuse and humiliation, it is a betrayal of our values and traditions. This must stop, we count as the second largest population of the country, we must stand-up and fight together with our fellow citizens for freedom, justice and democratic governance for ALL the people of Ethiopia. We have the spiritual and material means to achieve this goal; neither we lack friends and support, if our struggle is genuine and free of political manipulations. The past maybe forgiven but not forgotten, the new Ethiopia must be built on clean and new foundations.

Nobody, No One can divide us and destroy a nation that we have kept free and secure for generations through unrelenting struggle and limitless sacrifice. We are nation builders not destroyers, history is our testimonial.

Imru Zelleke

  1. Konjit Kassa
    | #1

    Well,time and again atrocities against all Ethiopians continues an abetted
    since TPLF seized power.It is now 23 years and no one in the opposition
    has any idea how to stop the DEVIL from meeting its objective of destroying
    ETHIOPIA.Remember,the top Woyane leaders never hide their intention to set
    up GREATER TIGRAY. Why are some parties think they can bring change with
    democratic actions? TPLF does not uphold democracy and the dream(s) of a
    peaceful change is just a crocodile cry, nothing more. Educated Amharas
    need to wake up and do something tangible to save Amhara peasants whose
    knowledge of what is going on against their very survival is confused by
    lies they are told by ANDM cadres. Find a way to reach and spread the
    truth to these poorly organised AMHARA mass. Look at reports made by
    US STATE DEPARTMENT and HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH, they don’t mention anything
    about the plight of AMHARAS. Because, no one has the courage to contact
    such important groups with detailed information of what happened in GURA
    FERDA, BENISHANGUL, OROMIA regions against AMHARAS. AMHARA intellectuals
    need to learn how OROMO, TIGRYAN organisations manage to get a voice on
    international level. I know you so far failed to have a common ground to set up a sound organisation, but simply, at least unite yourselves under the issue of ETHNIC CLEANSING and for GOD’S sake work together to save
    AMHARA before it is to late.

  2. aha!
    | #2

    Thank you your excellency Imiru zeleke, for your narratives in support of the struggle to maintain Ethiopian Nationalism against the forces of ethnic federalism, secessionism/ethnic nationalism along with the sovereignty of Ethiopia and Ethiopians intact with a ratified constitution with individual rights as the center piece. The present constitution drafted by TPLF as the spear head along with its cohorts ex-liberation fronts, including ANDM has served as prelude to ethnic secessionism/ethnic nationalism, future boundary conflicts, and an ongoing ethnic cleansing which is now manifesting in previous part of Showa Province Ambo a part of an ethnic homeland, along with the current confrontation between Oromia killil and TPLF/eprdf regime manifested by the peaceful protest by Oromo students against expansion of Addis Ababa into the Oromo region. This is a constitution declared by Sibhat Nega as: “yehe yeandinetachina yeetiopiawinet milikit yehonewin hige mengist yemistarer wegen betorinet ingetmawalen”, I paraphrase aimed at the positive forces of integration for unity, territorial integrity, sovereignity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians. The current confrontations between the Oromia region and the TPLF/eprdf regime, while not condoning the gross humanitarian violations by the regime over the peaceful protesters, based on ethnic agenda puts the positive forces of integration, the silent majority of Ethiopians between a rock and a hard place, if at all they are organized with national agenda and strategies to achieve those goals and also draft a constitution that ratifies the constitution with ideologies of ethnic federalism, secessionism and totalitarianism and/or state capitalism built into it and resorting to the original provincial boundaries with assorted ethnic groups as an anti-dote to the humanitarian, political, economic and environmental crises perpetrated by the TPLF/eprdf regime and the opposition parties that implicitly support the constitution with ethnic and secessionist politics and/or policies to realize a one nation democratic state where the individual rights precede ethnic and secessionist rights.

  3. Waqqoo
    | #3

    Thank you sir for your commendable insight. That’s how the golden generation of yours our country missed badly.

    It is not healthy development when the so called an elite university students take for granted medieval clan allegiance? Then, what makes them better than the TPLF tugs? It must be a bankruptcy of education and total collapse of rudimentary intellectual decency. How retarded we are gotten?

  4. Shaleka Demese
    | #4


    Peaceful constructive demonstration is one of the icon of Democracy, but destructive violent demonstration is not part of democracy, thus Ethiopia should not tolerate such uncivilized hooliganism looter and burning peoples property in the name of Democracy, they must be stoped by any means necessary.

  5. Garo
    | #5

    Are you talking about millions of Dollars worth of properties that TPLF destroyed and thousands of people that were forced out of their homes at the gun point by TPLF hooligans? We know how the Tigrians and their friends merchants of death made their money. Those people are fighting for their properties too. You destroy somebody’s property don’t expect those people are not going to fight back.

  6. Alemu
    | #6

    @ Garbo,
    I think Mr. Shaleka Demesse is talking about those demonstrators who attacking and burn Amhara’s houses and Amharas businesses in Ambo and other Oromo regions. I hate to say but I think this time the Ethiopian gov is in the right path of corrective measure.

  7. Beshaw k.
    | #7

    Law and order is a must to preserve peace and security to all.

    The present government of Ethiiopia had created great democratic environment and opportunity to allow democratic demonstration and freedom of expression, however most ETHIOPIANS never had such culture of democratic opportunity and they know not what it means intentionally and unintentionally surpassing their democratic right and started attacking business and burning houses that is belong to other ethnic groups.
    I believe that the Ethiopian government must enforce the law and issue demonstration licenses to the responsible demonstration organizers with printed instruction that indicate and the demonstration organizers must take full responsibility for all the illegal destructionswhat is allowable and what is not. the demonstration should fall within the frame work of demonstration of legal binding rules, any illegal act outside of this legal frame work must handled by the government law enforcing police, appropriate action should be taken to punish those who defy the law of the land.

  8. Garo
    | #8

    I hate to break it to you. Some of those businesses destroyed that you are trying to use for your agenda happen to be Oromo businesses. It is one thing to have to argue based on facts, it quite another when the agenda is Oromo bashing.

    This is not the law of the land. This is the law that is imposed on those people without their consent just to rob their livelihood and throughout history those kinds of laws have broken even in democratic countries.

  9. Alemayhue G.
    | #9

    @bashaw K,
    British, America, Canada, Chaina, france does not tolerate violent destructive demonstration.
    Why should the Ethiopia government tolerate the destruction of Amhara’s business, Amharas properties and Amharas lives in such violent act ? ?

  10. Fasil
    | #10

    I did not like it back then In the 1990′s when OLF slaughtered mass genocided Those innocent Amara civilians residing in southern part of Ethiopia (Wollega), and I do not like it now what is going in Ambo either where those uninformed and misinformed young Oromo protestors burning and attacking Amara houses and amaras small businesses. It is not only illegal by any standard but it is immoral.

  11. dodo
    | #11

    your point is well taken Amb Imru. One thing should be clear it was the oromo dominated Derg which manipulate the census by slightly increasing the Oromo population to be a few hundred thousand MORE than the Amara. The actual figure was that the Amaras were in fact a few hundred thousand more! EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE Those in the census bureau who objected to this manipulation of the figure had to flee the country. We need them to speak up, it is never too late. The Derg believed that if the hated Amaras were found to be the most populous it would be psychologically devastating to the Oromos. TPLF had gone even further and reduced the Amara population by its own reporting of 5 million through famine genocide and forced steralization

  12. Lij Ras
    | #12

    To: Beshaw and his likes,

    I hate to burst your bubble but where were you, and your OLF leaders were when thousands of Amharic speaking citizens of Ethiopia were forcefully removed, and asked to leave the so called Oromia region as if they were foreigners in their own country. It is amazing you are now asking the very same people you are abusing and miss treating to come to your aid. I am not saying that all Ethiopians should not stand up against this oppressive government. However, there is a saying that ” what goes around come around”. A house divided can not stand. Unity is a must or else all of us will be victimized and marginalized by TPLF. Do not fall victim of divide and rule. We all have done something we are not proud of in the past. Any difference among Ethiopians could be discussed, compromised and resolved peaceably. Long live the sons and daughters of Ethiopia.
    Lij Ras

  13. Sambusa
    | #13

    So called Shaleka Demese, Alemu ,and Beshaw K.are weyane cadres.
    All of them are here to pit Amaras against Oromos. This is old bankrupt policy as at the moment unanimously rejected by the people. Try as you will TPLF cadres never again will Ethiopians accomplish your design. In fact TPLF has very few choices at the table at the moment. If I were TPLfits I will be very concerend about the state of affairs in the country that is brought about by you nasty creatures. The Ethiopian people know who their enemies are TPLF politburo,Central committee members and their accessories. My advice for you is this. First, I advise you to map out an exit strategy.

    That means open up the political space and let there be internationally supervised election and face a land slide defeat. Which is the best strategy on the table and all will be well with you.
    Or else cling to your guns and you will be forced to meet angry Ethiopians.

  14. Boko Haram
    | #14

    it is time for Tigrayns to go where they belong. As TPLF has no jurisdication in Eritrea as it has no on Oromomia as Imrue Zelleke implied. Oromos will fight off tooth and nail until the last remanents of so called EPRDF off-limites from our land once and forever.

  15. temman
    | #15

    Tigre people liberation front is using every avenue to continue the genocide of the amhara population. opdo and others who are the foot soldiers of the fascist woyane in this campaign should take note that ethnic cleansing of the amhara would not make them free. Tplf is their number 1 enemy and should not be hoodwinked by false and malicious , make believe propaganda that they use as an excuse to massacre and persecute innocent poor amharas.

    The amhara are being abused and persecuted by the mercenary, fascist tigre liberation front simply for embracing their Ethiopian identity. No body can take away this from the amhara; fascist italy has tried it , has not succeeded, nor will Tplf. Ethiopia shall live for ever.

    Your enemy is not amhara student studying with you, your enemy is not a poor amhara peasant eeking out a living to feed his family. Your enemy is a mercenary group called Tigre people liberation front, that is selling your land, evicting you and persecuting you.

  16. Astarake
    | #16


    Why are you accusing everybody disagree with your politics as “Oromo” or “Woyane” what have you ?
    Do not you think that is kind of childish ? If you are involve in politics you should expect challenges, and you should man up and challenge your challengers with rationality and reason.

    @Boko Haram, your dumbo ugly name say it all nothing to add.

  17. Ye Gonder Jegna
    | #17

    I 100% agree with Mr.Beshaw’s mature comment, we should not allow violent demonstration in our civilized Ethiopia. We Ethiopians are civilized people, well cultured and well mannered people, we should not allow extreme incivility and non sense violence in the stealth of Democracy.

  18. aha!
    | #18

    On the question of protests by the Ormo students protesting against the expansion of Addis Ababa into the Oromo Killil Mengist surrounding Addis Ababa, let us look in retrospective what the reaction of the Oromo students would have been if Addis Ababa remain surrounded by the Province of Showa or if Finfine became the capital city of Oromia, the protests over the expansion of Addis Ababa would not prevail in both instances or materialize, while ethnic cleansing will prevail under the second scenario of ethnic federalism, than under the Showa Province with original Provinces in tact with assorted ethnic groups. With that perspective of Ethiopian Nationalism vs Ethnic federalism in mind, other than heavy handedness of the TPLF/eprdf regime in terms of human rights violations, the call for peaceful demonstrations called by Merek/OPDO/EFDF/fdre is not murky at best with regards ethnic federalism/ethnic homeland, as well as ethnic cleansing combined with the peaceful protests against the TPLF/eprdf regime, of which TPLF is the architect the constitution which the teletatfi parties directly support and opposition Medrek implicitly support is like straddling between the negative forces of disintegration and positive forces of integration in terms of unity, territorial integrity, sovereignty of Ethiopia and Ethiopians, where the last item has to do with individual rights to have precedence of over the current ethnic and secessionist rights under the control of TPLF Polit-Buerro.

  19. Garo
    | #19

    You seem to forget what happened during the time of Derg. Millions of people were moved from the North and were given some of the fertile lands in the South. This was done at the same time Oromos were being forced from their lands to foreign countries. You know at one point there were over a million Oromo refugees in Somalia an Djibouti. When these people came back home after the Derg they saw people from the North using their lands. That was the source of conflicts in many parts of Oeomia and still continues to be the case today. On the one hand you preach about the law and on the other hand you preach some people can do whatever they want, go occupy whatever land they choose. Well that is not how law and order works if we can call it a law at all because this is a law was that made by TPLF to serve the interests of the TPLF at the expense of the Oromos.

    Our agendas are clear, we Oromos decide what is best for us not any other people. If we can agree on this we may have a chance for peace or else this can only get worse.

    Oromos are fighting for their denied rights. These are universal rights that every group or individual should enjoy because those rights are declared rights in the UN charter. It is not driven by hate. If anything the hate is coming from the other side. The recent event in Bardar showed us what the mind set of some of these people are. Every now and then their true colors pop up.

  20. Garo
    | #20

    You seem to forget what happened during the time of Derg. Millions of people were moved from the North and were given some of the fertile lands in the South. This was done at the same time Oromos were being forced from their lands to foreign countries. You know at one point there were over a million Oromo refugees in Somalia an Djibouti. When these people came back home after the Derg they saw people from the North using their lands. That was the source of conflicts in many parts of Oeomia and still continues to be the case today. On the one hand you preach about the law and on the other hand you preach some people can do whatever they want, go occupy whatever land they choose. Well that is not how law and order works if we can call it a law at all because this is a law that was made by TPLF to serve the interests of the TPLF at the expense of the Oromos.

    Our agendas are clear, we Oromos decide what is best for us not any other people. If we can agree on this we may have a chance for peace or else this can only get worse.

    Oromos are fighting for their denied rights. These are universal rights that every group or individual should enjoy because those rights are declared rights in the UN charter. It is not driven by hate. If anything the hate is coming from the other side. The recent event in Bardar showed us what the mind set of some of these people are. Every now and then their true colors pop up.

  21. Boko Haram
    | #21

    Are you not one of the people on May 1991 fingering at Oromos, Amharas, 7-House Wurageess and other non-Tigryans. We were one and same until that time. We all know that you want to play with two aces remiscent of 1896 in Adwa ,1935,1991 and even you betrayed long lost breathern Eritreans until recently at the battle of Bademe. To make long story short, we do need “Astrake” but not innate murderers and predators who were descended on us like locusts for the last 20 years. No true son of Ethiopia will buy your overly “Astarake”gesture. People outgrow that game long time ago.

  22. Sambusa
    | #22

    What is wrong addressing TPLFits as cadres as such? I see no harm. The issue here innocent citizens have been killed savagely. Citizens of Ethiopia have every right to express their outrage, and grievance in demonstration. The government’s role is not to kill, but to control the situation. It can do this without panicking. The police and security are there to peacefully disperse the crowd before it gets out of hand. They can use tear gas, rubber bullet, even shoot to the air to dis purse if they want to.
    But that is not what happened. TPLF find itself in this situation her pants wet and mowed the students.

    Now in this connection, Shaleka Demese above seems to say the government has every right to do with what it did. Really! TPLF must be accountable for killing innocent individuals. No government has the right to kill any citizen. Many are saying the students burned Amhara houses and business. Give me evidence .I did not say property has not been burned. But who burned the property of the Amharas? TPLF or the students?

    In a country where rule of law is respected freedom of speech upheld and democratic governance is the norm. Citizens will be able to demonstrate and will have a say about their grievances. If in such undertaking, some demonstrators get out of hand and commit crime say looting .Then enforce the law to its fullest extent. The right to property is an inalienable right of every citizen and must be protected by law. The problem I have with what I referred TPLF cadres above is this. They are spinning the issue out of context by saying TPLF is justified for the murder because students have burned the property of Amharas. Really! I argue the right response is bringing the situation under control without any loss of life, and then charge the perpetrators for their crime. It is criminal to mow thee students first and justify the killings because of property damage. Please cadres don’t insult our intelligence by appearing advocates of the Amharas. We are not divided. Our people defended Ethiopian and passed it to their children. I believe this generation is poised to make history once again that parallels that of AdwA. Please cadres don’t confuse us ,don’t spread your lies, don’t be instigators.We are one ! Beka ! Gaiye! Yeake!

  23. Getachew Lema
    | #23

    While we Ethiopians residing here WEST complaining like retar by doing nothing and by being destructive negative force, true Ethiopians heroes building bridges, roads, expanding mass transportations, universities, colleges, high schools, high ways, rail roads,factories, water lines, irrigation mega farms, hospitals, hydro lines, hydro dams etc..,
    Wake up people! stop being foolish and hollow negative, stop complaining and do something to help our impoversished milions of our people from 100 years of extreme poverty.

  24. Southerner
    | #24

    We can not blame Oromos,Tigreans and Eritreans.

    The truth is we Ethiopians would’t be in this sociopolitical mess today, had the Amhara dominated governments for the past 100+ years did the right just things instead of systematically oppressing and mass genociding Oromos and stealing Oromo land since king Menilike era.
    same goes to Eritrea, had not the Amhara dominated governemnts systematically mass genocided Eritreans in the name of nationalism, eritreas case would’t be at this stage tody.
    Same goes to Tigre people, had not king Minilike blackmailed sold part of Tigre region (today known as Eritrea) to italy inorder to weaken and blackmail the tigrigna speaking people of the north and had not the Amhara dominated governments systematically oppressed terrorized and air bombed Tigreans in daily bases since haileselasie era that woyane would’t exist today.

  25. tewbel
    | #25

    Does economic development, particularly ethnic based, justify genocide of one ethnic group?

  26. Light House
    | #26

    Yes, We Can!!!!!
    Thank you for being subjective and objective thinker, most importantly thank you for being honest and direct, I know some of the pin heads like Mr.Sambusa needed to be awaken and reminded their awkward negative ways.
    I also agree with your comment that the birth of all the great nations could be traced and belong to the positive attitude and positive peoples actions, not negative neyers.

    May God Bless ETHIOPIA!

  27. Garo
    | #27

    Don’t make things up. The only legitimate census was done by the UN. In fact it was financed by the UN. It was also led by the un experts. This was done in 1984. But the un, after finishing the project gave the results to the Derg and asked them to release it and the junta refused. The UN made several more requests to the Derg but got no response. Why? One can only guess. The suspicion is that the result put the Oromos and Muslims far ahead of the rest, so much so the Derg chose to ignore it. Not too long ago we used to see claims that Muslim population of Ethiopia is 50%. We don’t see that claim no more. But where did that number come from? my suspicion is that it came from that UN figure that the derg never allowed it to be public. If anything the Oromo numbers are kept down by making some Oromo areas to be part of non Oromos. Some Oromos are counted as Somalis or Gurages or any other smaller groups.Who benefits from this? Of course every group that sees the Oromos as a threat to their power and that include the past and the current government and Oromos have nothing to do with it. @dodo

  28. Selamta
    | #28

    Let me make few points. Free market and democracy are unable to coexist in most of the Developing Countries and, as a result, incarcerations, mass demonstrations, destruction of properties, ethnic based harassment and settlemen destabilization will continue unless the IMF and World Bank change their policies. Currently, the free market practices enrich the few while the majority remains landless and languishes in poverty. Those few millionaires work hand-in-hand with the politicians in a symbiotic relationship. The inventors finance the politicians so their seats are secure in elections, while the latter maintains policies and legislation that protect and increase the profits of the former. Democratization on the other hand demands equity, fairness, free speech, free press, so on and so forth, addressing the questions of the masses. Where a glimpse of democracy emerges, the minority millionares become the escapegoats. We have seen this in Mozambique when the Zanu party targeted the white minority, which the supported the opposition. The irony is those white minorities were financing Mugabe’s pre-2000 elections. The same can be said for Kenya, where the rich is behind every leading politician or vise versa. So, I always question what the opposition parties would do differently if they win an election. Would they nationalize Mohammed Al Almoudi’s mining monopoly? Would they abolish agricultural trading? How do they reconcile free market and democracy in general? There is no such model country in the third world.

    On the other side, I really doubt if Ethiopianism or patriotism alone would be a successful theme for the any opposition party since
    it isn’t appealing for eveyone from political strategy point of view. Let alone the millionaires and multimillionaires, the emerging
    middle class has lost appetite for political change after witnessing the weakness and disintegration of the opposition patries in the last few years. Their position on Eritrea or the debate over the dam isn’t either winning the hearts of the mass. They should come up with a strategic theme that intertwines the poor accross the country regardless of religion, ethnicity or gender.

  29. Selamta
    | #29

    I was meaning Zimbabwe in the above comment

  30. Sambusa
    | #30

    Getachew Lema, Southerner,and Light House.

    Getachew Lema, your assertion Ethiopians in diaspora are complainers that to help their country men is not true. Ethiopians indeed do help our refuge population that have been systematically forced out of their country. We fight against TPLF’s power abuse towards Ethiopians. However, we will not have any to be part of this anti Ethiopian regime. That is to say we refused to fatten the pocket of TPLF EFORT by participating in her robbery plan. The development you are speaking is nothing but the transfer of Ethiopian wealth to EFFORT. Tell the truth who gets all the construction beds? Is it not EFFORT. We need to make another historical Adwa. This generation from of our people from Tigray to oromoia need to hold hand in hand and send TPLF to her destiny: dust bit of history. Read this about diaspora’s support of the needy Ethiopians.

    As you seem to insult the intelligence of all Ethiopians. You will be convinced only when you see what this generation is capable of doing.Let me just say this,in comparison with the past leaders, the human right abuses, murder, dis appearance of Ethiopians under weyane makes the past a golden age than this racist psychopaths.

    {Light House,]
    By no means speaking the truth is not being negative at all.So you might as well bear with it.

    release all political prisoners.

    Release Riot,Eskinder,Webshet, Bekele Girba,Andualem.

  31. ObserVer
    | #31

    “Political opposition” does not mean “Negativism”. Alternative political agenda is ought to be constructive legit opposition not negativism. What we are reading today in opposition web site is jungle
    Opposition, has no rational socioeconomic alternative but pure useless negative blaberism, that is why the opposition bare no fruit so far and will have no authentic appealing agenda.

  32. aha!
    | #32

    Observer @#31: There are always two sides to every issue/event. In the case of Ethiopia, there are only two forces: the positive forces of integration and the negative forces of disintegration, reflected in the constitution, the main operating system and positive forces of integration, engaged in the unity, territorial integrity, sovereignty of Ethiopia and Ethiopians. According to Haji Mohamed Hassen?, who in terms of religious freedom, stated “hager kelele haimanotim yelem, yichin hager ketifat lemadan hulachinim abiren initagel”. In the same way the political struggle is between Ethiopian Nationalism vs ethnic federalism and/or ethnic secessionism/ethnic nationalism inclined into the disintegration of Ethiopia. If you assign the term/concept of “Negativism” to the positive forces of integration, you are denying the fact that Ethiopia is in a dichotomy between the two forces where one of them has two negative and other positive forces based on the goals and strategies the positive forces trying achieve economic and political freedom from the TPLF/eprdf regime. May be I misunderstood the connotation of the concept “Negativism”, in the context it is applied in your comment.

  33. Garo
    | #33

    There is no unity group in Ethiopia. Just because they have Ethiopia next to their names, it does not mean they are fighting for the values and interests of all Ethiopians.These groups are dominated by people who the TPLF pushed out of power and who have hard time accepting their loss of power. They do not believe in equality of Ethiopians, they just pretend to believe in it. What they want is to bring back the system of Immiye Menelik and we all know who that system served.

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