Political Power and the Art of Political Compromise By Tecola W. Hagos

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“The world rests on three Pillars: On Torah (wisdom), on avodah (service, worship), and g’meelut chasadim–acts of loving kindness.”

Shimon Ha-tzaddik, The Mishna

General Perspective

In the past, especially during the reign of Emperor Haile Selassie I, to a great depth, the State of Ethiopia seemed to have a more integrated society than the current seriously fractured State of “nations and nationalities.” It is a challenge to all of us to think of a unifying history of Ethiopia in as far as what is presented in most history books I read is a segmented view of Ethiopia’s dominant ethnic oriented history rather than a coherent or holistic history of its complex society. To me the most important thing is the fact that we have a long history no matter how it is presented in written form. However, even if we acknowledged such narratives, we must guard against fallacies of composition in accepting limited instances to represent the whole of the human condition in all parts of Ethiopia.

I have studied many ethnic communities throughout the past history of the United States. None have I found that hate and disparage the governments of their respective original home countries as much as many of the Ethiopian Diasporas do, which led me to conclude that Ethiopians in general love the abstract notion of an Ethiopia, but hate and disrespect the concrete Ethiopians right next to us. I see it in the fact that Ethiopians would tolerate extreme forms of abuse in the hands of foreigners, but will not live with mild discomfort generated by the presence or activities in the hands of fellow Ethiopians. This is indeed a curious situation that ought to be studied carefully by sociologists and psychoanalysts in order to understand our national problems with the way our society deals with poverty and totalitarian tendencies in our rulers.

Prof Messay Kebede’s recent article is simply an information piece whereby he is echoing assertions and views made by third parties. It is neither an advocacy for violence or for any form of confrontational strategy against the Ethiopian Government. One must ask now and then fundamental questions such as questions dealing with the purpose of human life. Surly, it is not for the purpose of making politics. The fact is that human beings are involved in politics in order to realize a fulfilling life. The art of compromise is a great art of political gamesmanship, but seems to be acutely missing both in the establishment and the periphery of Ethiopia’s political scene. Two points that one must focus on is the future political life of our future leaders, such as Birtukan Mideksa: is there some political room for her for a come-back or even better to join the current Ethiopian leadership? And the other question: Quo Vadis (where to) PM Hailemariam Desalegn?

Hunger for Political Power: ጉልቻ፣ ቢለዋወጥ፤ ወጥ፣ አያጣፍጥም።

I do not accept the idea that human beings are helpless in the face of what may be considered as inevitable or predetermined ends. I believe we can always change what might seem to be a horrible inevitable end. At any rate, the future is shielded from us, all we can do is take educated guess what the future might hold for us and do the best we could to live a virtuous life. Ultimately we each live an individualized life and not a life to be lived by a committee. Prof Mesfin Woldemariam has shared with us in a succinct article a frightening prediction of our future. Although at times I failed to see Prof Mesfin’s rational in some of his statements, such as his vehement opposition to Seye Abraha at Medrek as opposed to his recent endorsement of Aregawi Berhe, which act seems to me to be in the realm of metaphysics, beyond my understanding, I truly believe Prof Mesfin’s intention is honorable and patriotic. In his own words the following is what he wrote about our apocalyptic fate:

ወያኔ ከሀያ ዓመታት በላይ አፍንጫ እየያዘ ያስከፈለውን የሚመልስበት ጊዜ እየተቃረበ ነው፤ ጥያቄው ወያኔ እንዲመልስ የሚገደደው እንዴት ነው? የሚል ነው፤ጥላቻ ወደንዴት፣ ንዴት ወደቁጣ ተለውጦ ሲገነፍል ምጽዓት ደረሰ ማለት ነው፤ ሁሉም ሰው ራቁቱን ይሆናል፤ አንደአውሬ ከጥፍሩና ከጥርሱ በቀር ሌላ መሣሪያ አይኖረውም፤ ሰው ሁሉ በክፋት ወደ አውሬነት ይለወጣል፤ ጠመንጃና ቦምብ አያገለግሉም፤ ሕንጻው ምሽግ አይሆንም፤ መኪናው፣ ባቡሩ፣ ታንኩ ከቆመበት አይነቃነቅም፤ የትም አያደርስም፤ ጭፍራ ሁሉ በየራሱ ፍዳ ታንቆ እንኳን ለሌላ ሊተርፍ ለራሱም የማይበቃ ይሆናል፤ ለነገሩ
ጌታና ሎሌም የለም፤ ሁሉም በአውሬ እኩልነት የተፋጠጠ ነው፤ ርኅራኄ ተሟጦ፣ መግል ያዘለ ልብ ፈርጦ፣ ውይይትና ክርክር አብቅቶ፣ ጥርሱን ያገጠጠና ጥፍሩን የሳለ መንጋ በደም የሚራጭበት ሁኔታ ነው።

I do not want to believe that Prof Mesfin is making a self-fulfilling prophecy for the sake of saying “I told you so” when what he prophesied becomes our nightmarish reality. I believe he is sincere in sharing his profound concern about the future of Ethiopia in that article, with the hope that his gloomy prediction can be averted. In other words, he is urging the people in power to fix the problem that had been pointed out by numerous people both organized in opposition party structures and as expressed by concerned individuals. However, spelling out gloom and doom in itself is not going to help us much. To some extent, Prof Mesfin is exaggerating the degree of calamity he is predicting. The Ethiopian public is not as reckless and as brutal as portrayed by him in its future actions. Moreover, I think his concern is misplaced, and in painting to us a frightening future for Ethiopia is not going to help Ethiopia overcome the serious problems facing us. The Red Terror, for example, would never have happened as an expression of discontent by the Ethiopian public, if it were not for the full agitation and push of the Derg and its civilian hatchet-men.

In the main up to now, our elitist solution to our profound problems is our incessant cry for change of Leadership. Of course, such expressions of discontent are punctuated by demonstrations against specific inequities championing the causes of heroic Ethiopian journalists and politicians. The way I look at our age old problems is that our leaders should be the least of our concern. We seem to forget that we are functioning in a closed system, and changing personalities in leadership positions would not make that much of a difference in the reality of our existence burdened with centuries of accumulated technology deficiency, ignorance of modern means of production, illiterate society, and poverty of all kinds. If we change every single individual now in leadership position in Ethiopia and replace each with the outspoken leaders of the many Diaspora political organizations, we will only succeed making matters worse. ጉልቻ፣ ቢለዋወጥ፤ ወጥ፣ አያጣፍጥም። It is precisely in anticipation of such ineffective new leadership after any revolution that I suggested to use alternative method of change in Ethiopia.

One possible method to effect changes at the grassroots level is to use the Ethiopian Courts by filing complaints on behalf of to get redress from Governmental inequities rather than wait on the sideline while the destructive resentment/hate pressure is building up in society. This is a long term process, but it has the added virtue in teaching us to use the legal system no matter how flawed it may be. The complaints against violations of the rights of citizens and unequal treatment of Ethiopians from different ethnic background can be lodged against individual government officials and/or the government corporate entities. That too is not sufficient, but one ought to try as many solutions and we must be creative to prevent any social explosion. One should read and digest Prof Mesfin’s admonishment very seriously even if it turns out to be a bogyman story told to frighten children.

The Art of Political Compromise

Ambassador Zewde Retta, in his monumental book on Ethiopia and Eritrea [The Eritrean Affair (1941-1963) During the Reign of Emperor Haile Sellassie I, (in Amharic)], narrates an incident that took place while Emperor Haile Selassie was living in exile in England. Young Aklilu Habtewold was working as an aid to the then Ethiopian Ambassador to France during the Italian war on Ethiopia. Aklilu having learned that the Ethiopian Ambassador had scheduled a press conference to announce his defection to the Italian side, was reporting to the Emperor that grave diplomatic debacle. Emperor Haile Selassie, rather than throwing a tantrum and cursing his Ambassador whom he lifted up from dirty to national prominence and great wealth, in great statesman discipline instructed Young Aklilu to go back to the Ambassador and ask him on behalf of the Emperor what would be done for him to persuade him to abandon his planned defection. Here is a lesson in great statesmanship: negotiation and compromise even at the gate to Hell.

The legacy of the Ethiopian Student movement of the 1960s and 1970s is rigidity and fanatical adherence to abstract ideas. The Ethiopian student body of the time of Emperor Haile Selassie had suffered tremendous distortions of self-perception settling ultimately in the 1970s on the image of Che Guevara, Marx and Lenin, with Stalin in tow, and all those aliens were immortalized in the popular students’ song of all ages, Fano Tesemara. I often wonder why we as Ethiopian students at HSIU did not sing of Ethiopian great patriots, such as Belay Zeleke, Abune Petros, Geresu Duki et cetera. Of course, much later I learned that the Ethiopian Students Movement was not a constructive endeavor, but manipulated by third parties using students to destroy their own Ethiopian nationalism. We still are living that tragedy in the way we tear down each other for flimsy ideas totally oblivious of the more important question of the survival of Ethiopia. We students were just pawns unknowingly being used for the sordid interest to benefit Eritrea’s ambition for independence. Generally speaking, the generation of Ethiopian students that traversed the gauntlet of the modern Ethiopian education system were the isolated segment of the Ethiopian society, thus easily manipulated and used against our own self-interest.

What is missing right now in all the dissention voices against the current Ethiopian Government and/or its predecessor is detailed plan/strategy to fix the alleged problems. Such plan need not be a comprehensive governmental plan. Modest changes in the lives of individuals, modest system changes, investment in morality in society, enhancement of individual hygienic life, clean environment, controlling overpopulation et cetera could have complex adoptive and transformative effect in the long run. What must we do now to force the hand that is guiding Ethiopia in the present course of governance to change? But what type of Change? For sure no one is going to hand over power just like that. In fact, the fear of persecution in case the current leaders lose power is another incentive for them to hang on to power by all means. Here is where the art of compromise, creation of escape doors, evolutionary process et cetera would ease transition and change. It is not enough to shout slogans, hurl insults, and write threatening essays across the Atlantic Ocean and a Continent, nor prophecy of doom and gloom would deliver wealth and democracy to people. What is needed is direct engagement by participating in the economic and social life of the nation in the first place, and move into political activity once planting deep roots in the Ethiopian society.

In the movie Braveheart, the former Crusader, and later leper, father of James the Bruce, advised his overzealous son that what distinguished the “nobles” from the “common” Scotts is the ability of the “nobles” to compromise in order to preserve and expand their landholdings and status in court. I am not saying that there is no place for unflinching principled stance that would make historic difference in the life of a community even a nation. Earlier I asked a generic question about the future of new political leaders including Birtukan Mideksa. There is some purpose in my question. I intend to measure the degree of willingness of Ethiopians to compromise and seek politically expedient solutions rather than stay disfranchised narrow minded fanatics whereby the art of modern politics eludes them to the detriment of the Ethiopian society and their own individual lives.

I am taking up the case of Birtukan Mideksa, who graduated from Harvard, Kennedy School of Government a couple of weeks ago, who is already a subject of political tugging by opposition political organizations. Two influential Diaspora figures, Abebe Gellaw and Girma Kassa, have written a couple of articles that are touching and personal, and in a plea for Birtukan to go back to the fold. I think this might be a moment of truth for Birtukan to come up with a wise and equally significant decision in here own self-interest. The Ethiopian Government Leaders also have an opportunity to evolve as sophisticated politicians in their treatment of Birtukan and other opposition leaders. I think the art of compromise is very much needed here under such sensitive situation. I would suggest that the Ethiopian Government appoint Birtukan for high Ethiopian Government position, such as appointment as Ambassador to the United Nations and at the same time free Eskinder Nega, Reyot Alemu, Andualem Arage and all the detained journalists and political prisoners.
Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn seems to fade into the contentious background of Ethiopia’s ever intriguing political power struggle. I believe that he must find his tipping-point soon and start a political and economic momentum of his own making rather than tag-on along an already obsolete political and economic structure of the last ten fifteen years. A good leader must have inner fire and a hunger to bring about profound positive change in the lives of his fellow Ethiopians. There are several untapped, untested, and virgin areas for development projects. There are serious administrative, judicial, economic, and political problems that need immediate and effective solutions. There are also serious errors carried over from previous governmental activities and errors due to poor leadership that need corrections without delay, one being the Ethiopian coastal territory on the Red Sea. Far more fully developed paper. [See Tecola W. Hagos, DISILLUSIONMENT OF INTERNATIONAL LAW AND NATIONAL SURVIVAL (2011);


I watch ETV and read all sorts of news and articles from Ethiopia and from the Diaspora on a daily basis. I am disappointed in the lack of enthusiasm and headlong engagement by the leadership of the Ethiopian Government. They seem to be in infuriatingly relaxed reclining mood, except for few, such as the Minister Alemayehu Tegenu and Engineer Simegnew Bekele who seem fully engaged pouring out their bodies and souls into their respective national undertakings dealing with the GERD. If one has to choose current Ethiopian heroes, there you have them. These are two Ethiopians I trust the fate of our right over our natural resources.

Conclusion: Get a Life, Diaspora Politicians

Warren G. Buffett, the greatest securities and equity investor in the world, said, “We are just the opposite of those who hurry to sell and book profits when companies perform well, but who tenaciously hang on to businesses that disappoint.” Buffett’s statement by analogy would criticize the mind set of Ethiopian “opposition” politicians. In simple form, what Buffett is stating is that one maintains a winning position and get rid of losing stocks. In other words it is not wise to liquidate a winning group in favor of dysfunctional losers or stocks with no record of success.

The tragic fact is that the vociferous often vicious Diaspora opposition members (the ones blogging and chatting) do not represent the majority of Ethiopian immigrants. Those Diaspora members that are belligerent and insulting of anyone with point of views different than their narrow and chauvinistic views are living in serious mental freeze having based their dissident narration on mistaken or delusional presumptions of historical events The reality on the ground was totally contradictory of such narratives of the political and economic condition prior to the rule of the EPRDF. They often forget that all of the resistance/liberation movements, some of whom in power now, were instituted to challenge autocratic and authoritarian regimes.

The lack of rational, cool, and sophisticated analysis of the present state of affair in Ethiopia has led several individuals in the Diaspora to adopt an unproductive even belligerent position in dealing with the current Ethiopian Government. In my last article, in illustrating the unappetizing and delusional hunger of some Ethiopians in the Diaspora communities around North America and Europe for dominance, I narrated the parable of carrying a crown in ones pocket in case the opportunity of kingship is offered (Prof Yacob Hailemariam), which sums up my views about the unrealistic political ambitions of some Ethiopians elites in the Diaspora. Recent articles by Ethiopian elites are becoming exceedingly anachronistic and irrelevant to our social and economic condition, especially when they are disparaging and discounting real projects and activists that Ethiopian men and women are working hard constructing, such as real roads facilitating the movement of commerce and people, real dams generating power, real buildings people use, and rail systems moving millions of tons of goods. In few cases we see our learned politicians turning into a Twenty First Century Jeremiah, the prophet of doom and gloom, telling us that the destruction of our society is just around the corner.

I navigate numerous Websites, including several Ethiopian ones, over a course of a day for years now. What is truly tragic to me is that most Ethiopian Websites are humorless, dry, and sour. In Ethiopian Websites, politics dominates everything. Even our great athletic heroes are pushed aside to make room to endless tirade of articles and comment on a single theme with hundreds of variations: answering to the question who should be in power. I keep wondering whether Ethiopians in the Diaspora might not have normal lives. I do not read involvements in communal healthy relations, except for the Ethiopian Churches. How about social involvement, academic achievements et cetera?


Tecola W. Hagos
June 11, 2014

  1. Boko Haram
    | #1

    I really enjoy reading Tecola Hagos purely for entertaining.Take my word for it.TPLF has too few people of the caliber and quality of Professor Tecola. But what is most unsettling about him is that he can not remarkably articulate like the late Meles, Gelawdios Araia and the widow Azeb Mesfin the concept of being what an Ethiopian meant in a general and fundemental ways. There are also other non-Tigryans like the septuagenarian Professor Anderias Eshete, the former geography instractor Mesfin Waldemariam, Dr. Assefa Negash of Holland, Kassue Illa and Melakue Tegene who found themselves on the wrong side the barracde, who are incapable of articulating the same issue.Cheers

  2. Teodros Kiros
    | #2

    Again, I am much impressed by the tone and maturity of Professor Tecola Hagos. The depth of our ethnically inspired hate and distrust of one another can be remedied only peacefully. At this juncture, the traumatized Ethiopian citizen must be approached by the force of reason free of domination and the regime in power must pay utmost attention to the seekers of peace and compromise, or else the regime and the citizens whom it is arrogantly ignoring will march to the streets and there the fate of the nation will be decided by unreason and violence.
    Compromise is a rendezvous with moral victory;whereas untimely violence is a collision with barbarity,.We Ethiopians should and do know better.

  3. Aklog website
    | #3

    Tecola is angry. Angry that Ethiopians did not and will not accept the hegemony of his ethnic kin. He infuriated that we do not sacrifice our children, this generation, to keep his ethnic kin in power. This article has not substance. He pleads for the victims of TPLF’s horror to accept their fate for sake of this ethnic dominance masquerading as “country”. He enumerates excuses for the violence perpetrated by the TPLF, he name calls those of who refuse to accept injustice, who use the same values for all oppressive regimes from any ethnicity.

    Abugida if not for its devotion to equivocation would demand Tecola to make public all the contents of his web site which show his hate to Amaras. But then again it is Abugida and it will not ask Tecola to come clean with his voluminous and vicious attacks on Amaras. The we can engage him if he has any substance.

  4. Alem
    | #4

    Tecola is at it again. Another hodgepodge and distracting piece. Is this what we want to debate at this moment? Why has not Tecola answered the questions I posed to him? Does he or does he not work for the ruling minority? Yes or No.

    Look at what he is saying.
    1/ “To me the most important thing is the fact that we have a long history no matter how it is presented in written form.” Do you mean to say the warped histories students are studying in schools does not matter? Or are you saying Ethiopians are illiterate and won’t be able to read and understand their history anyway?
    2/ I do understand your displeasure with Prof. Mesfin’s scenario. First, the two of you reside in two different worlds and hence the difference in your respective views. Second, you have always been part of the ruling establishment whereas Prof Mesfin had to pay a price for his objections on grounds of human rights and the future of the nation.
    3/ You sound offended by opposition to Seye. That is again understandable as you are cut from the same clothe. Nothing personal; just the reality any one could glean from reading your articles.
    4/ You are back to your platitudes: you say, “One possible method to effect changes at the grassroots level is to use the Ethiopian Courts by filing complaints on behalf of to get redress from Governmental inequities.” It must be only Tecola believing in the court system [not even those in power believe it has any relevance to what they want to achieve]. If Tecola earnestly believes this it could only be because he is out to buy time for his comrades in power. No self-respecting Ethiopian should listen to such garbage; rather we should come together to organize and to put more pressure on incumbents.
    5/ Tecola has told us in one of his articles that a visiting dignitary from our homeland asked him why he is wasting his life in America and not coming home to contribute to the welfare of the nation [so you now see why Tecola won't allow the public access to the archives of the website bearing his name?]. And now Tecola okays appointment to high office for Birtukan. Very interesting. In the hope that Birtukan taking the bait would dull the edge of the vocal Diaspora! I suggest that Tecola more than Birtukan should go home and prove he is not what he was in the early 1990s.
    6/ Tecola wants us to believe Hailemariam Desalegn has real power or a constituency to mobilize to effect political and economical development in the country. Mind you, Hailemariam was handpicked and has no jurisdiction over the army on par with the deceased Meles; his deputy DebreTsion is over Economy, Finance, Telecom, Security, and Power; and DebreT is not even remotely an economist or a financial expert.Is this the same Tecola who argued forcefully against Hailemariam Desalegn becoming Prime Minister and advised ways of protecting power from slipping from the hands of Tigrayans? He must be thinking everyone else except himself is stupid. There is a good word for this; arrogance.
    7/ Tecola is eager to steer debates to the hydro-dam project or “coastal territories” or “prosperity.” Always away from real issues of unemployment, robbing of state treasury [you know by who], freedom to occupy political space, meeting basic needs [water, electric power, the Internet, telephone, soaring food prices, failed education policy [except in Tigray], etc.
    8/ Tecola has finally come around to advising freedom for Eskinder Nega and others; this time leaving out his earlier recommendation of exiling them. Could not muster enough courage to apologize for his insulting remarks. Does the reader finally see Tecola’s struggles with honesty?
    9/ The one other thing that is breaking my heart [other than what Tecola, Ghelawdewos, and their junior Tedros have been fomenting] is the pettiness and hate-mongering of Ginbot 7 leaders and the babbling crowd. In other words, I believe in the art of compromising with the party opposite. That takes a set of skills that simply is not within the reach of the opposition outside the country. One exception is Obang Metho and his Solidarity outfit. The one remaining hope is opposition in the home front. Would they be able to come together and at the same time ward off the wasteful influences of those residing abroad? That is the question.
    ps: I suggest that each person viewing Abugida or similar sites read pieces by Tecola, Ghelawdewos, and Tedros to see how coordinated the ideas are and how they reflect ruling party policy. I am not against the three airing their opinion; I am all for it. My suggestion here is to encourage readers to see where and how facts are twisted to disinform the public while creating a questionable perception of the writers.

  5. ኢዮቤል
    | #5

    ለተኮላ ቴዎድሮስ ኪሮስ ለነዳዊና ለሌችም የዚህ መርገምት ስርዓት አጫፋሪዎችና ደጋፊዎች:_
    ስለሆዳችሁ ወይም ስለዘራችሁ ብላችሁ የኢትዮጵያን ህዝብ እየጎዳችሁት ነው እንዲከርም የምትዋጉለት ስርዓትም በስብሷል :: በመወለድ በማደግ በማርጀትና በመሞት እምነት ከሌላችሁ ለዚህ ወደሞት ለተቃረበና ላዘመመ ስርዓት መከራከርና ህይወት እስትንፋሱን ለማራዘም እስከ መጨረሻው ልትዋጉ መቁረጣችሁ ባያስገርምም ነገንም እያሰባችሁት ቢሆን ጥሩ ነው ስለነጻ ው ወይ ስለሚከፈልበት የወያኔ የማያቋርጥ ድጋፋችሁ ግን መብታችሁ ነው ጥያቄ አላነሳም:: ጥያቄዬ የተቃወማችሁን አይ ይህ መንግስት የነቀዘ ከጅምሩ የተበላሸ ሀገርን እየጎዳ ነው መቀየር መወገድ አለበት ለሚላችሁ ዳያስፖራ ሁሉ በአንድነት እየተሞጋገሳችሁ ስለ ገለማው ስርዓት ትሟገታላችሁ:: በቅርቡ ወያኔ ያቋቋመው የሳይበር ወታደሮች ስለመሆናችሁ ማረጋገጫ የተቃወማችሁን ገንዘብ አልሰጥም ያለውን ዳያስፖራ በጅምላ ስም በማጠልሸት በአንድምታ የምታወጡት ተከታታይ መግለጫችሁ ኢትዮጵያውያንን የበለጠ አጠናክሯል:: ሰሞኑን ከቀጣዩ ምርጫ በፊት ከወያኔ እንድትሰሩበት የተላከላችሁ ርዕስ ደግሞ ስለአባይ ስለ ሰላማዊ ለውጥ ስለ ህገመንግስቱን እንዴት አሻሻለን በህግ እንድንከስ የምትደልቁት ከበሮ ለጆሮ ቀፋፊ ሆኗል:: አንድ እንድታውቁት የምፈልገው ነገርም በዚህ በነጻው ሀገር ያለው ዳያስፖራ የወያኔንም ሆነ የናንተን የተላላኪዎቹን ዘዴ አውቆታልና ባትደክሙ ይሻላል:: ዛሬ የሌለውን ስብዕና ልትቀቡት ዳር ዳር ያላችሁበት የናንተም ሃይለማርያም የአጼው መንግስት ሊወድቅ ሲያጣጥር እነደለወጠው የእነ እንዳልካቸው መኮንን ካቢኔ ነው:: የናንተ ሃይለማርያም በጥቅምና በጋብቻ ከተሳሰሩት ዛሬ ሊጠፋፉ የደረሱ ጥቂት የወያኔ ጠንካራ ሰዎች ከጀርባ የሚዘወር አሻንጉሊት ነው የናንተ ሃይለማርያም መንግስቱ ሃይለማርያም ወደመጨረሻዎቹ እንደሾማቸው ጄ/ልተስፋዬ ገብረኪዳንና ተስፋዬ ዲንቃ ነው የእንዳልካቸውም የነተስፋዬም ባለቀ ሰዓት መቀያየር ሃይለስላሴንም ሆነ መንግስቱን ከመውደቅ አላዳናቸውም:: ያንን ታሪክ የሚያስታውስ ሁሉ ሃይለማርያምን የወያኔ የመጨረሻው ሰዓት መዳረሻውን ማመላከቻ አድርጎ ስለወሰደው የሚሆነው ይሆናል እናንተም የተሰጣችሁን ግዳጅ ለመወጣት አትድከሙ ነገ ሌላ ቀን መጥቶ እድሜ ሰጥቶን ሁሉንም ያሳየን::
    ኢትዮጵያ ለዘለዓለም ትኑር

  6. Ancient-Yeha.eu
    | #6

    The chess clock for no substance is running, so hurry up all cry baby opportunists, befor the door is schachmatt ………..!

    የመለስ መሄድ በኢትዮጵያውያን ህብረተሰብ መሃከል የስልጣን ስግብግብነትን የሚቀንስ መስሎኝ ነበር:: ለካስ ብቻውን ይዞት የነበረው ለብዙዎች ክፍት እየሆነና የተካሄዱት አስቀያሚ ነገሮችን በሙሉ እንደገና ከምብሓድሽ ልንጋፈጣቸው ነው::

    the result of the shortage of substantial and valuable understandings between Ethiopians. ወቸው ጉድ …………………………!

  7. Dagnachew
    | #7

    People, please, read this incredibly well written, wise and timely article by Prof Tecola Hagos carefully first, before blabbering out idiotic statements. The Good Professor is writing about the value of compromise in political confrontations. I really admire Prof Tecola Hagos for his courage in exploring possibilities that might even make him very unpopular with the Diaspora politicians. This man is absolutely unique in his tremendous insight and learning and inexhaustible energy and creativity. How wonderful a Prime Minister he would have made, and how well he would have guided Ethiopian politics in the right path had he been our Prime Minister. We are the losers attacking a very decent and courteous scholar of the highest level. Look how he respectfully expressed his disagreement with Prof Mesfin. I just read Tecola’s his book- length monograph on the Ethiopia – Eritrea Border Commission’s arbitration, extract cited in this article, and I am impressed with the depth of his knowledge of international law. What we have in our midst is a patriotic Ethiopian that we should all cherish. Thank you Prof Tecola Worq Hagos for your years of generously sharing your concern, and hopes, and also your courageous defense of our beloved Country. I know you from Dessie when we were all very young and free souls. May God Bless you.

  8. aha!
    | #8

    Prof Tecola Hagos, do not despair over the Diaspora politicians as may fall into the political models that of TPLF/eprdf, OPDM/Mederk/EFDF/fdre, KAEUP, EPRP, EUF, Gibot-7 +OLF/ALIJE +OLF/AFD2, EPPF, etc. all of which have inclination to towards the negative forces of TPLF/eprdf and its mirror image with ethnic agenda that of ethnic federalism, secessionism and totalitarianism and/or state capitalism and the positive forces of integration with the national agenda for unity, territorial integrity, sovereignty of Ethiopia and Ethiopians, where the last item has to do with individual rights has to pre cede over ethnic rights, whereas if individual rights are respected the group rights follow suit. In a modular perspective the confrontation in Ethiopian is between Ethiopian Nationalism and Ethnic federalism/ethnic homeland and or ethnic secessionism/ethnic nationalism based on the newly created ethnic homelands, which is also a prelude to future boundary conflicts and an ongoing ethnic cleansing. With as it is the loyalist opposition parties and their supporters abroad, recently forming a coalition with UDJP and Tigrai harena have engaged with the regime in negotiations and compromise over ethnic rights, political space as if it is quantitative measure, and “yekili mengistats iqulinet mebit mekeber”, in accordance prescribed in the constitution, they support.

    The Diaspora you are perhaps frustrated with are those with national agenda for unity, territorial integrity, sovereignty of Ethiopia and Ethiopians, which stands in direct contrast to the TPLF/eprdf regime, and yet have not managed to come together with strategies to achieve those goals in a consortium that brings ODDO/Medrek/EFDF/fdre over the national agenda and agreeing on ratifying the constitution with respect to Article 2, the flag, Article 46, ethnic federalism/ethnic homelands, Article 8, the sovereignty of Ethiopia and individual rights to have precedence over ethnic and secessionist rights and resorting to the original provincial boundaries with assorted ethnic groups, and developing the country across ecological regions. Commensurate with that process the Ethiopians in the Diaspora are I believe are undergoing a reflective thinking process of being Ethiopiwinet first and their ethnicity second, Ethiopian national interest ahead of ones self interest or fear of reprisal by the regime, or sitting neutral and being loyal to the taxpayers which educated them than their party affiliation.

    Ones that process is in place and advancing to save Ethiopia from the forces of disintegration it is not a matter of the art of negotiations and compromise; it is a matter of tipping the balance from the negative forces of disintegration to the positive forces of integration to form a one nation state called Ethiopia of federated provinces including Eritrea with individual rights at the center of the constitution to establish democracy a rule for the people, for the people and of the people. If that is the ultimate goal, there is nothing to negotiate, because political and economic freedom as well as the humanitarian, political, economic and environmental crises that are documented could not be negotiated but have to be earned in a non-violent uprising to freedom, which requires leadership from the opposition to the TPLF/eprdf regime.

  9. Alem
    | #9

    Teodros, There has not been a time when you have not been impressed by “master thinker” [your word] Tecola. The problem is that Tecola has issues with honesty [all one needs to do is read his articles carefully]. I am still waiting for you to own up the misleading statement you made about Ghelawdewos as the “leading educational theorist” in Ethiopia. I countered he is not and that you lied. All it takes is courage to admit the error and apologize. Tecola failed the test regarding his comments that Eskinder Nega be freed and exiled. You could also produce evidence for claiming Ghelaw is the “leading educational theorist.” I would only take peer-reviewed articles published in relevant and credible journals. Personally, I have nothing against you, Ghelaw or Tecola. In fact, I enjoy reading your articles and books because you make me think; often I am puzzled by your tendencies to not utilize readily available data on a subject and often preferring to make data fit your preconceived notions. What’s bizarre is that the three of you are fundamentally in support of Seye and Tigrayan rule. I will come back to this item and more in the future. For now you need to apologize for your misleading assertion.@Teodros Kiros

  10. Solomon
    | #10

    Very mature and smart article, well done.

  11. Konjit Kassa
    | #11

    “በአፍ ይጠፉ በለፈለፉ” I hate to say that, the writer has finally clarified his
    true colors. When “Weyane” seized power by force in 1991(Gregorian Calen.)
    he came from the U.S and became a central figure in shaping a Tigryan
    dominated Civil Service. He prepared the TPLF Guide Line that officially forced hundreds of thousands of Ethiopians out of employment and calling
    Ethiopian government employees as “…morally bankrupt,incompatible with
    TPLF objectives,and devoid of self pride and dignity…” among other hate
    related demonizing statements. At that time he was head of a committee to
    reorganize the civil service with a rank of deputy minister affiliated
    within the foreign ministry. After destroying the fabric of Ethiopian
    unity and replacing it by a Tigryan domination , he left due to personal
    and not an outlook difference with his TPLF mentors. Now he is accusing
    diaspora leadership, opposition, and even intellectuals who are trying
    to bring not only leadership but system change in the country. For him
    to use the saying “ጉልቻ ቢለዋወጥ ወጥ አያጣፍጥም” is an insult to all Ethiopians
    who are fed up with TPLF’s brutal,inhuman and racist persecution. Indeed,
    he is still using his intellect to advance the “Manifesto” that he and
    TPLF consider as the “BIBLE” of the “TIGRAY TIGRIGNE” people,nothing more.

  12. Helina E.
    | #12

    Here we go again!! Tecola’s indecent article and Teodros’s endorsement of this incrusted blubber void of substance shows their full intent.
    Tecola and Teodros are failed once again to convince their audience that they are not working in concert wholeheartedly for Woyane as a cyber-attack dogs and foot-soldier mentioned as on # 5 against opposition Diaspora. Tecola’s vindictive smear campaign against most Diaspora and prominent Ethiopians like Professor Alemayehu and Prof Mesfin is well intended to help Woyane and his spiteful egoistic nature. Tecola sung about Seye Abraha because he is from Tenbien. And both Alemayehu and Mesfin were against Seye’s deeds at any one moment and now Judge Birtukan, defiance against the then Meles by releasing Seye from prison. She paid a price for that and Tecola very well know what she have been gone through by the govt. that he is advocating for today and wants her to be in a high office because she is accepted somehow by many. In Tecola’s drowsy assumption, Seye would be appointed in high office in the future Ethiopian govt. You see from which angle he is coming from? Now, Tecola is carrying a crown in his pocket in case the opportunity of kingship is offered from woyane if they last or Seye and Birtukan if the TPLF expires. He could not simply be against Ethiopians who opposes Woyane and be advocate of Ethiopia current regime at the same time. He cannot chew in both sides of his mouth. This is one of the vulgarity and condescending nature of Tecola and if anyone is against his idea he shoot indiscriminately and curses left and right. Now he wants all Diaspora not to rock the boat of TPLF and suggesting the court joke. Most Diaspora insists no money no support to woyane and Tecola infuriated by that. Come on Tecola!! You know better than that. With such unrefined stance of being a staunch ally of woyane and pretending to be in the opposition side just does not stick even if you write 100s of article in the future. You have been exposing yourself repeatedly and eroded your credibility by advocating for this rotten TPLF. You are perceived by most that you are a foot soldier cyber defender of TPLF govt. at home and the sad thing is you are insulting the intelligence of your audience and underestimating the Diaspora that you keep on writing your absurd scribbles. I really don’t know where we are heading as a country with such gross misinformation and propaganda to support the status quo indefinitely. What a sad day to Ethiopia???///

    Alem, Girum, Bekele Harem, Etu and all Diaspora opposition forces I salute you, Keep up the good work of fighting these nameless tplf hired guns and expose their dishonesty and half-truth in every way possible.

  13. Fikreab
    | #13

    Dear professor Tecola:

    I disagree with you on the following points:

    1.At the moment as an Ethiopian citizen you have no right inside Ethiopia. I ask you for one second to please change your name to Jaleta Hordoffa or Yehyis Mulat or Tinkir Musa.Then imagine that you are walking somewhere in Ethiopia with that name and think of the freedom you have. I am sure with your sense of independence your intellectual power you would rather want to die and walk around with this name for a second. I have to be honest with you at present it is better to die in Ethiopia rather than live as an Ethiopian. There is 0% freedom. Being a dog is more respectable in Ethiopia these days because a dog does not have the conscience of a human being. Animal right is better than human right in Ethiopia. In Ethiopia the moral and material base for revolt is already there and is piling up day by day. The problem is social unity is poor and the Ethiopian society is fragmented except for the people of Tigray who took advantage of this situation. Tigray is effectively now Ethiopia’s colonizer because TPLF has transformed Tigray into a republic in waiting and the Tigreans have been bought into believing that the TPLF’s tribal conquest and the looting that has come with it are exclusively beneficial for Tigreans. Being an Ethiopian is a simply expendable tag for Tigreans and Tigray can succeed any time and at the precise clock that TPLF and Tigray loose their hegemonic position on Ethiopia. This is implanted on article 39 of the constitution as an inevitable guarantee given the unsustainable nature of TPLF’s devouring of Ethiopia. Hence, there is a big possibility that Tigray will eventually be the Crimea to the extent that Eritrea would the Russia as the a material and spiritual haven. As far as Tigray is considered Ethiopia is history and the Ethiopian clock has stopped in 1990 Ginbot 20, Period.
    3. Professor Mesfin is talking about the apocalypse that TPLF is working hard to bring about. he is warning the sensible Ethiopians not to be bought onto Tplf style of hate politics. That apocalypse is of Tplf’s making. The majority of Ethiopians as you said want peaceful change. However, this will not be to the advantage of tplf and tigreans who are stuck in the mud Tplf tribal politics. So TPLF’s motto is my way or the Interhamwe way. Here professor Mesfin’s advice is: Sensible Ethiopians please save yourself from the temptations of TPLF style interhamwe.

    2. You are being one sided on the dreadful Red Terror. Unfortunately the EPRP was in a gangster warfare with its spiritual equal the Derg but that was armed to its nose and brought the apocalypse on itself and on the thousands of defenseless EPRP supporters whose blood was needlessly spilled in the land of their creation. It is sad both Derg and Eprp were twin-devils whatever their intention may have been. Of course when elephants fight the grass suffers.
    3. We are not asking for a specific person or party to be a leader. We are asking that the tradition of ruling by the barrel of the gun be stopped and the culture of gun-chauvinism be a history. Give the Ethiopian people an opportunity to vote their leader rather than bring a certain somebody like Hailemariam and suddenly start arguing that he is a gifted, he is saint, he engineer, he is blabla. That is naive opportunism and senseless. I have no problem with Hailemariam per se as a person. He may have been loyal and even innocent as a person . But he is simpy a TPLF bought loyalist political puppet who is willing to scarp any dirt for them but was somehow taken seriously be Meles to be used like Putin used Medvedev. How can we ask such person to be himself. It is too much to ask. Hailemariam is a no body.

    4. Gulicha Bilewawaet is a wrong proverb. The problem is you are trying to see things in black and white. According to your assumption every opposition to the Tplf is anti Tigrean. This is wrong and is TPLF style assumption. it is TPLF and the Tigrean majority who willingly preferred to be anti Ethiopia and anti Ethiopians. Yes Tigreans are willing to take up arms and slaughter non-Tigrean Ethiopians. The Tigrean version of Interhamwe culture has be inculcated by the TPLF into the minds of Tigreans. It is sufficient to look into the the deeds of the Agazi army that is called now and then to spill the blood of non-Tigrean Ethiopians in every peaceful demonstration. The point is: No one has excluded Tigreans as Ethiopians. Such a choice is that of the Tigreans themselves. As a matter of fact Ethiopians are pulling Tigreans to be normal and equal Ethiopians against their wish. Therefore, the question is not about replacing a Tigre by Amhara or Oromo or Wolayita who has the same political ambition like the TPLF. We are demanding an entirely different pot, a change resulting in the politics of inclusion, equality, fraternity and solidarity instead of division, favoritism, tribalism and gun-totting chauvinism.

    5. The legal system in Ethiopia is not free. It is ludicrous to rely on the legal system in Ethiopia at present for the countless crimes being perpetrated by the regime and it is an insult to the millions of Ethiopians who are victimized by TPLF’s reckless and unchecked crime on a daily basis. The courts are kangaroo courts who are used read TLPF’s verdict ad verbatim. It is like asking a black South African to plead with white Aprtheid court to consider his plea fairly.
    6. Emperor Hailesilassie may have some good virtues as every human being. Unfortunately his bad deeds heavily outweigh the good deed he may have had. You favoritism to HIM seems to be personal but can be quite offending because HIM was after all running an age old barbaric system of exploitative feudalism that was not any good to the poor majority of Ethiopians. You may have been from the privileged few but it is an affront to social justice and incongruent for you, a well- learned and respectable intellectual to be here and there a stalwart of Hailesilassie for that reason and when it has no sense to be at all.
    7. I agree with you the extremism of students in Hailesilassie days. In that I am fully with you. The Eritrean manipulation, however, must be interpreted in light of the willingness and naivety of the then Ethiopian mind to be manipulated by Eritreans. What kind of mind is willing to sacrifice for an Eritrean cause when it is against the interests of the larger Ethiopia. Even if there was a desire to lure Eritreans to think Ethiopian, it was excessively naive and devoid of any self respect to go to the extent that the likes of Walelign Mekonen and Co. went. That explains may be the extent of social cohesion of Eritreans versus the fragmentation and lack of self respect of the Ethiopians who played Eritrean.
    8. The Assab issue may trigger nationalist feelings, something common and that cuts across the present tribalistic feelings. But to be honest, this is secondary. We are dealing with a nation that is in a state of peril and is ever threatened to have no future. We must work to exist as a nation first before we deal with issues like Assab that took thousands of our citizens life but was stolen away as if nothing happened by none other than Meles’s TPLF.

  14. Kaleb
    | #14

    Civility is not just part of the fiber of the Abyssinians.. those in power or in opposition….always conspiring, second guessing and torturing themselves with hatred.. never constructive but backbiting… you are wasting your time in my opinion to change the psyche of habeshas…i have preferred to call myself ‘from earth’. Even the personalities you are admiring from the past are ignorant warriors without a single achievement to their name after since probably Lalibela. There is nothing to be proud of except our doro wot and long distance runners.
    Abugida..very admirable to have such a free forum.

  15. tezera feyisa
    | #15

    Dear Alem #4
    I really admire you and your colleagues who know very well Tekola and his buddies and keep on exposing them and protecting the general public from being manipulated, misinformed etc. by these tplf/eplfites. BE WELL and KEEP UP THE GOOD FIGHT WITH THESE TPLF AGENTS.

    In the name of the general public, may I ask u and others who have resource / information about some of articles and writings by Tekola and his buddies, to post them or list the sites where we could find them. Specially I would like to read what he has written about Amharas. I am not from Amhara but my parents are from gurage and oromo . And i love the Amhara people general. They are good people with a great sense of justice. I have lost many many friends and abro adegoch during the great revolution. They died for all ethiopians not for ethic. They destroyed the Amhara regime. I love ethiopia and all my country men and women. I would like to see from his writings how Tekola hated Amhara because he is swearing his mother is Amhara. He must be really sick person!! And he is professor of what? Hatered? I am not any more surprised as there are some people who hate themselves after I heard that Amhara tplf sevant guy was insulting the Amharas on Esat.
    Do you , Professor Tekola Hagos, have something to say about this thing? Why arecyour old fries and people who know you for long time and who know all your wrtings accusing you like this? I wish that it is not true because cevebthough I do not know you I have high regards for educated people in general from outside. I hope you will take time and disprove the accusation? Though, I have noticed that you do not answer some thought guestion like you are being asked to disclose the site on your name. You do not want to say any thing about it. So the public conclusion is……

  16. Dawi
    | #16

    [[..Tecola wants us to believe Hailemariam Desalegn has real power or a constituency…]]

    One thing known about Meles is he didn’t claim power but earned his way to the top. There was a video I saw of him telling young cadres on how to get to the top? He said, you take it! …and after some laughter told them but,not by force.

    That is right! He spent most of the 16 years not as a military leader but as an ideologue and debater. Even after the war much of his time was spent in political issues preparing him for the big roles.

    Meles is said to be groomed to power by Sebhat and in the same talking we know HD was picked up by Meles. I have to say that “evil genius”[my uncle calls him that] wouldn’t pick up somebody that replaces him to continue the life time work he started for nothing! :)

    Be that is it may, what I don’t understand is for what reason is Alem keeps on insinuating to us that HD is incapable of earning the top role [real power] he was chosen to be as his predecessor did ?

    Is it because he is not an Amara or Tigre?

    I am curious because he seem to over focus on national origin of individuals.

  17. Dawi
    | #17

    [[..Being an Ethiopian is a simply expendable tag for Tigreans and Tigray can succeed any time and at the precise clock that TPLF and Tigray loose their hegemonic position on Ethiopia…]]


    A Tigraen girl quoted as saying the following exposes the Tigrai-phobic stories of Fikreab & other pro-Shabia’s like him.

    [[... Sorry for this comment and I do not mean to offend other ethnic groups but I was disappointed to see children born from the stationed military. The military is there temporary but they keep having babies with the local people everywhere. Most girls are raising babies they do not even know who the father is. I am not completely blaming the military here but I am blaming the tigray women and the local government for not educating the societies. There are so many fatherless 'wotader' kids at every corner being raised by a single mother. What has gotten to the value of our society? …… tigray kids; tigray state does not have to represent all corners of Ethiopia in just few years. It was one of the most annoying observations to see so many kids out of wedlock that they do not even know their father…]]

  18. aha!
    | #18

    Konjit Kassa @ #11, that famous phrase; “gulicha bilewawet wot aytafitim”, now used by Prof. Tekola Hagos in reference to Diaspora politicians and/or the opposition leaders, and acts king maker in terms of recommending W/t Birtukan Mideksa, ex-UDJP chair person to government position in terms of his negotiation and compromise strategy to be undertaken the judiciary/ the courts as he puts it. This phrase surfaced during the socialistic revolution in a panel discussion, when HIM Haile Selassie agreed to a Constitutional Monarchy and Cabinet Ministers were appointed, in reference to the new cabinet of Ministers appointed. That is what the Ethiopians call “tiraz netekinet”, the context of which is not clear to me whether it is attributed to party leadership in the opposition parties or Diaspora politicians in general. If that applies to diaspora politicians, why is he using justice/or the justice courts as a means to negotiations and compromise, he did not elaborate with a regime where there are no independent branches of government. Is it free market capitalism with private ownership of land by the silent majority anywhere in Ethiopia? Is it political and economic freedom? Is it political space that is to be negotiated? Is it Ethiopian Nationalism, sovereignty of Ethiopia and Ethiopians and therefore the ratification of the constitution to reach a compromise, when all the above concepts are amenable to negotiations and compromise in an either/ or dichotomy the silent majority of Ethiopians are trapped in between the negative forces of disintegration and the positive forces of integration.

  19. Ancient-Yeha.eu
    | #19

    ” as the “BIBLE” of the “TIGRAY TIGRIGNE” people ” = #11

    ከምዙይ ዝኣምሰለ ዓረፍተ ነገራት እንትርእማ, እቲ ጭንጋፍ ስለዝሞተስ, ስለምንታይ ደሳለኝ ኣብ ኣዋሳ “እየሱስ ነው” ኢልኩም ብኸዩ ስለዝበለ ጥራሕ “ንጠቕላይ ሚኒስትርነት” ምብፅሑስ ይርድኣኒ…………….!

    ወይዘሮ/ኣይተ:there is only one Bible translated into many languages.! ካብኡ ንላዕሊ ድማ ፅሓፋይ “ወሎየ” ንምኻኑ ብዝሓለፈ ፅሑፉ ኣረዲኡና ዶኸን መሰለኒ…….?

  20. dodo
    | #20

    “ye ayt misikrua dimbit” Tecola, Teodros and Gelawdewos area “twiddle-dom-Twiddle-dee” nonsensical Tribal group praising each other endlessly.I think the old man Tecola has earned his keep and can return to TPLF rule presided over by the fake Dr.(just like you) DebteTsion of TPLF – and not haileMariam desalegn as you desperately want us to believe. You want to present Bertukan as a sacrificial lamb? ha ha You better take your Siye with you.Unless you dying to impose your your anti Amara agenda at close range you are sufficiently reimbursed by TPLF now as many have suggested, because you are not gainfully employed in the US.

  21. Alemayhue G.
    | #21


    If you are interested making big bribe $$$$$$ money,call the Egypt embassy, condition is easy “You must object and write misleading article about the hydro dam project” by calling your article “Dam! white elephant”.

  22. Asefa Nadew
    | #22

    Thank you Prof Tecola for this most enlightening article. You are in the right path to solving our political and political problems. Do not bother about the negative writers.

  23. Fikreab
    | #23

    Dawi You are a reclusive woyane agent a to do a the septic job as an omnipresent cyber hooligan. For u the tigrean belly is has to be fattened with the blood of the Ethiopian people. I fail to see any conscience at all in you. u and woyane are re the human equivalent of the wild hyna. Who will be surprised by u after all woyane has looted every thin for the sake of tigray and is building every thing in tigray the power lines that pass through amhara lands and feed into tigray power needs, the hydro power, the road, the ever enriched mekelle university, the looting effort, the unproductive factories including Mesfin engineering, the countless import-export tigre business men, the merchants that invaded addis ababa, mercato evicting the gurages and old business men. The implants in government offices that effectively bully and assist in the tigray looting of ethiopia. What ore do you want. U are true foot soldier of reckless looting and genocide do not you worry because no body will take u seriously.

    | #24

    GINBOT 7

  25. ተስፋዬ
    | #25

    ይድረስ ለዲባቶ ተኮላ ሃጎስ ለዲባቶ ቴዎድሮስ ኪሮስ ለዲባቶ ገላውዴዎስ ለማቹ የወያኔ መሪ ዋና ጠበቃ ለዳዊ እንዲሁም
    ለመላው በሳይበር የቲፒኤልኤፍ ኧምባሰደርታት::
    በፍርድ ቤት በህገመንግስት በሰላማዊ በቤቢ ስቴፕ በብርቱካን በስዬ ገለመሌ ብላችሁ የምትሟገቱለት የሞተ ስርዓት ከአስጸያፊ ድርጊቶቹ አንዲት ምሳሌ በወንድም አርአያ ተስፋማርያም የተከተበችውን እንድታነቡ እነሆ:: እስክንድርንም ወዲህ እናንተ ወደምትኖሩበት ወደ አሜሪካ እንዲሰደድ በአጽንዖት ሃ/ማ ደሳለኝን የለመናችሁበትን አሳፋሪና ይቅር የማይባል ስህተታችሁንም እዩበት ይቅርታ ማለትም ስለማታውቁ የተወላገደ ሬት ሬት የሚል የሚያታክት የወያኔ ጥብቅናችሁን ትታችሁ የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ ወገን እንድትሆኑ በማክበር እጠይቃለሁ
    የናንተው ተስፋዬ

    አርአያ ተስፋማርያም
    ሰኔ 1 ቀን 1997ዓ.ም፤ በአዲስ ከተማ ት/ቤት የተጀመረው ተማሪዎችንና ንጹሃን ዜጐችን በግፍ የመግደል እርምጃ ተከትሎ አብዛኛው ባለስልጣናት ልጆቻቸውን ከየት/ቤቱ በአጃቢ ያስወጡ ነበር። ወደ ካቴድራል ት/ቤት በሁለት ኮብራ ተጭነው የተላኩ 20 ልዩ የፌዴራል ፖሊሶች የጄ/ል ሰአረና የጄ/ል ብርሃነ (ወዲ መድህን) ሴት ልጆችን አጅበው ሄዱ። ሁለቱ ሴት ልጆች በማግስቱ አሜሪካ ኤምባሲ ቪዛ ተመቶላቸው ዓርብ ሰኔ 3 ቀን በረሩ። የብዙ ባለስልጣናት ልጆች በተመሳሳይ እንዲወጡ ተደረገ። ..29ሺህ የአሜሪካ ዶላር በተርም እየተከፈለላቸው መማር ቀጠሉ። የአዜብ ልጅና የእህቷ ልጅ፣ (በነገራችን ላይ አርአያ መኮንን ይባላል፤ በ1995ዓ.ም ቦሌ ከሩዋንዳ ፊት ለፊት ጥቂት ገባ ብሎ አዜብ ለዚህ ወጣት በ7 ሚሊዮን ብር ቪላ ቤት ገዝታ በስጦታ አበርክታለች። የቪላው ኪራይ ሂሳብ በስሙ ባንክ ይገባለታል) ..የአርከበና ስብሃት ልጆች በቨርጂኒያ፣ የሽፈራው ጃርሶ ልጆች በካሊፎርኒያ፣ የፖሊስ ኮሚሽነር የነበረው ወንጀለኛውና 5ሚሊዮን ዶላር ሰርቆ የወጣው ተስፋዬ መረሳ ልጆች በኒዮዎርክ….ወዘተ በተቀማጠለ ኑሮና በውድ ክፍያ መማር ያዙ። ባለፈው አመት በነርስ የተመረቀችው የጄ/ል ሰአረ ልጅ ሐመልማል ሰዓረ የምርቃት ፕሮግራም ላይ ጄኔራሉ ተገኝተው ነበር።…ወደ ጋዜጠኛ እስክንድር ነጋ እንለፍ።

    እስክንድር በላባቸው ሰርተው ሃብት ካፈሩ ጥሩ ቤተሰቦች የተገኘ ልጅ ሲሆን የተማረው በሳንፎርድ ት/ቤት ነው። ከዚያም አሜሪካ መጥቶ ትምህርትና ህይወቱን ቀጠለ። “አገር አማን” ብሎ በዘመነ ኢህአዴግ አገር ቤት ገባ። ተደጋጋሚ እስርና ድብደባዎችን አሳለፈ። እነሆ “አሸባሪ” ተብሎ ከሌሎች ንፁሃን ጋር በእስር እየማቀቀ ይገኛል። እነ ጄ/ል ሰአረና መሰሎቻቸው በመቶ ሺህ በሚቆጠር ዶላር ልጆቻቸውን በአሜሪካና አውሮፓ ሲያስተምሩና ሲያንደላቅቁ፣ እንዲሁም ልጆቻቸውን ለማስመረቅ ሲገኙና ሲደሰቱ በአንፃሩ በመፃፉና ሃሳቡን በመግለፁ ብቻ እስር ቤት የተወረወረውና ናፍቆት ልጁን እንዳያሳድግ የተደረገው እስክንድር ነጋ ጭራሽ ቤተሰቡ ያወረሱትን ቤት በግፍ እንዲነጠቅ ተደረገ። በጄኔራሎቹና ባለስልጣናቱ ሰፈር ግን በሚሊዮን ብር የተገነባ ቪላ፣ ልጆቻቸው የሚንደላቀቁበት በመቶ ሺህ የሚቆጠር ዶላር…ወዘተ አለ። ይህ ከህዝብ የተዘረፈ የአገር ሃብት ነው!! የጄ/ል ሰዓረ ባለቤት ኰ/ል ፅጌ በስማቸው በገርጂ የተገነባውና ሰባት ሚሊዮን ብር የፈጀው ቪላ ሲገኝ የሚገርመው የቅጥር ግቢው ወለል በእምነበረድ መሸፈኑ ነው።
    ሌላው በሙስና የታሰሩት የደህንነት ሹሞቹ ወ/ስላሴና ገ/ዋህድ..መኖሪያ ቤት ውስጥ በርካታ የጦር መሳሪያዎችና ቦንቦች እንዲሁም በሚሊዮን የሚቆጠር ገንዘብና የቤት ካርታ ወዘተ መገኘቱን ገዢው ፓርቲ ይፋ አድርጓል። ዛሬ ጠያቂ ባይኖርም ቅሉ ነገር ግን ጄኔራሎቹና ባለስልጣናቱ እንደነ ወ/ስላሴ ዘርፈው ያካበቱት ለመሆኑ አያጠያይቅም።
    የሚገርመው መፅሐፍትና ጋዜጣ የተገኘበት የእስክንድር ቤት ሲወረስ በአንፃሩ ህገ ወጥ የጦር መሳሪያና ሚሊዮኖች ተገኘበት ያሉትን የዘራፊዎቹን የሙስና ቤት አልነኩም።… እንደ እስክንድር ሁሉ አቶ አንዱአለም፣ አቶ በቀለ፣ ውብሸት፣ የሙስሊሙ ህብረተሰብ ተወካዮች እነ አቡበከር.. በሙሉ ልጆቻቸውን እንዳያሳድጉ የተደረጉ የህሊና እስረኞች ናቸው!! እንዲሁም ጄ/ል ሰአረ በምሳሌነት ተጠቀሱ እንጂ የአብዛኛው ባለስልጣን ከዘረፋ የተገኘ ህይወት ተመሳሳይ ነው። የአንዳንዶቹ ባለስልጣናትና ልጆች የአሜሪካ ውሎና ኑሮ የሚያሳይ በፎቶ የተደገፈ ማስረጃ እንዳለ ሳልጠቁም አላልፍም።

  26. Anonymous
    | #26


    I am not sure if you are not able to conceptualize Tecola’s article.You and Aklog are blinded by hate,preoccupied by narrow ethnic political interest you have lost your sense of reasoning.
    Well done Tecola.

  27. aye tee
    | #27

    anonymous, kaleb and aseffa nadew are one, the “honorable tecola” himself. these 3 names had the same IP address from where the comment is sent. Shame on you Tecola!!! being anonymous for some reason does not hide you from who you are. you have tried it before and it is not working and why you are keep trying? just look how many venomous articles that you wrote on abugida since 2010 and be a judge for yourself and count volumes of comments and you will see that 9 out of 10 comments are against your trashed idea and to heal your self inflicted wound, you start putting comments to negate others on different bogus names. how desperate you are to sale your idea at any cost? how much you are getting from tplf for each articles that you are spewing on abugida? KOMATAN KOMATA KALALUT GEBTO YIFETEFTAL and true Ethiopian patriots are in unison to trashed your trash. As long as you are in tplf payroll you do not care and kept on writing and trying to justify your income by writing more trashes. putting a lipstick on your pig tplf and that is still a tplf pig . shame on you!!

  28. Dawi
    | #28

    [[..Dawi You are a reclusive woyane agent a to do a the septic job as an omnipresent cyber hooligan..]]

    All I quoted was a Tigrean girl’s cry & you went ballistic.

    I don’t disagree with you that TPLF is an Organization and as you pointed out it serves its members first & foremost in order to continue to exist and to a certain extent its support base of Tigrai. However, as Tigrai that includes Adwa is part of Ethiopia where most anti colonial wars took place in the past; we can safely say it had suffered disproportional environmental and human devastation & degradation than the rest of the country.

    So when today TPLF is in power, the region happens to become the first beneficiary of some major developments whereby such practices can be scaled up to the rest of Ethiopia; why not?

    I don’t understand why such things get you out of shape? Anyway, that is how developmental states operate; they scale up good practices to the whole; where it starts doesn’t matter. It happened to start where the core of arm struggle started. What do want them to do? Develop Ogadenia first & foremost & scale up to Tigrai? :-)

    Having said that, when I quoted the Tigrean girl’s pain, I was hoping you would ask why the hell is that “fascist”,”apartheid”, “colonialist” organization called TPLF isn’t protecting its women?

    Didn’t you notice the girl was genuinely crying for help?

    You see, such things prove to me that you guys who call TPLF non-Ethiopian are insane or are Shabia agents.

  29. Bayissa
    | #29

    Tecola Hagos,Gelawdewos Araya,Teodros Hagos and many other Tegaru intellectuals support and defend the power of the TPLF.They have not spoken a word against the receent killings of peaceful Oromo students in Oromia. The hodam using the name Dawi is a simple servant of the TPLF and works to fill his big belly. Gelawdewos and Tecola are the bild followers of the TPLF and hate the Amharas. The TPLF guys also have high contempt for the Oromos and consider them as simple tools to be used against the Amharas.

  30. Dawi
    | #30

    ይድረስ ለተስፋዬ:

    ከየወያኔ መሪ ዋና ጠበቃ:

    I hear your pain.

    Carsten Holz, an economics professor at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, wrote in the Far Eastern Economic Review that “of the 3,220 Chinese citizens with a personal wealth of 100 million yuan ($13 million) or more, 2,932 are children of high-level cadres. Of the key positions in the five industrial sectors—finance, foreign trade, land development, large-scale engineering, and securities—85 percent to 90 percent are held by children of high-level cadres,”

    Don’t get me wrong but such things are the “price” China paid to be the 2nd largest economy in the world among other things.

    Nevertheless, the 1% here in America do the same thing, control most wealth but I guess for you that is probably something worthwhile and a better choice to make by our leaders instead of the Chinese kind? :-)

    My thing is can we do it better than both?

    That is the question Meles attempted to answer; Democracy & Development.

  31. Alem
    | #31

    You say “I am not sure if you are not able to conceptualize Tecola’s article.” So what your the question?

  32. dodo
    | #32

    why did you not post my comment?

  33. tesfaye
    | #33

    Is it OK with you if 85-90% of Chinese millionaire are from top corrupted party officials? Are you defending corruption by giving us example of Chinese and saying that it is OK tplf party members are deserve to be so corrupted because Chinese also did it? Does two wrongs make right? What a shallow morally corrupted argument on your part?

  34. Abebe Daniel (real)
    | #34

    good observation! @Solomon

  35. Anonymous
    | #35

    aye tee,
    Do you always fabricate things?
    I am not Tecola,but again would be stupid of me to expect sanity from disgruntled diaspora.

  36. Dawi
    | #36

    Tesfaye said:

    [[..Is it OK with you if 85-90% of Chinese millionaire are from top corrupted party officials? …….saying that it is OK tplf party members are deserve to be so corrupted ….What a shallow morally corrupted argument on your part?..]]

    You were quick to notice the Chinese or TPLF millionaires but not the 1% of the USA I mentioned. (Wusha bebelabet Mehonu new)

    Then so much for the depth of yours & others like you “morality”!

    Be that as it may, what do you think happens when the wealthiest one percent in the US captured 95 percent of post financial crises growth since 2009 according to Forbes?

    Well, “laws are skewed in favor of the rich” in areas ranging from financial deregulation, tax laws favoring the wealthy and facilitation tax evasion, austerity economics, policies that disproportionately harm women etc.

    They are both unacceptable but, don’t expect me to join your chorus of “morality” because you happen to get some crumbs out of the one you’re singing for.

    This is what Justin Yifu Lin who is behind the Chinese miracles & the first chief economist of the World Bank said about your likes:

    “Intellectuals and academics always use Western, developed countries as reference points,” …….. “If you look back, none of the developing economies who followed their path succeeded.”

  37. Dawi
    | #37


    This is what Justin Yifu Lin who is behind the Chinese miracles & the first chief economist [from a developing country] of the World Bank said about your likes:

  38. Suliman
    | #38

    Dr.Tecola’s conception of Ethiopian politics as a war of tug between TPLF verses Diaspora has been a flowed analysis from the get go. This is so from the nature of the case as the two parties are different in the way they bear responsibility for events in Ethiopia. The one party TPLF runs the show with complete dis regard of the well fare of the Ethiopian public: arresting, killing, uprooting and dehumanizing, its citizens. Whereas diaspora Ethiopians reside elsewhere in the world and their primary concern is to abide by the law of their adopted country and provide their families living necessities. The majority of Diasporas simply don’t have time for politics. Once in a while they come as community to express their outrage against TPLF’s policy and the damage against Ethiopians and the national interest of the country. Had TPLF been responsible government that abides by the rule of law, and her constitution, stop selling Ethiopian land to the Sudan and Djibouti there was no need for Diasporas to involve itself with such intense way in politics to begin with.
    Tecola having convinced himself diaspora as a major treat for TPLF, can’t’ see the fact that the immediate danger for TPLF’s rule is from Ethiopians at home and not from oversee.
    In this the doctor is willingly ignorant. The fact of the matter is Tecola has stood all this many years on the wrong side of history. I think you studied Law. What contribution have you done with your law degree to represent Ethiopian oppressed citizens? Was there any moment you join Ethiopians to protest against the policy of TPLF? Have you lend legal expertise in defense of the Ethiopian Land transfer to the Sudan?

    People will judge you not so much by what you preach to them but by your involvement to make a difference in their life. Take for instance Dr. Yakob many Ethiopians remember what he is actually doing thru practical means for Ethiopians than his writings. I find your writings in particular your moral lecture for Diasporas hypocritical that is devoid of sincerity and practicality. A little while ago you said you don’t support TPLF and you wonder why the diaspora associate you with the regime. In fact you said as much as you want to visit your mother you could not because of the government. Let me accept what you said as true. Then, why do you feel the need not to oppose this regime if you are such a victim? After all we have one life to live and if any regime bars me from visiting my mother surly this will be my ultimatum.

    You try to make something of what Professor Mesefin predicted concerning the future of TPLF. It is to be remembered Professor Mesefin before he reached to this conclusion he tried his best, time and again for TPLF to come to the negotiating table so that Ethiopia can follow the South Africa model. When public good intention is repeatedly rejected what other remedy can be sought for TPLF hubris? Now her case is clear for everyone to see, and in this the professor is simply stating the obvious weyane’s gleam future. Two years ago when Hailemarim was appointed P/M many Ethiopians argued he will be a puppet no more no less. Then, you argued he and his party will be instrument to introduce reform. After two years now you appear to admit he has not clearly defined himself. Your admission proves one thing either your interest is in the way for you to apprehend situations as they are or you are using it as tactical maneuver for TPLF to buy time. I think many will like to believe the latter.

    Finally, the one person who needs real life is the Law professor Dr.Tecola. Who is trapped in his empty rhetoric that is devoid of sincerity and truth with his mantra of Nile Dam! Compromise!

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