Viva the triumphant demo in Washington DC By Robele Ababya

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I watched the amazing demo with one of those rare moments of extraordinary elation that words cannot explain. The demo in tile by heroic Ethiopians enlightened my soul, lifted my moral beyond measure and enhanced my spirit to a new height so that I shall never relent in the fight for the freedom of individuals and the independence of their country, Ethiopia, in a political environment eternally characterized by genuine democracy, unity with equality, prosperity, tolerance, and social justice – all under the supreme rule of law.

The mammoth demo: – proved the old adage that unity is might; proved that peaceful demonstration is a significant input to an all-inclusive struggle for freedom; sent a shockwave of fear down the spine of the thuggish leaders of the brutal regime engaged in cold-blooded murder of innocent demonstrators denying basic freedom of expression thereby violating its own constitution.

Historical bond between Christians and Muslims validated its strength by the warm embraces and kissing between the leaders and followers of the faiths. This marvelous pledge of unity brought tears of delight to my eyes as I am sure it did to millions of fellow Ethiopians that watched the demo. The barrier of apartheid and religios differences tha the divisive policy of the TPLF/EPRDF satanic government sought to exploit in order to stay in power is shattered. Halleluiah!

The demo brought out the indisputable wisdom that the struggle at home is ultimately the determinant factor for victory over tyranny and that the input of the Diaspora to the process of that victory is indispensable. It proved that civil disobedience and all-inclusive struggle complement each other given the stance of the repressive regime holding monopoly over all pillars of democracy – and shutting the political space for constructive dialogue.

The legacy of openly and publicly declaring the oppositions as enemies by the late tyrant Zenawi is actively being upheld and promoted by his successor serving the TPLF warlords under duress. His government is on a crackdown spree on peaceful protestors including journalists, bloggers, and demonstrators to the extent of killing some and incarcerating others without trial. Therefore the red balloons released at the demo on 5/12/14 in Washington indeed rightly symbolized the lives irretrievably lost and precious blood shed by fellow citizens in pursuit of good governance.

Yes, we must never forget our martyrs and political prisoners at every opportunity such as the one presented by the grand demonstration in Washington DC – the capital city of the brave and free people of the United States of America as well as the citadel of democracy protected by its laws and the might of military and security organs.

Now that fellow Ethiopians have savored the inspiring taste of unity in diversity, they must pursue with redoubled effort their struggle for freedom and independence; fight for the immediate and unconditional release of all political prisoners. To that end all revolutionaries should act relentlessly and selflessly heeding the old adage capsuled in the phrase “beat the iron while it is hot”.

To big Western powers national interests come first in their international relations. Likewise do the emerging non-Western powers including China and India. So, we Ethiopians have only God and ourselves to assert our freedom and independence in the unjust, corrupt, and immoral world in which we live.

In connection with the above I would like to stress that relationship between Ethiopia and Egypt is of paramount importance, more so now that, as a result of worsening Palestinian-Israeli relations, Egypt is emerging as a strong partner fostering the interests of Western powers, Israel, and the Arab world, which is in geopolitical political turmoil.

Without further ado, I shall only point out that Ethiopians at home and in the Diaspora will find it essential to collaborate in watching Egypt taking advantage of its emerging status as a regional power and beyond that will enable it to subvert vital interests of our beloved country Ethiopia. There is a rich source of knowledge and expertise in the Diaspora in the quintessential issue of relations between Ethiopia and Egypt from which political opposition and civic societies at home can benefit.

In closing, I congratulate from the bottom of my heart the patriotic organizers and participants of the outstanding demonstration in Washington DC!


  1. Ebola
    | #1

    I popped a bottle of Moet & Chandon Imperial Chamagne on air to celeberate the pain and humulation of TPLF and their mercenaries in Los Angeles and Washington DC. Long Live Ethiopia without Woyane!

  2. Zelalem Abebe
    | #2

    It is indeed elating to see young Ethiopian activists descending on what they rightly dubbed “Weyane Tigre TELALAKI” and so called the communication Minister Redwan Hussien. How nice is it to see weyane’s special messenger and go for this boy being grilled by the young Ethiopian activists. The Ethiopian opposition needs respect and respect is something we have to earn.
    We can earn it by dearly paying for freedom . These young Ethiopian’s hazard their life and family and willing to accept responsibility what ever that might be. The people’s resistance has now produced its won unique dynamics. And the object of the activists is to use this catalyst to move for ward to remove weyane. Remember, weyane tigre= WHAT THE LYRICS OF ALEMAYEHL ESHETE IN HIS SONG SAYSIT IS. LEBA WEROBELA, KEMANGA DUREGE YEMENDER AWDELDAY ZUARE NEH TEBEYE.WEYANE TEGRE being just that needs to go for ever for good.When weyane talks about development and renovation in Addis it has in mind allocating the business for its party memebers. When it talks build the Nile dam it has in mind how to take money from you and mine pocket so that she can give the contract for EFORT , allies on the expenses of Ethiopians.This YENGEDILEGE pariah needs to go for good now.We the people need not lighten up of this form of confrontation and sizing up this mafia group

  3. Oda Tulu
    | #3

    I wholeheartedly agree with truly the above two patriotic comments by Ebola and Zelalem

  4. aha!
    | #4

    Viva to the pro-democracy activists in Washington DC in Ethiomedia to Viva the triumphant demo in Washington, DC”, which correctly reflects the narratives of the author in the article. However the concept of unity, as a counter force to TPLF/eprdf regime need to be backed up by the common goals of the national agenda for unity, territorial integrity, sovereignty of Ethiopia and Ethiopians, goals that are in direct contrast to the TPLF/eprdf regime or its mirror image OPDO/Medrek/EFDF/fdre and Ginbot -7 in the armed struggle.

    To create a united forces against the current regime, the opposition forces, organizations, parties need to coalesce around the common fgoals for unity, territorial integrity, sovereignty of Ethiopia and Ethiopians, where the last item refers to individual freedom and liberty to supecede over ethnic and secessionist rights, to create a truly democratic government and to save Ethiopia, first and foremost from the current disintegrative process, exploitation, corruption and political and economic strangle hold of the countries resources and the silent majority of Ethiopians by TPLF/Political, TPLF/EFFORT, TPLF affiliated enterprises, cadres, security forces and foreign corporations particularly in terms of land leases.

  5. Zeleke Bantu
    | #5

    “The triumph cannot be had without the struggle.”
    This is the quote I was reminded of after reading this article. The jubilation of harassing a public official on official duty sanctioned by the host country is, if not outright outrageous, a mind bugling entertainment which borders insanity. If harassing and demonstration were to bear fruit, our Ethiopian diaspora would have been the great exporter of it – no pun intended. Yelling and hollering are not substitutes for the real struggle required to make a difference – if indeed that is the goal. By acting up like little spoiled brats, there will be no progress to be achieved let alone to “free people”. The most amazing and disappointing part of this exercise is the self congratulatory tone given by the same perpetrators and their cheerleaders. My hope is this may be a wake up call for the sleeping silent majority. Few toxic individuals should never allowed to paint us all as lawless citizens who don’t know wrong from right. There are many other ways to make a point about ones political views, but harassing individuals while doing errands is not one of them. There is nothing to be gained except self promotion. If you think Redwan will be good to Andy because of this incident, you are living in utopian world and you better quickly find a better shelter. If this thing demonstrated one thing beyond a doubt, it is the fact those officials are not as corrupt as you made them to be. Hunting for bargain in a Marshall’s store or dinning at a Lalibela restaurant are not necessarily the MO of corrupt public officials. Is that why may be the “Marshall Store” was not mentioned? So, the real struggle is not on American streets, rather in the battlefield of ideas in our country. As long as you are on the wrong place of the struggle, there should not be a triumph no matter the drumbeat.

  6. Yetbarek
    | #6

    [Zeleke Bantu],

    It is clear you attempt to pose as opposition member. The operative word here is pose. I care less if you support TPLF but don’t try to pretend by spinning this event. The fact of the matter is ,contrary to your suggestion, weyanes long ago chose to be captives to their own fear. That being their case your suggestion the struggle need to be in the’battle field of ideas’ is itself TIGLE AQUALASH SINKUL IDEA.

    It is clear you attempt to pose as opposition member. The operative word here is pose. I care less if you support TPLF but don’t try to pretend by spinning this event. The fact of the matter is ,contrary to your suggestion, weyanes long ago chose to be captives to their own fear. That being their case your suggestion the struggle need to be in the so called ‘battle field of ideas’is TIGIL AQOLASH SINKUL IDEA.Infact Weyane understands only one thing to accept defeat through a united national armed resistance. No body said Redwan is heavely involved in corruption than his masters.Only that, he is a go for mesanger for weyane,and that he keeps his post only as such. He needs to know that Ethiopians don’t apreciat when the Oromos students down his agencies denial of the killings.No Ethiopians accepts how his agency handles the beatings and the killings of Ethiopian moslems at their Mosque in Addis. You like it or not the message for Rewadan and other messengers of Weyane is this. We care about the humiliation of our people especially our womens. Humilation of weyanes and their messangers is part of the game plan.We respond in tit for tat. If this scard you the weyane cadres it is understandable the struggle is registering its message and bear with it.

  7. Selam
    | #7

    I don’t get what the congratulation is about. Our opposition boiled down to a shout out in what appears to be Walmart or Marshall’s. The guy did not even flinch. He looked at them like some barking dogs – being chased out by security. Much to do about nothing.

  8. Jimangee
    | #8

    Yes, it must have been a temporary and desperate act that Hailemariam Deslagen going into hiding in mouse hall or venturing into the wilderness of the moose. Either way or both, this Ashker of descendants of Bandas shall not keep hiding himself from the reality that has been existing before his eyes.

    Mice and Moose are deadly with the teeth and horns. Even worse it is the power of the crushing feast of Ethiopians. Hilemariam Desalegn has little or no brain dynamism; whatever he has had, he had already been emptied out by his keepers; today, he is living humiliated and dishonored on the stage. on the podium, on the streets, at home, in the restaurants, on a dance floor, and before God.

  9. Zeleke Bantu
    | #9

    @ Yetbarek

    Dear friend, I can forgive you for your mistakes on the writing part, but I will have hard time forgiving you for your inability to read and comprehend. If you don’t understand what you read, then how can you write something about it? This seems your problem. In what way did I “attempt to pose as opposition member”? If anything, I articulated my disdain to the toxic few who are trying to create havoc among us, the silent majority as I put it. So, for you to blubber on something you don’t understand is pathetic. You are the poster child of those who call themselves “opposition member” – yelling and hollering with little substance. First work on yourself before trying to help others.

  10. Kush-Kush
    | #10

    I greatly thank you for the compliment and I was really flattered. Anyway, I read the article with great enthusiasm, but I still don’t agree with what took place in every demonstration and especially in marshal store and Lalibela Restaurant in Washington DC. Dearest Robele, all the demonstration lack “Leaders” period. We are leaderless ever since and that is why the struggle against TPLFI tribal government is in its infantile stage. The so called parties and groups are nowhere to be seen and are in hiding or they do not know how to coordinate and direct the struggle where we want to be. What do we achieve from any demonstration? Nothing. One may say we the majority of the people are ready to fight and sacrifice their honored lives. True, up until now those parties are unable to show their leadership responsibility. Dearest Robele Ababya, we the majority of the people have no problem coming together and we showed it to the TPLFI tribal government time and again, most of all we showed our oneness to the inept and ineffective the so called parties. My whole message to you is we are leaderless back home in Ethiopia and leaderless in foreign countries. Had we not been leaderless, the diaspora demonstration would have shaken the TPLF government and overthrow it easily. In the same token, I sincerely agree with Zeleka Bantu, the #5 responder. Once again Zeleka is right and don’t agree when she called those who challenged Redwan in two places “spoiled brats”. Those who challenged daringly Redwan are leaderless. If there were leaders who could lead these kinds of challenges, there would not be any chance to use bad language. We all have to regret about it and should not take place but where are the leaders? Our situation took me back to the Egyptian revolution in 1952 but most of all, to “The invisible class conflict in Egypt”. I read a book almost 40 years ago. The book is pretty much old like me, but its message is very helpful. In summary, what the book says is this: The Egyptians rocked the whole country in demonstration because “one fisherman in the Nile Valley was killed by police.” King Farouk, the last king in Egypt was scared to death and was unable to squash any demonstration in his Kingdom. Like our demonstrations , the Egyptian demonstration lacked a “LEADER”. That demonstration toppled King Farouk’s throne. And the organized military led by Garnel Abdil Narsir took power like our derg in 1974. My final point here is we are leaderless and we must take focus demanding where is(are) the leader(s)? Where are we heading from now and this point on? If they are leaders, this is the time to lead. But if they don’t exist, we have a long way to go. In the end, whether we get leaders or not we must restrain using bad words. I clearly understand the emotions and we must be civil at all times. We should know how to win the enemies and if possible educate and enlighten them. That being said, I hope I did not offend anyone and if so, I sincerely apologize in advance.

    Selam tena Yistilgne.

  11. anvalizee
    | #11

    Ethiopians are connecting heart and soul, holding hand to hand, exerting force in synergy all over the globe and across the nations to completely crush the enemy to its defeat and toss it into the dead robber’s grave for further consumption by the demons that had been awaiting hungry and angry. Yes, these robbers shall in fact, join the dead ether individually or collectively to their chaotic rest, that is eternal.

    The truth is that death and Ethiopians don’t have tolerance to let the blood robbers go naturally; this is not possible, what is at hand and actually be done is to smash the enemy while it is dry and cruel. True, the dead robber is right now in his private world in which he is constant and perpetual conflict with the devil that guided him to the road to hell. He is in hell being stuffed into voodoo worshippers.

  12. Yetbarek
    | #12

    [Zeleke Bantu] #5&9

    In your first comment you said,

    “The jubilation of harassing a public official on official duty sanctioned by the host country is, if not outright outrageous, a mind bugling entertainment which borders insanity.”

    Such is your charge and insult against Ethiopians who confronted the TPLF messenger. In the light of your comment above

    Are you angry for being told you posed as opposition member. Do you think I care about the effect of my statement upon you in any way? You can go back and read what has been said. There is nothing in my comment that indicates maligning you in any form or shape.I will not take back What I said about you I said it in good conscious.
    Commenting directly about the issue, let me say this.To begin with, I don’t agree nor I believe the so called ‘silent majority’ (a RETARTEDED concept you introduced as a means to win argument) in deed exist. If there is any such thing ‘silent majority’ among Ethiopians you have to present a study that is supported by fact and data. The question for me and those who are concerned with what is going on in the country is this. Do we have a cause to win our freedom. My reply to my query is a resounding YES. All signs point that Ethiopia is at a cross road. In fact there has never been in her history her people have been subjected to such level of humiliation. I don’t care what measurement you use be it Yodit Gudit, or Mohammed Grange or Mangiest. What must I do to win my freedom ? I and likeminded Ethiopians have already determined to help the movement for freedom with resources, time, talent and even life. Unlike you I don’t believe to win my freedom through chat room politic. You can afford to do this because you are a PRETENDER. It costs you nothing to be apolitical apathetic by stander, as you comfortably call yourself a member of silent majority?

    Those who cry about the Ethiopian opposition tactic of tit for tat against TPLF appointed mere yes men are indeed scared about the wellbeing their interest. Those who are unwilling to contribute for the cause of this country you don’t have to. However, don’t ever think you have any right to discourage Ethiopians who are determined confronting weyane officials. Time is up for those who attempt to turn the clock backwards, or who think they can hold back the momentum to remove weyane.

  13. Debesay
    | #13

    [Zeleke Bantu],

    This statement of yours is nonsense and out of place in here.

    ” I articulated my disdain to the toxic few who are trying to create havoc among us, the silent majority as I put it. So, for you to blubber on something you don’t understand is pathetic. You are the poster child of those who call themselves “opposition member” ‘

    Stop this name calling of the brave and patriotic Ethiopian opposition members. You are the one who is a TPLF poster child who needed medical attention for your attempt to spot the opposition. In deed, you posed as opposition supporter. Yet, when challenged you try to defend as one who is a supporter of silent majority. I submit to you there is not such a thing as silent majority among Ethiopian opposition. If there was I prefer to address them as the “living dead” ‘than silent majority’. However, the fact is Ethiopians are notsilent when their country is looted, sold for any better. The are not silent when her people is humiliated. They are doing every thing they can to liberate their home land and secure the freedom of her citizens. We are not sitting on the side line and allowing events to unfold, we have and continued to pay sacrifice for our freedom. Only weyane cadres would have us believe silent majority exists in our midst. If you don’t know this I am not here to force it upon you ;At any moment you have believe your delusion. The struggle to remove weyane continues.
    My message for Ethiopian opposition supporters is this. Ethiopians must boycott all TPLF business including Mosobo and all EFORT companies. Boycott Alhamudi’s Medrock. We need to socially ostracize all TPLF messengers and supporters.

  14. Kebenaa
    | #14


    Only “extremist neftegna Amharas” protested against Democratic ideal and an Oromo individual who exercised his right to associate with whom he desire. One of the greatest gift of Democracy is the right to associate freely without fear and oppression. In this case the extremist neftegnas who protested have proven democratically incompetent and lost big time, while this hero guy shining in the eyes of Democracy.

  15. Dancidinkik
    | #15

    Our most sought goal is to totally get rid of the enemy that has been living on the blood of its millions of victims in the lands it invaded more than two decades ago, and the billions of dollars it looted from our country.

    Down with the enemy!

    Death to bandas!

    Death to ashkers and slaves of the Hiwahat fascist regime.
    We’ve all heard and witnessed the extremely cruelty of a handful of robbers who by their distinct history and character all are descendants of bandas and askaris have been absorbing the mighty feast of Ethiopians and have been wounded severely but are still barely alive. Well, the enemy deserves total elimination from the land it took away from Ethiopians after they came into our country being amalgamated with external enemies and settled in our lands.

    This enemy that we all Ethiopians are battling against to its finish is the enemy of ours, the enemy of current and the future generation. We never had taken this enemy lightly or sat idle with fold handed. our mind and feast are focusing and resting on the enemy’s head. This enemy of our which hates us badly has used and still using violence to bring our people into submission; but we have been standing firm and strong against its banda aggression that has been going on for twenty-three years.

    Yes, the enemy has fully known the unifying power of Ethiopians which for sure it knows will demolish its life that depends on the blood it sucks from veins of Ethiopians the money it accumulates from the looting of the resources that are available above and below the lands it invaded a couple of decades ago.

    Long live Ethiopians to victory!!!

  16. Equbay
    | #16

    @ Yitbarek and Debesay,

    This is not if you haven’t noticed yet. You still don’t understand Zeleke Bantu’s argument. His valid observation on Yitbarek’s comment is spot on. The both of you seem to lack the sophistication desired to understand Zeleke’s argument. I suggest to go back to your beloved echo chamber – Dehai or Haddash Eritrea. To find the data on the “silent majority” go and try to find the travel log for Ethiopian Airlines. Seven days a week flight from DC to Addis alone will tell the tale. Those are the silent majorities doing business and go about their way in a country they called home. I could go on and tell you about all the people going in for good, but what good does it do for backward bastards like Yitbarek and Debesay?
    Dear Zeleke, don’t waste your precious time trying to talk to such narrow minded people.

  17. Yetbarek
    | #17


    It is typical of you guys (TPlfits) to name calling and filth. What Have this guys done to you other than make their points. How dare you insult us.

    “But what good does it do for backward bastards like Yitbarek and Debesay?”.

    Coming back to the issue, you believe the travel log from weyane airline is proof enough to argue the existence of the silent majority among the opposition. I differ with your point.First, those who frequently fly Weyane air line are regime supporters. Answer this question. You told us Dehia and Haddash Eretria are un trustworthy sources. What makes you think the weyane Airline travel log will establish the authenticity of your claim of the existence of ‘silent majority’? I am just playing by your own the same rule you played.The funny part about your response is this,you claimed such a thing as silent majority exists within the diaspora opposition and the Weyane Airline log establish it. One of the long standing problem of the weyane thinking is this it does not entertain any alternative and independent study to reach consensus. Only wyanes and weyanes alone have the monopoly of truth.

  18. Abera
    | #18

    @ Yitbarek and Debesay.

    For god’s sake, please read, re-read first before you try to utter a word. Zeleke’s contention about “silent majority” was not meant among YOU “opposition members”, it’s rather in the broad Diaspora community at large. unfortunately, it is a well established fact that all “opposition memebers” think alike, so no need to doubt your dogma. This is the ሀ ሁ of understanding a written language, which both of you seem to lack.
    You put it rather elegantly. Good job.

  19. አስማማው
    | #19

    @ ይትባረክ እና ደበሳይ

    ምነው ወንድሞች ልብ ኣጣችሁ? አንድ አይነት ዘፈን የምትዘፍኑት: ለዚያውም የማያምር ዘፈን:: እንግሊዝኛ አለማወቅ እኮ ወንጀል አይደለም:: ገባኝ ብሎ ሙጥኝ ማለት ነው ወንጀሉ:: አምላክ ልቡን ይስጣችህ!

  20. Suliman
    | #20

    [Equbay,and Abera],

    Please get a life! You have no any right to complain or defend the in defensible. one thing you need to know is this at the moment my personal concern is not if any member of TPLF’s right is respected by protesting opposition members or not.

    You can not have it both ways. Your party has chosen the means how to treat none weyane Ethiopians: kill jail and torture. The truth is no matter how you see it this un welcome child and Weyanes’s TPLF can not be hold to any standard. It does not have nay norm but the norm of the jungle. I have no time here to chronicle the forty years criminal history of TPLF.

    It is suffice to say here the people of Ethiopia have it now to the full. What you see now is citizens dis obedience in action. Ethiopians are expressing their outrage against the jungle bandits who are forcing our people to submit to their agenda of national destruction. This is just that a popular resistance and a resounding no to TPLF rule. The people are saying we are not to have any peaceful dealing with weyanes any more. We need our freedom. We need our country back from the hands of irresponsible bandits. We need the Ethiopia that will be a promise for all her citizens. You guys sensed the momentum is not on your side hence your DERKENA. If this surprises you wait and see the worst is yet to come. I for one am even prepared to spit on the face of one of the weyanes officials, how does this sound to you guys?. I will do this in protest against those innocent Ethiopians who are being tortured,jailed , killed by weyane terrorists. I am surprised not to hear from Tecola Work Hagose and and Dawi this days Ha Ha..!

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