United States expels Ethiopian Embassy gunman By Abebe Gellaw

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The United States has expelled the Ethiopian Embassy gunman who opened fire at peaceful protesters last Monday, Ethiopian embassy sources confirmed to the Ethiopian Satellite Television (ESAT).

Solomon Tadesse Gebreselassie, aka Wedi Woyni, who was the security chief at the embassy, was given 48 hours to leave the United States. Gebreselassie had diplomatic immunity.

It has now been confirmed that Mr. Gebreselassie has arrived in Addis Ababa, the Ethiopian capital. Airlines insiders told ESAT that the gunman took Ethiopian Airlines Flight ET501, on Wednesday, October 1, at 11:15 AM (EST) from Washington Dulles International Airport. The Boeing 777-200LR carrying Mr. Gebresellasie landed in Addis Ababa after a 12-hour direct flight on Thursday October 2, at 06:45 am local time.

Gebresellassie was captured in a dramatic video brandishing a gun and shooting at unarmed protesters. The U.S. Secret Service (USSS) had announced Monday that it had detained a suspect in connection with the shooting incident.

Nicole Mainor, a USSS spokesperson, declined to give updates to this reporter on the ongoing investigation and referred the matter to the State Department. The department indicated that there will be major updates in connection with the incident in the next few days.

State Department spokesperson, Jen Psaki, had said in a brief statement that the Department of State took the incident involving the use of firearm very seriously.

Ethiopian Embassy officials allegedly expressed displeasure with the ongoing investigation and body searches that law enforcement agents had conducted on Gebreselassie and a few other embassy staffers.

  1. timtma
    | #1

    What a relief! This blood thirsty psychopathic cancer is no longer having a place in a civilized societies. TPLF robber shot at justice and peace and peaceful citizens with the gun his handlers smuggled into America. In order to avenge the justice he undermine and the peace he disturbed, he might for sure go on rampage and murder citizens as soon as he arrives in Addis. May God cripple his hands and shatter his criminal mind with fires and poisons.

  2. Ittu Aba Farda
    | #2

    I am glad the Good Ole USA blew this knuckle head guard out of here. This is a land where the law overrules the gun. But in one way I don’t solely blame this guy. He is just a soldier following the guideline and order he was given by his superiors back home. Now they are going to use him as a patsy or they may give him a hero’s welcome for ‘defending’ the flag. And alone by himself!!!!(lol). I sense a documentary in the works about his exploits showing him engaging an army of the enemy alone to the end!!! He won even though he was outnumbered a million to one!!!! That may well be on its way and it won’t surprised me a bit. Just try to read some of the biographies some of them penned about their days in the bushes. They will tell you how they beat a division of a well armed army with just two or three bolt action rifles such as the Fusil-Gras and century old Lee-Enfield guns. And the books were written in English just to end up being the butt of a joke of so many astute readers.

    Meanwhile, I am very thankful that nobody was harmed during the encounter. From the video I saw on websites similar to this one, all this knucklehead needed was lowering the muzzle of his gun by just a few inches.

    In any case, my advice also goes out to those who go to the Embassy’s location to protest. They have to make sure that they don’t trespass the property of the legation. They need to consult countrymen lawyers to be clear what is trespassing and what is not. I just don’t want to see people in harms way unnecessarily. As usual, that is my way of a two cent advice.

  3. Getamesay
    | #3


    After carefully listening to our president of United States of America’s unbiased speech on Ethiopia’s sociopolitical and economic advancement speech from the White House in the front of the world, now I know for sure that our country (ETHIOPIA) is in the good hands and wiser leadership. And am 100% sure the majority of ETHIOPIANS included my self will be casting my vote EPRDF.

  4. Andaregachew
    | #4

    He is going to his home country and definitely he will get some kind of reward and send other country. Those who transgress embassy will pay the price for violating Vienna convention.Politically it will have any effect but may help for extremists as one week propaganda like Yenesew Gebre,walediba,Guraferda

  5. deriba Gotchu
    | #5

    Embarrassing moments of the two Hecklers.
    The two Hecklers, in the name of journos.
    -One suspects you the reporter were the individual who shoved yourself uninvited into the meeting of distinguished guests of Hollywood in the presence of Mr. Obama only to scream the meaningless monologue of “we want freedom more than food”. Your sole purpose clearly was to disrupt the proceedings when the leader of the most powerful country was delivering his speech. That you achieved. It was a most embarrassing act anyone could see. It was certainly un-Ethiopian. It has nothing to do with the lots of intelligent Ethiopians. That was when one could have said Mr., “Now you are on your own”. It could be mentioned your actions that day could qualify as one of the reasons for recent resignations of the President’s security Head. It was clearly a personal attention grabbing ego trip in want of Notoriety. It brought zero benefit in advancing the liberty concerns of Ethiopians. You scored 200% on naivety if you believed your actions would influence American Foreign Policy. Here is a helpful quote for you to learn from. “America (any nation for that matter) has no friends but interests”. By implication, the US acts if threats are foreseen to those considered vital interests.
    Besides your monologue were meaningless. Let’s get real. If one dangles in one hand “freedom” and “a loaf of bread” on the other to a starving person’s eyes, as millions our people are, any sensible person could see which hand he or she could go for first-of course, it is the bread and then thinks of the values of the hand of “Freedom” later with something in the belly. Hopes are this makes sense and you learn from it. Like many fringe groups such as secessionists, you seem embroiled in insatiable quest to claim the mantles of power without any clear objectives of what to do with it in the common public interest apart perhaps from personal gratification it brings and a need to having power exercised over others. One could be wrong for making this observation but, the onus is on you to disprove it is otherwise.
    -The other Heckler appeared at recent state department press briefing regarding a shooting incident at the Ethiopian Embassy.
    On a video clip, this individual with the name Mesfin came out as total embarrassment. He was a person with zero journalistic skill, it appeared. He came totally unprepared for the one question he could have posed with crisp and clear two sentences. His Fluency leaves much to be desired. Rather, he was domineering. Embarrassed, not being able to put forward a good legible question he overwhelmed the space and wouldn’t let go. This was despite the clever and skilled repeated attempt by the spokesperson to pass the hat around, so to speak. You will never see anything like it at such a high level. Had he taken that opportunity and gone quiet it would have been to his advantage in saving him further embarrassment. You see the other respected journalist sitting behind him ducking and bobbing their heads in total bewilderment while he was carrying on and on. One could not be sure whether he went there to ask and get answers on an issue of interest to his viewers as he purported to be or the purpose of heckling the spokesperson. He was totally lost in mirage of confusion of his own jumbled thoughts. At times, he appeared to point out there were ongoing threats from the embassy. He was entitled to make any allegations and it is up to his viewers to get him to account. The cardinal question here was whether he was morally justified to make such a scene at the briefing. It was bizarre. He seemed to be saying listen to me all; I have got the question and also all the answers. The real problem was nobody could grasp what he was trying to say-what a joker.
    It seems some individuals are convinced that if you are clean shaved and you doled up in your attires, legibility to be a journo and ask questions with full authority are guaranteed
    It is Time to Pause and it is Time to Think.
    I rest my case!

  6. Samson
    | #6

    The mistake has been done in USA if it was democracy he should have face the law and get punished he get away with it that’s what it’s called encouraging to be brutal against diaspora and peace full people back home that’s not good sign.
    When some one become hero he will even turn the gun in to his commander just watch .

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