US court issues arrest warrant for Ethiopian embassy gunman By Abebe Gellaw

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The United States Attorney’s Office has obtained an arrest warrant in the Superior Court of the District of Columbia for the Ethiopian embassy gunman, Solomon Tadess Gebre Silasse. The security attache, who dramatically shot at peaceful protesters at the Ethiopian embassy, fled to Ethiopia to escape prosecution.

Bill Miller, Public Information Officer at U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia, told this reporter that the office obtained the arrest warrant after it filed criminal charges of assault with intent to kill while armed in connection with a shooting incident on September 29 at the Embassy of Ethiopia. “The charge carries a statutory maximum of 30 years,” he said.

Miller further explained that the fugitive would be arrested if he was to return to the United States. Asked why the defendant was not arrested before he fled, Miller pointed out that the former security attaché had diplomatic immunity. “Because this is a pending matter, the U.S. Attorney’s Office has no further comment at this time. Further questions about this matter can be directed to the State Department,” he noted.

The United States expelled the gunman, who was detained and investigated by the Secret Service, after the TPLF-led regime refused to waive his diplomatic immunity to face prosecution for the crime he committed in broad daylight.

State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki said last week that the department had formally requested the Ethiopian government for a waiver of immunity to permit prosecution of the individual. “The request was declined, and the individual involved has now left the country,” she said.

Political Science Professor and defense attorney Alemayehu Gebremariam, aka Al Mariam, explained that as an arrest warrant has already been issued he can be arrested anywhere in the U.S. or U.S. territories. “The warrant will remain in place and will not be recalled until he is arrested and brought to justice or the matter is resolved through other judicial disposition.”

Al Mariam further noted that the defendant’s name would be entered into the National Crime Information Center (NCIC), an electronic clearinghouse of crime data that can be tapped into 24/7 by criminal justice agencies nationwide. “He can run back to Ethiopia, but he will never be able to come and hide in the U.S.,” he said.

Asked if the fugitive can permanently escape from US judicial system, Al Mariam indicated that his freedom of movement would be limited as he could even face extradition. “Mr. Gebre Selassie may feel he has escaped the long arms of U.S. justice, but now that he has left the U.S. he is no longer protected by diplomatic immunity. If he is found in any country that has an extradition agreement with the U.S. he could be extradited for prosecution.”

Commenting on the wild behavior of TPLF’s diplomats like the fugitive, Al mariam said quipped: “You can make a diplomat out of a thug but you can’t unmake the thug in the diplomat.”

Meanwhile, Girma Biru, TPLF’s ambassador to the U.S., blamed Eritrea for the embassy “disturbance”. Even if peaceful protest is fully protected under the constitution of the United States, the ambassador referred to the protest as “illegal”. The ambassador, who gave rounds of interviews to the mouthpieces of the ruling party praising the shooter and condemning the peaceful protesters, called the protesters hooligans that were hired by Eritrea to disturb the peace of the embassy.

According to the ailing ambassador, who is widely accused of naked opportunism and corruption, the protesters were angered over the strengthening ties between the tyrannical TPLF regime and the U.S. government.

“It is sad that Ethiopia is misrepresented by all kinds of wild and opportunistic individuals like Girma Biru and the shooter he praised. Crooked opportunists like Girma Biru are TPLF’s lapdancers. They live to please the criminal tyrants who pay them to do whatever they want to. Girma knows the truth. But he can’t say it or live it. He is only paid to peddle lies in D.C. That makes his life sad and pathetic,” said DC-based activist Mesfin Abera.

  1. What
    | #1

    “This reporter”? Why don’t you at lease man up and say this Ginbot7 member regardless your faulty – and the ever shrinking Al’s – legal analysis.

  2. deriba Gotchu
    | #2

    There may be a justifiable arrest warrant pending for you as well Mr. Reporter for none other than for gate crushing in a recent past, into a meeting of Hollywood’s distinguished guests in the presence of the President of the United States of America. You did that by somehow breaching the security cordon around the president perhaps by posing as some third rate journo and/or presenting some terribly not convincing cliché of that nature you managed to conjure up to sway the Marshal’s at the venue. Nice for trying to get one Professor Al’s supportive arguments, although there wasn’t indication he collaborated with your report. It goes to say that some people don’t seem to be able to learn from their most embarrassing moments.

  3. Dawi
    | #3

    Abebe said:

    [[..The ambassador, .. praising the shooter and condemning the peaceful protesters, called ..hooligans... hired by Eritrea .... angered over the strengthening ties between the tyrannical TPLF regime and the U.S. government...]]

    Yes the protesters spoke loudly of their anger and we can’t have any doubt that they were bothered by Obama’s praise of Ethiopian government. I say the utter disrespect they showed to the ambassador made him to call them “hooligans” therefore the ambassador gets an A- on that however, he should have condemned the “shooting” as an error of judgment by his staff at the minimum; so he gets a “D” for that misjudgment.

    The fact is over the years EPRDF has gained ground in the diplomatic/military arena. We can safely say they have thrown all their enemies into disarray. Shabia, ELF,OLF,EPRP,ONLF to AL-Shabab don’t have that much to show today in the military and diplomatic fronts.

    Such position should have given EPRDF officials to be more accommodating to peaceful protests but, looking at the ambassador’s error & the general line of the government propaganda they are still playing in the defensive. Why?

    I say, there was no reason to make the protesters changing the new flag with the old one a big deal; just ask the staff to change it back, take protective measures in the future and continue your business as usual.

    It is about time the government shows a capacity to allow folks (protesters) vent their frustrations without calling all of them agents of Eritrea.

  4. ebistata
    | #4

    The assailant will soon be arrested because he is an internationally wanted a fugitive. Good example is the recently Kenyan’s president who has been on a wanted list for the crime he had committed on innocent civilian, now is facing the justice and the judges in ICS; of course, the verdict will definitely be guilty, guilty, guilty.

    So shall this gunman who insanely shot on civilian with an intent to kill all of them. Well, it might take a little time, but the TPLF front man and the smuggled gun he used the innocents will be grabbed by the neck and be thrown into jail for the rest of his life,

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