Hailemariam Desalegn got “F” for miscommunication By Abebe Gellaw

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A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a critical commentary on the incompetence of the accidental Prime Minister of Ethiopia. However, some apologists of the tyrannical TPLF regime shouted that my commentary on Puppet Hailemariam Desalegn (PHD) was an unsubstantiated attack against the ceremonial PM.

As a follow-up, Addis Voice has produced a well-substantiated parody that exposes PHD’s incompetence and confusion in collaboration with American language and communications expert, J Davidson. Mr. Davidson has analysed publicly available speeches of PHD, the frequent errors he makes and the messages he tries hard to convey to the world in English.

“After considering a number of criteria, I have to give him a big F in communication skills,” he said.

It is very evident that the TPLF regime is facing deep leadership crisis. After PHD, the regime remains leaderless. Puppet Hailemariam Desalegn (PHD) is only following the orders of his dozens of TPLF bosses rather than leading the pack.

Despite being propped up by three deputy Prime Ministers and a dozen of “advisers” like Bereket Simon and Abay Tsehaye that pull the strings of control on him behind the scene, PHD is still fragile and weak. His incompetence, shallowness, opportunism and confusion is too evident to miss whenever he appears in public.

There is a big difference between a puppet and a leader. Unlike puppets, leaders are not made. Because leadership requires exceptionally inherent qualities, it is said that leaders are rather born, not made. Real leaders that can command respect and admiration have exceptional communication prowess. As the American author and presidential speechwriter said: “The art of communication is the language of leadership.”

“If I were him, I would certainly use an interpreter. He certainly has no command of the English language, which is obviously an international language. Instead of expressing himself clearly, he is miscommunicating with the world,” he said.

Addis Voice invite you to watch the video and judge for yourself. Ethiopia is being led by incompetent demagogues under the leadership of a clueless puppet. The TPLF regime is a total joke.

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  1. Kimbsay
    | #1

    The TPLF leadership including their late ethnic master,Meles Zenawi were attending special English courses in 1991-92. The courses were arranged by the British council in Addis Ababa and taught by the British teachers. Ato Hailemariam Desalegn has a higher earned degree (Masters)but his English is poor. Zenawi who was a college dropout (12+1)spoke and communicated better in English. I suspect that ato Hailemariam has not attended those special English courses offered for the TPLF leaders. As we know ato Hailemariam is a late comer and was not enlisted as the servant of the TPLF in the early 1990s.

  2. Alem
    | #2

    I do agree that PM Hailemariam is a “front” for Tplf [pardon the pun]. What I don’t understand is why Abebe is wasting so much time over a trivial and in my opinion inconsequential topic. What exactly is he wanting to achieve? I don’t understand why “humiliating” a person registers so big for Abebe and his fans. Just political titillation.

    The deceased Meles was an excellent orator and a brilliant strategist. And yet he lied through his teeth and will go down as someone who missed an opportunity to effect lasting changes. You may be thinking of GERD as his lasting legacy. But GERD was on the agenda since Emperor Haileselassie’s reign. Let us remind ourselves that investment is best sustained if it involved individual citizens and their institutions. Meles spent his short and tumultuous life disassembling institutions and humiliating and jailing any who challenged him. Making a name for oneself isn’t what lasting legacies are about. For starter Meles was a poor leader because he would not allow the development of good leaders around him; he simply grabbed at all power to a point that department leaders and political appointees had to clear with him personally before acting on an issue. Hence the likes of Hailemariam [who probably would have made a good civil engineer], the under-educated Shigute run Dept of Education, the incompetent and unqualified DebreTsion is over departments of Finance, Economy, Telecom, Security, and Power, etc. In other words, impeccable language skills alone will not make one a good leader. Otherwise, I would have suggested Abebe for prime minister.

  3. gizaw
    | #3

    i don’t think many Ethiopian are articulate in speaking in foreign language .it does not mean we don’t know what to to say . though it depends where you grow up or opportunities you got varies. Meles improved a lot and became very fluent latter on, you can listen his earliest interviews.
    but your vicious criticism has made me to think about your worldview.you think like in the old days judging on the ” cover of the book ” . believe me humans are more complex than that. the force of personal beliefs is the most potent force to shape the outcomes of the leader.
    I understand your flavor is a kind of arrogant person,ruthless, who never smiles , who always says ‘ our motherland , our territory , our flag ” that is all you want him to be. i respect that , but there are also many many very humble , docile , not very articulate but tough Ethiopians , especially in the countryside of the south all over the country . the problem is you are judging wrongly .

  4. Boko Haram
    | #4

    Hailemariam must have felt the weightness of ” other-ness” during the defective social order under the Amharans. Now he can releate and interact on equal basis with Tigryans. TPLF must have found him a charming spirit. He in return claimed he has blood affinty with the “Northern people”. Be that as it may, but he does not desreve condemenation while the rest of Amharans as a matter of fact, serving the best intersts of TPLF. A case in point is Genet Zewde former Minister of Education,now an ambassdor extrordinary in the literary sense of the words. Not to mention Hailu Shawl at one time an Amhara spokes-man for the defunct Party.

  5. Addis Addis
    | #5

    Let me put this in the following way. The previous commenter’s were wondering what Abebe’s motive can be behind this post. Abebe is trying to conduct character assassination, which is the malicious and unjustified harming of a person’s good reputation. Let leave his “goal” here, with out going further.
    What I want to point out here is that how Abebe believe us, Abugida readers, are stupid. By coming up with “expert” analysis, he was trying to back up his point, how the PM is incapable regarding communication and English language. Ok, that is ok. So we should hear from the “expert” academicals analysis. Why the “expert” arguing on the border agreement between Ethiopia and Sudan. He supposed to talk about communication and language. Come on Abebe, you can do more than this! Comparing his English language skill of an Ethiopian PM with leaders of Anglo-Saxon country leaders?

  6. Dilwenberu
    | #6

    Abebe Gellaw is part of the toxic an vocal Amhara Diaspora and his campaigns of blackening our good prime minister his execellency Haile Mariam Desalegn are exepcted. Next time the Amharas will accuse the prime minister of speaking bad Amharic. I have met the prime minister in person and he is aware of the wicked and destructive motives of the Amharas.

  7. Banjaw
    | #7

    Ato Haile Mariam Desalegn is the victim of the racist politics of the TPLF leaders. That is why he believes in the late Meles Zenawi and his TPLF masters. As ato Ermias Legesse (the former communications official of the TPLF government) has told the public, the TPLF removes the thinking power of its servants like ato Haile Mariam Desalegn. Ato Haile Mariam Desalegn has been changed into a simple TPLF toy and can be thrown awaya ant time.

  8. Igbo
    | #8

    Boko Haram, You are not writing from northern Nigeria, are you?

  9. Yemane
    | #9

    Mr. Abebe Gellaw is not by any means the late Lulsegid Kumssa,whose English was mesmerizing. He needs to take illocution class in English language. He has a heavy and expolosive accent of Gojjami as I heard him interview Ambassdor Herman Cohan, a good and dear friend of Ethiopians!I think it is imperative that Abebe should read with open mind: Decolonising The Mind by Nuguegi Wa Tiango. Language can be a powerful tool and also a mode of communication. Please Abebe do not conflate these two and roundly condem with malacious glee the poor Prime Minister,who never got a chance to study in Austerlia,Canada,England or USA for his poor perferformance in his language deficiency.But to Hailemariam’s credit, he speaks, Gemu, Magyar (Finnish & Hungerian),besides Amharic and English.It is really a shame for at one time an Editor of Ethiopian Hearld to go to low level to attack him on personally when he could simply deconstruct the substance of his misguided political postion for the great intersts of TPLF. I find the whole comment repugenant.

  10. Dawi
    | #10

    Bro. Alem said:

    [[…. What I don’t understand is why Abebe is wasting so much time over a trivial and in my opinion inconsequential topic. What exactly is he wanting to achieve? I don’t understand why “humiliating” a person registers so big for Abebe and his fans. Just political titillation....The deceased Meles was an excellent orator and a brilliant strategist…]]

    I agree.

    “..And yet he lied through his teeth and will go down as someone who missed an opportunity to effect lasting changes…”

    What did he lie to you about?

    What else is there for a “lasting effect” a man can do than grinding all the necessary research in his own country of the African developmental setting till death and depart? And eventually conclude to reject the neoliberal prescriptions like never before and drawing Africa a road map to move away from it and aim to a democratic developmental state?

    Tell us what else please?

  11. Dawi
    | #11

    As I mentioned before Azusa Pacific canceled the libertarian scholar Charles Murray last April; The scholar wrote the students a letter saying why the “Azusa Pacific’s administration wants to protect you from earnest and nerdy old guys who have opinions that some of your faculty do not share … Ask if this is why you’re getting a college education”.

    HD do not have a liberation struggle baggage; he is a next generation leader of EPRDF and relatively new to the position; if Abebe or Azusa Pacific are sincere in helping bring changes in a developing country like ours, there is no reason to circumvent or cancel such outside exposure and engagement that probably help empower the man to take possibly more risks for himself in the direction of improving human rights issues back home. That is a sure area where he has a chance of building a legacy for himself.

    It is a missed opportunity for Abebe & others who could have asked pointed questions. Off course, HD would have given them “an unequivocal answer”.:-)

    The thing is the man probably speaks several other languages. The joke is may be on the one who compares him with native English speaking leaders that are possibly incapable of daring to make a speech or give a full interview in other than the English language.

  12. Mustafa
    | #12

    The TPLF rank and file are embarrassed by Ato Hailemariam Desalegn`s appearance and performance in the media. Eventhough he is the most
    loyal servant of the TPLF,he may risk replacement by another one. The master and slave relationship between ato Hailemariam and the TPLF is obvious to Ethiopians.

  13. Habtom
    | #13

    DW, You are back rubbing in wherever you can. It is good you disclosed you are friends with now two PMs.

  14. dafdoufa
    | #14

    Oh! Boy! Boy, boy, boy. How idiot and stupid this big boy should be to bring himself to a dissent level? First dishonored then humiliated before the world. of course, Hailemarima Desalegn is worthless like his mentor Zenawi, now dead and a mere bone ash in his dark grave.

    We all Ethiopians are ashamed of woyane’s big boy, Hailemariam Desalegn for his unauthorized representation of millions of Ethiopians. Well, there has never been honor in the house of Askaris and Banda, in it, a boy with his skull had been made and was put on a sell. This boy who does not pronounce English words correctly is simply a failure and a shame on all of us.

    Hailemariam Desalegn, made to serve his masters.

  15. Anonymous
    | #15

    what a useless post ..wasted my time really..very trivial ..hi mr. English Grader, “sir u made a factual error, this the PM not an English teacher”

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