Opposition chief ‘extradited’ back to Ethiopia

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Andargachew Tsege An exiled Ethiopian opposition leader with British citizenship has been extradited to Addis Ababa “for slaughter”, an opposition group claimed on Friday.

Andargachew Tsige, secretary general of Ginbot 7 — labelled a terrorist organisation under Ethiopian law — was arrested while in transit through Yemen last month. Britain has already expressed “deep concern” about his fate.

“Andargachew has been given for slaughter,” Ginbot 7 said in a statement, warning Yemen that it had made a “historical mistake”.

Tsige is Ethiopian born with British citizenship.

Britain’s Foreign Office said it was investigating reports and working to confirm Andargachew’s whereabouts.

“UK officials have pressed the Yemeni authorities at senior levels to establish his whereabouts,” the Foreign Office said in a statement.

“We are aware of reports that he may now be in Ethiopia and we are urgently seeking confirmation from the relevant authorities given our deep concerns about the case.”

“We declare a war in the name of Andargachew for justice, freedom and equality,” Ginbot 7 added.

Ethiopia officials could not confirm if Andargachew was in Addis Ababa.

“I have no idea,” foreign ministry spokesman Dina Mufti told AFP.

The US-based Ginbot 7 was founded by the former mayor of Addis Ababa, Berhanu Nega, currently living in exile in America.

Government spokesman Getachew Reda on Thursday called Andargachew “a criminal” who “definitely will have his day in court”.

Several people were convicted under Ethiopia’s anti-terrorism legislation in 2012 for having links to the group, including journalist Eskinder Nega and opposition leader Andualem Arage.

Ginbot 7 says it is fighting for democracy in Ethiopia and calls for the violent overthrow of the ruling party.

Its name commemorates the Ethiopian calendar date — May 15 in the Gregorian calendar — when post-election violence in 2005 left over 200 people dead.

  1. Garo
    | #1

    If he is a British national, why is Britain so quiet about it? It looks like there are different standards. Some are not as British as others.
    The question is was he carrying a British Passport when he was kidnapped? If that is the case the British have a lot to answer. But the struggle must go on.

    | #2

    UK must apply pressure and use its huge clout on the Ethiopian Regime to secure the freedom of Mr Andargachew. It must do it with full vigour and alacrity as it does for any one of its citizens under similar circumstances.

  3. bitan
    | #3

    gena everyone of the ‘opposition leaders’ in exile will give up to the rule of law. you can’t keep distabilizing my country for your benefits rather than the people of ethiopia.

  4. Joe
    | #4

    A British citizen leading an Ethiopian opposition party which declared war on the ruling party. Furthermore, he was arrested in Yemen traveling to Asmara – the home of all the destabilising force in East Africa. What do expect the British government to do?
    The British government is already been accused by the international community of producing international terrorists in a large scale. At the minute, about 500 Jihadists are fighting in Syria and Iraq. The Foreign Office contacted Andy’s family, because by law the have to respond to the family’s request for information, under the freedom of information act. That is all.they will not lift their finger to pressure WOYANE, I can guarantee you that.

  5. tasew
    | #5

    i.blame the ginbot 7 leadership for this disasters situations how comes weyane knows his movements?i.think this organization/ginbot7is infiltrated by weyane’ spies.they are talking to much before doing anything.i.am asking the leadership of ginbot7 is that how a political organizations run?

  6. abadula
    | #6

    Woyanes are emboldened because all the diaspora politicians and followers do is talk talk and talk. Oppositions should fight back in kind. Otherwise, just shut up and get killed one at a time. There should be some action that would deter tplf from doing this kind of things.

  7. Amare Metiku
    | #7


    The problem is GINBOT 7 is in serious internal infighting and blackmailing each other. Some of the information flowing to Ethiopian government is coming from GINBOT 7 insiders themselves.

  8. Sultan Bhara Negash
    | #8

    I do not understand why the British Governement would care about Andergachow Tsegai when TPLF is in fact a reomte controled satalite of British Common Wealth. What Ethiopians need is to raise arms and liberate the country, which is run by narrow nationaliest Tigryans. As for Yeman Republic:it is a country that produced People like Bin Ladin and his cohorts to destory none Wahbbi muslims and non-Arabs. Time is changing I know as a little boy from Djoubti to Addis Ababa when Yemanites were porters carring boxes at the rail stations. Like in the US inner city ghetos, the good Muslim Yemany selling liqor and pork chops against their religion.

  9. EthioFano
    | #9

    I don’t blame Yemen, I dont blame British government & I don’t even blame Woyane. I blame G7 Leaders who trusted Eritrean Governemnt with Ethiopian people future. G7 is a disaster organization with bad people like Dr Berhanu who can never trusted

    Ewnetun Tenagro Kemeshebet Mader

  10. Ittu Aba Farda
    | #10

    It is understandable that this is an outrageous and extremely emotional incidence for many who know and worked close with him. Whether he is still in Yemen or already extradited to Ethiopia, this man is in a very serious predicament the moment he set his foot in Yemen. Yemen is obviously a failed state. Clan system always rules. It may not take the green light from the symbolic president of that country to ship this man into the hands of his mortal enemies but a simple ‘ala-gumb’ deal with just one clan will do the job. As I said before, I won’t be surprised if this man was already extradited with in 24 hours of his arrival at Sanaa Airport. I hope and pray that his organization was wise enough not to let its members travel around with a laptop with full of material that may put others every where in jeopardy. That will be an insult to injury. In the meantime, I urge all of you concerned countrymen to keep all emotions in check and rather launch diplomatic campaign in all venues to secure at least the safety of this man. Threatening the Yemenis or the regime back home will not help further the accord for the victim. You should know that you are dealing with a regime that has more almost 40 years history of making opponent just disappear. It is a Houdini on steroid and the modern day terrorism specter has aided them to do that with no punitive consequences.

    Now Yemenis should expect free electricity and bales of Khat gushing in for decades to come. Yemenis don’t provide service for free.

  11. Eshetu Bekele
    | #11


    While the donkey grazing hays she had forgotten reality and the existance of the lion a head of her, and she ended up the jaws of the lion.

  12. Furche Kentu
    | #12

    Ginbot7 is a stupid and a dimaguic political organization,they think that they know everything,when they were advised not to affliate to Eritrean despot to overthrow Woyane, they refuse -by saying ” those who advised them are jealous because if they would win over wyane,they may not share political power” they admontly shurgged off others good intentioned advise,now,it become the grips are sour, or “Mekerow Mekerow embe kale mekera emkerow” hone

  13. erty
    | #13

    Ginbot-7 is advising its members to boycott The Ethiopian Airline and some how to intimidate Ethiopian official in abroad. Boycotting the air line would be fine if that is going to make any difference however intimidating an Ethiopian official or embassy staff will be a disaster because embassy staffs and government official have protection from the host country. Some the planned objectives that have been lined up to counter attack the Woynee government are going to hurt genbot-7 than help the organization. I think revising some of the suggested tactics by ginbot-7 is essential

  14. Suliman
    | #14

    I believe Andrgachew, judging by what he said about matters in Eretria, sound sincere to me than his junior boss. After over 3 years stay in Eretria It is not that he does not know situations in Eretria. After all he stayed there over 3 years and has the opportunity to converse with some of Shabia officials. Perhaps his desire to see peace prevail between the two countries and a wish to see a speedy freedom for Ethiopians might have clouded his vision to give undue importance about G-7′s rapprochement and Eritrean leadership than the situation warranted. A typical Amhara who grow up trusting people by taking their words in face value must pay the ultimate price to discover whether they are what they claim to be. Though this is a bizarre situation, and it should not come as surprise for many sincere Ethiopians as it has been pointed out by many. Form the start a movement that is not anchored on a bed rock principle would not materialize.Brehanu himself knows very well and he does not believe Eritrean officials will be useful to assist his G-7 for the removal of weyane. If he really believes such thing as this, how come he has not even one day made a trip to Eretria? Ha Ha..!
    I remember back in one public rally that was held in DC in support of the displaced Ethiopians from Beneshangul and Gumuze kilil. In that rally ,some Ethiopians spoke openly to Dr. Brehanu and his followers the need to dissociate relationship with Shabian officials, citing as an evidence the case of EPPF and Colonel Fisum ,and other long standing unaddressed issues. But it was received with cold shoulder and suspicion of those who spoke their mind. Once more Ethiopians are left with cleaning up their own self inflicted wound.
    Yemeni officials would not be on the look out for Andargachew without reaching a prior agreement to do so by interested weyane officials. If that be the case it is also possible TPLF officials must have their own people within Eretria who follow the movement of Ethiopian opposition leaders who reside there. Therefore all the propaganda thus far about o millennium plot to kill Andargachew, and in connection with this EPLF has infiltrated TPLF‘s military apparatus was after all just that: one sided news whose sole source is G-7.
    What is more G-7 under pressure for the embarrassment has given a to do list for action. I am not opposed a call to damage TPLF in every aspect. But there has always been and is a genuine concern about operating in Eretria. Dr. Brehanu, in a closed meeting, needs to give adequate explanation, concerning his future plan. This is demanded now not only by his members but also by Ethiopians in general. Or else, we need another alternative armed force led by the members of Moresh Hgrre. Tekle yeshaw and General Hale Melse can comb competent patriotic Ethiopians who are willing to hazard their life by actually leading at the front line as opposed those who insist will lead from their office at Bucknell University on the east coast. Ethiopians deserve an army of their own. All filed is open before us to be utilized. Israel, Zimbabwe, South Africa,Gana, Tanzaniea. Train our people in these places and transport them to be deployed along that long corridor western part of the country. The notion of dependency on Eretria which has been advocated by those who are blinded by self interest is proven time and again costly for those Ethiopians who have watched the activity of these self appointed political actors.

  15. Haiku
    | #15

    Betam mature astray yet -Thanks B@Ittu Aba Farda

  16. kentu
    | #16

    this is a great aportunity to opposition parties to mobilize the whole nation against weyane regim but they didn’t use it this is true

  17. Ittu Aba Farda
    | #17

    Obbo Suliman:

    Your comment is well rounded and should be taken into account in analyzing the protagonists that are shakers and movers in the Horn of Africa. The groups you mentioned in your comment Shaebia, EPRDF, the regimes in Djibouti, Kenya, Sudan, Southern Sudan and Yemen are all to be considered because due to either their ulterior or obvious motives every one of them play crucial parts in what is happening or what is going to take place in that potentially explosive region. One wrong move by one or two of them, that part of the world can turn into a inferno in a blink of an eye. For now all of them seem to be united by congregating around such settings as IGAD et al. But if you look at the opposition side in each of this countries, you will find them splintered beyond repair falling into an easy pray to their sworn enemies. All of the regimes are at the time of their lives thanks to the danger religious fanaticism and terrorism which has been a bumper crop harvest for their coffers season after season especially after 9/11. They have been taking the gullible West to the bank.

    These leaders of the regime back home have accumulated a wealth of knowledge on how to deal with the West. That was started to be the Modus Operandi by the late Prime Minister and it has been picked up very well by his ‘descendants’, successors so to say. He had even told off the State Department at a post election rally in 2010. He at that rally said something to the effect that the US can take the aid it was providing and stick it. You may have asked the question: What emboldened him to have said so? There are two factors he was jiggling in his hands. 1) China and 2) The specter of terror in the region. China has opened its coffers to various development projects in the country without any human and democratic rights pre-conditions. I have nothing against the industrialization of that society and it does not matter to me who does it. All I want to see is where the entire country turned upside down industrially at a blinding pace and wean millions of farmers from eking a wretched way of life solely from agrarian economy. Just hold on to this portion of my opinion. The 2nd factor is the danger of terrorism. The terror of 9/11 has left a permanent mark on the psyche of the West. New strategy and tactics have to be formulated and put in place in the areas of global alliance. That is where more or else regional powers like Ethiopia have to be brought into the alliance. In doing so, the West has no other choice but to ‘tolerate’, for the lack of a better phrase, some of the excesses of the regime back home. The late Prime Minister knew about this windfall and he used it extremely well. His successors are left with a wealth of expertise and therefore an opportunity of a life time to play this card from the bottom of the deck. There is nothing the UK or the West in general can do to secure the freedom of this man who was illegally kidnapped from an ‘International’ airport and handed over to the regime that has sentenced him to death in absentia. I have this bad feeling that the regime back home may even proceed and execute him by saying that Mr. Tsige was tried in court in 2009 and sentenced to death already. What will the UK can do to stop the regime from doing so? UK may decide to cut off the aid it has been providing to that country but the ones that will hurt by this is the people who benefit from the aid. But don’t overlook the enigma who is standing right by the door, China with all of its billions upon billions of hard and crisp currency surplus to fill in the gap. In a country where any strong opposition is non-existent or so divided to the point utter impotence, I don’t blame the UK and Europe for staying put with the devil they know. You know what? I would do the same if I am an elected policy maker in those democratic countries. I think the one power that can save the life of this family man is Our Creator as He works in many mysterious ways to make miracles happen right in front of our eyes. This man and others like him have been part of my daily prayers since his arrest was made public and I urge every one of you regardless of your creed to have him in your prayers too.

  18. kiffaqiff
    | #18

    The bitterest death that Zenawi the robber swallowed into his khat-ridden stomach and met his unforgiving death, the living-dead robbers shall meet their own eternal death soon, as well.

    Death to bandas!!

    Death to askaris!!!

    Death to robbers!!!!

    Death to the enemy!!!!

    All Ethiopians carry the torch and being down the robbers’ regime to its complete distraction.

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