Crocodile tears for Gaza can’t hide Ethiopia crimes By Admasu Belay

August 1st, 2014 Print Print Email Email

In recent days, our facebook and twitter accounts have been crowded with sympathy for the Palestine people massacred and killed by Israeli rockets. But what is sickening is some of these tears are coming from TPLF supporters in social media. It is shocking how these TPLF supporters in America and Europe sympathize with Gaza victims but ignore the massacre of their Oromo countrymen in Ambo! Where was the outcry when dozens of Oromo Ethiopians were shot by live bullets to the head by the TPLF commandos? Where were the tears when Thousands of Ethiopians in every corner of our country were killed during elections the last 20 years?

For the record, all Ethiopians i know oppose the killing of innocent Palestine women and children. We Ethiopians also oppose cowardly acts by Hamas/Palestine soldiers hidding inside mosques and markets to use innocent civilians as human shield. Just like TPLF was using tigrayan civilians as shield during its guerrila war against Mengistu…and Just like ONLF has been exploiting somali civilians as human shield during its war against TPLF….what hamas is doing today is also a crime. But Still, the huge number of thousands of Palestine civilians and children blown up to pieces by the Israeli bombs outweighs all crimes! This is the common stance of all Ethiopians. The massacre in Gaza must stop.

However, if you are a TPLF supporter, you have no moral authority to sympathize with Palestines in Gaza! If you are TPLF supporter, you have no humane or ethical foundation to condemn the killings in Gaza, while you ignore the killings in Ethiopia!

For those TPLF supporters who preach development, the existance of economic change and the construction of a few tall buildings in Ethiopia, can NOT excuse the murder of Ethiopians! Even in the Gaza region under conflict, some places do have economic development. Actually the GDP per-capita income in Gaza is over $3,000 per person compared to under $1,000 per person for Ethiopians ruled by TPLF regime. No matter the economics, Nobody should justify mass murder by showing few dollars of investment or buildings.

The only solution to the crisis in Ethiopia is democracy and freedom for all. Those who engage in violence are always scared of the people and their voice. When Addis Ababa and Ethiopia rejected dictatorship and tribalism in the 2005 national election, TPLF decided to kill voters to stay in power.

Those TPLF supporters in the Diaspora today should know better. Stop ignoring the suffering of Ethiopians! It is time that you Stop supporting a dictatorship. Stop blaming others and scapegoating. You know better! You are a beneficiary of western higher education and you have enjoyed freedom of expression and democracy in the West. You have seen and you know better. You have seen how (let alone murder) even just an injury to one American life leads to multi-million dollar lawsuits. One person mistakenly killed by a police in America becomes international news that shames the US government. So How can you ignore your Ethiopian brothers and sisters being massacred by police in broad daylight? You have seen how one human life is valued in America and Europe. It is time to value the life of your fellow Ethiopians! You can do better! Don’t show fake sympathy for Gaza while you support the massacres in Ethiopia. Do not fool yourself and most of all, you can not fool anybody! You know better. Ethiopia and Ethiopians deserve better!

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