Kinijit Leaders met with Congressman Donald M. Payne – Abugidainfo

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Kinijit Leaders met with Congressman Donald M. Payne at his office . They discussed on many issues and congratulated him on his tireless effort to bring freedom and democracy in Ethiopia. (Watch Here News Report). (more…)

Kinijit Leaders met with Congressman Donald M. Payne at his office . They discussed on many issues and congratulated him on his tireless effort to bring freedom and democracy in Ethiopia. (Watch Here News Report).

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  1. Gudu Kassa
    | #1

    The winning team.

    Go go Kinijit!!

  2. gash_Tesfa
    | #2

    We have bright future. Happy new year Asra Amet.
    Victory for Kinijit and all other democratic partys, Ethiopian people will win.

  3. Teshager
    | #3

    I feel something that I can’t explain in word. I think kinijit is “spirit” that no one reverses it.The truth always prevails at the end!Our leaders are the real heroes of the millennium. That is what I confirmed today. God Bless Ethiopia!!!

  4. | #4

    thanks god ,at last we get real and accepted leader by ethiopian

  5. Abel
    | #5

    Why they didn’t waite until Hailu Shawil arrives? It would have been the best going with their Chairman

  6. | #6

    am very happy to see you the true leaders of the Ethiopian ppl. I wish to you and all the Ethiopian family a happy millenium.


    GOD BLESS ETHIOPIA!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. adie
    | #7

    That is it!
    God bless our hereos!!!!!!!

    Abel and other “Kenanet yemigolachihu” ere silegziabher enegnihn sewoch lekek adruachew.
    ahun le’ewunet silekinjit yemitasbu nachihu?
    something is wrong with you. Let the Party make its own dicision and let us we respect that decision if we are realy Kinijits supporters.
    tenama tenama neger endtasbu emegnilachihualehu
    God bless Ethiopia

  8. | #8

    Ebakachihu! Ena Abel, lemekefafel batmokiru tiru new, those leaderof us do not think for ever in ur way, that’s whay every Ethiopian in this time follow them, otherwise in willcome ethinic based like EPDRF, woyane,OLF, and so on…, we ethiopian have to integret with the vision of Kinigit,
    GOD bless our country

  9. | #9


  10. Terengo Argaw
    | #10

    What is the rush!! The Honorable Hailu Shaul is elected by the Ethiopian people to be the President/Chairman of CUDP. He is coming in 3 days. The delegates can’t wait until he arrives? Where were all of them/u before the election? The answer is obvious & no need to go in detail. The Ethiopian people is the owner of the struggle. THERE IS ONLY ONE KINIJIT & IT’S CHAIRMAN IS ENG. HAILU SHAUIL.
    Democracy means respect the people’s VOTE!!


  11. bati tesfaye
    | #11

    Terengo that is not true The Honorable eng Hailu shaul elected by the people to parliament Representative not to be a president but he is elected official to be chairman

  12. Eskinder
    | #12

    Congratulation Agian.

    The leading team in the struggel process for Democracy in Ethiopia the coming leader for democracy and human right and equality of nation and nationality.Time is going but fact is fact.Any time truth and Ethiopian people are winner we are now looking bright future with our hero leaders Kinjet.


  13. sholla
    | #13

    If Hailu Shawel stand along with shaleka and Enginer Moges who steal Kinijit Money here in Los angeles He will be one of them and our struggle will proccead with out him.

    God bless Ethiopia

  14. Mesfin
    | #14

    Ethiopians who put democracy and their country ahead of their self interest and premitive tribal politics will prevail and I’m proud to be one of them.

    Ethiopia will be free!

  15. | #15

    Our leaders , ”ENKUWAN DES-YALACHIHU !”

    One day …..soon…..those cok-rochis removed ,Ethiopia gone be great nation ! Soon….soon….soon….!

    Melkam ,dehena , tenegna kifile-zemen for the honest Ethiopians ! ! !

  16. Jyigzaw
    | #16

    It is wonderful to see our elected leaders in the united states congress.
    We Love you so much and will stand with you till the end.
    Ethiopia will prevail.

  17. Demese
    | #17

    Ethiopia and the CUD is not about Shaleqa or Tsigie. Those two are a rotten citizens of Diaspora with the British and US passport. You must be poisned by Elias Kifliew and Andargachie Tsigie. Look at the big picture – Eng. Hailu Shawel’s concern is on how we can help the struggle from exile. You are worried who will lead it from abroad. Throw out this garbage idea along with ER and Tsigie and work with these people to achieve freedom to the poor people of Ethiopia. If the CUD leaders are divided because of Diaspora then let them divide as they will not be good and wise to lead the struggle. If it is the KIC standing on the way of unity then just listen to what the people say, gather your facts go home debate about it and abolish it. As simple as that. KIC or KIL is not above Ethiopia. Hailu Shawel must look at things wisely and if the group and other elements are infiltrated by the CIA and trying to disrupt the struggle then this organization is no good for Ethiopia. We know Gizachew’s stand but if Berhanu and Birtukan Nega are in it – and are pushing hard then suspend them immediately.

  18. tiruzena
    | #18

    Embaracing nes for those who are trying to split kinjit.Ato Hailu shawul is coming.

    Whatelse is left for you to play your dirt game?

    kinjit menfes new manim bewe yemayifetaw.

  19. Demese
    | #19

    Editorial of Andenet:

    By Kinijit North American Editorial Support, Sep 13, 2007

    Why was the three-person ad-hoc committee in a rush to announce that a trip to the USA will be made by some Kinijit leaders, and that the chairman would not be coming? Did the three-person ad-hoc committee know that its announcements can have ripple effects and which it might not be able to control? Did the ad-hoc committee engage in ways to correct the effect of its rush announcements so that unity seeking Kinijit North American leaders and the Kinijit International Council would be well-integrated in receiving all visitors from Kinijit Ethiopia? Our information is that the ad-hoc committee did not. That is why we say “Altaddelnim.” We are not interested in assuming that the ad-hoc committee had deliberately and willful acted to exacerbate the rancor that already existed among Kinijit North America supporters. However, what the ad-hoc committee had failed to do in the area of integrating all sections of Kinijit supporters will have adverse effects. Hence, all Kinijit supporters of good-will will have to work harder in order to overcome those short comings.

    Sadly, we have witnessed that some media, including websites, television and radio, are harping on those issues that would bring disunity among the Kinijit family. They hold high the role taken by one section and downgrade another. Propagandists and pamphleteers whip up dissensions among the Diaspora and misquote the views of the executives. Beyond expressing our lamentation of “Altaddelnim,” we remind all to be mindful and to make sure that we hear directly from the Kinijit executive members as they make their own case through appropriate media or in person. It is no longer a time to trust quotations made by some so-called media outlets. The credibility of some of some so-called journalists in serious doubt. At all times, we should not become vessels for pamphleteers and propagandists to breakup Kinijit even further. Indeed, the road to democracy is messy, but those who do not comprehend the value of pursing just laws make it messier.

    On Sunday May 8, 2005, a week before the elections, when an estimated three million inhabitants of Addis Ababa demonstrated in the city center in support of Kinijit, including those in the Kinijit leadership expressed their surprise and verbalized it in the media. Ato Haile Shawel was the only one who believed and knew that it would happen and saw the possibility before the fact. He knew all the effort and hard work of four years invested by his group in building grassroots support would bare fruits, and campaigned from town to town, from village to village and from hamlet to hamlet across Ethiopia. As we know an overwhelming majority of Ethiopians elected Kinijit on May 15, 2005.

    After the elections, Kinijit Chairman Hailu visited the USA for medical treatment. He cut short his trip for medication and returned to Addis because the Kinijt leadership was in disarray over what to do with their victory that was being challenged by the tyrannical TPLF. He succeeded in unifying the majority of the leadership, though Ato Lidetu, and his followers elected to go it their way. Chairman Hailu Shawel put his life on the line, and utilized his patient leadership to retain the leadership of Kinijit within Ethiopia, and to hold the overwhelming majority to the principles of the party.

    The TPLF leader, Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, held hostage the Chairman of Kinijit Ato Hailu and the executive leadership of Kinijit, members of the council, party members, supporters, journalists and civic leaders in jail on trumped up charges. Zenawi utilized “shimaglewotch” to establish an understanding of conditions for releasing Chairman Hailu and the Kinijit leadership. Hailu shawel, who was the last to sign, made sure that all Kinijit members and supporters would be released as a result of this understanding. After securing the signature of Chairman Hailu and other executive members of Kinijit, Zenawi went through strange machination of his kangaroo court before releasing his prisoners whom he had all along named Hailu Shawel et al.

    After his release Chairman Hailu Shawel has been demanding to secure the release of all Kinijit members and supporterwho were imprisoned all over the country due to their allegiance to the party as per agreements secured through the “shimaglewotch” and to reestablish the legal status of Kinijit . Chairman Hailu knows that the leadership of Kinijit must struggle in Ethiopia and from Ethiopia. Those in the Diaspora, however important they may feel of their contributions, may only provide support to those who are willing and able to struggle for the democratic rights of Ethiopians in Ethiopia.

    When rumors abounded about the trip by some Kinijit officers to the world, Chairman Hailu expressed the word “Altaddelkum.” He related the difficulty that would be placed against his effort to bringing about unity among Diaspora Kinijit supporters because of the possible ill-advised trip of some of his colleagues who prematurely may tackle an issue that requires more investigation. He also stressed that the primary task of Kinijit officers were the following.

    1) Try to secure the release of Kinijit members and supporters who are languishing in jails all over the countryside before the New Year if possible and as agreed..

    2) Work to secure the legal status of Kinijit and making sure the Organization is legalized and certified. He did not see the wisdom of traveling to foreign lands before these tasks were accomplished.

    Luckily, several thousand prisoners have been released from TPLF jails at the turn of the New Year. This offers Chairman Hailu Shawel some comfort.

    He expressed that they [Kinijit leaders] had heard of the division between Diaspora supporters of Kinijit while they were still in jail, and that he would have cherished to sit down with all in the Diaspora and discuss ways of resolving the differences so that all would work in unison and for the cause of Ethiopia. It appears that he will have the opportunity to do the mediating. And we wish him and the other executive members good luck.

    Far more important than the mediating (troubles between individuals) is the need to insist that supporters and their elected officials believe in the rule of law. That all abide by bylaws that the supporters would ratify, and that all are equal under the bylaws. Care must be taken so that inefficiency is not rewarded as wisdom, prudence as vice, and rapid action as virtue without ascertaining that such rapidity permits infiltration by tyrannical elements. Democracy is not merely an exercise in counting how many individuals voted in support of something. It very much requires that people abide by the rule of just laws. Democrats know why they elect a leader. Non-democrats throw phrases such as collective leadership as their way for embellishing TPLF’s Revolutionary Democracy and such verbiage as democratic dictatorship.

    We urge all Kinijit supporters to continue to stand for a democracy that applies the just rule of law. It is unjust to attempt to subvert the authority of the gallant leader of Kinijit, His Excellency Ato Hailu Shawel.

    Kinijit North American Editorial Support.

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