Man opens fire during Ethiopian Embassy protest in Washington

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A gunman opened fire during a protest on the Ethiopian Embassy grounds on Monday, according to a video of the incident, but no injuries were reported.

A spokesman for the U.S. Secret Service said it had detained a possible shooter after a report at about 12:15 p.m. EDT that shots were fired near the embassy in northwest Washington, D.C.

Witnesses said the gunfire took place inside the embassy compound during a protest against the Horn of Africa nation’s government.

“About half a block from the embassy, I heard at least four shots, and I thought there were people killed,” demonstrator Tesfa Simagne told Reuters Television.

A video taken inside the embassy gates and carried by the website of Ethiopian Satellite Television shows a man wearing a dark suit and brandishing a silver handgun.

He points the weapon at others who argue with him and fires a single shot. Still waving the gun and arguing with protesters, the man backs up to an embassy door and goes inside.

A separate video made by a protester and provided to Reuters showed a bullet hole in the windshield of a car protesters said was outside the embassy gates.

A State Department official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, also said that no one was hurt. The person believed to have fired the shots turned himself in to authorities, and no arrests were made because he has diplomatic immunity, the official said.

Repeated phone calls to the embassy went unanswered.

  1. Ittu Aba Farda
    | #1

    O My Goodness!!!

    May be nobody told this security man this is not Addis, Ambo or some woods where he came from. You don’t fire a gun of any caliber in the sky in a metro city of almost 6 million people. What goes up comes down with inertia that can be fatal to inhabitants. But he must have done what he was told to do – protect by all means necessary. He could have called the DC police and ask for immediate help from them. They could have been there faster than he can never imagine.
    All I can say is O My Goodness!!!!

    | #2

    Vandalism against irresponsibility; motivation of both of them in this case:ጥቅሜ ከጥፋት ነው! Who is provoking for what purpose!? Vorgeschmack der kommenden “Wahl”!?

  3. Hailu
    | #3

    This shows how G7 Frustrated on what is going on in Ethiopia.As we go up they satisfaction will go down so what we have to do is to expedite our all round growth even at higher rate.

  4. Emizzimzim
    | #4

    Most certainly, citizens in the US were disturbed by the lone gunman, Woyanae Bandit Banda by distinct identity and motives it was him disrupting lives and activities that citizens are carrying out on a daily basis.

    In 1991 the robbers came into Ethiopia via invasion with a lot of guns and bullets to kill and loot Ethiopians. It is bruit fact. No sooner than they entered Ethiopia, they dispatched themselves across and all over the lands that they set their feet in and moved into villages, towns, cities. They then quickly moved into neighbourhoods, broke homes and vandalized the lives of citizens.

    Today, everything and anything that is available above and below the lands is owned, controlled, and run by descendants of Askaris and Bandas.

    Now, the woyane bandit flew across the ocean and landed in the USA.

    It was not visible whether the woyane robber was a cross-eyed, but one thing was crystal clear from afar or in the proximity to everyone and everybody indeed the woyane bandit was a lunatic.

    Domestic and international wealth of these descendants of Bandas, the robbers from the looting of the resources of the country and the public is hugely vast and is catastrophic on all walks of life in Ethiopia.

    He paused as if he was on prayers, the woyane banda bandit. Pulled the trigger and shot shots; he was in panic mood. The bad psychopathic woyane bandit robber pulled the trigger sluggishly as if there was a quarrel between the gun in his hand and himself.

  5. Emizzimzim
    | #5

    the gun in his hand disobeyed him, failed him terribly, then got jammed. Hell of quite a lot of sweat down poured across his body. The gun in his hand jammed; then, the gunman engulfed with fear and anxiety, retreated towads a house in the embassy, and dashed straight into the room, slide under the table and remained hidden. It was for long; police officers rushed into the compound and retrieved the psychopath woyanae bandit from where he was coiled like a fetus under the table.

  6. Densa
    | #6

    Well done fellow Ethiopians! I am proud of you the way you handled this one. You lift up your head and handled this adversity with dignity .Congratulations!
    Once the man reached to his ( what appeared to be 22 caliber) pistol he acted as one he don’t know what to do with it. This doe is very fearful weyane who handled himself badly. What an idiot who make himself a public spectator! Pistol in one hand and running for a cover this is what you call it LIT BEGU WEYANE. In contrast the brave and empty handed Ethiopians are seen cornering the BUKEI BANDA in to retreat. This will go in the history books. What factor did play for such heroic display of Ethiopians and a disgrace for the TPLF agent? This ,Shame less Weyanes have no cause , they are hanging on to power for their selfish end. Ethiopians are saying we have enough of you and hand over power to the people and let elect their dear leaders. This demonstrates weyanes are in the wrong side of history. Ethiopians on the other hand have a cause and don’t care about the coast and so they stood giant.This is going to be the norm of the future until every one of weyane occupiers are forced out of Ethiopia.

  7. Gonderew
    | #7

    The guard was right. if I were him, I would have shot and break the legs of those stupid hooligans.

  8. Mike Tyson
    | #8

    Simply said Weyanes are once and for all liars, cheaters, killers incompetent. And in this case they showed to the world they are still TIFRAM BALAGERS. Weyanes are tugs by their very nature and no amount of education will rectify that. We have seen it over before but this time they practiced it in the face of their handlers.

  9. Dedebit Shere
    | #9

    We have now the terrorist weyane loose in Washington D.C. Weyane and terror are synonymous every where they are they show it. Weyanes are fearful and every one of them always keep his one hand on the pistol. Fear makes you to see every bush as your enemy. Has not been for the mercy of the the protesters this rat could have been lynched. One can see the fear on his face after his pistol gamed or run out of bullet. I am sure he should be glad for getting the heck out of here for his good.

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