UK intelligence services accused of complicity in torture of British citizen in Ethiopia – Posted by Minilik Salsawi

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Ali Adorus was subjected to electrocution, hooding and beatings during his 18 month imprisonment in Ethiopia

Britain’s intelligence and security agencies are facing claims that they were complicit in the brutal torture of a British man secretly detained in an African prison.

Ali Adorus, a security guard from east London, was subjected to electrocution, hooding and beatings during his 18 month imprisonment in Ethiopia, according to allegations made against Ethiopia and Britain to the United Nations High Commission.

Before leaving Britain to visit family in Ethiopia in 2012, Mr Adorus had complained that he had been targeted by the Metropolitan Police and the Security Service, MI5, over alleged links to Islamic extremism.

Now his lawyers say that some information contained in a false confession, which he claims was beaten out of him in an Ethiopian prison, could only have been provided by “British intelligence”. It is the latest case in which Britain has been accused of complicity in the torture of UK nationals and residents.

Mr Adorus, who has a wife and child in the UK, has been put on trial for terrorism offences in Ethiopia and if found guilty could be sentenced to death.

The Independent has seen a report written by the British embassy in Addis Ababa and sent to the Ethiopian government which raises the UK’s “grave concern” about his detention.

The document, written by officials at the embassy, names the Ethiopian senior police officer alleged to have carried out the torture. It says: “The British government takes all allegations of torture of British nationals very seriously. The treatment alleged is prohibited under international human rights treaties.”

The report adds that the failure of the Ethiopian authorities to inform the embassy of his detention is of “grave concern to the British government”. It says that he alleges he has been “handcuffed for long periods”, was “hooded and then beaten” and “was electrocuted”.

Last night his wife said: “On the surface the Foreign Office appears to be helpful; they are consistently blaming the Ethiopians for the fact nothing is moving forward.

“But without me pushing them or lawyers here pushing them, they would not visit my husband, or follow up with his medical issues or follow up on his complaint of torture.

“It seems like the British have left him at the hands of the Ethiopians to do what they want with him.”

Mr Adorus, who was born in Ethiopia before coming to the UK as a young boy, was arrested on 25 January 2013 on a bus during a family visit, and taken to a police station without any access to a lawyer. During his custody, he signed a forced confession in Amharic – a language he does not speak – after four days of beatings, he alleges.

British injustice: cases that shamed the UK

He is accused by the Ethiopians of being a member of a number of terrorist groups and of waging a jihadist war since 2006. But his lawyers say the case against him is fabricated and have made a petition to the United Nations, which is now considering the complaint.

Mr Adorus, whose case has been investigated by the human rights group Cage, has a history of testicular cancer and was being monitored regularly in London. Mr Adorus and two friends had previously complained that they had been questioned by police and MI5 after returning from a safari holiday in Tanzania in 2009.

Asim Qureshi, research director of Cage, which campaigns against abuses associated with the war on terror, said: “The case of Ali Adorus is yet another example of a British citizen who was harassed by UK security services and who ends up arbitrarily detained and tortured in a third country. The UK has failed to protect him from torture.”

Last year Andrew Parker, the head of MI5, said: “We do not participate, incite, encourage or condone mistreatment or torture.”

But the complaint to the UN states: “It is alleged that intelligence officials provided direct and/or indirect assistance to the Ethiopian authorities in carrying out the arrest and torture of Mr Adorus.”

A spokesman for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office said: “We can confirm the detention of a British national in Ethiopia. We are providing consular assistance. We do not discuss the details of individual consular cases. The FCO takes all allegations of torture seriously.”

A spokeswoman from the Ethiopian embassy said: “We cannot comment on active cases.”

The Metropolitan Police said it was unable to comment.

  1. Kibrom
    | #1

    Ethiopia is the only democratic and stable country in Africa at the moment. The west are partners of the country`s development plan and
    have extensive ccoperation agreements including the war on terrorism.
    The nations, nationalities and peoples ofEthiopia have embraced the democratic leadership of the EPRDF and the party is successfully leading the effort to eradicate poverty in the country. However, there are extremists in the Diaspora who are working to destabilize the country. The terrorist organization Ginbot7 is trying to create conflicts in the country and take power through violence.

  2. ObserVer
    | #2

    Raw truth is, He carrying Brit’s passport to commit terror.

    Are you telling me an British citizen is trying to overthrow the Ethiopian government ? If that is the case, then Ato Adargachew as british citizen foreigner should be charged foreign agent and should be charged with 40 years in prison according Ethiopias law.
    I also heard he was also carrying Eritrean passport and an expired Ethiopian passport along with British passport, what was he doing with all these passports ?

  3. Ittu Aba Farda
    | #3

    Dear Writer:

    I have read your article more than once to make sure I did not miss any hard evidence in the article that show beyond the doubt that US and UK Intelligence knew when this family man was kidnapped at the Sana’a Airport and played parts in his exradition. I could not find any. From what we can see this victim and the group he is associated with does not pose any danger to US and its allies. If that has been the case, the US State Department would have designated Tsige’s group a terrorist organization. I have urged all those who are incensed by the kidnapping of this man to keep their emotions in check. In stead diplomatic campaign should be intensified in all available peaceful venues to make sure the prisoner is not tortured and executed. That should be the priority. And we don’t know what the good folks at the US State Department and UK Foreign Office are doing to ensure his safety. I am sure they have done just that since his arrest.

    In the meantime, I want to remind concerned officials of the regime back home that subjecting defenseless prisoner to physical torture is a crime that the world around you will never forget and I urge you to refrain from this cruel practice. You may feel now that you are indomitable but that was how the former Emperor thought. That was how Mengistu thought. That was how Ziad Barre thought. That was something Sadaam never doubt for a second. Something unthinkable has had happened to all of them. They are gone and gone for good not necessarily in dignified ways. Most of them had subjected political prisoners to agonizing physical torture, sent them to long term imprisonments and executed them whenever they liked it. Do not torture this family man and you should bring him to court as soon as possible so the rest of the world can see. You should give his family and concerned diplomatic staff access to this prisoner. He should be provided with proper counseling immediately. These prisoner rights are right there in your own constitution in black and white. Above all, Ethiopia is a signatory of the Geneva Convention and other similar agreements related to prisoners safety. You should never forget that. That is all I want to say.

    And for all others who are God Fearing folks!!! I ask you to keep this family man in your daily prayers and pray for his safety. Our Creator works in so many mysterious ways.

  4. Gashaw
    | #4

    You TPLF goons have no clue What is coming at you. You misread Ethiopian people tolerance as a weakness. You crossed the red line — each Ethiopian will make you pay for your crime. Your apartheid system is a rotten to its core–soon it will be history . Ethiopian people also know that you are the most coward — when push comes to shove.

  5. Dilwenberu
    | #5

    The UK and USA are partners of the democratic Ethiopian government of the EPRDF and cooperate in the war on terrorism. Ethiopia is an ally on the war on terrorism and these countries should not be used as launching pads for terrorist organizations like Ginbot 7. We Ethiopians for peace and development in the UK, have been urging the British government not to shelter terrorists and our efforts are bearing fruits.

  6. kentu
    | #6

    Meles weyane speaks one true in his entire life single tigray peasant better than phd,dr Ethiopian.we this week that gombet seven leadership captured how this happen how he use transit through a country. That. Has argument terrorism its. Is really. A great. Shameful.secondly how the. Ethiopian. People protest in front of embassy we did it for the last thirty. Years no results we expose our self the only option. Is bears arms. And fight eastern. They have one proverb fight for yourself be ouse always. We stand with strong we invests our. Wealth through. Free. Market. Economy so we don’t. Care about. You do your. Job foryouself please I will. Give you. One. Final advise. We need to raise. Our. Kids

  7. kentu
    | #7

    My grandmother she. Say’s always thatkentu.if you’re talking nonsense that means we need to do. Our. Job others we need. To change this for good I know when we protest we release. Our pain not because. Political. But personal wife,financial,identity,loses job,kids,and so if you live. Outside your place stress increases but. In protest you find your families so we aren’t really. Sirius about. Oppression in back home

    | #8

    Anti-terrorism is the refuge of the TPLF scoundrels ruling Ethiopia today.
    Under its guise, they terrorise the Ethiopian people.They imprison, torture and kill opponents who are opposed to their despotic and corrupt rule.
    It is also known that the so called rights of ‘nations and nationalities’ is yet another guise masking the nepotistic minority rule of an alienated Tigrayan minority which mistreats our people as second class citizens and shamelessly favours and enriches it own homeland and co-ethnics.
    Never in our history have we ever had such a venal and oppressive ethno-cracy.
    The veneer of its constitution(plagiarized),parliament(rubber stamp)and courts(kangaroo) do not hide anything.

    The minority regime is so brutal and so cruel in dealing with its opponents while it imprisons them it subjects them to an inhuman and systematic torture that it has perfected worse than the Dergue.
    What does this unmitigated brutality show? Courage? Strength? No!
    It is an outward projection is of an inner fear. Our alienated rulers can not hide it from themselves that strength comes by being with the people and that this is not the same thing as bribing and cohabiting a few individual surrogates and use them as fronts in order to claim that this is a majority representative rule. Doing so.they can only delude themselves.

    The self seeking ethnocratic TPLF are not with the people. They are against them. That is where their mortal weakness is. Nothing will therefore save the minority rule from its eventual demise, even jumping on the bandwagon of the fight against terrorism.

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