The Truth Behind Elias Kifle & Ginbot 7 By Rosa Abadir

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There is no doubt that Elias Kifle has been widely known for being one of the most vocal critics to the TPLF gangsters and had been a voice for the voiceless. Aside from his continuous outrageous critics; he had organized my successful groups and had proved and showed his passionate to defend human rights respect in Ethiopia. He had invested his time, energy and money than most Ethiopians in order to expose the savage TPLF gangs and their ruthless action against the poor Ethiopians.

So during those days Elias was partially even-tempered and engaging but lately he has become something of a nuisance. He used to preach the possibility of armed struggle and importance of waging the struggle from Eritrea is the only resort to Ethiopians to overthrow the TPLF tribal gangs. He also praised President Isayas Afewerki’s generosity in support of the struggle and had made him best man of the year two years in a row. However after his unsuccessful attempt to work with the Eritrean government; he has been categorizing every group or individuals who doesn’t share his motto and working with the Eritrean government as Shabia minions which is impolitic as well as clear blackmailing. Evidently; he doesn’t even have another alternative excepting mocking individuals.

Anyhow, the reason that I am writing this portion is not with the intention to show a personal bitterness or to demonize Elias Kifle. Unlike that, I still believe Elias can be a power for good, with his personal motivated strength towards the struggle as well as his well-known informative media-ER; as it could be a reliable means of transport for unity but before any of that happens; Elias has to choose which way he is heading now. He can go down the slippery trajectory he is on right now and marginalize his dedication talent in search of earning money from Google AdSense or with some humility and self-deprecation he can go back to his old ways of being a force for good.

Sadly, we have witnessed that spreading fabricated rumors and making fictitious dramas has been a day to day activity to Elias for the last few years. Even his recent allegation & blackmailing of Ginbot 7 and ESAT is absurd as well as laughable; nonetheless it is expected since he is no longer providing a trustworthy report in courtesy of independent media while his highest priority has been driving traffic to his website so that he can be earning money via Google Adsense by attracting a lots of visitors. So no one would be amazed to hear such kind of deliberate lies from Elias except some gullible Ethiopians.

Actually, Ethiopians who have already discovered Elias’s twisted objective will very soon provide you a tangible evidence how much money with average could Elias is generating pre click. Though Google would not reveal how much money website owners are earning for each ad that is clicked from their site. Seemingly, this method of generating income has been a major scheme to numerous other Ethiopian website owners and editors to easily earn incomes than editorial principles, indeed Sad!

For that reason, Elias has identified where the traffic currently goes within the Ethiopian politics and also recognized how he can make keeping his visitors coming back for more. As a result, since his choice of topic is very sensitive he has been easily positioned to capture the traffic flow. However, he painfully unsuccessful to prepare for resources to answer some follow up questions, let alone he is indirectly becoming a tool for TPLF. Therefore, from now on; I doubt if he can maintain the traffic flow because obviously it will be reduced significantly once Ethiopians realized his motivation.

Regardless of his money driven enthusiasm; it is really funny to see how desperate Elias is creating such specious information and expecting us to believe it. In fact, for many rational Ethiopians it shouldn’t take too long to figure out what drove Elias to reach to this kind of laughable conclusion; but at least what we know is that his entire fabricated conclusion is invalid, of course not supported with substantial evidence, but an intended lie that is encircled by assumption & paranoia in order to gain significant visitors traffic flow to achieve his cash earning target as the topic he selected is very timely. But his kind of rhetoric seems simple libel and of course cause more damage to the popular struggle.

Indeed, Elias reminded me the story of “The Liar Shepherd” that we most of us had learned during first grade education. If you recall the story, one day the Shepherd had a bad idea to lie to the villages and cried out as if the wolves ate his goats. However, when the villagers arrived to save the goats there was no wolf at the scene, but they had noticed that the shepherd was laughing at them. Then the Shepherd had repeated his trick for another couple more times and the villagers responded same way & rushed to save their goats.

But one day, a pack of wolves actually came over to the goats. The shepherd shouted for help, but when the villagers heard they thought surely it was a prank shepherd boy again & they remained silent. Apparently, all the goats devoured by wolves. Truthfully the fate of Elias would not be different from the fate of the naïve liar Shepherd because for example he allegedly told us that Ginbot 7 point’s man Ato Zemene Kassie detained in Eritrea while we saw after a couple days Ato Zemene spoke directly live from Eritrea. Let alone his contradicted fictitious story & distortion about ESAT & abduction of Andragachew.

Nevertheless, Elias has proved to Ethiopians & clearly exposed his inflexible attitude along with his ego, megalomaniac and self-serving behaviors. Unlike to his personal previous courageous effort, his records shows that he has never shown any willingness to work with anyone to coordinate the struggle instead he prefers to apply senseless techniques of splitting words & widen the bridge among us. He always preach about democracy while he is the one who is always destroying the possibility of democratic process. He always uses an awkward way of settling differences in order to silence others.

Regardless, if Elias had the integrity and the courage he would present his case in civil manner and challenge the Ginbot 7 instead of spiting his fabricated filthy all over the planet. His entire statement about ESAT and Ginbot 7 is impotent & doesn’t have even have an ounce of sense, but a simple character assassination. His fabricated allegation about ESAT & Ginbot 7 is baseless and not supported by any facts; instead it seems that his judgment is biased by his narrow minded ideology & obsession towards Ginbot 7 & Shabia. He should have presented his case with cogent manner & support his report with evidence if he wants to the audience to know, instead of denigrating individuals in order to draw a temporary money flow from Google AdSense. Anyway, he mistakenly assumed that by posting his filthy debacle he would convince other rational Ethiopians, but instead he is exposing his own self-centered & incompetency character. No sensible freedom lover Ethiopian would be deceived by his tall filthy story.

Anyhow, Elias should embrace inclusive political agenda instead of fixating and adhering to his self-interested business target & political dogma. What Elias did is not benefiting anyone but serving the interest of TPLF indirectly who are using divide and rule as a tool. The enemy would love to exaggerate this fabricated drama in order to keep us divided. But, we Ethiopians have learned that Ginbot 7 & other groups coordinated struggle that is based in Eritrea is not a political suicide as Elias or other gullible Ethiopians portrayed, but a smart move to challenge a well-armed tribal gang.

So it’s advisable for Elias to disregard his senseless rhetoric about Ginbot 7 & Eritrean government with the goal of collecting money from Google AdSense and reconcile with Ethiopians to rejoining the struggle in order to focus on common enemy. Otherwise sooner or later his wish would be an illusion or like chasing the wind.

  1. Andnet Kebreab
    | #1

    CORRECTION:- Elias chose the moment to undermine unity that is critically needed to vanquish the TPLF tribal regime. Isayas was once a darling of Elias and tried passionately to convince the opposition to launch operation from Eritrea to attack the TPLF regime; he boasted about the long interviews he held with tyrant Isayas praising him as a ‘friend’ of Ethiopia. I never believed Elias, and do not now, because he is a selfish traitor.

  2. Addisu Legese
    | #2

    I wish I can trust Mr. Elias Kifle’s article, but considering his track record I can not take his word as truth. To begin with he is not journalist but hidden politicians with his own hidden motives and hidden agendas to push, and this facts can be found in his previous articles, this is also the main reason he is in clash with most political opposition within the country and outside of the country. His articles lacks reliable evidence and information but based on assumption.

  3. Hailu
    | #3

    “so it’s advisable for Elias to disregard his senseless rhetoric about Ginbot 7 & Eritrean government with the goal of collecting money”
    What about Ginbot 7 money collection from Egypt and qatar?Struggle via Eritrea is not effective and Ginbot 7 knows this fact very well but it all about Money.

  4. Fasil mebratu
    | #4

    Sorry, but I do not think the vast majority of Ethiopians take freelance blaber Elias Kifle or Ginbot7 seriously, they represent sort of tabloid standard.

  5. Nadew
    | #5

    Rozi,you are talking about Elias what about Doctor Bir-ayinu making tons of money from diaspora in exchange for empty promise.He collected 500$/person from diaspora and then got a lot in the name of ESAT fundraising .What about money collected from Egypt?

  6. Yilma G. Yinesoo
    | #6

    We need PEOPLE like Elias regardless of their own personal political affiliation or opinion about different political factions as their individual right. We should not condemn any jouranalist for reporting news based on facts. His own personal political opinion should not be the bases for any journalists ethics measure. Elias did a great job in sheding light about day to day activities of TPLF as a journalist. If we all did the same in whatever field we are in the problem of Ethiopia would have been long solved. Knowledge is power . All Ethiopians are responsible in transfering knowledge about reality of Ethiopians/Africa as a whole.

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  7. Densa
    | #7

    Thank you Rosa, for exploring this issue in your article. Many among us do indeed know who Elias is and, rhetoric a side, what he actually stands for. It is a well-known fact, for years, Elias has made many blunders. Blunders ranging from defamation of prominent Ethiopians such as Professor Taya Welde Semayat calling him as TELKU LIT”, and a whole host of issues including blackmailing and misinformation against Ethiopians who are in Eritrea on the front line.
    Elias presents himself as a patriotic and hawkish opposition journalist who can speak on behalf of every citizen. In reality this image of his masks one who is egomaniac and one who will go great length to endanger the life of fighters if such a means generates financial gain for him.

    Once he himself worked with Eritrean regime. And whatever went wrong with the relationship then, he never acknowledge any wrong doing or apologize for the part he played. Instead, he blamed everything on Eritrean intelligent officer he referred as Col. Fit sum Yissehak.

    Beside, as it has been pointed out by others above Elias must have problem working with others. So, often he gets by on his own .Perhaps this type of a one to one activism gives him an opportunity to be ENDELBU. Actually, when it comes to Ethiopian political affair it should not be left to those who want to do as they wish, whatever method they choose and whenever they want. Instead like the rest of us Elias need to submit to an organizational rules and regulations and be found responsible for his behavior.

    I believe he has been given ample opportunity to reform his way and to demonstrate personal development for all this years.

    Unfortunately, Elias has shown no improvement . Instead he follows a principle that is either ‘his way or the high way’.
    Each person must ask what kind of right does Elias has to endanger the lives of Zemene, Ato Shitaw, and Genral

    Do the relatives of these individuals need to read this kind of un substantiated gossip about their loved ones in the Internet? If it is his right to report gossip, and if he is convinced his report is true; why does Elias find it objectionable to post my counter argument? He cannot have it both ways. To report a gossip and to refuse the opinions of those who dis agree with him. It is for this I strongly believe enough with our appeasement. It is time to take drastic measure against the behavior of the reckless reporter.

    One way to do this is go after his professional and organizational association and demand members to dis miss his membership. ENTC is such one committee that needs to be approached; assuming members have the interest of the country, may need to be told to dis Miss Elias from membership because of his endangerment reporting to fellow citizens.Again. Dr.Alemayehu G/Mariam needs to be convinced to withdraw his endorsement to E.R. Even seek the possibility of a law suit against Elias by the family members who Elias defamed.

  8. Anonymous
    | #8

    I will like simply ask you Rosa Abadir.
    I have read your accusation of Elias that he only trying to make money by undermining of the so called G7 or ESAT. Is it that G7 or ESAT doing try to make us belive that they have army ready to fight woyane time after time when they donot have any more than 10 guys under their organization. That is the way they make their money $$ through diaspora in the form of fundraising for ESAT and G7. While Elias making money from Google. So stop posting your advertisment for G7 and ESAT. The big majorites of Diaspora became silen majorites when it comes G7 or the full propaganda mashine of ESAT.

  9. S
    | #9


  10. alem
    | #10

    bravo rosa and thank you for admiting the strength as well as weakness of Elias, yes you are right eleias used to be good but now he is seseless who posts everything with falsified unrealiable resource.

    those who are attacking esat and g7 are either a weyane arrogant elements or a stupid nonsense MORON indiviuals who never contributed anything to the struggle except demanding more from others and trying to obtain thier freedom with the cost of others and they are simply MORONS

  11. wedinakfa
    | #11

    Who would trust a gambler!!! people, this guy is a compulsive gambler and we know gamblers, gamble even by their wife even their mother, in the case of your esteemed modern day Ethiopian journalist Elais Kifle money and fame are his motto so who do you think he cares about Ethiopians never mind about Eritrea? Once a gambler for ever a gambler!!!!Ask him how much money has he spent in London bookies, Earls court! perhaps he remembers it clearly!We sdhasll produce photos of him in the bookies and outside the bookies.

  12. Densa
    | #12


    If it is indeed possible for you to produce pictures of Elias at the London bookies please do so. Your comment interested me because I am one of those who Elias will not let me post my opinion. Though he does not post my messages, I am sure he reads them. And in one of my comments last week I asked him a point blank question in the form of . Elias, are you in any financial crisis? I regret he does not post it. There has to be a reason or combination of factors for him to display such a bizarre behavior.

  13. himhimitt
    | #13

    It has been said many times in many places that Eleias has been acting eerie and remains aloof. Then, lately came out he to discharge his anger at the struggle and its victory and challenges, and leaders that he knew well are supported by millions.

    Elias must know that he can’t make the impossible possible and turn the history of this ongoing struggle against the enemy to his favouragle way or to his liking. Advice and suggestion, must he accept.

  14. Hailu
    | #14

    I trust Elias Kifle before I trust G7 , Elias has been fighting Woyane before even G7 was formed , what did G7 do nothing except diving the diaspora unity. G7

  15. Ittu Aba Farda
    | #15

    First of all, I would like to mention that the article is somewhat well written one. But that does not mean I found it to be flawless. What I see the article wanting is the logic behind the swarming of Asmara by every armed gang originating in the country we all left behind. The writer did not tell me and many millions others based on historical merits where a despot propped and assisted democratic forces to flourish around him. For that matter, can he tell me and everyone else where an armed group muscled its way in and set up a democratic society in our times? I highly suggest to him to be very careful in responding to my question. I said in our times, say, in the last 100 years.
    Isaias and his not-distant cousins in Arat Kilo know what they are doing. It is a family affair, man!!! And these irresponsible leaders of those groups who congregated around the Al-Toweel in Asmara either refuse to see the facts or are outright not bright enough and if not, then they are irresponsible individuals. They must be one or the other. Can anyone tell me when and where on this good earth genuine democratic forces were assisted and allow to flourish by despots? Where? Name one!!!

    A keen observer as I have been for the last almost 50 years, I have noticed atrocities committed by almost every one who chose to raise arms in our country for one reason or another. I am not making up the allegations I leveled possibly against those you may have intimate contacts more than the common man. But evidences are overflowing at the archives and files of international organizations. Some of my allegations are from the biographies written by members of those very fronts and political groups. There were prisoners tortured to deaths at the hands of the security units of the ‘Liberation’ fronts both in Eritrea and Ethiopia. Death sentences were passed and put in deeds on those who differed from them. Poor peasant farmers were ruthlessly butchered along with their wives and angelic toddlers. Who owned caves as dungeons prisons in remote locations just to keep prisoners indefinitely? Who? Please do not take me wrong that I am in a business of revenge. But I am demanding all those who committed crime by executing individuals and ethnic groups to come out and admit such crimes and also and, ask for forgiveness. The eyes of mothers, fathers, kin and kit of the murdered and maimed are still erupting in tears of unrelenting grief. TPLF, EPRP, OLF, ONLF, EDU, MEISON, The Derg Remnants (if there are still around as viable groups) and others who murdered civilians and prisoners should bow their heads to the peoples of our country, admit their egregious mistakes and ask for forgiveness. This is the only way to guarantee peace and stability in the hotbed we call The Horn of Africa. Please note that I have left EPLF out of my comment here just for the fact it is up to the Eritrean people to do that if the wish. But I can tell you with confidence that Isaias and his fighters had murdered prisoners of war after surrendering. Above all, our Eritrean neighbors had made a decision to go on their own in 1993 and therefore it will be a raid in their sovereignty to interfere in their internal affairs. I wish they tell their ‘Bolivar’ leader to keep his nose clean and leave our people alone.

    Like I said so many times before, I have nothing but contempt to all those who rushed to Asmara to wage war in our country. I speak in utter fleer about all of them!!!!
    Long live non-violence because our people are tired of it.

    Finally, I think Obbo Elias did a very good job to write about the news of the harm being inflicted on these ‘freedom fighters and liberation fronts’ by Al-Toweel in Asmara.

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