Open letter to U.S. President Barack Obama By Abebe Gellaw

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Note: Upon the invitation of the Democratic National Committee, I had another opportunity to attend an event with President Obama. He spoke about the opportunities and challenges that his administration is taking up at home and abroad. In the October 10 event held at The W Hotel in downtown San Francisco, I took this opportunity to hand the following letter to a White House aide, who promised to deliver it to the President. In any case, here it is in a form of an open letter to President Obama.


President Barack Obama
1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW,
Washington, DC 20500

Mr. President,
First and foremost, I would like to express my sincere appreciation to you for taking some bold steps to inspire the future leaders of Africa. The Mandela Washington Fellowship, which aims to bring 500 bright and visionary young African leaders to the White House and Capitol Hill annually for a unique experience and learning, is arguably one of the best initiatives that the government of the United States has ever taken.

I am sure many Africans support such an initiative because the future and hope of the African continent hinges upon new breed of visionary leaders that are willing to boldly take risks to lead Africa out of the darkness of brutal tyranny and corruption into the sunshine of freedom, dignity, justice and democracy.

Some of these young dreamers and visionaries you are trying to inspire will certainly follow the footsteps of Martin Luther King Jr., Gandhi and Mandela. If African nations suffering under tyrannies are to get out of the quagmire of abject poverty, ignorance, corruption, abuse of power and the indignity they are suffering at the hands of its own rulers, a new breed of African leaders with selfless mindsets have to take the lead. However, we should also remember that countless young visionary Africans who could have joined the coveted fellowship cannot even apply because most are thrown in harsh jails, some are killed and many are tortured and abused because of their views and the beautiful dreams they cherish.

Mr. President, it would be disingenuous of me if I am remiss to raise the serious concerns that freedom fighters and activists like myself are expressing in the aftermath of the African Leadership Summit that you hosted last August. While the summit should be applauded as the first ever U.S.-Africa summit aimed at engaging African rulers, the list of guests was truly disturbing.

Just to mention a few among many, Teodoro Obiang of Equatorial Guinea, Gambia’s Yahya Jammeh, Cameroon’s Paul Biya, Jose Eduardo dos Santos of Angola even Ethiopia’s Hailemariam Desalegn, who is the front man for TPLF’s brutal regime, are among the worst human rights abusers in the continent that are shedding the blood of so many innocent people and terrorizing their own people to sustain their tyranny and corruption. Africa’s biggest obstacles to progress and change are its own abusive rulers. Without respect for human rights, progress and development has little meaning because it is not the aspiration of any nation to starve and die dispossessed of dignity in silence and fear.

Mr. President, it is true that some African countries are registering some progress. But in so many countries like Ethiopia, where crony capitalism is on the rise, the hyped up progress and development is driven by a greedy ethnocentric ruling elite. As you very well know, crony capitalism mainly benefits the privileged few at the detriment of the majority.

Mr. President, during your meeting with a delegation of Ethiopian officials that included Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn and Foreign Minister Tedros Adhanom last month at the United Nations, you said: “Obviously we’ve been talking a lot about terrorism and the focus has been on ISIL, but in Somalia, we’ve seen al-Shabaab, an affiliate of al Qaeda, wreak havoc throughout that country. That’s an area where the cooperation and leadership on the part of Ethiopia is making a difference as we speak. And we want to thank them for that.” It is indeed a great honor for Ethiopia to get your administration’s commendation for its role in the global war on terror.

However, any careful reading of the annual State Department report on human rights reveals disturbing facts that maybe unintentionally overlooked. It is clear that the greatest threats on the safety and security of the ordinary people of Ethiopia do not come from al Qaeda or al-Shabaab. It comes from the very people who sat with you pretending to be committed to be fighting against terrorism. As a matter of fact, after the fall of the brutal military rule of Mengistu Hailemariam in 1991, it is a tragedy that another tyranny is under the TPLF is terrorizing Ethiopia for over two decades.

The TPLF regime has killed, maimed, tortured and jailed countless Ethiopians during its reign of terror. So many journalists, bloggers, activists, dissidents and freedom fighters are being jailed and tortured accused of fictitious terrorism charges. The award winning journalists Ekinder Nega, Reeyot Alemu, Wubishet Taye, the young Zone9 bloggers, leaders of Muslim rights movement, activists and dissidents like Andargachew Tsege, Andualema Arage, Bekele Gerba, Olbana Lelisa and countless others have been labeled terrorists. They are languishing in rat-infested jails abused, tortured and brutalized. Such a cowardly attack against innocent civilians for speaking out against tyranny is nothing but terrorism.

President Obama, please allow me to quote just two paragraph from the 2013 U.S. State Department Human Rights Report on Ethiopia: “The most significant human rights problems included: restrictions on freedom of expression and association, including through arrests; detention; politically motivated trials; harassment; and intimidation of opposition members and journalists, as well as continued restrictions on print media. On August 8, during Eid al-Fitr celebrations, security forces temporarily detained more than one thousand persons in Addis Ababa. The government continued restrictions on activities of civil society and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) imposed by the Charities and Societies Proclamation (the CSO law).”

“Other human rights problems included arbitrary killings; allegations of torture, beating, abuse, and mistreatment of detainees by security forces;reports of harsh and, at times, life-threatening prison conditions; arbitrary arrest and detention; detention without charge and lengthy pretrial detention; a weak, overburdened judiciary subject to political influence; infringement on citizens’ privacy rights, including illegal searches; allegations of abuses in the implementation of the government’s “villagization” program; restrictions on academic freedom; restrictions on freedom of assembly, association, and movement; alleged interference in religious affairs; limits on citizens’ ability to change their government; police, administrative, and judicial corruption; violence and societal discrimination against women and abuse of children; female genital mutilation/cutting (FGM/C); trafficking in persons; societal discrimination against persons with disabilities; clashes between ethnic minorities; discrimination against persons based on their sexual orientation and against persons with HIV/AIDS; limits on worker rights; forced labor; and child labor, including forced child labor. Impunity was a problem. The government, with some reported exceptions, usually did not take steps to prosecute or otherwise punish officials who committed abuses other than corruption.”

Mr. President, I hope you agree with me that the disturbing testimony from the State Department is as bleak as a CIA report on al-Qaeda. It should be noted here that the Tigray People’s Liberation Front was also blacklisted in the Global Terrorism Database of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security before it came to power. Terrorist groups, whether they operate as a government or a band of pirates, have similar objectives and aspirations. They try to cause great fear and impose their will upon others through killings, massacres, tortures, kidnappings and all sort of inhuman tactics.

In the aftermath of the 2005 brutal crackdown, U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy had said, in a statement, “Ethiopia has been an ally of the United States in combating international terrorism, yet it is using similar tactics against its own people…The government’s heavy handed tactics to steal the election and persecute those who sought to play by the rules of democracy, should be universally condemned.”

Mr. President, so many Ethiopians appreciate your effort to help Ethiopia. But the United States should not provide unconditional funds to the tyrants in power that are terrorizing the oppressed people of Ethiopia. The United States should not also lose its unique place as the beacon of hope and freedom. It needs to live up to its core values and creeds. If the United States needs credible allies against terrorism, it has to look into the records of questionable allies and press them to clean their own house first before fighting other terrorists.

Mr. President, as you said: “We lose ourselves when we compromise the very ideals that we fight to defend. And we honor those ideals by upholding them not when it’s easy, but when it is hard.”

Ordinary people like me will continue to make every effort to stick out reminders and notes so that the government of the United States continues to uphold the foundational values and ideals that have made this country truly great and admirable. I do hope that eventually we will get noticed and our voices will be heard.

We need Freedom! Justice! Dignity! Democracy! and Equality.

Most respectfully,

Abebe Gellaw
Global Alliance for the Rights of Ethiopians

  1. Alem
    | #1

    Abebe’s efforts are commendable.
    However, I have this hunch that his “activism” could be a liability.
    Some who see Abebe now more than likely say, Here goes the Crow
    and in the process remember not a word of what he said. In other words,
    it is important to choose/review methods and venue to air opinion.
    The Open Letter above has fairly stated what we are up against.
    One downside to the letter is a tendency to tell-all; an urge
    to impress and/or lecture the President of the United States.
    One can also argue the President is himself given to
    lecturing at every turn and always short on

    Abebe needs to rethink about playing from behind the scene.
    Others could write brief and factual memos in prominent media –
    The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, etc. and wherever
    policy shapers congregate. I am thinking of individuals like Dr. Aklog who I learn retired from the Bank. Command of language, coherence of argument and
    academic credential is extremely important.
    It takes sober assessment of facts and not
    being driven by hate and unreasonableness.
    Themes that need emphasizing are as follows:
    corruption [tax-payer's dollars] lining pockets
    absence of accountability;
    Ethiopian rulers have capitalized on
    “fastest development” scenario but do not
    have much to show for in terms of
    employment, or providing
    electric power, water, education,
    housing, telephone, the Internet.
    [69 latrines for 3 million Addis Ababa
    residents is a telling indictment of "development
    and poverty reduction"; ironically, it
    was the Guarding UK who brought the news!]
    Don’t run around raising all sorts of issues.
    Dwell on these; keep hammering and producing
    facts as well as commending the good
    that has been achieved.
    Connect human trafficking with
    terrorism, abuses to young women, children and money-laundering.
    The facts are all there – in the Middle East and
    Africa and Europe; connect land grab with poverty and
    skyrocketing prices; Al Amoudi and environmental degradation, etc
    Ethiopian rulers’ strategy to use diplomatic
    immunity to spy on Ethiopians residing in
    North America and Europe/Australia/NZ.
    Ethiopian rulers’ opening accounts
    using/abusing privileges available
    in North America/Europe, etc to mobilize
    their cadres.

    Some Dont’s:
    Do Not waste time on Eritrea – it is a distraction
    Do Not waste time reading Ethiomedia, ER [Ethiopian? Eritrean?]
    Do Not waste time on worrying about OLF/G7/and other
    such outfits operating out of Eritrea.
    ESAT would do well spending 70-80% of its resources
    educating Ethiopians on their history, culture,
    and unity as opposed to employing similar tactics
    as Ethiopian rulers. This in turn takes
    recruiting sober and capable scholars [those
    who could make complex issues simple for the
    general public [and not ones who hardly could
    finish a sentence without English phrases and words].
    There are hundreds of Ethiopian scholars who could
    be mobilized to engage in public debates making presentations
    and contacting persons of influence and learning institutions.
    Ethiopian rulers have to come up with lies after lies
    to support their achievements.
    In other words, those who reside outside the country
    need to stop impressing each other with their foreign language
    skills and titles and focus more on reaching particular members
    in those societies.
    fellow Ethiopians.

  2. Rahel Tesfaye
    | #2

    Alem, You spent your valubale time to ramble about what is not possible. I see a big difference between you and Abebe Gellaw. You are a helpless cynic. “What is a cynic? A man who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing,” as Oscar Wilde said. Aebe believes in the power of doing. He is an optimist who see light in the dark. People like you see darkness on a bright day.
    Go Abebe Gellaw! Thank you, sir. We need more of you.

  3. Ittu Aba Farda
    | #3


    You hit it bullseye. Excellent observation except about snubbing various websites you mentioned. I personally believe that all what is written about the country and people we all left behind should be read with scrutiny. Let the reader come to a plausible conclusion from what is written on any one these websites and stations. Besides that I too, like you, see a lot of over-powering emotions among us. I hope Obbo Abebe’s shout-outs on the two occasions never happened. Both were not dignified ways of making grudges known to attendees including the President. I sensed the emotions that triggered the screaming might have been laced with anger outdone by hatred. In this society where we have called home for sometime now, I am sure we have come across families where husbands are longtime supporters of the Republican Party and their wives are die-hard backers of the Democratic Party or vice versa. Family is one thing and politics is another matter which should be left outside the front door. Hatred whether ethnicity or religion driven has been bedeviling us all Africans since the antiquities. That has been our exposed soft belly well exploited by unfriendly outsiders with sinister plans for more than 1300 years. That is what the Al-Toweel Isaias trying to sink his poisonous teeth into since the 1970′s and more or so now since the 1990′s. I speak in utter contempt and total disgust about all these groups who have sought refuge in Asmara to fetch ‘military’ assistance from this proven violator of the Geneva Convention. He is working tirelessly to pitch my peaceful and harmonious Oromos on their equally friendly Amhara, Afar and Somali neighbors. Thanks to the blunders and serious rights violations by the current rulers in Ethiopia, he has been able to find juicy targets for his devilish plans. His end product is fishing in the troubled water teeming with plenty of raw material. You started me with G7, OLF and other groupings who chose Al-Toweel to be their modern day Simon Bolivar. They are not even capable of eloquently expressing what is in their mind. In one of such presentations I was watching the lecture given by the leader of one these groupings and I could tell he was having difficulties telling what he wants. He gets in and out Amharic and English incessantly. ‘Coneptu’ ‘Conceptu’. You will notice the same type of show-offing by those who try to tell Oromos like me what needs to be done or what in the Dickens they are doing now. They were telling me and million of Oromos that they were on the outskirts of Addis (Finfene) in 1990-91. But what they did not tell me is that they were instead were waging ‘liberation’ war in Kenya in earnest and killing innocent poor farmers inside Ethiopia. Now whatever left of them are wondering aimlessly in the deserts of Eritrea until Isaias decides to have them all for lunch whenever he feels like it. You just watch!!! One of these days!!! Bang!! Zoom!!! Alice Kramden to the Moon!!! You just watch!!!! You see, for dictators and a despot spilling of human blood is highly addictive. They need their daily fixes. Otherwise they lose their mind afflicted with the withdrawal effect and pick a fight that they are destined to sorely lose with their powerful neighbors. Idi Amin, Pol Pot, Jaafar Nimeiry, General Manuel Antonio Noriega and others are examples of addicted despots like him. Al-Toweel and his former comrades now the dominant rulers of Ethiopia seem to have this conviction that forceful action is the one that bought them from the bushes all the way to the fledgling capitals they both call home now. I am more encouraged now when I see the blending of moderates with the gun-toting war veterans in the EPRDF than what everyone can see in Asmara. But I still believe that there is unfavorable and sometimes unlivable condition for all political opponents in Ethiopia especially during the election season. That is based on past history at least. And I don’t condone violence in any shape or form to bring about political change in Ethiopia. That country is more massive and intricate than we tend to believe. Above all our people are tired of violence. The have gone through convulsing violence in which they lost millions of their loved ones just to witness one despot replacing another despot. The current one seems to possess more diplomatic acumen than the opposition. I can tell the problem many world leaders like President Obama are having. It is almost impossible to figure which of the opposition they can hold a pow-wow with. G7, OLF, ONLF and others whose names and objectives are difficult to comprehend are cajoling with the America and West basher in Asmara. Let’s say they want to give OLF a shout out. Which one? Or others who have not gone dump site scavenging in Asmara yet like EPRP. Which one? You see what I am saying? It is outright disgusting!!!!

  4. Alem
    | #4

    Dear Rahel Tesfaye,
    You surreptitiously chose to side with Abebe, contributing little to the discussion. I thought we just met and you’ve already conjured up phrases that describe more your state of mind than provide a proper response to a complete stranger’s comments. I hope this is not your idea of putting valuable time to good use. I therefore invite you to once more focus on the issues. I do realize we both mean to speak to a grave situation our homeland is faced with; except you sounded overtaken by unproductive emotions. Take care. @Rahel Tesfaye

  5. Anonymous
    | #5

    I am surprised somebody just opposing the freedom of Ethiopian people< the person must be Woyane or the follower. Dot forget all the Ethiopian people who need freedom. Abebe Gelaw, you are the Hero of the Ethiopian People. God bless you. @Rahel Tesfaye

  6. Yigrmal Geremew
    | #6

    Now the good Abebe is learning how to wean from his shouting habits. Curiously enough, the “we need democracy more than food” has also made it to the trash bin as it looks. I hope this handing over a letter, which by the way is way more than the daily security briefing the president reads, is the end of the winding road we call a lost cause. From journalist to self acclaimed human rights fighter, from activist to touring fundraiser, and now to newly baptized Ginbot7 official, the end to resignation must be closing in. Since the camel kept walking while the dog barked, it is natural for the dog to retreat. What I found very naive, regardless of this delusional and childish attempt at seeking recognition, is the very fact Alem mentioned rather coherently – the amount of hate he exhibits whenever he opens his mouth. Abebe is asking the president to overrule himself from what he testified not long ago in a meeting with the Ethiopian delegation. It’s you, Abebe , you need educating on the stubborn facts on the ground not the other way around. Recycling a tired and long discredited events will not cut it. The only way you can free yourself from your misery is by seeing things for what they are. Not invented or imagined facts, but facts based on current situations. Hate will only blind you more – assuming you are not yet completely blinded.


    Your idealism is very admirable, but not workable under the sorry current affairs of our toxic diaspora. Case in point Rahel Tesfaye. The only thing they know is barking like a little dog. I have been in your shoes – which was a painful experience. And you know exactly where they got their cues – so what sense does it make to appeal to a reason? Nada!

  7. Alem
    | #7

    Dear Yigermal, If more individuals like yourself refuse to be intimidated by anyone and engage in letter writing campaign and challenge those who lead us astray or misrepresent our national interest perhaps then we could begin to see some change. I have been studiously following events and have concluded that Ethiopian rulers are very, very vulnerable in those areas I listed above. There is no way they could defend their positions short of spewing lie after lies. Any sensible person could not help but notice the ducks lined up for straight shooters; by “ducks” I mean corruption, illicit money transfer, abuse of young women, environmental degradation, Al Amoudi and the savage House of Saud, Ethiopian rulers’ record in destabilizing regional and local security, etc.

    ITU ABA Farda: I always enjoy reading your comments. I challenge you and anyone else to prove me wrong concerning my comments on Ethiomedia and EReview. Both are in this simply for the money. In other words, cashing in on our misery. My verdict is don’t click on both. Go back and check Ethiomedia archives [if you can] and you may condemn me for suggesting it is subtly working for Tplf by providing the blood and gore the confused “opposition” is known to crave for. EReview of course where all the controversies are hatched and where Eritrea and all sorts of fronts are front and center. Teach them a lesson; take back your voice by not clicking on those sites. I will return on other sites later.

    In short, Ethiopians who can articulate our concern coherently need not waste their time and energy talking past each other or impressing the world with their credentials which in many instances are nothing more than adornments. If you are an economist [like Dr. Seid] or development philosopher [Dr. Messay] or political scientist/attorney [Prof. Alemayehu] or journalist [Serkalem], etc, all you need is a good idea and a medium to broadcast to North American and European publics and policy makers. I would have loved to include Tecola Hagos but for his unwillingness to act on his avowed opposition to the group he once was part of. I have suggested that he coordinate a document on atrocities of Meles, Mengistu, Seye, Seyoum, Tsadkan, etc to be filed to relevant international bodies.

    My thing with Abebe is that his style is not sustainable and is in fact a liability. You see him being lionized and Tamagne arriving in a limo to a fanfare and you wonder what the circus is about. You hear Esat reporter Sisai interview G7 leader Dr. Birhanu and never caring to ask important follow-up questions but letting him lecture us that Andargachew will not divulge secrets even if Tplf “cut his fingers” [same phrase Meles had used] and that G7 is on auto-pilot and that he does not know what is going on at the operational level or that his group is for liberating the country and not seeking power, etc. And then we heard G7 Public Relations Head Neamin speak in Atlanta to tell us Eritrea is the safest place for Ethiopians? Madness! Just madness!

    Here is the short end of my argument. We should stand against the tyranny and deception of Tplf [masquerading as Eprdf]. Ethiopia is for all Ethiopians. Serving our country should be based on professionalism [who best qualifies for the job] and not on “equal opportunity.” “Equal opportunity” only benefited those doing the assigning [Tplf]; and pitting one against the other. And so you have infectious diseases specialist as Foreign Minister [currently busily studying world map in the hope of perhaps taking over from Hailemariam the political ape] and DebreTsion heading departments of Economy, Finance, Telecom, Power, and Security – only because they are Tplf. You can go over every ministry and list employees from janitors to drivers to clerks to find who are the beneficiaries.

    Tplf tactic is to present the country as haven for investors and a stable nation working toward reducing poverty and growing the economy faster than most nations, etc. In both instances, the claims are unsubstantiated. The one reason for Tplf remaining in power is because of Obama and Cameron Admins.’ support. The question is therefore how to pull off the cover and show the world the filthy criminal that is Tplf; how to show Bill Gates, Bono, Geldof, etc doing their thing at the cost of human freedoms and the longterm wellbeing of our country.

    I keep coming back to this one thing: don’t worry about Eritrea or Olf breaking away [it will not happen because it has no public support; the noise we hear is from crickets [mostly Eritreans and Tplf] and few Oromo leaders who clap at hearing Tesfaye G/Ab claim Oromo [Ijoolee Bishoftu] identity in Amharic and make an academic career out of inventing new utopian histories. And do not worry about Moresh Amhara who have remained stuck in the 19th century; with the eminent philologist Professor Getachew leading the pack – a role once occupied by the eminent late-Surgeon Professor Asrat. Do Not worry about Orthodox this-Orthodox that; Islamic this-Islamic that; Eprp, Derg, Meison, Tplf splinter, Eritrean Opposition and similar group cleavages; some of these are undergoing withdrawal and others fronting for who cares what! These are all distractions. The rulers in Ethiopia are not inclusive; rather their inclusiveness is predicated on ethnic affiliation. Our role while residing abroad is to out the onslaught on our unity by mean and criminal gang through civilly voicing those concerns and not remote-controlling events.

    Could Professors Seid, Begashaw, Messay, etc identify/prioritize issues, get together, divide up responsibilities to engage in a sustained public relations battle – the very staple of Tplf, the very reason Tplf remains in power? You don’t need to form a grand organization to undertake such a project. I am telling you it is the most effective way forward. Esat could do much better than house few angry journalists. Esat needs to reign in all these pent-up emotions that continues to cloud reasonable reporting. Educate, educate, educate. What curriculum is being taught in schools; what history? Educate, educate, educate. Don’t waste your time trying to please Muslims, then Christians, then Oromos, Amharas, etc. Lead or get out of the way. Don’t condemn Ethiopian rulers of censorship and engage in the same thing! You should not think yourself above reproach. I am tired; I am done.

    Thank you Abugida for the excellent job of facilitating discussions on issues that concern our nation.
    @Yigrmal Geremew

  8. Lemma
    | #8


    So a MD degree from UK in case of Tewdros and an engineering degree from Germany as well as a PhD from USA in case of Debretsion amounts to affirmative action in your analysis? That is how bogus your claims are. Unless for once and all you stop judging people by the first name they carry or the origin they hail, you will never be able to articulate a comprehensive argument against the ruling party. It’s your coded word of “TPLF” which makes you a hater like Abebe perhaps in different fur. I don’t see any difference between you and the people you despised – Elias Kifle and Co. in how you represent and view things in today’s Ethiopia.

    @Yigrmal Geremew

    I am with you brother on this – እኒም ገርሞኛል በአበበ ጉዳይ

  9. Ittu Aba Farda
    | #9

    Dear Alem:

    I hear you!! I hear you!!! I share some of your frustrations. Some of these websites have clear indications that either they are ‘owned’ by a committed group or are avowed supporters of such grouping. How did I find about that? Well they snubbed some of comments where I hit hard on certain groups who we all know that they have made their ‘base’ of operations in Asmara. Please don’t take me wrong. I respect and honor our brothers and sisters who hail from Eritrea. I admire their industrious characteristics. I had an Eritrean gentleman who I have known very closely for several years. But I have not heard from you since bad news started coming out of his country. Since he knows what he used to tell me of the blinding progress his country is making until the whole world started witnessing the exodus of tens of thousands of young Eritreans fleeing the unbearable living conditions. He may feel embarrassed and ashamed about that. I want to give him a shoutout!!! Hi Misgi!! You know me and I want to hear from you. Don’t worry and give me a ring.

    But some of these websites did not like my such comments. But I still see that as their prerogatives. But that does not make them right. Someone can not decry censorship while he/she censors others in kind. Also, if ER or Ethiomedia have financial reasons behind founding their websites, then that is also their inalienable rights also. I am always for a free enterprise. Ethiomedia is just a reporting site and it does take comments.

    In regards to the highly educated intellectuals I am 100 percent with you. I call upon the intellectuals you mentioned and many others among us to arrange a conference where discussions will be held with the aim of charting a strategy for the direction of the people and country we all left behind. I nominate the righteous editors of this esteemed website to be moderators and organizers of the conference. I have read several articles by Obbos Seid, AL Mariam and other professors like them on this and other websites. They have the academic prowess to do the job and in the meantime show the US and Western nations that there is a viable group among the Diaspora with a viable alternative. In Ethiopia there is a very strong ruling party but the opposition is sickly weak and so divided almost beyond repair. Some of the ‘opposition’ groups abroad are on scavenging missions to Asmara. Don’t start me about these. They disgust me so much to a point of sickness. How can they claim to be ‘liberators’ of a very proud people of ours when they have sold their souls to a demon like Al-Toweel? When you hear this news that they are receiving monetary funds from Isaias in Asmara who is hell bent to pitch my peace loving Oromos against equally friendly peoples of Afars, Somalis and Amharas, I find them to be repulsive. That money is blood money, the noble blood of our Eritrean brothers and sisters. They should not be proud of that. Now it is too late once. Once they enter the lion’s lair there is no way out. He will continue to do so until none are left alive and he will call his cousins in Addis to talk about truce. From what I read, he has already had some of them for lunch. He will remain a dangerous mad dog as long as he is left to his own device.

    As usual I cry from the top of my lung!!! No Violence!!!! No Violence!!!!! No Violence!!!!!!

    Keep plugging away my dear countryman!!! I am stubbornly optimistic. Insha Allah!!!!

  10. Anonymous
    | #10

    Dear Lemma, please go back and read my comments. How does getting a PhD from the US qualify DebreT to run departments of Economy, Finance, Power, Security and Telephone? Do you know where, how, in what area he got his PhD? I will let you do some research and report to readers. So are you telling me Tedros’s study stay in Britain as a foreign student qualifies him to be Foreign Minister? I don’t know where you have been but I can count BETTER qualified Ethiopians to run Foreign Ministry and at least four of the five departments under DebreT.

  11. Alem
    | #11

    Dear Lemma, please go back and read my comments. How does getting a PhD from the US qualify DebreT to run departments of Economy, Finance, Power, Security and Telephone? Do you know where, how, in what area he got his PhD? I will let you do some research and report to readers [hint: Capella]. So are you telling me Tedros’s stay in Britain as a foreign student [or his twitting urges] qualify him to be Foreign Minister? I don’t know where you have been but I can count several BETTER qualified Ethiopians to run Foreign Ministry and at least four of the five departments under DebreT. You are being silly to think Tplf is code word for anything. I meant it to be read plainly – Tplf; the only explanation for the two above and more of them to even be in government is because they are members of Tplf. I will give you another chance to come up with another explanation. Both DebreT and Ted are Tplf; do you have difficulty comprehending facts of this nature? Explain why that is “hate” or “like Abebe.” Not even in Stalinist Russia was someone put over five departments; Stalin yes. Do you still not get the point?

    ITTU: I am all for freedom of expression for Ethiomedia and ER. All I was trying to point out is the extent to which we are disorganized. The two sites are no more than village bulletin board – feeding titillating fodder mostly, and no leadership in any sense of the word. When was the last time you read a good editorial? Ethiomedia’s “must-read, must-listen” is brainless. What does Gebru Asrat have to tell us that we did not already know? Remember Gebru was part of Tplf when Assab was ceded and ethnic “parties” were organized; what sovereignty, what democracy is he talking about? Was it not the same Gebru who told us he lived on a meagre pension and a little later flew State side for first class medical treatment? Was it not the same Gebru who told us 602,000 in Tigray are hungry when that was not the case at all? How about his Arena Tigray; later adding Sovereignty and Democracy. Now he comes up with a book title without Arena Tigray to make several thousands non-taxable dollars and fly home a happy man. So why is Ethiomedia classifying Gebru’s book as a “must?” Remember also Ethiomedia does have unusual access to privileged info; Ethiomedia already knew Meles was “brain-dead” before anyone around. I don’t want to go into the number of articles posted and quickly pulled down; Prof. Gebru Tareke’s “national reconciliation” article was up for about 12 hrs before it was pulled down. The prof of course is behind the policies of Tplf. In his The Ethiopian Revolution, for example, he listed several Derg and Tplf heroes – only the the heroes were all from Tigray!

    ER and G7 recently had a fight in the open, each outing the other following the kidnapping of Andargachew. G7 PR man goes to Atlanta and seduces the unthinking crowd that Eritrea is the safest place for Ethiopians. No altercation between ER and G7 after that. All that tells us is that both G7 and ER are run from Asmara. In other words, for G7 to even think of standing on its own would end in disaster, courtesy of ER/Er. Those residing outside our homeland need not waste time and energy over many of those issues and those that are spewed by Ethmed and ER. Focus on the simple and the very obvious with clarity and coherence. Use common sense. Don’t click on the two sites!

    Ethiopian rulers have mobilized a cadre of reporters some hiding behind foreign media agencies [VOA, Reuters, ABC, and many more with deceptive names, etc]. The idea is to present Ethiopia [their government as stable, peace-loving, poverty-reducing, and fastest economy. With the kind of rampant corruption what development is possible? With tens of thousands leaving the country what kind of stability? With the internally displaced and expanding jail system what kind of peace? With failing education system what future? With ethnic rule [DebreT and Ted and the unofficial official Sebhat] and with unaccounted for and unaudited EFFORT? Land-grab [or as gentleman Meto put it "Life-grab"]? These need to be reported deep and wide to North American and European public and policy shapers.

    Hydro-Dam over Abbai is nothing to fight over. It was a project Haileselassie’s gov initiated but did not have the resources or the political will to undertake; Derg could not because the West stood against it/socialism in support of Egypt. The one thing we could do in regard to the whole project is to lay hands on documents that Egypt, Tplf and Eplf formulated in the early 1990s. Eritrea was looking for recognition as a member of the UN [newly decolonized] in agreement with Tplf [Gebru Asrat, etc]. UN SG Boutros Ghali was willing to help in exchange for a favorable stance on the Nile. A non-disclosure agreement was signed and kept secret. The current fiasco [observe how many times confusing and confused statements and counter-statements are being made by the two parties] is because Ethiopian rulers are afraid of Egypt blackmailing them. And the issue is further complicated by World Bank/Water-power related multinationals’ involvement. The original document as at early 1990s had in mind a break-away republic of Tigray. And revenue-generating scheme for both Tigray and Eritrea by exportation of power. Sudan had a part in this [of course never planning on a South-Sudan scenario]. The idea of selling power to Bashir’s Sudan and then to Eritrea is still on the table. Obviously, two wars and changing world has made original plan untenable for now. Hence, the shifting debates and dis/agreements. Hence, emergence of vocal Tigrayan scholars [always couched in patriotic sentiment]. In the end, serving our homeland takes due diligence, commending achievements irrespective of who, and prioritizing issues as opposed to aimlessly running all over the place.

  12. Alem
    | #12

    oops, also remember the present scenario in regard to Ethiopia-Eri relations could change overnight. In fact there is a push from two sides; the US and Erit opposition on a confederation of Horn nations. Confederation is not in the interest of Ethiopia. The one problem is the fact the leadership is in the hands of the Tplf [masquerading as Eprdf; Eprdf members busy serving themselves and enemies of our future. It is hoped and often aired that the leadership in Asmara could change [of course with the help from Tplf] and one in Addis [with help from Isaias]. That G7 and few Oromo/Amhara “fighters-cum-prisoners” operating under the tutelage of Isaias is perhaps a most bizarre and foolish event of the past decade!

  13. pinnzi
    | #13

    Yes, it is possible and it can be done as well. Right, Mr. Obama, truth and fact be told and revealed, does not have a well founded knowledge about the TPLF organized terrorist group and criminal organization founded by fascist gang members of this same mafia organization with whom the president resided and dinned and wined over fabricated and manufactured group discussion that the TPLF Criminal elements brought forward to him.

    Mr. Obama need to really dig into the criminal head and the background of these tplf tugs and come out with facts that initiate Mr. Obama to admit, indeed, Ethiopians have always been right about the birth and life of these TPLF fascist and compare what Mr. Obama would come up the information he dug out from history and criminal mind of TPLF WOYANE put facts, figures, data, records in juxtaposition with what Ethiopians have been presented to the world.

  14. Have Courage
    | #14

    @ Alem,

    You wrote “The question is therefore how to pull off the cover and show the world the filthy criminal that is Tplf; how to show Bill Gates, Bono, Geldof, etc doing their thing at the cost of human freedoms and the longterm wellbeing of our country.”

    That tells me you have a pro-western and wrong view of the situation in Ethiopia and of the criminal ferenji NGOs and so-called humanitarians.
    I think that is a result of living among ferenjis for a long period of time. So you simply took the mainstream and ferenji-serving view about those crooked and despicable individuals as a strategy of survival. They say, when you are in Rome do as the Romans do.

    But the right view about those ferenji NGOs and individuals should be to demand their expulsion from Ethiopia, to accuse them of being spies and agents of imperialism, to expose them, to attack them and in general to view them as harmful and dangerous elements who masquerade as humanitarians. But as an opportunist you said nothing of the sort.

    Ethiopians are a proud people and ferenjis are among the worst people in history when one considers their crimes of the last 500 years. In the last two decades these ferenjis were allowed to come to Ethiopia and play the humanitarian. That is disrespectful and wrong, and should not have been allowed. A ferenji, given his history and also our experience with him, should not have been allowed to place himself above an Ethiopian and play the humanitarian. That is the view you are supposed to have about those criminals masquerading as humanitarians.

    By the way that is how those ferenjis are viewed in the developing world. They are despised, mistrusted, hated and sometimes physically attacked. Didn’t you hear about West Africans affected by the Ebola outbreak who attacked and also killed red cross workers ?

    So Mr. Alem, you must change your view about despicable and dubious figures like Bill Gates and Bono.

  15. Densa
    | #15

    Alem You said,

    “If you are an economist [like Dr. Seid] or development philosopher [Dr. Messay] or political scientist/attorney [Prof. Alemayehu] or journalist [Serkalem], etc, all you need is a good idea and a medium to broadcast to North American and European publics and policy makers.”

    Are you serious about this? Do you mean to tell me few individual citizens can convince the western policy makers to revise their policies towards the weyane Ethiopia? Are you saying the policy makers intention is almost all the time for the benefit of the general public? Since when the general public influences foreign policy in the developing nations? I am really amused by the whole thing.

  16. Samson
    | #16


    What a ridiculous statement on your part. Is it any leader a head of everything by default? Why is that unique to Stalin? As to your argument about affirmative action, it’s laughable at best. Why is that an appointment of an executive member of a ruling party considered a quota? As to qualifications of Deb and Ted, please tell us the education needed to become a minster or two. The portfolio Deb holds is nothing new in a parliamentarian form of government. It is just divided among three individuals instead of one during Meles’s time. The only interesting omission is that how you don’t the other individuals who hold the same portfolio. Worst yet, you didn’t even mention that a minster of finance, a minster of Economy, minster of Power, and Security exists. By the way, the security is your invention if I’m not mistaken – still that is beyond the point. The reason you didn’t mention those individuals is because this will not fit to your imagined narrative of how everything is run by “TPLF” the code word for hate and tigreans as Lemma alluded to. So, unless you are asking the EPRDF to appoint your Ginbot7 losers to a cabinet position, Lemma’s argument stands valid in my eyes. You got only hate not substance. If that is what “unqualified” people do to change people’s well-being, I think we’ve a great working model to emulate to. Eprdf is doing miracles what your ancestors couldn’t do in thousands years. Live with it, that is the reality. Anything else is a smoke screen.

  17. Ittu Aba Farda
    | #17

    Dear Alem:

    I see some people are ganging up on you here for something desirable you said. I am not surprised by that. You see, the only modern political discourse experience we have is dominated by the student politics of the 1960′s and 70′s. That style which was easily manifested by parabolic outcries and name calling has accomplished its historical mission and should have been replaced by a more matured and pragmatic one. But some of us still prefer that type of conversation. We talk when we are supposed to listen. One of them is using pejorative terms to name generous philanthropists. He does not even know these individuals in person. In his view such righteous people are ‘ferenjis’ in the same group that includes Mussolini and Hitler. To him white men like Stetson Kennedy, Charleston Heston, Frank Sinatra, Andrew Goodman, and Michael Schwerner were all ‘ferenjis’, the same as Mussolini. Such fallacy really aches me. Please don’t be discouraged by such faulty remarks. That is why I repeat my clear, clarion call to the editors of this esteemed website to push for a convention of the intellectuals who have not gone on pilgrimage to Asmara yet so some kind a guideline document can be forged. I would be willing to pitch in financially for such historical convention. I am sure these intellectuals have boat loads of material to go by. No one should wish violence for the people we left behind but the stubborn behavior we see at the helm back home has the potential to lead that country into something that makes me shriek and scared to death just thinking about it. I hope and pray that my outlook is wrong, wrong, wrong!!!!

  18. Have Courage
    | #18

    @ Ittu Aba Farda,
    If i am not mistaken you are a not-so-open TPLF sympathizer who supports tribal politics. Why did you feel the need to defend ferenjis, the powers behind TPLF ? Do you think we would have TPLF in power today in Ethiopia without ferenji support ? I guess your kind of people including alem are corrupted as a result of long stay among ferenjis. Is Gates the one you call philanthropist ? You must be a naive person or you get paid by him. You are likely also a regular listener of CNN and you believe everything you watch and listen there. You need to wake up man if it is not too late for you and read articles like
    ” German Journalist Blows Whistle On How The CIA Controls The Media “.
    The guy is a criminal who works for GMO companies. His vaccination programs are also controversial. We need to protect our people from dangerous criminals like him, and i think also from their dark-skinned “achebchabiwoch”.

  19. ano
    | #19

    [ Ittu]

    Dear friend you said in one of your comments above, we should not speak negative what your termed “generous philanthropist”. It may be need full to communicate in acceptable language. Yet, I believe there is a need to speak the truth. The people that you refer as
    generous philanthropist may not be at all what they pretend to be. It may be they may have a hidden agenda in what they do. For instance Bill Gate and Melinda Gate after many years of destructive work in the third world are up for a a law suit what is referred as “crime against humanity” Indian Supreme Court. Check this article below.

  20. Alem
    | #20

    Dear DENSA, I did not say “few individual citizens can convince the western policy makers to revise their policies towards the weyane Ethiopia.” You said that. I am surprised you were amused by your own creation:)

    Dear HAVE COURAGE, Go back and read my comments and then perhaps you’ll have the courage to see clearly where you failed to read what is there.

    Dear SAMSON, You must be writing from your consulate hideout. That is what happens when you start reading INTO comments. How did you arrive at the conclusion that I am rooting for “my Ginbot 7″ to get cabinet post? You are just silly. Why are you and your alter ego [Lemma] complaining “Tplf” is codeword for hate and Tigrayans. Everyone, except you, knows Tplf stands for Tigray people’s liberation front – plain and simple. Why would surprise you that Tplf membership accords one unusual and unfair advantages? Now go ahead and enlighten us about Eprdf.

  21. Ittu Aba Farda
    | #21

    Dear Have Courage:

    I thought I should not respond to your groundless accusation of me but again I thought responding with a reminder may be a good idea.

    My suggestion to you is to read my comments to this and other articles of this fair website. I have tossed around strong criticisms towards the mode of governance by the regime in Ethiopia and in the meantime being equally critical of those ‘opposition’ outfits who marched into Asmara to cajole with another proven and equally deadly despot. I am not sure which one riled you up, which one got you so nettled by. Let the readers decide. With my numerous comments on this and other websites among the Diaspora I tried to share the experiences I went through during 70+ years of my life time. I shared such lessons with all of my countrymen with no bad/hidden objectives intended and regardless of ethnicity and creed affinities. And again, I highly suggest to you to read my comments with undivided attention and devoid of any presumptions. Please don’t do a glib job at it.

  22. Observer
    | #22

    Alem makes a lot of sense,most of his positions are those of mainstream Ethiopians except the one with these “charity” groups, Ittu Aba Farda makes also a lot of sense except that he is against “violent means” to overthrow the US puppet TPLF. But there is no other way. Ginbot 7 is right to be for using all means, including violent ones. But the problem with Ginbot 7 is as the two wise men said Eritrea. Have Courage is right to reject these “charity” groups whose agenda is to protect the status quo in the world. Thanks ano for this info.

  23. Have Courage
    | #23

    Every self-respecting Ethiopian should reject this “charity” circus of ferenjis. A ferenji can not go to Ethiopia and play the role of the humanitarian when we all know who he really is.
    We should also remember that this “charity” circus began after the end of the cold war.

    Read below a good analysis of this NGO and charity industry which aims to expand and maintain the US American empire.

    “Kofi Annan’s landmark initiative was the Global Compact, the mobilization of civil society for a better world. On the basis of a voluntary dialogue, businesses, unions and NGOs were brought together to discuss and commit to respect human rights, labor standards and the environment.
    In practice, the Global Compact did not yield the desired effect on the ground. On the contrary, it deeply distorted the nature of the UN by playing down the power of nation-states and emphasizing that of transnational corporations and of associations which are “non-governmental” only in name and which are covertly funded by the great powers. By promoting lobbies as partners of the United Nations, Kofi Annan buried the spirit of the San Francisco Charter. It is no longer a question of saving mankind from the scourge of war by recognizing the legal equality of nations large and small, but of improving the human condition by supporting the convergence between private interests.

    The Global Compact is a deviation from the nearly universally accepted logic that international law serves the common good, to a logic embraced only by the Anglo-Americans for whom the common good is a chimera and good governance consists in bringing together the largest number of special interests. Ultimately, the Global Compact has had the same effect as the charity galas in the U.S.: to give oneself a good conscience by launching high-profile initiatives while condoning structural injustices.

    In that sense, the terms of Kofi Annan (1997-2006) reflect the reality of the historical period, that of a unipolar world subjected to the globalization of U.S. hegemony at the expense of nation-states and the peoples that they represent.

    This strategy is in line with the device set up by Washington in the 1980’s involving the National Endowment for Democracy, an agency that, contrary to its title, aims to carry forward the subversive action of the CIA by manipulating the democratic process [3]. The NED subsidizes, legally or not, employers’ organizations, labor unions and associations of all kinds. In return, the beneficiaries participate in the Global Compact, thereby bending the positions of the Nation-States which lack the means to fund their own lobbies. Peace has stopped being a concern for the UN since the unipolar world has its own policeman, the U.S.; thus the organization can concentrate instead on absorbing all forms of protest to better corroborate the global disorder and justify the progressive global expansion of U.S. hegemony.

    The soothing rhetoric of Kofi Annan reached its zenith at the Millennium Summit. 147 heads of state and government pledged to eradicate poverty and solve major health problems worldwide, including AIDS, in fifteen years. Universal happiness can dispense with political reform, provided everyone makes an effort and chips in. Why didn’t anyone think of this earlier? (<—- a very good remark)
    But alas, the Millennium remained wishful thinking; injustice was not eradicated and continues to nurture war and misery.

    P.S. Kofi Annan is no doubt an agent of US imperialism. But among the Ethiopian diaspora there are also many such agents of US imperialism, we all can name some.

  24. Alem
    | #24

    Dear Observer and the rest,
    What “charity” are you ascribing to me; here was what I said above; “The question is therefore how to pull off the cover and show the world the filthy criminal that is Tplf; how to show Bill Gates, Bono, Geldof, etc doing their thing at the cost of human freedoms and the longterm wellbeing of our country.” You all need to read carefully before you respond.@Observer

  25. YINESO
    | #25


    Woyane talks about infrastrucutre day in day out but is not even having one institute that can treat Ebola patients Ethiopia is the highest infrastructural aid receiver in the world for the last 20+ years while people dieing for lack of simple health infrastrucuture everyday. Even the prime Minster himself died in Belgium hospital…
    Ethiopia got the worst health infrastructure in the world.
    20+ years we heard development this progress that with nothing to show for it except palaces built by TPLF worldwide.

    Why are Ethiopians forced to buying their ancestoral lands from Karuturi INDIANS during Hailemariam Desalegn time?

    why are TPLF tycoons buying our ancestoral lands from Karuturi ?

  26. Sisay
    | #26


    If you are not advocating for somebody else to get the position, why then do you care who gets what under the current arrangements with the ruling party? At least have the decency to stand for what you are saying. A child can easily discern what your comments meant. We all can read between the lines. Also the other groups in the Eprdf carry the name Oromo, Amahara and etc. But you are not talking about them, you are talking about the Tigreans in Tplf – if that is not a code word I don’t know what it is. You cannot fool us with your slick way of argument. We all are past that. Thank you Lemma and Samson for your observations. We are all in it together, no Tegryes, Amharas, Oromos and etc. representaion of the

  27. Alem
    | #27

    Dear Sisay, Yes I am arguing there are better qualified Ethiopians for the post Ted is appointed to [and DebreT]. Why does that surprise you? I also said Ted got the job because he is member of Tplf. Why should that irk you? You say you can read between the lines. I say you read into the lines. Go back and read all my comments carefully; it was you and Lemma and Samson who injected “hate”. Yes I did refer to “ethnic” – i.e., ethnic politics. You mind telling us how ethnic politics came about? Try to be honest because people are watching and your honor is on the line.

    Now go back and read my comments [all of them, not just the ones you want]. I dealt with numerous topics – hydro-dam to Ginbot7 to corruption, etc. I see you are of the opinion that Tplf is just one of four ruling party members. I don’t. Many don’t. I don’t know if you still remember Meles Zenawi. You may want to revisit his public speeches [and before parliament] and perhaps then would you be convinced he never believed there are parties other than Tplf. It all depends on your willingness to accept facts when they present themselves. This goes for all your “we”s.

    For those seriously engaged to bring about changes. Tplf-run gov is shelling out millions to present to the world a peaceful, stable and fast-growth regime. Well, that is a lie. A big lie. The facts are in the public domain. Young women carted off to savage House of Saud [who is profiting from the millions?], tens of thousands fleeing at every opportunity, billions dollars illicitly transferred to foreign banks [Dubai, etc], education sector going down the tubes [except in Tigray and for the rich and the connected], environmental degradation/deforestation by land grabbers and miners, EFFORT as a state within a state [unaudited and shady activities], etc. The primary role of those residing outside our homeland should be to lend pr support to those in the front-lines. Educate donor publics and policy shapers how taxpayer’s money is being misused, the violations to human freedoms, etc.

    Stop clicking on Ethiomedia, ER. If you happen to be an economist, a law scholar or a scholar of politics, etc publish in media in donor countries. Write in Amharic, Oromiffa, Tigrigna to reach majority Ethiopians instead of incomprehensible English that few understand [if you can't write clearly for the layperson]. In other words, the battle should be joined in the public square and not from Asmara.

    Suspend your dreams about Eritrea and Ethiopia rejoining. It will not happen. Suspend your wrath about Meles Zenawi, Seye, Gebru, etc ceding Assab to Eritrea. This is not the time to worry about that. There are more urgent tasks before us. Suspend the wishful thinking that you will rid the government off Tplf to revert to “glory days” to establish Ginbot 7 or some such group. It is not going to happen. Don’t waste your time talking about Eritrea, groups associated with Eritrea [G7, Abebe if he insists he is G7, Olf,etc]. Olf leadership is at the moment planning to join the gov to once again make itself a laughingstock; Dima and Leencho will help out Tplf prove to the US and UK before the upcoming election that it is willing to make room for the “opposition”; Dima and Leencho are getting old and lonely [due to empty-nest syndrome and life in exile] having lived abroad selling their “liberation” item, delivering only a utopian ideal peppered with Tesfaye GebreAb’s and Asmarom Legesse’s revisionist and backward-looking doctrine]. Sit at your laptop, get your facts right and never let your eyes off the ball. Don’t feel intimidated. Who knows how your participation is going to change public opinion. Changing public perception, my friends is the name of the game! gra@Sisay

  28. Worku tesfaye
    | #28

    Dear,abebe What we observed from ozer worlds countries regarding on internal political problem and measures taken by western to change dictator regime hv been a big mistake and destabilizing nation razer zan achieved dreamed democracy.
    Summiting letters to white house for Ethiopia current political problem can nvr bring any change .before criticizing ze epdrf ethinic politics,we hv considered,ze willing of ze majority ethinics group and it should be assessed carefuly.
    What i hv observed is most writters are told us zeir personal interest razer real interior peoples.
    Now more zan 80 ethinics group are live together under one country.
    All of zem hv not equaly interested live under name Ethiopia country.
    Zis like ‘we are not Ethiopia’but saying we are xxx or yyy.
    We dont want Habesha gov….
    It is too difficult to bring national consilation for forcefully created country Ethiopia wz out commitment.particularly
    Ogaden and gambela regions were zeir own govt and joined Ethiopia through agreement of neighbours colonizers.
    Current Ethiopia is needed first consent of all ethinics under one country.
    What gelaw said is not acceptable ,he is hate epdrf and always criticizing but we need hero zat change ze attitude of ethinics for idealy united Et.
    Overthrewing of ze current regime can nvr bring democraticy.
    …haile or minilik were oppressed all citizens zat requesting identify.
    One Et by force wz out consent of ethinics coused ze current unagreement bn us.
    My ozer comment is on ethinicity conflicts,ze couses of conflicts is not ze regime.tribe conflicts has existed previously and continue now.afar vs isa borena vs geri ,sidama vs guji,borena vs gabra

  29. Keber Temesegen
    | #29

    ዲሚክራሲ፣¸ወሬ፣ ዝባዝንኪ ጣጣ
    ምግብ፣ ወይም መጠጥ መብራት አያመጣ
    በርትቶ መሥራት ነው ብቼኛው አማራጭ
    በራሰ መተማመን ከማደግደግ ለውጭ
    አማራጭ የሌለው ድህነትን ማጥፋት
    ቁም ነገር አይሆንም ሺህ ወሬ ቢያወሩት
    የምእራብ ዲሚክራሲ ያውም የእንደ እንግሊዝ
    ውጤቱ ጉዳት ነው አፍዝዝና አደንግዝ
    የነሱ ዲሚክራሲ የሰጣቼው ቢኖር
    ሀብትን ለጥቂቶች መከራን ለሀገር፡
    እንግሊዝ ከአውሮፓ አሜሪካ ከአለም
    ዜጋን ከእስር ማጎር የሚያክላቼው የለም
    በዲሞክራሲ ሰም የሚሆኑት ሁሉ
    ጥቅምማ ቢያሰገኝ……….
    ሁሉም የነሱ ህዝብ በሆነለት ሙሉ
    እውነቱ ግን ሌላ ወንጀል የሞላበት
    ብዙሀኑ ሲኦል ስቃይ የገባበት፡፡
    ዲሞክራሲ የሚሉት ማንን ለመጥቀም ነው?
    አብዛኛው ህዝባቼው ስቃይ እየገባው፡፡
    እንዴት ይታሰባል እኛ እንደነሱ ልንሆን
    በሁሉም አቅጣጫ ጭራሽ ተለያይተን

  30. Tesfa
    | #30

    Alem, first of all I am not against those who want to contribute in any capacity for our freedom. I said before and will say it again go ahead scout the needed experts and start the debate. I want to suggest if I a my try to get some names like Professor Megersa and Dr. Tolesa in the mix.

    Apart from this as I have pointed out I have no problem what so ever about the project. However, I like to differ with your view on the issue of G-7, other armed wings ,and your hard to replace TPLF view. I find your opinion in this as one that of a tunnel vision. My reasoning for this is you seem to be unduly preoccupied about Eretria’s un trust worthiness on the one hand , and the axis of UK,US and weyane against Ethiopia. I differ with you in this no one not even the super power can boast as having any geo political security ordering on her side at all times. If you don’t believe this just check what happened the last two years. How many times does the Obama presidency was forced to revise his policy in Syria. At first he was in support of the rebellion there. Now his government is fighting ISIS. In these situations we are clearly able to see humbling conditions such as this can always emerge that can be used by others who are struggling to secure their freedom. Similar situation took place in Egypt not long ago. Obama administration at first supported the Morssi government. Then the Egyptian military refused the U.S policy and we all know what happened latter. Look we are not here to sit on the side line at a critical moment and watch when people are dying left and right, by a law less western sponsored regime. Have not Ethiopians a cause to raise arms for a self defense? Go ahead and put in to practice your vision. But stop criticizing other organizations. Or else you too need be told to check your wild imaginations that goes in the form of only my opinion will deliver.
    Do your part in what you think is best and let others do what they are already doing. Eretria is one means for us to consider. Based on the above logic we will use every means to prevent these powers from gaining unlimited Horn of Africa geo political security ordering in their hands.

  31. Ittu Aba Farda
    | #31

    I have a challenge for all those groups who march into Asmara looking for every facet of assistance from Al-Toweel. I politely ask the good folks of the editorial of this esteemed website to back me up in my call to the groups. I am asking every grouping who is on the honeymoon with the regime in Asmara to make every agreement they signed or asked to sign effective now or after they ‘liberated’ Ethiopia. From what I read in the autobiographies of former members of TPLF and EPRP, they were made to sign a ‘memo of understanding’ with the then EPLF that they had agreed to do so in so called ‘under duress’ situations that they unconditionally support EPLF’s objective of succession. One of these two groups was not ready to go by that conclusion until Al-Toweel kept its unarmed a 12-man ‘peoples liberation army’ in unannounced imprisonment for more than a year. He was using them as cooks and sanitation workers for more than a year!!!! So I am asking all these ‘opposition’ groups who are now in Asmara to make public every agreement they signed with Isaias. If they decline that means we are going to smell a rat in that. They are hiding something hideous and conspiring behind the back of the Ethiopian people at large. Isaias is not stupid or someone who is turning a ‘saint’ overnight. But for now, I am going to give him a shadow of a doubt. Let’s see the documents now, not next week, now. Let’s do this!!!!!!

  32. YONAS
    | #32

    Obama, got no time to read all that letter:) I am sure it has gone to the garbage:)

  33. No Tribalism
    | #33

    Why are Ethiopian websites allowing TPLF cadres like Worku tesfaye and Keber Temesegen to post their trash here and elsewhere ? There is nothing to gain from those mindless TPLF robots. What they do, they do it for “injera”.

  34. Worku tesfaye
    | #34

    I am writing’what i observed only’
    wiezer u believe or not it is not my business.
    I dont want to working as employee and depend on any org for waiting 30day pay.
    Poor mind peoples always prefere working for some one instead create zeir own work.
    Even not as cadres,i dont want work for some one.
    Why 99% of world peoples are poor and 1% gentle bilionar occupie99%world resources?

  35. Tesfa
    | #35

    [Ittu Aba Farda] You wrote,

    “I am asking every grouping who is ….in Asmara to make every agreement they signed or asked to sign effective now or after they ‘liberated’ Ethiopia. From what I read in the autobiographies of former members of TPLF and EPRP, they were made to sign a ‘memo of understanding’ with the then EPLF that they had agreed to do so in so called ‘under duress’ situations that they unconditionally support EPLF’s objective of succession.”

    First of all I will agree to your question because it seems to me a valid and reasonable question. I also realized you raised this question on the basis of what you said ‘ based on the autobiographies of former TPLF and EPRP members that you read. And that you were informed that they were made to sign memo of understanding with EPLF under duress. ”

    It is a fact that there has been agreement reached between TPLF and EPLF to jointly fight the central government and then to decide their future. This is not secret they fought together and when they reached Addis they split their separate ways. It can be said TPLF kept her promise for Eretria to secede. After independent whatever expectation the Eretria might have, for all we know they settled it to go their separate ways. On the other hand, EPRP too has been called to sign a druse memo with EPLF is mere a rumor. Eritreans themselves will testify to this truth. EPRP’s saw then the question of Eretria as nationalist questions. It is because of this stand there was no lasting relationship between EPLF and EPRP. If you show me any agreement made between EPRP and EPLF prove me a liar.

    However at the present the situation is markedly different. Eretria is a sovereign country since 1993 on the one hand and on the other no political organization fighting for to liberate Ethiopia has nay legitimacy to sign anything with the government of Eretria. For example, you will not expect, OLF led by Ge. Kemal Gelchu or as the Ethiomedia reported today if it be true the new leader appears to be Ge. Hailu Gonfa to negotiate any thing with Eretria. Same goes with G-7 and the other parties who are operating in Eretria. The reason for the above realities is the fact that TPLF rose as none democratic within Tigray. It used nationalist fervor to organize itself. As a result its leaders demanded followers to give blind adherence to the organization. Ethiopia is a multinational nation and there is no way any political group can sign agreement with a sovereign nation because he p that organization is not representative of the entire people. My own personal opinion why this organizations are operating there is this. One, we need permanent peaceful relationship with our neighbors including Eretria. We need to develop the art of living side by side with neighbors. Second, Ethiopians are under the hand of unreasonable leaders and if their motives are left unchecked, they will continue to be menace to the entire region. What Eretria needs at the moment is an assurance that there will not be any future war on the basis of territorial ambition. And what this organizations who are operating there can do is to assure Eretria anxiety that the Ethiopia after weyane will not be an expansionist state. It will be a country that abhors a dictatorial power. And that only democratically elected leaders will effect policy through a principle and after public debate settles the issue.

  36. No Tribalism
    | #36

    @ Ittu Aba Farda,

    “So I am asking all these ‘opposition’ groups who are now in Asmara to make public every agreement they signed with Isaias. If they decline that means we are going to smell a rat in that. They are hiding something hideous and conspiring behind the back of the Ethiopian people at large. Isaias is not stupid or someone who is turning a ‘saint’ overnight. But for now, I am going to give him a shadow of a doubt. Let’s see the documents now, not next week, now. Let’s do this!!!!!! ”

    You raised an important question. And i would say it is fair to assume that G7 and others have signed secret agreements with shabia that compromise things like Ethiopian access to the sea. Perhaps G7 and ESAT have told us that indirectly when a while ago Andargachew Tsige said on ESAT that Eritrea is an internationally recognized country or so. G7′s position is likely recognizing the Afar Red Sea coast as part of Eritrea. Someone like Neamin Zeleke has also made similar statement regarding the Asseb region few years ago.

  37. Gafdouff
    | #37

    When people fail to deliver what they say they would, it is nothing but, they just lied. This is what has been happening to Obama, the president. He says something that appeal to the audience, it is in fact, sorts of rhetoric, but in its content it is bullshit; nothing but bullshit.

    Mr. Obama has two kinds of dictators for his liking; but this one, the one Obama is knowingly or unknowingly subjected himself to the deceit of TPLF which eventually, these fascist TPLF criminals will be removed from Ethiopia to never, ever them come back, and Mr. Obama will awash himself with shame and will personally and administratively fail.

  38. No Tribalism
    | #38

    @ Tesfa,

    you wrote: “Ethiopia is a multinational nation and there is no way any political group can sign agreement with a sovereign nation because he p that organization is not representative of the entire people. ”
    What a confused, childish and dishonest statement by either a TPLF member/cadre/supporter or a shabia. The writer is for sure a tribalist as far as that concerns Ethiopia. I guess the shabia or shabia lover woyane would not describe Eritrea as a multinational nation, but he said Ethiopia is such a nation. What a confused guy and tribalist. Ethiopia is not a multinational nation, Ethiopia is a nation with relatively few tribes or ethnic groups compared to other African countries. Our neighbour South Sudan with less than 10 million people has over 50 tribes or Nigeria and DR Congo have over 200 tribes, Ethiopia however with over 90 million people has only 80 or so tribes. Ethiopia, South Sudan, Nigeria, DR Congo, Eritrea and others are no “multinational nations”, TPLF will take such funny formulations to its grave, also it’s funny Killils or as Dr. Abeba says Berets or Beretoch. Thanks God TPLF’s tribalism is despised and rejected in Africa, TPLF’s many attempts to export it’s funny system to Africa failed miserably and tribalism is banned in Africa.

    Two other funny statements by the woyane or shabia, for sure someone who doesn’t recognize Ethiopia’s right to the Afar Red Sea coast and an anti-Ethiopian who wants to permanently landlock Ethiopia. Watch the use of the word expansionist by the trickster shabia or shabia lover woyane like Sebhat Nega.

    - ” Eretria is a sovereign country since 1993 ”

    - ” What Eretria needs at the moment is an assurance that there will not be any future war on the basis of territorial ambition. And what this organizations who are operating there can do is to assure Eretria anxiety that the Ethiopia after weyane will not be an expansionist state. “

  39. Tesfa
    | #39

    [No Tribalism],

    For every charge you made above,I ask you one thing and Please clarify this. YETNEBERK?

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