The Investment Covenant between Slaves and Masters Belayneh Abate

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By the time their spies torture innocent citizens, African slave tyrants had dinner party with their masters last week. Unlike Eastern masters who deliver bribes in the palaces of the slave tyrants, the smart- Western masters summoned the slaves in Washington. Is this slave-master relationship in the best interest of the current and future African generations?

Fifty slave tyrants with families crossed the second largest ocean to meet one Statesman. This Statesman traveled to meet the European, Asian, and Latin American leaders in the past two years: The European, Asian and Latin American leaders never travelled in mass this long to meet this Statesman like the African tyrants did. The host masters might have arranged the African tyrants dinner party to pile up their dignity and to take economical advantage.

Unlike European, Asian and Latin American leaders, the African tyrants, their families and the corrupted businessmen are known for unparalleled extravagance. Pick up your calculator and calculate the amount of money these blood suckers spend in hotels, restaurants, groceries, malls and recreational areas. In fact, some of the tyrants were confronted by justice seekers when they were pouring blood-money in lavish hotels, restaurants and expensive stores. At this stage of the investment deal, Africa is investing in the west; not the west in Africa. I suggest the host continue to set similar annual party so that tyrants’ wives and mistress can buy nail polishes and lipsticks from the most expensive western malls.

In the article, famine of morality and superfluity of hypocrisy*, I described three types of tyrants: wild, domesticated, and hermaphrodite.

Wild tyrants are predators, who carry puffy testicles that produce excess testosterone. These tyrants believe they could survive their victims’ aggressions without the assistance of the masters. The domesticated tyrants, on the other hand, are predators, who posses castrated testicles that produce no testosterone. These tyrants strongly believe that their survival depends on the support of their masters. The hermaphrodite tyrants include despots, who own one puffy and another castrated testicles. These types of tyrants exhibit the characteristics of the wild and the domesticated tyrants based on the circumstances they encounter.

As these tyrants’ nature dictates, the domesticated tyrants faithfully serve their masters whereas the wild tyrants refuse to serve these masters. As a pay back, the masters foster the domesticated tyrants as mushrooms but they turn every possible rock to overthrow the wild despots. The fate of the hermaphrodite tyrants depends on the level of their testosterones.

The domesticated and hermaphrodite tyrants constitute the slave tyrants. These slave tyrants worship and bow for two masters: The Western and the Eastern masters. The Western masters utilize aid and power as carrot and stick to enslave the tyrants. Similarly, the Eastern masters employ bribe to seduce these tyrants and exploit African resources.

On the other hand, Aid, power and bribery never bend down the wild tyrants. The Western masters hate the typical wild tyrant, Robert Mugabe, because he consistently refused to bark like a slave tyrant. Otherwise, everyone, including the masters, knows Mugabe has not committed more crimes than the slave tyrants that salivate for Washington dinner.

In addition to AID, power and bribery, the two masters now preach the investment gospel. Preaching the investment gospel yields unholy investment covenant between the masters and the slave tyrants. The unofficial content of this covenant asserts the transfer of money from the master to the slave, and then back from the slave to the master.

The slave tyrants have been receiving billions of dollars aid from the masters. However, the tyrants deposited the aid in the personal counts they opened in European and American Banks. Some of the slave tyrants died before they use this blood- money. No doubt, the money derived from this investment fiasco will face the same fate. These endless blood-money exchanges between the masters and slaves, for sure, will do one thing: Worsening and prolonging the suffering of the African people.

In a continent, where there is no rule of law and accountability, how would investment do what it is supposed to do ? In a continent where corruption is the way of life, how could people achieve sustainable development from any form of investment? In countries where labor protection is unheard of, how could workers protect their rights, and control work related injuries and illnesses? In continent where responsible-indigenous educated people are chased away, how could citizens make sure the natural resources are utilized wisely? In a continent where rulers do not care about the current or future generation, how could people prevent environmental pollution and degradation from profit driven foreign investors? In a continent where there are no functional research centers and strong health care systems, how could people recognize and prevent fatal deaths, cancer, malformations, hormonal disruptions, and neurological malfunctions that result from foreign investments?

Leaving these kinds of foreseeable catastrophes aside, the Western and Eastern Masters are singing the investment music with their slaves. The East Masters call this song unconditional investment; whereas the West master call the same song conditional investment. When the Western masters convey conditional, they mean human rights respect and good governance. However, we all know this “conditional” requirement applies ONLY to wild tyrants that were not invited for the Washington dinner.

To their credit, the Western masters gather evidences about atrocities committed by these slave tyrants more than anybody else. These evidences cover genocides, crime against humanity, torture, absence of freedom of speech and other human rights abuses. The Western masters analyze these evidences and publish annual reports. These masters publish these annual reports not out of genuine concern about human life, but to advance their self-interests in two ways:

Firstly, the Western masters use these crime evidences as sticks to threaten the slave tyrants so that tyrants will remain docile slaves and follow their masters’ commands. The Western masters understand that non-criminal tyrants cannot not be loyal slaves.

Secondly, the Western masters use these crime evidences to deceive the people that they care about the victims. The masters deceive this way to bargain people’s trust since they understand that the slave tyrants are unlikely to last long. However, the era of duplicity and deceiving is over. People understand that the Western masters finance their killers while they provide lip serves to the victims.

In other words, the African people know that Eastern and the Western masters are part of human right abuses. Otherwise, what humanitarian entity enjoys dinner with mass murderers? What kind of just master discriminates one form of dictator from another? Who would think Robert Mugabe committed more crimes than the slave tyrants? Who would doubt that Mugabe was not invited because he refused to dance as a slave? (Do not get me wrong: I do not like any dictator. As George Ayittey says, the only good dictator is a dead one.)

The masters often talk loud about African natural resource although the West and East have more natural resources. They talk about African resources because the slave tyrants have made the African resources ready for easy grab. These slaves sell African resources for bribes and dinners while the East and the West secure their natural resources for future generations.

Wake up Africa! The slave tyrant-master relationship will never improve your standard of living or reserve your dignity. You cannot grow and develop eating foreign investment that comes through bribery and dinner party. The Eastern and Western masters are preaching investment gospel while they dine with your killers. The investment covenant will work only when you elect responsible leaders that will protect you and your environment from greedy foreign investors. Securing their natural resource for future generations, the East and the West are competing to consume your resources. In order to win the completion, the rival masters will continue bribing and inviting your killers. Break this slave tyrant-master chain: Replace the slave tyrants with responsible leaders. Thank you.

*Famine of Morality and Superfluity of Hypocrisy;

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August, 2014

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  1. Taye
    | #1

    “In fact, some of the tyrants were confronted by justice seekers when they were pouring blood-money in lavish hotels, restaurants and expensive stores .”
    Redwane is confronted by injustice seeker at Marshal store.Is Marshale expensive store for one minister????For me marshale is the same as walmart and cheap store in USA

  2. Long live Ethiopia
    | #2

    No one could have said it better. When our leaders and our people for once claim a human dignity as humans and respect the people then only then there will be a ray hope that we can consider ourselves as human beings.

  3. Fekadu
    | #3


    Do not be narrow minded like TPLF. This article covers the whole Africa. It is not just about Redwane or whatever his name is? Brain is boundless; do not shrink it like your TPLF bosses.

    Of all important points this article addressed, you just pick up one sentence and try to criticise! What a shame!

    Hey, Whether Redwan goes to Marshal or Walmart, he is using blood money.

    Eskindir is langushies in prison, he shops in Marshal.

  4. Getaw
    | #4

    I can not tell you how much I like it the critics of this gentleman ALEQA Belaineh’s articles. He is very much a just man once one of a well known philosopher of the ancient Greek says “Ethiopians are ……’ This guy tells you the exact points with out going here and there like the dead a pathological liar Meles Z. He is always on the people’s side and the true son of Ethiopians and others who suffer a lot of human right violators of Woyane like elements of barbaric, brutal, cannibal, murderer, raper,looter, loser,hopeless,greedy,vulgar, bandit,inhumane,rodents and pests of human beings.

  5. Akalu
    | #5

    The Ethiopian government is doing outstanding unprecedented great job laying the ground for big and small international investors, this could be witnessed with the present unprecedented growth and attraction to multi national business companies that flooding Ethiopia as a new business opportunity and ventures. I am sure if Ethiopia continue this course of business attractiveness and uphold annual growth as we witnessed the past decade to the present, Ethiopia may become fully advanced manufacturing sector economy.

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